Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 13, 1944 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 13, 1944
Page 1
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BONDS 'A Progressive Newspaper For a Progressive Community" WEATHER Rain Tonight Full Report On F»ff« • Vol. LXVIII, No. 214 ESTABLISHED 1885 WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1944 Leased Wire Service of the United Pros* Price Thrw Oratf American Third Army Is Reported Inside Germany _____ —- • lJ • ' . •• •'• " : * •.'»•• ;.-••• .- . . ' . wJ Expect Hickey's Approval Of Town Hall Work State Official Impressed By The Exceptional Work Of Henry Moeckel, Sr. Letter To Warden Leo J. Brophy Will Pave Way For Securing 1 Quotations The Xow.s learned through suiircrs in Hartford today, that In ni: probability the 1 report, blueprints and ski'tches of the Town Hall building which Architectural En.uincor Henry Mocckc-1, Sr.. has pivpared in connection with Improvements on tho structure, t>i' nccrjitfd favorably by State Fire Mutual Kdward J, HicUc-y. who climi-d tlu- auditorium her" some we.'U.j ago as a place "unsafe" for public assembly. Fire Marshal Hickey will send o lottrr on the matter in the very npur futir 1 ! 1 to U'a-den Leo J. Brophy, placing an official O, K. on tho building changes as Interpreted by Mr. Moockel, and once this k-tti-r is hrro, a quotation of the work will ho sought from the firm of \V. -'. Mi-gin. Inc. I-'nl'.owinj,' tho filing nf thi.i a"f-i tntion a special meeting of. the custodian of thi- builuinir. trie Board of Public Welfare, will then decide if 'ho wo-k will be clone. On TuesuUiy .-iftcrnoon Fire Marshal Hickoy with Captain Thomas Kiili'H of the Stato Police theater dmdinn, came to N'ausratuck and with W.'irdi-n Brophy. Mr.'Moockol, Kalph S. Pasho, Qcm.:thcatcr head, nnd WHfun; Superintendent Leo Scully, inspected the Town Hull, nnd vtsunli/.cd the necessary chnngi-s as Interpreted by Mr. Mnnckd, In his work of the past month. U'. J. .Vobk\ head of the firm of \V. J Mfg'n. Inc.. was also slntcd In attrml tho conference but was c.'illi 1 '! t» .Vow York and was thus Report Fire Insurance Rate Drop Naugatuck Expected Benefit In Chang-es Policies After Sept. 1 To In Well authenticated reports wore prevalent in Naugatuck insurance circles today, that there will be a rate reduction in l!re insurance policies, to bp announced in tho very near future. 'It was stated that this reduction will amount to 10 per cent Tind will be effective fin all policies written from September 1. 19-M. It wns also indicated that the rates are rp- troactlvo to that date. The new rates, it was stated; will affect till city, town and village dwelling*!, both protected and un protected, as well as farm dwel lings and their contents which arc not too closely exposed by barns and outbuildings. it Is expected will ly-.vf-rom-'tho.^.nijw- fli'o . Insurance rate structure that it is expected will save for policyholdot's in this state close to a half million dollars each year. Where Americans Invaded Reich For First Time This air view uf Trh'r, Germany, was lakon recently during a low-level ntbick hy V. S .bombers on military installations In ';lic town, N«w, according tola (:.iiiiiiiiirii(|in; froni Allied Hoad(|iiartcrs, units of tho Amcrk-Mn First Army lisivt- crossrd the liorilur and p^nutratrd Trior, fifty-five niili.'.s from the iiidustriul city of .'Kohlrnx, marking the first tinu- In history that U. S. troops luivc invaded German soil. (Intcr- nati'inal) Nelson Meets Stilwell In China (Continued on Page S) Boy Cyclist Injured Monday, To Be Discharged Today Authorities »t St. Mary's hos r>it;il s;ikl :hi.s ,-tftornoon thnt .Horn"!' Xora^oriLT, 12, of Christcnsen strict, wtiuld be discharged fiun- tin- Im.ipitu! Home-limn- today. Tin hiil, wttilt; fin n bicycle;, was In Jurrd in a collision with an autf 'ni South Main ..sti-CL-t late Mon day afternoon. At first it was foancd 'that h' rciiKht huvo suffered a possibl' fmmim of Iho skull and rlhs, hu' A-niy.i, it was reported, revcalcc' ^Thr driver of the car, Lc-jnarc' r_. Uus.wll. Bethany road. UtMvnr. I'alls, ri.-cclvfd a continuance In hoi-fni^h court on t< chaw. 1 of opor- 'Jtinit an uninsured <iuto with do STAKT TRAINING Roston. Si>r>t. J3--.(UP)—A total or -K New England WAG recruits w ill li'iiv.; Bostnri tonight for basic ["lininif at Fort Oglethorpc, Ga. Jnc.iidrjd In thu croup are two mo- inurs of survicomen. A Painter Nearly Killed Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson, 7th U. s - president, affectionately known lis "Old Hickory." "W'rly ioinixi the list of nssns- »'n.itL>fl presidents when Rlch- '"•U r.,awr,!nc«, n palnt- «f, tried to shoot him in the Wpitol in 1S35. Fortunately •p 1 ' Jackson tho pistol misfired. Another painter, Adolf •X'hickolcruber. alias Hitler, w "'.il<! today assassinate many « America's leaders if he had l "i> Chance. Pi-fi-nnc Hitler from getting l ne chance by buylnp War h »ifls on- a regular -weekly ln. TO K ct that extra Afonoy rent your spare th rough a News Want Ov r*,.,,., Clirlstmnn rp Outnhrr 15th Fall Of Lomza To Russian Army Is Reported By Nazis (By United Press) The Germans say they have given j up the vital fortress of Lom/.a—.the I southern gateway to East Prussia' •vnd an important link in the north- •rn dufonses of Warsaw, i Radio Berlin's announcement 'mmediately followed a report from | Moscow which said that tho Kcd j irmy was smashing through the j fist defenses of Lomza. I Thr: full of Lonr/a opens the way "or the Russian invasion of Germany. The borders of East Prussia Ho on'.y a short 21 miles to the lorth along the Narew river. The 'ofenses of Ix)m/.a have thwarted he Red army's march into the "lelch for sometime. Moscow says the Red air force las started big scale attacks East Prussia. The 'Gorman position aroun Warsaw has also been made mor precarious with .tho fall of Lomw The captured fortress city is onl some 70 inllo.s northeast of the Pol ijih capital, and all of Warsaw' northern defenses were supportc by Lom?,a. But the eastern defenses of War saw may already have breachei the German linos cast of the capi On lr:ive f mm his post as WJ'J! uliairnniii, Donald M. Nelson Is Hliown talking with Con. •losuph C. Stilwrll, lieml nf the American forces in tin; China-BuriiKi-lndhi thiMiter, nf. <lio hitter's hf.-:i(li|U<irtrrs. Nelson is tin a spociiul mis^on i;o China. L'. S. Signal Corps JCiidiophoto. {Inlornatiiinal} Lt. Bristol Home After 50 Missions Unverified Broadcast By Norwegian Radio Says Forces Of General Patton Have Crashed Over Nazi Frontier Navigator On B-24 Completed Required Number Of Flights July 13 Lt. Franklin E. Bristol, 2-1. son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard H, Bristol, of Hillside avenue, returned recently to the United States after completing ilfty combat missions over enemy territory. At the prcs- etu time, he is spending a leave ith his parents here. He will return to Atlantic City, $30,000.00 Realty Deal '.-- i • I ilrplv HPFP LilIYClj llvl C Deposits Placed For Purchase Of Sullivan Proper. ty On South Main Street One of the most important, realty deals consummated in ^augatuck n some years is now nearing com- 3lct-ion The News learned today, he transaction involving the Sulivan property on the "west side f South Main street, numbers 29 to 3 inclusive. Patsy Labrlola, local real estate .cent when interviewed today ad- nitted that two of his clients have luced a deposit for the purchase f the property, which, it was in- Seated wil! be sold in all probabil- ,y for a sum close to $30.000.00. The property is owned by John F, Sullivan of. Hazel street, Man- hester, formerly of Naugatuck, nd who is very well known here. articularly among the older rcsi- ents' of the borough. The property consists of two separate buildings, one consisting of Gaudenzi's tavern and Edward Duffy's restaurant, with four tenements on its second and third . flooi-sr.Ther. second 1 .building:, houses Graham's* restaurant .and dining- room, with a rooming house on the second floor. • Mr. Labriola stated that he has been in consultation with Mr. Sullivan and his clients or. the matter of the sale for the past some weeks. and now that deposits have been placed and accepted, that the final papers in the transaction will be completed ir. the very near future. LATE . . KOOSEVELT'S STATEMENT Quebec, Sept. 13—(UP)—President Roosevelt has issued a statement saying that Britain and the United States are coordinating their efforts in China, the Pacific and in Europe with those of China and Russia. • -oOo GERMAN REPORT London, Sept. 13—(UP)—The German Tranxocean news agency MiyM that General Walter von .Seydlitz, who was captured at Stalingrad and later became president of the Soviet-xponsorod union of German officer*, has lx>en Muntcnccd to death in absence. YANKS NEAREST BERLIN rs'cw York, Sept. 13—(UP) — The Americans .now are 10 miles closer to Berlin than the Russians. Yank columns inside Germany are 31S miles from the German capital., while the Red army on the eastern front is 328 miles away. (Continued on Page 8) Local Soldier Reported Wounded In French Sector P. F. C. Joseph Szamjio of' the United States Army, a former resident of City Hill street, has been wounded in action with the American Army in France, according to word that has been received here from the War department. P. F. C. Sstmaljo made his home with his aunt, Mrs. Malvina Sor- rello of 123 City Hill street before entering tho Army about two years ago. The local soldier is 'low reported to bo recovering from his wounds in an American hospital in England nnd states that he is getting along very well. Ho was employed In Torrington before entering the service. — When .VIIIIP mnii-tilr N n Ml Jnili-il. mill .vim nrr limkliiB fur mxiiHhlnif illf- n-rvni In fimil. -I it •I'".-' Hi'itiuirnnl. Clnirrli St. I'rii-i-f iif rnHHinuMt!. —,\ilv. American Legion Calls Meeting On Plans For V-Day In Naugatuck Industrial, Business, Civic Groups Asked To Attend Session Friday Naugatuck .post No. 17, American Legion, has called a meeting for Friday night at 8 o'clock, in the borough court room for the formulation of plans fov the observance hers of Victory Day, when Germany is defeated. .Letters have been sent to committees of Naugatuck industry, fraternities. churches, business, etc. and an invitation has also been extended to interested citizens to attend the meeting Friday night and express an opinion on the type of the celebration. Commander George B, Lewis today indicated that the mooting on Friday is not to plan for u formal observance of the victory over Ger- •v.nny but is to set up plans for a celebration that will remove any danger to industry or business rom persons ordinarily very law- abiding but who may bo stirred un- luly by the great victory. Corriniandcr Lowis also stated hat the celebration must also be iteyod to the fact'that'the war still vill ho going on, and that tho prop- r timn for a. real 'celebration will Chairman Allen Calls 'Meeting For Thursday Night Paper Salvage Committee To Meet Tonight Christmas Mail For Servicemen Starts Friday the St. (Continued on Page S) —Wlii'n .vim Iliink >,r miisii:. Ihink ,>r Il'lri> ,Mll-lr M;ifl. KK Clllirrh Mn'.'l. >| litllNlr, rrroril^* rtr, ,li»lnril our onl Clnli 1 . 1 M'hy mil liiltii.v,'—Ailv. Chairman Ernest Allen of Program Committee of the Francis club has called a meeting of the golf-minded members of tlic club to "be hold on Thursday night at'S o'clock at the oflice "of The Naugatucic Daily News. Chairman Allen states that a one-day golf tournament and roast has been proposed as the finale of the season in the outdoor Held here for the'male members of tho club. The chairman asks'that all members of St. Francis' club who : arc interested in an event of this nature, he on hand Thursday night at S o'clock. Chairman Allen proposes that tho golf play be broken up into foursomes, for a real day of golf with a fine outdoor roast to top off tho program. Chairman Alien stated that an event of this nature must he held . this month, as the St. Francis' club bowling season gets under way the first week in October. —>l.:ul!<>s. Inok l!|,l>ll ElIIIII'llrlllKM' ilrrvs i.lfiiniMl ti.v .•,-lll!», anil ur lovely! i',i!M< il<>niMiiN !l:ivc tluil iriirmi-nl' or Sh:ili-li-I.ii.v. Cull Wtliy. ilrlvrr will cull,—Ailv. LT, FttANKMX E. BRISTOL whore he will stay at a rest camp until reassigned'. Shortly after he loft his base in Italy, he heard that Sgt. Albert Mai of Naugatuck, had arrived at his old station. However, Lt. Bristol did not meet him, Lt. B'ristol, a. navigator of a B-1M, said that ho completed the num. bcr of flights with never having beer, forced to bail out or to "come in on a wing and a prayer." They did have a close shave once he said, as a 'German plane attacked them from the rear and shot out a portion of their twin-fin assembly on.'the bomber's tail. They landed with a piece over a foot-square missing. He stated that ho was feeling fine, and has not suffered any of (Continued on Page 8) Wednesday Is New Bond Day In Schools '''The'salevof-stamps and'bonds in local publis schools is now- being conducted on Wednesdays, 1 Harold E, Chittendcn, superintendent of schools, announced this morning. Tho moving up of a day is of more convenience to the superintendent's office staff, which makes the final compilation of the sales, he said. The figures of today's sales were not available at press time. Chairman C. Arthur Fnger today again reminded members of his Pnper Salvage Committee that there will be an important meeting tonight at 8 o'clock at the olflce of The Naugatuck Daily News. Chairman Fag'cr stated that plans are going forward in fine fashion for the paper salvage collection here on September 25 and 2iJ but that tonight's meeting- will be devoted to a very important matter thnt has come to the foro in the past few days. Tonight's meeting. Chairman Fager, indicated is so important that -it is vtial that as many members of the committee as possible bo on hand to voice an opinion on certain matters that are to be presented to the group. Christmas package mailing to men overseas will start Friday, September 15. Postmaster Frank T. Green reminded local residents this morning. Packages to be sent do not need written requests from servicemen during the period from September 35 to October 15, Mr. Green said. But only one package is allowed to be sent by any one person each week. The size of the parcel is limited to 3 Cinches in length and girth combined—the size of the average shoe box—and five pounds in weight, the postmaster said. The container should be strong enough to withstand long shipping and frequent handling, and should be securely tied, with the address placed thereon to last the entire journey. Many packages are not delivered, Mr. Green said, because the address has been lost or de- ,-troycd. Same Report Says American 1st Army Has Sent Troops Into Germany NEW AMERICAN 9TH ARMY IS REPORTED IN FIELD IN FRANCE German Communique Indicates Fall Of Brest May Not Be Far Away (By United PrcwO The American third army is reported inside Germany. An unconfirmed broadcast by the Nazi- controlled Norwegian radio says Genera) Patton has sent strong tank forces crashing over the German frontier — and that they advanced some distance despite violent Nazi opposition. The Norwegians say the crossing was made eight miles southwest of Trier. Th£ same bVoadcast says I he American first army sent a third invasion force into Germany, moving over the Nazi-frontier cast of Malmedy in Belgium. At Allied headquarters there is no official c-jmmcnt on these German * controlled reports. And the German Transocean News Agency merely said thai the third .army had opcntd extremely heavy attacks on both sides of Mctz and Nancy, Correspondents at Allied headquarters -were allowed to say that new crossings of the Reich border arc', imminent at ; six undis- c.-jsc<i places." Twelfth army group headquarters nays the two coJ- umns of General Hodges first army in Germany are continuing a general advance toward the Siegfried line. It's also announced, too, that a new army— Ihc American ninth army— now is in the field in f-Yancc. Where, we're not told, but the new army is commanded by j-iuuienanl: (jcncral William H. Simpson of Weathcrford. Texas. Formerly he commanded the fourth array in California, The London radio says the British in northern Belgium are four and one half miles from the Ger- (Contlnucd on Page 8). U. R. W. A. Winner Of Election At Plant In Norwalk Hose Co. To Hold Special Meeting Sanitary Sewer Work By Town Has Not Been Started The Naugatuck Hose and Hook andw Lad'der Co. will have a special meeting- Thursday nigh I at Fire Department headquarters on Maple street at 8 p. m., Herbert Cocliroft, foreman of 'the c-jm- pany, announced this morning. The annual outing will be the main topic, of discussion. As yet the date for the event has not been selected, and the volunteers will determine a date at the meeting, it was I'cported. Veterans' Office Kept Busy .With Problems Clarence E. Jones, chairman of the committee of Service for Veterans', announced this _ morning hat the work of the committee is jrogressing "well" at the now cents! 1 at the Southern New England Telephone Co. building on Church troet. Mrs. Dorothy Wulfcck, executive ec'retary, is in charge of the of- ice and is kept busy Vith c'x-scr- •iccmen's problems. The committee will meet Thui-s- iay night, at 8 p. m. at the firehouse, Mr, Jones added. Warden Leo J. Brophy announced today that the sanitary sewer that the borouph will amplify in connection with the 200-housc development off Park avenue, probably will not bo started for some time; Glenridjre Eslnlos are constructing their own sewers, the warden stated, ,ij) under tho supervision of Borouph Engineer Charles D. Curtiss, but when these sewers arc completed they will have to hook into borough main sower lines, further down on tho side of the hill. ' The borough sanitary sewers will have to bo amplified to take care of the added str.iin on their capacity due to the hundreds of new families using the facilities. Special planning will also have to be .done, the warden indicated in. regard to the storm sowers in the development, United Rubber Workers of America has been named the bargaining agent for the employes of th" Norwalk Tire and Rubber Co., of Norwalk according to the result* of ->he election held there on Monday. Guorg'o Geicr. who is associated with Local -15, U. R. W. A. here &* field representative of the union, was in charge of the union detail* at Norwalk and from reports, workers there by more than 3 to I favored the C. I. O. unit as bargaining agent. Mr. Gcicr succeeded P. J. Gal- hicci, Naugntuck resident as the national representative with Local •15. following the lattcr's entry into the armed forces some months ago, and has been outstandingly successful in his organizational achievements. Fish, Game Club Meets Tonight Game meet- The Naugatuck Fish and club will hold its monthly ing tonight at S p. m, at Town hall. A_ report on the clambake held September 5th will be made by Walter A. Gcsseck. chairman of the entertainment committee. Final returns are expected to.bc made at the meeting.- Local Soldier Is At Camp Croft Private Raymond F. Alvcy has arrived in Camp Croft, S. C., for basic" training. He is the son of Mrs. E. F. Alvcy of Naugatuck. Conn, He was inducted into the army on Aug. 17, 19*4, at New Haven, Ctfnn. Before induction he \vas cm- ployed as an eyelet machine operator, FATAL PLANE CRASH Walla, Wa«h., Sept. 13— (UP>—Six army fliers were killed last night south of Walla Walla Army Air Base when a B-24 Lib- cralor bomber crashed. The cause of the accident was not determined. <—l>nn'( mlMK the hlr mi'lnx* In (hi* Ann* w»t Sulo or Fun now undrrwuy HI Rn- lilliirl'ii. NniiKHInrk'H Fn»lil<n O*l«T, Church Kirn*. A rhnlrr • nrlrrtlon.—Adv.

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