Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on April 21, 1963 · Page 1
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 1

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 21, 1963
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Microfilm Service 4 Sales P.O. Box 8066 Dallas, Texas 'New Dimensions'-Annual Del Rio Progress Edition 64 Pages EIGHT SECTIONS DEL Rio NEWS-HERALD Sunday 20 Cents 35th YEAB DEL RIO, TEXAS, SUNDAY MORNING, APRIL 21, 1963 NUMBER 28 Federal Authorities Intervene in XERF Radio Dispute Around Town By IMA JO FklETWOOD SALTY DOG, WHO BELONGS to Johnny Lillard and lives with the Lillard family at 424 East Garfield Avenue, has a family. She is tfce proud mother of three little girl dogs and two little boy dogs wit6 black and white markings. Salty is a bright little dog with beagle ancestry. The five little puppies will be available for adoption in about six weeks, if good homes are offered. * * • * BIG BROCK SAID SATURDAY the white bass and the black bass are biting and some weighing four to four and a half pounds have been hooked at Lake Walk. » * * * JOHN LOCHABAY, FORMER corporation judge for Del Rio, has moved to Big Spring to reside with relatives. * » * * THK ANNUAL PICNIC WILL CIUDAD ACUNA—Mexican federal authorities intervened Saturday in the smouldering dispute over the powerful 250,000-watt Radio Station XERP. Raul Lozano Martinez, assistant federal district attorney frorm Piedras Negras, said Saturday evening after completing an investigation in Acuna, that he would request federal troops to guard the property some 15 kilometers outside of Acuna. Violence had been reported at the station Thursday night. Lozano, assistant federal district attorney from Piedras Negras, arrived in Ciuded Acuna Saturday afternoon with orders from Mexico City to investigate events surrounding the station. Lozano said he had been given definite orders over the telephone at 1 p.m. Saturday by Federal Attorney General Oscar Trevino Rios and Secretary of National Defense Olachea Aviles to intervene, and at 5 p.m. the Mexico City officials called Sub-Lieutenant Abel Arroyo, leader of the Acuna Military Detachment. Sub-Lieutenant Arroyo also received direct orders from General Antonio Romero Romero, head of the Sixth Zone Military Division. The district attorney from Piebe held Sunday on the Billings dras Negras made his investiga Ranch near Langtry. Folks will tions, accompanied by Federal Ju- begin gathering about 3 p.m. to dicial Police No. 218. They were visit until supper is served at 5 , also accompanied by Federal or 5:30. Meat, iced tea and bread Customs Official Ramirez Govea will be provided; those who at- from the Acuna site of the Inter- tend will bring a covered dish, national Bridge, acting as an aux- No formal invitations were ex- iliary federal peace officer, tended but friends of Langtry | The officers went to the station residents 'and of the ranch people in thajt vicinity are invited to at- to investigate the presence of any weapons, such as machine guns. tend, Grace Billings Schwalbe They found no arms. They found said. Her sister, Bea Brown, who I four men, identified as belonging is stationed at the International! to one group, and two men of an- Airport in San Antonio with the Customs Service, will be .at.Jthe, ranch for the celebration Sunday. • * • • MR. AND MRS. SEBASTIAN Trevino at 906 West Martin Street had a house full of guests for Easter. They included Mr. and Mrs. Raul Trevino and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mascila and their family, all of San Jose, California. They spent two weeks of their Easter vacation with the Trevinos and left for home Thursday. Other Easter guests of the Trevino family were Mr. and Mrs. Abram Ojcda and their family from San Angelo and Mr. and Mrs. Tomas Hernandez and their family of San Antonio. • * • • C. K. DcBUSK OF COMSTOCK, who is a teacher and who directs the Comstock School Band, issued an invitation to the band's spring concert Tuesday evening at 7:30 in the school auditorium. This will be the seventh annual concert of its kind. Adults will be admitted for 50 cents; children for 25 cents. « * • • COACH LAWRENCE POWELL is slated to speak at the regular meeting of the North Heights Parent-Teacher Association Monday at 3:15 p.m. in the school. The coach will speak on Good Citizenship, through Strength. No social is planned but the program will be presented on Texa* by fourth graders of Mrs. J. D. For- other group, all without arms. The men with /jAttorney Saul "Monies' group present were ' Zambrano Hernandez, Isidro Reyes Parales, Emilio Jimenez Chavez and Valentin Reyes Perales. Present from thee group of Fernando Ramos, acting in behalf of the recognized union members in possession of the station were Pablo Domingucz Hernandez and Emilio Rodriguez Rodriguez. The latter two were in charge of the maintenance of the plant, one of the antenna and the other of the maintenance personnel. A short time later, Saul Monies, Ramon Franco and Jose Andres Villarreal arrived, all members of the Monies group, which had re portedly taken possession of the station Thursday night. The investigating federal attor ney from Piedras Negras said he found none' of these men armed either. The entire group then returned to Acuna. Sub-Lieutenant Arroyo of the j Acuna military detachment joined the group at the city hall about 5 p.m., stating that he had jusl been called by the military commander with headquarters in Saltillo to investigate the incident. He conducted an investigation and took statements. In the hearing, conflicting testimony was given. The one group stated they had no arms, but the personnel of the station charged that not only had zone military commander as he lad been ordered. Earlier Saturday morning, the radio station employes presented :estimony in an inqury held by Minor Judge Juan Hector Almanza. They made statements that they had been beaten by armed attackers and chased from the station, and also added that one of the armed men threatened Del Rio radio announcer Paul Kallinger with a .45 pistol. Attorney Saul M. Monies, torney for one side, maintained! Monies .said when this incident that when the state police (judi- i was related to the district judge cial police) from Sabinas gave [ who had granted the injunction, possession of the radio station to Fernando Ramos at 3a.m. Thursday, a violation of an injunction granted by Piedras Negras Dis- tricl Judge Pablo Fernandez Carlo had taken place. Monies declared that the Sabinas police had given possession of the station lo another side in the dispute in direct violation of the injunction (amparo). Ihe judge got in touch with Atty. Alberto Tena Gonzalez, president of the No. 5 Special Group of Labor Arbitration and Conciliation of Union Disputes of Mexico City, men who seized the station and forward the request to the sccrc- reconfirmed his testimony before tary of nalional defense. Ihe federal assislanl district at- ' Lozano returned to Piedras Ne- of the Sabinas judicial police to place them in possession of the radio station. Monies said the district judge had given Tena Gonzalez 24 hours to answer his query. Monies also added that the hour of 3 a.m. is a peculiar hour for „_. _ _„ , judicial matters to be transacted, radio station. He said thai the fed- ; report to Saltillo, torney Saturday afternoon. I gras after C p.m. Saturday with Assistant District Attorney Lo-' his five assistants. Sub-lieutenant zano Marlines said he would ask Arroyo said he would await fur- that federal authorities guard the tlior orders after forwarding his Sergio Archer, one of the union yes at the radio station sav the connic"he HH tnc tonll L '" asking him to state why he had On the other hand, Ihe assistant i era i i roo os could not arrive until not respected the injunction, since manager of thc radio station, Lo- i ""„ ,' P * cou {i not ar " vc un " Alberto Tena Gonzalez had given renzo Blanco testified before the \ Monda y- Hc said " e would IIBVC to Ihe order of possession lo the Sa- I minor judge Saturday morning communicate his request for fed-; factloV"wcrc""ma "rilsulvwl' „,„ bmas Labor Concilialion Group, ! that he had been beaten about 7 ; cral troops to the attorney general' employes would have to abandon who in turn had sought the help I p.m. Thursday night by armed ; in Mexico Cily, who in lurn would their jobs. Kennedy Launches Desperate Laos Salvage Operation DEL RIO WEATHER DEL RIO AND VICINITY: Clear lo parlly cloudy and a little warmer Sunday; high 84 lo 94^degrees. Maximum temperature Friday. 89; minimum 65. Maximum temperature a year ago, 89; minimum 63. Minimum temperature Saturday morning, 57> OF MANY NATIONS — Foreign military students training at Laughlin Air Force Base were made honorary citizens of Texas Saturday morning in the Roswell Hotel. Their uniform hats were placed on a table, outside the dining room where the presentation was held. With Chief of Police J. R. Koog's white cap and a Texas straw, the skypieces represent Burma, Germany, Iran, Pakistan, Portugal and Norway. See Story Page 3A. (News-Herald Photo) AMID UNITY RIOTS Prime Minister Of Jordan Quits Man Fatally Burned WU3 If Gil DIUAC Action Due On Service Pay Boosts Urgent Diplomacy To Prevent Fall By LEWIS GULfCK WASHINGTON (AP) ...- President Kennedy launched an urgent diplomatic salvage operation Saturday to save neutral Laos from collapsing under Red pressure. Kennedy held a strategy session of the National Security Council on Laos during the morning amid reports that militarily superior Communist forces are wiping out positions held by neutralist Gen. Kong Le. The- White House men.ting de- | ' - laye<I somewhat thc President's • a;l (ind( . l( . rmlll ,,| amoi|nl ,, f ,„„. departure on a specchmakinK trip sui( , ,„,, al(| I)ri marily from to Boston. Kennedy set a follnwup nc, K l,l,«,rin« North Vic. Nam. is meeting of tin- top U^S. strategy , ,,, ^ , () ( . llminate ' th(3 group for Monday, when the ad- Ko ,., f , >n .,. s ;im , , hus ,„„ imtlcdly grave- Laos situation will Ult . frilj , lk . ,»,r.-..-sick.d KHVcrnmlm i be considered again. . _ * . TPV CAPI ii»x, Vrtx ) — tirAoi>fstr-.rT.»>.T /i..,, ,, i ./• .,_ -, .- . headed by neutralist Premier Swi- WASHINGTON fAP) — House j After the council meeting it was van ,,., [>j, OUJni , j action is expected soon on n bill j announced that: \ to authorize a $1.2-billion yearly 1. Secretary of State Dean Husk increase in military pay and al-jwas promptly calling to the State r ...... lowances, effective Oct. 1. 1 Department the ambassadors of P"- swl " f right-wing. center and Backed by the Defense Depart- India, Canada and Poland-thc ' Icll ' wm(! fil{ ' tlons '•'.nl.nued exist- ment as a necessary slop in help- members of lhc three-nation In- (<<¥f "' v; ' JiKn'onu-nt provides " I ""' llan «<>vernmenl com- man was fatally burned and two • j. n jf, th ^,!!? mc l. J_ c ™l? c ^ urc>c ™i!' .^u"" 1 ' 0 "" 1 . _ C " n . lr , 01 . Corn mission others were injured Saturday ence of the center, neutralist arv in Ihe U.S. v >. 11 •«-«. .3 " ^* y, IJkJUSWU kJUlUlUCljr Jft| I I ' a fire that erupted in a gas well ™<l r $Z they were servicing 15 miles north of here. The loss was estimated at 5250,000. By SPIRO EL1SSA AMMAN, Jordan (AP)—Prime Minister Samir Rifai Saturday night in the midst and retain personnel, the bill which is supposed lo police lasl v "' w '"Prevent collapse, give increases to all active year's Geneva agreement for an \ ' In ' - United Slates is I and retired persons, except those-, independent, neutral Laos. The a PPb' diplomatic pressure to stem with less tbari two years' service, envoys saw Husk during the after- llic Communist advance, both by Rep. Carl Vinson, D-Ga., chair- noon. ; persuading the Russians to use- man of the House Armed Services 2. Undersecretary of Slate W. Ibeir influence and lo goad the Thc fire burned out of control Committee, haa said he hopes to Avercll Harriman will leave Sun- control commission into y more bale in which 32 members in the Saturday night with-flames shoot-; bring it to a vote in the House day for Paris and London to talk active role. 60-seat body rose and attacked his in S 80 f et>l ' n t"C air. Cause of during thc first week of May. ! wi th high government officials .Just how resigned • policies. Most of those opposing th , e flr * was not determined. An AS approved by " nidst of „-, . , , r r i • '"' wc " f' rc - f '8hting crew was lo 31-1, on April 9, n.f., «nnbo , n favor of Jordan's aUempt to pu , oul lhe firc al 5 violenl popular demonstrations"... . . demanding thai Jordan join the Jomln « thc Pr°P ! «^l expanded a . m . tomorrow. budding union of Egypt, Iraq and version of President Gamal Abdel Donald C. Palchin. 31. died in a for generals and admirals to 16.4. fan ;, is\^t'lini'''sh"ort'"his curmil with''Britain', int.. doing its' the Russians st;in.l i-, the committee The Hritish and French are mem- unknown by US. authorities (!<•. Ihe bill would | )t . rs O f t no 14.nation Geneva ac- spile numerous attempts to prod provide varying percentage in- t . or(J , the Sovic-t Union, as a coehairmari creases ranging from 5 per cent 3. The U.S. ambassador to Thai- of the Geneva agreement Syria. King Hussein accepted Ihe res- Nasser's United Arab Republic. ! Perryton hospilal Salunlay nighl P«-T cenl for firsl fieulcnants and Washington visit for consultation lo insure that the Geneva pad is Kine Hus«.in n am ed Rif a i'« King Hussein named Rifdi s ° f burns he suffcred - Also hurnccl l * " r(!canU - ester, Mrs. Marlha Miliigan and | a f ter beating them, the 'intruders .. . they had arms with them, bul lhat Cation and asked Rifai lo con- ; government , ess than . month ag() Mrs. E. C. Fricke. * • • • THE PINE WOOD DERBY FOR all dens of Cub Pack 206 will be held at North Heights Elementary School Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. with nickle hot dogs and nickle Cokes available. A pack meeting will follow the derby. * *. * * RISIDEMl ENGINEER JOE Cruz of the U.S. Corps of Engineers said Saturday the last 800 feet of track has been laid on the east end of the new railroad bridge over Devil's River in the Amutad Reservoir area and except for a little housekeeping to put everything in order, ready for the first train to come across the beautiful, new structure Tuesday. There'll be no ceremony, the trains will just start rbfling. Joe said he'll be around a while kmger, finishing' up paper work. He has an ofiQce oa the aceecf road, near the new railroad bridge. . * •••"• •.;..: FOREIGN MILITARY STU- dent) training at Laagfetav Air Force Base would like to schedule a soccer game. If anyone plays soccer and wants to take the boys on they should call Captain Robert E. Remaley but do it .quickly- some of the better players, will be See AROUND TOWN - Pat* JA had fired wild shots in threats. After concluding the investigation, the sub-lieutenant said he would forward his report to the tinue in office on a caretaker ba- od Jr 19 «nd«ton and Retired personnel would gel an i^re«e of" 5 per cent P ,us auto- in and is immediately returning tn fulfilled. * sis until formed. a new government is ally , U.S. officials said Saturday it is . . . ,. , Mini a neighbor of Laos, was anybody's uuesx as to whether in a move seen as making Jordan G. F. Harvey, 30. who was less malic increases in the tuture wner ,, Kennedy sent several thou-' Moscow really wants lo see the more favorably disposed toward seriously burned. All were from whenever the cost of living index san(] ^ s (rw , ast after • Geneva ai-ree'nient Lived up to : ** * T-*-. i rj«;pi:.-tnprp*>nr >.__ The fate of Rifai's government the currenls of Arab unity sweep was sealed in a parliamentary de- AUTHORITIES INVESTIGATE — Raul Lorano Martinez, asaiitAnt federal district attorney from Piedras Negras, Hex., left, and his secretary Juan Angel Castro, interview* Acuna attorney Saul Mantes, right, during an investigation of the dispute centering around the 250,000- watt Radio Station XERF. ing out of the Cairo talks of Egypt, Syria, and Iraq. But speaker afler speaker declared Rifai's government was ill equipncd to deal with the problems 01' Arab unity. Troops ringed the Parliamenl Building during Ihe debate. The government had called out desert troops and police earlier in the I day and ordered an emergency j curfew in Jerusalem to quell lhc ; pro-Nasser demonstrations. Rifai told Parliament Israel was ; massing troops at the frontier line : in the Jerusalem area, raising ' j Jordanian fears that Israel might : try lo lake advantage of any re- j volt inside Jordan. However, an jlsraeii spukesinuu called the, reports of Israeli troops massing wholly unfounded. Jordan borders Iraq and Syria, two of the three regions set to make up the new Cairo-led federation expected to come into being sometime this summer. But there are numerous obstacles to Jordan's participation in the new federation under its present government. Perryton. The portable, truck-mounted rig. owned by the Pool Well Servicing Co. of Perryton, was destroyed. The well was the Wes Lee Bryan No. 1, said to have a daily capacity of 20 million cubic feet. rises 3 per cent. Increases in subsistence allow-; ance for officers and ration allow- ', the Hods threatened Laos. and if it sloes, whether Moscow There was no indication that has enough influence to make its U.S. military intervention or a will stick in distant Southeast he provided, along with a new al-l ^ ow " f ., £or « was dcd ' ic<1 on ,, at Asi . :i ' , ,. c „. . . . lowancc, equivalent to one-third ofi thfi , Whlt « Housc ™celmg. «"i-: I nl,l r.-c-nMy L S offu-ials have ' cials declined to rule out the pos- been inclined tn believe Ihe Rus- sibility of a U.S. military move sums sincere in their expressed later, however. de.sire for a neutralist Laos hut According to thc U.S. analysis, continued inaction is casting doubt thc Communist Pathel Lao with on this idea. quarters allowance, for per- S*« SERVICE PAY — Pag* 2A Today BOY SCOUT RECOGNIZED For Saving Life Of Two Year Old Brother, PAGE IB FOREIGN STUDENTS Made Honorary Texans In Ceremonies Here, PAGE 3A ft ft In Your Del Rio NEWS-HERALD WHERI TO FIND: Attiustmtritt 4-5D Book R«vi*w SO Butirm*, Fl»nee 3C Church S«rvlc«» 4C Clattlffod Adt 4-7B Comics *B, MH Contract Brldg* -_ SB Cros*w*rd 4B Doar Abby SB Deaths JA I4ttorUI* 2C Hints from HoMso SB Moxko Mows 7A DEL RIO HIGH Counselor Receives Texas U. Fellowship, PAGE 6B •9* Tokvislon 24A4D TlwatM-s 5D Woathor - _ 2A Woman's Nows 1-5B Cris Aldrete to Attend White House Ceremony County Attorney Crlstohal P. commitlee in November 1962, Al- Aldrete will attend Ihe formal drctc has attended some eight presentation of a report entitled meetings in Washington. He has "The Challenge of Jobless Youth" served as a member of the sub- lo President Kennedy in the White commillee on laws affecling youth House Wednesday morning. employment. Aldrete is a member of lhc Among members of the commit- Presidenl's Committee on Youth tee are many nationally-known Employment, which compiled thc figures such as the president of report after several monlhs of in- the Uniled Stales Chamber of tensive study. The President re-, Commerce, the president of th« ceived an early draft of the re- AFL-CIO, the president of the Na- porl informally last January and 1'°™! Congress of P-TA. the gov- a number of Its recommendations crn « r of Tennessee and the Mayor were included in his special mcs- -of Milwaukee, sage to Congress on youth. i Attendance at the White Houso • Since his appointment to tho S«o ALDRETE — *••• 2A

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