The Brandon Sun from Brandon, Manitoba, Canada on October 20, 1964 · Page 11
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The Brandon Sun from Brandon, Manitoba, Canada · Page 11

Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 20, 1964
Page 11
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Want Ads ILt TENDERS WANTED CAHADA nepARTEin of agriculture eVotrl Farm Rehabilitation Administration l! Is tho Intention o1 (he P.F.R.A cjrlng 1ht month of January, 1941, o toli foe !.iJt.- lor the iVjn-,l,r. Hon oi Asslnlbclne River Pro! eel. c tT k iJa2 CONTRACT 3 ? IS 1o I iurp3:e j1 tfils le leotur GOODLANflK (c,.:..,, .. il. McKinnon. w'-n ;. . I home in nr. v.i. fwn's wroniw ,t T " nonored friend, "nnS 01 her Mrs. Wvntt r,( ,linB, received and u,e ladi .of u home wcre aucsljf Mr!.s u, with (the jtft of a chair. aiusicai entertainment was MeKillop Holiday and Mrs. or l lie home is 5e :.v-5 end !2, Tvi mil! Eoit ond tvo miles North o1 irw town of Shelrmouth, Manifold. It Is tentatively estimated that Contract 3 -Embankment, Stage 1 will rq Iff Cite cljr'r.g gm potting of 1,503,000 cu. yd of cerv-Irwt end Impervious material, "'(bid Information Including pr. equeit, irom the untferVigntd office In Regino, sask. v i. G. Wotson Chlei Engineer, p.F.R.A. th Floor, Alolfierwelf Biej. o?hfsr- $1100 Raised At Fun Fair RE.STDV r.Cni-i. from the Resion Unit MospiLal Aids annua fun f-,,-. ' peeled to he $1,100 eX" ! Tllf .. to be heWin th"; . " '!" ink. mim -Mrs. Doug watt was in charge ran v us Your Honlth K 4 " " 1 $ by Dr. Lester Coleman MARKET I REPORTS WINNIPEG GRAIN WiNNIPPr. rrm OATS TmUpr, Qctr W, iWj THK M.AMOOH Obituaries 11 lv of r-hiiri i 7...., J 1WS cleaning solvents are spring nace to' hcaith. TtT aTLTeVmrec and I iime uic most aruuous tour years that children become Pleas by public health cduca- curious climbers and be-in to tors, almost 2.000 deaths liai.. r -v,, ) , ,. .,,' pen e.ich year in the United closets, and hidden areas About Maies from chemical poison- the age of five, youngsters pa 3 !g alone. The number of non- through this tasting. exploration IJata eases ic ntHmaSoA at nprirui v ' . il 7- ",,u "i-Luiiie more :au I than 1.000.000 vear v tjOUS hn..4 1,1 . SFORTS-STANDARDS- WE SERVICE THEM ALL ALL MAKES OF IMPOKTKD CARS MAJOR OR MINOR REPAIRS Free Pickup and Delivery DON GAMBLE LTD. THE IMPORTED CAR CENTRE 18th Street North and No. 1 Highway B.M.C. JAGUAR. SALES AND SERVICE dangerous substances. The number of fatalities due the consump t i o n of aspirin most surprising. This effec- 'C dlUC is nnvmnllv nm. iilciod one of the safest of all Tlie Yet such nwi'U'hKlml.. cl!,. pressive as the single unneees-lr 'J ut-.iLji mat. occurs 10 some- Jone close to us, A few cljati.rir. null .-,. ,n w.o pjuijjL-m, j'oisonjng js a(. ""..L.ii ijuuefioifj drugs. The ways accidental attd almost a!- tendency to make aspirin more ways the result of rareWnP r.r,i-..,.M l j: . Children are the chief victims. -More than 50 per cent of all ipDisonings occur in children be- J J "uuren low the age ol five years, and more than candy. of two years. The fact that stands out mostlin coiiijejJijigiv in ihe report iromj-"' i-u,su,i wuuoi ventre oi tne " ioa persons under the age of -ew York City department of 20, in a six - year period, were health, frnrn nVii.h h k, cnT.tilwj .i. 'statistics were drawn, is that I If a nnisnn r,,,iilAj j infants and children, who are most important immediate . ' iut.i uiem- tirst - aid measure is tn trv to 'often aJIf ri i 'T' S mos! dilUte lMilk' water- Wt Of h'n i j V""?1-'3 U1 ""snesia, truit juice or diluted Itai onSaSz "'"""A Always in thP ru ,J- "Biranie. uau for L-r-iin- t '". nospitat immediately. Keep the I to taV e h ; n y container; valuable time can be palatable has disadvantages as '.veil as advantage:, because to I many children it is nothing Jye. bleaches, insecticides, sleep- .5 .djiocjeaning timtls. In I that lies in their reach 'iortunately, bleaches, insecti- DAIRY QUEEN WILL CLOSE FOR THE SEASON TOMORROW WED. OCT. 21 HOURS: 11 a.m. to 10:00 p m ALL HOME-PAK ON SALE THANKS! Ralph and Staff thank you for your patronage and wtSJ e you in the spring'! $ PARKDALE BUILDERS 500 is allowed by the Federal Government directly to you as a winter works incentive if you have your home built in ths winter. HERE'S HOW IT WORKS . , I u,- ,ce 1 12,013 j 1Z,25a,B M4f720 111,118 1 mftli 13,158 ' r-HtJ '895 j ff234Jt.l 162" S.00 1 '500" S0QM 500 TOUl $1062 PLEASE NOTE: N0 hidden charge ALL HOME PRICES ABOVE INCLUDE: Full basement Mahogany trim throughout 9 Complete interior and exterior decoration 1 year full guarantee GAS FIRED FORCED AIR FURNACE PARKDALE BUILDERS SUTHERLAND AGENCIES LTD. H4 Ttertti Strtt M A THOI.L ROBCRTSON MAXINE CLARK MURIEL. HIGGENS .1 W.-17 ... 3 Yi-w; iAPESEED- Noy 1 MV.b Jart, - Worth ;.56Via Ooli: I :w am; t feed 79. 3 2 c 4-rov l.JS'.i; 1.2?'.'e; Irotk 1.27V, Jojtph Ywrtkl Funeral service for the late Joseph Vaworski, whose death occurred in Brandon Saturday, will be held at the Brockie Donovan Chapel Wednesday ni. 10 a.m. Prayer service will be held at tht! chape! tbi.s evening at 3 p.m. Mr. 1 aworski is survived by his -"K, AGine. one daughter and three sons, Mrs. h. Chamberlain, V. alter and ,f,je nf Brandon and Frank of ingersoll, Ont. There e i g n i grandchildren, a brothe'r, I,av.r' in Brandon, t;r"n '"-'thers in Poland. Mr. Yaworski had farmed northeast of Brandon since 1931 and prior Flox: 1 Ropewcd; tin. 1 ConaaW l.if.i. AT CHICAGO CHICAGO (API - firnln rlr. 54; Way 1.54'i-Yj; July l.5Wi; Sept, V'h-at (old): Dec. I.SOlsub. ,,Says U.S. Strafes .North Viet Nam Way 1.3?; ' July wti ; Sept. ti. 1 poison is known. Dn llfir trancfa stances into soda bottles, coffee cans or milk, bottles. ftJ, 1J1C 1,-L.JJiLLlIll OO- hects of a child's scrutiny, "too j-ikcu twain .enticing ,p!ll - ...,uit u.c uroiui oi your family by checking and. double - .inese- coiumns are : designed juuj. icara aoout health through a .better undei-- ..,uu,s ui-,.uur rnina aca DOdy. All the hopeful ;new advances in medicine reporfed here' are known jo doctors everywhere. iour individual medical prob- iofc- Twii,M L 1 j.-j . uivi iiomueu ay your own doctor. He knows ydii best. Two Returned In Albert RM nomination meeting of tie RM oe TAlbert, held in Tilston last week, councillors Lome T. Watt ward two, and John M. Williamson, -ward four, were returned to office by acclamation, i At a ratepayers meeting following the nominations a proposed grant to the Rsston Rink I was discussed and rejected, Rve; D?c. 1.2Ai-i Moy l.aiTsj July 1.31. WINNIPEG STOCK VIKHIPEG (CP)-Trnde wot (airly active Mondoy on ihe Winnipeg v- 51 ecfl y to 50 csn Caffif rhfir. peod 21.Sa-22.50,- gjod heifers 'l 1S-16; good feeder steers I7.5o-5o Colvts 1,52J: Good rnd choice 26-30. Hogs 200: GraiJe A dresu-ri 717! Sheep end iambi Gosd ;romti ' TORONTO STOCKS TORONTO (CP) - The stock marker advanced across o narrow fractional range during oniy moderate trading Monday, a Ben W.etali gained Qh cents to ";: cfn'i v; h turnover o! l.M.'.TK shares, :he flrsJ time on Individual S.MGO.V 'AH)Radio Hanoi cnarged Sunday night that three U.S. fihler aircraft from Laos nd South Viet Nam bombed and strafed a North Vietnamese vill;,Sc on Friday and Saturday, . It claimed three U.S. fighter bomhers from Laos bombed and strafed Karua Hllaoi fn tj,a militarized zone on the Retlub- llC Of North y;or w,, 4.A,-:t. at 9 a.m. Friday. Three U.S. aircraft from Snrirh ViHjKm strafed Karau and a number of other places such as Sana aud Ramai in the samo arps Cah.r. day mornjr.g, the North 'Vietnamese broadcast charged. to that had been employed with Cummin" and Dobbie. Milliard G. M. LiHl. Many friends gathered at Minto u.. Lnurcn ntmny afternoon to honor tho memory of the late ffilliard Garnett Milton Liule wnose death occurred in Minto muiway evening. Kev. J M Wilson officiated at the church and committal services. Interment was in Minto cemetery. Mr. Little was horn in Minto and farmed there all of his lifetime He is survival by one sister, Mrs Ruby L. Citmphell of Marietta Georgia, U.S. Wlllim Hutt - MONTREAL (CP) - yunrat service will be held today for William Null, K, former secretary-treasurer and auditor of the Herald Press which operated the ontroa! Herald He died Monday. He retired in 1957 after the newspaper ceased publication. Russell William (Bun) Boll LONDON. Ont. CP-Kussell William Buzz) Boll. h4, operator of a commercial anj industrial real estate firm here for the last 10 years, will be buried here Wednesday. Mr, Boll, who has also beer, a news and photography correspondent fnr th Toronto Telegram died of cancer Sunday. Arils Snyder CHICAGO fAPj Arlis Sny if, 61. of SnriiiBfloW i official of the Brotherhood 0! uriLunioute engineers, diedl. m.. Saturday nisrht r.frw ho ,.,.1 iLQiOl MCLnn rai:ra Hnire attending a dinner. Snyder was chairman of .isii.ecrs iouis and sai Francisco Railroad Lodge. Windfall wodi tne inoustriol lilt vros pttl! Trust add.rf il resoeci ve v, th. at'or inn' ono uiiFiiisri 5ec- 000 iharei Austin Phone Staff Honored SIDNEY (Special) A PSth. ing was held at the: Gordon Motor Inn, Portage la -Prairie, rd its' i-ciacutir ieit. '! lo nor "e bldney .. Ak.iid,iSt; Mail. A. J- Pilgrim, commercial super- v.aut. was in cnarge of arrangements and welcomed thp m.Dcfc Corsages were presented to the tames and .ir. Pilarim sojke on the "Best Kent Premises. fV,Tn. petition." ' Following dinner Mr '.PiltrriTr, congratulated the Sidney staff j .a iiitroaucea rt. N. . Williams who prese.ited cheque's to district man George . Ardogh and Miss Carrie Hall, chief , operator. These 'were for' fittf nrWr, in the Portage wire- section and Second prize . m the Provincial Rose Bowl competition. A framed certificate ivas also .presented to Miss "Halt. , Other officials ; brssent n-hn offered congratulations were W. riampkOn, Winnipeg, provincial traffic superintendent; Mr. Cav ers, Winnipeg, general plant manager; R. S. 'Bernier, plant' supervisor at Portae la Prairie.1 and Don Bradshaw. traffic supen-isor at Portage. The members of the staff and gutsLi ureaeni were: .Mr. and Mr;-. Georse Ardosh. Mis Hnli Mr. and llrs. Oscar Dunton, Miss Gail Sylvester, Mrs. William Sylvester and Mr. and Mrs. L. Wright. Of IPo. Atumli grom eacn wcned on Vj loi snd '. CPR and Dominion Electrohome each advanced to S2V ond 15 Algcma reiepao-e arid Co gary 23?i reipeciivefy. Industrial losses were scattered. ",i t 2.i and 76. . The senior bese metals list featured u ramutr h issues wnn netty coins. day as the 12.s!ocX gold rndex set d record high of 150.U2 ot its noon com-pllatlon. Glont Yeilovknite was the main Impetus behind t.e rise, gaining 0 e f.-jh .rl 1; D-Ck- lo 12 on news ihot it hos offered to buy all the outstanding common shares of. Corwdo Oil Lands at S3.25 eart 1i. Tht- deal coiild involve lust under ahead 15 cents to $3.05 after selling i-enT5 nigner in nsnt VDlum". Horrre A era h n;ni 1: .- each to end 1Vj, , i'iub, inausinais rose .60 to 4S.W ond 1hs TSE index .52 fo 755.00, vhile golds ga'ined l.5 to U9.45. Ba netals rose .02 to 71. S hut L72 fo 9ila- Volume was. Friday. ' ' Dr. Richard L. Weaver ANN AFfROR iiPh no Dr. Richard L. Weaker, 03. professor of conservation and education in the University of Michigan sehnr.l nf natural rr-smirr.. died Saturday, fotloving a heart Baron Ronald de Reufer GENEVA (Renter?) -r, Ronald de Renter, 65, a grand' ..uu m Uie lounaers oi Keuters .news Agency, died here Friday. His elder brother. Baron Olive de Reuter, 70, the head of the family, lives at Lausanne, Swit- Foot To UN From AP-Reuren LONDON (CP) 4 Rr-UTcI, I diplomat who resigned as a del egate to the Unite. Nstmnc in disagreement with Conservative government oolicv wa nartW Sunday as Britain's permanent j - :"pr-5raEat:vc under ths new Labor government. Sir Hugh Foot, hi, was appointed minister of state for foreign affairs by Prime Minister Harold Wilson, who spent the day at his officp fn in Downing Street interviewing prospective office holders. Foot, former Governor M C,ini3, was serving as British representative at the UN in ise2 when he resigned ia protest over the Conservative poliev on Southern Rhodesia. He" said it could not be defended against auoLhi uy Duncan and Asian nations. 4-H Club Head RESTON (Special) Carol McLean was eleeiM nr; of the Resion 4-H Home Econom- jl4 l.uu a 1 me recent reorganizations! meeting. Other officers are Bonnie Zarn vice-president; Wendy Wilkins' secretary and Eileen Parker' treasurer. Junior leaders are Carol McLean, Sharon Sturby and Bonnie Zarn. Grouo lfj?r'r-c Tom Champion, Mrs. W. Camr bell, Mrs. Trev Sharratt, Mrs. uiga z,arn, .Mrs. G. Pengelh Mrs. Max Caldwell, Miss Sefiv ' Ink and Mrs. Perrv Rocan. Mrs. A. Arnold Wins Rose Bowt BOISSEViAlN fSpecial) - Mrs A. J. Arnold was the winner oi the rose bow!, emblpmatir ,F top placing in the Home Grounds v.uiujjKLtiions sponsored tn- the Boissevain and District rtramhar of Commerce Town Planning and Dduuncauon committee. Other winners were: Mrs. Margaret Aitkens. second; Cecil Orrias, third: Mrs. A. J. McCausInnri fourth. In the Most Improvement to Home Ground comnetitinn Mr- Harold Smith was first and A. Robinson was second with Jack Jackson and Jim Pugh, Jr., as runners-up. awards will be presented at ie annual meeting smnwrwi by the Beautification Committee in the spring. Raise $45 ELKHORN (Knril Tl, -C-lv horn Women's Institute held a cancer tag day recently that netiea a sum of 545.10. Mrs. Jessie Robertson is president of the organization and collectors were Odette Dimit. Darlene Shoemaker, Mami U'Greysek and Lorraine Johnson. I MEMBER DP THE CANADIAN PRESS The Canadian Press Is exclusively entitled to the us for re-publication of all news dispatches credited to it v to The Associated Press in this paper and also the local news published taenia. Want to buy a red convertible? Get a Commerce Red Convertible Loan. Or maybe yourmfe would prefer a green sedan, Sedan, convertible, canoe, piano, or wardrobe... plea yourself (or your wife). One of a wide variety of Commerce loans can be tailored to your needs Phone or visit me Loan Department of any Commerce branch. CANADIAN IMPERIAL BANK OF COMMERCE

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