The Alliance Times-Herald from Alliance, Nebraska on September 14, 1992 · 4
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The Alliance Times-Herald from Alliance, Nebraska · 4

Alliance, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Monday, September 14, 1992
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aft raid vf £ v r-i'r r’ Vr‘ ‘jj 4 — Alliance Times-Herald Monday September 141992 £" K '& ' 'jr' : Vx & ' :l f- vij -S r '-' i' ? ! Ti "J f ? f ! - 1 VrfJ ’ J‘VVl ' u&tg ! ' At-iX w ? A 'm 3 it: -? lk£8 We Can’t Stand Others Having Our Faults Things in my view of recent days include: — Burlington Northern’s announcement that the “Alliance Railroad Division” has been re-established to include tracks from Ravenna to Edgcmont from Guernsey to Northport and from Alliance to Sterling plus the multi-functional terminal here with terminal superintendent Jeff Wright now division superintendent — Box Butte County Rural The View From Here By Hugh Bunnell “Nightly and daily on television and in movies the Hollywood community dumps the cultural equivalent of tons of raw sewage into the minds of millions of Americans And when one political figure dares to criticize Hollywood's product he is treated as a threat Actually Hollywood is the threat — it has been mugging decency for two decades” (The reference was to “Quayle bashing" over his criticism of the out-of wedlock motherhood of Murphy Brown) — And the US Taxpayer Party convention in Louisiana As I watched it on daytime TV New Englander Howard Phillips accepted the party's nomination as presidential candidate An 800-number contained the party’s slogan “1-800-VETO IRS” In his acceptance speech Phillips declared that the election should be about the economy He charged Republicans in the White House and Democrats in Congress have compounded a crisis that America is headed for disaster because the national debt has quadrupled since 1981 and a hyper-inflationary depression is ahead Phillips quipped: “everyone knows Quayle can't spell but there is a greater danger Bush can’t add!” Labor Day weekend on election year is called the kickoff of the presidential campaign In Kurault’s Sept 6SundayMorning it was stated that ahead of Labor Day this one was white hot “Both sides are swinging at each other below the belt” As related further Clinton is trying to keep the focus on the economy Bush is trying to pin the slick tag cm Clinton the President is handing out favors to wheat farmers and people who lost homes in Hurricane Andrew here come the president with box cars full of money don’t fooled by polls race will be close down to wire seven weeks until election! A follow up concerning Candice Bergen in real life she has a child and a husband unlike her Murphy Brown The weekly wisdom on a bank calendar in my view fits: “None of us can stand other people having the same faults as ourselves” Also catching my attention has been news of Fred Lawson 80 of Sidney who has completed his dream of cycling around the world Lawson took up cycling in 1973 A veteran of World War II and the Korean War he retired from the Army as lieutenant colonel He also is a retired Baptist minister Before starting his trip he gathered bike-travel literature from states and foreign countries Taking off on his bicycle with a trailer behind it he cycled to Canada then to New Yoric flew to England then cycled through European countries then flew to Australia cycling across it then to New Zealand for more cycling then to Africa cycling across it then back to America — the trip took three years The trailer contained tools and parts needed to keep his bike aligned and running he did his own bicycle repair work replacing nearly all the parts some several times Just because you are past 70 are retired don’t give up your dreams The Stock Market And Capital Gains Taxes By JOHN CUNN1FF AP Builntu Analyii NEW YORK (AP) — Has the Bush administration's failure to obtain a capital gains tax cut actually helped the stock market? It probably has A plausible case can and is being made by some analysis who be-lievethat a lower capital gains rate would have encouraged more selling than buying and forced prices lower Part of the tax-cut's rationale was that it would encourage investors to sell by giving them a break on taxes Even with a lower tax rate the government would get a temporary revenue increase from the new sellers recording their capital gains Supporters of the tax cut maintained that billions of dollars were locked up in securities and real estate accounts kept off the market because the owners couldn't pay taxes or chose to postpone their day of reckoning Solong as sales don't take place capital gains are not collected by Uncle Sam The taxes might continue to accrue but the payment date is delayed until the assets are actually transfered Cutting taxes said proponents not only would encourage sales and’ raise revenues quickly but would then produce a new crop of owners who would also pay taxes sometime in the future Turnover would mean more revenues As described everyone involved in ’ the transactions — sellers governments buyers the private sector in which the money was invested — would benefit And it was assumed the securities markets would be strengthened XmrTJTI-U'1 Htullltorl I I' School Districts 40 and 41 are to “dissolve” in the next few months to be divided among Alliance Hemingford and Bridgeport districts Both of the above items mean a lot to Alliance Other attention grabbers in my view: — A paragraph from an editorial column by Cal Thomas of the Los Angeles Times Syndicate: Economic weakness and indications that little immediate im- provement is likely is deadly for stock prices Given the incentive of lowertaxes and a poor economic outlook as well many investors might have sold That the tax-cut effort failed might be one reason why stock prices have remained high when compared to long-term norms (Low interest rates also have sent meny investors to the stock market in search of higher returns) It may be true therefore that billions of dollars of potential profits and a large fraction of that amount in taxes are locked up in stock real estate and other markets For the economy's sake this might be just as well Considering the anemic and sometimes drastic condition of the economic patient over the past few yesterday FIFTY YEARS AGO TODAY (A World At War) With the Alliance Public School fall term set to begin in two days Superintendent Partridge reported that the faculty was still short four teachers due to the wartime manpower shortage The first enlisted men to be stationed at the Alliance Air Base were reported to have arrived here at 11 :05 am on September 1 1 aboard train No 43 Jack Dempsey “the Manassa Mauler ” visited in Alliance and was a rousing success with some local youngsters The former heavyweight champion of the world was in the Navy and stopped here for a train layover Brig General Ira Eaker led the first all-US bombing raid in Europe The daylight mission bombing the railyards at Rouen France caught the Nazis totally by surprise A national system of rent controls went into effect As yet there was little reaction from local landlords some of whom had bee it accused of “gouging” construction workers at the Alliance Air Base — — - - : — Bush Camp By WALTER R MEARS AF Special Camipondent WASHINGTON (AP) — As the Democrats tell it Air Force One has become a flying pork barrel with President Bush dropping fly-by favors in his quest for comeback re-election That is of course one of the advantages of the campaigning incumbent a role die Democrats have held only twice in three decades But there’s more to it than starv dard White House politicking Bush is waging a different kind of Republican campaign as if heeding the Democrats' old rule that politics is local The national issues that were GOP staples in winning five out of six presidential elections have ebbed in Bush’s race against Democrat Bill Clinton There was a time — a long time — when Republican candidates years the last thing needed was additional problems such as another severe stock market downturn It probably explains in part why the market turns edgy whenever proposals are made to change the tax structure to spur economic activity The activity sought many fear might not be the activity produced So defeat of the tax cut might not have been all that bad for the economy However beneficial such a tax cut might have been for Uncle Sam in the form of greater revenues it could have created a serious blow to stock prices The explanation: It isn’t likely that by itself a capital gains tax cut could have averted a recession and the economic weakness that followed M I M PLATFORM Turning To State Regional Concerns for the White House could count on concern about the nation’s defense and the communist threat as standby almost failsafe national issues that would work their way Not now “The United States is the sole leader around the world with freedom and democracy on the march — and I would like to get some credit for that” Bush said the other day in Collegeville Pa Inflation was a Republican standby the campaign in which it worked against the G OP ticket was the one they lost in 1976 Taxes and tax cuts became another and Bush is struggling to reclaim it with a convention pledge of a tax cut if he wins a second term and his reinstated vow against new taxes "I went along with one Democratic tax increase and I’m not going to do it again” he said in Middletown NJ “ Ever Ever” In a moming-after explanation Bush’s spokesman said Thursday that was not a pledge comparable to the read-my-lips vow of 1988 But with those issues frayed or faded and with the national-concern now on jobs and economic revival points on which the polls indicate more voter confidence in the Democrats the Bush campaign is turning increasingly to state and regional concerns as another way to reach voters Voice Of The People Editor: After reading what I consider to be very insulting comments about the BBDC (Box Butte Development Corporation) the City Council and even myself as a voter I feel compelled to respond Mr Price stated that as a voting taxpayer he felt betrayed as others should Well I certainly don’t feel betrayed nor do I agree that others should I appreciate the action of the City Council which gives all of us the opportunity to express our own opinions at the voting booth I don't think they “tucked their tails” in giving it to the voters The idea that their action was politically motivated because it is an election year is beyond my comprehension The City Council faces many decisions most of which are not easy and some are not very popular I was not in attendance at the public hearing but I watched it on TV I do not third: based on the pros and cons presented that they could have made any other decision in the best interest of the taxpayers of Alliance What better way than to give us the opportunity to cast our own vote If Mr Price’s reference to the BBDC as “Knights in Shining Armor” and “With all their gracious wisdom” was intended to be clever I do not agree with his sarcasm This is a group of dedicated — T"T-T" mr — l Presidential elections are settled state by state and campaigners always try to Mend national with regional issues In this election as Bush tries to blunt his problem with an economy he admits is lousy the White House has put added emphasis on the latter That’s where the use of government programs for political ad- vantage comes in with White House decisions that in at least two cases override long held policies Campaigning in South Dakota Bush announced a billion-dollar program of export subsidies to help US wheat farmers compete against subsidized European grain although the administration had opposed trade subsidies Bush said that since the Europeans wouldn't drop theirs he wanted foreign governments on notice that he’ll fight for American exports In Texas he announced a $6 billion jet fighter sale to Taiwan blocked for a decade because of administration policy on China and arms sales That translates to defense jobs in Fort Worth and also at plants in Connecticut and California Another jet deal with Saudi Arabia could save defense jobs in Missouri and Oklahoma Clinton supports both sales he said the Saudi deal could not be at th£ expense of Israel's military edge Bush has said it wouldn’t be hard-working individuals who are simply trying to come up with some solutions to the need for economic development in our area This is not some hare-brained scheme that did not involve a lot of lime and research If we don’t agree that this project will work we have been given the opportunity to say so I have not completely made up my mind just how I will vote but in the meantime I will be keeping an open mind There is much more to this issue than one’s initial reaction and a lot of it makes a great deal of sense if one will just take the time to listen One thingl amconvincedof and I think the citizenry should be considering too is that we need to do something In this day and age whatever comes in which will enhance our economy is no doubt going to ask for incentives No one is going to GIVE us anything — we have to work fra iL And that is what BBDC is attempting to do Mr Price began his comments by saying that battle litres are being drawn after things appeared to be running smoothly and there seemed to be unity in the community There is a lot of difference between battle lines and differences of opinion Show me a community that doesn’t have differences of opinion and no one with foresight to see the needs fra change and yes sometimes risk- The administration also has dropped its opposition to a building a vertical takeoff plane produced at plants in Pennsylvania andTexas and to modernized tanks made in Michigan The White House has lifted environmental restrictions and appeals in order to speed the logging of dead timber in the Pacific Northwest The president will be campaigning there this week A Republican congressman said the order would save 5000 logging jobs “They want to play Santa Claus” said Sen A1 Gore the Democratic vice presidential nominee in Detroit on Labor Day "They want to fly over in Air Force One and dump out $100 million an hour" Sen George Mitchell of Maine the Democratic majority leader took up the pork barrel theme too "Someone said the otherday only half-jokingly that the president is handing out so much pork along the campaign trail that the Agriculture Department is going to have to station a meat inspector aboard Air Force One” he said Bush lodges much the same complaint against Congress complaining that its Democratic majority “refuses to give the president the power to eliminate pork barrel projects that waste your money" taking and I think I will find rare that is dying out To find Utopia one will have to die and go to heaven Phyllis Reitz Read Then Recycle The Alliance Times-Herald USPS 014-020 Published daily except Sunday and July 4 and Oacambar 25 by Tha Alliance Publishing Company Inc at 114 East Fourth Street Alliance Nabraska 68301 POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The Alliance Times-Herald PO Box G Alliance ME 60301-0773 Second class postage paid In Alliance Nebraska 69301 Fred Kuhknan Publisher Tom Huddleson Managing Editor Loretta Christensen Oilice Mgr Jue Sanchez Advertising Mgr Mark Sherlock Shop Foreman Represented nationally ' byPapert Mar ' ' It amber ot Nebraska Press NAME NNA Associated Press ' The AasoclaMd Prase baadusMyanddad to Sis use lor prttcalifn or al name eredkad to or not odratwSa cradltod In Ms papar and aS local naars pubiahsd heroin Stdaorptlon rates: By cantor In AlSanea and Hanfngtord SISbO lor three mondis or S&ZS par month payable In advance By mail outside carrier potato ta Bos Btrito Danas Sheridan Stow Hootisr Morris and Grant ooun-daa ta Ntaxaska 70 par year: atoantiara MO par year SpecM Rates tor Serviceman and CoSege Students - nwawsuan'inaM i p 3

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