Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 13, 1944 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 13, 1944
Page 2
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t&gc Two NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1944 Naugatuck Man Is A Witness In Jail Inquiry Thorn/is Jackson of Cocn street well known Xruitfntitck resident was one of the witnesses who les tiflod yesterday before State Ruf iM-cc! Carl Foster. «'ho is conduct In),- an Inquiry into conditions tv Ilic New Haven County Jus: what Mr. Jackson's tcstl mony consisted of was not Icarncc fni 1 the inquiry Is secret, hut ninr witnesses hnvc already boon heai'c in the proceedings to date. It Is Indicated that subpoenas Imvo been iMsuocl In "batches" fot the appearance of many oU witnesses, nnd It Is hrlloved thut tho pfobo Into conditions Jit the jail will lust well over u week. Dult'Ctlvcsi at work on tho cnr.c have Indicated their belief that a lengthy probe will bo In order. [>llcf has been expressed Ir some political circles throughout tho state thai the prolio is not iiimud partlculnrly at Count.v SltiM 1 Iff E. J, Slavln, who Is well known In Xaugatuck. Ahotit'62 per cent of the? railway ti'.-icUfiKc In .Brazil Is owned liy tho federal tfovcrnmunt. . . . .i.fliiliiil* i.f liri't'lnu MICII(. * It r * c CiiMiulnr "Oriuilrp llloM.sunt' 1 II J it xr * nr4> rttfln'ly tvnrihr—ihflr lirinily mill viilur lire minimi Mril. PIERPONT'S H r IT l»i( **rt*(! .itMvi'U'r.t, A rnt'Hi'uri <"•*!• u i ."MM'Irr.v t.%0 JM.VK XTHIIKT Dutch Princess Plies To London IIH ilMHII^iailiaaii •••••••••••••MP Vrlnci'vs .Indium of (In- AYllierlJiiHl.i (left) Is greeted liy her mother, Quern \Vllnielmlna nn her arrival ill London. Tile rrlnces.s had just •irrlved In a plant; thai flew her from Canada. her temporary oxllo home. U. S, Army Signal Corps Kadlophotu. (International Souiul- pholo) Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Cash Waiting roil YOU u USED MACHINERY T;ihli> Saws, .Jointers, Hand Saws, fllotsil Lathes, Mutors, and JCIectrlual AppHiinuus Phone 3-5030 W.ATKKIJUBY A.-k for MK. ANOKKWS Gen. Pershing Is Observing Two Anniversaries Washington, Sept. 13—CUP) — General of the Armies John J. ^ershlng Is observing, a double innivoi-sniy. Me was born S-l years igo today—^and 20 years ago his American forces In France broke :irough the St. Mihiel front in a push that helped bring about the Gjrman surrender two months later. The General is encouraged by the knowledge chat Allied tronps will occupy the entire Reich after the Naxis give up. He advised such u course in 191S, but was overruled. Funerals of Frederick Mai The funeral of Frederick M. Mai, 32, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mai j of Millville. who died Monday at j his home, was held this afternoon | :it l:-lCi' o'clock from the Buekmil- ler funeral home, 22 Park place, to the Congregational church where aervicus were conducted at 2 p. m. by Rev. Edward R. Hanco, pastor. Bearers were Gregory ' Phelan, Peter Schmidt, Richard Nybcrg of Naugatuck, and J. Umberger of Old Lyme, Conn. Interment was In Grove cemetery. BOIMKS J,OCATK1> Economist Roger Babson Predicts 'Major Depression Wcllosley, Mass., Sept. 13—(UP) —The economist who accurately forecast tho 1029 slock market crash now predicts another major uoprcss/.m about aM9 or 1950. Economist Roger W. Babson also foresees tho collapse of Germany .sometime between Nov. 7th of this year and March 7th, 10-lD. He 'says Japan's defeat—as far as the time piemen I. is concerned—depends entirely on Russia. Heix' is the outlook as Babson sees it: Temporary slumps in prices and employment will follow the col- Japsc of Germany nnd Japan. These slumps will be followed immediately by a two or thrco- year period of excellent business. Anyone willing to work for a market wage at what he or she is filled for will be employed during the post-war period of prosperity. Stock market prices will soar only to collapse about 10-19 or 1900 clue to satisfied consumer demand and icar of communism. Babson said that the next depression—und we quote—"will be a nightmare of unemployment and failures and trouble of that sort." H? said that thc\ average pay in the era oT postwar prosperity .will be slimmer than it is now. Supreme Commander For Fight Agaipst Japan To Be Named (By Dulled Press) The choice of a supreme commander 'si direct tho final campaign to defeat Japan, is believed to rest among three Americans, Admirals'Nimitz and King, and General MacAi-.thur. The selection of 'one of them for Hie top post 'in the Pacific," Is reported to be the main subject now before' President " Rcosevclt ,and Prime Minister 'Churchill at their conferences In Quebec. President Roosevelt U' reported to favor the"'appointment' -6f''h' naval office]'.— probably Admiral' King: or Admiral Nlir.itz. But Allied officials sny the British want General MacArLliur, The announcement in Washing; ton that Mr. Bcosovclt had nominated NimlLz to be a full, admiral. Is'thought to beat" significantly on the decisions ' now being mi^de.' NlVnits seems slated for' a High-- cr 'place in the new Pacific set-up' than he now holds. If hc'tlbos not emerge as 'commander of the whole Allied 1 forces against Japan—he may be sclccl'cd chief of combined Allied, naval forces operating'un- der the over-all command of'an- other 'naval officer. ' ' ' Letters From Our Readers CONFUIiEXCJi HELD BcllaU-e, Ohio. Supt. 13—(UP) \ — riescuu trews at the Powhatan j coal mine near BelUuro have lo-1 ctiti-cl :(• number of bodies which I have been sealed In the mine since i a fire lust July 5th. At thai, time OS workers were reported trapped. The exact number of bodies i'ound has not been determined because so many weie covered by fa'.!.-' tVom '.he roof of the mine. H.-irtl'oI'd, Sept. 13—(UP)—Problems of I'ocor.vortinK Conncotiout industi'y lo a pouco-timo pi'oduo- Lion sc!icclulC! are under discussion ut a governor's conference at the Stalo Cupitol. Attt'rtding- the con- 1 i; r c n c u arc representatives of :v.ani.i;';ic'>urcrs, labor and man- po\\ r cr agencies. A speakers are sehedulecl to pi-cscn 1 . the viewpoints of (iovernment and st.Mu agencies on Lhe change-over plans. how long since you visited our Dress Shops? Have you stayed away too long-? If you drop in soon you'll see new fashions that will go to your head ... lovely new dresses spiked with glorious fall color. The • Junior, Misses' and Women's departments are touched with the spirit of Fall . . . and you're sure to find something suitable to your dress needs. DHESSES — SECOND FLOOR MUSLER-LIESKIND • .• • Sept. -1, 104J. Naugatuck Daily News Hi 'Everybody: You may have a good idea why. this lelter is .coming into the office. Yes, I want to thank you for the memo b'cok' which I received yesterday. Was a little too' tired to write last night, after a' day'"of K.P. Now, ' don't look surprised— in' this outfit, anyone from buck private to Tech. -fifth grade db : K.P. Nothing like the Air Corps. Remember tha*. out of 21 months in that brunch I only did Jv.P. about j. total of 14 days. In fact, !he last • time before being transferred here was in Sept.. '-12, when I did a week of it. There's a. great deal of difference between the Air Corps and an Division. You may want to know how come I was (transferred from the Air Corps after being in' it so long, Well, l.o tell you the truth, no mutter how long or.c is in the service, they'll never know how it works. Could go into detail about it. Then it wouldn't look so good in the paper. Some one would see it —then that would be'all I'd need lo be called up or. the carpet for. After 21 months in New England, then to end up here. 'Tis quite a change. According to what I see in "the News of the 1 different boys from town thnt are at West- over.Field, Mass., makes me lonesome lo get back up there. From Weslover you have Holyoico, Chicopee, Chicopee Fulls. Springfield, real close to go on a night pass. Here the only good place is Nashville, Tonn., ;ind the only time it really pays to go there, is ^on a week-end, if and when wo get one} off. For a night off, well, thevo's | Clarksville. Tenn., or Hopkinsville, | Ky., to go to. The Gestapo (as we call the Military Police M, P.'s) make sure you're off the street at II p. m. When I left Weslover at least we had till midnight. That's why I say Nashville is the best bet, So far there's no • time limit there. Say, you better keep, the News Coming this way or I won't have any friends. They get more of a kick out of the comics than I do. Guess I will have to-call it a night as I he boys want to play tome' pinochle before hitting the old suck. ' Thanks again for tho memo book. One of the local boys, T-D John E. Ennm.-iit, 11071703 Co. B, 136 Ord. Maint, Bn.' A. P. O. 4-16 Camp Campbell, Kentucky' '• Dewey Arrives In Corn Belt Area ->.. Secy, [ekes \Varns Against 'Coal Shortage Washington. Sept. 33-CU P) Solid Fuels Administrator Ickcs warned eastern stales liousc- holdcru that they had bettor Hike it easy on their coal allotments. Declaring the'Civilian* 10 per cent of the coal normally required to-heat their homcii.-th|i winter. Ickes nddcd, "What«nr the fortunes of war in Europt .there appears little or no chance of allotments being incrcutg matel'i.'illy next winter." ' '- < The fuel admintatrator Klvc» MV. oral sufiffpslrons to homcowneri strugKlins with the coal problem; S.-iys Jckcc.: "Put on more clothet, TviKlit up tho flreploeo or porUbl* heritor until the - temperature n. mains consistently below 6!T.''dc- Rcmihlieun presidential candidate Thomas E. Dcwcy and Ills wife (loft) arc shown 'a* they were welcomed on their arrival in I»c* MoinosClowaV Tlic New York Kovcrnor was erected hy the Iowa governor, Bourhc B. .HicUenloopcr and his wife. (International Soiind- ,,,- . , ." photo), . - » Bridgeport Gas Station Owner Is Under Arrest New Haven. Sept. 13—(Up)—A Bridgeport gutnlinc station proprietor is being held in $3,OCO blind on a charge of posscssin.q' 3,000 gallons worth of counterfoil ration coupons. Frank J. Bycr-s will have ;i hearing: before a United States commissioner Saturday. Eycrs is said lo have bought the coupons for 1G cents apiece at Sci'anton.. Pcnn., and to have sold gasoline for 00 cents a gallon. GREAT MUSICAL IS CURRENT LEAD AT THE LOEW THEATER MAKIN GIXVESTIGATION Boston. Sept. 13—(UP):—There's many a slip twixt the cup and the lip.'That's what OPA investigators are thinking' as they look into' the reported re-use of many gasoline ration coupons. The Regional OPA office says that racketeers are removing, or "washing." used ration stumps from Dealers' collection sleets before the spent coupons are returned to rationing boards.' With musical I'.lms in higher favor with the theater-going' public than ever before, picture-mak- •ci'S arc laying greater stress on getting- catchy turius and talented players to sing them. Such a combination insures success; and when you add a hilariously funny plot, plenty of eye-arresting spectacle numbers and an i imposing group of stars to your j songs, ynu really have something with which to :\\\ picture palaces to capacity. PvKO R.adio feels it has one of the prize plums of thc.yeur in its newest melody-comedy, "Step Lively," which stirs .together 'six hit songs," ;i.nd all-star cast ^headed by Frank Sinatra, George" Murphy. Adolphe Mcnjou, Gloria do Haven, Walter Slczak and Eugene Paliettc, a story based on what was perhaps i.he biggest laugh-show in Broadway history, "Room Service." and .a wealth of production r.ovel- ties. ' Sinatra sings "As Long As There's Music" in the hotel's mes'.- xnnine, and reprises it with Murphy, Mi.?s dc Haven and the o.'ist for tho film's gay finale. "Some Other. Time" is sung by Sinatra and Miss de Haven in a spectacular roof garden number and is reprised' again by Sinatra on a theater stage, while the other. two 1 tunes, "Why Must There Bo An Opening Song?" and "Ask the Madame," arc sung in the show sequence's by Miss Jeffreys and a Rhode Island Sailors To.flay Against Brasscos Sunday ' The shigKinfT Quonsot Naval Air station nine of Rhode Island will meet the equally powerful Brasscos at the Waterbury Staciium Sunday afternoon at 3 p. m.. it was announced this morning. The Navy men have one of the strongest c'uhs in New England, and boast victories over the Boston Ernvos and the Philadelphia Athletics. Speed Patrick, star hurler wns credited with the win;-;, and will appear with the sailors Sunday. The Quonsct club has also,a split series'with the New Haven Sailors, with Patrick ^-auingr the victory for the R h ode Isiandors. and the other g-iime proing- to the Elm City tc:im before his time. The visi'.or'«! arc manaccd by Ray "Fido" Murphy, former big-leaguer. In '.he Brasscos line-up will be. Red Branch, Anraon Robinson, nnd Pete Wnlch, nlonp: with other reRU ln.:-s. Johnny Taylor, colored pitch er, has been 'signed by the New York Cubans, onrt will not appear •1th the locals. . '• . Forge, Foundry Workers Needed Hartford, Sept. 13 —The forge and foundry shops in this state are still badly 'in need of workers in order to continue their important war production programs. State Manpower Director William J. Fiixgerald of the War Manpower Commission said today. The Manpower Director' issued an appeal for heavy laborers and other workers for the various forges and foundry shops which are located in Phintsville, Southington. Meriden, Bristol, New Britain, Hartford, Plainville, Woterbury. Nnugatuck. New Haven, Ansonia, Eranford and ether places in the state. chorus, and by Murphy, Miss de Haven and ^hc cost, respectively. The ro-hi(. is "Waterfront." BUY WAR BONDS AND STAMPS _vifiTH GORHAM _A_ There arc sufficient essential items still avail- T"-* able in a doeen distinctive Gorharn sterling designs enabling you to serve a four-course dinner. Also table and iced-tea spoons. The six pieces used most, sold as ... PLACE-SETTINGS AVERAGE ABOUT $23 00 INCLUDING 20% FEDERAL TAX You have our word you can secure m.itchups and additions post-war - Start :iow.' Buy sparingly- on.'y. the number of covers you actually need . . . but mark your family sterling! Gci Gcrliam - securing balance, beauty and crafumansliip attained through a century's e.xpericncc. for it costs no r.:ore than ihe ordinary kind. . . SILVERSMITHS SINCE l«0* 68 BANK STREET in Color is as important as harmony in ' Murphy Paint s in TOO, Color? or Mpre ; permit. perfect color harmony la. in. infinite variety of combinations. Stop in »nd let us .tell you about 'the. Mufpliy Color Harmony Plan. MAPLE STREET . .TEL. 3507, .. L WATERBURY Have a "Coke" = Put 'er there, old timer . -:;:'. or greeting new pals in Ketchikan The newly-arrived soldier from the States finds Alaska a land of friendly •welcome. There as here he finds Coca-Cola. In Ketchikan, to say Have a* "Coke" means Pal, we're right glad you're here, just as it docs in your own home. In many lands around the globe, the pause that, refreshes with ice-cold Coca-Cola has become a symbol of a friendly way of living. BOTUED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF WATERBURY "Coke"= Coca-Cola It's natural for popular name* 'to acquire friendly abbreviations. That's why you hear Coca-Cola called "Coke". C-CCo,.

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