Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 23, 1968 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1968
Page 6
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jf, May 23,1968 HOP £ (MK) §TAR, Priced By Gffset Exec Manse Can Hold RFK's Kids By NOEL GftOVE Nf-A Staff Correspondent " (N F A) -7 P u°f a !T cd t» l °n hold r^° pe and the second floor, which means about as much space as a (our- or five-bedroom home. First floor is most 'y cer <" monial rooms llsed 0" st «te occasions, and hardly suitable for famil y livin g an y- wa y- since several hundred tourists troop through daily. Below that level is the ground AW Abigail Adams had so much space that she hung clothes out to dry in the East floor, with the diplomatic en" oorn - trance and reception area. But Calvin Coolidge found offices and work rooms. :e r S n Sary t0 a , d< ^ a ?! oor for Third floor, however, set " T f u m i y ; stor ' back from the front and hid- John • Ken - den from street view b y the m,,* , - u, put an expected third child. Would the White House hold a family of 13 that makes exuberant activity almost a fe- dudes six b e d r o o m s and three others that could easily be converted into bedrooms. Also on the third floor is the 4- i . .. * ~~ " •*- f\ia\j yjii LIIC LIIIIU nuui i a LI tish and colects animals like solarium that has served in some people collect buttons or stamps? If the winds of campaign fortune blow in Robert F. Kennedy's direction, will the first family have a housing problem? Not likely. There are rooms in the little-discussed third floor added in Coolidge's administration that are seldom used as living quarters. Blair Mouse across the street now serves as the President's official guest house. Where sleeping room is concerned, the White House could easily hold a family as large as the Kennedys. It simply has never been put to the test. Presidential families have traditionally quartered on the Brown Sentenced to 5 Years NEW ORLEANS (AP) - H. Rap Brown was convicted Wednesday night of violating the National Firearms Act and was given the maximum sentence of five years in prison and a $2,000 fine. Brown, 24, chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, was freed on bond pending appeal after the biracial jury returned its verdict in federal court. Under terms of the $15,000 bond, Brown's travel was restricted to the Southern District of New York State. The immediate sentencing by U.S. District Judge Lansing L. Mitchell was at the request of William M. Kunstler, of New York, chief defense attorney for the Black Power advocate. Kunstler included a plea for leniency, describing the government case as an effort to "silence" Brown, a frequent and fiery speaker at civil rights rallies. "It is time this persecution must stop and this is persecution of the most blatant sort!" cried Kunstler. "We recall that everything Adolf Hitler did was variety of roles. For Eisenhower, it was a painting studio. It served as a school room for Caroline Kennedy and a teen-age rec room for Luci Baines Johnson. Housing problems, it would appear, are the least of the concerns of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy at this point. "If the White House isn't big enough," he said at a recent news conference, "we'll move people out of the Stato Department." Son Michael, 10, was quoted as saying recently: "We have been told that if daddy is elected president we can still go right on living here." "Here" is Hickory Hill, the current Kennedy home in nearby McLean, Va., where life, by all accounts, is a showcase of 20-karat vitality. The touch football games in which everyone participates are already history. There are also tennis courts, a swimming pool, stables, horse jumps and general free-lance adventuring, in which everyone takes part. A neighbor, the story goes, once told of trying to catch Kennedy kids in the act of swinging from one of their tree branches onto his garage roof. Waiting inside the garage, he finally heard one small bump on the roof, then a n o t h e r—and then a large THUMP! Film Shown tnTrhiot Dr. Spoc/c Peyton Plau Win Add a Negro Negro players pltig suits, nwtithwasft) , ft Official of Alaska Shot SAN FKANC1SCO (Af>) - fir. Ralph -B. Williams, Alaska ^tafe bacteriologist may be released from a hospital within two By WILLIAM F. NICHOLSON weeks with five bullets in his Associated Press Writer head, . BOSTON (AP) - A television Of. Dtidley J. Fournier said £lad oil, film shows a groufc of young Williams, beaten in a mugging fi^s,^ men at the altar of a Boston and then shot as he lay uncon- Jettes, lite scious on a street the night ol etc. The movies' first •• ture director is Gordon rams, t er /> " author, Composer and fof 20 Williams. §?. was unaware he years a Life magazine photoffl'a* 1 - -• - -'—"-'-'Aiming tests P^- aameras to to film Ms X rays disclosed" the bullets in graphical novel, "The his head. Tree," for Warner Fournier earlier had said the Arts, others chareed with consciracv bullets would be sealed off by Parks credits studio head Ken to coutSfl yourS men° to avoid healing of the wounds and that Hyman with "a lot of guts for the draft it would be better not to attempt hiring me. He gave me the The prosecution says the cere- surgery unless it was required, chance te<^» b^"fgi j r,«t, n ^ th* A^H«^«« o»^«t _ can do it ana not Because i m a Negro," Parks told the Holly* wood Reporter* Exclusive of actors, Universal church touching what were described as their draft cards to a May 12, is walking around his lighted candle, and dropping room "looking better and bet them into a silver bowl to a darjenld federal court. room Wednesday, with organ was shot until he went to Four* ggt. music from the sound track fill, nier the next afteftwoft com- taking ing the room, the government aining of a nagging headache, Scott, showed the film of the ceremony to the all male jury trying Dr Benlamin Soock and four his Port M ;u -irt tv COULD THK WHITE HOl'SE HOLD THE KENNEDY CLAN? No problem as far as space goes—IS acres of lawn for romping and a potential 10 additional bedrooms on the little-used third floor of the mansion. mony at the Arlington Street t/nitarian-Universallst Church last Oct. 16 is one of the acts upon which the indictments against the defendants are based. Spock was not present in the church when the cards were burned. The two defendants allegedly there were Yale Chaplain William Sloane Coffin Jr., Foster Gets Chance in Tiger Fight rt* Studio employs 393 Negroes, an increase of about 10 per cent over a year ago and nearly 10 per cent of its total employment — 4,200. Many are office work* ers. Three years ago, Variety not» GROSSINGER, N.Y. (AP) "This is it. It's make or break. If I blow this I may never get 43, and Michael Ferber, 23, a another chance. I don' tin tend to ed, the television industry was graduate student at Harvard. blow it." truly surprised when NBC-TV The film made by James Ar- Bob Foster got it off his chest a™ executive producer Sheldon nold, a cameraman for WBZ-TV Wednesday as he rested on the Leonard cast Bill Cosby as ( Cp- of Boston, showed Dr. Coffin in training table, his long training sta r with Bob Gulp in I Spy, but clerical garb shaking hands grind over. today crossing television s color with one of the youths who On Friday night, the 29-year- Une is a commonoccurrence," burned a card. old ex-Air Force man and one- Th ree ABC-TV shows pre- Ferber was shown delivering time bomb factory worker will miering this fall, Land of the a speech during the ceremony get his first chance at a world Giants," " title when he meets light heavy- Weight champion Dick Tiger at Madison Square Garden. mi f r ioi/ i ,< , The 6-foot3y 2 challenger from AND BABY WILL MAKE ELEVEN. Sen. and Mrs. Robert F. Kennedy line up for an Easter picture this year with eight of their present 10 children. An addition is expected in January—along about inaugural day. bits, lour pigeons, several sparrows, a parakeet, a cockatoo, goldfish, some snakes At last word, snake and that respect," said an RFK staff member. "He prefers to keep them out of the public eye." Since keeping Kennedy chil- •This Is Real : Tog ether ness Ted 60 entitled, "A Time to Say No," but his talk was not recorded. Although Spock and the remaining two defendants, Marcus Raskin, 33, a Washington research director, and Mitchell Goodman, 44, a New York writer, were not present at the church, the government indictment claims the five were bound together in an illegal conspiracy and share responsibility for the ceremony. Arnold appeared as a government witness and said under cross-examination by defense The The Outcasts" and Mod Squad," will have regulars. At NBC, "1 Spy" has been dropped, but Miss Carroll will start her ser„, .. , _ _ . ies, "Julia," with a 6-year-old Washington, D.C had just com- playing her SOIlt Neg roes contin- Dieted seven weeks of intensive ue on "star Trek 1 'and "Iron- training with some vigorous floor exercises and bag punching. He dried the sweat on his Tons-term contract'." arms, heaved a deep sigh and why the upsurge in Negro ero- MTM 1, T,, ployment? It's all over. It's easy now." sa vs L{1IIan Cumber, the tal- °^JH^* i° ^ ^ f °" rt °^ ent ag 8 ^ whose business has in.„ ~_ - ._, .^ creased nearly 150 per cent: fi ve rounrk~a<; I K u , 1 when he began training? ° "Basically it's economics easicaiiy us economics. small Kennedys and an attorney general. As for active youngsters, boarding~pefs. specilicaiiy urge tne young men them to fight that way. The fans nearby Hickory Hill, with «* Ouari 'dSSceave-year together sen tences and $10,000 ff VCU ' S S °a n nd tiri™ S? lawn ' dui ' in S World War 7,1o »Yninife thnrnaH iiiro free youn 8 wor kmen for duty a m R3™1e7cH P t kC 0 ~". the -W"* -front. Mr/ reach of public scrutiny. • the , 1? 1st Aeromedical Airlift that And garage roofs to jump' ^^^*^S* Tne y used Andrew Calvin Coolidge had two pet Jack- raccoons. The Marquis de They held bicycle races on RetototionTboarcteG « the ground-floor corridor, had ii ea t 0 r on thp WhitP water-gun fights in the East S\loor during a They ono 1}iis return Says Public Misled About Peace Talks together. Eye is Computer nsA frog's^ high-precision "computer that Then last week their wives examines the surrounding both gave birth to their first ba- scene, screens out useless de- bies at Magee Women's Hospi- , tails and transmits to the get 0 per cent of the an £ Pay Ti e er ° u t of percentage. He may not any money, and it may turned on a south visi , t to the young nation sev ' turned on a soutn era i years latej . lawn fountain while work- A <.<•„,. „„»,!„„,. r.t« *h aTrXyT^h^ornt •-»•-?« & ^ made bows and arrows. 1S C thfnTfckory^Hill Kit blue-ribbon citizens group in- tal. Both infants weighed the jF°Sl s sim P le brai " only what even cost him same-6 pounds, 5 ounces-and •!,,- rog wants - suc ji as a fly Winner of eignt straight, Fos- the mothers are sharing the' E^SSdia^rtoScJ. 016 ^ has a 29-4 record, including to boycott certain products. Movies see that something is successful, and they follow the tide." Bandit Had Strange Ankles MIAMI, Fla. (AP)'- Police seeking a description of a gunman who robbed a Miami loan company of $250 were told Tuesday that the bandit wore no had white spots on his same room. 23 knockouts. By LEWIS M. GULICK Associated Press Wri ter WASHINGTON (AP) with two youngsters a s for privacy, about as com- c 1 u d i n g former President by the defendant!" shouted U.S. Atty. Louis LaCour. "We deeply resent statements making such a comparison to Hitler." 'legal.' "The issue of black or white and their friends, as "corn- paraW as°CoAe7 Island Is'to Dwight" D'. " Ei'senhower * voiced was only brought into this case pared[ W1 h soon .to-be 11 little the African veldt. ,„* ^ that manv Ameri- Kennedys. Kennedy children romping Then there is the animal on the south lawn would guar- thing with the Kennedys. A antee crowds of the curious recent census at Hickory Hill gazing through the barred that manv Ameri- be«"mSled into ex- too. Brown was convicted under a showed an animal population fence like Sunday afternoon that included two horses, at National Zoo. three ponies a donkey, 10 "The senator is very pro- ducks, five chickens, five rab- tective about his children in SPRING SHOWERS Maps show Weather Bureau's forecast of average temperature, precipitation through June 15. EXPECTED TEMPERATURES »• anyone under indictment on a felony charge to transport a gun across state lines. The decision hinged on the issue of whether Brown knew he was under indictment in Maryland at the time he traveled from New York City to Baton Houge, La., Aug. 16, 1967, with an Ml carbine in Us luggage, then flew back to New York Aug. 18 carrying the same gun. A Dorchester County, Md., grand jury returned the indictment Aug. 14 on charges of arson and inciting to riot, based on Brown's speech at a civil rights rally in Cambridge, Md. Kunstler argued that Brown was not notified of the indictment, had not learned of it through newspaper stories or news broadcasts, and that therefore the gun cliarge was invalid. LaCour said it was preposterous to say that neither Brown nor lus lawyer, Kunstler, know of the indictment, in view of news stories about the legal action. Judge Mitchell had ruled, at the start of the trial, that any knowledge of the indictment was enough to sustain the gun charge. Ue instructed the jurors they should not convict unless they felt tliat the government proved Blown knew about the indictment. Australian Pacer Favored WKSTBURY, N.Y. CAP) First Lee, an Australian pacer, drew the No. 2 [wst position Wednesday and was tabbed the morning line favorite for the $25,000 AUlos Butler Cup Pace at Koo.sove.lt Raceway Saturday »igM, /I'lio Baltic Sou and the North Sou are Germany's two gateways to the rest of world. MUCH ABOVE NORMAL ABOVE NORMAL NEAR NORMAL BELOW NORMAL AVERAGES: MAY 15-JUNE 15 Above normal temperatures are forecast in the Pacific Northwest as well as the Great Lakes region, northern New England and the east Gulf Coast. PITATION Precipitation is expected to exceed normal over the Central and Southern Plains, the middle Mississippi Valley and the Central Plateau region. in Americans think of negotiations as a road to peace but there is unmistakable evidence Hanoi's leaders consider negotiations as another way to fight a war, said a special panel of the Citizens Committee for Peace with Freedom in Vietnam. It warned against expecting to "win at the conference table what we have not won on the battlefield" and against "losing at the conference table what we have fought so liard, and given so much, to protect." While the group favored exploring for "a reasonable time" prospects for a peaceful settlement, it rated poor the chances for productive negotiations now. The 1,700-word statement on "Negotiations: Hopes versus Realities" was issued by a 14- man special panel on negotiations, The citizens committee was organized last fall by former Sen. Paul H. Douglas, D-UL, and includes both living ex-presidents—Eisenhower and Harry S. Truman—in its nationally known membership of about 190. It labels itself a nonpartisan group setting forth the views of the "silent center' of U.S. public opinion on Vietnam as distinguished from vocal critics of the right and left. Its past expressions have been generally favorable toward Johnson administration ixilicy. Bitsy Grants in First Round Win By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS JACKSON, Miss. iAP) ~ Veteran Bitsy Grant of' Atlanta whipped Bob Shfltun of Memphis 0-0, C-l Uetlaesilay in the first round of the Southern Seniors 45-and-uiK.ler Tennis Championship. SHOCKING SHOW, calico "fastest Thumb iu the West." is guaranteed to get a rise out of ut least <we ol tfae U'sstaius. (ianu- calls for two youngsters to sit ou cables which conduct a harmless but "shocking" voltage, pg the loser to "reach fur (be sky." With a simple push button iu (heir bauds, the twu contestants keep their eyes g to a red light on a pole iu front of them. Wheu the light (lashes ou, the competitors press the button M quickly §§ possible. The winner (fastest thumb) remains sealed while the losers get the juke. Mere are some loser*'

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