The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on April 15, 1951 · Page 20
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 20

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Sunday, April 15, 1951
Page 20
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4-B LfNCOi.N SI NDAY JOtrW^AL A!W .4X411 April 1$. 19SI Big Track Tests Spice Week’s Slate The Central Nebraska track | '¿I pnd field meet at Ifa.-tings takes e\*er the spotlight f> r a second straight week. The big show at Ha.c’lncs: college V. as |)ostponeci from last Thursday and will be run off l^Ionday. But some of the lu-tcr was taken from the meet when I^in- «•oln high, defending hampion, wa .8 forced lo withdraw in order 1«. keep a dual ct>ntract at Omaha Korth Tuesday THE WEEK’S program is fstudded with more big me* ts and a ijon is spread from Monday thrf ugh Friday. Nebraska City’s Invitational will draw most of the interest Tuesday. The Mudecas at t’rete and the Cornhusker conference at Omaha university share Wednesday’s spotlight. Friday** big show^ are sched- tilod at Scollsbluff wh«=re a 1 »p field will be competing for Western Nebra.ska honor.s, at Kearney's invitational and at L.incoln whore North* a.'t de fends its Î^Iul- Jvast conference title at Nebraska Wesleyan’s layout. This week’s schedule: .%f nndAir. Sptil IS K*lrbur> «Î Irtii* oln N- rthea^t < !*i«l>. N«hra*k* xt O’N'^ 11 at <duMl». Kidr.»y invitât -fii».!, Tur*6«>, A|*ri| 17 T inc.'ln hljth at Omaha N rtO fdii»'». Kibra»«« City Invitât‘. jnal Harlan c/»unty >ti<l-V«Uiy «■onfrrenca at Ar.acMlioa, liiit >..yhl «’onferanri» at Clay Canter. H.rd City. Kaa. at Benkelman «dual* Ciirtia at Corad (dual*. Pioneer ronferenre »t Kairbury, Het>ron trianiiuiar. I.ynr-h «t apencer «duali. Fairfield In v Hal lona:. Pogan V»lle\ conference at I’entJer. nedne<*«lay, April IS Mudecaa at Crete, Croasmad» * -nfer- •nce Comhufker conference at Omaha tinlveraity, Thvriday. ApHI 1» Holt county at Atklna<.n, Xr»-County Sonference. Salem In Iona 1 Friday, April 2«i Weatern Nebraaka at Srottxhlnff Kearney invitational, Norfolk Invitational. .Mid- Kaat conference at Nebraska Wealevan «I3nrc»in), Nebraska Central C‘»lle«re invitational at Central City. Havld <_:ity In- vil.TtionaI. Seward county at Z>oane, I’lattsmouth at 1‘eru Prep «dual >. NU Baseball Squad Heads Southward 1951 Li moin A's Itosfer Omaha Men To Attend A’s Luncheon Names Hamilton, Gardner, B«»b . . , Wilhelm, Charles Iniirlclrrs Pos. Bats Throws 1950 Club Lincoln Welch, W. V. l.incoln Buffalo, N. Y. , Boehm. F.d ..................... Coach Tony Sharpe .s Husker Kirk, Torn nine heads south fora four-game M,,t»hc,ia .John series this week. Pan*oe, o.Ie '. . , The Cornhuskcrs are slated for Wisnc;.ki, John ......... a two game stand with Wichita University at Wichita, Kas., on Shantz, Kill ................ Monday and Tuesday and then Uichardson, l.ewds . move to Lawrence, Kas., for a two-game Big .Seven conference Ma« Fadi-n, .Tim opener with the University of , Kellner. \Valt Kansas on Wednesday and Thurs- Carev, F.lwoofi I Bow es. Masoti .......... • • • Gohl, Vince.................. NEBRASKA and Wichita split Portocarrero, Arnold a two-game .serins last year. The Ba.ssler, R *bert .... Shockers took the firSt game, a Homberger, Allen . wild-scoring affair, by a count Busa, A1 ................ of 13-12. The Buskers came back Hoyle, Holland .... to cop the second 7-4. The big games of the week for ! the Cornhusker.s will be the series with (K, U), when Sharpe'.s forces begin their defense of the Big Seven crowm. The Nebraska traveling squad: John Rego, Natick, Mas.s.' Bob Reynolds. Grand Island; Bob Diers, West Point; .Terry Dunn, Stoughton, Ma.s.s.; Ilay Mlado- vich, Omaha; Rill Fitzgerald, Omaha; Bill .Tensen, Colo,; IB L H 3B R n 2 B 3B H • H . , . .SS H H Outfiflder* .. CF I. L ... HF L L ... LF L L ... OF R H Ulilit'-H H C’atchprjt ............ R R UII Pitcher» ......... R II • • • • • • R R ....... H R L L L R R #•••••* R R RH • a t • • • • R R 11 R Lincoln Uncoln Youngstow’n, Ohio Youngstown, Ohio Youngstown, Ohio Uncoln Welch, W. V. Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln Uncoln Savannah W, Palm Beach Youngstow’n Sunbury, Pa. Sunbury. Pa. Out of Baseball TOM, TOM . . . AWAY HE RAN — Tom Carrodine, Varsity halfback, just barely outruns Novak, Alumni player-coarh, during this second-quarter action. (Staff Photo.) Two Omaha civic leaders will be guests of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce Wednesday at a luncheon honoring the 1951 Lincoln Athletics baseball team. The luncheon will immediately pre- I rede the A’s season opener with I the Omaha Cardinals. I President A. Q Schimmel of the Lincoln Civic Baseball association announced Saturday that j Kdw'ard F. Pettis, king of Ak- Sar-Ben, and Robert Hall, presi- I «lent of the Omaha Cardinals, will attend the luncheon. Pettis is a former Lincoln busi- , nes.sman. I At the speaker’.^ table for Lincoln will be Mayor Victor E. Anderson, County Commissioner* Chris Kuhner, Russell Brchm and Chaunrey Barney, President Al DuTeau and Sports Chairman M, G, Volz of the Lincoln Chamber, ! and Presid.ant Schimmel and ; Treasurer F!mmett .lunge of th« ' Uncoln Civic Baseball associa- ' lion. The Nt'braska game commis- educate the people of Nebraska ir Principal speakers will b« Sion has released its annual re- conservation measures; to answer Manager Frank Skaff and Busi• Vinrt listing revenue and ex- queries from sportsmen and to ness Manager Carl Pusey, jr., of oinditurcrfor the past year and direct vacations in the use of the Athletics. Dick McCormick .Silver Creek’ activities of the or- the recreational facilities of the entire Athletics squad will Al Renjamin, Milen. Mich.; Dei ganization. attend and will be introduced In- Kopf, I^xington; George Nutt The commission is non-political. • • • aividually. Lincoln; F’helps, Lincoln; Dale seven commissioners w’ho Officers of the law enforcement Russell Eichelberger will pre- Bunsen, Kertrand; Rill Anderson i^irect the administration of the division are re.sponsible for the side for the Chamber. Ord; John Leach, Omaha; Jack department and formulate its gen- enforcement of the game code Wild Life Active in Agency 1950 Tom Shull, Topeka, Kas. NU Varsity Gridders W in From Allunili Wesleyan Host to 4 Pre[i Meets Doane to Bid III KU Relays al policy are appointed by the arrest of violators. At the /-W m *■ « »vornor for five year terms. time the employes are ^ | The dcnjartment is organized so schooled in public relations by -■-» as to bo self-sustaining without 1 they attempt to avoid the Schulz Dies tax apprtiximations other than for need for arrests by helping sports- state pa^ks. rnen to understand the benefits Sources of income include: sale derived from an adherence of hunting, fishing and other per- the game code. DETROIT. The success of this department Schulz died Tee Jay relay* Council Bluff*, la Saturday. April XI at Tlioma* Jef feraon. Husker Golf Team Opens With Omalia ll\.N\» R I.ZAt.l F w I vr I nui Cup Br’d .'.5 35 Kmir R .ne* 4 1 HoUyw. I’lrira. .'.2 ,is Meal M.irket 4-> 4J Kotiert» Hairy .51 39 lîiH'ii I' 13 47 .Metz Hupreme fiO 40 iloorh'li N'*lla 35 .'»5 ('lt' 4 Uot Club .50 40 Kmer.eon ClB» 3.5 .5.5 Ueckera 49 41 Wells A Frust 23 67 Ten liiKh liiillvldiials Ave Ave Maul. A .............177 Owens, I, ...........16!« Uurrsett. F..........173 J.lnitner, I............16s May, H.............ITJKIssler, K...........16** . , . Barr. J .............171 Htoehr. H...........167 sweeping left end to .score stand- HeKK - m .............itwsrhwui.auer, n. hm ing up. Decker^again converted. i , ai » ifw kig tw ' fia îr'BV»wi.i.N«i*^*' THERE was life left in the old f.ÍÍ.-.ñ'r /j! Í" 4 * U bovs, though. Sen Ite < ife .51 42 Tony A I. Ei a 4 3 i»<* T list fî! -K «9 4« BohliS 8 Moft 34 .5,5 47 4'i Hornliuckie A. 37 .56 Doane's defending Nebraska rentals me success «» uus College conference track team “'P**'.’ f^dcral-aid money, ca been remarkable. In will tcike part in the uni- conco.ssions. .sale of versity relays this week. fough fu confiscated material, iÆh. Germany Saturday, just A. ten rouBh fii;h.‘'Kun‘‘'Tairand'othei arrests dropped over 10 percent, „f Mich.Kan center wa, named fines and the 459 (Continued from 1-B) line where the Varsity took over on downs. Carodine got the score easily, They forced a punt and .Terry ¿pi'CMr » 1950 days after the 1904-08 University of Nlichigan center was name«i violators charged to the As.sociated Press All-Time The* Tigers head the Nebraska tax "annrouriaU state irdvk with violations only seven were All-America Football team, college program. ' purposerSnly by the courts. ■ The 67-year-old former “Iron Nebraska Wesleyan university Besides the big KU show Sat- • The state fisheries established Man” of football had claimed h« will Dlav host to four hich school ^rday. a dual meet and a quad- During 1950 the commission’s two records in 1950, stocking a was the game’s first roving de- track meets during the remainder rangular affair is included on cash income was nearly $775,000 record number of adult fish and fensive center and the first cen- their schexiule. One hundred and twenty-six removing an all-time number of ter to make a spiral pass to the full time workers are employed rough fish. ' backfield. by the commission. • • • > Schulz, a 245 pound six foot The commission owns 42 cars, _ , ^ ^ ^ i „ two giant under Coach Fielding 71 trucks, an inboard patrol boat. waters division "Hurry Up'’ Yost, died at Henry Fergu.son returned the Varsity 34. Nagle missed on 18 yards to Holmea uro«' 47 46 Mkt Itii HI k I i .AvcraKc» M.iul ...............17'i Hriidlfv a couple of .Mulder ..............1.5lV5.Hker Coach Marvin Franklin’s XJni- X’ersity of Nebraska golf team passes then ran twice for a first Ixun'enkump'‘‘.' iiinirowt^^ opens season play agiiinst Omaha down on the Varsity 21. Fiiink coulter lis lietherford U. at Hillcrest Monday. After the Omaha U. match the Husker golfers meet the University of Kansas on Thur.sday at Hillcrest and then travel to Man- i hfittiin, Kan. for a dual meet with the Kansas State Wildciits on Sitturday. FRANKLIN believes he will liiive the best balanced ¡»«lUiid in Feveral years. However, hopes were dimmed by the of Chick Battey, eoln. with an eye injury suffered in a church league basketball came. In Joe Gifford, Lincoln. Franklin has the individual Big Seven champion of ihe 1950 Big Seven meet. Other top golfers on the Husker squad are Dick Spangler i«nd Dick Lauer, Lincoln: Jack Heckenlively, Omaha; and Doug EXiile, Ord. Franklin is not definitely set on his entire squad since snow and rain cut short «qualifying rounds last wcek. The Nebraska team finished third in last year’s Big Seven meet. j Beatrice Grill Head to Navy WASHINGTON (,4*). C o a c b Eugene “Red” Uttler of Beatrice High School will be called to active duty with the navy in July. Rep. Curtis (r.. Neb.) said Saturday. The congre.ssman said the word he had received from the nav’y department was that Littler, a Lieutenant (jg) in the naval reserve, would be assigned to aviation ground duties. Tlie naw announcemcat stated. ItoesTMt l.KA(*l K Fergie made it a first down on Ku<iw»i»*r . 56 a? No. «os t: 2'i 65 . . .147 ...116 . . . 1 46 . , . 14.5 ..144 of April and May, Athletic Director Roy B. RoberLson has announced. In addition. Wesleyan facilities will be made available for the annual Lutheran college meet May 11. The Lutheran meet, ordinarily held at Concordia college in Sew- Doane is host to Maryville, Mo. Teachers Tuestlay, then travels to Omaha Thursday to compete against the Indians, Peru and Washburn. Meyer ploughed for six and w the 11 . After a couple plays misfired. Bill Mueller opened the tlirottle and burst into the end zone before the Varsity Could stop him, Spellman missed the extra point and it was 14-6. Novak then stole a page from i» oppo.stng Coach Gla.^siord. The alums went into the duublo wing- systcm employed by NeV>raska iigainst Oklahoma fall with the .same Mr. Nagle doing iht: 39 .N't'l .MÍE Co. 4; Mft C n M'l WoiHiwr Bar .51 M ,s Ktr Uro«. ..1 43 It rk n M'l r.t 44 Ontt” .41 .56 4,3'!*n. 'robare» 43 .5«> Bism k «.’afe 4',» 44 Hand li Ol.b., 41 52 HuUes Co ,47 Hi Wt c, ,| H Us 33 66 Trii null IndUliliiaU ,\\r. .A% r. W. Mei,4nigt>r ...I’oH. Caldwrtl , 1 ».«» F. Biahoi« ................16',» J Hflf«chiiri'ler 1 *'.*» I5>rtrr .1 <.-;,n»on I«!'« ;S. Corey , . . . 1 «)SH. Or.i«mirk Fuller 1*>7 H Hrr/,enr ter « «»MMMttlAI. I.K.At.l K I %v Beat I.*<!'V . .57 33 Verrn'4 Sr're 4«i 7 rrimerrn'n’.-* ,5.5 :i.5W'kTr k H n 4.5 Tl Cnitn C.ife .5;» :!.« Kel»» Cb «n'rl 43 <'hT>jer Hmit 51 36Ch.iie Iff ti .43 , .1 T. ru 'n I.'n.fy 66 46 .Mnsee 4 .. ..36 pitching and with Novak at tiie iianson« »7 43 Hi'.vthorn ... u fullback post. '«'•■n »*'*h in< 1 lvlilu»ls After Howard Fletcher had pi.ner an inboard work boat and an air- responsible for most of the con- pord Hospital a week after he Chadron will be entered in the plane. It owns, operates and suffered a relapse. Wc^t River relays at Rapid City, maintains: 35 lakes and recreation me aeparimem, inciuaing in«. underwent an operation two S.D., Saturday. areas, five fish hatcheries, three rP «•'cas, before- months ago for a malignant ulcer In other dual tests. Kearney en- public shooting grounds, three big ° of the stomach, ard, has been moved this year tertains Hastings Thursdbv and game refuges, six bird refuges ^P<>ration and maintenance of al • • • because of a building program Concordia is at York Friday. and seven state parks. , THE NATION’S sports writers which has affected the Concordia ^ ___________________ In addition, the commi.ssion has Nearly $25,000 was spent in earned Schulz, who was once , 1 cinder track. U . . 99 year leases on 16 Tri-County 1950 by this division on repairs asked by Yost to handle five *** High school meets scheduled for Mills ^Olll Dtraignl reservoirs and is negotiating for and construction, forestry crew’sppj^j^gyi^.gnja linemen in a game, 41 * O. N. Magee Memorial stadium 1 NEW YORK. (.T). Bob Baker, 12 areas on new impoundments, planted 750,000 trees and shrubs ¡ q a P’ s mythical, All-Time . 5 «> are : ; unbeaten Pittsburgh heavyweight making a total o' nearly 100 large Other listed activities; a mid- team April 5, r,» April 20—Midcast conference. ! hope, all but flattened Elkins areas throughout the state which winter water fowl survey (270,- Schulz came to Michigan in April 26 or 28—Class A district Brothers of New Castle, Pa., Fri- are under its management. 000 observed wintering on the 1904 alter working in a Ft. qualifying meet. day night as he won a unanimous The game commission has five Platte). 17,261 pheasants released Wayne, Ind., steel mill. May 3—B'-astcrn Nebraska Sev- ten round decision for his 20th subdivisions each responsible di- and intensive studies pursued on Schulz coached at Wisconsin, on ccinfercnce. straight victory. rectly to the directors. the habitat rchibilitation program Michigan, Kansas State, and the ]Viiiy 4 —Lancaster county high ; Baker •weighed 215’/2, Brothers The division of education and lor deer, muskrat, water fowl. University of Detroit. He served 163 162 162 I 44 4.5 47 47 r.t 81 school activities as.sociation meet. 190 '2 t information works full-time to quail, pheasant and Athletic Director at Tulane. Av«'. 1 H 5 Ort 11 Fr<6i»r<lt ..........HiHrown ............. ...............141 .M»tz .............. ..............m2I>«‘Urown .......... Duviaon .......... 171 PI imondon . .. . i I’.'«rk ............ Hl SIVFsk MF.V'.S l-KAiil K w I n n-R n At’ B l 7.3 39 0'r(te’!i Mart .55 T'neera B'tira 66 46 Seven T'p . , .5.5 Arme I' K <'». 61 M Pen Simon'.» . .5'3 Tonv-I.uiKfa .61 .51 M'hr y M't'r* 4'» tVrlts ...........56 54 «’riven» S rv. 44 Sfr.» F>>»«1» r.H 51 Finlev-Fr'hrt 40 Ten llleh liiillvtdiial» Ave. Fn.ha-ilt ...........154 partially blocked Bill Wingcnder*?; punt the Alumni moved goiilward friini the V'^arsity 46. Nagle passed and vA'hen it was close Novak would bull through the line. The ball finally reste«! on the Varsity two-yard line. Ohi Traiiiwreck had the punch t«» rarry it over, sliding in on his rounded tummy. Nagle missed connections on his srh‘*reiVier .... .. i ^ b MHt<ni.»ek pass to Fletcher on the extra .............. point try. ¡Town« ....................... 1S4 .1 Pliirk ................. They went to the dressing; i »vr « ktfr f ....... rooms that way, the Varsity lead- i w i ' w ing, 14-12. 360 « Beir» ...54 36 131 Korkets .43 _ - ^ ' T>eHze M».»lr .52 36 «'oca Cola 41 • • • Joe » FI ,< e «'I 41 F t .. Ml M’t.» 41 E.XRLY in the second h?ilf the rish M t ra 40 4i 3666 cuh» 4 i ill uii Sttoiia nail inc pirkle . 47 43 131 SUlEKPr» 4«l Alumni I’ume to litc iigain. «.no*) «'at» 41 4 « MrK'bn s un 39 They took the ball on iheir own ''’*■» iiniivi«iiiai» 29 and in 10 plays tiiey iiad gone jo»m»on t>. tfj another touchdown, good for Htn.i«, n. , the lead. C'letus Fischer picke«! up the biggest chunk of yardage. 15 yards, on the old Statue of Liberty play. Ken Fischer carried it over, scampering around right end from 14 yards out. Spellman kicked the extra point. Ave. .174 .174 .17.3 .173 . 171 .171 I_ '57 ««) 63 r >8 HeKK. M. . ; l. 1 n> 1 ner. I., i t.-ncer, A. . A\f'. 167 T’lnrk. J.. .Ir. . . 1«'.7 «3mi«pie, P. . . . 1«6 An'l»r*on. A. .166 McCfinnell, Í,. . . 1«>6 I.iick»na. W. Ave. .183 .182 .180 , .179 ' .178 , . ITS V I 47 49 49 4 9 .5« I .51 A\ e. 159 , 1.59 . . 1.57 1.5.5 . .1.5.5 Baiter Sister Leads Pack DALLAS—(AP)—Alice Bauer, diminutive blonde from Midland, Tex., shot an even par 75 Saturday t«j take the lead in the first 18-hole round of the $17,000, 144-hoIe Women’.s Cross Country Wcathervane Golf tournament. Little Miss Bauer was the only pilaycr in a field of 44 able to match on the windy, dusty, 6,100-yard Country club course, i Tieing for second place at 77 wore Betty Jameson of San An. tonio and Patty Berg of Minneapolis—while one stroke back was Louis Suggs of Carrollton, Ou. SiMiie Upsets Uncle Millie ! NEW YORK. (/P). Sonic, a ram- I coum play 5ve n.inutes any- : , ccH Ai.i MNi 1 Start, Uncle Miltie, in his place Knd»—J«-M s«!ii, Rich .Novak Bill Max*, by winning the $27,500 Expcri- Hoh Manlon Larry Carney Ray Ma«sa- , Handicap No. 2 Saturday I m«*n. Jack Pesek. llowanl Fletcher. , « .noKi j Tackle»—t:hariey tikikoo «! Walt Spell- before a yclling mob of 40,351. Johnny Sedlacek pounced on a: ooekiein. Jtni i was a namazing upset. J. J. Varsity fumble on the Varsity .33 i ‘!:'’ joi!n sediflcek. Th^;^.»om : Colando’s Uncle Miltie had Tt this offi- ^‘f"crs got to the 17 Hauer Don strasheim. ; soundly thrashed Other top threc- cm-’, order u ^ intercepted a pass ^«|i--rr.ore^nn^^^ last Monday to make and brought it tack to the Var- Tom Harper himsclt the top horse in the early n S'’ .SrMSi;;“- i Komucky Derby calculations. Sat- urda'v’s crowd had backed him will be issued in July, 1951.” I.itiler, a graduate of the Uni- ^ versity of Nebraska, is of the Nebraska Coaches T->iesi«dent Bordogna, Carodine, Don Vogt Oarroll. i>on BUxun, Frank Meyer. Ale ’ ' tind Aridut'i teammed to c'arrv the Fink, John Sin.'i.ur, Ken Ji»cher. ( letu s associ- «nu jvnuuti u iiniinta lo t any me Kijuher. RamlaU Sailshury. Kenn His Beatrii'e teams Alumni two-yard line Brooker, Jerry KerKn.son, Jlm'Levendusky. ation. won z.nd track championf-hips. Mid-East conference football. big Vogt rammed it F.nda V AHMTV TienniB Emanuel, Don Hewitt. Decker missed the placc.ment but ra.îrKe Bauer. Hiii ouea,’H.iroid noi.ert- of ten. down to an odds-on 7 to 20. But Uncle Miltie let them down badly and finished eighth in the field Jerry Yeaiier. Ted James. stage for the final hectic minute., tieoV*.-* Faynudu the Varsity led 20-19 settinc the Veimer. Ted Jame». Don r>ul- luc vuiMiy itu, -u Id, scLiing Kenneth Kuncs, Frank .Simon NOVAK was brilliant in load-1 «O'- 6 *? NT'"'.?, J““ I.iiK-olii Boxer Wills Cadet Larrv Green «jf Lincoln ... , ^ , i..- toon tho 112 -i'jound chami.ionship n“"« “ «7'*'’'"'®. i'” -V 4 H/X nvA Ue played both offensively and ''^*®,2 »! N Rnftoliryn TímrÍFit* fniirnri defeusivel'’. His rOCOVCry of a Jim nUiil Battalion Boxing tourna- . . kickuff in the third oeriod curtis. John Ma nent at the Missouri IVIilitary snort KicKoir m inc mira pci lou, 'KiovW-r, VTr-» ' W3S NoV'Uk at hlS best as he dove .lame» Kramoien. Dick Th .cad<m>, IVieXKO. aio Bnnrifiv«t in ;i nilii .,f V.'irqitv men Goll, Vic Van Cump. Bud P ,7umbo nosed out the Phantom Farm’s Nullify in a tight photo me I HAND TRUCK Handit — Rubber Tires! Time, Labor, Expense! This is ail all purpose truck, ideal for stores, warehouses. factory, far m, delivery trucks. grain houses or anywhere merchandise Is handled. Also Other Type Trucks For All Purposes INDUSTRIAL WHEELS AND CASTER.S JUDAH DISTRIBUTINO CO. 1609 N St. Lincoln. Nebr. Phone 2-4252 iicadfirst in a pile of Varsity men, knocking them galley west and grabbing the ball. The Alumni defense was fine. Vic Schleic'h and Ted Doyle, heroes of last spring’s game, were again poison to the underclassmen. Nagle was the big .'owcr, how- Tiii'kle.» Harvey Ooth, Jerry _ usaman. Wayne Handshy, Bob Mullen. shoW by a length before Juck ' eorK«* FrochaekH. Amicl’s Count Tui'f. Oimrds Joe I'onsleKo. James Jones, i • v- iT i Bio a Jim Brown, Hus.»ell Morgan, Stun Sij'ple, Sonic, wllich had \V On illS Oniy John Machisic, J«!i'ry other 1951 start, w'as clocked in Thlm'p»on!'''' DYck 1144 3'5 for the mile and one-six- proctor, Anseio teenth. He returned a healthy ^CenVers Kehabacker. Ken Hchme- $28.80, $11.50 and $7.00 acrOSS der. Verl Scott, Jim (Julnn, Jay Benedict, ; thO board. Jim Oliver, BttCK!«—John Bordogna, Don Vogt. Tom Carodine, Jim Sommer», Cllif Hopp, Nick Adducl, Jack Ladd», Boh Decker. Don Norn«, «ieorge Oohde, Bill Miller. M.ix Kennedy. Duane Gay. Don Huggler, BUI Wingender. Alumni ..................... 0 12 7 6—2.5 Varalty ..................... 11 0 0 13—27 ' Alumni «corinKi Touchdowns—Mueller, i T. Novak, K. Fischer. Magsamen. 1*AT ever, his passes serving as an effective weapon when the run-* — SpeUman (placement) ninOMtYio tirfivpfl tno tiFe^qomo "for f \arslty scoring: Touchdowns— Simon, mng game provcu loo xiresomc lor , paynich. pat — Decker 2 the grads. I «plricementl, Bordogna irun). Ttnrrinono w.n« fvrrlliint for Officials; «'huck Worrall, referee; M. O. Horno^na was excciienv 'Or VoU, umpire; Clalr Sloan. back Judge; GlasSford s g«mg. He I'an tlic Max Barrett, lini'»nmn; Joe Silverman team well, pas.sed brilliantly and Herman Rohug, field judge*. ran as good as most of the halfbacks. There was little difference in the first two clubs presented by fllassford. Carodine made I the big difference In the back- ' fields. The Boys Town lad has | speed and savvy to hum and should make an excellent running mate for .\I1-American Bobby Reynolds next fall. Reynolds did not play, performing instead with the Husker baseball team. Ray Novak of Omaha, highly touted back, missed the game be- of injuries as did Jim Park and Did Watson. Glassford said after the game, “We are giad to win. It -was a fine football game.” Of his team he commented, “We still have a lot of work to do ” Said Coach Novak, “Guess that shows you guys who didn’t think The Hialeah race track attendance showed an increase of 4.9 percent and a gain of 19.1 percent in mutucls for its 1951 season. • Open Alleys 12 to 6:30« And All Day. Sat. & Sun. LADIES 5 Game Classic, Apr. 22 MAGEES Annual Classic, Apr. 29 liiiicolii Bowliuft Parlors 237 No. 12 : bowl - mor : ^ Nebraska's Finest! ^ * Open • m Lanes • Bet. Mid Bun.—All Dag . Monday Mini Friday— * Kvrry Aftatnocm à • Fountain A Lunch , Open Bally—a AM-.HIdnite t 9th AM 8. E. Comer i THE KOSEWILDE 1126-28 P Street OPEN BOWLING EVERY AFTERNOON and Sat.» Sun. Nights Call 2-7850 for Reoervatlom THOSE "IN THE KNOW #1 choose Hudcon 'for 'Hie long 'fomorrovy *• \/ ** 7WERIT AWARD TO THt ^iùdian<^oioïG»ïG» CiA»TB> IT no NATV3HAI tCUH or uovBwof 1 ro* iUcwship m usMicH. etGiNtuiMa dukjk «tie MANuritcTtja w na AinOMOTiVI rOLD A moica *« 8<xicTT or iNot iTtiAL CN«;iNuas **St«p>dewn** SnclgnnS Hu«isefia receive A.S.I.E. highest Merit Award for the second «xmsecutive year as a result of Hudson leadership in research. engineering, design and manufacture. Standard trim and other apeciflcationa and ao- sa ara aubjact to cbanya without notice. HUDSON AMDUMBU COA/ nunuy. tiuo T ake your cue from those "in the know’* when you’re looking for the best car for the long tomorrow— Hudson has received the Merit Award of the American Society of Industrial Engineers— an official salute to the great durability built into every Hudson. And no wonder! Hudson has rugged, high- impression engines—rigid Monobilt body- and-frame*—nylon or worsted upholstered interiors with Dura-fab trim—and low-built.' **step-down” designed styling. Every fact about motor-car stamina points toward our showrooms. Come in—soon! *Trada mark and potant* panding fOUR RUGGED CUSTOM SERIES—Lewer-Prksd Pactmaksr • Renewned S«p«r-Six • U xs H ms C s — sJsrt • falNiloes Hsdsos Horstt HOMPES TIRE CO 17th & N Home of Hudson 2-6524

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