Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 12, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 12, 1944
Page 8
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Page Eight NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, Blue Ration Tokens Out October 1 Units Of Ten To Be Used Tor Processed Foods Remaining After Oct. 1 Use of blue -ration tokens will be discontinued Oct. 1, Inline with the sharp reduction of the amount of processed food under rationing, the OCCIce of Price Administration has announced. Chc.iter Bowles, OPA administrator, said that in the future processed food point values will be Hut so that most Items will luvvo values in multiples of 10. "enabling housewives to their 10-poliu hluu stamps without i/uint change being needed." War Moblli/atlon Director James F. Byrnes, announced that effective Sept. 17 practically nil canned and hotteld vegetables iintl fruit spreads will be removed from rationing. Only canned fruits and a few other Items will continue to age of the one-point blue token. OPA announces that between Sop 17 and Oct. :i retailers will not glv blue tokens lo customers as change Also, during that period sho| perrt will be iiolo to spjiiut blue to .lens only In units of 10. Housewives will be permitted t IMO! their tokens during that Urn lo makeup groups of 10, OPA said but fewer than 10 will not bo ,ic Ceptetl. None may be used after Sept. 30 The blue tokens, together with ed ones for meats and dairy prod nets, have been in use since Fob Bowles urged housewives to use blue tokens promptly so (hat thej will not lose ration buying powei when their use is discontinued. Beacon Falls Soldier Home From Service Tech. Sgt. John Sxcxeslul. son of Mr. and -Mrs. Alex Sxc/.csiul. 20 Kaili'oacl avenue. Beacon Fulls is spending n. furlough at his parents' homo. Sgt. Sxcxcsiul has spent 29 re points. In a modification 01' present us- months In the Caribbean theater. He Is one of four brothers if. the service. ]>AYS Hartford, Sept. 12—(UP)—Governor Baldwin has called upon the Russians Storm Enemy Defenses On Eastern Front (By United. Press) Russian forces are storming enemy defenses throughout the eastern front—from Lomzha in north- cast Poland to Bulgaria — where Iho newest Allied successes arc reported. Bulgarian armed forces issued their first communique today since declaring war on Germany. It claimed German attacks were turned back in several' areas. But leither did this report refer to activity in Sofia, The British radio quotes a Germ a n broadcast as saying that n.nks and troops are besieging he Gorman legation ut Sofia, the Bulgarian capital. Berlin prcvious- v said that a Russian column is dvancing on Ihe Bulgarian cap- C:tl. But the latest Soviet com- munique failed to mention such a rive. Another German claim says the •ulgurian puppet government is n Bulgarian territory—but gives o additional details. The Bulgarians arc supposed to live interned the Germans left In Temperature Report Rod Hermans has a now assistant with, the thermometer outside The News office—Kenny Clymcr, Red feels overburdened as the brains underneath the sculp ot al- most-Utian . hair is concentrating on weather predictions. Red (and Kenny, tuo) iound the temperature, pretty cool today, as at noon the thermometer recorded but 09. It began to rain about ll:3p. Midnight 57 3 a. m. 54 6 a.- m. . '..,..'...' 52 . 9 a, m '. 60 Noon G9 1 p. m 09 Weather Report people ol' Connecticut to observe i Sofia. It's possible that some of two special days this month. He hns proclaimed Constitution Day, -September :l7th. And American dian Day. September 29th. M. FREEDMAN CO. " fortk Make "His" Christmas I Happy With Gifts He ' : Will Appreciate! I : * n.' your ln.-y u'lio shunls I'lupty handed :;• ( 'lirisl nuts intck.'i.uv.s uiv u'ivoii nnl? Not •'' ;md tiuii! yiMii' .u'il'l oil liinu! N'o mniliT : : ' IK- is riifiitin.n'. -wo liave the J, iiiU 1 ; siiitfiliic ifil'Ls I'fir uvi'iy ••"; ( 'nnir Ip the enemy forces .may have broken out—thus accounting for the' report that the Nazi legation there, is being attacked. A report on Sofia comes from 11 United Press war correspondent, Leon Kay— the American to reach the bomb-scarred Bulgarian capital, .Kay says 75 per cent of the city is in ruins—and that about one-fourth of the outlying, districts, also have been destroyed. The Turkish radio says 382 former Allied prisoners of war.—mostly in Frightened German garrisons, ;ir.; trying to flee to Turkey from Uio Aegean islands. But the Ankara dispatch snys Turkey is bar<ring the troops from her ports and borders. And Yugoslav partisans and Allii'd plunus are blocking any enemy flight through Yugoslavia. The Russians In central Romania arc driving" farther west. They're pushing back the Germans " and Hungarians in n drive aimed at the Hungarian plain invasion path to southern Germany. In Poland, the fall of the strong-! hold of Lxinv/ha, apparently is nea At last report the Russians wcj scarcely two miles from the fo tress—which blocks the way to ;i invnsiori of East Prussia. Cilptui of ihf town is expected to be nouncod almost at an% - hour. -O New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts,' Connecticut and Rhode aland—-Cloudy with intermittent nin tonight, continuing tomorrow; Nol. so cool tonight. Moderately: cool tomorrow. -S, Eastpdrt to Block Island— No. small craft or storm warnings. Storm Warning Miami, Florida, Sept. 12—(UP) —The weather bureau warns that a ."great" ' hurricane apparently is headed for the . South Atlantic coast, hurricane warnings were indicated for the northern Bahamas, and may be necessary for the coast irom Cupe HuUcrus, N. C., to Mi-- ami. Japs May Keep Navy Hidden Until Home Land Is Endangered (By United Press) The Japanese Fleet apparently means to avoid a showdown fight until the Japanese home" Islands themselves are thrcaumed. Military observers believe this is the reason that not a single Jap combat ship sailed out from the sea Friday to challenge the powerful American armada which delivered a crushing attack against Mindanao in the southern Philippines. So weak were the enemy defenses—that Admiral Halsey's ships and planes knocked out 91 Jap vessels and f>8 planes with only very light losses. Strategists now believe that Extended Forecast The temperature in New England during the next four day's will average from two to six degrees below'the seasonal normal. *** The normal temperature for this period in Boston and Now Haven, Conn., is C-l degree's. In Nnntucket, Massachusetts, 63 degrees. In Burlington, Ccrmont, 01 degrees. In Concord, New Hampshire and Portland, Maine, UO degrees. And in Maine, 5G degrees. rj.-Hnfall will average .from one- fourth to two-thirds' inch in the northern parts of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont and more than two-thirds inch elsewhere, oc- curing as Kcneml rains tomorrow find tomorrow night, Japan's fleet will remain hidden; in the. protecting waters of the homeland—until an invasion of, Japan herself is threatened. They point out that the Nipponese war lords had plenty of time to bring out their .warships—as American forces had' been operating boldly In t.bc Philippines area four days before the Friday attack on Mindanao.. . While the enemy still wns reel- Ing from this terrific assault—Gen. MacArthur sent his bombers out over 'Zamboanga harbor, on the southwestern end of Mimlnnoa. Saturday night. They scored direct hits on two seven thousand ton cargo ships. And the Tokyo radio reports that 400 planes' raided Davao and Caga- yan on the west shore of Mindanao Saturday. The Japanese, reported that 180 planes returned to both towns on Sunday. Most experts believe Mindanao probably will be the target of the first Yank invasion forces whenever they m.iy strikfi. Alcanwhile at the other end of the Japanese empire—in the Indian ocean—the British radio reports RAF bombers have struck heavy blows at a Japanese convoy. The report says a Japanese force of Merchantmen and escort vessels was attacked by long- New Havn Men Charged With Theft Of Gas Coupons Derby. Sept. 12—(UP)—Charged wilh theft of gasoline rationing coupons worth 3,000 gallons, anc $-102 in cash nnd chocks, Gerald Franco of West PTavcn n.nd Domenic Ecnevento of New Haven, are being hold by police pending in vcstigfition. The coupons and money are reported to have been stolen fi-8m u box in the cab o:' a gas company truck while the vehicle was parked '.n front of a restaurant. Mrs. Dunn Receives Letter From PW Son (Continued from Page 1) StTVK'l HI'S in t<>d;iy juitl lul. OUT you niiiktj vonr solocti'uis. Sweaters -$3.95 Sox 35c to $1.50 Apron Kits . . $4.00 Money Belts :. . $1.00 to $2.00 & Shoe Shine Kits $1.00 to $2.00 Belts $1.00 Gloves $1.95 to $5.00 . Mufflers $1.95 to $3.95 Muffler-Scarf Sets $3.50 to $5.00 . Wallets $1.50 to $7.50 Handkerchiefs 15c to 50c Shirts $3.50 • Ties $1.00 : Shoes $6.00 to $10.00 ; All Christmas Packages Must Be Mailed Between Sept. 15th and Oct. 15th. orvicc since January, 1943, will be 21 years old, October 12. HIM leitei- lollows: ' "Dearest Mom: I frucss it's about '.imc I got off a letter and sent it to you. Everything 1 is) all right and I'm foclinfc swell. We get enough lo cat and there are plenty of things to do to pass the time, "Wo have two softball fields und play every day, Besides that we have a football league, ti'ack, and boxing and about every sport going. "About, all we do is eat, sleep and play ball. We don't do work u: any Kind. They are fixing up a theater for UM now, so we'll be having shows pretty soon. "There is a library in camp with all sorts of reading material. So we haw plenty to do all the tim;-. I guess that's all for now, Mom. Give my love lo all the folks and keep on writing. "Love, Bud." Mrs. Dunn feels that by publishing Buddy's letter, other m'OLtiors in the borough who have sons in prison camps and who have not heard from them, may get an idea us to thoir trealment and condition. The Culver street sergeant sounds cheerful, his mother said, and thi. totter has caused the lifting of a ' deal of worry. Polio Cases In Connecticut Now Show Marked Drop range bombers as it was trying to run supplies to Burma. The attack reportedly lasted for 33 hours and ranged "ovoi- hundreds of miles of ocean far to the south of Rangoon." No details of enemy losses in this battle were given. But the British say that other HAF planes set fire 1 to six enemy cargo ships and a gunboat anchored off an island near the south coast of Burma. Sofia, Bulgaria, Is City Of Bomb- Blasted Buildings Sofia, Bulgaria, Sept. 12—(UP)— Sofia—the capital of shaky Bui garia—is a city ot 'bomb-blastc buildings and uneasy fearful peo pie. That's -what United Press Cor respondent Leon Kay writes. Kay was one of the last Allied corrc spondents to leave the Balkans ahead of (Sie Germans in 1941, and he's the first American to reach Sofia now. The UP-man reports that 75 per cent of the central district of the Bulgnr capital lies in ruins from the Allied blastings whicli helped sush Bulgaria out of the war. And that—although Kay doesn't mention any specific buildings—may well include the famous cathedra) erected by Czar Alexander the Second of Russia after Russia Jib- crated Bulgaria from Turkey in .878. In getting to Sofia, the war cor- espondent had to make a detour o avoid a baUIe between ia.n and German troops near the Greek frontier, 'The battle started when the Nazis tried to free a I large number of interned Germans, in a prison camp. At the same' time, in the northeast lip of Bulgaria Russian troops are moving in and disarming Bulgarian forces. The people of Sofia, like their troops in the field, Kay reports, are confused. The UP-man says, "I gained the impression that the residents of Sofia are holding their breath, waiting for their future to be decided at the Cairo parleys." GETTING INTO THE SWING OF NEW;' ENGLAND'S GREAT MONTH — SEP.* TEMBER — CALLS FOR SWINGING^ INTO CLOTHES THAT LOOK SEPTEM-il BER. Men don't enthuse about clothes as women do because good clothes take a year or two off a woman's birth certificate and adds to, her privilege of aging gracefully. Men are conservative enough to wonder how long their new September suits or topcoats will stand up—so—the first thing a ., man thinks of is quality—and that's where we come in—autumn clothes for men $45 to' $75. I I Health Officer Requests Help Of Local Householders Record* I Courtcou* Service I.OVTNE 1CT-ECTRTC CO. 8 Church" Street Local Residents Arrive Safely At Posts In England Mrs. Cora of MillviJlc, I has received word from her hus- According to the report oC the State Health Department, the number of cases of poliomyelitis in the state hns dropped- considerably in the past week, which may be ;in indication that the pe.-ik of the near-epidemic has been passed. The state report for the weclc.j band. Corporal Elmnr C. Rosenthal cr.ding September 9 shows that in i that both he nnd her brother, Pfc. Ray Asho, have arrived "safely in England, and are both stationed together. Both' are U. S. Army paratroopers. They have been stationed together for the past year, ilrst at Fort Benning. Georgia, where they received their boots and wings on Sept. 25. 1943, and later at Camp Mackall, N. C. Their last post was Camp Forrest, Tennessee, before going overseas. Crowd Watches Cop Catch Calf Springfield, Mo. (U P) — Onlookers thought Officer Lee Waddle was doing a little fancy advertising for the Ozarlc Empire Rodeo, but Ollicer Wadd'.c says no. However, a good-sized crowd gathered while the exhausted of- Icer and equally exhausted calf • down the street. Eventually, Wadle, who had abandoned his car, caught the calf by bulldogging t. the past week there have been 1 cases of polio listed as the state' total. The number for the pro ceding wnek was 20. The only cases repnrted in Haven county for the week wer one in Waterbury and one in Guil ford. There were no cases of any re portnb.'e diseases from >Tnugatuck Town Hall Case Wearing A Climax (Continued from Page 1) irchitect who will submit it to Mr. -lickey, Warden Brophy stated, If n fire escape is built on the ast (side of the building, it will be ecossary to secure the use of a ix-foot strip of land from the xit to Maple street. Warden Bro- hy snid. This is on land owned by TC town and leased by Sidney Bays for a gas station. The fire escape on the north side f the building is expected to be ettiined, the warden added. I-ouis Do. Carlo said he had received inquiries as to when the theater - Health Officer W;iHer I. Baker, today in an interview with the Naugatuck Daily News, asks thntj local householders cooperate a: much as possible in connectior with the collection of garbage in tin.- borough. Dr. Baker states that Naugatuck has a very excellent garbage collection system, with its only difficulty being the present war-time shortage of help, thru, handicaps its service to some degree. The health officer asks that householders be as understanding :<s possible in connection with criticism of the garbage collection in view of present conditions. Dr. Baker also suggested today that Naugatuck householders can aid in expediting tlie garbage collection by insuring that containers used for garbage are kept clean ;md as sanitary as possible. The health officer suggests that these containers be washed in boilins: water, conuiining any type of washing fluid, and if this procedure is followed .regularly, it will be a great aid to the garbage collector, Frank Wilkas of Shattuck j road. FLOOR SANDER AMERICAN EDGER MACHINE -$2 wr day SANDPAPER 20c per sheet TEMPLETON'S TEMPI.KTOX'S COKXKR WATKRBURY DIAL 4080 . (No Toll Charge) Summer Dance Program! For FrMuy,- Saturday and Sunday Evening* .TOE ROCK and III* HOCK and RYE BOYS In 1'olka.s and Modern Dance Music Sunday Dancing 5 to 9 P. M. White* Eagle Restaurant BRIDGE STREET Member of Connecticut Restaurant Association J. R Anderson Campaign Manager (Continued from Page 1) committee that escorted the local man before flic gathering for the official notification of his nomination. Burgess Anderson stated today that while plans for the senatorial campaign have not as - yet been entirely formulated that he plans a_yigorous campaign to bring before the voters of the district the political record an/3 achievements of Mr. Painter. BUYING A NEW HOME? Your Savings Bank Can Help You NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed 50 YEARS OF SERVICE Walcrbury, Sept. 12—(UP)—The resident of the Scovill Manufac- ui'ing company, John M. Goss, elebrates his 5X)th anniversary be reopened. He i'with the firm today. Goss start- addorl that it appears now. that it ed with the company as .in tip- will be closed during the winter and said it should give the town n good idn.1 of how much coal is saved when the thnator is not used. Some members of the board had contended previously that the lease price was not enough to mcc.t expenses incurred through use ot the theater. -' ' The board paved the way for granting of land on Mlllville avc- prcntice boy at 10 cents an hour, working- GO hours a week. He was named president in 1938, CAUGHT BETWEEN' BOCKS ON STRIKE Pittsburgh—Sept. 12—(UP)—Elevator operators in three big ollico buildings in Pittsburgh are on strike, forcing olllcc workers to hike up countless stairs. The strike is in protest against the Regional War Labor Board's alleged refusal to adjust-—what the union calls pay inequalities. GOVERNOR PLEASED Fitchburg, Mass., Sept. 12—(UP) —A small beagle hound is recovering after a two-day ordeal. The clog, ou-ncd by 11-yca.r-old James Fitz of Fitchburg, was caught be- vras a wnist-gunnor AAF bomber. How M. FREEDMAN CO. (Men's Neary Building- (I Buys' Sllup) Naug-atuck, Conn. Sgl. Dunn on a heavy many missions he completed Is not known, MS he did not mention anything? about flying over enemy territory in his letters prior to the misison in which he was shot down, Mrs. Dunn said. A buddy wrote :.o Mrs. Dunn from overseas, saying that he had completed half of the required missions— which may number about 25. He was shipped overseas in October, 19-13, and based In Italy until his ill-fated flight over Austria. He was a graduate of Naugaluck high school, and was a member of the basketball tcnm that won the New England conference title at the end of the 19-11--I2 season. Raindrops are never larger than one-tenth inch in diameter. nue to Naugatuck post;' American j ,l- w ecn rocks in a formation at Legion, by going on record as say- CoggesTiall Park in Filchburg. •- • Park department crews, working for more than 12 hours, finally extricated the trapped .animal, who appeared none the worse after his adventure, . ing the town no longer has use for the piece of l.-ind, approximately 20-1 foot wide and -100 feet deep The borough board'last week voted to deed this to the post'for $1 subject to Inst night's decision by the welfare board. It is to be used aa a site for a recrontion center for honorably discharged veterans and if the post should find it has no use for it, the land cannot be sold or leased but must revert back to the borough, During the discussion of the town hall, RiiThard Parkinson asked if any recommendations were made concerning that part used as a report center by the defense council. Warden Brophy. said he did not expect any recommendations would be made on this in Mr. Moeckcl's report and added that as use of It has diminished, al GETS NAVY CKOSS Pacific Fleet Headquarters, Sept. 12—(UP) —The Navy announces that Rear Admiral Joseph Clark of Chelsea, Okla,, has been awarded the Navy Cross for high personal courage nnd superlative leadership, Clark's carrier lask force sank or damaged • ships near Thebonin islands on Aug. 3rd, KEPCBr.ICANS WIX Hartford, Sept. 12—(UP)—Republican Governor Baldwin is "'•"tificrt 1 with the results of the Maine elections. In his own words, Governor Baldwin said: "The results are most gratifying, and most encournn-ing—and not entirely unexpected." QUALITY RUBBER FOOTWEAR Made In Naugatuck Is Serving All Over The World UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Naugatuck Footwear Plant Naugatuck New London, Sept, 12—(U P)— Republicans have won the New London city election by a better than two-to-one majority over the Democrats, lo retain control of LOCATED IN NEW YORK Aficldletown, Sept. 12—(UP)—An escaped inmate oc the Middlctown Slate hospital has been located in Bellevue hospital in New York. He is 18-year-old Charles Attardo, who escaped the IIth of August. The youth had been committed to the state hospital from New Milford. LAWNS NAMKD FOJl CONGJIKSS New Haven, Sept. 12—(UPi- Democrats of the Third Congressional district unanimously have mined States Senator James P! Geelan as their candidate for Congress. Geelan will oppose Representative Major Ranulf Complon who is seeking a second term. toIj:phones^ excelFl r one have been • the city administration. Less than half of the registered 11.000 voters removed from the room. Records arc stil stored there. ' William Mariano was the only board member absent. cast their ballots nnd only six absentee .ballots were received from servicemen. Prompt. Kxprrt WATCH .« .IK1VKI.RY William Schpero .Imvrlpr 1X0 CIIIIHCII ST. — 1 Flight i;» — The hot, dry weather has ruined many of Naugatuck's beautiful lawns. Before the fall win* set in it would help to uppjy a generous amount of Dricomirc. This I* peat moss and cow manure-treated lo remove vre-xi seeds. This i.s an excellent fertilizer and ground conditioner for new and old lawns. \Vc Have Plenty In Stock. — Also — > Turn in your fuel oil coupons and have your tank filled now—this is important. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Church St Phone 5236

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