Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 5, 1964 · Page 8
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 8

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 5, 1964
Page 8
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8 — Tuesday, May 5, 1964 Redlands Daily Facts NOTES Consider This When Hat-Buying It's the smart women who re members to look in a full-Iengtb mirror when shopping for hats. Many women are too concerned with how the hat affects the face and overlook the important total picture. Picture yourself wearing the hat on different occasions. Like church, a luncheon and a club meeting. If it seems appropriate for all three, it undoubtedly a good choice. The wide selection this spring makes it a happier than ever "Taking The Plunge" Requires Added Make-Up Treatment "Taking the plunge" in th best fashion circles this spring the neckline right down to there! This aU started back last fall during the Paris collections and gained momentum again this spring. It promises to be a popular fad whenever women want to be women and brave enough to show it! The lowered project to select just the right hat or hats to carry yon on through to fall. Lef Us AIR — SHIP — CRUISES — TOURS No Service Charge CLEM SERVICE CIEM lAU lAURA CREATURA 298 E. CITRUS Phone 793-2555 REOLAKDS The House Beautiful Isok starts with your DRAPERIES Keep them lovely with professional dry<leening care Phone 792-3630 for estimates during May Specials hutch 1123 Orange St., Redlands EARLY PICK-UP AND DELIVERY neckline is strictly evening bait; but it's our guess that bathing suit manufacturers will take the plunge, too this summer. Neck-in-neck with fashion is the well-known cosmetic leader, Charles of the Ritz, who has created a special make-up just for the plunge which you can follow at home the way the experts do it at the salon. It begms with a bracing skin treatment called Throat Cream Plus which helps improve the appearance of the often neglect ed area around the throat and chesL In long upward strokes, this cream is swept the full length from chest to cbinline. Its tingling, stimulating action, and rich lubrication go to work giving the skin a healthy glow and smoothing its texture. This best used at bed or leisure time for a half hour to h e 1 p maintain a youthful, firmer throatlinc and to minimize the aging Imes of time. For all skin types, there's a lild skin bracer, known as As- trmgent Cream which is applied just before make-up on the area that will be exposed by the de coUetage. Like a mask, this cream remains on the skin for just fifteen minutes while its gentle astringent action refines the appearance of the complex ion by helping reduce large pores and firming contours. Now, rinse the cream away with freshener and apply a moistur^ izer just as you would to your face, this time all the way down the plunge of the neckline to add fresh, dewy glow to the body make-up that follows. Liquid Veil foundation is next. It not only tints the face and throat but carries down to new depths — all the way to the navel in front, or spine-tingling ly low at the back, if that's the way the dress plunges! This delicate veil of make-up the peifect body flatterer because worked well onto the skin it won't rub off on your dress or his dinner jacket Neither water nor perspiration will Identical twins Patrecia and I^isha GnlUson Dlnstrate rights and wrongs in make-up. Patrecia (front) enhances her best features and tones down her bad ones. Leisha (rear) used too dark foundation and powder making sharp contrast between face and neck. Her raised, wing-effect eyebrows make the eyes appear puffy and the hooks at the outer edge give a false look. Ifer final error—too pale lipstick that makes her lips look thick and puffy. Elaborate Make-Up Now Bad Taste By ALICIA HART Beeuty Editor Newspaper Enterprise Assn. What's new in make-up? You. A make-up authority who has worked with stage, screen and trend. What is behind this en thusiasm? Cosmetician Evelyn Marshall says, "For the first time Ameri can women do not have to be a carbon copy of a celebrity or television pcrsonaUties says she make their features conform to is enthused about the make-up a particular ideal shape." The stress, she says, is on in disturb it as it is ^•irtuaI!y wa- djviduaUty and making the most terproof and requires a thoroughl^^ ^ha' nature gave you cream cleaning to remove it. Apply the veil of foundation all over — from the face right down the throat, chest, arms, shoulders, and to the lowest point of the dressline, blending it well onto the skin until just a light, powdery film remains to lend a soft, finish. Ready now for the final touches! Cake rouge is applied, very much Uke Rubens might have used flesh-toned paint to give his canvas ladies a more voluptuous look. With a bright, pastel pink rouge, you work your own artistry. Stroke on the cake rouge with a small artist's brush or a puff, to mold the color all the way down the cleavage; and then blend the color high up over the rounded curve of the bosom. This gives the skin a healthj-, rosy glow j.s it also accents the curves. For the piece de resistance, add a beauty mark in a strategic spot right above your decolletage. Voila! Like the French, you're now ready to take the plunge. 1 Fortunately, make-up is easier to apply than previously to help you achieve this. One of the reasons is that cosmetic houses! use ingredients such as silicones to make lotions, creams, pow ders and hair sprays spread eas ily. They also provide built-in protection against dryness and loss of natural oils. But no matter how simple they are to apply. Miss Mars hall points out, cosmetics are tricky. There is a right and a wrong way to wear them. You may use much make-up to create the proper, natural look popular now without looking heavily made up. Here is how: In selecting foundation, match your skin color so well that you do not have to make up your neck. If you see a definite color break between face and neck color, then you do not have the right shade. llighUghting is important and for this use a white cream mixed with your skin tone foun f n/oy World's Fair With Comfy Feef Be fair to your feet — and the World's Fair will be, loo. That's the counsel of one of America's leading foot health spec ialists. Dr. Benjamin Kaulh, director of the American Fool Care Institute and a prominent podiatrist. It's a safe bet that visitors to the New York WorM's Fair this spring and summer will walk at least 20 to 25 miles per trip. Experience from previous Fairs, includmg the 1939 World's Fair on the same site — Flushing Meadows, has shown that no one is immune from tired feet at the end of a day's tour of the exhibits. But, points out Dr. Kauth, "There's a vast difference between weary feet at the day's end, and a pair of burning aching feet that cut short your sight-seeing and kill any desire for further visits. And that difference could mean a wrecked weekend or vacation at the Fair." So, if you're one of the 35 million people planning to visit the Fair, here's what Dr. Kauth says: "If you hope to see more of the Fdir than a parade of people passing the bench you've collapsed on, give serious thought to your footwear and your foot care before you go." First consideration should be the shoes you wear, according to the doctor. Through a long day of walking and standing, the footwear that offers the great est comfort and support is an all-leather shoe. As you move from one Fair attraction to the next, the supple leather upper bends and stretches with your foot. The leather sole offers flex ibiUty, a minimum of weight, and an all-day cushioned foun dation. And since leather is a natural material it has millions of tiny pores which allow fresh air to enter and circulate around your feet, they will remain free from perspiration. For feminine visitors, low, mid heels or wed ges are recommended and — fortunately — are very much in fashion. Out - of - towners traveling to New York especially to take in the Fair should pack at least four pairs of shoes. With the heavy walking, schedules that Fair - seeing entrails, footwear should be changed at least once during each day. High heels should definitely not be worn more than a few hours at a time. She's the most:— understanding compassionate interested loveable person in the whole wide world and to US- she's most beautiful PintOzed problem ia many weddinp is getting the flower girl scrubbed and dressed. A mother of five child models suggests a tub with colored bubbles and scrub toys as lures. "Littlest" Problem At The Wedding {one at a time) wearing underwater goggles. This way she can shampoo a daughter's hair while the youngster does a little pretend "skin diving." Mrs. Carey also schedules technicolor baths for the youngsters. She whips up a confection of bright pink, blue, red or yellow soapsuds by adding vegetable coloring to the water. And the youngsters can't resist t h e fair>-land. Fortunately, a mother whose 4-to-T year old daughter is in the wedding party does not have to worry about getting the child ready for prenuptial parties. iThe flower girl is not expected to attend them although her parents will. During the ceremony, the small attendant sits with the bride's mother and does not join the recessional. She also may go to the reception with her parents, but this is not always necessary. After all, the day's activities are wearing for one The flower girl is the future- in-miniature at a wedding. Her costume usually is a white party dress or a pastel that complements the bridesmaids' dres ses. She wears a small head' dress, and usually steals the whole show. But, the diminutive addition to the weddmg party has the same problems as her bigger sisters when it comes to getting ready for the big show. A major obstacle for her mother to overcome is dawdling. Mrs. William J. Corey" of N e w York gives a few tips on how to turn out the little darling in time. Four of her five small children are professional models and they must look mint fresh and be ready for last-minute bookings. As a result, Mrs. Carey has some tricks to get them from the sandbox into the soapsuds and out quickly. In some instances she sends the youngsters into the shower!so young. Right Jewelry Can Do Much For Skin Tones, For Bone Structure BEAUTY STUDIO 120 E. State Redlands 793-5255 or 793-3091 ' PARKING VALIDATION - REAR LOT dation or a pale ivory shade. Apply this liberally with a brush to the shadows of your face, such as circles under the eyes, the nose crease and forehead lines. Blot with tissue to draw off excess oil and moisture and pat smooth. You can correct puffiness under the eyes by mixing cream rouge into the lighter colored mixture used to eliminate the shadows. Pat over puffs under the eyes to dimmish them. Cream rouge on the top of the bones highlights them. When usmg powder, press it heavily over your face and dust off excess with a brush. Heavy jowls may be diminished by shading rouge dov,Tx along the jawbones toward the throat. Miss Marshall passes along this theatrical trick: Press a wet sponge over your entire face to melt powder into the founda tion. This softens the appear ance of your make-up. Pearlo, long number one on the popularity list of jeweh^f items, seem to make the skin look smoother, prettier — and that's maybe one reason they have remained so popular. White, and also turquoise, jew- ehy can brighten skm with a sallow tone. Gold and silver are perfect to set off a summer tan. While these jewel tones and their effect oa the wearer may be known, not too many women are aware that the shape of jewelry is important, too. Button earrings, for instance, make a round shape look all the rounder just as the elongated teardrop type echo the narrow face. will do well to select concave ear buttons. \ single strand of beads or a single, handsome pin worn at the base of the throat will accent the beauty of a graceful neck. The tall woman can wear multi - stranded necklaces: big and bold lapel pins. The petite tv-pe calls for delicate small beads. The plump person should not wear tiny seed pearls or miniature earrings. The basic rule for wearing jevehy is not to overdo it. Too much makes any woman, large or small, look simply weighted down. Femininity is the key to the impression any piece of jew- Women with large features'elry should give. iere is youp once-a-year chance for great savings on TENO-SIXLotiOu by' This Uqnid massaging lotion. goes deep, helps cany away unseen impurities; Originally a Doctor's prescription. Ten-O-Six gets to the root of the problem, helps heal as it cleanses your skin. Use first thing in the moniog. last thing It night Your face never had it so clean. REGULARLY Oa sale May only. 5Q95 g I plus tax spnriGf irn *• In May/ gallons «f Ttn-O-Six also on sal* for «24.95. (Ro*. JEXAa RodlMidt OMIGS 1 E. Stato Open at New Location! Jeanefte's Permanent Wave Salon 338'/2" Orange St., Redlands (Across firom Gerrard's Market) For Your Appointment Co//— 792-4321 or 792-2840 Seautif Chat by Mary Leu Tfnirbtr 'Teen Agers Last Call Because so many of you were out of town for Easter vacation, we are e.xtendmg our contest for the MOST BEAUTIFUL UPS in REDLANDS one more week. Contest will close Wednesday night. May 13th, at 6 p.m. If you are not acquainted vrithj the rules, here they are: Any teen ager from 12 to 20] years is eligible; Simply sign your name and address on a contest blani^ btot your lips and that's alL Remember, two first prizes (1) for 12 through IS year group and (1) for 16 through 20. First prize, a $50.00 Bevlon gift certificate; and 12 second and 12 thkd prizes. So come on girls, nothing to buy. Enter as many times as you wish. Make the judges really work. See you. Mary Lou Redlands Rexall Drug No. 1 East SUte Street

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