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Springfield Leader and Press from Springfield, Missouri • Page 3
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Springfield Leader and Press from Springfield, Missouri • Page 3

Springfield, Missouri
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'V it .1 SATURDAY EVENING, MAY 18, 1940 SPRINGFIELD LEADER PRESS three: REDS CIRCULATE WARNINGS BRITISH BLAST PORT OF NARVIK Is There Fifth igion Take; Army Conditions Startle Roosevelt America Lacks a Modem Bomber Itll Take Years to Catch Up A new citizens day 'program for foreign-born county residents who have not become naturalized was being planned the American Legion's Goad-Ballinger post today, to offset possible fifth column influences it suspects here. fy lafrrectfOMl Xm Irrefc WASHINGTON, May IS President Roosevelt, it was learned decided on his emergency rearmament program after the staff command had frankly advised congress a week earlier that the U. S. army would be virtually help-' less before modem "blitzkrieg" warfare. Testifying dosed doors, ed on the Flatiron building so the public would know." Mr TU Vnittd Prut AMSTERDAM, NL- May 18-' "Wo heard someone was hit by a train, police said, searching the right-of-way for a body.

A New York Central engineer bad reported that hla train struck man at a crossing. Tm the man, replied 70-year-. old John Benjamin, still heading for tho Mohawk river to fish. -A physician uld ha suffered only fractured shoulder and advised him to do his fishing another day. MULE PRESENTS FARMER WITH A PAIR OF COLTS William O.

Robertson, fanner living seven and one-half mites east of Springfield, hu been taking frequent. trips out to hla barn of late In anticipation of the arrival of a mute eolt. This morning he received a surprise. Hla four-year-old black mare presented him with twin mule colts during the night Both are living and frisky, he sakL Twln mules, like twin humans, are unusual, he uld. A WAR CASUALTY Ill May 15-GNS1 A young Canadian graduate student at Northwestern university today attempted suicide after receiving notice te report in Canada, for military duty.

The youth, Bernard Shipton, 24, of Vancouver, wu found unconscious on the beach of Lake Michigan. Shipton left the following note In hla room: 1 couldnt preserve the peace of the world." By Legal Notices nonci op ADSfiKTgTOAToa wrre WILL ANHKXXD Hot lev Is hereby (Iwa. that jattsrt a admlBlatrathw with wUl asMaad. aa Ihs Batata of Ones CadwaUadtr. dceaasrd, srantad to lb andrralfitad tha lllh day if Mar.

1S4A. hr th Rabat Court 1 Qfrtuf Oaunty. Miaaoari. All arsons havint tlalau aialnat said Utato ara -required to exhibit thva to for altoWant with la xix awn tha aftor the data of tran.tac said Uttrra. or they air bo yrneiudfd treat anr bandit of said Eat a it; sad If aarh ttataM bv at a-hlbitad within mm retr tea th data of -srentlns aald tatters they shall ht tonvtr.

hilTtd- This ITth day sf Mar. 1MK JOSEPH M. ACUPP. Administrator With Win Attast: HULDAH Mr EVILLY, (BEAL) Clark af Probata. 5,000 w.rplanes to meet new threats to the Americas, Chart above shows how defense expenditures are zooming.

Figures for 1910 and 1941 are estimates, the latter including all appropriations asked by the president. There may be Allies Closing in On 'Forgotten' Forces in Northern Norway Sr Me United Prtt LONDON, May IS-Allied expeditionary forces fighting the "far-gotten battle of Norway" were reported closing in on the beleagured German garrison at Narvik, vital shipping center on the northwest coast, today while German reinforcements were being nuhed from the south In hopes of bringing a speedy end to the Norwegian campaign. Norwegian army reports mid that the allied attack on Narvik progressed steadily after the G-mam had been dislodged from Ihe north ah ore of Rombaka fjord, cut of the city. British naval guns were said to have destroyed all German shore batteries and machine gun nest. It wu believed only a small German force held Narvik and that the main force was stretchced out along the raldroad which runs eastward to the Swedish frontier.

The Norwegians were aid to have captured several strategic mountain positions northeast of Narvik with heavy losses to the Germans. NonregRn army reporta said that two German bombers bad been shot down at Hares 31 miles northwest of Narvik, and that other German planea had bombed and machine-gunned Norwegian steamer carrying refugees from Tromu to 8 el berg fjord, north of Hantad. Many persona were reported woanded. King Haakon, Crown Prince Olaf and Premier Johan Nygaardsvold addressed the nation from a radio station "somewhere In Norway" and urged the population to be confident that some day Norway would regain Its freedom. The broadcut wu on the occasion of Norway's constitution day." Battle Not Yet Won But Victorys Near, Berlin Papers Say Br Me United Prtu BERLIN, May 18 Newspapers warned the.

public today against assuming that a. final Victory In the war wu near. Die BZ-Ammlttag said, "Die breaking through of the Maginot line and the overpowering of the Dyle (river) positions (between Brussels and Antwerp, Belgium) la tne first chapter we understand clearly that the last sentence la not yet written." The Deutsche Allgemeine Zeltung said, "It will be well if we understand that the greatest battle of history, which as Reyna ud (Paul Reynaud, French premier) admits will determine the form of the coming centuries, Is not yet over Die newspaper added that "the fall of a capital historically meant the loss of the war, and at any rate, It should be clear to every Belgian that all further resistance serves only England and nance, not Belgium. WEATHER WEATBEB DATA FOB gfEINGFlELD Tempera turn Highest temperature jen-tenUjF. II; lowest temperature yeaterday.

lowest temperature this morntni, 4 highest this dste In years, In 1111' ST: lowest this date In 11 years, 4S In 1113. Prclpitatioo Kiln or mild (now from yatrday to -jo a. m. today, rain thia data in IS years, 1.41 Inches III lilt, Weather i jo a. m.

yesterday, cloudy; p. m. yesterday, cloudy; a. at today, ralnlnf. thil Ht to-nlshi, lenyth of daylight, ill hottra Data (applied by United Statea department of agriculture.

weather bureau. First column, lowest tei Column Here? Steps to See inch things to tho Legion, and that well handle it confidentially with tho G-men, we may tarn np information." boosts Citizenship "There's another angle, he added thoughtfully. "WeH probably get some reports from people who just want to get somebody else In bad." Moat of an In Its advocating American principles, tha Legion la banking on ita activities with new citizens. The post hopes Its program win Impress upon citizens-to-be the meaning of cttlxenshlp In the United States. It will urge, too, that employers of persons not citizens demand that they take out naturalization papers.

WAR IMPROVES FDRS CHANCES GOPs Chief Hope Now That Crisis Will Be Over By Fall Ciunpaign Is By Unitrd Prtu WASHINGTON, May President RooeeveltV renomination by acclamation on the first roll call at Chicago nex July in common talk here today after one week of German blitzkrieg against the low countries and France. It appears that Roosevelt alone can prevent hia own Observers believe that if Mr. Roosevelt Is not a candidate far renemlnatlea he probably will be in a better position in Chicago to cheese hla successor than the meat optimistic new dealer weald havodared hope a few months Important and influential republicans believe now that Mr. Rome Veit would be the mot difficult democrat to beat this year despite tha third term Issue-whleh of them are Inclined to discount heavily. His political strength depends, however, almost entirely on the war crisis.

European developments might be such that tho administration wonld be weaker rather tl stronger by next November when the presidential ballots an counted. Assuming that Mr. Roosevelt the democratic nominee, the republican problem la to discover hard hitting campaign Issue If the third term fails to arouse popular resentment There are plenty of domestic issues already raised or on paper but the almost incomprehensible turn of evente in Europe has for the time being minimised their potential vote-getting power. FDR Ticket Leads By 5-1 in Oregon PORTLAND, Ore May 1S-(UP) Oregon's presidential primary will end 10 delegates to the democratic national convention pledged President Roosevelt returns showed today. Dw third term ticket wu leading one bound to vice president John Nance' Garner more than 5-1.

There wu only one unopposed GOP. slate and It was pledged to Sen. Charles L. McNary, minority leader and "favorite son. Former Gov.

Charles H. Martin, who organised tho Gamer-for-presldent campaign in Oregon, conceded defeat and uld the results were "about what expected. Die American Legion raised the filth column specter at ita meeting lut night with a resolution calling upon citizens who knew of piu-h subversive Influences to report them at once. Today, the members tamed down the phantom menace somewhat, but Insisted the public should be kept vigilant of Its danger. And to give paint to their arguments, they thawed mimeographed circulars that bad been stack In doarways In aeveral parts af tha city aometlma during the night.

Tha circulars were addressed to "Furniture Workers," and. led eff with typewritten line, written In capital letters, "THE ALARM IS RINGING." The pamphlet called Federal Judge Albert L. Reeves "a flunky for the money-class, Wall Street and tha War Profiteers" because of bis ruling that tha Springfield Furniture company plant should not bo picketed while the company was being reorganised. Several were posted on bulletin boards at the factory. 'Fascism and War! The communist party af Springfield wishes to point out that unless them rights are prelected they will be token away from us Workera, said the circular.

"Suck a step leads to lew wages, to Fascism, and to War! Yet, yes yon should ge to war for the benefit af hla honor tha Judge and hla "prosperity seekers!" Another liner Prosperity? Not for the Working Class! Never under Capitalism!" Legionnaires were not inclined to take the circular very seriously, They have been plentiful here before. But," said Clyde Ornuby, chairman ef the Americanisation committee, "they didnt take the tourist very seriously In Norway, either." The Legion is not trying to get the public excited, said Curtle Gates, who offered the resolution. On the other hand, we think theres a world of people who apparently don't realize all these In fluences that are brewing. We want to arouse the people to be on guard," ha said. Tell the Officers The Legion'S resolution called attention to "the spread ef nasi, fascist and eommunistlT principles and Ideals ef government" in Ea-rope's nentral countries.

"This post does hereby call span all loyal, liberty loving American elt-liens ef this city and eounty to rededicato themselves to the prln clples af Americanism, It read. Inviting "all clUxens having knowledge of or suspecting any person or persona, either ef aU or American birth, of disloyal, subversive or un-American to Inform the officers ef this post of the identity of said pi ions and of the action of mid persona; If any, In the nature af what baa become known aa "fifth column activities. (The expression, "fifth was originated by rebels attacking Madrid In the Spanish civil war. Die claimed four columns were ad vandng on the city, and that fifth column of secret sympathizers would strike from within). "We have no evidence today Involving any person In such i stand against our said Ormsby.

"Wo have had Indications that some of them gronpa, like the eommnnista who circulated these pamphlets, might be breeding aomethlng ef the sort If people knew they can report A larger slice of the national expenditure pie must be eut for defense. Chart shows proposed increase in already big hunk allotted to army and navy. Figures are estimates for 1941 fiscal year. THB PROBATE OOCRT OP GSXXH OOUHTY MISSOURI, MAY THRM. liU ntito of Anns Obtherln Qab raster, Dtreamd Order of Publication.

MOW ON THU DAT COMBS II. F. Hte-ter. Bxseutar of th Batata Anr Cath- rlM oubtmater, daecaasd. tote Ortma County.

Miaaoari. and pnaanto to ton-. Court hte petition for an wdw to tea. sate aartaln ml aatoto whteh told Anna Catherine Oahonutor died ootaod aa -fallows, to-wit: Lot Two (It Of Joaaph WUla Bubdt- via Ion of tho City of Sprtasftold, Oneno Countr. Missouri.

to oar and aalisfr tho debts da by sail stale and rat anpald. which yMtUan to duly verified, and to aeeompantad by, tea accounts, Mata sad tavuntorioo. raqaltad by- law, to such casts, showing that tho said Mato la indebted; that odd dahto are unpaid, and that tho ponomU aatoto cf decedent la Insufficient to pav tha ma and an examination thereof. It to ordered bv tho Court that all persons Intorewod In tho estate af dceoaaod ho nottftad teat applicatton has boon made; and that (-tore tha contrary bo shown on or before tha Mtb dar sf Jane. I04S, it bring a dar when this Court will bo la Mach, and hereby designated aa tho day to boor Mid potman, on ardor will ho Made lot tho sale of Uw wbota, or ao aawrii of tnt real; aatoto described aa will bo nfflcloat to i ri i the high command startling story of unfolded a A protective force ae poorly equipped that it la actnaUy short of ulforms and blankets; -An air corps lacking even onir completely modern equipped pkmet An entire fleet id bombers (Douglas B-18's) so outmoded that the chief if air corps asserted It would be suicide to send them against modem equipment" A shortage of ammunition so se-rloua that the chief of ordnance declared It ought to be emblazon- ANTWERPS PALL BLOW TO ALLIES Belgium's Chief City Now Base for French Operations And Slap at British ly Aiaoefafed Prtu Military men have rated Antwerp as one of the strongest fortifications In Europe.

But the Germana say they have captured it now even more quickly than they did In their 1914 drive through Belgium. Berlin declared It feU swiftly today after the allied line In Belgium bad fall back from the defense of Brussels to preservo contact with the buttered and Imperiled allied line In northern Its fall to the Germane may prove far more costly to the allies in this war than It did In the last. Nazi Hub in West First, It would give the nazia a new wedge on the North sea coast the closest they have come yet to the channel porta from which they might launch an aerial Ulta-hrieg on England. Second, Antwerp provided a strong anchor for the allies' northern flank on the western front, and, therefore, a position of vital Importance to their whole defense structure. In the World war, German artillery let loose on Antwerp Sept.

28, 1914, In the Germana second bid for victory after the battle of the Marne had stopped the first The Belgian army began to withdraw on Oct 5 notwithstanding the arrival of 2000 British sent by Winston Churchill, then first lord of the admiralty and Kaiser Wll-helmn'i legions marched Into the city Oct 9. Ninth Busiest Port In 1935, Antwerp was the world's ninth busiest port, handling 19,009,009 tons of shipping a figure topped In Europe only by Lendon and Rotterdam. A city of about 273,000 population on the right bank of the Scheldt estuary, Antwerp la Belgiums chief commercial city and, architectural ly, one of the finest In Europe. Most noteworthy la Ita Cathe-. dral ef Notre Dame which dates the 14th century.

Spaniards seised Antwerp, until then a free government, in 1576. FTom 1794 to 1814 It was held by the French, 1815, the union of peiginm and Holland gave Impetus to Its commerce and It has con timed to prosper, it was given to the Belgians In 1839. Now it's the nlckel-in-slot, five-minute movie that captures a nation's attention. For (2.10, then, you can GWTW In 42 install' menta, providing nobody usurps you position at the machine. SAN PEDRO, Cal.

A strike In all shipyards In the Loa Angeles harbor area loomed today as the result of a row between the CIO and (ha AFT Farm Trouble TOOT A. Okbu The Grand river dam authority accepted an offer of $250 from A. F. McGehee for some wheat growing on land it had acquired. The public works administration, In charge ef the prejeet, told authority directors they were "waiting their assets" and should beta advertised for bids.

The directors advertised. The highest hid was from-McGeheo Appalling deficiencies (ranging from SI to percent) In vital Including mechanised equipment anti-aircraft guns, seacoaot artillery, anti-tank guns and automatlo rifles. An overall antique tlon In the entire protective face so critical that It wUl take from at least a year to two years to catch up with Europe's ultra-modem war equip- Sise were the highspots in the secret testimony, not a word of which hu been made public until this dispatch. 8 LONDON The Japanese government will seek Dutch assurances, backed by British endorsement, that there will be no curtailment of vital rubber and oil supplies to Japan front the Dutch East Indies, Japanese quarters In London asserted today. BERLIN German planea on Wednesday destroyed or severely damaged between 90,000 and IOOjOOO tons of allied naval and merchant shipping, according to an official German announcement today.

Two allied destroyers, one submarine and five troop transports were sunk. It wu claimed, and four merchant vessels were severely damaged while a transport and naval auxiliary vessel were set on fire off Narvik, Norway. The submarine and a 3200-ton transport were sunk In the North sea, the announcement said. SOMEWHERE IN EGYPT-The second contingent of the Australian expeditionary force arrived in Egypt today to join the formidable allied near eutem forces at a moment when the world wu waiting to are whether Italy would enter the war on Germanys side. BERLIN Chancellor Hitler hu ordered an honor guard of two sentries posted at Doom house In Holland, the home of former Kaiser Wilhelm, it wu understood today.

JERUSALEM Die major portion of the second contingent of the Australian Imperial force arrived In Palestine today from Egypt. LONDON "In the light of recent developments," the British government hu ordered re-evacuation to the more-distant countries of Wales, commencing tomorrow, of more than 10,000 London children. PASADENA, Cal. Dr. Carl D.

Anderson, Nobel prise winner In physics, declared today that German scientists are experimenting with an explosive that Is seventy times stronger than dynamite. LONDON A German report that the French government wu preparing to leave Paris, possibly for Canada, wu termed "ridiculous today by British authorities. PARIS Die American national anthem wu wildly applauded and cheered early today by a French audience at the conclusion of the show at the Casino do Paris. PANHANDLING BRUIN SHOT BY SCARED WOMAN WILKES-BARRE, May 18-CAP) Alex the bear, whose career ranged from sideshow performances to panhandling In the Pocono mountains, la dead victim of a woman. Miss Helen Kessler, 23, looked in a mirror at her rural Thomhuret homo yesterday and uw the image of Alex he ambled upon her porch.

She feared he would break In, and killed him with a shotgun. Alex turned to panhandling after his release recently from the Wilkes-Barre soo, which acquired him from a ctmivsl. Mountain travelers told of being stopped by him dhd solicited for food and drink. HOLLYWOOD Bill Boyd, the Hopalong Cuddy of the films, today wu confined In a hospital by a broken leg. He received the Injury when hla hone clipped and threw him against-a tree during the filming of a scene.

CHICAGO There are approximately 7,500,000 licensed hunters familiar with firearms In the United States, according to Walter C. Peacock, Chicago trap shooter, who today suggested that be organized. Into a "third line of de fense. ST. LOUIS The German-Amer-Ican Sports dub, located near the Meramee river southwest of 8t.

Louis, wu destroyed by fire of undetermined origin last night BOW U. S. ARMY SPENT $541,999,001 IN 1939 Figures and percentages above will be changed for 194( and 1941, with greater share going to the air corps and other newer branches of warfare. Mr. Roosevelts latest requesj for immediate appropriation of $896,000,000 divides approximately: Army, navy and marine corps.

$250, president (for defense improvement), $100,000,000 pay tU of tho debts of deceased, ft la farther ordered that aooy of this he published for four canarcaUcw weekly insertion in tha Bpringftate leadar rnd PftfS. STATE OP MfSBOUBZ COUNTY OP ORE1NE I hereby certify that tho short to a tree copy af tha Original Order if Pah-' Itealion aa tha mmo appears af retard my office. (SEAL) WltncM my hand aa Cterk ltd Beal of Probata Court this Uth day of Mam 1U8 HULDAH MeXVXLLY. Clark of tho Probata Court Publish: May It SI. Jum 1.

lttt THB PBOBMB COUBT OP, OUXHI COUNTY, MiaSOUBI i PBBUABT TBUf. IMS btato of Adorn CL Prtodortrlh Powamd Order of Publleatloa. -NOW ON THIS DAT COMB Loeaari Walker, AneOlory Admlntatrator of the Estate af Adam O. Frtadarich, doeaaacd. Iota of Monrao Counly, Mow York, iM -presents to tho Court hte petition, for on order for tho Mle af eortain real aotata af which Mid Adam O.

Prtoderlch died mixed aa follows, to-witt Norte West Quarter of Booth bit Quarter Section One (1) and tea Booth Half af North Bait Quarter aU In Beet loo One. Township Twenty-eiht tm Range Twenly-oaa (til -Oneno County. Mlsooari, bring Ons Hundred add Twenty aerea of -to par and aatlriy debts duo by Mid oatato andttanpald, which potirioq to Saly vtrifl seeosnta. Mils by tew. in sate eases, shawtof' that tho saM arista la Indebted: teat said dabta are teat tea Barton ai oatato at decedent to Insufficient to pay tea Mma.

and on examination thereof, It Is ordered by the Court that all ptraona in-tores tod In tea estate of deceased bt notified teat appUeatlon has bean Made, and that snteM ten contrary ha shewn on or before tho sixth day of Juno. IMS, It betas day when teta Court wUl ho ta ud hereby derignatod aa tea dor to heir said petition, an order wi'l ho Moda for th ula of tho who to. or Much of tea real oatato described aa be anfftetant to pay aU of tea dabta of llfuuri tt la inrthar ordered that a copy of teta order bo nnbUahfd let four eon areattva weekly taoertlon In Uw Sprini held leader and Press. rT STATB OP MISSOURI OOUHTY OP ORXKHE hereby certify that tho abovo a truo eopy of Uw Onsinal Order of Pi-lkitlM it thl aim ADDMkn fl( Inzer ta my flic. 7 Witness mv Hand aa Cterk ud Btai of Prebato Court this rod day of Mar.

1MB ISEALl HULDAH McBVhXY, Clerk of tea Prebato Court. Fbblteh: May A U. 11 IS. POHBION EXECUTOR'S MOTICB In tea Manor of tho Estato of Chortes B. Horton, a non-reaidriU decedent.

House to hereby siren, test tho nnder-te ned Shod island Hospital Trait Com-puy. Co-dura tor of tea Estate of Chortes ten deceased, a real deni nt is Ctty of Warwick, auto of at the time of hla i death tha tute day County, ldaaourt, an- teantlentad copy of the- Latwrs Thu-tare Mads hr tho Probata Court af tea nr Warwick, Odnnty Rant, Btots taptesr with nffl-. wd Ohariu a Marian wu tota nf MImowL drSTdhX stock, credit and ohoaaa In aatlnn. ud wu net tadahtrd at ten iIms of kta dwte to any rend sat af tea Btato of Mliuiif Pmono hartas daiaa a (a tail aatoto af deredent, era hereby notified that sate they hte aa affidavit sad nreaf af riatai to tea Probata Oonrt ot Oroena County, Missouri, wlihta an hi after the HM ubiMtten tetoTilk fjk" a and eortlfleata toaacd la tho uaderai(aed Co-Executor showtaq compUuce with 4ba taws of Uw Btato of qllh tofercaea to tei af atocR ctMbto and ahaaoa ta action and vcdttas ta tho nadtraisnod Ci Bitoina VSA iSSriTTO COMPANY, P. P.

AreolC Itatai OffktPt-s NiJaaa iSTfienVhat Happened NEWS- SEQUELS THE HOW U. 8. NAVY SPENT IN 1939 BRITISH FILM STAR TAKEN FOR NAZI PIL0 NORTH BADDESLEY, England, May 18 (AP) Inhabitants of this Hampshire village ran out with shotguns, scythes and clubs last night when an airplane landgl In a nearby field. Die filer proved to be Motion Picture Actor Ralph Richardson whose British navy plane wu forced down by engine trouble. JOPLIN JURY DEADLOCKED JOPLIN, May 18 (AP) Circuit Judge Ray E.

Watson discharged a jury that deliberated feven hours without reaching verdict in the trial of Delmar Petty, 32-year-old truck driver, charged with slaying Miss Eula Gipson, 28, a beauty operator. NEWBURG HAN KILLED ROLLA. May 18-(AP) Gerald F. Macormlc, 23, Newburg, wu killed last night In an automobile accident on highway three miles east of WaynesrlUe. His car overturned.

Macormlc, a PHsoo employe, la survived by his parents, a brother and a sister. TULSA, Okie. If the United States builds 50,000 warplanes there will be plenty of. gasoline to keep them in the air, leaders of the oil Industry said today. Buckled and tom steel from the Exeter, British warship In the River Plate battle, wu the first relic of World war II to be Interred In London's miueunL yAY bnck ln the summer of 1938, the meat cutters union brought charges against the Producers Produce company and occasioned a iengthy NUIB hearing here.

Pew weeks after the hearing, NLRB Examiner Hugh McCarthy made his recommendations to the board. Almost Immediately, the company entered into satisfactory negotiations with the union and a contract wu drawn up and signed. Last night, to the surprise of company officials, the NLRB directed the company to bargain with the union and draw up a written contract with it. Company Manager Ftrnham, who had considered the whole affair ended, today believed hes already complying with the boards order, said the open-shop contract wu recently renewed with virtually no changes. Stocks and Grains Again Sell Lower If Me iiaoriafcd Prtu NEW YORK.

May 10-Flnancial markets had another bad case of nerves developments in Europe today. Stocks tumbled (1 to. (4 a share to new Iowa for about two years, and grains flopped the permissible limits of 8 and 10 cents a bushel, but buying support quickly appeared, and most losses were substantially reduced. The stock exchange acted much better than yesterday, when losses ran from (1 to (9 a share, but trading continued at a strenuous pace, and In the final dealings, numerous Issues were down (3 or (4 from yesterdays closing prices. Theret a Limit! MINNEAPOLIS Every man hu hla Unit of patience and In Andrew Olson's ease It Involved hla oboes.

Olson told the court that Alvin Moo lint stole aU his food and his alarm clock. Olsota forgave him when ho returned the clock, but when Mu subsequently stole Us shoes it wu too much. The court thought so, too, and sentenced Moo to 30 days. Ution pan 14 heure: STATIONS. Texas Amarillo.

Blrmtniham. Ala. Brownsville, Teass Chlcayo. ni Ctaelnnaa Ohio 15 Del Rio. Texas Denver.

Col). Des Moines. la pmou Mien. Fuaa Trxas PI. Brntth.

Galveston. Texas Helena. Mont Jaekaonrilte. Pla City Mo. Knoxville.

bttto Stack. Ark Ia Angeles, CL Memphis Tsun Miami. Vis Minneapolis-St. Paul Hew Orleans. La Hew York, H.

Oklahoma Cl'y, okla. Omaha Keb. Pensacola. Ha Phoenm Aria i Pittsburgh. Pa.

Rapid City. a Balt Lake City, Utah Ban Pranrlara, CaL Bant Fr. KM. Shreveport. Spokane.

Wash. SPHlNOrmb, yd. Tampa, Pla. Washington, XX a Wichita XanT Observation taken at alrpoeL dmiSSSriK?" thuE wntral and extreme southeast, cooler iSTimJ toultr Ijuh 5 rein ncff OKLAHOMA rjj- -rWm west etnari. nattered thunderMidwrre east tonight, iim: cooler lonqni: Sunday (air central Slid 'f' fait cam mo east.

ARKANSAS Showers, cooler in west tonight; Bandar moat cloudy, coaler In extreme east and tstiwme south, ahowara east In morning. ILLINOIS Rain tonlcht and Bandar, ending in southwest portion Bunder tartan. Cooler Main and along Missouri boundary Jeto loalghh JJjfMER HIGHT, "Eddie" Rice and Simon Bailey, Ozarks bandlt-tria, were arrested last month and officers immediately began to worry about a bottle of highly explosive nitroglycerin which tho three said they buried near Nichols Junction. Frequent searching parties and attempts of Hight and Rice to locate the spot failed to unearth the three-ounce bottle. Bailey wu never taken to the locallty-emd Sergeant Vtete of the highway patrol today believed "he would have led us to the mmf ipot Hight and Rice did anyway.

Viets didn't think Bailey win be brought here In an effort to find it He wu inclined to Agree with Sheriff pier-pont and County Attorney McLaughlin, who think buddies of the gang have removed (t it's valuable tot crooks." McLaughlin said, "not "py of them know how to cook dynamite to make it." Right and Rice have been turned over, to Jasper county officials; Bailey is held by federal men at Neosho. JANUARY 3, County Assessor Leslie promised a complete reassessment of Greene eounty, in response to grand Jury suggestion. Recently, Leslie and Deputy Tom Emmerson have been away from their offtee of, the time, assessipg. Today, eaid "WeYa covering the county ud believed the awiBmrnt will beooompleted "in one or two wtfeka.".

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