Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on April 19, 1963 · Page 1
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 1

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 19, 1963
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If Ywi MiM Your Ml MO NEWS-HfRAlD C«M 775-3531 *-7 p.m. t-l« m.m. DEL Microfilm Service ft Sales P.O. Box 8066 Dallas, Texas o NEWS-HERALD 35th YEAB DEL RIO, TEXAS, FRIDAY AFTERNOON, APRIL 19, 1963 NUMBER Around Town : By IMA JO FLEETWOOD BOY SCOUTS OF TROOP 373 wij] participate in the circus Sat- Hirday night In San Angelo. The troop is sponsored by the First Baptist Church and the Scoutmaster is A. T. Valeseu. LEADtftS OF PACK 210 WILL meet tonight at 7:30 o'clock in the home of Scout Executive John; Pearson. Jofm won't be there —] he'll be at the Rio Grande District, Court of Honor in the auditorium ! of the Del Rio Junior High School at that hour. * . * • TERRY NEWTON, WHO IS only 13, will receive an Eagle award tonight at 7:30 o'clock at the Court of Honor. Terry is the second 13-year-old to earn such a i high award. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Newton. I ALBIN TUDOR CHALK II, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albin Chalk j of Columbia, South Carolina, and Miss Katheleen Orescan will be married Saturday morning in St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Evanston, Illinois. The bridegroom is the grandson of Mrs. Eppie C. Chalk of Del Rio. He is the grand nephew of Miss Mabelle Cooper, also of Del Rio. Albin's father will be his best man. A ministerial student, Albin has completed two years of study at Seabury Seminary. His grandmother is not able to attend the wedding because of the great distance. * » * . MRS. ALLIE BERRY OF DEL Rio spent Easter in Encinal with her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Allen. Mrs. Allen has been ill for some time. Mrs. Berry was accompanied home by her nephew. Jack Abbott Jr. of Salt Lake City, Utah; he returned to his home Tuesday. , **'**' WOMEN GOLFERS FROM Ozona, BoDora and San Antonio have registered for the invitational tournament at the San Felipe Country Club. Tonight a putting contest will be held from 8 to 9 o'clock on the putting green adjacent to the club house. Play will start tomorrow at 9 a. m. with a luncheon to follow the tournament, sponsored by the Women's Golf Association of Del Rio. Men Seize Control of XERF DEL RIO WEATHER DEL RIO AND VICINITY: Clear to partly cloudy this afternoon, tonight and Saturday; a little cooler this afternoon and tonight. The low tonight is expected to be near 58. Maximum temperature yesterday, 96; minimum 68. Maximum temperature a year ago. 87; minimum 65. Minimum temperature this morning, 65. Time of sunrise, 6:13 a.m.; time of sunset, 7:12 p.m. Time of sunrise tomorrow, 6:12 a.m. Reds Pushing Laos Attack By ANTOINE YARED i to solidify their control of all Chase Out Station Employes CIUDAD ACIWA A pathct Ian fnrrPK »n ! 7- ---- -—• — •-— Lao i band of armed men were ramei L,ao forces to- a [ so brought the main airstrip on day launched an attack on thc stretegic Plaine des Jarres after driving neutralists from their last stronghold outside the area, neutralist officials announced. In what appeared to be a move Rail Labor Chief Charges Hoodwink WASHINGTON (AP)—Chairman called 'fcathcrbedding,' they are George Leighty of the Railway Labor Executives Association said KEEP PRESSURE UP -- Workers for General Telephone are shown caulking to keep the pressure^ up for service. Shown on the scaffold is John Sandow; in the truck is Edwin Forehand. (News-Herald Photo) House Tables Bill To Extend Beer Hours Radar Speed Trap For Sale-Cheap LEON VALLEY, Tex. (AP) — A $085 radar traffic gadget is for sale, and Leon Valley Mayor R. C. Adair says it's cheap. Adair and four fellow councilmen won election April 2 in the small South Texas town northwest of San Antonio. They campaigned on a pledge AUSTIN (AP) — The House agreed today to "table" a proposal to extend legal beer drinking hours and curtail hours for selling liquor. The House, without a dissenting vote, accepted the request of Rep. Stanley Boysen of Yoakum to . legislature has to end. "place the bill on the table sub- 1 Heatly's motion was not voted ject to the call of the House." on. It would have assured that measure would not have been Rep. W. S. Heatly of Paducah ^dered asked the House to postpone con- Boyscn . s mcasure proposes to today lhat rather than being j costs." broke, the railroad industry as a whole is actually in the healthiest financial state in its history. being forced by greedy union leaders to pay excessive labor tse sources said tb?? M t < TSff.u»t «*L™ Zl **. SatlOn XERF The field line for the neutralists. supply by fopce Th ~ m . sday night "The facts dispute every one of these claims," he said. The rail labor union chief, in remarks prepared 'for a National Press Club luncheon, accused the industry of conducting a "Madison Avenue propaganda" drive in Leighty said the railroads are the largest and most prosperous of the common carriers. He said railroad financial ports often conceal their real financial posi- an effort to "hoodwink the Con- j lion - The carriers, he -said, have gross, the public and railroad em- | bce ." steadily reducing their debts ptoyes." <—•-•-< •- '-"Relying on clever words and cftteSy phrases,". Leiglity said, "ttie railroads have not missed one bet in their massive propaganda drive to convince the American people that they are on , , . , . the brink of financial disaster, I about h ' g ^ lab ? r costs lhat they arc being squeezed out ma "L^.° ^.t^ by the competition of other forms while increasing dividends. In thc four decades since World War I, Leighty said, railroad traffic increased b'y 61 per -cent while labor man-hours declined by 60 per cent yet "rail management clings to its own fiction and wails too Leighty called for a morntori- sideration of the bill until June 4, one week after this session of the „, » Scouts Hold Court • j Of Honor Tonight A Certificate of Merit, a Silver i line. Thus he saved his brother's wiu f. ***** * aP ,JL et ±" be presented at a Rio Grande Dis- motorists. As soon as the new councilmen took office they replaced the three-man police force and hired a new town marshal. presented trict Court of Honor for Boy Scouts t 7:30 o'clock in the au- of the Del Rio Junior „. . mgn life. The Silver Beaver, highest award for Scouters, will be presented Earl Starkie and the Eagles awards will be presented Terry Newton, 13-year-old son of Mr. extend the hours for legal consumption of beer by two hours each day in counties of over 10,000 population. It was first on the calendar for consideration. "It's too close of a vole to run with the bill today," Boysen said. "I may and may not have enough votes to win approval, but it's just too close to take the chance." Boysen said tabling the bill' of transportation, that they arc um , on railroad merger proposals the victims of unfair government j P cn , d . m f, .,» : ^°. ml ?!° tuC regulation, and that because of so- Communists Said Preparing to Hold Rally at Juarez EL PASO, Tex. (AP)—Preparations for a Communist rally were reported being made today in Ju- study of the industry by Congress. He pledged that if the industry ceases trying to contract its services and starts "hustling new business" to achieve maximum use of its facilities, railroad workers will pitch in to make the industry more successful than ever. A spokesman for the neutralist ! Station manager Lorenzo coalition premier, Prince Sou- i B . lanc -'° and operator Hila- vanna Phouma announced the at- j r '° Aguilar were beaten as tack on .the Plaine dcs Jarres, i they and seven other cm- wherc Gen. Kong Lc and his esti-1 ployes were chased from the mated 5,000 neutralist troops are | property by two carloads of men bottled up. ; armed with a mnchincgun and pis- He said the attack followed the ' tols. fall of Phong Savan, the neutral- < Announcer Paul Kallinger of 1st stronghold about 10 miles east Del Rio said he feared for his life of thc plain. The garrison at as a man pushed «i .45 into hi.s Phong Savan withdrew in panic stomach and ordered him, in after 24 hours of violent artillery : Spanish, to "run'" bombardment, neutralist sources The station was seixetl by some said. ! 15 men shortly before 7 p.m. The spokesman said Souvanna i Thursday. It is located about 15 has called in the British and So- kilometers from Acima in a place viet ambassadors — representing ! cf »lj«l Puerto Hilico. the two countries that were co- I KaJlinger said he was allowed chairman of the Geneva confer- | u> leavc - He lcft th« road ami . ence guaranteeing Laos' neutral- j ma(lc nis W ^V into Acuna cross- ity last July. He also summoned country after hearing machineRim the three international control j v'",!'"'. Vlcmltv of l "e station. commissioners, representing In- XER1-", involved in legal dis- dia, Canada and Poland, to tell i p. uU ' s ' has , hcon off thu alr ah " ut them about the situation. h ™ e w ?*-' ks - At :1 a ' m - Thursday, Souvanna warned Thursday that ' lalf » dozen state police from Sa- thc Pathet Lao was following a j hmas """I" 1 '' y ^ llpe A .«—„;.« ^.w.'» .„„ „.., -„..._-, arrived with orders from, a precise--plan-'to wipe out neutral 1st buffer troops, raising the j al axlministrativc ! commission in Mexico City placing The plain area is about 120 miles north of Vientiane. Neutralists sources said Kong Jose Mcdrano, 58. and Mario Rodriguez, 23. were left by the state IX)lj , ( , a.s guards. They were _ Le was able to reorganize his | , K .| d Bt Kanpoinl dur i nt ; the cpi- pamcked troops in positions on s(x j c the perimeter of the Pa line dcs } Tht . m(lfl hf>ld j n8 thc s t at j l)n arR Jarres after the fall of Phong Sa- j believed associated with parties in- van - ; volved in a dispute over owner- Thc onslaught had been expect- | ship of Hie station. Blanco was reed, since thc plain straddles one > ported to have gone to Picdras of thc chief north-south routes and Ne«ras lixlay to report the inci- the Pathet Lao needs it to solidify <|ent to the federal district atlor- control of northern Laos. ; ncy. Cooler Weather Due in Area But No Moisture Is Expected fion, ~abouT loo"'yards from "the! Slightly cooler temperatures a ret showers stretched from near Worth to 30 miles northwest of arez, Mexico. The El Paso Times said the rally will be held April 26-27 in the Colonia Francisco Villa sec- U.S. border. forecast for this afternoon and to-j^ ncrman Thc newspaper said thc two-day ! night by H. L. Molvncux at the ^VyTc" 1 'to 50 "m\le7 northeast'of skl "' *«™ overcast throughout 25 miles east of Dal-'Waco, from 50 miles north subject to call means that the! meetin 8 is expected to attract j We?ther Bureau, with, the low. Wa( .* a|)(1 g House, by a majority vote, could I sever al thousand Communist sym- j near 58. bring the proposal up at any j pathizers from the interior of time. The House is meeting today the first Friday it has assembled I he held is heavily populated by th i Mexico. The area where the rally would Skies will he moisture is clear to partly said, but no expected Friday f "Everybody in the country is ,„„,*,.,. i - .. -. , .- griping -about radar," Adair said James Richard Baumann i 2 . landMrs - Frank Newton, and Lar- ( since the session started Jan. 7. j squatters, some of whom partici- Thursday. "We're getting rid of year-old son of Major and' Mrs ry Hedrick ' 16-year-old son of Cap-j The liquor proposal also affects j pated in the recent unsuccessful ours " I Ernest G Baumann will receive I tain and Mrs ' R " E- Redrick - j liquor store sale hours. (land grab movement in southern He added that traffic still will -u, e Certificate of Merit awarded! S ^ out - Executive . John Pearson; Liquor store clos ing hours: Chihuahua, be controlled, because Leon Valley by the Boy Scout National Head- j sa straddles State Highway 16 and quarters for saving the life of his , „ . . » . - . , •,_.„_,• • • - < pupils must cross it going to and 2-year-old brother John who harj pates 15 such awards . an unus-jder the proposal. These stores auhtemoc Cardenas, son of for-I ward edge lay along a line linking: from school. j swallowed gasoline ' j ually high number, will be pre-jare closed Sundays under present mer Mexico president Lazaro ! Wichita Falls and Abilene. iporuing North Cc as after falling during the night, j The thundcrshowcrs developed the first Ea-j would be changed from 10 p.m. to! The Times said the principal; as a weak cool front edged east-i year; he antici-J8 p.m. on a statewide basis un-. speaker at the rally is to be Cu- j ward. Early in thc day its for-i Coahuilo To Get .*• m •••!!• •%! $4 Ml OH Plant «^T IflllllVII I IUIII p ()rt thc state except for occasional clear patches over West Texas. 1 The rainfall fell far short of meeting critical moisture needs of crops and ranges nearly everywhere in the state. MEXICO C1Y j sulphite plant at Laguna del Rev, ' There was relief, however, from the scaring winds which raised dust in Northwest Texas the day _ ... before. The wind scourged the orp. will j^jfohf-rt-k area w-jth gusts up to <>!» souium : mjles p(>r h(mr u hjt 4f) U) V) >P) — The and the In- "But there will be no speed trap' James forced his brother to or radar or hiding place of police drink milk as an antidote. He had cars," said the mayor, "and the learned in Scouting milk would signs will be clearly posted." neutralize the effects of the gaso- Plans Completed For Horse Show the year is over. ! law and would remain closed. Cardenas. About dawn one line of thunder- m.p.h. at limes in the Amariilo- Plans were completed tor the third annual Appatoo** Bone Show and the fourth anaua! Qatf- ter Hone Show at a m«etintf Held by the Del Rio Horse Show and Roping Committee Thursday sight. The two shows will be held May 10-11. Committee chairmen for various phases of the show were appointed by Will F. Whilebead, chairman of the show. Hatter classification will be held in the Ayattloosa Show* in the morning wtth performances being j classed in the afternoon. The aft- teraoon show will include races of 350 yard*. The Quarter Horse halter clau- tffeaUofi win be held in the morning with performances in various fields betag given in the after- noon. Included, in the performance activities will be reining, barrel racing, western pleaiure, roping and cutting. Presentation of the Grand Champion. Performance Horse of the show will follow. Also added- to the afternoon's activities will be a $150 National Championship Cutting contest. '. More than 1,700 entry forms have been mailed to'ranchmen in Texas, Utah, Oklahoma; New Mexico, Nevada and Louisiana by the local committee. Sixty trophies will be presented to top performers in various divisions. The show is sanctioned by the American Quarter Horse Assn., the Quarter Horse Assa. of West Texas and the Alamo Quarter Hor*e Aftsri. in the northern state of Coahuila. I ) a | h;)rt ' scc to r The hank will put $500,000 and The Weather Bureau predicted the IFC $750,000, officials said.,Of clear skies by Saturday in West the remaining $2,750,000 cost of Texas and partly cloudy condi- the plant, 51 per cent will come tions elsewhere with more thtin- from Mexican investors and 40 dershowrrs scattered a c r o s s per cent from American Metal North Central and Northeast Tex- Climax, Inc. as. A.4* WORK AT DEVIL'S RIVER — Concrete for footings for thc new highway bridge over Devil's River in the Amistad Reservoir is being mixed at this "batching plant" at the site. This and a similar plant are preparing the concrete for the new structure. (News-Herald Photo) Increase in VD Causing Concern A marked increase in the number of patients with veneral disease has been noted by local health authorities during the past two or three months. Early treatment of such paii- ents is highly important, physicians point out, not only for the patients themselves but to avoid spreading the disease. The increase was noted in the number of syphilis cases, with most of the patients becoming infected by careless associations in Ciudad Acuna. In a ddition, officers cite dangers of similar association in Del Rio with irresponsible girls and women of pliant j morals. I Spread of thc disease is by direct contact, physicians say. ; Food handlers in the city are I all given physical check ups periodically in compliance with city j health practices; no danger of < spread of the disease comes from this area, physicians said. Areas considered trouble spots, such as parks and along some areas of San Felipe Creek, are patrolcd hy police in an effort to curb promiscuity. Women and girls have been taken into custody from time to time but officers say there Is little to be done oth- , er than that locally.

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