Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 29, 1963 · Page 12
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 12

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 29, 1963
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

12 (jaiesfotra Rte^ .Mondays-July 29.,.. .J 163 Deck Makes Charming Entrance Yard One of the most exciting ideas to come recently from an architect's drawing board is the use of a wood deck as ah entrance yard. Sound kookie? Perhaps, at first thought. But it does make an excellent transition zone between the exterior and interior of the home. I In addition, a wood entrance deck is a fine solution for the home sited on the down side of a steep hill or in such a manner that back and side yards offer no living space. In this case, the entrance yard can double as a lounge area. Using a deck as an entrance yard offers no construction problems. The deck is built at the level of interior floors, or one step below, if desired. The structural system is the same for this oversize deck as for one of more usual proportions. For such a large area, however, wider boards are preferable for appearance, and Douglas fir 2x8s are generally specified. Spacing for rain runoff between deck boards should be the minimum eighth inch to permit high -heeled ladies to walk with ease and safety. Eye Heavy Travel A decked entrance yard will be heavily traveled, so maintenance is a factor to keep in mind. Generally, it's best not to paint or stain the deck because of heavy foot wear. The better solution would be to allow the decking to weather naturally and acquire the soft silver patina of time and tempest. One season will see the process well under way, and each successive year will add rich beauty to the wood. For the sake of eye interest as well as privacy from the street, it's smart to convert the entrance deck to a courtyard with perimeter walls. These can be head- j height or tall enough to match the height of house walls. For style, use the same siding lumber and pattern as used for the house, It can be set within conventional fence frames and painted or stained to match the house. Wide opening gates can be included in the plan to close off the yard at night. For outdoor atmosphere, a wide variety of plantings can be added to the entrance deck. Planter tubs and boxes do the trick and keep gardening chores to a minimum. Maquon Group Hears Report MAQUON — Susan Donaldson, Linda Knox, John Burnett and Kyle Kennelly, who had spent the past week at the Epworth MYF camp near Lewistown, gave a report of the camp activities during the Sunday worship service at the Maquon Methodist Church. YOUR hmrani -$ 1 I» • 1/ TOO - * I • 11" Vdepmdmt Umr- Commerclal 8c Domestic Fire Insurance Ask About Our Home Owners Policy Plan. Huff Insurance Phone 342-3414 220 Hill Arcade THIS WAY TO A MODERN BASEMENT You'll want that dream basement in your new home. A truly modern basement for recreation, hobbies and storage. Here is the key to it — an all metal weathertight Bilco. It supplements the inside stair to give you wide, direct access. Keeps messy traffic out of first floor rooms. Makes storage easy. Provides the route to safety in an emergency. A Bilco is the modern replacement for that old worn-out wood hatchway on your present home. 3S nJEfgjTji Maquon Briefs Collette Spilman of Compton spent last week with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spilman. This week, Collette is visiting her maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Vollmer at Fairview. Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Sheets, Edith and Earl of rural Camden spent Sunday at the home of their son Alan and family. Becky and Jane Sheets, who had spent since July 4 with their grandparents, came home, and George Sheets accompanied his grandparents home for a visit. Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Randall and sons of Louisville, Ky., left Saturday after spending several days with her mother, Mrs. Laura Wil mot, and family. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kindred and family of Hanna City were visitors Saturday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Faucon. Mr. and Mrs. George Courson and Mrs. Bert Johnson of Galesburg were Sunday visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Selby. Mrs. Harriett Simkins and Mrs. June Nelson, of Peoria, returned home Saturday. They had visited Friday at the home of Mrs. Grace Morgan, who took them to Peorra Saturday. Mrs. Simkins and Mrs. Nelson, former Maquon residents, also visited former neighbors and friends. Mrs. Letha Whitlock, Elmwood; Mrs. Hollis Logan and Mrs. Helen Jennings, of Galesburg, and Mr. and Mrs. George Hatch, Knoxville, were among the recent callers at the rural home of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Austin. Mrs. Austin continues to improve from her recent injuries. By ANDY LANG AP Newsfeatures The questions people ask are sometimes more reveal* ling than the answers they I give to questions asked of them. •Those questions also can be surprising. Example: one of the most frequent queries directed at this department concerns the whys and wherefores of changing a washer to stop a faucet leak. Another involves the ravages of humidity, which always seems to be too high or too low. Questions about painting also are high on the list of favorites. But month after month, year after year, it's money that appears to give readers the most concern.. Which is only to be expected. If we all had limitless | funds at our disposal, things like <<ii <ii Hii'iiiiipSI mortgages and the costs of re* modeling and repairing would be unnecessary. Ask More Questions Three recent separate seminars on home ownership also found potential home buyers asking more questions about financing than any other phase of ownership. The most frequent questions indicated a misunderstanding of what are generally called Federal Housing Administration loans. Actually, they aren't FHA loans at all, but FHA-instired loans. The government does not issue the mortgage. It merely guarantees the lending institution that it Will hot lose any money if you, the borrower, should default. The advantages and disadvantages of a small down payment also produced many questions. The situation here is similar to any purchase made on the installment plan: The smaller th« down payment, the more money the purchaser eventually pays. A small down payment, however, permits many families to buy homes when they otherwise might have to wait many years to do so. This is the basic difference, but by no means all, There are several other factors which must be taken into Consideration, including the length of the mortgage agreement. Probably the most important advice that can be given to the prospective home purchaser is Lo shop around for a suitable mortgage the same as you would shop around for a suitable automobile. There are different types of mortgages, different interest rates and different terms. Selecting the right one can result in a considerable financial saving over the years. SHAPES RIGHT APPROACH — The right approach to your home might be a wood deck like this, which levels grade between street and front door. Handsome entrance deck of weathered 2x6 -Douglas fir boards is also a perfect lounge spot. Tall privacy windscreens arc tongue'-and- groove cedar siding in 2x4 frame. Filters Essential to Air Conditioning it Here 's How Bui Id Fireplace in Summer From Old to New Instead of repairing a badly marred table top, select a new top of laminated plastic or Ma- sonite at a lumberyard and have it cut to fit. Both these materials are burn-proof and alcohol-proof and can be washed with a sudsy sponge. By VIVIAN BROWN AP Newsfeatures Writer One blistering hot sum mer day, a woman took to the axe and knocked out large chunk of a living JOHNS-MANVILLE INSULATION Call WHITE'S - 342-0185 Your Neighbor Says room wall. Her object: a fireplace. "Why in the world 1 worry about a fireplace now, and why didn't you wait until we made all the proper plans?" her husband asked, regaining his composure after a view of the rubble. "If I. had waited, I'd never get it. You've had an excuse for every season," replied his wife. A drastic approach, though carefully thought out. But there is no doubt that summer is the ideal time to build a fireplace. Homeowners live outdoors a great deal during warm weather, and it is easier than in cool months to keep the house aired as plaster and lathe fly. Brings Charm A fireplace isn't cheap, but it can bring great charm and happiness to the family, far more perhaps than a breakfront, sofa or credenza that might cost as much to fill the same amount of wall space. They don't pay off in quite the same way on a dreary, damp, cold winter day. Many homeowners, equipped with books found in the public ibrary or government pamphlets, do build their own fireplaces. There are fireplace units with built-in damper, smoke chamber and smoke shelf that form the basic mold around which you can install firebricks and what have you. Some skilled masons prefer these -units. Warm-air outlets and cool-air inlets in certain units may be disguised. The important point is to follow rules for safety, and to choose recommended materials. Found Safer It is safer to have a professional do the job, and often costs no more. The peace of mind in knowing that it has been done properly by an experienced per­ son may be reassuring. The location of a fireplace is a prime consideration and it can't be an afterthought. In a small room, it should not. be directly opposite a door. One likes a sofa or large chairs opposite a fireplace usually, not so hot as when sofas flank a fireplace in a small room. In a large room, sofas on either side of a fireplace may be placed far enough away from the hearth for comfort. Mantel Cited It is good to have a mantel above the fireplace, particularly in a traditional style house. The mantel need not be symmetrical. In a small room, a hand-hewn beam several feet larger than the fireplace can offer a special rustic kind of charm to give the entire room an air of individuality. If one wants a fireplace without the fuss and bother of removing a wall, there are ready-made Filters are an essential part of any good and effective air conditioning sys tern and they are just as im portant to clean living in Bldg. Page Filters summer as they are in winter. Since it is the job of most filters to remove lint, dirt, dust, modern styles to be used indoors, particularly good in contemporary homes. These are ready to t „ , . ... go when a flue and/or chimney P? llen ?' ^.^JK£5? is installed. Old French stoves rom *• a ' r < \ ,s **** and Franklin stoves offer their ant that «iey be as clean and share of fun, satisfaction and free °' °* st ™ tl0 ™ as ? S f±', warmth, too. sa y s . Her J? rt J- toted In old houses, closed-off fire- services director for tJie National places often are discovered by Warm Air HeaUng and Air Con probing walls. These may be ex- ditiomng Association posed usually by removal of the To be certain of this, he sug- covering matter, wood or plaster! 8 ests ^at the mter f be checked If the fireplace was holed up, the between heatmg and cooling sea- fill should be easy to remove. sons * Few people bothered to cement May Void Warranty the filling, so it can be pulled "Systems should never be oper- out easily. ated without filters," Gilkey cau- One should check on old chim- tions, and points out that opera- neys from every standpoint, par- tion of the air circulatory fan in ticularly for wooden beams .often the cooling equipment may void used as footing. These are not the manufacturer's warranty if considered safe. But torn down, | filters are not used. chimney materials may be used to build another chimney, so it hasn't been a total loss, if labor is available. Now at Sears Get Free Antenna Check-Up SEARS HotHUl K ANU Cl ' .AMERICA S FINEST BASEMENT DOOR Available through your Building. Materials Dealer Distributed by WILMS STEEL CORP. Just in Time for Channel 8, WQAD Moline, III. See the Difference Today Bright Crisp TV Reception Phone 342*5141 NEW SILVERTONE ALL-CHANNEL ANTENNA For Only 595 INSTALLATION EXTRA •* Satisfaction guaranteed ©r your money back** The Weeders Guide Following is a list of hints, suggestions and explanations for maintaining a high level of efficiency ticked off by the association's technical authority. Mechanical or dry type filters are usually provided as an integral part of winter or year-round air conditioning equipment. This By EARL ARONSON AP Newsfeatures THERE ARE TWO versions of the origin of the name of the type traps or entrains most of the showy hydrangea. One is that it stems from the fact that the rugged larger air-borne particles of dirt, plant thrives on water. The other is that hydrangea is from the Greek for water vessel, referring to the shape of the fruit. In any event, the hydrangea thrives on water and withstands the damp, salty weather of the coast. dust and lint. The hydrangea is the official flower of several New Jersey communities. The Atlantic City Hydrangea Club has planted more than 37,000 plants since it was organized 18 years ago. The club has established the Hydrangea Trail, which winds through Atlantic City and into Ocean City where it splits into two routes. Varieties of common hydrangea will withstand cold to 20 degrees below zero. Most of these are white or pink, and some turn blue in acid soil. These plants will benefit from chelated iron in the soil, especially if they appear to be yellowing. They prefer partial shade. In far northern areas they should be heavily mulched, and cut back in the spring to improve summer bloom. There is a vine variety of white hydrangea that climbs easily and has large flat clusters of flowers 6 to 12 inches in diameter. Pink-flowered globe-shaped varieties sometimes may be converted to blue by adding iron or alum in the soil. Don't throw away that hoe yet but Plastic sheet mulches are mak- K and peat moss and set them inside a larger pot. A five-volume series on U. S. ing gardening easier, especially wild flowers is being prepared at in raising vine crops such as cu- the New York Botanical Garden cumbers, squash and melons. The benefits of mulch covers are heat retention, weed control, moisture retention and accelerated germination. One chemical company has developed a tractor with gadgets that punch holes in the plastic Nearly half a million dollars have been raised to begin the project with a book on wild flowers of the Northeast. Each book will describe and illustrate 1,500 to 3,500 plant species, most of them in color. The series is designed to bring the sheet at one-foot intervals, drop study of wild flowers within easy COOKING # WATER HEATING # HOME HEATING 45 S. PRAIRIE ST. three seeds and vermiculite to hold moisture. Tomato and other seedlings also may be planted in holes punched in the plastic cover, but they must be inserted by hand. A new, fragrant pink hybrid tea rose named Eiffel Tower has won the large-flower class in the 1963 "Prize of Rome" competition. The hybridizers were Herbert C. Swim and Dr. David L. Armstrong of Armstrong Nurseries, Ontario, Calif. Eiffel Tower has long canes with relatively few thorns and flowers 5 to 6 inches across on 6-foot plants. Porous plant' pots won't dry out as rapidly in the hot summer if you wrap the pot jn sphagnum reach of the do-it-yourself botan ist. The books will cover the natural zones of plant association Northeast, Southwest, Southeast, Pacific Northwest and Rocky Mountain. For Your Convenience NEW OFFICE HOURS 8:30 A.M. to 5 P.M. CITYWIDE RUBBISH REMOVAL 343-8665 - 343*4136 Here's modern living at its very best within everyone's budget. A breezeway or patio styled to fit your needs can be yours wilh our complete CONTRACTING SERVICE. You have additional savings too if you want to help on the job. Call today and we'll give you a complete cost estimate of all materials and labor needed to give you a family pleasing patio. KIRK'S LUMBER COMPANY 100* MONMOUTH BIVD. 4 343-3 m The filtering medium is usually some type of fibrous material, such as glass fibers, aluminum, hair, or treated paper tightly packed between meshed or woven material. , Mechanical filters should be inspected periodically, especially in areas near industrial plants or other sources of air-borne dirt. Frequency of the inspection was recommended on a monthly basis. Disposable type filters should be replaced whenever they appear to be dirty, it was stated, and the suggestion made that washable type filters should be cleaned when they are coated with lint, dirt, or dust, in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendation. Limit Air Flow "Dirty filters limit the flow or circulation of air," the associa tion man further explained, "thus interfering with full performance of a winter or year-round air conditioning unit."' Maintaining charged electronic filters is a comparatively simple task. In one type, the charged media filters, the filtering is ac complished through a series of panels. They are expected to last through a normal heating or cooling season. Since they are disposable, new ones are naturally inserted at regular intervals. This type of filter is activated by an electrical charge from a power pack, and the actual filtering process is usually made possible by bonded glass fibers in the filtering panels. Collect on Plates Another type of filter is tfie electronic air cleaner. These are credited with high air cleaning efficiency, especially against the smaller air-borne particles such as fine dust, and smoke particles. Both types are usually installed in the return-air duct near the central air conditioning unit. Particles borne on the air are charged electrically as they enter tha unit and collect on the plates. These plates must be cleaned at regular intervals, usually by flushing with water. Electronic air cleaners replace the need for conventional winter air conditioner filters. Only Remove Dirt It should be remembered that filters can only remove dirt which is carried along in the air and circulated into the duct work. If dirt and soot leak into the house through windows and door cracks (Continued on page 13) 2,500 square feet PLASTIC TILE 5 Colors Ai Each O WHILE THEY LAST PALMGREN'S FLOOR COVERINGS 429 E. Main St. Be modern with MOEN (NEW MOEN DIALCET FOR KITCHENS One handl* do*»<| work of 1wo EKSTROM PLUMBING & HEATING 646 W. Main Ph. 343-6114 BEST BUILT HOMEBUILDING ITS SUMMER BONUS SAVINGS on our regular cost-reducing exclusive Owner-Completion Plan ... and NO MONEY DOWN on your lot We build to your specifications, at lowest cosfl Yon way add the easy custom finishing touches and reduce your building costs even more. Now is the ideal time to start the home you've always wanted. Best Built will do the job quickly and skillfully, with highest quality materials. Our Owner-Completion Plan is the easiest way for you to own a home, exactly as you want it, for exactly what you can afford. Let us build it §ow, for your summer and year-'round enjoyment, COMPLETE, PERSONALIZED FINANCING Convenient one-stop service—No wailing t No red tape • Small monthly terms to tit your budget UP TO *5 YEARS TO PAYl r 0 BisfBOTLTCa ^BW MAIL COUPON OR PHONE US TOPAY1 PEORIA 6764741 OVER 75.000 SATISFIED CUSTOMERS SINCE 1911. IfST IUIIT CO Clt )9t. N»tlon«l Bisk Building fc FtoiU, lUisoi* f Witfaeuf obligation, p |,m 1 mo \& m itm jf n Simi-fiimh «4 kmti O CofiipltM i>mu flfE... lUwlrotod Ii« Hoot Imw- Cil)f- -NL I »<M f W M_ • I it Mt •*• • hi nor-

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