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Alliance, Nebraska
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ALLIANCE TIMES AND HERALD Page Eight Friday, November 19, H937- fed in the Scottsbluff area west to the Wyoming line. Goody Bread nol: fattening, but filling. -3l2lf MARKS TURNING POINT IN DEAL'S EVOLUTION better than last year and still far below normal, A. E. Anderson, state and federal crop statistician, said Tuesday.

He estimated that 400,000 to 450,000 lambs will be FLYNN AND BLONDELL I STARRED IN NEW FILM MANY LAMBS Lamb feeding in North Platte valley this year may reach record proportions but the state total probably will not be much INCREASE IS SEEN I IN CATTLE FEEDING CONGRESS ADDLED, UPSETS PROGRAM RACE TIGHTENS UP IN KEGLING LEAGUE 'IV 'Nofoolin WVv. OIL BURNING Disregarding President Roose velts warning that immediate legislative action is vital to stop a business recession, congress Wednesday continued a confused and purposeless course, making the prospects for early and effective action very poor. 1 Though the 'special session was called to go to work on a Roose vetl save prbsperity program the program was being held up in both houses. In the senate, southern, sena tors filibustered against an anti lynching bill that was made preferred order of business in the last session. I In house, while the agricul ture committee tried futilely I agree on a.

crop control bill Democrats to recess until next week, but were blocked by a Republican objection, I the point of which was that congress was called into: session to work. The only constructive action during the day was arecommen I dation by a subcommittee of the house that capital gains be re vised for the benefit of the tax payers. I The race in the interstate bowling league tightened up Monday night as the league leading Box Butte motor company quintet dropped three games to the Campbell cafe team at Scottsbluff, while the Maryland cafe outfit won three from Mapleway of Torrington: i Thus the Maryland cafe quintet, while still in third place, is only four games behind the leaders. Mercer was high for the motor team with a 593 series, while Priess was high for the Marylands with 561. 1 In the ladies league Tuesday night, the Furniture team, won two out three from the Burlington, while the Bootery won three from Peterson Drugs.

Irene Regan-was high for the Furniture quintet with a 450 series, while Elsie Leu was high for the Bootery team with 448. 1 In the city minor league. Millers High Life won three from Cover-Jones, and Oldsmobile won two. out of three from i Safeway. Pospisil was high for Oldsmobile with 457, while Flowers Was high for Millers with 495.

COFFEE REQUESTS A DUCK SEASON CHANGE That President Roosevelts message to congress this week was so utterly unlike any previous communication from the executive to the legislature in. the last four years the document will ever be remembered as marking a turning point in the evolution of the new deal, says David Lawrence, noted Washington news commentator. Mr. Roosevelt has executed an adroit piece of reconciliation between the onrush of his reform program and the necessary tempering, of that program to new In fact, if the message is reviewed in military terms as a strategic retreat, but with an impressive rear action, sorpe idea of its true significance can be obtained. The message will be helpful to business, and is to be commended for the restraint it breathes both in' tone and purpose.

The president calls for cordial and confident cooperation between government and every kind of citizen. In those words may be read the pledge of a new era and a new attitude. FIREWORKS BAN An ordinance banning fireworks was proposed at a meeting of the Scottsbluff city council and then tabled to await public reaction. Cattle feeding will increase in Nebraska this fall and winter over what it was last year, but will still be under normal, A. E.

Anderson, state and federal crop statistician, said Monday. i Federal feeder complications, he said, do not list the number of cattle on feed in Nebraska last year. Neither do they show the normal number of cattle on feed in this state. But reports from the bureau of animal industry, Anderson declared, show that shipments of feeder cattle into Nebraska during the -July to October period this year were more than double those of last year. yi This 'of course, Anderson explained, does not tak into account the direct movement or locally produced cattle that are placed on feed.

He pointed out that corn this year is selling for about half what it was last and that hay is running about $2 a ton Scotch Tape 15c a 'roll at Times-Herald. tf Try thrifty wash. Alliance Steam Laundry. Phone 160 Demand i Malted Milk Bread, the bread containing the energy, i 3-2tf i With' its modern two-way heating service, will really solve your Heating Problem I I I 'j Theres a Size for Every Home NEWBERRYS We will make an accurate survey tof your heating requirements. will not be obligated in any way.

At The! Theatre The Perfect Specimen, comedy-drama starring the irri-mensely popular Errol Flynn arid the no; less well-liked Joan Blon-dell, is scheduled for the openirig production for the new Alliance Theatre. The picture has been rated by preview critics as among the very best laugh-'and-thrill photoplays of the year. It is i said to show that Flynn, in addition to his qualities as a swashbuckling fighter with ari-cient weapons (as in Captain The Charge of the Light Brigade and The Prince and the Pauper) is also a first-class battler with the gloved fists in the roped arena a new locale for the handsome Irishman. b. TONIGHT 1 Johnnie Scat Davis, singing comedian, has had his first taste of movie temperament.

A lady of the films, too, was the cause of his discomfort. She is Queenie, a trained bear. With William Hopper, June Travis, Mabel Todd, Davis, and others in the college romance, Over the Goal, the bear plays mascot ofj a football team Johnnie and some freshman pals have to capture the bear. Rep. Harry Coffee of Chadrori announced Wednesday he asked the biological survey, to increase the Nebraska water fowl hunting season from 30 to 45 days or 1 to have the 30 day season open later in- October.

4 The open season fixed by the survey for this year was for a 30 day period ending November 7. As it is now, the season closes before the geese and northern ducks arrive in Nebraska, Coffee said. They do not fly- into' the state In any great number until mid-November. PLAYING BAYARD Shorts On Sports DnrD Ther Michigan university student paper this week, charged that Tulane attempted to lure a prominent football player awa; from Michigan. i Norris L.

Tip ONeill, pion-f eer baseball player who had been with the Chicago White Sox for 40 years, died Tuesday. SATURDAY The bitter rivalry between, two young naval cadets, which comes to a head when they both fall in love with a pretty girl, visiting Annapolis during June Week forms the basis; of Annapolis Salute, in which Harry Carey, James Ellison and Marsha Hunt head the cast, The story concerns the feud of two midshipmen; one the son of a petty officer in the Navy, the other the scion of -a wealthy family who has promised to remain at the Academy merely long enough to get his enemy dismissed. -j The outstanding event in Western Nebraska; Worth going miles to see and marvel. Lou Ambers, lightweight box-j ing champion, won a 10 rounc decision from Charles Burns ir an exhibition match. The i Alliance Bulldogs this afternoon are meeting Bayard at Bayard in a conference tilt.

Cold weather has held the Bulldogs Indoors most of the week, while Bill Golding has been out with a side injury suffered in the Scottsbluff Golding probably will not be able to play Bridge-port. DULL HEADACHES GONE, SIMPLE REMEDY DOES IT Headaches caused by constipation are gone after one dose of Adlerika. This cleans poisons out of BOTH upper and lower bowels. Ends bad sleep, nervousness. Harry Thiele, Druggist.

Vet wash, Alliance Steam Laundry. Smith Bros; Phone 160. I 7-23tf i A PERFECT SPECIMEN FOR A PERFECT THEATRE! A Falls City couple went to the Kansas State-Kansas game last Saturday. While awaiting the start of the game they listened to) the Nebraska game on their car radio. It was so exciting they lisn tened to the end and saw only the last -quarter of the pother game.

i Dutch Clark, former Colorado college star, seems about ready to quit professional football. WHEN A PERFECT SPECIMEN MEETS A PERFECT! NUISANCE -i 1 fts Perfect Entertainment! 1 Sat. and Sun. Shows are Continuous Starting 1 P. M.

Grandma boilers for the cops and $20,000.000 1 TONIGT PAL NIGHT NOTE This is the last Pal Night until further notice, i ERROL FLYNN Even a perfect man can learn plenty from a i blonde I SHORT UNITS Vitaphone Musical POSTAL UNION Gribbon Comedy ATTIC of TERROR 'f 01. blntri Latest FOX NEWS ft A (T r. SUNDAY, MONDAY An outstanding musical picture, Metro-Goldwyn Mayers adaptation of Rudolf Frimls operetta, The Firefly, stars Jeanette MacDonald supported by Allan Jones and Warren William in featured roles. The dramatic story of Spain in the era when Napoleon was conquered at by Wellington provides a moving plot as vast and impressive as any that could be filmed. And, artistically'.

It provides a vehicle for the Friml score that thrilled preview audiences. I Jeanette MacDonald appears in her seventeenth musical triumph and it is unmistakably her finest. Allan Jones emerges as a star in his own right. Warren William performs with his accustomed artistry. i Filmed in the High Sierras and on thirty tremendous sets, the picture reveals background of unsurpassed beauty.

SENATE MAY DRAFT ITS OWN FARM BILL i Chairman Smith (D. S. announced the senate agriculture committee would press ahead with its own farm program, patterned along lines of the ever, normal granary, without waiting for house action on new farm legislation. Smith said the committee had voted to start separate action with the Pope-McGill bill as a basis. This measure follows administration farm plans.

A special committee of southern senators. Smith said, would out a separate section for cotton. This group -included Senator Bankhead who is urging- a rigid compulsory control program. -i Im going to call this committee together every morning, Smith shouted, until we get some bill ready for the! senate. Weve asked Wallace and his crowd up here to explain just what all these farm bills mean.

Smith said separate programs vould be worked out for cotton, orn, wheat, rice and tobacco and 1possibly some other commodities. President Roosevelts appeal for enactment of an all-weather farm program widened the breach between advocates of compulsory and voluntary crop control. Legislators favoring program that would force farmers to limit production said they interpreted his remarjcs as a call for compulsory control. The 'opposing groupy on the other hand, contended that since Mr. Roosevelts message congress did not use the word compulsory, he left them a free hand to go ahead with proposals for basing the new farm bill on present voluntary soil conservation practices.

HEADS HOSPITAL Rev. C. H. Prouty, superintendent of the northwest district of the Nebraska Methodist church, was appointed acting superintendent of, the Methodist hospital at Scottsbluff as the resignation of. Rev.

J. M. Wingett, superintendent for 14 years became effective Wednesday SATURDAY ONLY Return Showing 1 p. m. and 10 p.

m. Withers in The Hoy Terror ames ELLISON 'm Marsha HUNT arry CAREY A woman scorns poetmoumsl Prenttd by JTAJWER BROS, teitk JOAN BLONDELL HUGH HERBERT EDWARD) EVERETT HORTON DICK; FORAN BEVERLY ROBERTS MAY ROBSON ALLEN JENKINS' ADDED SHORT UNITS POPEYE in HOSPITALIKY The Boss Didnt Say Good Morning Novelty Chapter No. 2 Radio Patrol He could lick fresh truck drivers, cook' like a chef, speak six languages, dance like a master, fix a broken car, sign a check for 820,000,000 but he couldnt make this gal say wyes! C' ivj AND' THESE GREAT JOY UNITS SUN. MON. Atmospheric Pro Smoking Permitted in the Balcony and Dedication Ceremonies MICKEY MOUSE A kAWAilAN HOLIDAY POPULAR SCIENCE All-in glorious color PARAMOUNT NEWS The Eyes and Ears of the 1 World jt, ir, 0',.

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