Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 23, 1968 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1968
Page 7
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l> PHlftft* HOPE (ARK) STAR, Printed IT/Offset ....Wise Pennies Invested In Want Ads Grow Up To Be Dollars! ' BJF.lt ItJW 4^4 ftl flftf^ft ******* 4 **a**aa**»4**A*****i4 *********«*««***«**a*«A4*****. **•« A********* 4 A* *»*«*-**«•,**, «*•»•*"- •* *~jjJC01.. Mil ft._.fl J^ PHft^^MMCHl W Mli tftt A g_ j «• kfl , Ati/W«tt Ads af« wwable W An, fit**aHKAi, a *a 90* For Sale 60, For Sale 95. Apartments /^\ TWE DOCTOR SAYS fl Thursday, M* 23, if rsfctered, Number when statement Is tto te IS 16 to 20 21 to 25 26 to 30 31 to 35 3d to 40 41 to 4 5 46 to SO ftf&^5SwSQH*"riRfer^tr$tr,"" tflWefstandtaf the aecbunt Tomatoes now ripening. Vine - B - - ripened, excellent quality. Available at the greenhouses at Rocky Mound, and in most local grocery stores. Also Crape Myrtles, and Day Lll« les for sale, Visitors come, Call PR7-4465, Four Six DaysDaysDaysDays 1,10 2.35 2.90 8.40 1,30 2.80 3,6010,06 1,80 3.28 4,0011.S5 t»10'3,70 4,6013,06 1,904,15 5.0014.55 2,10 4,60 5,5018,05 2v30 3,05 6,SO 17,53 95. Apartments _.,,.,.„,..,. Unfurnished. 8x24 HOUSE BOAT, to make THREE REPOSSESSED Zig .—.-_-_-? «—• room for larger one. Boat Zag sewing machines, also FOR LEASE at Hlllcrest arid Im Is equipped for living and fn service and repair on any make good condition* Heal two fam- or model sewing machine, ily partnership, Will finance Phone PR7*3873. if'necessary, B. L. Rettig, PhoneJ 777«3866, Hope, Ar< Sewing Machines kansas. 1956 FORD PICKUP FOR SALE. Good Condition . . . $150,00, Harlln Carlton. 5-21-6tc 5<22-6tC WE SELL HAVOLINE OIL, by the case or by the cans, Delaney's Grocery, 202 East 2nd. 5-17-lmc perial - 1 and 2 bed room apartments, Utilities paid. Some furnished, $100.00 upPr7«3363 or PR?-5744. 4-1-tf Contraceptive Pills Will Not Shrink Fibroids By WAYNE G. BRANDSTADT, M.D. Star of Hope Consolidated 1899; Press January 18, 1927 1929 2.SO 5.50 6.801S.05 • FROM wall to wall, no soil at Initials 6f one or more letters, rt ,.^ n -«„,»*«• group of figures as house or tele* SINGER SEWING phone numbers count as one word, CLASSlFtEt) DISPLAY 1 Tlma —$1,25 per inch per day 4 times—$1,10 per Inch perday 6 Times— $,95 per Inch per day STANDING CARDS ADS 20,00 per inch per month, Rates quoted above are for consecutive insertions. Irregular or skip date ads will take the one-day rate, All daily classified advertising copy will be accepted until 2 p. m. for publication the following day, The publisher reserves the right to revise or edit all advertisements offered for publication and to reject any objectionable advertising submitted, The Hope Star will not be responsible for errors In Want Ads unless errors are called to our attention after FIRST insertion of ad and then or ONLY the One incorrect insertion, CO, Sales & Service, call PR7- 5313. New Singer Zig Zag portable Sewing machine $88.00, payments of $5.00 month. The Fabric Center, 107 South Main, your authorized Stager Representative or the Singer Company, 221 East Broad Street, Texarkana, Arkansas. 4-29-tf 1968 Zig Zag Sewing machine, sews on buttons, makes button holes, doing everything without attachments. $46.00 or take $6.00 per payment. Write David Marsh, Box M, care of Hope Star, 5-21-6tc 68. Services Offered 1 Job Printing PRINTING of Quality. Letterpress or* Offset. Call Yukon 3-2534 collect. ETTER PRINTING COMPANY, Washington, Ark. 4-5-tf 2. Notice COMPLETE Quality Film Developing Service—Photo's and movie film BARRY'S QUICK SAKNo. land2. •'...; 4-2441 SUMMER ART.. . „ Adults and children;;-,,! Classes ,to ''begin ; June 3rd, and June 5th. Instructor, Dorothy Halliberton. For information Phone: PR7- 2426. 5-20-6tc •._............_„...^......-.rfiT. 5. Funeral Directors AMBULANCE SERVICE, b'kgyen equipped. Two - way Radio, Burial association. HERNDON Funeral Home. Phone 7-4686. 4-28-tf AMBULANCE SERVICE, Burial Association, OAKCREST FUNERAL HOME, Dial 7-6772. 4-4-tf 15. Used Furniture LUCK'S USED FURNITURE CO. See me before buying or sell- Ing. H. E, Luck, 904 North Hazel, PR7-4381. 4-7-tf WALKER'S NEW & USED Furniture, PR7-6233, 213 S. Main. Give highest prices for your furniture, Will sell - trade -or buy. ,,.4-7-tf • **W*(fl**«M«0|<Pt4«BWMM*IIIV**MMW**V«> 21, Used Cars CMfci V4!WVVf>*WBW*WW*<i4*IB««PM*l •• •<• ••• WANTED- Late model used cars and pickup trucks. See James Qaines Used Cars, 203 West 3rd, Interior - exterior, professional work. Call PR7-5408. Earl Schomburg 5-16-lmc COMPLETE PLAN SERVICE residential or commercial. No obligations. Choose your own builder. We solicit the contractors - plan business. Call Joe Porterfield PR7-5331. 3-14-tf CUSTOM MADE ALUMINIUM screens, Davis Discount, 500 South Walnut, Phone PR7-6633. 5-14-12tc ALUMINUM WELDING, BLACKSMITHING. Craig's Welding Shop, Fulton Arkansas day or night. Phone: 896-2270. 5-6-1 mp DOYLE JESTER JJO'ZER COMPANY, will do land clearing, pond digging; yard leveling ... $10.00 an hour, or contract... $25.00 minimum. Will come out for the small jobs. Call: . 887-3588, 01 " 'cott, ArkP* 5-9-ljnp 107. Restaurants CATFISH PLATES. All you can eat for $2.00. Kidd's Cafe at Bois d 1 Arc Lake. PR7-3926. 5-11-lmc all, on carpets cleaned with Blue Lustre. Rent electric shampooer $1. Home Furnl« ture Company. 5«20-6tc NEW AND USED JEEPS. , .can be seen at the G. and S. Manufacturing Company on West Avenue B. Telephone PR7- 6714. 4-24f REGISTERED ABERDEEN ANGUS Cattle. Three bulls, one twelve months old, twoj eleven months old. Also Two heifers, months old. Also two heifers, one eleven months old, one ten months old. Call PR7- 3019. 5-20-4tc REGISTERED ANGUS SALE. . .. one cow with calf $20CL two year old bull, $175. Three, one year old heifers, $100. Shipp & Bobo Angus Farm. Highway 29 South. . .see Rex Bobo. 5-20-6tp 90, B, For Sale Lease 7 ACRES LAND WITH two bedroom modern house and two large capacity chicken houses, formerly the Leon Willis place. See Kenneth Bagley, Route 1, McCasklll, Arkansas 71847 5-7-Imp 91. For Rent LARGE TWO-BEDROOM HOME, with glassed In sleepingporch. Call PR7-3467. A. D. Middlebrooks. 5-20-4tc 125 ACRES PASTURE LAND, Call PR7-5501, before 8:00 a.m. or after 5:00 p.m. 5-21-4tp 68. Services Offered 102 . Real Estate For Sale 66 ACRESBLACKLAND,bottom, all in new grass. New fences, on gravel road, Vi mile from Many readers have inquired about the possible side effects from taking hormones for birth control. First and most important, they do not cause leukemia or any other form of cancer but the Food and Drug Administration advises against their use by any wom- an who has had a cancer. In some women who are taking the pill polyps form on the uterine cervix and these have been mistaken for cancer. In answer to another query, the pill will not cause uterine fibroids to shrink. The commonest side effects city limits. All cleared. Two are nausea, tenderness in the springs year round. Corrals and shed. Call PR7-6998. 548-6tc LINK WITH AUSTRALIA JAIPUR, India (AP) Boomerangs in India? A Rajusthari State government study revealed that primitive tribesmen in the desert state commonly used the boomerang. A report said similarity was found between household goods and musical instruments used by the Rajasthan tribals and those of Australian aborigine*. 84. Wanted WANTED Have ready buyers for improved as well as unimproved places, Try us for quick results. STROUT REALTY 620 W. 3 rd PR7-3766 5-20-GtC 102. Peal Estate For Sale NEED A GOOD HOME? 150x175 lot, older homo. . . in excellent location, with three-bedroom 81. Help Wanted Female NEED EXTRA ROOM? WOULD YOU? Like to own your own Ladies Apparel Shop? Opportunity available for women with sales experience and willingness to work. Nationally known lines of merchandise ON CONSIGNMENT no investment until sold. Small capitol investment for fixtures. Nations largest franchised ladies apparel chain with nearly 800 stores across the nation, 22 now in Arkansas and growing every day. A This may be the opportunity YOU have been looking forl For details Contact: Mr. J. T. Cotner 309 Fausett Plaza Little Rock, Ark. Mo. 6-5758 Bldg. 72205 5-21-tf Termites CALL ALLIED For Free Inspection A. D. MIDDLE BROOKS, JR. PHONE PR7-3467 All Work Guaranteed Insured Contract With Allied Low Cost Protection 3-27-2mc Three-bedroom home on Sprlnghill Road expand, on five acres, with a deep well. with room to Come on out REALTORS: Bill Byrcl Tommie Byrd Bill Byrd Jr. to Hope Realty, and meet your friendly 3rd & Edgewood HOPE REALTY PR7-5115 5-20-6tc 2. Notice 2, Notice 102. Real Estate For Sale Are You Interested In an extra nice three-bedroom home on a 150x150' lot. The location is, 806 South Walnut Street. A GOOD DEPENDABLE U$D CAR........OR A STURDY, READY TO GO PICKUP? WE HAVE THEM! breasts and a gain in weight due to the retention of fluids in the body. Before starting to use contraceptive pills, a woman should have a complete physical examination with special reference to the breasts and pelvic organs, a Pap smear and liver function tests. In a few women the pill appears to aggravate migraine attacks. In a very small number of women who are taking the pill abnormal clotting within the blood vessels occurs. Although no direct cause and effect relationship between the pill and the clotting has been established evidence that such a relationship exists appears to be growing. For this reason these pills should not be taken by any woman who has any type of vascular disease, including high blood pressure. Both loss of scalp hair and an increased growth of hair on the face have been reported in women who are taking the piil but there is no proof that the pill was responsible and it is hard to see how it could produce two such opposite effects. On the plus side, the pills are credited with relieving menopausal symptoms, preventing osteoporosis (decalcification of bones) and reducing susceptibility to staphylococcic infections. They may, however, increase the susceptibility to infection with Candida albicans (leukorrhea). Meanwhile, the acceptability of intrauterine contraceptive devices is increasing thanks to greater care in observing aseptic techniques and improved methods for their insertion. When properly used they are highly effective. Please send your questions and comments to Wayne G. Bronditadt, M.D., in care of this paper. While Dr. Brandstadt cannot answer individual letters, he will answer letters of general interest in future column' SHORT RIBS 1966 Galaxie 500, 4-door, hardtop. Fully loaded, power and air conditioned. Low mileage. Extra clean . . $2750.00 1966 Galaxie 500, 4-<loor, power and air conditioned . . $1795.00 1966 Fairlane 500, 4-door, 8 cylinder, radio and heater. White side wall tires $1650.00 In 136 Acre cattle ranch, eight and one half miles from Hope on Highway 4, Rosston Road. The ranch is fenced, has a deep well, stock pond, barn and feed mangers to accomodate one hundred head of cattle. See or Call Buck Williams PICKUPS 1967 1963 Ford Pickup, G cylinder, Styleside, 12,000 actual miles. Like new $1750.00 Chevrolet Pickup, 6 cylinder $825.00 HOPE AUTO CO. PR7-5884 or PR7-2888 220 W. 2nd PR7-2371 5-21-6tc 5-21-4 tc 36, Moving, Storage .*«.*. -.«*» 7 . *«•<••-<»«.•>.••«*. DO YOU NEED storage room? Call PR7»454i between 7 a,m, 6 p,m, 48, Slaughtering ********* MONTGOMERY Custom Slaughtering, Meet for your We buy cattle and 4-14I CUSTOM Slaughtering Beef or ^pork cut NIC} wrapped for your 4e$p freese, Contact BARRY'S QR0CERY. 74404, 4441 73, 102. Real Estate For Sale Just Listed 135 Beautiful Acres Nearly one-half mtte paved frontage, AU open. Fenced and cross»fenced. Plenty of water, A perfect poultry and cattle op- portoiiity, Big-Roomy-Duplex On large sha4y cor* ner lot » room for a home or another duplex • three blocks from business district and shopping, One unit with two bedrooms, living room, Kitchen, din^ ing and two baths. One unit with one bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining and bath. Pien* ty of storage and closets. Laundry connections, Recent* ly redecorated and paneled, Two car garage * storage room. Price includes drapes, blinds, carpets, rugs, You'll like it tor only $13,500,00 23. New & Used Cars 23. New & Used Cars O O O a s * M a g DON'T READ THIS!!! (UNLESS YOU WANT A GOOD CAN DEAL) 11 WIT WATCH i Jsveiry re» Att w«rfc fW ' ' 841 Foster Realty Co., Inc. o -Jewelry 513 East Third Phone PRospect 74691 DON'T BE TAKEN IN BY "SPECIAL PRICES", "COST PLUS", OR "SMALL DOWN". CHECK OUR DEAL AND YOU'LL BUY FROM US. NO REASONABLE TRADES OR SALES TURNED DOWN. WE ARE HOT TO TRADE " YOUNC CHEVROLET COMPANY Published every Weekday Afternoon at the Star Building STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mrs. C. E. Palmer, President Alex H. Washburn, See. - Treas. 212-14 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas 71801 Alex. H. Washburn Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor Donal Parker, Advertising Mgr. C. M. (Pod) Rogers, Jr. Circulation Manager Billy Dan Jones Mechanical Superintendent Second-class postage paid at Hope, Arkansas Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations Member of the Press Associated The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to th« use for republicatlon of all the local news printed in this newspaper/: as well as all AP news dis-if patches. '« Single Copy lOc \ Subscription Rates ,; (Payable in advance) ,: By Carrier in Hope and ; neighboring Towns — • Per week ........... 35; Per Year, Office only . . 18.20; By mull in Hempstead, Ne-' ; vada, Lafayette, Howard, Pike,; and Clark Counties — • One Month .......... 1.20- Three Months ........ 2.90' ; Six Months .......... 5.23'. One Year ........... 10.00: All other Mail in Arkansas; One Month ......... 1.10: Three Months ....... 3.90J One Year .......... 12.00.- All Other Mail "i Outside Arkansas ; One Month ......... 1.30- Three Months ....... 3.30; One Year .......... 15.60 College Student Bargain Offefc Nine Months ........ 6.75^. Nat'l Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., 3387 Popular Av., Memphis, Term./ 38111; 960 Hartford Bldg.', Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago 1, 111.; 60 E. 42nd St., New York 17p N.Y.; 1275 Penobscot Bldg.yf Detroit 2, Mich.; 683 ShrivlF.c Tower, Oklahoma City, Okla. & By FRANK O'NEAL M-/EN 00 VOJ APPEAR BER3RE THe PHARAOH / AFTER WHAT YOUVE DON£,;I PON'T BLAME m Answer to Prevlout Puule YEAH, wen. PCDBABLV THJ33W*JW£ SCROLL AT ME. o o o O c a o o O O O 56 Forest creature 57 Was perched DOWN 1 Cartographs 2 Ellipsoidal 3 Enter into 4 Use a razor 5 Conceal (3 Ancient 7 Low haunt 8 Inscribe 9 Opera by Verdi 10 Celestial body 11 Beast's skin 17 Belgian city 19 Weird 5-214tc "YOUNG"YOUNG"YOUNG"YOUNG"YOUNG"YOUNG"YUUN CJ"YOUNG"YOUNG"YOUNG ACROSS 1 Tangled •mass of hair 4 Outbuilding 8 Stinging insect 12 Hail! 13 Conceal 14 Ceremony 15 Cooking utensil 10 Pertaining to a certain gland 18 Arm parts of coals 20 Begin 21 Golfer's mound •22 Location 24 German courtesy title yf) Simplf'oii 26 Charge, as a • ship 27 Obese „ 30 "Lily maid of Astolat" 32 Shoe part 34 Value highly 35 Hateful 3(5 English river 37 Violent blast 39 Shade trees 40 Infrequent 41 Lifetime 42 Broad neck scarf 45 Extra supply 49 Term in lawn tennis 51 Noun suffix 52 Became lower and lower 53 Poker stake 54 Bitter vetch 55 Female hheep HI li - 24 Take notice of name of [Jrfa 25 Otherwise 26 Monkeylike mammal 27 Absurdities 28 Astringent 2!) Hardy heroine 31 Nullify 33 Military term 38 Placid cradle 41 Fall flower 42 Church part 43 Salad cabbage 44 Walking stick 46 Grafted (her.) 47 Feminine appellation 48 Formerly 40 Vibrates, as a 50 Insane

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