Florence Morning News from Florence, South Carolina on December 17, 1957 · Page 3
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Florence Morning News from Florence, South Carolina · Page 3

Florence, South Carolina
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 17, 1957
Page 3
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TUESDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 17. 1357 THE FLORENCE MORNING NEWS. FLORENCE. S. C PAGES Value of Tobacco Drops $187 Million RALEIGH, Dec. 16 HI - The The South Carolina Bordi cross value ofthe 1957 flue-cured Norih Carolina Bull set an tobacco crop declined (187,889,997 , time high price average ot (59.10. HEAD FOR HOME - Pvt. William 5. Girard, the U. S. soldier who stirred up an international hornet's nest in Jflpan, end his Japanese bride, Condjr, sit in comportment ot train in Oakland, Calif., as they left for his home state of Illinois. They arrived eorlicr on a transport ship from Japan. (AP Pkotafo,) from 1936 because of a 29 per ccnL drop in volume anl lower quality, the Fcderal-Stalc Market News Service reported today. However, the price average for thn five-state flue-cured producing all-time hieh of $35.02 per hundred pounds, topping the olfl record ol w.ua m liij". Preliminary figures showed Kress sales for Ihc 1957 season totaled 1,038,176.254 pounds, com pared will! I,5jli,077,23ll in IDS. The gross value was $597,571,451 as against S785.452.44B in IMG. The cross value (or !957 was tile smallest since 1959, the news service reported. The big Eastern North Carolina Belt reported the biggest drnp in value, 569,599.400. tor the flue-cured whole, average prices by grades increased I his year in a majority of the cases, the agency reported. Of the gross sales, 1CfT.GLB.3I2 pounds, or 9.9 per cent, went to the Stabilization Corp. under the government loon program. This cumpares wjfh 20.8 per cent last ye. The Eastern Roll reported total sales of 313,573,237 pound: Stai.948.540 and an average ot Sal.liO. -i his nas the hushes use. since 1934. In 1956. the belt .wild 508.200,533 puunds for J2fll,- MS.IIOO. an average of 551.47 However, the gross value declined (26,863,911. It reported sale's ot 253,654.362 pounds for (14S.9il7.470. Last year the belt sold 332,599,112 pounds for SI76.773.3BJ, an i age of (53.15. Figures ror other noils arc as follows; North Carolina - Viniinia Old Belt: 234,711,19c gourds for S!22,-710,625, an average ol S52.20. In 1D50, gruss sales nmounled to 332.- 775,ltf4 pounds lor (166,136,33:1, craging 549.92, North Carolina Middle Bell: 124,357,912 pounds for S05,954,0G2, i-,.y:iu 3.n 04. Jj: j .. : - with 179,393,310 pounds in lOcti for S93.085.3iil. an average cf S5I Georgia - Florida: 119,979 .47 pounds fur J67.044.ot. averagiin 355.83. In 1955, gross sales. totaled m.irrw, puri.1- fw S;l7,!l:.'-;.7i. erage of 543.01, Nixon Says America Holds Military Edge WASHINGTON, Dec. 16 m - Vice President Nixon said today the United Stoics still pos'-csm's en over-all military advantage. Referring to weapons now or, Kami and missiles oarmarkec for future deliverv. he said: "We have nol lust the over-ail military onh advantage which we have on'- " joyed, do enjoy and will conlu how close, an American ICBM lukl come Ir. a targe! 5.000 miles ay. "We can come closer than o need to come." ho said. Nixon said the Pnitcd Stoles in spend all needed to spend for mnal ilelonso hut slioulrt spend hat (v reauired. we give blank checks, we wind up with rjbber checks." e l:eu- ninv tor sometime in Hie fu- he said. tucc." Nixon recalled that when the N .xai; spoke a! a seminar eni Ru'si-ms carlr satellites first be set up by i sunt hc:r orbits, the reaction ot Die Air Korcc Assn. for Various companies seat experts. A cost figure for hallislic missiles was supplied by J. It. Hemp- .inagei uf the aslronguiir. divided between tfroal pessimism and "the filling that we could go along as usual." He suggested that nhal is need en ;s a foot close ot realism i if Convnir. He guessed- Nixon n.w referred to moUrns thai intercontinental ballistic mis-j about inlcrservtce rivalry, silos would cost about f.io million "This problem of interscrvicc .lobars each and an intermediate . rivalry should be discussed openly range missiles between half and! and frankly, Theie ca be no sail,;.-,- r'-'rtr-rs as much. if red raws." he said. UnHi.n Price of neneral Mo-i He recalled thai Ibe ballistic ir,rU a r nlnirnni idvKion. re-i missiles progress had caused ported' that fmr out of the last I some t;i)b ahuul the prissibilily five lest launchincs of the Air 'that the manned bomber force Force Thor 1HHM have been sue-1 could be dune away with. He said. ,;..;: Ti,,. ;, '',,') i,n,... I.YAi-'.f!'. I.'l;,t -Thir-veni-M' ir For security reasons, Price did capability to operate missiles does ..: ,!.- il; (. a m:. .:. ; :l" "'" '!;! cx-'s.tk weapons I :cms can nc immccnaiciy re placed. Beach Jet Crash Kills Lieutenant MYRTLE BEACH. Dec. or A 24-year-old Air Fi tendant from Cumminsto was tilled today when his FIOOO let fighter crashed today ttiuxlod area Iwo miles from Myr tle ueach Air Fore Base, thorilies reported. Base olficers identified the nllol as 1st Lt. 'John E. Cowell, and said cause of the crash in Myrtle Beach State Part was not known immediately. Cowell is survived by bis wife Margaret and 2-year-old daughter rtcoorah, who live at Surfside Beach near here. New Russian Schools MOSCOW, Dec. 16 nv-Thc Hus- aan Republic, the largest of the Soviet Union, is opening 50 new schools next year in which 9lh and IMh vradc students will work half time in classes and half time in factories or collective farms, The experimental program, the ; l-iment announced tills end, will enable students to ob tain training in selected special lies. But there's a drawback. They'll spend two extra years the 9lh grade and one extra vi in ihe 1fflh. WIDEN CLEAVAGE Indonesia Warns Colonial Powers' JAKARTA, Indonesia. Her. 1G 'jB Indonesia warned anew tonight that intervenlion by NATO in this government's dispute wilb the Netherlands woidd 'widen the age between the Western and il.'-' nalin CHARM This pretty face, belonging to petite French blonde Simonc Ser-vals, and a smile to light it up, wus what greeted some 1,800 newsmen and photographers in Paris for the NATO meetings. She is assistant press officer for the summit meeting, and acted as hostess for the opening of a sprawling press center in the Palais do Choillot. If is the biggest intqrnationnl press center in the history of modern Europcon communi-cations, (AP Phota(ax) Chilean Papers Rise SANTIAGO. Hoc. 16 Ul-Mosl newspapers .it this Cl:ia'".n capital increased their pries Sur.d.y to jin-el lining cosls. Stand. tcdied ji.ipi'is nrr.l up from 6.3 to 8 4 -,-ni; liihloids Inini 4.2 to f n ITlllS. Anhlji'liop Alfiiiiio Carlnei. 95. is liclieved I" be the oldest picli.le ii: ihe rat'iohc 1 Inneli. The t'ope wanteil to elevnle Inm In Cardinal jr. IH4r'. bill Caiiiiei ilcelineil. The Tt- Knob: tiny, which drop-,r,.( nn atomic bomb on-Hiroshiiim. won jiresi'iiled to the Smithsnninu liislilulion in Washington, D.C. on July .1, 1949. Secretary General Suwitn Ki.isu- niowidasdo of the Indonesian Foreign Ministry said NATO nations should be careful "not to be rierl away" hv Diileh move: NATO against Inrionesia s claim to Dutch West New Guinea. "Il the Dulcli succeed in gelling NATO lo inlervenc in our present crisis. (he secretary geuer; 'said, "the Alro-Asian nalians wi iliave lo mcsK.'er v. hal (urtiier lions lo toko r.;ninst the colonial JIOWCIS." ! (At'loday s opening ot the NATO i.xiinimil meeting in Pari?. Dutch Prime Minister Willem Drees called alti'iilion lo "tile very serious si I nation In Indonesia." Al-lliougb he did nol ask specifically fur NATO Inrecvenlion he reminded the conference thai the NATO Permanent Council gave the Oiilch "much valued assurances of solidarity" 10 days ago. i At that lime, a Dutch spokesman said measures lor solidarity could mean anything from supplying ships in order to evacuate Ihc Dulch from Indonesia lo "freezing or blocking Indonesia depusils in NATO countries." (I)r aroused the Indoi.esinn government of "unprecedented arts of spoliation." and said It was . loar win countries like Indonesia "h:::l the full support or Ihe Russian and Chinese Communists."! Go! dun Meln. U.S. State Eiepntt-menl expert on Hacifie affairs. n:el iih lnitoni'si.ni Foreign Minister Sub.ir.dvio for 50 minutes today He was acCunpanicil ly I S .Ambassador .Inhn M. Allison. Subaiutiin said later be nr.d Meln discnssisl general politics but the Indonesian neiis agency P1A reported Meui was given clarification of current develop ments here. Mein, who arrived Salurdn: fused to comment on the nieeliag. Jr. J i e , pi t",Mi';- c;:ii'.i,.n: n . possession of Dutch West New Guinea. Indunesia has ordered ail nonworking Dutchmen out of this country. Tim go-ernment alsn has slarted a takeo'er of Dutch fi Sailing schedules have hern drawn up for the arrival here of three ships two Dutch and British to take Dutcbmc Singapore. Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Indonesia has promised lo i f :-n . le fullv in Ihe sea cv lion. There are estimated to be WWW Dutch nationals here About 360 already have loll by air. P1A snid tonight the first, lart;, . scale exodus by ship will leave Kasl .lava Wednesday. The agency said 850 Dutch nationals, mostly women, children and" older men. will leave Surabaja. capital ol HasI Java, aboard the Dulch ship Waterman. Ike and Mamie Send Out Their Christmas Cards HOUSE DESTROYED James Wingard, 38, of Clifton, near Spartanburg, comforts his dog offer his house was destroyed by fire. Wingard was rescued by a neighbor after he was overcome by smoke. His wife suttcfrnd first degree burns. W Photoax) etown To Remedy Problem of Reading Special to The News GEORGETOWN, Dec, 16 -The ability to read properly has always been tile greatest problem in the field of education to most children but steps are now being laken in Hie McDonald Elementary School C.w'mn I' dv.'i,':)!!!. hi: handicap. Through a method of homogon ous grouping, the teachers at the clemenlarv school are striving to help develop Ihe realing ablity of children in a surrounding in wu:!, they can compete. It has always been a practice to place a certain number of students in different classes without regard lo their ability lo learn be- lime in each class in reading, the mg considered, E. .U. Ituoties, principal of McDonald School, explained. "But, now we are grouping the children according lo their reading abilities." he sold. This method is called homogeneous grouping, and has proven ry successful, the official noted. It is by r i separation of Seven Candidates Seek Council Seats; En Cheraw Election Special to The News CHERAW, Dee. 10 - Seven candidates will be seeking to fill (he four seats on the Cheraw city council in the Democratic Primary here Jan. 14. Al fding deadline, four names had been added lo the three incumbents seeking re-election. John Burr, Glen Kirkley, and It. W. Bubl Moffat had earlier announced their intentions to run. All throe have served on the council for a numlwr of years. Newcomers In the race are T. B. Watson, E. J. iGenei Keels, - J. L. fLcwisl Hill, and Jack Pas- ton. Of these four. Poston and Hill have served terms on the Council before. Mayor ftus-sell E. Eennetl will run for his fifth term as Mayor without opposidon. called "smart" students from the "dull" ones. "One's ability Lri read well might he low but it does not mean thill he Is nol a smart child," the principal explained. When a child enters McDonald School, he is given the California Readiness Test to determine his maturity ami readiness Tor reeding. This test predicts with amaz- nccurncy the number of mcnlns before he will be able to go into full reading program. The. school also gives the Met- ronolilan Achievement Test, the Oddis 1Q Test ol Mental Maturity, and the Scott-Foresmon Heading Test. This reading lest also helps determining what reading group child will study first year. U.S. Paratrooper Keal Stewart t a world record of 124 contin-jus parachute jumns al Grand aire, Tex., on Julv 5. 1952. WASHINGTON, Dec. 16 111 - President and Mrs, Eisenhower's official 1957 Chrislmns enrds went inlo (he mails today to most goy- rnmonl officials, members of longress and dose personal Irienrli. u Hawks, acting White House press secretary, snid a dif ferent lype of greeting will be sent to members of the President's im mediate official Family. Hawks said he had no idea how many of these cards were being mailel lo- av except that "il must be quite few." This year's greeting is a folded card measuring 9','t x 4?i inches. The face carries a presidential seal and the words, "Season's Greetings 1957." Inside, the cord reads. "The President and Mrs. Eisenhower extend their best wishes for Christmas and the New Year." Hawks said be did' not believe either the President or Mrs. Eisenhower had personally signed any of the cards. He said they were going to members of the Cabinet, justices of the Supreme Court, members of Congress nd Ihe heads of various governmental agencies in addition to the list of friends. Hawks asked port that it is not poasible for the "While House to fill requests from the general public for copies of the cards. Xhe first ' talking movie was 'Don Juan," which Warner Brothers released in 192G. The mrand :as- on synchroniied phonograph recoils. After the various classes are de- lassrnom. tc-rmined, teachers d! such classes! find that the reading abilities of students still vary. Each classroom therefore, is split into alxjui three groups in order that children might sludy in a group in which they are best qualified to sludy. "One nf (he pnahlems which faced school teachers in the past was (hat. children who were not r.u the advanced levels were unable lo keep up with others in (he same classroom. Therefore, this caused the advanced children lo slow down while the teacher helped Hie slower ones, or lhat fbe slower UTies became so far behind that had a tendency to give up. .students find theinselvi iir.e reading levels, and the tendency for the slow loose interest bas become almost extinct. Children who are not on the advanced level get special materials to aid their study, the principal said. Many need special emphasis on the skills of reading. Last vear was the first year in which this program was conducted at tin; McDonald School. 11 proved to be successful and a tremendous aid to the students. FJiodes emphasized that toward the middle of the year it looked as though about one-half of the students in the lowest reading class would not be able to step up to thr second grade. But through a continuous effort of the teachers, three-fourths of tile class gra duated. This effort would not have been possible if Ihe classroom were mixed wth both advanced and low readers. Teachers would not have had pTopcr time to spind with dif- erent croons, especially there arc 30 to 35 students in each WE FLND the method of homo- Damascus, the capilul of Syria. genous grouping helplul to all con is only 40 miles from the Israeli j cerned." Mr. Khodes stated. The border. teachers ace able to give more Do you hove your eyes o a new car? See us befor you buy. Our low rotes wi surprise you. GUARANTY BANK AND TRUST CO. Main Office 113 . EVANS ST. Drive-In Branch 208 W. EVANS ST. nfember: Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. NEW TRAtMAYS THRU-LINERS ARE LAVATORY EQUIPPED Go TRAILWA YS ...Specialists in "friendly ffrst -class -travel ! 'railways goes THRU to matt dostinationt ! .om FLORENCE to (1-wkt) DALLAS $24.85 Onlv 1 cliaiiee lo Los Angeles NEW YORK $14.25 Express Thru Liner fno change) service ST. PETERSBURG $12.35 Thru Liner service CHARLOTTE $2.90 Convenient daily departures Ask abippere to send packBgn Mprera to you by TradwnyL Its faster. 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Yoj gel Uw pulling powor In mow, mud, on Ice. Tlit"'! no mole whorl iptnnlnrj ai tenrj qi one wheel ht Irocilon.Tiy 11 at your rleolor'i nowl its pmniisr nf csi tptionnl economy nil prrform-.mce iilus! H you'd like mmrthiiig e.ifra under ihr lewd, try llir new Itmket rfffting the niu.uitis cionoinj- mid snfrty reserve poiter nf iriit'riT-if'. niT'lmrrrl cjrbliretiwi. Jne mild lit Mill prnvc . . . rie't ifiW nothing titr iW.-r.1 l et imirOldMnohilr Dealer drmou.lrile uilh n iluilliiir I'JliH Itockft road Ir.t, loonf Opther n.l '58 OLDSMOBILF H&"fO l""-' '""...II.IO lilt roc.rr aui SEE YOUR AUTHORIZED OLD9MOB1I.E QUALITY DEALIB

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