Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 9, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 9, 1944
Page 7
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SATURDAY/SEPTEMBER 9, 1944 NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS If II Is T ° Be Had... A -News Want Ad Will Get It For You . , . Call 2228 LOOK WHAT YOU GET FOR 63 A ,\";rui;'utiu'k Xcvvs l '1,'is.sil'u'il Ad h;it "U'ill .Bring \'ou Kusults (.' .lf;if'l. Call 2228 TODAY! Personals For Rent, liOUMIH To living room, extra IIII-RO bedroom, kitchen, bath. Newly renovated. Adults. 7-1 Can-oil Sc, Announcements And Found LAUGH \V'ol| e IVivat.: Uniini for runt. Call Grossman, Announcements .HAVING LOST my K u» rutloii book A,', issued to me' by the local - rationing 1 board, I hereby file application Cor-a new one. STANLEY -TATARYNOWICZ. Contractors I'llintlnjr 1.,1'KUl Notices H:\VK A KKCOKD MAIHC of your voice iit oil!' hiKiths. Music Co.. -O.'J li.'ink street. Tel. •I-1'I2L Wiitei-lnu-y Employment llcl[t Wmitrd—Fomulo WOMAN waiili'd ti>r nenni'iil huii work and to care for child. Live In. Own rcom, \Vtijies SIOO.OO month. Dial riiao before G p. m. (liiilv. YOUNG lllirh School i; r n d u a 1 1> wanted for tnti'rostlnf,' work in local office. .Definite future. Must Imvi 1 typing- experience. Good jiiiM'oumlinf,';! and clear. atmos- pjirri-. Address Box "N.-O." care iif the XaUKatuck News. \VO.M.\N fur (ji'iicnil housework in Micldlebury. Week days only. P.'irt or full rime. Good waj^e.t. Call \Vtby. -1-2171. Mrs. MunjtPr. For Sale 1'or Snl<> 57 Mil.I. ^T.. ." family lioiinc. Isl ftoor uvailabte for imniediate occtipanry: price SS.fiOO. 121 Hill St., 3 family hoiiMC nnd 2-car ftn.ra.RC, annual income- from ivr.tM. .?l,o:i2. Price S7.SOO. See w '-'.icph V. .Roslto. 3 Union yt. Ti'l. -'.K» or 2052. A liimii- ;IM<| Invrstnu'iit. Thrrr family. M-room houyo. Hot water ln-;tt tivo floors. 3-cat- (,-(ir:tf.-c, i-jii'ly occupancy on second floor. (.'criU'iilly locatod. Yearly income SIHW). i'l-icu .$'13.500. 5-ycars niod- c>i-n 10-i'oom. 2-fiuuily house,$12,000 Aitm 12-rciom, 2-1'iimily hounc. cenii'tilly located. $C,SOO. Pat;iy IjiJii-iula, i-oaltor. 172 High Si. Phone 3-I5S or .133'l, KKIIIT riKitn, '0-rainlly liiHiac, All Imp.-ovcrnrnt.s, in food condition, I-cin 1 A-«r.'i>;e and ltirj.'C lot. Pi'icc 5,",700. Also .12-i'Oom 2-fumlly Ii -use, frai-.iKO and extra build- ins lot. Price $6,300. A, Sheplcy. Tfl. 2-133. ^I.\ rittmi, oni'-fiimll.v IIIIIIHI', all Iniprovement^. Johnson St. Two fiirnily house on Si.'ott St. John Healy. Tol, 0031. NOTICE District of Naug/Ltuck, *i«- Probate Court, Sept, 7, A, D, lfl-l-1. Instate of J. Frances Lewis, late of Natigatuck, in unid District, de- censed. Upon the application of Ethel Boi-den Lewis, praying that an instrument in writing purporting to bo the last wi;i and testament of said deceased, may be proved, approved, allowed and admitted to probate, as per application on file more fully appears, it is OKDEKED—Thai said application bo heard and determined at the Probate Office in Naugatuck, in said District, on the 20th day of Septe-mber. A. £>. 19-N, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon and that notice- be Riven of the pcndenov of said application, and the time and; place of hearing Ihereon, by pub- ishing tho same once in some newspaper having a circulation in said District, and by posting a copy thereof On the public sign- iost in the town of Is'augatuck, n said District, and by sending, outage prepaid, a tike notice to each of Ihe known heirs residing outside this District at least five days before said day assigned. STEPHEN J.'SW15EX1SY, Judge. 11KOWX IHippy lust. White -point- 'ed tail, white-feet."' Reward, 'Albert Vaginni, 125 Gorman street. WIIITJ2- Kold Grneii wrist, watch with chromium -band, lost- in Beacon Falls. Please call 5826, Beacon Falls, I'ArNTING— mAI. '12«U: ADOLF J. KUDZMA NICW 1-lAVlSN ROAD Merchandise 25 Feed Anil Fuel \VALJJ3T with Guv't. iiliuck lost, also money'and Social Sec, card. Please call at 17 Fail-child St, OKBKll Now—For limited' »upplj ol seasoned wood, for stove, 1 J.'ire place and . furnace, , Also field stones, sand, gravel, ono coa ran^c, cue sas ranjrc, one watet heat'jr, also cedar f'cn-cc and clothesline* points, .-uid numni.-ous other items. Li^nt tnicking and moving. Dial 2302 after 'I p. m. G. Salinardi, 53S So. Main street. MONUMENTS Special prices on All Memorial* IV. RICHARDS. 260 So, Main St. Naugatuck Automotive Autos For Siilo W.K AIMi -shipping all kinds of h-'iy' from Vermont, New York state and Canada. Ask for pi-ices. .Reliable Grain and Fuel Co., C Church St. Tel. 307G. Muchln cry. Kloctrlc "A safe place to buy and soil" 19-11 HUDSON SEDAN Only ]3,000 actual miles. .Packtu-il-M'al'.orlniry, Inc. •IS2 Watortown Aver.uc Dial -I-C109 Ante Purt.s UO.I3013 — PLYMOUTH AUTHOKIZ1':D Sales Service Parts, Accessories Malcolm W. Slurr Corp. .S '\\';Uertown Ave. Dial .7-11-16 LATHES — Several n.s<;d Atlus— South Bend and Loffun. >\ls . drill pj-osses. Tab^c and Ban saws, wood turn:n|f lathca an other miichino tools. Lincoi Slorcs, 01 W. Main alrcot., Wa terbury. Phone .V-OJ.77. Mr. An clrews. Merchandise ClotllillK LADIES' & GENTLEMEN'S.SUITS Tnilor made, $28.75. New Fa.:i and Winter Styles, JOHN MAGONE 397 N. Main St. Merchandise For ,«:ile ILL ISKDIiUCS mid their ejfRs with Special Insecticide. 75 cents quart bottle. Adams Pharmacy. To Buy 30 Education 31 J-oc;il And Private Imtruclorn BAXK Kjifo ileposit boxes wnnl< v d. Hig'hcst cash prices paid. Wire collect, write or phone what you. have to ol'l'ci', .T. 12. Murphcy, Kc- public GOS'I, 815 Yeatman Avo.; Webster Groves IS, Mo. iir enamel combination kitchen sink, wanted to buy. Mrs. Dom. Triiino, JBONo. Mnin, Union City. BABY an to IxiilK, $;!/)«; hiihy unto seals, Mystis talltinV boards, $1.70 up. Also liU'Ke selection of toys.' THE RADIO SHOP 330 Grand St. -. Wutcrbury And Old Gold Untight. Watch repairing our wpccfalty. GRAND JEWELRY 12 Grand Street Dial 0-OO.S2 III Articles For S:ilc lIou,Huliol<l Articles 11 Lost And round JDK.VTIFICAT1O.V limccli-t / Marked "Msirciu Goodwin." Finder please ca!l Nau.qratiick 35-10 or return to 53 Xcttlclon avenue and receive reward. Contractors Painting- 1'Al'KK HANGING and J'ulntlnR, W. F. Goto, 17 Ccdm- Street. Tel. G-lEt). The decade from 1930 to 11HO "•as the tlrst in which the U. S, an excess of emigration showed over i COMTI.KTK horn.; furnishii bought for cash. .Highest prices paid for electric refrigerators washers, and stoves, regard less of condition. Francis l (1 iinii.(,iirc Co. •HO NORTH MAIN STRKKT Telephone 3000 They keep fighting- You keep buying HICK Super diiiililo head -Electric Ka/.or, now. Slti.Op. Eversharp Lifetime pen and pencil set, j,'0ld tip. new Jll'.OO. C-tufou R. C A. small table model radio, perfect condition. 525.00. See at 103 1 Locust street, Union City, after •1 p. m. CMILIlUJSN'S—Table & Chair ri<;ls, 1-liRh Chairs, Rocking Chairs, Basinetlcs and I 3 lay Pens. L,urge .selection of toys. Lowest prjccs in town. P>1'J-YCU\ T KIDDIE CENTER 73" GRAND ST. Wtby. DINA SCHOOL 'OP MUSIC STUDIOS—\VATBY. 4-5028 353 South Main—11 Wilson Street Piano T- Voice — Mandolin Children, Adults, Advanced, Beginners. Rapid Piano Course for Adults Ins! ructions Acrobutc- .DANCE T '*l>' To* • Ballroom Private or Class Baton Twirling- Reg-ina Leonard, 73 E. Main. 5-0035 Services ;!~ liiiNlm.-NH ScrvfcfiM llendcrcd J'AUr.'S UMBRKM.A. SHOP Ombrrllas & lupifacc, unlit :ii»d Ttv. .paired at 4 Brook St., Watcrbury. 3!» To !Scrvlcw» EI-ECTRTC.\1. . Appliances » speciolty. R»y Decker, 402 N*. Main St-Tel. •KMt. Services Oir. BUKNKRS drained and n«- paircd. All'work KVcrantced. Tel. GOSn, Harry Churchill. ,'iOlj JOHN'S MUSIC SHOP \Vi; buy, sell, .:x(:l>;ins<:, and' repair .-ill kinds -of instruments, fewest prices in the city. 3SO-382 So. Mam St., Watby, Conn. . Tho Couer d'Arlenc region of Idaho has produced more than SI billion worth of loud, zinc, and gold since 18SC, EXCKJ.LKNT ING .incl slip covers. Amazingly low prices. Allen's Upholstci-ing Studio. Maatcrcraft Artists, f Grand St. Watcrbury. Dial IlJCIl top insiilatln^ wool. All type*. Installed if desired. T. J. Mon- U-xmbault, 030 No. Main St. Union City. Tc!. 2G83. CUSTOM REUPJ1OKSTE15ING — Special 2-picco Suite 559 silver I GR1FFJX UPHOLSTERING CO. Naugatuck 4C90 ATTI-rNTION": Ortfors taJton for new Klecti-olux cleaners. Also pacts and repairs. I. Nixson. Bonded repairman. 3 Teresa ave. Dial 4822. •10 Cleaning And Dyclnc KIEVMAN'S J^aupatuck's Great Ory Clean in«? Firm, offers iis first class dry cleaning not only in family par- menus, but blankets, rugs a.nd other specialties in Ihis field. KJEVMAN'S 7(j Church Street BUZ SAVVYUU JUST ADMIRING YOUR MAIDENLY CHARMS By BOV CRANB EVIDENTLY YOU ^ DIDN'T HEAR WHAT I JUST TOip YOU SAWYER-- YOU'RE TO FOftCET tm A WOMAN YOU. V 8UT YOU'VE PUT ON FRfSM YOU WEAR PANTS, \ AND THERE'S THt PAINT SCENTOF- YOU TALK TOUGH, I PERFUMf BEHIND YOUR EARS. WU PACK A GUN. / FRANKLY, ANGEL, I DON'T BEUEVf ^ YOU MEAN (T. YOU'RE MUCH TOO ALLURING TO WAKTAMAH NOT TO NOT — ETTA KETT Now At Strand .,,^ ••"* w f 1 *^",*« t !*^V*'""", 1 <.' 11 '••?*««w-w*»«v«*Y«™» U'Hntod To Buy O.S K, Two mid thriM; fiinilly II uvintfd. A!so farms and Tel. 5031. Iocs. U'K 1IAV1-; IlLVKKS for J-2 f.-i.iiily houses. Jon. V. Rosko, :,'nlon St. Tel. 'I02S-2D52. Exit Of Tin Can Seen With Arrival Of Post War Period Now At The State Houses J{out TVVf) Knntii, woodrM hlillding- fur «a',i\ oxcpllent construction, size J» !''-i-t liy 20 foot with windows, fluoi-s. doors, rtc, Usetl short tinir- «;i field offJcL-e. Suitable f-jr ifaniK'. 1 . summer place, etc. Can In- ni'ivi-rl Intac.l on lar«o truck. KRiiHomiblc. Apply 'FinId Office ;i- fllnntn-ook Apartments, Bridge Jliiinr Cronyn, who has an important roll: in "The .Seventh Cross,'' M-G-M'H new .Si>i?ncer Trucy .starring film, which Is no\v >ihn\vin^ at the Strand theater. Other* prominent In the picture lire Slgnu I lasso, Ray Uollins, Jessica Tandy, Agnes Miiorhead unit J'Vllx Uressart. "Tlir' Strvi'iitii C'rciss" Is liii.inl on Anna .Seghei-.s- hest-'sellrr nfvd. To lii'llt .VAN ri-1!)—l; ( ,nm «v:tll Illlcllenctte in- kltrhi.Ti pi'ivlltitns or room '•md nu-iils t,y single woman. Ttr- r-ly, iriviri;; louallnn and rates, to i'ox (";, in care of The IS'cws, 'IIKKI-: IC/IOMIM iviinti'd I Siiit.-ilili.. (r, f fl couple. 'Din n-iit. 33'12, c;igd enacted the first com- ry fnilk pHSteiirination ordi- - in I'.fiX. New York city fol- in |;.12. Feels So Fit At 85 She Could Join Waves Dallas, Tex. (UP)—T. K. Irwin mailed Ills mother a. .f.100 war bond for her !>Cth birthday with Ihe reservation that she v/ait 10 years before she cashed" it and ho trusted she would be in good health tit that .time. She wrote him. "I feel so Rood lam thinking of joining the Waves and I probably will want to cash tnc bond <unl spt'mi 'i! J'i^'ht now." An cstinuitcd 2C millivin children attend Ki''"'c and hiph schools in the IT. S. PRIVATE BUCK \'/ R.v CLAIRE COX United 'Press Stan" Correspondent Chicago (UP) — Kitchen mechanics whn are working tirelessly o'n now and improved non-squirt non-cut can openers may have to return to building better mousetraps when, the war is over. The household pinnacle, a spokesman for the union's grocers stated Mrs. Rose M. Kiefer. executive secretary of the .National Association of Retail Grocers is convinced that "seeing Is believing" will ho the postwar selling point on foods. As a result, many commodities will be packed in "visual containers," instead of in tin cans, the con- I tents of which are divuigad only 1 over the kitchen stove. But, she added, that is only one reason why the tin can will never return to its pro-war supremacy. "Many !oods will be frozen and sold in cardboard containers." Mrs. Kiefer said,_ "Others will be dehydrated. Concentrates developed through tho scientific study of aminn acids also will become increasingly popular. "With tho widespread use of helicopters, nokl-frcsh fruits and vegetables will be flown from farm to kitchen- door'in a matter of minutes. Peas, for example, will be shollod at the farm and rushed by nil- to homes in the nearest communities." All Under One Koof Improvements also will be made in the cornc- store, for the liouso- witc whcj-prefers to "shop around" for groceries, according to Mrs, Kiefer. ..She predicted the store of tomorrow will he one in which the consumer can obtain his entire needs under one i-oof. Installation I of separate departments for fro/en foods, delicatessens, refrigerated lockers, lunr'h counters, bakery ami catering' departments also is in prospcnt, sb» said. -N'ot will commodities be more attractively arranged, but various soir-hnip devices, such as rotating counters, may be introduced At these counters, housewives will study attractive arrangements of commodities with the food speaking for itself in "visual containers," instead of hiding behind fancy labels, sho said. /BIX.''J TOLD YOU TDLINt I UP A BUNCH OF 8OXS r VM/TH SNAZZY CARS TO ^ iE GH?LS TO VOTE/I YOU MEAN--.? I SUS5/AM HOU -T, i &&o." i GAVE <3-i ! EACH ON= 7WE NAME N'ACOEESS Or A GAL "TO PICK: UP/ By PAUL ROBIXSO> E TOUT." A{ SW5LL.CAP-A. ^ TANK Or GAS AND A SUCHA eoooi IDEA, AFTEJ?- ALLi SEC1U2T AGKNT XO •I JNK SPOTS — D'ARTEGA Xwu of tin; world's greati-st "i person" attractions arc lieing |irc scntcd in I hi: giant, stage bll which is playing today am Sunnily ;it tin: air-cnmlitioneU Stato Mie:itnr, Hartford. Attruc- lidn No. 1 in this mammoth shoiv an; tin: -1 Ink Spots, "Ami-rica's Greatest Quai-trt," stin-.s nf sta screen, records and rudio. Attraction No. :; is l)'Ai-t<'gu, composer «f "In TJiu liliif; of Evuninff," and his ^0-pii-ci.' (ill-girl hand, fratur- ing Glnria Fayi.-, "Vi'lv«t-tnn Thrush"; J,nis Marie, "Her Goltl«n Voice and Arunrdiou"; .Florence and ln:r drums; Betty .Lmi, "<Jin;i'ii of (he Ki.-ybourd"; The Syniiilioni:t,ti!s, and tlio Glen Cluli. Kxtra nddril stugc all ructions Inr.lndi: Cy Lanry, famous comedy sljir; lloli llopliitis ill a great nov(!lt.y act:, Mild ollirrs. Sliou-ing on the screen is ".Strangers in the JNifflil," Motor Vehicle Dept.Is Seeking Old License Plates OHIL DAR.IN6. 1- I MOPE VOU'LL 0E CAREFUL ...f THOSE NAZ' PRISONERS -JJ& B.v ROBERT SI •^KS'S'^lf^^'" 3 ^- GOOGLE AND EG^PTlRN W1ER06LVPHICS, Sftt^iSCRlT, GR££K, LATIN, «RA81C.;-.OLO : JuRWiSH QNO '.- FIGURE THIS OUT FLftGGPOftL AND I'LL MftKE VOU SEAMAN 0 ClftSS BILLV DE BECH RftRE nyWIIXI.VM KITT and CF-AREXCE CRAf Five Persons Hurt When Ambulance, Truck Collided the Sarge all right! Why is it that only waterfalls, ond soda fovnfafo* turn ovt to bp mirages?'!, .-> Hartford, Sept. fi—(UP)— Five persons were injured—three of them hospitalized—after an ambulance and a laundry truck collided nt an intersection near St. Francis hospital. Mrs. Alice Buckley, "S years old, who was being- taken to tho hns- pital in the ambulance, and her companian. Mrs. Frances Jenninps, and a pedestrian, Mrs. Thomas H. Fotei-frill. a re in the hospital for observation. Tho ambulance driver, Peter S. Topa of Canton, and the truck driver. Nicholas Rasumoff of Bridgeport, escaped serous injury. BUY WAIt BONDS AJS'D STAMPS "Tho shortfigre of niolal which can he used Tor manufacturing automobile license plates or ers, us they are commonly e.' is still acute," says Motor Vehicle Commissioner John T. McCarthy He reports that accord In;,' loasur vey of tho dcparlment's records there arc a 1,-u-g-i: number of plates not now in use that ;.irc probably lyinc around in private garages service stations or repair shops thru could be used. He requests that, as a pubiic service ;o the stato line! to your neighbor who will not be able to ropisteV his car if plates are not avr.liable, you return these plates to Ihe Hartford office of the Motor'Vehicle Department or to the nearest branch o.'Ticc as soor. as possible. Mnr.y people believe tha.t when they pin-chase I heir registration and receive a sol of pin tea, these phit03 become their piope:-ty. Thai is not the cnse. Tho pl.-ites arc the property of the s!ate of Connecticut and according to law. must.'be returned at the end of .the".' rcifis- tration year if rofristrntion Is "not renewed. The fee which in.-iy '.Y>p-ally be chiirged foi- Iho non-roturr. ofof p'.atos is .?!. -'Wo want tho plates, not thn dollar," nays :.he commissioner. "Wo must have the plates or we will have to come and get them," , ///5 HID&cU HANS CLUTCHED ~ WHAT? A bAGGER ? HO > ' .-T/7/5 CANNOT BE - I MUST REMAIN CALM.' GOOD MANTU - YOU HAVE C-COME TO'S-SHOW YOL'R L-LOYALTY.' VOli TREMSLE, WHAT DO YOU FEAR IN •THIS, YOUR I40UP TRIUMPH THE. GLJAPO ALOFT'-FORHEKE 'COM£5 MANTU ANb THERE (5 EVIL IN HIS £y DOLLAR A LUEEK...AN' I R.L1N SELF RAC26EP 1 VOil ASK MORE MONEY AND LESS HOURS,?..HE H -~~-— CANi'T C>0 UJlTHOiAT HE? TKATS AFRAID FINiP Boy. I'M wcR (3 ROC &RV ^m^/f\ •'^M^(4^-^ r *:•'• I ' ${ 8i I

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