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Appeal to Reason from Girard, Kansas • Page 4

Appeal to Reasoni
Girard, Kansas
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"hrca THE APPEAL TO REASON KANSAS CITY, 50 Cents Per Year, WITH RIFLE IN HAND. of 4 weeks, each of 7 days, and there win fractions of minutes in a year as now. There will ba but two seasons. He says in about one thousand vpata from now there will be a troublesome time A TIMELY WARNING. MEN WILL SOHE DAY MARCH UPON WASHINGTON IF THERE IS NOT A CHANGE.

Already the Struggle for the New Emancipation of the Masses Has Begun. for the people on the earth, when things win get snarled up much as they are now, but it will not be of long duration. He says the Bible is a truth, but it is written in symbols and no man ever read SENATOR TILLMAN OP SOUTH CAROLINA KEEPS HIS WORD it right nor could any man ever do so if the key were not given him by the Powers that Be who had it so written for a good and wise purpose. I asked him about manv nassasres and his answers He Made No Idle Beast When He Threatened to Paralyze the Oold Bugs. A Terribly Sea thins Arraignment of the National Administrations-Stock Oamblers of Wall St.

Control the Old Party Presidential Nominations. In view of the fact that there is an effort being made to change the route of the people's party, it is well to reprint the following, a copy of the original document which I hold: rt -ono Wall Street, New York, March 21, 1S9J. Developments abroad this week have been quite as important as those at home. The appointment of a receiver for the bankrupt speculative banking house of MJJm ets ends a long agony among capitalists, and is a long step toward the tmai liquidation of England's latest financial folly. The continental crises which has long been pending seems to be at hand.

The failure of a leading banking house at St Petersburg a few days ago, the suspension of a Paris bank today, more intense financial distrust in Spain and Portugal, and the political complications at Berlin, all point unmistakably to a climax of the wretched condition of financial and political affairs that has existed upon the continent for years. It is not to be wondered at that the American market, no matter how sound ana healthy it may be, should stand still in the face of these events, and of others of which they are the precursors. ttw1i tiovinrr roi Wprl ifsplf of a surfeit of securities by extensive sales of its -f certainly threw a light on it that made it very plain and not at all what I would have supposed it, if I should take the passages literally. Some of the most things in the bible, Buch as killings, debauchery, etc. were made into themost beautiful narratives, when the symbols were Special Dispatch to Topeka Co-operator.

Washington, Jan. 30 A most tremendous sensation was created in the senate by the speech of Senator Tillman on the pending bond bill. Such a torrent of seldom been heard in the senate as that in Mr. Tillman's speech. Veteran members of the body characterized the speech as one of the most remarkable in the history of the upper branch of congress.

It abounded in statements of a sensational character, ar- applied. He says he gets his knowledge by ear, just as mediums do, but that no other person has the same TAGGED. t.L.. i it.i t. I raisrninar President 'Cleveland.

Secretary Carlisle No, tnis is not a Dreast, piaie and other men in hi2h places. .1 1 A I In IV a. 1 114.1 1 than vonrAa f-m tha cq a same the source; XllWaT employes IIVIU I xJ icwiio iucu pnua iivui Mr. Tillman took the floor at 2 o'clock yesterday to be worn both on and off duty to let people Know that the Metropolitan street railway has a mortgage on the wearer. afternoon.

The galleries filled quickly and the senator was accorded close attention. He moved from his rear seat to one in the front row immediately in front of the presiding officer. Although provided with manuscript he began extemporaneously. The senator said he would use plain English, the language of the common people, for he was one of them. He spoke bitterly of the essay reading indulged in by senators.

He referred to the statement of the" senator from Ohio (Sherman) that the A NEW HEAVEN AND A NEW EARTH. Mr. C. W. Dean, at present of this city, a man of very humble means, but of wide range of learning, has the most peculiar yet charming theory of the universe I have ever met.

His theory or phi that the Powers that Be have been training him for twelve years, but not until a few months ago was he given any idea of what time the change was to occur. He has the entire form of instructions to every officer, superintendent, foremen and workmen, all the details of all work, for the establishment of the new order of things, how buildings shall be erected in all details, how food, clothing and amusements shall be created, and used, the price every article shall be sold at and the wages of the people, and officers. There is to be but one government. By the way, there is but little difference in wages from highest to lowest, but there is some. "Women have an equality with men in all things, and one-half the highest officials must be women.

A romance could be written on the theory more taking than Bellamy's Looking Backward, but Mr. Dean says the people are to have the reality and they can't prevent it if they would. He is certainly the most peculiar man I ever met. He says he is ordered by the Powers silver question had been thrashed out. "Yes it had been thrashed out by the speculators, but not by the farmers." As a farmer he would thrash it again; taking up the whole subject on a pitchfork, if need be, to uncover the manure likely to be found.

losophy accounts for every atom of the universe, its qualities and purpose, the nature and origin of every plant, animal andjperson. The processes of beginning of each, why the sizes, shapes and colors, why some animals have hair and its fineness, why others have feathers; why men are white, yellow, red, brown and black; why the sexes and from whence, why some have light, red, black or kinky hair; what the thing termed "life" is; its destiny; why the world whirls in a way that makes it impossible to have years of the same length, but there needs must be leap years and ovon that, ill not. hrinor it out even: what the stars holdings of Americans, and by so doing has filled her bank vaults with American gold is in a position to take care of its holdings of Argentine securities, for which there is practically no market at present. 0 English bankers, brokers and investors certainly will not Jouch the continental securities unless they should fall in value to such figures that" might tempt bargain- hunters, for all of those securities have been tabooed in the London market, and will fe continue to be until capitalists determine whether or not to bring on a general war IM between European nations. It is reasonable to assume, therefore, that the minor 0 and local financial troubles of the continent will be limited to those who are locally responsible for them that is asfar as the misfortunes of any nation can be confined 5o within its own territory.

Out of all disorder a better and sounder condition of affairs will be developed by the imperialism of capital, but the process of reaching that basis will inevitably be slow, tedious and costly. A gold basis for money circulation must first be accom- plished. We must proceed with caution and guard well every move made, for the lowest orders of the people are already showing signs of restless commotion. Prudence will therefore dictate a policy of apparent yielding to the popular lh will, until all of our plans are so far consummated that we can declare our designs without fear of any organized resistance. fai The Farmer's Alliance and Knights of Labor organizations in the United States should be carefully watched by our trusted men, and we must take immediate steps Etfj to either control these organizations in our interest or to disrupt them.

At the coming Omaha convention, to be held July 4, our men must attend and 4 direct its movements, else there will be set on foot such antagonism to our designs fi as may require force to overcome. This, at the present time, would be premature; we are not yet ready for such a crisis. gj Capital must protect itself in every possible manner, through combination and legislation. The courts must be called to our aid, debts must be collected, bonds and mort- gages foreclosed as rapidly as possible. When, through process of law, the common people have lost their homes, they will be more tractable and easily governed through the influence of the strong arm of government, applied by a central power of imperial wealth under the control of lead- ing financiers.

cr A people without homes will not quarrel with their rulers. History repeats itself in regular cycles, this truth is well known among our principal men now engaged in forming an imperialism of capital to govern the world. While they are doing this, the people must be kept in a condition o.f political antagonism. The question of tariff reform must be urged through the organization known as the democratic party. And the question of protection, with reciprocity, must be forced to public view through the republican party.

By thus dividing the voters we can get them to expend their energies in fighting each other over questions of no importance to us, except as tethers to lead the com- W. "It is not saying top much; and I feel warranted in charging, that the (derangement in our finances and all this cry about sound money and maintaining the honor and credit of the United States are all part-aiid parcel of ja fdamnable scheme of robbery, which Tor its object, first, the utter destruction oliver as ca money metal: second, the increase of the public debt and the issue of bonds payable in gold, and, third, the surrender to corporations of the newer to issue all paper money and but does and why. In fact, he has an answer perfectly at to leave the city in a lew wees are not know to whence. He is somewhat of a recluse, logical to all others, for any question in any de His theory is so new, so unique, I felt impelled Sive them a monopolr function. to write it up for you to think over for the next six months or less which is" the time set.

J. A. Wayland. "If the secret history of the year 1892 shall ever be written, it will disclose the fact, which cannot be proven now, but of which I have not the slightest doubt, that fhe gold ring of New York, which embraces nearly all the bankers in the eastern and middle states and the stock gamblers of Wall street, ntrolled the presidential nominations of both the democratic and republican parties and had an understanding with the managers, or THE WAGES PER DAY. A writer wants to know how a New Order can give $6 to $10 per day for labor when the laborer's income is now only about $200 per year.

Well, if the laborers now eet $200 a year, they are en partment of life, counting a grain of sand as life. He says that about 100 years before the Christian era the Powers that Be directed that certain laws be observed for about 2,000 years or a cyle, and the sign of that law is the angle and irregular motion or wobbling of the earth's poles, and that during that time everything on the earth should be made to conform to that wobble meaning that the affairs in nature should go at cross purposes, and that the affairs of men from the greatest to the smallest minutia Bhould be a continual cross or worry. Previous to that time the earth's axis had been perpendicular. That this worry and agitation was necessary to refine certain matter of which all things are, and produce a better race of people, as well as animals, woods, fiuits, etc. During this period the Powers that Be would not make themselves manifest to man, as it had to titled to have added to that all the income of every- with both the candidates themselves, regard to body else who does no useful labor.

In addition what policy should be pursued towards our finan- ces. They contributed money for the booming of to this he will receive benefits of wealth-in other Mn Cleveland as the only available democratic ways that do not require more wealth created, candidate, and they abused and ridiculed every mon herd. Thus, by discreet action, we can secure all that has been so generously For instance, by organization gas may be used at a other democratic aspirant. FORCED THE GOLD STANDARD. and thus far successfully accomplished.

To the Bankers and Brokers Central II. Zimmerman, Secretary. Committee of Chicago, Illinois. Strictly private. cost of 20 cents per 1,000, thus increasing the use and benefits far beyond what the income of capitalists now take from labor.

Without more wealth created, an opera or theater could seat 10,000 to 20,000 just as easily as it now does 200 or 300, by making the price 5 or 10 cents, and the same some extent previously, and not until about fifty years ago did the power begin to make itself known "There was plain evidence to show that the president himself had weakened on the question of tariff reform, and the financial plank was cunningly drafted so as to satisfy 'both gold and silver with the intention that it should be interpreted, if Cleveland was elected, as meaning the cessation of silver coinage and the forcing of a gold standard upon the people. Whether the scheme was agreed to by the president in person or not, and whether he bound himself in plain terms or not, will perhaps never be known. His course has been unswerving in the absolute contradiction of his pub- to the human race by what is called spirit tappings, musiG and performers will only be required. This and later in more remarkable ways, continually in- WOuld be equivalent to an increase of wages out to the extent of the increased attendance nothing, without increase of cost. Again, fully one-half useful vocations of the people today employed in creasing until today a very large part of the people are able to realize that just outside of them is a power or intelligence they can not define, but still feel it is there.

Slate writing, materialization, table moving, clairvoyance, mind-reading, mesmerism, hypnotism, and various other phenom-enas are the advertisements of the Powers that Be create nothing. To put five milk wagons in a ter- professions and letter of acceptance." Sir Archibald Allison, in his history of Europe, says: 'The suspension of specie payments by the Bank of England in 1797 the use of an enormous amount of irredeemable paper money. 'The result was magical. "It terminated in a blaze of glory and a flood of prosperity which has Xryer De fore, since the beginning of the world, descended upon any nation. "Prosperity, universal and unheard of, pervaded every department of cm pire.

"Agriculture, manufactures and commerce increased in unparalleled ratio. "The landed proprietors were in affluence. "Wealth to an unheard of extent was created among the farmers. 'Our exports, imports and tonnage more than doubled and the condition of the people was one of extraordinary prosperity. "From 1797 to 1819 no financial embarrassments of any moment were experienced, and in vain Napoleon waited for the stoppage of England's financial resources.

"But the resumption of specie payments in 1810 the change of the financial system from legal tender paper to metal money was ruinous to all the industries of England. The distress became insufferable, and in Manchester 60,000 men, women and children assembled, demanding blood or bread; and many of the people were killed and many were wounded by British trOops. ritory when two could more satisfactorily deliver The senator quoted from President Cleveland's milk if the same method as distribution of letters response to the committee that notified him of his A mi nomination tne lasi time, auu uewareu mere was adopted. This would shorten hours, save it to warrant one to expect that the were of their existence and preparing the people for the capital, repairs, equivalent to doubling wages fJrpftt Chancre which Mr. Dean says is commis I am satisfied that under the socialist industrial eioned to deliver to the people and which will be done this year, completely changing the earth and what people believe to be the 'heavens.

In other words it is what the people have read about being organization that the rewards of labor will be equivalent to $10 per day, as things now run, and some advantages that even $100 a day will not now afford. leader of the democratic party would ignore the platform and treat with contempt the trusted lieutenants whom the people had sent to the national capital to assist in shaping legislation. The language would lead us to expect the very reverse. How many, he asked, of those reasonable expectations have been realized? Whose advice has he (the president) recognized? None but that of the "bootlicks and sycophants who have crawled to their knees for the crumbs of patronage and be- 4-Via An A vF Vio wrr1rl Vint means not the destmrv i A Bavarian scientist has discovered a method tion of the world but the destruction all the old hv whieh a ohotosrraDh of a person skeleton can be taken, with only the faintest trace of the flesh, trayed their constituents for the offices in his gift." have so long prayed lor "on eartn as it is He can also photograph an object behind two board ue differs with the republican party only in the one particular of the tariff, and on that he has blown hot and cold as his pet hobby and will go down in history as the most gigantic failure of any He heaven." 6ays the people, every man and OATH OP OFFICE IGNORED. Tn thft entire history of this country," contin be made to comprehend that every woman, will screens and made an accurate picture of a compass while inside a metal case.

All the scientific men are excited at the marvel, but are not denying it for it ued Mr. Tillman, "the high office of the president mm who eyer occupied the white house, all be mortal who has ever lived on earth is now living in the atmosphere, and that they have a govern is undeniable, but if there were a large class of has never been so prostuuieu anu never uas me cange of Wg vanity an(j obstinacy." appointing power been so abused. Claiming to be Tq make good tnig charge, Mr. Tillman argued the apostle of civil service reform, he has debauch- that when presijent Cleveland came to power in ed the civil service by making appointments only March 1893 and could call the senate and house ment and control every affair on tne eartn, and bankers or nobles whose business of skinning the tViot. a rnnv nf that onvfirnment is to he jriven to people would be interfered with by the discovery, the people of the earth, as was prayed for by ot tnose wnose sponsors wumu buucuuci utcu hoth democratic for the first time since tne war; i nr JU A.

11 be denounced a tricK and pro- manhood, and, with bated breath, walk with submissive head in his presence. With relentless Jesus of Nazareth, who was simply a plain mortal 1L "UU1" I like ourselves, guided by the spirit of Old Abra- fessors in the pay of these gentry would be appeal-, a. ins to the ignorant not to be deceived by these it would as college to carry his policy into effect, he did not call an extra session to give tariff reform to the people, but instead, called congress together to stop the coinage of silver. purpose he has ignored his oath of office, to uphold and obey the law, and has paid out gold, instead of coin, and has issued bonds to buy more gold, by jugglers. Such has been the reception of every nnvAmmonl: TTa Rftva thfrf IS no hisher Discussing then the tariff bill, which passed in drenched this fair land in blood; was to emancipate four million black slaves.

We are fast approaching a condition which will place the collar of industrial bondage around the necks of ten time3 that many wnUe slives. A day of reckoning will come, unless there is no longer a just God in heav en, and when it does come, woe be unto those who have been among the oppressors of the people. The present struggle is unfortunately too like that which preceded the late civil war, inasmuch as it is sectional. The creditor and the manufacturing states of the north and east, those which have grown inordinately wealthy at the expense ot the producing classes of the south and west, are urging this policy with the besotted blindness of Belshaz-' zar." "It is easy to see," the senator said, in conclusion, "that the struggle for the new emancipation has begun. There are millions now on the march, and they tramp, tramp, tramp tramp sidewalks hunting work, and the highways begging bread, and unless relief comes they will some day take a notion to come to Washington with' rifles in their hand to regain the liberties stolen from them, or which their representatives have sold." POSTAGE STAMPS.

Two-cent postage stamps will be received for subscriptions, where the amount is one dollar or power I AienrtTarT in ential cflfnrf Tnflt has A tfinflPnP.V tO I i ii ,1 4-Vta In tit onrl TiTrinnr Tin hooH I i ti than the collective will of these spirit or spook "1DWTV 001,1 acuous XT the regular session lonowmg, ne saia: -nisirue ao away wnu iue jjuverij, iguwautc ix uuuc ui to tne mieresus ui au.j ne he president; did not sign it, ana anoweu it to sav his owners or partners. become a law without approval, but here again we the present social anarchy. Every class that is on "While to this besotted tyrant, coin has come to mean gold alone, he cannot by his mere 'ipse dixit' change the law of this land and pervert the plain meaning of the English language. top and riding the masses to death opposes any change. And the poor dupes suffer and believe times will get better under this system whose frmts has been ever bitter as wormwood.

Old The repeal ot tne cnerman law, 11 was asseriea, i voninr th world in miserv and which was the first point of attack of this unholy have a spectacle of charlantry and hypocritical assumption of superiority to his party which has always marked his career. The tariff law which he repudiated as unworthy, involving 'party perfidy and dishonor' is the sheet anchor to which he clings. DEBAUCHED HIS CONSCIENCE. "If he was honest at the start (and I am willing to grant that much) his association with Wall street and his connection with wealthy men has debauched his conscience and destroyed all sympa p.j I ll- tWmrrh owl woe. TnE working people have not a representative in congress.

Some there are friendly, but they are lacking in that oneness of purpose that character alliance, noa "uvupu and in conjunction with a majority of the republican senators. 'This democratic president accomplished what was not possible for any republican executive under the circumstances to have" brought about. A change of the party in power had left a large number of offices in his gift with which to buy votes." PUBLIC OFFICE A PRIVATE SNAP. persons who were once mortals like ourselves. He is not desiring to make proselytes, and says it is not in the programme that these things be taught to the people until certain demonstrations and physical changes occur in the heavens and earth that will make the people feel they are not so great and powerful as they believe, and that they live and have their.being only through certain laws under the control of the Powers that Be.

That when these changes do occur the instructions to the people will be published and they will obey them, and the earth will be full of peace and joy and plenty, but that every mortal will have to work a few hours each day at useful labor, and that there will be no rich" and no poor. He says when the changes come that the axis of the earth will drop to "a leveL and it will cause darkness from 10 o'clock in the morning to 4:30 next morning, and the sun, moon and stars we now see we shall eee no more, but instead a belt of light from pole to pole will rise next morning, and the moon will thy with the masses." less. It is safer than silver money. Would prefer money order where it is as convenient. izes Liebnicht and Bebel of Germany, and Jaures and Gusde of France.

Few men, however faithful, are qualified to fill the position to American working people thatjthese men fill for the down trodden of Europe. There are three men in this country In discussing tne goia question iunaer, jju. Tillman said: "Rothschild and his American agent graciously condescended to come to the help of the United States treasury in maintaining the tnr rnn tended that if there has been one which has wrought the rum, and idea more persistently and prominently presented god standard ten millions commission or so. Great who could electrify the nation and make tyranny trembie, men whom money could not buy and office could not tarnish. These three men are E.

V. Debs, of the United States, Henry D. Lloyd, of Chicago, and Ex-Gov. Waite, of Colorado. If God I that this government, the richest, most powerful on the globe, should have been brought to so low a pass that a London Jew should have been appointed it3 receiver and presumes to patronize to the American people- by President Cleveland than any other, it has been the iniquities or the tariff and the demand for its revision.

In season and out of season, with. 'damnable iteration," he had sung this "Zion song" in the ears of the farmers. Tie quoted from the president's messages of 1887 and 1888, and said he did it for the purpose of pointing out the evolution of a tyrant and us. of nrovidinor revenue and the working people would send these men to con- Spread the Light Fund. Contributionswill be received and credited for a fund to send the Appeal to Reason to barber shops throughout the United States.

It will be sent three months to as many a3 funds will pay for Amount previously $13 4." W. B. 10 Wm. lo H. J.

Parker. 50 YOUR PAPER IS PAID FOR. Every copy of' the Appeal to Reason sent from the office is paid for. If you get it, it is because you or some friend has paid for it. It never sent on credit and is stopped when the tin.

is out. Publishers Notice. Make all remittances payable to Appeal to Reasox, 807 ilain Kansas City, Mo. Use money orders, istered letters or drafts. Personal checks costs 15o each for collection.

assume the same shape, so that the poles will be as warm as any other part of the world, as they greS3 the bouse of plutocracy would on its foundation. The working people will be slaves, were once beiore, wnen tne palms, terns and trop icaraxdmalsV''bose 'remains we now find frozen in the ice there, lived there in bygone ages. Under the new order 'fie' says the highest temperature of looking after the solvency of the treasury, which rests with congress, has been usurped by the president. Why is he not impeached? The encroachments of the federal judiciary; and the supineness and venality corruption, I may say of the representative branches of the government, are causes of deep concern to all thinking and patriotic men. We are fast drifting into government by injunction in the interest of monopolies and corporations and tVip.

snnreme court, bv one corrupt, vote, annuls an of snowing tne iransiuon nuui a conscientious law-abiding chief magistrate 'to an arrogant and obstinate ruler, who ignores, the law and issues bonds at will and issues them! under a'-statute that is subject to the suspicion that it was intended to be tem-r porary and limited irfdita application, instead of conferring a discretiopdy authority. He not only issues them, but doercs secretly with his law partner as a witness to t-il contract, and has created begging for work, uutil they do elect such men to congress and others like them to help them. The public is sick, very sick, and amputation may be necessary to save its life. Only such men can be relied on in such an'emergency. Note this: Extra copies of the Appeal are one cent, except in hundreds 50 cents per hun the arth will be 72 degrees and the lowest 32 degrees above, that there will be much more day than- night, on account of the new form of the Eource of light; that the time of the rotation of the earth will be changed so that 336 days will be a year and Uiat it will be divided into 12 months act of congress looking to the taxation of the rich.

the suspicion in the onosu of millions of his coun- The Appeal will send sample to zu? 21BLE AND TDIELY WARNING. You can get 25 weekly to one person three trvmen that a presid United States can dred. number of names for 1-ccat each. 18ai to 186 which from TLe. nKft his hffrh office ff gain.

months for $1.50. A.

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