The Paris News from Paris, Texas on January 20, 1990 · Page 3
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 3

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 20, 1990
Page 3
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Home & Garden The Paris News, Sat., Jan. 20,1990 Page 3 Bayard a compact starter home with basic amenities BAYARD Long, low and lean, the Bayard is a compact and economical starter home with all the basic amenities and then some. Bedrooms are clustered at one end of the house and family living areas at the other. In the center, convenient to both ends, is a bathroom with double vanities, and a combined utility room and pantry, complete with built-in desk for managing household accounts. Mud-splattered kids can re-enter the house here from the backyard, shucking off shoes without leaving many tracks. Parents with young children will appreciate the close proximity of the bedrooms. When children wake crying with nightmares, or a nighttime cough needs attention, comfort is but a few sleepy steps away. And there are no stairs to negotiate. The custom-shaped sitting nook in the master suite provides just the right blend of coziness and privacy. Tucked behind the angle created by the end-of-hall linen closet, a person can feel delightfully invisible here. The master suite also includes a double walk-in closet and a second vanity outside the water closet. The kitchen is really quite spacious, with generous storage and counter space and an eating bar for informal meals and snacks. Sliding glass doors in the dining room open onto a small deck. For a study plan of the Bayard (209-47), send $5 to Landmark Designs, P.O. Box 2307, Eugene, Ore. 97402. Be sure to specify plan name and number when ordering. Designers, Architects and readers with plans they would like to see featured also are invited to contact Landmark. GARAGE 23 e x25 4 THANKS FOR USING THE PARIS NEWS CLASSIFIEDS TO BUY! \M» TWIN Adults M • Child S 2 FLOOR PLAN OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 6QW x 30'-0" LIVING: 1589 square feet GARAGE: 824 square feet COVERAGE: 2213 square feet . ZAHPMHs ALL SHOWS *2 BEFORE 5:30 PLAN N* 209-47 Pizza inn n r; 1 9*99 _..1GE PIZZA INN-I 9 TOPPING SPECIAL' YwjtChdceOiTliJi.PanofNervYwkSlyle I DINE4HH, PICK-UP OR DELIVERY I Hot WIM with »ny other offer or coupon. Only all p«rtidp«8ng restaurants. Tax noUncIuded. Urnit: 1 coupon per customer, per visit Expires 2/9190.1 Extra Charg e f or Add! Toppings. * — 785-76731 Pizza inn 11.99 2 MEDIUM WITH ONE TOPPiNG ' ; Your Choice Of Thin, Pan or New Yoft Style DINE4NH, PICK-UP OH DELIVERY Nol valid with »ny olher offer or coupon. Only »1 participating resUmnU. Tar not included. Umil 1 coupon per customer, per visit. Expire* 1V90. Extra Charge (or Adcf t Toppings. 785-7673 Purple coneflowers can be started easily from seed Buy Any Size Pizza At Reg. Price Get The Next Smaller I LUNCH SPECIAL I 2.59 J CINEMMK THEATRES "SAVE MONEY" Buy Large Popcorn Get One FREE Refill He's hip, he's cool and he's only 3 months old. LOOK WHO TALK Fri.Sat.Sun. 1:153:155:157:159:15 Wk Days 5:15 7:15 9:15 An adventure in fantasy. PICTURES THEUTTLE LEATHERFAC The Texas Chafnsaw Massacre 3 The terror begins Fri. Sal. Sun. 1 :00 2:40 4:20 6:00 Wlc Days 6:00 Only WEEKEND SPECIAL Friday, Saturday, & Sunday AH«You«Can«Eat Golden Fried sh » m P $1749 Stockade Club f Steak ' Includes our famous All you can eat salad, hot food and dessert bar 1167Lamar«785-0319 SIRLOIN STOCKADE, •3 ...where kids eat FREE all day Tuesday! ES~ : I'd like to grow e coneflowers and:-lythrum. Hou) hard are they to start? Purple coneflowers can be started quite easily from seed. In fact, you'll get good bloom from their first year. There are many hybrid types, even including a creamy- white form, available from .national mailorder . houses. Of course, if you want a specific variety (color range is from pink to rosy- purple to near- purple), youll want to buy started plants. DEAR NEIL: I'm planning on planting several dozen pecans at our ranch. Can I use a posthole auger to dig the holes? That's the way it's usually done for large-scale plantings. Pecans have terrific root systems, and hand digging becomes almost impossible. Dig the holes deep enough to accommodate all the trees' roots. Don't trim off any roots that aren't already damaged from the digging. Remember, too, to use smaller trees (4 to 6 feet tall is ideal), and cut them back by half at planting. DEAR NEIL: I started a compost pile with my raked leaves last fall. It doesn't seem to be doing very much. What will speed it up? Five things make composts work faster .The organic matter needs to be finely ground. Hopefully you also ran the leaves through your lawnmower. I use the old Lifesaver comparison—they break down a lot quicker if you chew them than if you leave them whole. Second, keep the pile moist, and third keep it warm. Turn it frequently, to keep it well supplied with oxygen, and mix in a little topsoil or manure to bring the microorganisms into play. DEAR NEIL; What are the most productive tomatoes for our area? When do I need to plant the seed indoors? First, because Texas is fairly warm at the'end'of the .spring tomato season, choose types .that?set well at or above 90 degrees. Those will generally be the varieties with small and medium-sized fruit. Celebrity, Carnival, Spring Giant, Jackpot and Better Boy will all do well. You might also consider some of the really productive cherry and other smaller tomatoes such as Sweet 100 and Porter. They'll produce all summer long. Have an assortment of varieties, however, just to insure against crop problems. Plant tomato seeds about 6 weeks before you intend to plant them out. DEAR NEIL: I use clay pots on our patio during the summer, but they always get so tacky looking. What can I use to stop the white and green scums from developing? The white residue is from mineral salts in the water and soil. Each time you fertilize you add more. They come to the surface of the clay as the soil dries out, and they're left behind as the water evaporates. The green film, on the other hand, is algae. It usually develops on pots that are kept very moist, and in shaded conditions. Both can be greatly reduced by sealing the pots when they're new with black pruning paint on the inside. Apply the pruning sealant almost to the future soil line, and let it dry for a day or two before planting. DEAR NEIL: I have tulips that I potted into 8-inch pots • back in NOvember. I've had them sunk in the flower bed all winter, and I want to bring them into bloom by Valentine's Day. How many weeks will it take? You can really control that with temperature. I've seen greenhouse growers bring tulips into bloom in just three weeks with 70-degree weather. At lower temperatures it will take longer. It sounds like you need to start. Be sure they get ample light as you're doing it. If you'd like Neil SpeiT/a help with the plants at your place, drop him a note in care of this newspaper and watch here for a speedy reply. Supreme Personal Pan Pizza and _ Medium Pepsi Cola | Available 11am thru 4pm • — __ —;y"- ~ ~ f —• — -•— *m f -~^**j ^mr» tm _ _ .. -^ •••• A. ir « B • Pan, Thin or Hand Tossed Crust | Mention Coupon When Ordering• •^ c ^^, pe LB 1 ? yp< l!2,* it . l ? tp< !fl£ i *'' na P*-* 0 "* ^po" P" p«rty P« VUK »t p«tf<iptfngl |z» Hut*. Nol vHid In combmaUon wiA «ny olherlPizz* HuU. Nol valid m combir»lion Sth SnaS-m •order. Ona-t««rHy cith redemption vtluejer order. One^wenly c*«h rdfanption v»lue.i 1 We Honor flh Competitors Coupons Ti ir^ree Delivery 784-505T| i s CATTLEMAN S RESTAURANT AND CLUB /Saturday Night I Seafood Buffet \^ (includes Boiled Shrimp) Hours: 6:30-9:00 p.m., Mon.-Thurs. 6:30-10:00 p.m., Fri. & Sat. 6:30-1:00 p.m., Sunday 784-1694 \SSS£ 2650 N. Main THANKS TO DETROIT FOR USING THE PARIS NEWS CLASSIFIEDS TO BUY! SUPERBOWL SUPERDEAL ; The Super Bowl goes hand-in-hand with j Popeyes Fried Chicken. Stop by Popeyes before the big game jl and get a Super Deal on a real ciowd-pleaser-the great V \ \ taste of Booeves. if • ^- Loveuhattestefrom -^ / J ^ ^ \ V^ V &•.. V. *. ^^xx JL^JIW UJ V x^. \ f —v^<~^ I ^ ^^E m - cf^L- ^ ^. ^ 14 Piece Box of Popeyes Chicken Only FAMOUS FRIED CHICKEN & BISCUITS 2475 N. MAIN The lid is off Popeyes' New Cajun Battered Fries! Pick up an order and try the unique, zesty flavor of popeye's newest side dish... V

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