Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 12, 1944 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 12, 1944
Page 6
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Fnge Six NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12. Street Fires Burn Nazi Tracts •In III Innt t'lviiiatiH »n >o,,flre. IHiirM'llle.s riilr tliroiiKh Uif streets cherrins' a» which, nnlll recently.'w"r"'fl.r"ril upon then, eve!,, u* (he Frenchi •£ii eh-.iiu-e lu .strike iiK' their vneiii}. (inu-i- titinal) GREAT CAST IN "SEVENTH CROSS" NOW AT STRAND With a. cast hoailocl hy thai outstanding star. Spencer Tracy, "The Seventh Cross" is the current attraction lit tho Strand theater. Mctro-Crolclwyn-Mtiycr has filmed Ihe bont-ML-IU-r r.ovel of the same name by Anna Scghcrs with fidelity and 1 power and i: emerges as one :>( tho sca.ion'.i most success- fill pictures. i "The Seventh Cross" is the story of seven prisoners In "protective custody" who escape from a German concentration camp one morning In .1P30. At that lime. long before actual war started, ihore were already those who realized th scopo and mounintr of Nazi brutality. Only 'jno to make pood his cs- enpo is George Hcislcr, played by Tracy, while the others, one by r>IH', lire captured and brought back lo prison. Hclsler, through tortuous days and nights, and aided by good and loyal friends, finally makes good his bid for freedom from cifipr<?s.i>jn. Cut he will be back again, the story lulls us. to fight Nazi tyranny, Tracy surpasses hi.s grand performance In such great hits as "A Guy Named Joe," "Keeper of the Flame" and all his other prlze- v.'lnnlng performances. As a girl who befriends him, Sigr.c Ha.-so is completely convincing and captl- vallng. And the really stellar supporting cast need only bo Hated to tell you with what great care M-G-M peopled the film. There are Hume Cfjnyn. Jessica Tandy, Agnes .Moort'hi-ad, Ray Collins, and Felix Bressart, to name just a few of tho outstanding actors on Iho lint. The companion feature current ,-it the Strand along with "Seventh CroN.i" Is "Goodnight, Sweetheart," featuring liuth Terry and Robert (Kr>b> Livingston. The Liberation of Paris is the f nature this wock In the latest Movietone News at the Strand and thorc'rt a color cartoon, "Boar "Hald Warden." "STEP LIVELY" IS GREAT COMEDY; NOW ON LOEWS SCREEN Firing to the screen a sparkling musical version of a famous Broadway comedy .sucoess. "Step Lively" stars a sextette n:' top Him favorites In a gay ruOUuigu of songs, laughter and romance. Frank Sinatra, George Murphy and Adolphc Mer.jou lead off tho impressive list of picture celebrities, which includes Gloria do Haven, Walter Slovak and Eugene Palette, all sharing stellar honors in the fast-paced story of a Broadway producer's hectic career. Murphy plays the role of the producer. Gordon Miller, whose 1'ran- tic attempts to stage a musical show on .'i shoestring comprise the basic plot of the song-studded comedy. Miller is not only broke, but is heavily in debt to a big New York hotel where he and his staff and iiis cast are living. Only the fact that his brother-in- law is the manager of the place saves him from eviction, and even that situation appears doomed when the auditor for the hotel chain arrives to find out why the establishment Is in the red, and promptly sets about trying to kick the whole theatrical company, even though Miller assures him he has ti rich backer coming "-he r.c.xt cmy. To add to his woes, Miller is embarrassed by the unexpected appearance of ,Glen Russell, an ingenuous young playwright who has aided the producer to stage a terrible drama he has written and who wants to know what's happened to his play and his money. Tho co-hit on this biK program is "Waterfront" with J. Carrol Js'aish and John Oarradlna. Cieslewski Is Triple Winner In Single Day Of Play Sunday, September 10th, should „,> down in Henry Cleslcwski's scrap book as a busy, profitable :lay. After defeating Chct Wojack 2-1 In the semi-finals of the Naugatuck Daily News Open golf .ournumont on Friday afternoon, Mr. Cieslewski defeated Gus Kllma- scsvski one up to win The Ncwa Open. After this victory, ho continued on to the Hop Broolf tennis courts where before an appreciative gal- ery he defeated "Joe" Stevens' by .he score of l>-2, G-0 for the U. S. Rubber tennis trophy. Ho then proceeded to Thomaston on Sunday iftornoon, where, teamed up with Miss Nancy Norton, they defeated orge Axclby and Helen Smith, vinners of the Waterbury Indus- rial Mixed Doubles tournament in i well-played match at the Pino -lill courU. During the closing months of he season, Cieslewski participated n winning- the 'championship for- he United Status Rubber company of the Industrial Golf'lcugue and the O. II. A. tennis tournament. Besides that, he won the U. S. Rubber Open golf tournament as well as the Naugatuck News Open golf. Musial Out For At Least A Week UNKNOWN. ...QUANTITY By Jack Sords BACK: -TA , W/4o MAS yer ^^==^- ioPIa Rubco Has Dropped Both Previous Contests To Tool VcKtcrday'n IteMUlU No games scheduled. The Standing New York Octroi 1. St. Louis ........ • Boston Cleveland Chicago Philadelphia Washington No games today. W. L. Pet. 76 61 .550 75 62 7364 65 72 C37-. 64 <3 0880 .033 .474 .400 ••<«> .420 Mgr. Sy Few Changes In For Tonight The first of a three game serin will be played tonighl. at 6 o' nT at diamond 1 :i\. Hamilton 'u' bringing together for the third time Ui<: U. S. Rubber Co. softbsjj club and the representative! of Wa.tcrbury Tool. . Each loam finished with a 22,3 record for regular season NATIONAL LEAGtTB VoKlorda.v'ii RcMiltx Cincinnati 6, Chicago' 5. Piltsuursh-St. Louis, rain. The StandinK W. L. Pet. St. Louis. Sept. .12—(U P)—Dr. Robert Hyland—who handles the ailments of the St. Louis Cardinals —says Stan Musial will be out of the lineup for at least a week. Musial collided with Deb Ganns yesterday and was taken to the hospital. Dr. Hyland says he is suffering- from shock, but that no bones are broken. Garms suffered lacerations and a knee injury, PRIZED SOUVENIR New Bedford, Mass., Sept. 12— (UP)—A 15-year-old boy is building his collection of army shoulder patch insignia rapidly. To n list of patches from 10G American divisions and 15 air forces, Arthur Parks has just added his most prized souvenir. That's a facsimile of the supreme Allied headquarters shoulder Insignia, sent him personally by General Dwlght D. Eisenhower. HERO DECORATED GKTS COMPENSATION Concord, N. Sept. 12—(UP) With the Fifth Army in Italy, Sept. 12—(U P)—A Westbrook, i Conn,, corporal has been awarded the Silver Star for gallantry in action with the fifth army in Italy. Corporal Kobert H. Holbrook is a member of a tank battalion. He —A discharged Suncook veteran i single-handedly held off a G-cr- on his platoon One-third of tho homes In U. S. are 2" to CO yearn old. the has become the first serviceman in the nation to receive unemployment compensation under the C—I i bill of rights. Aldrcdgc Demers received a check for S20 from Governor Robert O. Blood. Now Hampshire is the first state in the union to make such a payment. man counterattack near Vellctri. Milk and its various products comprise more than 25 percent of Ihe 3,500 pounds of principal foods Consumed each year by an .average American family, Lesnivich Won Both NBA And N. Y. Championships ity BKRNARD BRKNXER United Tress Sports Staff .'Confusion is nothing new in boxing circles—in fact, it's traditional. But Coast Guardsman Gus Lcsne- vich—the light heavyweight champion of the world— can tell you how Uie gentle art of messing: things up once reached a record high. Poor Gus' trouble sprang from that running battle of , the stiff necks between the National Boxing association rind the states associated with the New York State Boxing commission. Tho N-B-A recognizes one list of champions — and the Now York group has another slate. In some cases they both call the same man the champion of his division. Heavyweight King Joo Louis is one of those. But in other instances,, the N-B-A lists one man as the titlehokler, and tho New York group maintains tiiat some other guy Is entitled to wear the ring purple. This leads to incidents like, the one that occurred when Juan Zurita of Mexico fought in Now York. According to the N-B-A Juan is tho lightweight champion of tho world and all the other planets. But in New York, soldier Montgomery is the 135-pound king. This V That By DUKE KA2LAUSKAS . .. (1-porLs Editor) ' » ^f0.r+*^f^r**f*t*rr+-+*+-f-f+r***f*^ . When Paul Richards is catching for the Detroit Tigers you don't need a program to identify the Tiger backstop. For when Paul goes down behind the bat and puts up his big mitt he stretches his right leg straight out instead of squatting on both legs. Paul is another one of the old- timers who have come back. And ;ii far .is the Tigers .ire concerned he got back at the right time. Detroit fans and writers give ihc SG-ycar-old Richards a large share of the credit for turning Hal Newhouser from a temperamental kid into '.a twenty-game winner. Eighteen years of professional baseball have taught Paul how to be a combination catcher, coach, and mother to the pitchers he handles. When Richards came to thn Tigers last year after seven years with '.he Atlanta Crackers he was supposed to be a coach. But when the Tigers run out of catchers. Paul put the tools 0:1 again—and he's been the first-stringer ever since. WANT ADS GET YOU WHAT YOU WANT! If you're looking for curtains or a dining- room suite, advertise in the Wanted To Buy column. Anything -can be found through a Wanted To Buy AD and the NEWS is the best place to hunt for it. Rates are small but the results are large. CALL 2228 for a NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS WANT AD And when 2urita stepped into tho j New York ring he was introduced as just another pug—they didn't call him champ. Gus Lesnevich had -the same trouble. When Billy Conn shucked off his light-hoavywoight crown to take a shot at Joe Louis in 1941, the division was temporarily without a loader. Then the N-B-A ran ;L tournament to choose the man who would take over Conn's title. Lesnovich, moved into the brawl, and when ' the slugging was over tho National Boxing association told tho world to take a look at the now light-heavy weight champion—Gus Lesnevich. That was fine with the beak basher from Clifton, N. J. Ho liked being-champion. But he ,'ilso wanted to be champion of the four states that still hold out and said that they wouldn't recognize him unless he licked Tami 'Mauricllo. Tho states affiliated with New York said that the N-B-A tournament didn't moan a thing. If Lesnevich wanted to be called champ in New York he could fight tough Tami with tho crown going to the winner. ; ' ,So" Gus fought young Mauricllo. Thoy mot in Mad-ison Square Gardon, Now York, on Sopt, 25, 19-11. And they spent 10 rounds slam- Detroit's Lions—the Motor City's entry in the Professional Football league—have just finished one of the toughest jobs of t.he training season. They've found a Bob '• P nil ' of P ants lo nt Harry Bolton. 1 Bolton is a tackle—300 pounds worth of tackle. He's a six-foot- three Osnge Indian from Oklahoma A. and M. And Coach Gun Dorais of the Lions thinks his big .Indian is going: to be the surprise of the league this fall. , It took two weeks to Und pant* for Harry. They call him "Littio Beaver." And now that the Lions have got him in shape to take th» Held, Coach Dorais chuckles: "It's coing to lake two men to move him out of the way—that is, it they can. Reds Defeated Chicubs, 6-5, In Only Game (By United I'ross) The Cincinnati Reds battled the Chicago Cubs into submission, 6 to V, ' in a 10-inning struggle at Chicago, H a n k \Vyse, Tommy Dclacru/s and Clyde Shoun took part in the pitching battle and (Jiyda Shoun emerged the winner for the P.eds, Wyse went the distance for Chicago and took the loss, his fourteenth. The Reds and the Cubs were the only major league clubs active during the day after rain forced postponement of Pittsburgh's tic'jblchcador at St. Louis. Is'o otrn.r games were scheduled. Since no American leag-ue games ai'O' scheduled for today, the New York Yankees remain on lop of the league with a half game lead over Detroit, a full game lead over tho St. Louis Browns, and three full games over the Red Sox of Boston. St. Louis 35 37 Pittsburgh ™ M Cincinnati 73 3" Chicago GO TO New York Cl 72 Boston 55 79 Brooklyn 55 SO Philadelphia 52 79 .720 .558 .562 .462 .•353 .-no .•507 .387 Today'* Gamcn, Pittsburgh al S'.. Louis (2) (twilight-night) — Ostermueller (12-5) and Roe (11-10) vs. Schmidt C5-2) and Byorly U-0). Cincinnati at Chicago (2)—GUJT.- bcrt (10-9) and Heusser U2-S) vs. Lynn (3-2) and Passeau (11-9). Boston at Brooklyn—Barrett (715) vs. Melton (.8-11) or Heri-ingr (2-3). Philadelphia, at New York <2) — Schanz (12-13) and Gerheauser (715) vs. Voiselle (19-3W and Alien (•1-0). tlon, but the Tool debated the .•jcal.s in the le;iguc garnc plug an _ other tilt in the playoffs. But Mgr Sy Scibcrlin^'s men arc due for i ' coujJle of wins over the Too! -combine, ' and may start in tonight. Sicberlinjf has done a. bit of over- haulinjj on his squad and expecU lo get everything possible out O f the boys tonight. His starter is uncertain, although Paul Gallagher may get the' nod. Sciberlinsr has Ed Uraaka and E;H Kado to Tall back on just in caw. Hardy Erownell, the Tool's zpecd- baller, who has bc-aten the Eub- ;bermcn twice thus far, will hurl for the East Aurora street bunch. The Rubco manager feels certain that his boys can overcome the • BiowTiell jinx and go on to wis the playoff scries. The second game of the scries will move to Recreation field Thursday night, and if a third is necessary, it will be played up in Waterbury. Minors' Playoffs Get Underway ming one another, around the ring. Lesnevich did most of the' slamming. In the fourth he'opened a As far as ho was concerned, the winner was a NEW champ, since none had boon recognized before the fight. But the excited crowd wasn't thinking of thai. They knew that Lesnevich had u title to his name already. JSalOKh waved his arm for quiet. Then lie' bellowed: "The winner and new champion — " And M.iur- iello's friends broke into a delighted roar. There was dancinjr in tho aisles as they pounded each other on the back and laughed. They hadn't stopped to Ihink that tho NEW champion could be either man. Even Mauricllo grinned and headed for the radio microphone. Lcsr.fivich shuffled sadly around in his corner. And then Harry Balogh .finished Newark-and Toronto will tangle while Buffalo, meets Baltimore in the first game of Ihe International league playoff series. The champion Milwaukee Brewers play Louisville and the Toledo club plays St. Paul in the initial games of the American association playoff series. Tho winners of these two circuits will meet in approximately two weeks for tho Little Worlds series. In the Eastern league playoffs, the pennant-winning Hartford Laurels are host to the third- place Uticn Blue Sox. while the second place Albany Senators will play Bing-hamton. The Jamestown Falcons defeated ,the Lockport Cubs in the second round of their seven-game playoff series. Jamestown scored 12 runs against 9 for Lockport. The i-'alcons took the'first round Sunday night with a 6-5 win over Lockport. Don Hutson Back With Green Bay Chicago, Sept. 12—(U P)—Don Hutson—football's greatest pas*-. grabbing end—come out of retire mcnt ajrain, for the Iflth time, oi' so. Hutson announced his final retirement last winter and planned to help the professional Green Bay Packers as a coach only this year. But Selective Service riddled the Packers—and negotiations £01 veteran ends have fallen through Couch Curly Lamboau just }•« quested permission from Pro Commissioner Elmer Layden to reinstate Hutson on the player lisi After coming out oi the University of Alabama—where he was r<>- ceiver for Dixie Howell—Hutson was named all-league end seven years, of the nine ho flayed. Hutson first retired three years ago—but teammates requested him back. After .1 late start he went on to score 13S points and 17 touchdowns, both National league records. Last year ho srorod 117 points, led pass receivers, and ra:i his total of pro records." Hutson will be carried as a play- iii£T-assistant coach. Commercial Pin Loop Opens Tonight The Commercial league will start rolling again tonight for the new- bowling season at Annenberg's alloys. The league has been in operation for many years under the leadership of President Joe Rabbiatti. The Jeajrue. hit hard by the war, -managed to keep going these past fo\v years, and will do so again this year. Any local concerns interested in joining the loop are invited to be present at :hc alleys tonight. - Pete Burke Takes Chase C. C. Crown Tuberculosis is responsible for 3.8 percent of white persons deaths. and accounts 'for 9.'l percent of all Nog-ro deaths. VICTORY HIT PARADE his announcement. He added the mime of the winner — Gus LcsKe- vich. And Gus was the world champion everywhere. cut over Tami's eye, and blood gushed all over the youngslor's j face. Tami just shook- his head! It- is' estimated that from 1930 and carried tlio fight back to Los- i to 19SO, • tho proportion of population CO years- old or over will be ncvich. He was taking plenty of punishment—but he had plenty encouragement. Tami is a native Now Yorker. And- the Garden was filled with his friends and rooters. Every time Ihe kid landed a blow; Tami's pals tried to knock Lesnevich down with noise. When the • 10 rounds ended it had been a close fight. The judges and ,1'of.erec huddled, find then they came out with their decision. Announcer Harry Balogh got their decision and, stepped forward lo let the crowd ! • know who the new champion was. increased from S.O per cent to 19.9 percent. Electrical Supplies Lighting 1 Equipment BOMB 'EM WITH BOMBS Victor — Columbia — Peccu Records r- SWAN.. '.• • ELECTRIC CO. 15 CHURCH ST. TEL. 2574 ALCAZAR TODAY - WED. - THURS. BATHING BEAUTY' with RED SKELTON ESTHER WILLIAMS HARRY JAMES: f And A Grrat Cast Pete Burke won the Chase Country Club championship for IQ.n when ho shot a 69 to defeat Al Steven's in wr;,i; originally was to havo boon a 36-holc match Sunday." Burgo wns 12 up at the end of IS, arid Stevens conceded the match. The 69 is one of the lowest scores rung up at the Chase course. There havo been recorded only 3 cases of the birth of quadruplets out of a total of -i-J,ll3,l-i7 ir. the. United Slates' in the 23 years prior to .19-31. Here's a finish that won't scuff 08 — and withstands hard wear u ivell as exposure to weather. Murphy DaCote floortDeck CANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET TEL. 3507 '.. FRANK SINATRA — GEORGE MURPHY ADOLPHE MENJOU — GLORIA DE HAVEN WALTER SLE2EK — EUGENE PALLETTE in YOUR HOME BAKERY: CITY BAKERY 171 Maple Street TEI... 307M GREATER SERVICE frinn <:! run ynnr r1"tln*H il rt'Kiiliirl.v li.v I'roiunt whrn Ilu\v nrc our txiicrt w«rk- t. 1+r+ . D. LIEBERMAN ! • > * so CHURCH swuiur "STEP LIVELY" SINATRA SINGS: "Come Out, Come Out, Wherever Von \re" Bepiii" » -Some, other' Time" » -As Lou f 'Where Hoe* '<<"'« t-onp As TliercV Mu»lc" " -2nd HIT '.. WATER FRONT J. Carroll Naish — John C-lrradine NOW Loews POLI MON. MTE _ _ FRANK SINATRA CONTEST Valuable PHzos — Enter Xow

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