Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 11, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 11, 1896
Page 8
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jjpsgjgp 8 *^^ Last Call on Shirt Waists. THE GOLDEN RULE'S MOTTO IS Never Carry Any Goods Over Until Next Season, Therefore we will put the Knife in our Shirt Waist Department and will place the Entire Stock in 3 lots on our first floor. LOT NO. 1. All of our real fine Persian, Dresden and Dimities and in fact any of the finest Shirt Waists in the store worth $1.50 to $2.00. You Choice oi lot 98c LOT NO. 2. Many Waists made in best material slightly scuffed from handling, many worth up to $2.00. Your choice - - 69c LOT NO. 3. Waists that were sold at 48c, 58c and 66c, all go at 2,6c THE GOLDEN RULE EASY VICTIMS Kokomo Had No Trouble in Dis posing of the Ottos. SPRING NECKWEAR,' SPRING OVERCOATS. JOS. Q. GRACE WILL SELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY FOR LESSMONEY •. - •'• 'j f ' : THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN LOGANSPORT. LINE COnPLETE. Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway. P. S. If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't forget my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing: DE WBNTER-MURPHY.. Monday morning at C o'clock, at St Vincent de Paul church, the Rev. Fat'hei Oannpiioa pojrforintag the ceremoay John . Dew-eoter aad Mtes Lou •R-orc ma-rried. Tlie ceremony was wituoseted by tin, imimedJate rcHatlvcs of ; (jlie contracting parties, their ho.st of -fnUMids not having been Informed of tlielr intention in-time to be prcsottt. T.liey rallied later, however, and the .news spread quickly. Will Porter, .M. V. Muihoitoy, P. M. Kistlei amd u mitnlbcr of old (Mends of the- couple, lenmed that tliey would take tlie Wabasli train for the East at 9:4S o'clock, and t.hey prefpai-cd to give Mr. Dewcnter and .hin'brid'e a lioarty fa-re- •well. Founoffi's ordicstira was secured and headed tbe procession that marched through the streets to tlie statipn. AT-hen the wedding pai'tj' nirrh'ed the band played a wedding imnwh and amid show etvi of .rlico and old show, Mr. Dewontcr .and Ws bride boarded the train. They were not permitted to escape from, tlie clity until everyone on tlie hrato had been notified ttinit they were'bride and groom. Frank Kistler went through the train aud told evei-yono aboard Hint « young uinu of seventeen, and a young lady of sixteen were eloping to Gn-na- •da, and tbe politer of tlie parlor car 'bad hfe hands full kooptog tho passengera from crowding into lite car to gaxe at Khe couple. • The jrrooun .!>< one of Losuireport's su'b- *tiimtial biislnew nieiL He is the senior- partner in the flnu of Dbwenter & Co., haif.te,rs and geutlciraenfia furalshhigs, In buslaeijs- on Fourtli street, aod hks flcm onjoyji tbe dlsHnctlom oif conducing one of the 'most "up-to-date" bnainoss houses m thfe part of the State.. Bis \ bride te a daughter of A. F. and Mrs. and is one of the .most popular socfi.'ty ladles, of the city.. Mr. and Mrs. Dewinter mil cruise about among tlie Northern lakes for three weeks, spending that supposed-to vl>a most delightful .period, the honeymoon, in courting tlie cool Canadian broey.es and each other. On. tlicii 1 re- 'tucn they will have apartments at the Burnett for tlie present. The Journal .joins in congratulations and best wishes Republican Speakings. Republican speakings will be held at tlie foniO'Wiing places in Cass-catmity: Adamsboro (Miami townfilhiLp) Tuesday evening, Aug. llth.—W. T. Wilson, Lucerne, Friday evening, Aug, 1-lLli— W. T. Wilsoiii , The Red School house in Noble township..'Thursday eveming, Aug. 13th- Q 'A.'. Myei-s. Shady Nook school house evening, Aug. 13th—W. "\ Wilson. Royal Center, Saturday evening, Aug. 13tih—W; T. Wilson. Clyincns, Saturday evening, Aug. 13th —Q. A. Myeiis. (Deacon, Deer Greek townsMp, Thursday eyealmg, Aug. 20th—Q, A. Myersi ^Twelve MJte,. Snitprday eveuing, Aug, 22d-W. T. Wilson. . .Young America, Sa.iurda7 evening-, Aug. 22d—D. C. Justice. Logansport Saturday evening, Aug. 22d—Hon. Theodore ShWekney of IJaion ...W. T. Wilson wlli speak at Gialveston on- Tuesday evening, August 18.. Some people thtak Otto's offer of ?10 ud $12 suite is flctlittdus, they have only 'to gila-ncc.at outside display, to discover fchey are in error.' \ A shirt waist .barga.in. We bougiht of nianiufactm-er 2,000 shirt waists at 3c on the dollar, which we place on sale today.—Bee Hive. AN ARM CAUGHT: : 'Willie' Granger, bell boy at the Burnett,' met with; a very painful accident Sunday wliile.-ranning the elevator. TJie -lift is a combined . passenger and baggage nfftvir, and .Granger was hauling baggage whoa, tlie 1 accident occurred. He was ; de^cend'lmg slowly when he reached out. to shut tl;e door In- the passenger department and was caught. He Bhrleked for -helip and an employe of the-hotel,"going to the shaft suspected that .Uie b.oy had been caught and pulled a rope: which released him. No boneis were, broken, although the ilesli was terribly torn. Had the elevator been running at its. usual rate -of speed, his ai'm .would have been taken off. ' -.-.,-!,•• ••-.. : ', . BUCKET BRIGADE. The fire department was called to the corner of Tweuir^ecoud and Market .streets Suuday,:to extinguish a blaze in the residence of<Dr.-J,,W. : BaIlard. Mr, and Mrs. Henry Knoff, -who occupy the house, were absent at the time jof--the fire, but the : alajsm: was turned lir by a neighbor who; ihappehed to see tht flames before;they had much headway. Water thrown, by..a-garden' hohe.and from, buckets,' extinguished the. fire be» fore the department arrived. The: fire Is thought, to liaveV originated fromi a defective flue.;; .The damage will not exceed $20. -••••• _ ESCAPED A SHUTOUT Lost One- to Monticello—Cleveland .,on the Toboggan. Kokoiuo .found the Ottos an easy vie tlm SuiKl'uy. Ike Durrett, the Rockvilk pitcher who., had. -promised to come failed to show up and ueiUier Siniub 01 Donovan, the sliortstoji or outtleldei were on j)<}iid. • As a consequence Iho .team was weak, .having to take n.uin- teu'r city playetw to fill out the outfield. Crosby, pitched a good game, but his support was weak, and failed utterly at critical times. Kokomo. was .also in tough luck. ."Kid" OgdiMi, tiivir fiwlf t loft tielider, had the nulsfortuu*.' to have his leg. broke. tt.Svmday morti'Iu-g, and l as felt both at bitt and to the field. Shaver and Howlev saved the Ottos fronv being islint out by timely hits in the eighth. Shaver hit safe aud Ho'i'sley followed him- witl* a two-bag- S-er on whicli "Little Billee" scored. Following Is fhe score by innings: Logiiasport ...... 00000001 0—1 Koknmo ......... .0 0 0 3 0 0 0 3 *— 3 Battovk',$— Crosby and Bolan: Rogers and Garvey, •TRIMMED" AT MONTICELLO. The Otrc^, or what was at least a par!, of that tcajjjn, played at Moniticel-Io yesterday. "Y^!rained through six innings of die gnj.u'c, a.iid, there wiis a small ai- tcudaucc. The Moni.k-ellos won by the clive score of IS -to 14. O'Conuell aud Bevillc was tlie bartwy for the Otto.s. and-Sylvestw and Maim for the Monti- cellos. The team p-lay* tliere again to- d.iy. BITS OF BALL NEWS. "Bison Willia-m" Murray, the manager of the Kokomo team, had a scare Sunday night, that will cause him to weigh hws than his customary ton ami a hailf stone for some days. The team was quartered :it the Johnston and Murray had been sirtLng around the lobby a-ll evening, passing rime away until train, time. Ar 12:30 the inAiiager ordered nil hands aboard train, and started to get In the car himself. With Ms cnstcimaiy caution he plunged his hand in- Ills pocket to <?eo if his leather wallet was safe. Ir was gone and as it con- rained scinorhing like seventy-five good plunks, together 'with, the -tickets for the return of :hii" players to'Kokomo,"'he was excited. ''I've been touched," he shou-h'd to the boy*. The wliole team joined hi- -the search for the lost wallet,and Mr. Murray started back to tell the 'clerk at the hotel of his loss. The clerk met Mm at.'thu door and handed Mm the wallet. It hiid dropped from his pocket while he was sitting at the writing desk and'one of the porters had.picked ,it up and turned it in at the desk. The dftuks were out of the question, but Murray -didn't think of that wliori he eai'd: "Boyth,- le-th ha.ve sumthing." There is some mlk of organizing a lit- cle -league .among the clubs which are playing • almost every day m the city. There are six or seven teaims, .some of .them,-.very.-Rood aggregations of. ball tossQiw, which have organized clubs aiii play one or more games eacli week, li they would got together and arrange a schedule'.'they might play a Hiimber of. gameis arid : make it lutewsting- for all concerned: The Boston- Lights, the Southsides, -the Military Band, the Orioles,' the Logansports and the Bridge Cllys; ' together ' with a strong,' team wlikrh lias- been, picked from meniibars. o,f the' various labor unions cf tlie city, would mnkca.vco' compact little league and there would be a great rivalry among them as to which, should win the pennant. 'lilie matter will l>e canvassed, amd .if it is thought tlie cluUs can be put in'line, tlie'league will be announced. 'Tlie Unions, as the team of-the Union* mou is called, would like a game with cither tlie Bridge Citys ot rhe Southsidc team, to be played next Sunday. '.'•'• i The Event of the Day. THE ABSOLUTE Closing Out Sale Of Harry Frank's Stock at Actual Half Price, September First, THE LAST DAY. We Quote a few of the many articles. Our ? 7.50 CahBincr Suits, DOW 53.48 Out 10.50 Cheviot Suits, now 5.50 Our 13.00 Black Clay Suits, naw 6.9S Our 12,00 Irish Frcize Ulsters, now 5.9S Our $.50 All Wool Beaver Overcoat, now 8.9S Our 2.50 All Wool Cassimer rants, now 1.4s Our 1.00 Working Pants, now 1 5S Our 1.00 Fine Laundered Shirts, nov,- .Go Our. .50 Uulaundiircd Shirts, now 25 Our .50 White SWrts and Drawers, now '. .20 Our .50 Gray Shirts and Drawers, now 23 Our .25 Buy Shirts and Drawers, now 1C Our .25 Suspenders, now 08 Our .10 Socks, now 04 Our .20 Coon Collars, now ; 12 Our .10 All Linen Collars, now .10 Choice of any $0.50 and $7.50 Children's suite go at ?3.24. Children's Pants HALF PRICE, Boys' Suits Half Price. Hats Half Price. Gloves Half Price. It will pay anybody to come 23 miles to attend this sale, as you'll never see such a chanct again. Respectfully, HARRY FRANK, 314 FOURTH STREET. Pltteburg 51 40 -OfiO Boston ....40 41 .544 Brooklyn 41 49 .450 Philadelphia 40 50 .444 New'York ;..3S 53 .418 Washington- ... 35 53 .398 St. Louis 2S 03 .308 Louisville ....22 CG .250 PAIR OF ACCIDENTS. Prominent Farmer Probably Fatally Injured in a Runaway. M'KIXLEY CLUB MEETING. There will be a meeting of the McKinley club at -the rink oa Wednesday evening, August 12, -for the purpose ot completing; the organization. Those having subscription' books will kindly hand them Jn so -that a complete roll of tlie .memibersWip can be 'had. We earnestly insist upon, each member being present. By order of GEORGE W.WALTERS, Eresident . DEATH OF JOHN HUTCHtNSON,; John Hutchinson .died ; ait hfe home in Washington .township, :Carw>ll. county, yesterday morntog...-at 10:30 o'clock alter an Illness of more- than a year..Death /was 'due.'to consumption; The funeral will l>e held tomorrow: morning at 0 o'clock from,St. Bridget's Catholic church, serylceft'eonduxjted by, the Rev. Father Krpeger; The:, 'cortege, will leave the-reskJencevnt 7 o'clock.' THEY'RE'ON THE TOBOGGAN*. Cleveland Dropped Another to Pittsburg—Baltimore Won Again. Cleveland is on the toboggan elide in good earnest.'-'Pitrsbwg chalked-up anther defeat • for : the Spiders yesterday by a.good long score. Gloielirmarl did not play, and' 'Baltimore again hod an easy tlime with' the Senators. Following ore scores-of the games yesterday. At .Cleveland—Pittshurs 10, Cleveland 6. -.•• . . , At'Boltlinore—Washington 4, Baltimore 111''- >'•/"•• • • •, At' Ph-itadclphla-^Bostou S, Philadelphia 3. •;•:.".. . .. '.AtBrobldyaT-Xew York 7, Brooklyn 2. . '• - '.'••''. • . . STANDING OF THE CLUBS: Chibs .:>••' Won Lost Per Ct. Baltimore-V-V...'.,. 62 ' 27 ;.696 Cincinnati;".,,-:.Y:.'-:.65-'" ' 29,,"; : ~:C9i CJeveland; ; .'::...,:-.;.57. 33\ '\ "JS33 Chicago••..:;V;.vi:'>V'':;C6 '' . ,40;;%..583' Two serious accidente occurred Saturday night, one of whk:h may prove fatal. Robert McMillln, a prominent farmer of Jefferson' township, was thrown from, his buggy whCe dr.Lv.ing home late Saturday u%ht and dragged a coiualderaible distance, receiving tujur- hw which may prove -fatal. Benjamin Phillips, a young man -whose home is at Waltoii, sit down on Hie station platform at 'Walton and went to sleep. Train, 110, the Louisville express, southbound, struck him. and inflicted injuries w.hk-h, while painful, are not serJous. Mr. MeMil'liu. was in Mic city late Saturday evening. He was driving a fractions horse and when near the Kenneth quarries, the animal suddenly- took fright audi ran, a, way. Mr. McMillin was tin-own Crom tlie buggy and liis foot caught i.n the reius. He wus dragged a distance- of almost half a mile, and llnnlly became loosened and ,fo-ll in the" road, where he was found a short time afterward by James Gates of this citj-, who was returning from a fishing trip. The injured man 1 was brought to the city and taken to St. Joseph's hospital, where Dr. Hethering- tou d'Hftssed his injuries His head was horribly bruised and cut, and it is thought he suffered a fracture of the skull. His bod}' and limbs were also bruised, though no bones were broken. His recovery is 1 doubtful. Benjamin Phillips, who was struck by the Louisville express, J-s not seriously injured. He had been working hard all day Saturday and went to Walton, in •the evening. He sat down on the station platform o,t a late hour -and fell asleep, with Ms foet resting on. the rail. ^Tihe pilot o.f the engine strutk his legs at the knees, and though no bones were broken, he was so badly bruised as to be disabled. He was brought to this city on train No. 3 and taken to the hospital .for repairs, •• • DEATH OF MRS. THOMPSON. Mrs. Sarah J. Thompson died at the Home for the Friendless yesterday morning at 2 o'clock, aged S3 years. She was the mother of six children, none of whom survive her. She had sis grandchildren. Death was due to typhoid fever. For the past fifty years the deceased had been a member of the Broadway M. E. church, aud: was a de- .voted Christian! The funeral 1 will be held this afternoon at 3:30 o'clock from the Home for the Friendless. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. $5 for JjvIO and $12 suits at Otto's. Sec IMS ad. Have you got an extra ?5 note? Otto will give you a $10 or $12 -light wool suit for it. 5,000 yards of finest organdy lawn, 7%c. All of the popular "aM-but-silk" nerw dross, goods, now 7V£c.- r: Bee Hive. Andrew 'BuNieH,--ao<l Andy .Eynn •' were arraigned .-before- Mayor McKee yesterday morning on- the charge of Intoxication~arid were fined each "one cent aud costs. . The marriage of. Henry W. Peters and Miss Anna Carle will.be solemnized at the St. Joseph church Wednesday morning at 8 o'clock. .. ... .The prtees quoted' today la .'Otto'* ad., also other propositions in Otto's ad: hold good only until ttwy close out. SHOE STYLES Some of the New Thtogs for This Fall- Pilling, the Shoe Man Always In the Lead. Line PSlIiing received today one of lie largest shipments of 'adte' fine shots ever sent at any one time to any finn in ttois city; and to say tliat'.thiese goods aire beautiful and the very.. latest iu style and One in quality, is UghUy- put; tlng.it. .;.- V-t.-: ,-'.-:.... . Some of-dspcdallr.Bobby tests jin this lot of shoes Is the. Savoy. ; The new Bonton aimTthe new Tokto; all o.f whJcii are decidedly new. The'Savoy Is taking the lead in the East and promises to be the leader for all correct dressers (both ladies aud geuitietnan); In thiia city. Everybody is requcsSedito call-and see ., these new thtags im slwes, even, tfiou'gli you are not ready ro buy. PdlHng's I shioc house, 412 -Broadway. <

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