Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on May 3, 1973 · Page 32
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 32

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 3, 1973
Page 32
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fj Hurry in now for a floorful of great color portable ^ values, .while selection is great Here it is RCA's ^Pickofthe Portables/: 32 Golesburg Regisfer-Moil, Golesburg, III, Thursday, May 3, 1973 # n femb/Family Reader Plagued By Scaly Skin Dr. Lamb By LAWRENCE LAMB, M.D. Dear Dr. Lamb — Will you please help me with a "skin problem" I have had for many years. I went to a skin special- day, removes these natural oils. This leads to more rapid drying. The same can be said about excessively dry air seen in heated | homes in the winter. Any oint- ist but all he did for me was to merit which contains a petroleum prescribe an ointment to use. I j base, such as ordinary Vaseline thought he should have given me or oily substances, helps to re- some medication My skin is dry and scaly. Maybe there is something missing in my diet. Dear Reader — I have no way of knowing what was in the ointment your doctor gave you. It probably contained something to help your skin. One factor which causes dry, scaly skin is the lack of skin moisture. The thickness and youthful characteristics of the skin are partially depsnd- place the oily film over the sur- 1 face of the skin, retain skin moisture, and prevent drying and scaling. Dear Dr. Lamb — Just what is bursitis? How does it work and what causes it? The doctors say I have it, but the medicine they have given me hasn't done any good. I can move my arms freely, but they sure are sore and have terrible pains. Dear Reader — Bursitis refers I World's Tallest The World Trade Center, the tallest building in the world, towers over Manhattan like mainmasts over a ship. They rise 1,350 feet, a hundred feet higher than the Empire State Building. The center has nine million square feet of office space and its very own zip code — 10048. NEA ent upon its moisture. The whole i to inflammation of one or more purpose of "moisturizers" is to^rsae. The bursae are little help the skin retain moisture and, thereby, its youthful characteristics. The oils secreted by the skin normally form a film over the surface that prevents evaporation or loss of water. Excessive sac-like structures around the joints and tendons. The material which makes up a bursa looks very much like the plastic material that is used for plastic bags and food containers. These sheets of material incapsulate the joints and tendons and con- Kentucky Gentleman Qt. $4.19, 3 for $12.00 WINDSOR CANADIAN 5th $3.99 1 JIM BEAM f Quart $4.99 BARTON 8 Year Old 5th $3.99 JACK DANIELS BLACK 5th $5.99 1 JACK DANIELS | GREEN 1 5th $4.99 OLD GRAND DAD 86 Proof 5th $4.99 SUNNY BROOK Bourbon or Blend 5th $3.39 KESSLER 5th $3.49 CALVERT EXTRA 5th $4.19 SEVEN CROWN ,5th $4.29 KAHLUA 5th $6.49 TIA MARIA 5th $6.99 cteMtan BRANDY 5th $4.89 Diplomat GIN or VODKA Quart $3.69 SMIRNOFF VODKA 80 Proof 5th $3.99 FLEISCHMANN'S GIN 5th $3.49 NIKOLAI VODKA 5th $2.99 FLEISCHMANNS VODKA 5th $3.39 GILBEY'S GIN Vi Gallon $8.49 GILBEY'S VODKA Vi Gallon $7.99 ALMADEN MOUNTAIN WINES Vi gallon $2.99 J & B SCOTCH 5th $5.99 HOUSE OF STUART SCOTCH 5th $3.99 BACARDI RUM 5th $4.19 CARABANA RUM 5th $3.49 ALMADEN DESSERT WINES J 5th $1.89 j BERTOILI CHIANTI Quart $2.99 Jacques Bonet CHAMPAGNE or COLD DUCK flftADETTEf REGULAR or KING SIZE CARTON $3.49 VlVflUCI llj 100 m.m. CARTON — $3.59 j bathing, for example the person j. .... . .. { . . _ 'who bathes two or three time. al|™ ^j^^^JZ smooth movement. When this membrane becomes inflamed, it affects the joints as pleurisy affects the chest. Inflammation of a bursa irritates nerve endings which in turn affects the muscles in the area. There is usually muscle spasm around the joints involved and the pain , tends to limit movement, as you i no doubt observed. | Many Causes I There are multiple causes for)' bursitis and very often the actual cause is never determined. It is often treated symptomatically, providing heat and med icines that relieve pain. Sometimes, dspending on the location and severity, doctors inject medicine into the joint space in volved. This may include Novocain as a pain killer and steroid hormones like cortisone. Some times such injections have mi' raculous results and help relieve the problem immediately. It is important to maintain full range of motion in the pres ence of bursitis to prevent a frozen joint that would require considerable effort to regain its normal function. In general, the treatment of bursitis is less than satisfactory in many instances, and no doubt this stems from our lack of knowledge about its cause, and therefore, the necessity to rely on symptomatic treatment rather than eliminating the cause. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) 5th $1.99 12 BUDWEISER Iftl $2.19 1 12 PABST PACK CANS $2.19 124 PABST LOOSE CANS $3.99 12 OLD STYLE 9 c £2S $ 2.19 6 OLD STYLE PACK NH'S 99< Is BLATZ PACK NR'i $1.19 12 BLATZ *1.99 6 DREWRYS PACK CANS $1.00 12 SCHLITZ PACK CANS $2.29 12 HAMMS 3& $ 2.37 6 ANDEKER PACK NH'i $1.69 6 MICHELOB p #y $1.69 Ssnri 24 BLATZ 12-Oz. Bottles $299 Mus Dep. Drewrys 24 12-OZ. BOTTLES $529 Pl«» J Dep. SUNDAY oNiorr BUDWEISER 6 Pack NR's 99c 24 PABST 120i. Bottles $549 PI" <J Dep. Send your questions to Dr. Lamb, in care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019. For a copy of Dr. Lamb's new booklet on diver- ticulosis, send 50 cents to the same address and ask for "Diverticulosis" booklet. Students Attend 6 Pub' Classes NOTTINGHAM, England | (UPI) — An education authority is inviting adult students to drop into pubs while studying such subjects as politics, current events and economics. "We already run courses in housing estates and high rise apartment buildings," said Bill Toynbee, the secretary of the Worker's Educational Association, "and moving into meeting places like pubs and clubs seems a natural development." Legal Question AO PRICES GOOD THURSDAY NIGHT, | ftPPKi CllklDAY 1 *n ft PkA MAY 3/ lh»u SATURDAY, MAY 5, 1973 \ UrCr* JUnUA I I TO O rlVt Big 10 Liquors GALESBURG DRIVE-IN LIQUORS, INC. 1597 North Henderson St, Gafesburg, III. SEAT BELTS NOT REQUIRED IN STATE'S SCHOOL BUSSES Q. I recently moved to Illinois and am dismayed to find that our local school busses do not have seat belts for the children. Doesn't state law require all school busses to have this |kind of equipment? A. No. Illinois law does require all 1961 or later model passenger cars "titled or licensed" by this state to be equipped with two sets of safety seat belts in the front seat; but this applies only to motor vehicles of the first division (designed for carrying not more than 10 persons). —Illinois State Bar Assn. v ER 330 $ 328 88 ER 382 Famous RCA Performance. Solid State Components in Many Areas. One-Set VHF Fine Tuning. Stay-Set Volume Control. Happy Medium in Picture and Size. Dependable AccuColor Chassis. Automatic Tint Control. Automatic Fine Tuning. 348 88 ER 403 RCA AccuColor Long Life'Picture Tube. Solid State Modules in Many Areas. One Set VHF Fine Tuning. Automatic Chroma Control. 19" DIAGONAL ItCA *498 88 XL-100 Solid State Chassis. Automatic Fine Tuning. Automatic Color Monitor. 25,000 Volt Picture Power. ER 475 VALUE PRICED BLACK and WHITE PORTABLES Th« FLAGSHIP lfUxWAR -151 15' #«J0(1 »I pictift The Big Little. Portable TV from RCA $119.95 • A "just right" combination in screen size, portability and price • 15,000-volt (design average) chassis delivers excellent performance ItG/l Tin HARBINGER Mod.l All- 181 U* dillMd Plctur* Coma aaa it! RCA's aasy to buy* easy to take TV $139.95 • Big-screen viewing for the whole family • Powerful chassis delivers excellent performance • Optional rollabout stand available SEE THESE and MANY OTHER GREAT BLACK and WHITE and COLOR PORTABLES TODAY Lindstrom's PRECISION Service You make sure of PRECISION Radio and Television service when you call UNDSTROM's. Here is supreme specialized service. Factory trained technicians with the latest and finest RCA Electronic Test equipment is your positive assurance of Better Service for less. LINDSTROM'S 246 E. MAIN Downtown Golesburg 'The Friendliest Store in Town"

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