Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on May 12, 1963 · Page 1
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 1

Del Rio, Texas
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Sunday, May 12, 1963
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2A ; -DEL RIO, TEXAS, NEWS-HERALD, Sunday, May 12, W63 Dump Truck Kills Ciudad Acuna Man CIl'DAD ACUNA—-lose Bautistn. "i'J, \v;is fatally injured Saturday when lie was struck by a dump truck on a downtown street. Police are holding Laxaro C'a> tin, 22, driver of the trwk. pending iiAostigation of the accident. Thi' mishap occured about 7: IS ii i-i on Acuna's main street, Hi- <!alt'o, near its intersection with .1 i.,ri'/ Street. Aci-nrdinj; to reports, I>;iulisl;i st<'|p|><'<i from behind a parked \ ;>!.:'< Ic into the path of the oncom- in:> Cily of Acuna truck. The driver -.ut-rved sharply in an effort '.'i :iH-!s the man but his bond was Dr. Nord Makes Process Tests on Lechugilla Here Finwl tests made with local w,i- t' r no processing the juice of th" !• < hinjilla plant have been m;ui'' ;•?!'! "Innk promising" fur cum mi -rcial use. ]>r (.;. .1. N'ord of Ashevillc. \M-ih Carolina, king an interested acKnejiit' of the native plant for < ornmwial use. and Dr. B. F. Scheii. consulting chcmist-engin- '•'.•!• i if Kockaway. N'cw Jersey, S»'i)i miiri' than week in Del Rio conduct inu the tests before leav- iiii; for Sun Antonio and then \ew Jersey. l-'tir many years Dr. Xord has experimented with lechugilla and hiis repnrtcd it has medicinal properties, that its juices may be used for many purposes and that its fibre can be made useful commer- i tially. from time to time he has vis- ; itr'i thrs area, checked on the Ic- j i liiiL'.i![;t plants available and •fiiiL'.liT to convert it to commercial; uses. I Jr. N'ord and Dr. Schoen con- ' (erred with Sam H. Walk, who has v.orked with Dr. Nord since the Del Kinan was president of the • riiamher of Commerce on llu; pmjcc-1. They gathered some of the le- chuiiilla and did some preliminary processing in Del Rio. then shipped it to New Jersey." Walk rein >r ted. , "Dr. N'ord is quite hopeful thut ; the plant, which is mostly a nuis- ; ance to ranchmen, can be put to commercial use. In the early days • <if our investigations I had hoped j it might mean bringing a large i processing plant to Del Rio; whe-i tfier or not such a thing ever works i out. it would still be quite an ac- I complishment if the lechugilla can be marie useful. Many of the, ranches around here are full of it—there's a plentiful supply, when we find how to use it." Dr. N'ord and Dr. Schoen visit- ; ed Mr. and Mrs. Walk and Mr. ; and Mrs. Ed Brauer while in Del H>i>. They visited ranches with lira tier to check on the lechugilla struck by the dunin bed of the truck. liaiitistat was rushed to the Moderno Hospital nearby where he was pronounced dead. Around Town . . (Continued from Page l) JUDY LOVE HAS BEEN SE- Icctod by Cardinal Key as one of two outstanding sophomore women at Southwestern Umver-; sily in Georgetown'. "This is a distinguished honor re-cognizing iifit only achievements of this year lint also your potential fur future ;,'rowth and accomplishment," a t letter to Judy from Martha M. Allen, dean of women, stated, in- t forming the Del Rioan of her honor. "Your record for this year indicates your awareness and con- , errn for the principal aims n!, this University. We are proud to ' have you as a member of Southwestern community." Judy is the, daughter of Wayne and Josephine! Uivc of Dei .Rio. j • « . • ( BARNEY ADAMS, SON OF MR.j and Mrs. Barnett Adams of Del • Rio, has been selected'to receive! Uie Texas Christian University ] Chancellor's Award, an honor in-! finding a $350 scholarship for the j 1JKJ3-W scholastic year. Outstand- j ing leadership qualities and high j scholastic averages in TCU and! the Air Force ROTC were qualifi- '< cations and Barney was selected; as the oustanding candidate from ttiose in the junior class Air Force ROTC. The award was presented Friday afternoon on the TCU campus at the Awards Day ceremony.! tyajor Zane G. Brewer, professor of Air Science, wrote Barney's • parents "We are proud of Barney, as we know you are, for this achievements in our program and his success to the university. We feel that he is a credit to you and the University and is an oustanding potential commissioned officer tor Uie United States Air F-orce." .« * • « 'OIL fttO H«OH SCHOOL SE- nters will bold Class Night Tuesday mt'&'ip.m .ia the auditorium of the school with rehearsal for i the alftir iptaaned lor Monday ^'.ifft 1 *** *: issiles have miles and it dou- Horse Show. . . (Onnttnued from Page 1) CM;i*s 28 .lunior Culling—1. Royal Taffy. L. M. Pearce, Houston. Texas: 2. Six Shooter Cody, Swins- in' \V Ranch. Bulverde, Texas; 3. Doc Strain, Rohert Monk, Dallas, Toxas. I'liiss 29 Senior Cultins—1. Janie ("all. Diaries S. Coates, Chappell Hill; 2 & a Tie—Chance Wolf, Jack-' son J'iirkcr. Odessa; Star Dusl Desire. E. K. Bissett. Bandera. {'lass 21 — .Junior Reining J. I.acy Lou's Doll. A. T. McDonald, Houston. Texas; 2. Flu Fla.'W. W. \V;irdlaw & Sons. Del Rio, Texas; 3. Bohhie Blooro, Swinging' W Riinch. Kan Antonio, Texas. Dass 22—Senior Reining l.Tio Jn(>. Charles Jloelschc-r. Alice, TexHS: •>. Rio Zan, R. B. Owens, Car- rivfi -Springs; 3. Chubby Bum, Jim Ksny, Ft. Davis. Class 23—Junior Barrel Race, 202 Comet Hancock, S.S. Perner, O/ona: 21.4 Suel King, Billy Fisher. Utopia: 27.5 Friday's Child, Kilson D. Ryland, Uvalde, Texas. Class 24—Senior Barrel Race— 18.2 Joe Change, Billy Fisher, Utopia; 19.7 Goodie Star, Sparks Rust. Del Rio; 19.9 Trigger Fish, Billy Fisher, Utopia; 21.4 Dapper Rust, Sparks Rust, Del Rio, Texas; 25.2 Corker Rust, Spark Rust, Del Rio, Texas. Class 25—Western Pleasure— 1. Kings Wimp, T. E. Anedrson of Dallas. 2. Lady Aledo Bar. Mary Ann Parris of Lubbock; 3. Shiek Lee Hill. M & M Roy L. Lee. Lubbock. Class 27—Sonior Roping— 1. Dec- cadee. W. II. Wardlaw, Del Rio. Texas; 2. Joe Charge, Utopia; ^. Spencer Jim, Jack O. Miller, Victoria. Texas. Class 26—Junior Roping — 1. Spencer Lee, Jack Miller, Victoria: 2. Miss Lullaby, Gaines Whin- linglon, Luling; 3. Pettit Tino. Carl Vickers. Corpus Christi, Texas. 1963 marcs: 1. Unnamed. Dee Harrison, Dei Rio: 2. No Name, Sparks Rust. Del Rio. 1962 Mares—1-H Youth Class: 1. Spicey Rose, Abb Rose, Del Rio: 2. Vente Star, Joe Kerr Jr., Del Rio. 3962 Marcs: I. Aledo Lixa Bars, Mary Anne Parris. Lubbock; 2. Miss Arxcsia, Frank Henrickson, Arxcsia Wells: 3. King's Star Face, Jess Coy, Eldorado. 1961 Mares: I. Lady Aledo Bars.j Mary Anne Parris, Lubbock; 2.1 Joe's Hula Hoop. Charles S. Coates. j Chappell Hill: 3. King Wimp Hazel, i Whitchcad & Funderburgh, Deli Rio. | 1960 Marcs: 1. Randy's Rixa,! Jant'll Knight. Lubbock; 2. Jean; Chance. Gco. Short, Valentine; Dixie's Smokey, Patricia SUilting, j Karnes City. | 1959 Mares: 1. Janie Cal, Charles S. Coates. Chappcl! Hill; 2. King's Bar Maid, Shankle Ranch. San Antonio; 3. Bobby Bloor, Swinging W Ranch, Buluerde. 4-H Youth CUss 1963 Stallions: 1. Unnamed, Cookc & Pitcox, San Antonio; 2. L'nnamed, Sparks Rust, Del Rio. 1962 Stallions: 1. Peppy Aledo, Ed Lee Renfro, Sonora; 2. Unnamed. Joe Kerr Jr., Del Rio. 1961 Stallions: 1. Mister Boss, A. T. McDonald, Houston; 2. Mas de Dandy, Jim Espy, Ft. Davis; 3. Dusty Taylor, Raymond Landnim, Arlesia Wells. 1960 Stallions: 1. Payday Dandy, Jim Espy, Ft. Davis; 2. Sixshooter Cody. Swingin' W Quarter Horse Ranch, Bulverde; 3. Easy Me- Cue, H. C. Espy, Ft. Davis. 1959 Stallions: 1. King Wimp, F. E. Anderson, Dallas; 2. Tio Joe, Charles Hoelscher, Alice; 3. .King Hank, Double Mac Ranch, New Ulm. 1961-62 Geldings: 1. Aza'r's San, Chas. Perkins Jr., Dallas. 1959-60 Geldings: 1. Jerome King, Shankle Ranch, San Antonio; 2. Shiek Tec Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lee, Lubbock; 3. Comet Hancock, S. S. Perner, Ozona. Performance Class. Appaloosa Show. Junior Reining—1. Punto Rawhide, Jean Atkinson, Kenedy; 2. Quanah's Tonka, W. R. Johnson, Kenedy. Senior Reining — 1. Missoula Lodge, Waft Wardlaw, Del Rio. Barrel Racing—-l.Pecos Cochise, Allen Askins, Pumpville; 2. Cricket C, Herman Chandler( Dryden. Stake Racing—1. Pecos Cochise, Allen Askins, Pumpville; 2. Cricket C, Herman Chandler, Dryden. Junior Roping—1. Romeo Go, Willard Keel,' Big Springs; 2. Mr. Texas, Bill Brewer, Abilene. Senior Raping — 1. Cricket C, Allen Askins, Pumpville; 2. Mis- sodla Lodge, Walt Wardlaw, Del Rio. Jtralor Racing — 1. Whistler's Speck, B. K. Holm an, Del Rio; 2. Coehise's Lad, 'Virgil Sanders. San Angelo. 'Junior Cutting—1. 'Dandy Domino, 'Bally Rabertsou, Omanejie; 2. Quanafca's f«*ka,'«r. R. Johnson, KeiMdy. Barge Completes Trip Up Trinity ARLINGTON, Tex. (AP)—The sleek and shallow barge Trinity Belle completed Saturday an historic cruise up the Trinity River from the Gulf, a voyage to prove the muddy stream through middle ; Texas is navigable. | "A nice test run and demon! stration proves that the channel is there and under proper contro there can be proper transportation," said Mayor Earl E. Cabell of Dallas. Cabell and Mayor Tom Vnnder- griff of Arlington were among the 150 to 200 people who greeted the 24-foot aluminum barge and its crew of four when the craft Leaders in Fort Worth and Dallas and a dozen or more smaller cities downstream want to make the Trinity a barge canal at the cost of $911 million federal dollars. They point to the swift growth of Houston since that city dredged Buffalo Bayou and created the Houston ship channel- Vandergriff said this: "We're excited about the proof that it is possible that the Trimly River can be navigated." After the crew landed and shook hands around, the two mav- ors were taken for a short cruise docked at 2 p.m. at the spot whore j down tne r iver a nd back. FRONT SAN FELIPE HIGH BAND Rosie Peim- tert, kneeling with baton, is Drum Major for San Felipe High School Band for next year. Majorettes are, left to right, Teresa Flores, Cecilia Castellanos, Linda de Hoyos, Thelma Buentello and Laura Pena. (News Herald Photo) Soviets Attempting to Mend Rift With Communist China Judge Authorizes Montes to Put XERF Back on Air CIUDAD ACUNA—Big radio sta- By JOHN M. HIGHTOWER D ,„ k ,-,•,• u , ... t t . • u - dispute, wil] be back on the air but we arc But the belief m high quarters disarmament discussions which soon ciudad Acuna attorney Saul there." Texas 360 crosses the river. Texas Republicans Hitch Tteir Hopes To Barry Goldwater AUSTIN" (AP) — Texas Republican 'leaders made big -expansion plans Saturday based on their hopes that Sen. 'Barry Goldwater, R-Ariz., will win the 1964 GOP nomination and the presidency. "Texas, can lead the South and the South can lead the nation in electing Gotdwater," state Chairman Peter O'Donnell of Dallas told the State GOP Executive Committee. He is national chairman of -a movement to draft Goldwater as a candidate. Goldwater has not said yet if he would accept a draft. "Goldwater may be the first president to be dragged kicking and screaming into the White House," said Mrs. G. N. McDan. **« vice chairman, {o put him WASHINGTOX (AP)—Kennedy also is that Khrushchev does not have been going on in a 17-nation j administration officials have con- want to break off East-West dis- meeting at Geneva for months past, eluded that Soviet Premier cus.sions during this period, so So far they have served mainly to Khrushchev has decided !o make that exchanges on a number of confirm the wide gap between M. Monies said Saturday after a court decision in his favor. District Judge Able Hernandez Sen. John Tower, R - Tex., Trucks and cars started gathering on the highway at the bridge. Occupants said they thought sometime had drowned, unaccustomed as they were to navigation on the silted river. The barge, captained by smiling Freeman Gross of Arlington, started Us cruise Monday at Anahuac. The craft draws only six or seven inches of water. Obstacles such as logjams, rapids and hois d'arc .swamps were negotiated more easily than expected. Authorities Seek Apparent Amnesia Victim's Identity A young man in his 20s, apparently an amnesia victim, was in custody of Del Rio police Saturday night. Officers said he had been brought to Val Verde Memorial Hospital by "somebody who picked him up on the highway," complaining of a headache. He was released by the hospital and police were trying to es- pledged his support of Goldwater j tablish his identity Saturday night. and predicted 10 or 12 "or even \v. Skelton, police dispatcher, Carlo of Piedras Negras rendered 15" new Republican senators may j sait i tnc yQun g man is about six a serious effort to bridge the gap issues arc expected to continue. ; Moscow and Western capitals : the decision Friday in favor of be elected in 1964. feet tall, weighs 175 pounds and between the Soviet Union and Red Soviet Ambassador Anatoly Do- over the whole range of disarma- j Monies as intervenor in behalf of "With the right candidate for is wearing levis and a sport shirt. China. After appraising brynin met with Secretary of State . ment questions, all the evi- Dean Rusk in Rusk's office for i j ne Kennedy administration's union employes of the station. The decision .'authorized Mantes president, and by that I inean | "He talks as if he is well edu- Barry Goldwater, we can improve ' cated and comes from a gooti dence they can get on Soviet in- about 20 minutes Saturday to talk : nope f or progress in this field had , to put the station into operation i our position in the South, Middle family," tentions, they have come to the about disarmament problems. The Doel , f ocussct i on the nuclear test' to be able to satisfy union claims West and the Border States," ; can't rei conclusion that Khrushchev will State Department disclosed that ban ta |j( S which have also been f° r 300,000 pessos in back wages. ! Tower said. 'he got I Skelton said, "but he remember who he is or how seek to restore some semblance of he gave Rusk an informal memor- ; uru j er way j n Geneva But Presi- unity to the Communist bloc. andum covering a number of dis- ;C]enl Kennedy told a news confer- Thcse policy makers therefore armament questions. But officials \ ence j as t week that prospects are expect that at best Soviet policy said these did not include the | not toward the West will follow a deadlocked nuclear weapons test tough line for the next several ban negotiations. • he got here." months. At worst it may become So far as could be determined, more aggressive and expansion- Dobrynin did not open up any new ist. prospects of a breakthrough Tn the Truck Wreck Hurts 29 Migrant Workers GREELEY, Colo. (AP)—Twenty bruises. nine persons, including 10 children. Three were taken to the hospital were injured Saturday when n here. They are Emileo Miranda. truck in which they were ridin; went into a ditch. :\2 of San Benito, Tex., who had ! severe facial lacerations; Angelo The group were beet workers • Armadello, 31, also of San Benito, and their families en route from shoulder and chest injuries; and Texas to a migrant labor camp at Lucio Bernadino, 30. of Lubbock, Ft. Lupton. Colo., where they were Tex., back and hand injuries, to be assigned to jobs in Montana. The accident occurred about 4 Dr. Eugene Hesse, who gav,? a.m. on Colorado 79 about 2Vi first aid. said none appeared ser- miles south of Prospect Valley, iously hurt. Most bad cuts and Most of the group were asleep. ACTION AT ITS BEST—fThis is part: of \thc top notch stop and go action demonstrated in the senior division reining performance at the fourth annual Quarter Horse Show held here Saturday afternoon. The event was won by Janie Cal, owned by Charles S. Coates of Chappell Hill. (News-Herald Photo) The decision is based on an in-1 tra-union dispute between station employes represented'by Montes and a rival group of discharged , . . , i employes." The discharge'd emplby- Thc Presuient had received a es c!aim the station QWes them message from Khrushchev, responding to an appeal Kennedy 120,000 pesos in back wages. Montes said he expects to have and British Prime Minister Harold : tne sta tion • in operation within aj Macmillan recently made to speed | week so tnat ne wi jj be abie to , up the test ban talks. I pay the 120,000 pesos to the dis-1 Khrushchev's letter, it is under- i charged employes and thus settle stood, did not give the President | the dispute. i any encouragement for the future I Montes said he plans to post a of the negotiations, hut rather re- 50,000 peso bond required by the 'lected an unyielding stand on ba- : court Monday. | sic Soviet policy, including mini- | : mum provisions for inspections to police a test ban. In the circumstances, Kennedy predicted a new round of nuclear weapons testing by the great powers and said if that happens it 50 Persons Drown As Flood Hits Iran j will be a great disaster for all > TEHRAN, Iran fAP) - -More 1 , h j than 50 persons drowned when concerned. Brief Showers Possible Sunday Brief, isolated aftcrnv,on and heavy floods swept through Iran's' i chief overseas port of Khurram- j i shahr on the Persian Gulf Friday, i I Eyewitnesses 'said many bodies [were floating In the Karoun River, 'which runs into the gulf at the (port city. evening showers or thundcrshow- TO VISIT AMERICANS rs may fall Sunday but little: MEXICO CITY (AP) — Fifty change in temperature is expected Mexican students will spend a | ay the Weather Bureau. j month in the homes of Americans . Skies will be partly, cloudy and j n several United States cities i occasionally cloudy. i t),j s yca r in a program sponsored j Summer heat beset Texas Sat- by the cosmopolitan club, urday. I By noon, the mercury was' above or near the 100 mark in the southern Panhandle and still climbing. Childress had 101 degrees. In sharp contrast, cold air covered much of the north and winter-depth snows covered some areas such as Maine and northern New York. The cold air wasn't expected to dip into Texas, how^ ever. f Forecasts called for a few afternoon thundershowers in South Texas and the Panhandle late Sunday. Little change in the pattern of humid heat was in store for the weekend. IT'S COMING! TUESDAY MAY 14th. TCYAC GAS DISTRIBUTING 1 *** f + t * w-*w SYSTEMS INC. 110 E. Broadway 775-3555 Body of Man Found hi East San Antonio SAN ANTONIO (AP)—The de composed body of Frank Sralla, M, was found dead Friday in a pasture in east San Antonio. He fead been shot in the head. A pistol *as beside the body. UNIFORM LAWS MEXICO CITY (AP) — State Attorneys general meeting here have agreed to work for the standardization of state criminal laws in MfOSCAR VALDIS MNTI8T Office M*. 1 ta BMW LMmge BMf, Mate 81 CflTOAD ACCHA, MBXICO TTS-MM SB A TRIBUTE TO MOTHER! Abraham Lincoln said, "all that I am, or ever can be, I owe to my mother." And that, we think, sums up what all of us think about our mothers. It isn't only on Mother's Day that we should revere the name and memory of Mother. Every minute of every day we should unstintingly show our love and endeavor to-make her'life easier and happier. If your Mother has; passed <on, show >tha+ her memory *till lives -in .your heart. Visit the cemetery frequently and lay lovely living flowers on the sacred spot where she,sleeps fdrever. This will be a tok- •«n payment of all she did if or you. We Represent Only The Major Insurance Companies SINCE 1906 ftfft GENERAL INSURANCE AOtHCY 701 S. Main S*..- 775-2411

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