Appeal to Reason from Girard, Kansas on December 3, 1910 · Page 1
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Appeal to Reason from Girard, Kansas · Page 1

Girard, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 3, 1910
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Total number of subscriber for week ending: :ot 12-1. Number of new Buba (nr'WMk meiintr Nm 1 Established Aug. 31, 189S Thb Is Number 783 .... .. .467,377 i2,ai2 This paptr boars VnUfl1fl ahfil en wNchycur mint li prUrttd. Cn tfto tamo wllUW EeGUwllnil foMowlnj your Mint Is a number. If tf s 764 your subscription expires with the next Issue and YOU SHOULD REKEW AT CNCL Number of expiring: subs for week endir.r Nor. 19 13393 mhs ior weeK - - I, , . 1.123 Total Number of Subs for Week Ending Nov. 19 - - - EI l THE APPEAL EDITORIAL STAFF J. A. WAYXA.NO f RED D. WARREN CEO. H. SHOAF EUGENE V. DEBS CHARLES LINCOLN PtltFER H. G. CREEL J. A. 17 AY LAND Entered at Girard. Kaoses. postofTice as sec. lad saattar Total Edition Printed Last Week 529,000 FRED D. WARREN j- : Girard, Kansas, U. S. A., December 3, 1910 FIFTY CENTS A YEAR Six Months 25 Casta Clubs of Foor or More (40 Weeks) 2SCeots 4 z z M M MM- r V A "SIX MONTHS AT HAHD LABOR." Pag 114 Record in Cms of Warren vs. U.S. A "It !s therefore now here by the Court, coas!iered. ordered and adjusted, and the sentence of the Coart is, that the said Fred I). Warren be Imprisoned AT HAUL) I.ABOIl, in the jail ot Honrban County, Kansas, lor n period of six month, and make his Una unto the United States. In the num of Firtetn Hundred l-5oo.00 Dollars and pay the costs of this prosecution ; -aud that he stand committed to the said County jail of Bourbon County, Kansas, tin til aid fine and costs are paid. John O. Pollock. "Judze of the United States District Court for the District of Kan." Official Notification. United State Circuit Court of Appeals Ft. I .on is. Mo., Not. 23. 1010. Fted. D. Warren, Esq.. Girard. Kan. Dear Sir An opinion bv Jndge Hook wa announced and filed at Sr. Pani : November 21st, In I he case of FrM I Warren, ts. United States. No. 324, 1: which the Judgment and neutence ot t' district court Is affirwd -aiUKnit costs to either party In this court. andth'-defendant Is ordered to surrender htm self to the custody of the U. S. marshal! for the district of Kansas within tMrt days from and after the date of the filing of the mandate in the district court. Yours truly, John D. Jordan, Clerk. TO JAIL FOR SIX MONTHS. The decision of the court of Appeals is by no means unexpected to me. Knowing something of the inside workings of the courts, as I now do, I felt quite confident there was no other end to our contest with the powers of plutocracy. Rest assured there are no tears and no regrets at this end of the line. Rather do I feel honored that I have been thus singled outas a victim of the wrath of the late Theodore Roosevelt, who, according to the Kansas City Journal, personally - ordered this prosecution against me. I would not change places with the discredited boss of Oyster Bay! For nearly four years I have carried this burden with me daily. It has hung like a pall over my little family. It has been with us during our waking moments and in our dreams, at night. The suspense is over nothing now remains but the sentence, and six months will see that ended, so far as myself and my wife and my three babies and .deaf old mother are concerned, but if I interpret aright the hundreds of telegrams and thousands of letters that are pouring into the office as I write vthis, the case has not ended so far as capitalism is concerned. Words are wholly inadequate to express to the thousands of comrades who have telegraphed and written to me and to the other members of my family our appreciation of the spirit cf comradeship and loyalty expressed in these communications. I can only say that I have enlisted in this cause for life and that so long as I am able I shall do everything in my power to make it forever impossible for a repetition of such a crime against liberty and a free press. You can place no other interpretation on' the decision handed down from St. Paul confirming Pollock's sentence and endorsing the outrageous and unlawful methods employed to secure my conviction. This action was intended to bring about my humiliation and the suppression of the Appeal, but I am not humiliated nor is the Appeal suppressed. This case was not against me as an individual. It was against me as the editor of the Appeal to Reason, the mouthpiece of the millions of A Call to the BY THE ONE Warren is to go to jail. This is the decree of the court of appeals at S . Paul. The decision was purposely withheld until after the election. You know why. They think you will forget. Will you? ' When the mandate comes. Warren will be ready. He goes proudly. His one regret being that it takes him from his desk in the Appeal office, where for ten years, he has given to the movement the best that is in him. He has never wavered he has never faltered. His judgment has never been at fault. Through stress and storm it has been his hand that has guided the Appeal" during strenuous times of the past five years, and with your help, he has made the Appeal the greatest revolutionary paper in the world. And for this Jl'arrcn is to go to jail! On my shoulders, as a consequence. Five Subs a Week While Warren is in Jail DEAR APPEAL: Here is my pledge) to send to The Appeal five subs each week so long as Plutocracy keeps our editor In jail. Find enclosed the first list. Name. Street No.. City. YOU MAY PURCHASE SUB CARDS AND muzzled men and women in the United States. I will NOT take this case to the supreme court of the United States. First, for the very good reason that that medieval body has itself laid down the law that in criminal cases (and my alleged offense comes under that class) the United States court of Appeals is the court of last resort. My case could only be reviewed by the supreme court as a special "favor" granted by some one of the nine corporation attorneys occupying the American throne. I would rot in hell daring all eternity rather than ask a favor of these judicial tyrants. Besides this, the expense would be considerable and while my friends have expressed an eagerness to contribute to this end, I feel certain that it would be an absolute waste of money, as I am convinced there is but one end to this case. Should this case be hung up in the United States cpreme court, it would perhaps be years before a decision would be reached and personally I would prefer gcing to jail now than to wait until later on when perhaps I would not be physically able to endure the imprisonment. There is, however, a way by which I can get this case to the United States supreme court and at once. After the United States marshal has turned me. over to the sheriff of Fort Scott, I shall immediately make application for a writ of habeas corpus. I shall send my application direct from the jail at Fort Scott by registered mail, not using, as is the custom, attorneys for this purpose. If my application is granted, then I shall go to Washington and appear personally before the supreme court and state briefly as I can the reasons why I believe I am unjustly and illegally held and demand my freedom. The course of the supreme court in acting cn my application for a writ of habeas corpus, which the constitution provides, shall never be suspended, except in times of war, will be decidedly interesting and I, can assure readers of the Appeal and all those they can interest in this fight for the freedom of the press that there will be interesting doings within the next few months. Your comrade, on-his-way-to-jail, FRED D. WARREN. When the men you send to Washington, and pay $5 a day for the actual time they give to the trusts, (and none to you) want to take a trip, they just have themselves appointed on a committee to go junketing and the way they make the wine, whisky and champagne suffer is a caution. You chumps pay the bills in extra taxes on the things you buy at the store. It is all in the price. When you great, free American asses want to take a trip you stay at home or hop the bumpers of a freight. O, you American voting kings what wonderful things you are! Appeal Army HOSS HIMSELF fall the burdens and cares of this great institution, and I instinctively turn to you for help. You have always responded you will now and together we will, write our reply to Pollock and Ifook and Bone in a million subscriber to the Appeal and make it forever Impossible to repeat this outrage against a free press. For the immediate present I want volunteers who will pledge themselves to send five subscribers a week for each tveek that Warren is in jail. If YOU will do this it will bring us the dreamed of million subscribers. This is no for regrets, but the time for action. The eyes of the world are upon the Appeal Army. Ultimate defeat or a glorious victory hangs in the balance. The final word rests with you. Write that word on one of the two blanks on this page. Your comrade, J. A. Wayland. .Stato . SELL THEM AS OPPORTUNITY OFFERS. Strike Here and Now With All Your Power , BY EUGENE V. DEBS THE great heart of Fred Warren stood still as he looked down upon the paralyzed ruins of Frank Lane, the once strong young coal digger, and his quick eye saw here not onlya helpless heap of humanity, spewn from the mills of mammon, but an opening to voice the cry that should be heard and heeded by the world, and at the same time to strike a staggering blow at the iniquitous social and industrial system into which men are crushed and ground into dollars for degenerates. m . - Frank Lane epitomizes in a bulk: of bloody pulp, broken heart, and crushed hopes the entire tragedy of toil under the capitalist system. ' Behold, the doom of the corporation slave! , His broken, bleeding-body, and his crushed and agonizing soul cry aloud in their tragic muteness to a money-mad world to take warning of his frightful fate. The corporation that mutilated him has already thrown him headlong upon the wreck-heap of broken and forgotten things. Mammon has no mercy. The courts-with pious cant give judicial sanction to the social crime. For this are capitalist courts, and for this they are'holy and infalliable. The rule of mammon is the ruin of man. .Under the sway of property humanity is crushed. Upon te shapeless wreck of what was once a man the court, solemnly places the grea$ seal of its approval and from its imperial decree there, is no appeal. t Frank Lane's only court is the hearts of the people. This court will not fail him if Warrens ap peal can reach it. Frank Lane is the name of every year in the mills of mammon and then robbed of their last pittance by mammdn s conscienceless courts, In the name of these millions of mutilated and suffering victims we declare war on the capitalist system and war on its cannibalistic courts which rob the maimed and dying victims as remorselessly as 2houls Dicked the hloodv hones nf the dead in the weak of devastating armies. Think iust one moment of and then think of your own dear child! v Here is the chance and now is the time to strike with all our power and make the capitalist courts reel and stagger under the load of their own thrice-damned iniquity. Let us back up Warren a million strong in this fight, open all our batteries on the whited sepulchers of mammon, turn the searchlight of the Appeal full upon them, and drive them back from the mutilated remains of the six hundred thousand Frank Lanes, who are crushed every year in the merciless mills of mammon. . Remember, the fight against the courts has but begun. - The unexpected (?) confirmation by the United States Court of Deals of Pollock's sentence so soon(?) after the election is but an incident in the Great Fight. It will in no wise interfere with our plans, although I may not be able to appear personally in the court room during the progress of the Frank Lane case, as I had intended doing, giving to our crippled comrade the benefit of my experience with capitalist courts. As told last week, the corporations that have been made defendants in the $25,000 damage suit have made application to Judge Pollock to transfer the case from the local court to the federal court at Ft. Scott Pollock is now considering this application. The moving motive on the part of the corporations to get this case into Pollock's court is that gentleman's well-known prejudice against crippled miners and wounded railroad men as disclosed by an examination of his record in the past. If you are with the Appeal in this contest, lend a hand! THE FINE. In addition to the six months sentence imposed by Judge Pollock, he attached a fine of $1,500. In addition to this, I must pay the expenses of the government in prosecuting this case against me. This is' approximately one thousand dollars, making a total of $2 500. Since the announcement, was made in the daily papers that the higher court had confirmed Pollock's unjust sentence, thousands of loyal friends have volunteered to contribute to the payment of this fine. No contributions for this purpose will be ac cepted. The Appeal has been able so far to pay all the expenses of its prosecution out of the revenues of the office, thus enabling us to give full value for all money received. There is but one way you can contribute to this fund and that is to get subscribers for the Appeal. One dollar and four names are worth infinitely more to the Appeal in this crisis than a one-dollar bill. THE ACTORS IN THE PLAY. THEODORE ROOSEVELT, the man who ordered the prosecution against Warren. JUDGE J. S. WEST, assistant district attorney, recently elected to the supreme bench in Kansas, secured the indictment against Warren. HARRY j. BONE, U. S. district attorney, headed the prosecution against Warren. JUDGE JOHN C. POLLOCK, who after declaring Warren had committed no crime sentenced him to six months in jail and to pay a fine of fifteen hrndred dollars. JUDGE HOOK, who presided during the hearing in the United States circuit court cf appeals in "St. Paul wrote the decision confirming Pollock's sentence. JUDGE ADAMS, JUDGE REED, associate justices, assented to HOOK'S opinion. The jury before whom Warren was tried composed of the following: Charles Nelson, R. J. Finley, A. Murlin, J. H. Xafus. W. A. Comer, S. C. Gus-tin, J. E. Decker. Geo. W. Mathews, Thos. Dawson, Eli R. Long. A. B. Witt, and S. A. Thorne. Every man connected with the prosecution of Warren from the president down vote the republican ticket. THREE OF A KIND. The decision of the higher court was not at all unexpected to me. I have been thoroughly investigating the records of these distinguished jurists and I find that they have lived the same judicial lives, under cover, as the double-dealing Pollock and the unspeakable Grosscup. I shall- not kill good space in the Appeai. by going into their records. It merely repeating what the Appeal has already said. The lives of federal judges in the United States, in private, and their dealings with the public, are no. better, and no,. worse than the lives and acts of the 'irresponsible rulers who have reigned over the nations in the past: With outward pomp and ceremony surrounded i by an air of sanctity for which there was no basis in fact, with studied care to maintain an appearance of fairness - and justice, these judges, appointed for life with no re- . all the six hundred thousand American workingmen who are crushed coor Frank Lane, without a star in sponsibility to any power on earth or have succeeded in depriving the peo ple of the United States of the little political liberty, handed down to them by the fathers ojf 1776. Industrial liberty the nation never had.' If one will simply divest himself for a brief moment of his prejudices and the ideas instilled into his mind by cunning and designing, men he will see that we are living under a despotism more absolute than any that ever existed in the world.' And the pity of it all is that this is done in the name of freedom.' Still there is a ray of hope in the fact that the structure is creaking. It is tottering to its fall. It contains within -itself the forces that will destroy it. A few more jolts like the St.Paul decision will win for the working class a glorious victory. "The dawn is bright wtyh promise." Fred Warren's "Crime." From New York Call. Warren's "crime"" apparently consisted in this, that he tried to do, or to cause others to do, that which the supreme court of the United States pronounced to be perfectly legal when it was done. ! ' The actual kidnaping, in the dead of night, of Mover, Haywood and Petti-bone from the . state of Colorado to the state of Idaho was declared by the United States supreme court to have been a perfectly proper and legal act. But the attempt, or the offer of a reward for the attempt, to kidnap ex-Governor Taylor, of Kentucky, and to deliver him to the judicial authorities in his own state, has been adjudged a crime punishable by heavy fine and imprisonment. Whence this difference? Why is a mere attempt a crime, and the accomplished act no crime whatever? Can it be that the accomplished act was right and proper for the reason that the sufferers and victims were labor leaders, while the unsuccessful attempt was a crime for the reason that the person against whom the attempt was aimed was a prominent capitalist politician? Perish the thought! The equality of all citizens before the law is a sacred principle of American jurisprudence, which it were 'almost blasphemy to doubt. Particularly when we consider that the offer of a reward for the arrest of fugitives from "justice" is quite an ordinary practice resorted to by constituted authorities everywhere. Warren's "crime" must be deeper and blacker than any overt act or attempt for which he was compelled to appear in court. And if this "crime does not consist in being a Socialist, we do not know what it doe3 consist in. In Warren's case, moreover, this crime assumed a 5 particularly offensive and flagrant aspect, ipr Warren is the editor of a Socialist paper with a large circulation. A crime so unusual certainly merits exemplary punishment. And yet this revolting crime was not mentioned in course of either trial of the case. -A Reason for iL From Kancas City Btar. , . Fred Warren, the able editor of the Girard .Appeal "to Reason, will, be forced to", cancel his lecture ; engagements forthe nest sixtmonths. v. .- "-r: Iri Losing, Wins. - New York City. In losing you have won. v? Ryan Walker. ; all his skies of night and death PfisOUS Schools Of Liberty BY A. M. SIMONS. Tyrants wiir never leapi, that the torch of liberty is not extinguished by a prison cell. They will never come to know that fetters upon the hands of those who fight for freedom become weapons with which to break other fetters. Because tyrants and ruling classes will not learn this lesson, each, in turn, when its power is threatened, has recourse to persecution. The Socialist movement is not alone in this experience. Every movement that has furthered human progress by breaking fetters of thought or law or social institutions has seen its representatives inclosed in prison cells. Whenever an institution finds itself hard-pressed it resorts to force. It was so when a rising working class threatened France in 1871. The prisons were filled when the Commune was crushed. But some of those prisoners now sit in the French chamber of deputies, and the revolution of today is led by those who were trained behind prison bars. When Socialism became a menace to the power of Bismarck he filled the prisons with its advocates. Again the workers took the men from the cells and placed them in the highest legislative body of the land, and today the great German Socialist movement owes no small part of its splendid discipline, its unity of thought and action, its trained solidarity and intelligent leadership to years spent behind the bars of jails by those who are now its cham-piens. The bulwark of American capitalism is an outgrown judicial system. When this system of class justice was attacked it was almost inevitable that it should respend by an appeal to the force of prison bars. That appeal, climaxing in the imprisonment of Fred D. Warren with the aid of perjured testimony, a packed jury and class prejudiced judiciary, will not save the system of class-justice from destruction. On the contrary, it will focus attention upon the abuses of that system. It will rouse up new fighters against it, and hasten the day of its downfall. That such a menstrous violation of justice such a crowning act of injustice should be perpetrated in the very name of justice furnishes a proof of all that Warren and others have said concerning the federal judiciary, far more striking than any that could have been drawn from the realm of theory. They may lock tip Warren, but they cannot lock up the wave of revulsion against judicial usurpation that he set in motion. The demand for free speech power as when it starts behind the i bars ot a cell. The imprisonment of Fred D. Warren means the beginning of the end of the destruction of class-justice in America. It. is a sign that American Socialism has entered upon another . and a final stage in its progress upward to the conquest of the citadels of capitalism. Deaf 'to Justice. From the Chicago Tribune. 'The editor of the Appeatto Reason must go to jail. Apparently the U. S. court of appeals is deaf. " You have no strings on the 'courts, and they put chains on you. - JUDGE HOOK'S OPINION. The Appeal has net yet received a copy of Judge Hook's opinion sustaining the action of the district court at Fort ScotL From a newsnaner dU- Jpatch we get this brief paragraph. upniiim vi JUUge MOCK field that congress had almost unlimited power to prescribe postal regulations. Whether the words were true or false, the outside of an envelope was no place for them." This is the fourth judicial interpretation by the courts of my alleged offense. First : Judge Pollock held, in his colloquy with the government attorney rrom the bench in the court room at Fort Scott in November, 1907, that the printing of the reward offer on the outside of the envelope was in his judgment not a violation of the law. Second: A few weeks later, in his opmion denying our motion to dismiss the case he held that it was defamatory. Third: This position of defamatory was abandoned because it was pointed out that if this rule held any banker, private detective, officer of an anti-horse thief association, sheriff or mar-shall that mailed a postal card on which was printed a reward for the capture of some poor devil charged with crime, would be guilt" of defaming the character of the man advertised for if the-latter had sufficient influence Rally to FV UPTON SI.NCLala. It has cornel I, for one, did not think that they would dare. But the lesson of this Warren case is that there is no limit to the infamy that the capitalist courts will dare in this hour of their peril. The lesson for us Socialists, who think that we are American citizens and have constitutional rights, is that we are living in a fool's paradise. The fortress of our liberties is toppling about our ears. Comrades, for the sake of your country, and of everything in your country's history that you value, do not permit this crime to pass without protest. For the sake of your own welfare, for the sake of your children and your children's children, come and pledge yourselves to fight with all your power against this outrage! Fred Warren does not go to jail because of anything that he did for himself. HE GOES TO JAIL FOR SOMETHING THAT HE DID FOR YOU AND ME. He goes to jail because for ten years, day and night without resting, he has given his time and thought to the task of exposing the conspiracy of greed which has put an end to democratic government in America. He goes to jail because he has come to be known as the most dangerous enemy that our enemies have. He goes to jail because the owners and rulers of this country wish to keep him from telling to YOU the truth which is necessary for YOUR freedom and YOUR happiness and YOUR life. What have you to say about it? I say to you that the American Socialist who fails in this emergency is a coward and a traitor to his cause. Don't sit back and say to yourself that it's all right, it will help the An. 'SJSiy THE APPEAL JN SO FAR AS YOU llELP if, ArJD vtsj FARTHER Don't content yourself with the platitude that oppression always helps the cause of freedom. It helps it only where men are resolved to he free, and to fight for their freedom; and where, when they see any sign of attack upon their rights, they shoulder their guns and go out to resist it. The imprisonment of Warren is a blow in the face of the American Socialist movement. What it means is that in a few years there will not be a Socialist paper published in this country unless YOU, at this crisis, raise such a storm of protest as to convince the judicial lackeys of the capitalist system that Socialism cannot be suppressed, because Socialists will not let it be suppressed. What Can you do? If you do your duty by the cause, you will register a vow to do iust this EVERYTHING THAT LIES IN YOUR POWER. J You will see to it that every man ycu know, and every woman, is informed about this case. You will call upon every person of influence you can get access 'to your local editor, the clergyman in your town, your congressman and justice of the peace. , You will write letters and get them printed. You will give away copies of the Appeal. You will see that -there is a nublic metiner in vnnr run .- which the facts are presented. You may be the only Socialist in your town but that is all the more reason for seeing that there is a meeting of protest. THE SOCIALIST LOCAL WHICH DOES NOT ORGANIZE A PROTEST MEETING OVER THIS WARREN CASE IS DERELICT TO ITS DUTY. No greater opportunity for propaganda was ever offered to us than this case. The animus of the prosecution is so anoarent. the charge itif preposterous, that we have but to lay the facts before the people for them to understand. I wish that every Socialist in the country could have the opportunity that I had in Wilmington and Camden of hearing Warren tell the story himself. The audience sat spell-bound for an hour and a half: and when they left they knew what our capitalist courts are! Above everything else, there is the Appeal to Reason the most Important and worth while paper published in America todav th njnr frf the sake of which Warren goes to a At a meeting you can only talk once; but the Appeal talks 52 times everv year. SUBSCKIPTIONS FOR THE TO THE COURT. THE ONE ANSWER WHICH COURT WILL UN- Are you one of the Warren Defenders? If you are not, come in. If you are in, now is the time for vou to ret husv. Von r nn pledge to add five new subscribers to the Appeal list every week that Warren is m jail. IF FIVE THOUSAND MEN AND WOMEN WILL TAKE THAT PLEDGE AND KEEP IT. WE CAN ADD 100.000 NEW RRAnPRc m THE APPEAL EVERY MONTH. And when Warren steps out of with a million subscribers. Get busy, comrades! In the name of our sacred cause, get busy! Forms a Million Club RIES PLEDGES A THOUSAND WHO'LL EE NEXT? Philadelphia, Pa. One million Appeal club formed tonight, Geo. N.' Cohen, frrctary, by Philadelphia local. Use stuff sent you as basis of object. Mailing call to all locals to form branches. Wire us earliest date can give speakers for Warren protest meeting, yourself preferred. C. W. Erwin. "THE MILLION CLUB." DEAR APPEAL! Here is my application for membership bi ths "R'.i.'l'on Club." I arca ta sand ts ths Utile Old Appsal subscriptions during it six months Warren is in jail- Ramt. Street No.. City. with any United States district attorney to secure an indictment against tie sender. To avoid this romphcaticm lock held that the language was threatening. Fourth: Now comes Jiultje Ifook after even months' deliberation, declaring that the language, whether true t-r faUc, had no place on the cut .-i do ni the envelope. How tliis astute cro: is able to make this opinion harmi-ni with the action of hundreds of officer and .private individuals in mailing thousands of reward cards every day, printed on the outside of a postal card, will no doubt make interesting rcad::'.. As soon as the full text of Jul Hook's opinion is received it will appear in the Appeal. Warren Protest Meeting. From Times, Girard. Kan. Iino. 1 A . meeting has been called for the court house Saturday night of this week to protest against the court decision that condemns Fred Warren to the Fort Scott ;ail. It is likely to be the biggen Socialist demonstration ever known in Girard. But the meeting will not be attended by Socialists alone. Hundreds will be there who do not believe in Socialism but who do believe in a square deal, and who do not think that Fred Warren has had a square deal. Fred Warren has hundreds of warm friends right here in Girard who do not agree with him politically but who recognize in him a man. the Appeal ' felon's celL Get behind it and push! APPEAL ARE. OF ALL ANSWERS the iail door, it will b n . n9n. Toledo, Ohio. Congratulations ;md sympathy. I pledge myself to get one thousand new Appeal subscribers during your six months' imprisonment. On to Ft. Scott with a millioi subscriber. Comrades send in your pledge. E. F. R 1 MiM.or of "V.i-n on! fu'." .Stats

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