The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1949
Page 13
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THURSDAY, MARCH 10, 1949 BI,YTHKVTU,K <ARK.) COURIER NEWS PACK THIKTJ5EK, •'< ,'Impulse Buying' I Provides Variety Meal Planning Starrs By Picking Thriftily At Grocery Shelves To practice thrift and cut fooc costs, homemakers are today do '»« more "impulse buying" than Itiey have in years. Women are coming to the store more often and are picking out good buys as .shown from d»y to day. tlius planning thclv menls right at, the store. This "impulse buying"—deciding right in the store what to purchase —is a glowing phenomenon of pre- senl-day shopping. A study made by ihe DuPont Company Ims revealed thut over 38 percent of nil purchases iu -iuperinarkct.s are tmide on in; pulse. Impulse buying, hottcvrr. Is no just Hie result of thrift. The ama/> iinly niplcl growth ol suix.'nu:irlv-| 015 thriHtghout the country is an mipurtam factor. These bi'-; self-1 .service foo<i stores were born in depression clays but have outlived Serve Baked Cabbage Bundles lUktd cibtwte bundles pruvlilt food «»' : ' budcet prices II «• (ijynor M:uldox NEA Slaft Writer SOLID nutrition at budget prices <«y Wist Cook Book all of Dream Recipes If you like to dream nboul won- erful food served be»uttlully till' ,er tropical skies-of green llmp«, nwpnvrs, coconut, crowfish. tuitlc teaks. Irosh pineapple well, Ret mirsflf » eopy of Ihe Key West Cook Boofc mid. dream to your up- >etlte's com cut. The Women's Club of Key West, Florida, wrote the onderful recipes on Us 'JD8 hlRh- .• sensoned t»>KM. Tlio,«i> two recipes inlRliI III lilt" your non-tropiral kitchen": \'r:il with Sour Cream (Servos 41 Two nieilunn-fl/i'd veal ciillots cut up, } small onion, chopped. I 1- ounce run inushrootns. l ? cup chick- on oi' beef slock. '.J'3 cup sour crcum, cup dry sherry tor substitute) 1 panrlkn. salt nnd pepper to'laste ] Brown veal In butler or olive till Add onion, stock and sour cream. '. ntiil stmnier until lender. Add) drained tnuslirooms 11) to 'i minnto- before meat Is dime, nnd the sherry : or .substitute Just before serving, j 'wson Ihe omelet wllli a spatuln. fohl from handle of All'.et to 0|) . | . posllc side of pun. Or roll jelly- that period and multiplied rapidly-i most homemakers are looking for., roll fashion And turn onto a warm hill 1 platter. Serve Spanish sauce I filling or over omelet. Today there arc ne.ivly 111,000 sup- I These two recipes fill that cnnarkcts in tins coun'.i v, almost j f "c tis many as there were in RnUc'l Catitaee Bundles Anioiv.; His: foods that housewives .Six sizable cubliagc leaves, 1L . u/'J C are bnyinv on impure thc-to d:i.vs pound Hrmmr] beef, '. pound [ nave Yridc Support as thiif.y. appealing iic:ns t'.rc jams, | ground pork, 1 ! - teaspoons x'.li.i jellies i=nd prr.^?rvcs. The blight.! i, icu.spoon pepper, '* cup diced i "Enstern supper" is a iriuiuional i say color nnd the very reasonable i oiilins, '•_• cup uncool:etl i-'.?i*. l ( f\.\ v England dish lliat pui.s a lot | price le.'d homempkcrs to pick out can tomato soup tlO'--ounee >i: p c->.M»f lusty nourlslimenl on [he table - selection that they can use to ; r. CUj5 hot \vatrr. 'fur verv liltlc money. ! Head Courier Now.s Winil Ads From the Sonln comes nnother tr.idltional dish, e usy on the pnliUe ; and purse. brijjh'cn a variety ff foods Lifting the Face of Meals "We eat uith our eyes" somc- 'one otice said and ho\v rlvihl. he Immerse cabbage leaves in bnil- 1«R water. Conk for 2 minutes and drain. Mix together uciit. ; pepper, onion and rice. Spoon Serves Hi One pound frankfurters, two 1- uas! ncss-crts arc ii pood oxsim-j mixture onto cabtegc leaves. Fold ] pound cans .baked beans. :i ti'.blc- [I'iQ. Usually they are the invest- | each leaf over filling, and fasten' spnous chopper! onion. 2 (al)lc- looking and most decorative dishes W |th toothpicks. Place cabbage served at mealtime.' And the response they get is in keeping with theli- good looks for everybody likes tomato soup and hot water; pour bundles iti a two-quart heat-resistant glass casserole. Combine spoons fnt. 3 tablespoons brown dessert. The same principle can be applied to other foods to restore winter-jaded appetites. Make them attractive. The more eye-appeal one puts into food, the more appetite- appeal it has. Next time vou're looking for ^ood buys at the'food store, remember that there's no better buy than something to "life the lace of a meal." Jams and jellies are among the most reasonably priced "face sugar, 1 tRblespoon prepared mustard. '1 cup chopped celery. onion In hot fat. Add over cabbage bundles in casserole. benns, brown sugar, mustard and Sake I 1 , hours in a moderate colery. Mix well and place half In i350 degrees F.i. Remo.-c n oasrerole. Cover with half ihe ilr'-s helnrn scrvli"!. I franks (sliced). Add rest of henns panish Sairce and avranse sliced frankfurters on I lop of the casserole Rake In a moderate oven C!50 degrees K.I for Chrese Omelet \Villi One (Serves 4) and one-half Int. fi eggs. tablespoons 1-3 cup milk, dash of pepper, 1-3 cup grated American cheese. I Hep.t the fat In a sklllcti then ; tip the skillet to grease the sides j lifters" today and the; can be used j and bottom. Dent the CRPS, with so many foods—salads, meats, j enough to blend the yolks and i dessert's, pancakes and wnflles and in home baked goods such as coffee cake. A selection of jams nnd jellies and other "face lifters" ranging from maraschino cherries to paprika is definitely n good buy. Shamrock Forty Trecr For St. Pet's For tlint St. Patrick's D^v parLv. or just to amuse the family, you'll enjoy making Shamrock Cookies. Cut the cooklfs out with the Shamrock cookie cutter. Then for the Rreon, use an "emerald" of mint jcllv on each cookie. Another idea is to muljp round cookies pnrt then snrepd '^tf of tliRm with xvhtrjvJMl mint jelly just before hakint. Place anolh^r cookie on trip of each one, rrimn the erices toRctlTer nnd bake. When done and cool, frost with green icinsr. Here's the basic cookip, recine j you rr«n use for both these St. ' Pp.trick's Day idnas. The ingredients needed arc: 1 2 cup .'shortening 1 cuo suger 3 cup.s flour ! i tCR-SIKXHl S-llt 3 (r^^noosis tanking powder !-• cuu milk '.. irps^oon vnniln extract ?;inL jelly Crcnm the shovtcnine ?nd snsar ilirn-oi'"My. Add the eug and bent •Adi. Sift thr dry Ingredients to- pclher. Add to c'ig mixture altnr- .nfttelv with milk and vanllln. Mix .wcU. ThMi roll the vou^h out about j ^-one-eiehth inch thick on A lishllv i f'ourrd bn^i'd Cut \vi1h thf floured Rtr-mnr-k rookie cut er or round cutter. Pake on a ei nn.srcl rontcir sheet in a moderate oven '375 de- prn"p F.> for pboul 15 minutes Mnkea three ri"?cn s'n<rle cookies or 18 of the filled cookies. whites. Add the -snR. milk nnd pepper and heat thoroughly. Ptuir' into the skillet and cook over low j heat until a film of cooked ZKV, \ has formed on the bottom of the 1 pan. Lilt .he edge of this cooked egg and tilt the pan so that the uncooked portion runs under the rrvsed cooked portion. Sprinkle cheese over Omelet. *?iihi cook | until a film of conked egg forms, then repeat the lifting and cooking process until the entire mixture is cooked and golden brown on the bottom this process will take nhnnt 10 minutes. Then 1,924,000 QiuaUUi ^fe • • • •'•' • £5**.. The nolnr bear Is the mosl dread- rrt natural enemy of the \valnis. About seven million Americans ore victims of rheumatic diseases i Ai These Special Prices! \ siicej of You can depend on the quality of rich, fine- grained Ever-Good Ham. enjoy that fragranc*. that special, hickory- <mok«d flavor. Malei thrifty l»ftov»r di»h«i too. Serve Ever-Good Ham. Aik for it at your deal- en foday. •'A" (Jrude BEEF ROAST Delicious. I'ure PORK SAUSAGE 39 Meaty SPARERIBS ,,39 Center Cut PORKCHOPS ,,59 Morrell's i'ride SLICED BACON ,,57 Country FRESHEGGS ,w 46 Lean PORKSTEAK », 52 ,,79" "A" Grade, Tender ROUNDSTEAK MfMPHIS PACKING CO Memphis, Tenn. Phone 832 for Prompt Delivery J.D.'s MEAT Shop Across From the Goff Hotel Millions Soy, "SET KRONER-CUT BEEF 11 Top U.S. Grades of Finest Beef, Kroger- Cut to Give You More Meat for You* Money . . . Less Bone and Waste. Place a thick, juicy Kroner-Cut, steak on the table vuliic because the. Kroger method of cuttirn ' nm l watch your family smile! It's ilcliclously removes excess bone and waste before the matt'' tend>r because Krogcr choofic-a only the tup U.S. is weighed and priced. Do as million* amy, "Get grades of finest grain-fattened beef. It's a bettor Ki-ogcr-Cul Beef"—today. Sirloin Steak - tb. 6f c U. S. Graded Good .or Choice. Brisket 0' Beef - - - Ib. 29c U. S. Graded Good or Choice. GROUND BEEF 11). 45 SKINLESS FRANKS S 49 • W « i r t , . | SPARE RIBS Lean and Monty ix i j •> \i vi/i i \ Ji\ PORK LOIN ROAST „, 59 PORK SAUSAGE " Cndaliy IMirilnn III. Illlc Abros Ti'n KlN(i COTTON Cut—7 to 8 Itibs SLI BACON A & hl „, 69 OYSTERS De!i K hl All-Kite II). 'I7e Better Values On Your Favorite Brands 29 c CRISCO or SPRY GREEN BEANS 'jjir 3-/b. Can CHERRIES Kroper Red Sour Pilled For baking TOMATOES 2 "I!! 29 orfr ^- FNUT BUTTER ^^ ^ EAL Corn. Standard Cut 1.01 CORN 2S n . 1 27< Stanilnid Crcum Style PEAS 2 2 lira? Kroger CATSUP Kruger Tomato ClfHD Ull If 0 T;i11 07 C p/ain ° r 25-lb. 4 nr CVAr miLIV Owns OI Self-Rising. Bag I 7J Ba 9 115 K '' C8h " !ni:k * y ' DRY BEANS KROGER FLOUR Kroger RICE Sdimlnrd PRUNES .Standard Medium PEACHES Standard Kvapnrated All fie VHrlclies l-lli. ,5 GRATED TUNA CANDY Standard. 1-lh. QAc 0*. ^ No. !/2 4 J Can, I. ENGLISH PEAS AVONDALE n Large Sweet jf AU 5 c Varielica 2-lh. Full Box Box of QAc 24 feu* 09 i*.. 32* HI HO Sunshiiie Craekers CHEESE FOOD 77 Windsor Club—2-lh. I.oaf SALAD DRESS. 39 lOmbiissv—(Junrl CRANGE JUICE 27 Kroner—!(>-(>/ Cnn PEACHES N ^ 32 Kroner Sliced or Hiilves SARDINES 2 «r 35 C Standard JIMMY DURANTE says: "Gimme that high note ... Gimme that good mild smoke . . . Camel Cigarettes!" Jimmy Durnnle hn« been in show biinines* for- 40 yciirs. Ills fninons schno?;zola i« both copy--' rlRhted iinil insured. Hear Jimmy Friday nilt . rtn N' IJf* *" on NBC. No. 1 Can 4-lb. Ctn. 16-oz. Con 19c 93c 15c 47c 40c 2.07 17c KROGER. Lemon Creme each 5Sc Silvtr Layer Cake. Ea. Mackerel Standard. Humko Dainty Cooking Fat. Hershey Chocolate Syrup. Grape Juice Welch's, pt. 25c Coffee Kroger Spotlight. Cigarettes <*„. Popular Brands. Dinner Rolls ©sap <!<•! Camel Cigarettes Mini nil ; yiiur fnvnrltc hrnnils al KroRer. CAMELS $2.07 3 \V««heil i-lb. Bag Ki-il l'i Scleclccl \Va.slicd Ucil—5(1 Ib. Mcsli Itui; I.S!) YELLOW ONIONS U. S. No. I Yellow GREEN BEANS Crisp Striunless NEW POTATOES 3 Top (h'iilily SEED POTATOES Sliilc Ccrlified—Hcd River Valley Triumphs ONION SETS 4 Small Selected Yellow ONSON PLANTS 2 Hclcclcd Hcrmuda Type GRAPEFRUIT 2 Florida Sce<j|sss—Urge Juicy «weet, Vitamm-rieh. •f C II). peck CQc: 10 Krnfl bag V<9 f; 5 11). mesh OQc:J' liajf fcw 1;: 9 QCcI L Ills. Wtf :-: lumchts 1*1.

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