Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 9, 1944 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 9, 1944
Page 6
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Paj;c Six . NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 9. On The Air Today 1 :im |i. in, WTIC-iNVws; Market • WEAF -Toby Tyler \VOU--Billie' Rogers Orch, \VAKC C'.isuul Ontnil Station I: I." [i. in. WTTC --Market '.Jeport Tra lisa tin tit k- I'ui'/ I ::<n p. in. WAKU- Country Journal WTIC Indiana fndlgc \\-J7. Swing Shift l-Vilii: WF.AK-- Carolyn Cltbert \VATlV\VOU 'l.upi'X Orch. I:-!;" p. in, WATi: - Carnival •J:lin p. in. Mclutin- Orch. S'i-ws: \Vonii'!i in Bine A'l'.'.A f-' „' '.'.:. ion aa Vv A.I.'.C Men and i:oi>ks; Scicnci ".'HO p. in. WOK Nrv.-ii; Cy Walter.; VVAl'.C Callj.".;: i 'an-Amerii'a WTIC-WIOAK .-!|>i>r!:< S.'orli-.s H:iin p. MI. WOK This is llalknan W.IX. Ncwy: I 1 1 Stars WKAK-WTCI.'- .\riri:ilri'l .Mrlipilii':: WAI.X: -Vic-tory ,'•'. O. U. Wl-JAK - - Anniversary H:Hli p. in. WOK Ma.Mrd: .SI ion;; Urrh. WT-fC-WKAl-' M.U.-IU- on Mi-iplny W.IX .law. Cuncvrt WAHC Visiting Hour •l:(iii p. in. WOR—Show Shop WJX News; Orcll, WKAK-W'I'IC- New:i \VATli -Al'tcrni.Mii I Wile •l:l,"i p. in. WKAl.'-- liarbari Ami I'"Vs WIOAK Ti-d Iliiv..!!!:: New.; WI-:i'.l''-VVi;K Aqtk-d'.iet Karrs •l::ill [i. in. WI'IAK Kliythni Workshop WOR Ah lam- Trio -,:<>{> p. in. WTIO-U'KAK Vonr An>enV/i WUI; WATIl WKAI' 1 \VA|-:C t.'acle O<,n t 'oncert \VABC- -Corliss Archer .":!." p. in. WOK- Kollini Orrli. .1:::ii p. in. Rupert l!;i;:h.-s Mutlii'i- anil Ha,I Hitler HUM WTIC C:nwir Sr.-i rchsin.u.'r li.-llii p. in. AT.!, S.'.'itidiis New:! '(•':l.5 [i. in. \V.1AF Ifollywoo,! Tlieav:- \VATK-\V.JX Sport!; WOK .NYw.avei; Knlie .\',,u in the 11.-a. n [). ill. •U.-ir. f.oiii.ix Spurts 1 [ill llel <'••-:•: Hi'i und i 1 .; il: t.', p. in. WKAK-- Art of Living WTfC • f.i.r.cloa i'..ii'mii 7:l:li p. m. WABC -It'w Maritime WTIC-V/KAI- 1 'They Call Me WOK Cue-.-: Who' 7:1," p. in. WA|:C '.VATU WICAF-WT1C—Ellery Qiioen WOU—Arlliur Hiil't \VJK-Pw. C. A. Show Ti'l.l p. in. \VOIx-- Anr.wor Man 8:110 p. in. ' U'iilAF-Vv'THJ- I'.iuly Valloc Show XVAKC,'---Isatiny .Bnkor Whow \VATll-\V.T5J—Ann. 1 ricnn .Dance Music : V\'OK News S:l~> p. in. \\'O.K--Frir l-iernoui lira nee VV.IX '-To be nntiouncod U'KA F-\S'TJC- Playh-.nisc.' ,s::•:(( i>. MI, \VOI'i•••Cisco Kid U'AIsC- Tnner Sanctum U'ATI-1—AUihic l'\;s!.ival WTlC-\\M 1 :AF--Mi:n at Sea \\'J7, -Jiwef StopaU. Orch, !i:iin p. in. VVAKO- Mil Fiiratli! U'OI; Talk; Synipliony \VT[C-\VI'JAF -'n:ifn .Dance !):I5 p. MI. U'Or; ThiKili-r of thu J\if U'AliC School of tho Air !l:.'iM p. in. \\'ATP.-\V.;X - Spotlight Band U'KAF-\V'nC- Can 1'uit Top This; 1 :):-!,"i 11. in. \VAI3C Satin-day Serenade \\\IZ Danee Ori'h,: tjnicli ijtii/. IliMM) p. in. U'KAF.\VTIC — \Vood-l\elly Show \.VC)R Ni-.vs \\'ATl-:-\VJK- - J.oinliardo Orch. Id:I,") p. in. •\VATR • Beliiian Mu.iic \\'AI-:cj Sammy Kayo Orcli. U'OIl- Shady Valli-y Dance .111:311 p. ill. U'ABC-U'ATK-WJZ Guv. F'.i-inku III:-!,' p. in. U'AMC- TalkH \\'O1'< I'-ioh Srronir Orch. I I :<m p. in. Brasscos To Place Strong Team Against Contelcos Yanks Have 1 Game Lead As They Win; Browns Lose RESIGNED - •-. By .Jack Sords Dodgers Move Up Out Of Cellar V7ith Phillies Win Over Wl'lC - ! llntfn C:': NI-.VK; Strictly WOll WHO WJX I'rrv.' WATl: S ll:l,j p. in. WATR—George SUerney Orch. n"l I<J-\V1'JA1'- News WAHC Shop Fields Orch. \V.1X • Dramatic Skelch WUK- -N.-ws; W.Kitlu.-r 11 :::i) p. in. V.'.l'/. iioo.-icr Hop WTIC Sustain The Wind's WAKC 1 -- .Di;an Hudson Oreh. J-.'ltW JUidiiiglil WKAF -News; 1'rixo l-'lay \S'JX New::; Fii-kls Orch. WA1JC N.jws; IJrown Orch, V.'Oi: Caliuv.-ay Oivli. i'i;o\'i-:s UK'S ,'(i; NVv.- iledl'onl. Mass i UP)—\Vhnn his ilrai't hoard lislocl his a.u'e as ->'•. a New l;i'di'urd i i'i,'istrant wrote ;!i;:i In- v.'ait Ui; and: "This is borne out l>y tny si.'houl records, cmplny- rnent lilt':;, hearsay, list of birthday cards .'UK| ^ifts. \vrinkles. lack (;:' te,--th. ;,^ray U.'Lir. ^'enural appcar- anc'i! und recurring f;lttx;uo." Oiitstniulinr: soouritins. cither wholly or parti.-illv c.xenspt 1'rom the federal ir.comc tax. \'.'L 1 ro esti- rnnted by the tre.-isury department to amount to S70,2"3 million, as of , (Jly Uniti.-d rrcss) Tho Is'ew York Yankees arc one iiK stop closer to Lheir fourth Irui^hl Ann;rlcan .lonxuii pennant. They now lead Lhe SL IjO.uiy J3rowns iy one full ;,'ame. The Yanks hai! to li.infr on for 2 innings to c!o it, but they 1'in- lly manured to subdue tnc Boa- ou Tied So:< in the l-Uib Cily yesterday and win, 7 to 0. Tho Yunkci Joe Cronin's crew y:oln^ int.n he last, lui!I' of the ninth and thu ..•nil'., hut the Sox tied it up holli mes. In tho twolftli the Yanks 3orccl twice, und Jim Turner hold 10 Rod Sox to one in their half. At Chicago thu White Sox and 1C J^i-jwns battled nlon# "until thi; last. I'.alf of the seventh with tho honors oven. Then the White Sox piled onto Al 1-Icillin^sworth and won, !) to T>. And in Ihe only olh- or American league name of tho day the Washington Senators on- lertained tho Philadelphia Allilot- Ics and shin thorn out, •! to 0. Curtiss St. Flats Smother Polish- Americans, 19-8 Mickey .H.'iefner did tliu whitawn^h job fur his lenth \'ict ) Ji'y . of the year. In ihr lenguc at .Philadelphia the Brooklyn .Dodgers cle- fealetl the Phillies, 4 to ',j, aiul Ihe Phils dropped to the cellar. Les \Vebber won his sixth .o:' the •SOU- SUM for the Brouks. .. . This Y That Bv I)IJKK- KAXLAUSKAS s .K(iitur) .? \v,-\i: I:ON.,S STAMPS 5, Swedei'.'s swift Guilder HaK^' is out of racing for ten days and rumors are a dime-a-do/.en as to the cause of the track star's ill- .'K'ss. The Swedish report which toid of HuKK's Illness said mcsrely '..hat he is suffering from "over exertion." and that's ;i .suitemeiu that fails to sati?:fy the curiosiy of c\'en the mildly interested Ha«;e;a fan. Old time admirers of Swedish trad; stars say thu trouble probably Inys in Haf,'j.;'.3 nourishment. This, they r.dd. is u fault common v.'irh Scandinavian footraccrs. Aceortlin^ to press rejiorts. the Finnish racer Paavo Nurmi—first of the flying runners from Scandinavia— had less than a sketchy diet. The aco of Abo subsisted or. dried fish and black bread— and 'The Curtiss street Flats trounced the Polish-American sol'tball Loam 10-S ,-;t .Linden Park last night to win l.lic series between the two, 2-1. The Flats opened up In the sixth inning, batting uround twice, and scoring ler. rims tx> clinch the contest, Mgr. 'Cubby Cowan used Howie MyorM on the mount! ami hi.s variety of pitches stood him in good stead us he held Ihe slugging P. A. teiLin to y runs, diet Furs twirled for the losers, and was the victim of Ihe Cth inning splurge. All members of l,hc Flats' team i i were hot last night, and Zeke Mana.han, luo, got a hut. Mgr, Cowan was pleased with the' play of his team last night, and is look- ill;; lurwart! to the meeling between thf Natigat.uelt MOM.- Co. and 'his champions of Union City. Mgr. Cowan pointed out this morning that this will he the garr.e of the year—as the firemen have a statewide reputation und i/js- scss a great amount of playing uunity. HI; also traced, the Flats' progress fruni tho early moments oJ' organization when they even had u lough time getting n game; with lln; North .Vain street Small- .fry, and ended up with the great victory over the Polish-American club, anrl hopes to haw; a victory over the volunteers climax a groat year. Meriden To Use Gumpert; f aylbr To Work For Locals shattered world records by the Jozi;n. For condition!!-.;,'. Ntirnii took hot sho\^'ers and th'jn rollud in snowbanks—and war. more American records. Tho oni: time Nurmi did fro astray from his black bread and dried lish diet, he Mined on a. New Yori; feast of \'(.'a! pot pic. And jtisc before a. race. The. im.'Vitiible hap- Pi.-ned n.nd Nurr.ii's interior revolted, forcing him to drop out after the. race had hoKtin. so rumor-inoii.uei'H on Lhe HnKK I illness coniend that Mji^p 1 mny be I mimicking Nurnii's h.ibits. Then, it's possible thu frailly built Swede just needed a trood rest. New Golf Balls May Hit Market When Germany Quits GRUBS WITH GUX Cambridge. Mass. (UP)—A woman reported to Police Lt. Richard. ./ Linohan that a girl held her up at gunpoint and robbed her of one cigarette Washington. Sept. P — Here's Rood news foi- iho nation's KO\f- ers. • AVnr ]>roclnction board olllcials say that if Germany is defeated this year it's prohnljlo new j,-olf balls will be- available by next Sprint:, An official points out ^thut Rolf balls undoubtedly would be includ- od in the iicms that tho WPB plans to allow i.o KO back into jiroduction v.'hcn. J-Iitlcr is defeated. That mo;ins rvjistcr Golfer won't have io use re-painted or re-cov- crcd jcolf balls Harridge Sees No Difficulties For Ex-Army Players nICK EVANS INKS STAR &§ : Evan:,. U. S, c/izmp, right, with J4-year-ofcJ Bobby Jonof, [oft. Evan* at Croat Lake* r«c»nt!y. ' ONE of the greatest amateur golfers ever to play the game, Charles (Chick) Evans, Jr., of Chicago, won- his first tournament in 190G — the Western Intcrscholastic golf, ti'.ic — when only 1C years old, Since, Evans has gone on to win several dozen titles, Including: the U. S. Amateur ancl the U. S. Open. The famous Chicagoan who per- enmally'enters the National Amateur competition, was born in Indianapolis, July 18, 1SSO, the son of Charles and Lena (Young) Evans. He attended Evanston academy ancl Northwestern university. Evans won tho Interscholastic championship three times, the Western Junior, the Chicago city championship eight times, the Western Amateur eight times, the Western. Open, tho French Amateur, the U. S. Amateur twice and the U, S. Open once. Yostorday's Itosnlts Now York T. Boston 0 (12). W:iBhit)gi<iii -I. Philadelphia Chicago 0, St. Luiiis n. Only ganies scheduled. The New York St. I.ouis .. Detroit Boston Cleveland . . Philad Iphla Chicago Washington L. Pet. no .OGO .', 73 GO 71 r,3 (3-1 70 r,:-; 73 01 73 50 79 .530 .•I7.-5 .-1C: •1 '"" Toiln.v's Games, JMtcliers New York at Bos!on I5onham ' 1.1-0) vs. C.:oil i 2-31. Philadelphia ai Washington (night)—Elack iS-10) vs. l!.erobvrc (2-1). Cleveland at Detroit—Klioman (9-11) vs. Ovormire C0-.ll). St. Lnuis .11 Chicago (nigh't) — Jnkiicki CIJ-D) vs. L'jpat (9-0). Chicago. Sept. 0—(" P)—President William H.iiTidge of the American league predicts that there'll bo no postwar employment prob lem in the field of baseball for re turning GTs Harridge- points to the fine con tHtiuning given basebn-l'.ers in ev cry branch of services and say he believes the wartime interrup tion will have little effect on most diamond cai'oers. Good basis for this prediction lies In the fact that most players now in the armed forces are of an ago to have several prime ploying yours loft. Among these men would be such st.irs as Joe DiMaggio and Rob Filler. However Harridge admits that such veterans as Luke 'Appling of the Chicago White Sox, Cecil, Travis with Washington, Hnnk Grecn- b<-rg of Detroit, and Bill Dickey of the Now York'Yankecs. might not get back into active playing jobs. Returning veterans-of the First World War set a high record of service with Major league clubs, und several attained league prominence. Sergt. Hank G-owdy played some of his first ball for the lio.ston Rods on his return from nclivo - combat duty, and Roc! Fa her did the same thins: for :he Chicago .White Sox. "Old Pete" Alexander returned from World \Var One to burl the St. Louis Cardinals to the National league nennant ami a world, championship, "Stuffy" Mclnnis and "General" Al Crnwder 'were others. Sandy Ferguson Had To Have A Bottle In His Corner By -BERXAIUV BIlEXNElt United I'rirKK SporlK Stuff Tlio prizc-rlngmcn of half a. con tury ago didn't, behave much lik he 'pugs of tod.-i.y. Back in tho«. usty, brawling d;iys a llijhter vsaj generally a rough b'oy who wasn't «"?ry i^ood at handling teacups. One of those swaggering, uvo sicd swingers was the late S:<ndi •"erguson of Eo.ston. Sandy's tern- )er waa shoricr than n. G-T hair- cul. 7-ie \viis a big huskj' boy \vho could rattle the house when h<; pounded on the bar. And the peo- plu wlio tried to Sandy dui'ing hi.s stormy progress through the ring wars around the turn of iht c<-niury generally had a hard lime of it. One of Ihe men who thought he could • handle Sandy was another well-known .slugger—John L. Sullivan. In 1!)C)3 suhivan t.-jok 3->r- guson in hand, and John L. said that if Ferguson ^vould behave he'd make Sandy the heavyweight champion of the world. But like all the others, John L. ran into trouble—-so much trouble that the former champ itched to get into the ring and show Sandy how La do things. Ferguson went ..o California to fight Jack Johnson—and Johnson handled the big ooy like a lightweight. There was one thing Sandy Ferguson insisted on having set whenever he fought. Between rounds Sandy wanted his jolt of grog. Sandy wouldn't call it an honest rest until his seconds gave him a stii'f pifll at the botlle. The sorrel- top claimed it was just the thing to warm a nion up—just the thin;: to send him out all full of new fight and energy. So whenever Sandy fought there was always a pint of liquor in his bucket. One of his seconds always Game Starts At 3 jp v To morrow At Waterbur* Stadium • I Tho Waterbury Brasscor win place- tho si.ron«c«t tf-.-tm of i! yc.-,r on the diamond lo morrow »' tornoon whon they ol^jjh vith h" Mcridnn Coniolcoos at i This most Important start :i Z p. m. sharp and cd to draw a record Crowd. The outlaid wi! , be compoBcd of Jimrny Cl^on. late of ^ <a ic £ X° Cubs; Ernio Koy, formerly v-uv Brooklyn and Boston of t hf . '•>£ UonaJ Jeasuo and Junior Th'omn •son, former Cincinnati R oa .. hnp | or, who will be on hand for relic' At first base local fans win h " t chance to see A! Exr : ;. fomor /vlabam.i university - '« txpcct- football Stamp Prices Slumped When Germans Left NATIONAL LEAGUE Vrstertlay's Krsultx Brooklyn •!, Philndelphia Only game scheduled. Thu SUindlnjr W. L. Pet. St. T.oiiis .. Pittsburfrh Cincinnati Chicago .... New York . Boston Brooklyn Philadelphia .. n-l H5 . . 70 r>2 .. 70 50 .. r,s CS . GO 71 . C-l 73 . fvl 70 . 51 7S .729 ., r ,S.| .r.50 .•1GO .•ir;s .•109 .•IOG .305 Today's Grimes, Y'llclicrs Boston at Mew York—Tobin (15 16) vs, Fclrlman Cll-nO). Pittsburgh at Cincinnati—Scwel (16-11) vs. Konsl.inty (5-3). Chiongo at St. Louis rnight) — Passcau dO-fl; vs. Wilks (15-2). Only games scheduled. The mountain states showed a greater increase in population between 3H30 and li).!0 than in the preceding decade. Heading -for England in '21 London CUP)—After a fabulous rise during Nazi occupation, stamp prices in Home are again slumping, according to a report published in the London Daily Telegraph. Romans turned to stamp Collections as investments and insurance against monetary collapse. The compactness and easy portability of stamp collections made them idea! mediums of exchange during inflationary periods. A complete set' of Vatican City «Lamps sold for about S6S when '.he Germans took over Rome. The same scries rose as high as $-120 before, the Allies captured the city. Concurrently, the scries is priced at about $M8, and this price is "xpcctcrl to fall considerably as the political situation become moro settled. took cure of ^ettin^ it ready. But •jne nipht something sad happened. Thai snsko-bito medicine c-'inio in a flask so small that it couldn't have cured the bite of a garden snake, which isn't poisonous, anyway. Sandy was fighting- .1 local boy on a tour of small towns that ni^rht. His opponent was a. roucb. man with tlio gloves' who had little respect for Sandy's rop'Jtation. The Boston heavyweight, found himself n the middle of a real battle. The oca! boy wasn't worrying about the fact that the !ipht was supposed io last 20 rounds—he was ust poinjr after Sandy and hitting lini with gloves that felt like pav- np bricks. After two rounds of slupsinfr and ctting slufrsred Ferpruson dropped nto his stool and tossed off somc- linp- to encourape his insides. And .'tor he went back out his seconds ooked at each other in amazement. There wasn't much of the stuIV left—certainly not enough for 20 rounds. They ]>rayed for a knockout—they didn't care who was knocked out—they just wanted to see the' lifi-ht end quickly before Sandy found out that his friends had neglected to provide enoujrh ilrewater to last him through the bout. -But thorc was no kayo. It was just a good, oven slup-ginjr'bee. The tight dragged on past the third, fourth,-Fifth and sixth. Sandy kepi coming back to take his jolts from the flask. Each time he breathed and sighed: "Ah. I really needed •that." Then—after the ninth round—the worst happened. Sandy took one long pun and went back fight. ~" ; r i.-uscball star, now property of '•ho N'cw York Yankees; at second' oey Gryska, formerly of (^ c.' -ouis Browns in '-!2; the short'flcM will ho handled by DavcJ 3k)and;tny from Ft. Worth of the* T>xa-s league. Sklandany l ed the OOP in hitting in ]54l and has racket! out ovor 150 homers in six ears in the minors and at third a-se will be Bill Johnson X ew Tork Yankee world scries hero o£ Aaron Robinson or Joe Ansenimo •ill do the receiving with Johnny aylor, crack Negro hurlcr from 'artford on tJie mound for the Brass City nino. Randy G^repert, former American league pitcher, will do the chucking for the Meriden outfit. This will be the second meeting between those two clubs and the locals are out -,o win this game. The lineups: Meridon—Pulgami, If; D« Luccia. Jb: Pulski, 2m; Dugas, rf; Rose, cf; Korbrin, c; White, ssp Giofro- midano. 3b; Gumpert, p. Waterbury—Gryska, 2b; Excel, Ib; Sklandany. ss; Johnson 3b; g Gleason, cf: Koy, If; Thompson, 1 rf; Anselimo. c; Taylor. G. sunk onto the stool and the flask come up like a homing pigeon— but nothing happened. Sandy shook the flask and then he roared: "Where's the whiskey," Kis seconds talked as fast as they could, try-ing to take his mind of the subject, but Sajidy was a strong-minded man. Kc told them to bving on his drir.k Sir he would not fighu Once more they canvassed the house—but there was still nothing available. And Sandy stood up, waved to the crowd, and crawled through the ropes, r^o drink—no fight, for Sandy Ferguson. ASHES SWALLOW DOGS Korrin. 111. (U P)—The disappearance of two dogs that sank i into the ground before their owners eyes has led to the discovery of a bed of red hot ashes 75 feet long and 50 feet wiCe near Hcrrin, 111. Spectators surmised that tne bed had been caused by burning coal dL-st. Baseball Tomorrow Afternoon Meriden Contelcos Waterbury Brasscos Stadium; W3l<-rliiiry; 3 P. M. out to Then his seconds shook the flask anxiously, nothing was left —no gurgle. They did everything they could —they canvassed the house—but there wasn't a drinking man in tho place who had brought his supplies along. The house was drv. Sandv WATCIf .* JKXVKI.KY William Schpero .N»>vvlrr JSO ClU'ltCII >T. — 1 Wltht I'll — N ALCAZAR TODAY CMAIIUK CHAN in "The Chinese Cat" \ nlso "Cowboy Canteen" = MIDNITE MOW nUOKYOnSn.^ SUNDAY . MONDAY r.IOXKI. BAnKYMOJIK anil VAX JOHNSON in "MEN IN WHITE" — STOOGIS COMEDY — WKLLS FARGO WESTEKX Cartoon and Xovclty Ke<;l FRANK SINATRA — GEORGE MURPHY ADOLPHE. MENJOU — GLORIA DE HAVEN WALTER SLEZEK — EUGENE PALLETTE "STEP LIVELY" SINATRA SINGS: l',," °"V.o C °'" C Ol * Wh,>rcvor Yo., Arc" • "Wlioro Poos l.ov,. .I.1 • ,,„„„, othor Thno ., ^ ,, As ^ Thorc , usic .. NOW 2nd HIT WATER FRONT ,J. Carroll Xuish — John Carradine Loews POU N-^NITE ^ n P. M. —OX STAGE - IX PKUSOX FRANK SINATRA CONTEST Valuable rri/.os"I-' Enter"Now

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