The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on November 29, 1922 · Page 8
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 8

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Wednesday, November 29, 1922
Page 8
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THE UNCOLN STAR-WF.DNESDAY, NOVEMBER i29, 1922. fWKEY DAY ‘^FANS” MUSfPREPARE FOB STORMJWg^jü" Thursday at HilSKERS-IRlSH lEMÏ EDR ERH!^ Edited bir Nebraska and Notre Dame toj Clash In Grid Classic of the Middlewest. Notre Dame the Favorite. Yet Cornhuskers Have the Beef and Power to Win. PSETS PEftTURER 72 GRID SEON Spectator* Notre Danne at the Nebra.ka- nndidon battle i.T^.pd C.lorVd. «•■"’••S” The official .foreca»l Spilling of “Dope” Dominant js'j. Factor of Football Campaign. ( VsHociated Trnsp.Y NKW YOHK. Nov. 29.—The 1922 MISSOURI VALLEY. Nebraska vs. Notre Dame at coin. Kansas vs. Missouri at ('olumbi.i j Oklahoma vs. Washington U. at l.oms. ansas AprRles vs. Texiis «'hris- * tiun at Manh.ittan. •‘Grad” Sends Wire To Dawson’s .Men Three Hi Teams. All In Line For Slate Laurels. Booked For Thursday Games. ot ATE title games . L. Keernev «t Ail.i All.ence v*. Lincoln v*. Cembr.dfe bridge- by GREOO MrSRiOE •nee. •t Cam. Methodists DGS), ho».»*lh NORTH Creigrhton vs. or •now tonight or bra*ke morning follow»: ■^'vr'':rcL.o'r'.cH.dui.d lor 2 p. ns. Football CENTRAL. i^outh Dakota rt Omaha. N**braska Wesleyan vs L»ns Muinos criiUron seaHon. whirh romea to an ¡at Dos .Moines. end this week with the few co II ck I- St. Tht.ina.s v.s. New i olumbus ifioux Fulls. South Dakota vs. .Manttiettc* Milw aukee. North Dakota \ s. .MornlngsUle Sioux iMty. Moines U. Minus Services Of Alabaster. ,h. Nel.".»''. (in ih« iron Thnnksf h m« »»Itrriioou. Nchrnska Wesleyan'« aiu V thHi the stnil-flnale may p. V - , ..I...... i'>- Vi.mbtnlao. un .hould Dam- at Hgsregatlon Kume at oin w.mUl lo.itli.iUing gludialors pulled bridge w’ i|,,m ihs runltlliR and away from Llm'olii We.lnesday huon' be |he whiian for !)<■« .Moines. Iowa, w hero K- nrney , .Mde«l of fan* unable to pur- rhsM tickets sre invited to hear The Star’s play»’yPl«y which I* to be s°ri .u. M «traat aid® of The »tar building- Thi. report will begin D45 P- m. about Notre Dame Lineup. Knds «'urbeiry (<'.) and V erg Taokles <»berht and liuarrtii Degree und \S cibel. «'enter Ilag««n. , liuiirterb.'u'k Thtunas. Halfbacks H.-rgman und .MiUer- I'ulllmck blvergoud. Nebraska Lmaup. ^ l.nds H« ho.-i*el and Kchc^’r. . 'ruckles W*mkc uik I NNeller «UiardH ItHHwett uml Jkruulst. «'inter I'eti’rmm. «juartei'biick Uuseell, v*«t.t« Halftiack«- la‘W*-lb*ii and Noble. I ullback llaitb y f > Officials. ate contests srhediiled ThartkHgivIng day and .‘Saturday, will gr«» d««wn in the annals of the game ««« remarkable for Its spectacular nt'sets In form nnd also for its unusual storing achievements and incidents. llevlew of th«‘ scoring re«'ords. Including last Satunkiy’a gami-s. dls- chises that S3 colleges. representative t)f ptav in all parts of the coun- !fr.v, scored exactly 11.000 points In 593 contests, ati average of ap- proxlm.itely 133 points per team and 20 iiolntM per game. Huskars Lead In Midwest, t’allfornla’s eleven stjinds out as Ihe highest-powered scoring inn- chlne In the group. hT«« He.ars.ran up 398 r*oints wltfi only 34 tallied them. Auburn, in the south, showeil the highest totnl, 277. f’or- iiell's big red team set the pare In the ea.Ht with 330; while «’entre with 2D4 and Nebraska with 262 were leaders In the middle west. .Mhhlgan and .Notre Ihiine i»er- mltted the fewest points scorid agalnrt any tt-am on the Hat. 1.3, the Wolvirlnes allowing two touchdowns. while the lloosiers held op- i ponents t«» one touchdown and two I field goals. Highest Game Scores. The highest single game »core Includeil: King college. 206; Lenoir. 0. Ahihama. HO; .Marlon. (V. ut lit IN Hucknell ' burg. < ‘olumhla York. Franklin Ä. burg at l*am*aster. Methodists will «-ollldo with Moiiu-h I . Tliiirsdav attermuui In t lie «I'uson's tm-il « miflk't. TIh MetluHli«i team Is bno.y «rlppl«'d. A lai ently done . . ............. Dickinson at Lew ie- t-.ini. is to be left at home nur^'ng torn knee ligament« wlikb he re- C.ilg ite at Ncxv c«'Lc>d in tho frelghbm gmm- I i«c vîatiirdiiy. tîemhU-r, a «peed h.i f- M irshall’ vs. «îetlls- back, also 1« on the injunnl II"*. *'ut U 1« possible that he will be able m Kveti uf Ke««in*> iioi of the .Mlln»'” , The Mc.ison « I KCUnie ‘ , woubl »•'• in L. show a ,.f the Piiffado Cornhuskar alumni in «11 cor* nare of Uncle Sam's domain are hoping and “pullinQ” lor a braska victory over Notrs Dame tomorrow. The following wire from Fred K. Nielsen, solicitor for the Department of State at Washington, to Secretary Holt* of the U. of N. alumni associetion —the same Nielsen who was a Nebras* ka halfback under Booth back m '05—«» indicative of the and hopes of Cornhusker ”grad^ -WASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. 29. —Dean Burnett talked to crowd of old-time Nebraskans here on several subjects, including ath letic*. We observed in papers our e^n General Pershim will cheer Nebraska to victory Thanksgiving day. Alumni hare who cannot do that send our gallant team a«jd splendid coach a greeting, with high hope and indeed confident e.pectation they will unmistakably record the team s place among the B'’«****'; • “FRED K. NIELSEN. iDmi FEARS > ;>rk AAIA WITH ORAN State Conference Leaders Not At All Sure of Turkey Day Triumph. The 1 iilveivity l'ÌM«e h: •e,«m I« «l.itcd f*>r il Tutkc) .,«t with Yi’rk high «lever 1 111 Pbu'c w«m irmu Ih? b ven h«»* I'Ybh'iy «ml ■ irlm fur the ccmliig bP \e;«r the junior Meihodlrt« •1 «»rk uii'l I"’'! I’V •' I ci. h K «hm hi««i tu en wm ,1. iltwcn ilurmg the p-=l ' ,„-x, loping n*'W play - hoped b* puz;'.lo 1 .« no«»l reti Ml Y ork 1 lVe!.a,'k S "O I D It 111 n»* » h I 1.1 -:gb' n* V L the Vor r i.ti ...11,-, I Gopher Com misi , Suspends I ov (Sp. « 1 «1 to The St ti I rilLMii.NT. Neb.. .Nuv b.iU ciUhuëlf«-:« .»I Mulliii.l .ue n.nccditig th.«t the Tb .rk il,«>«-.s| with Do,:iu. ubi,.- •îoliiH t«i be «mo uf Ih • h.mb I oi the «ca.Htm. It 1.'« puinl*.« »-i t <hi iH.anc a-te.«tcd HastiiiK* .»ml Hi «V ; M,» «*f .Mlnrapoli it was Haetlngs winch pot Hi. faot ^ust*« niled f* i C.iiiml l»ln«l Baptist« mit «<í tlniDaKIng part In nn b •A .V r PXl L. .Minn. Nox ' Bunnell of t^t I'atil n.-t' t U 1» THE EAST. a.iHler, who ha« pla.wd i ,'otlu*ub»rg l«sl week .««»'I lhe¡ y during the season ¡md j .rilhin« •' tnov I «k« Huiin- «»! the e the bulk of the «cor*ng for liH ;v,; I..- ('role Prepares For Grid Game With Wilhcritcs running. Mnllan.l'« gm«' «ith (h in'l Irland rc«ulted in •• tie. whilo t;*Mb‘d tu ha\ *• had the b» tter of tl «• ¡irgiiinciil Tin? tact :h;*t Hi lining, w h«» U.I« been laid up t«.r «ev. r>I days, bus mail«» rapid recuvm. m-l will pi'«>b««bl> be In th»' Midi m l lino again Thiiradaj. i« i. d « ^ hopeful «Ign. t. .d. COUGH HALL TIT rrjyPl lO'S AtlenUt l«ely gwtcli rm’>* A •yrup—>(li et#«* from alt • .»«pa— plraaant- ■*> •fS' •ol •«•«• > ' I mm •Oc avarv ibawu work against the Iowa teain. Lveii ¡with till« handicap. I'o.uh I ^ I.« elles« 1« optimistic and «latr« t 'id y - ihlK ,~m will w„i. .. llul Henrg© Wanhlngton v«* <’.e«>rK© low'll iit WanhliiKtnn . Wanhlngtoii & Lee vs. John lloiiklnn ut Baltimore. , Fornell v". Bonn at Philadelphl.t . I»«« Moine.« will remember. I’ralnua \n. Muhlenberg nl AlH'ti- The game 1« to I’« L tpLn. t ‘Tnk«. Stadium at Dr« Moines. H Pittutiurgh X". Penn Stat« nt • I« the third gume In the Fittrtiiirgh. Hoburt V*. Ilochester nt llocHeg- ter. nrntiier team « dhn* . uncvdv a..> thing to the g.jrncy the Heavier Team. 1 b|gh rc I uh .. ,«,!,i Weight stidletlea »win« In (-«'ot uf j,. en «-oinplUng n the le Ke rnev eloxeti. buH« furw.ud ream.n. I« making '* Vvm , r I - . *f|,.,ni,«B:,ving da\ gunm wdh \\ m»« L (Sj'eclal to The Htar.l «•HF.TH. Neb.. N«»v 29 p p',« ul fiM.tball team. whUh h i« V«. SuB'iuehann.x nl Waynenburg Wuynenburg Weet Virginia vs. Washington Jeffernon nt Morgantown. trai « onfenmce for th* Nebrusk i Methodl«f«. Their fir«*, wn« eon- tested with the Iowa Methodists -d Mornlngslde. ending In ii He b> 21. The second game In «>m«ha l.isl Hitiirdny with the IlltUQPPrrs loti the i'relghton gridiron finls.nd with Weslevan on the «nnill end or L. Keemiii ( U«. ■ L. H«*org»‘ ( I <9* Hldgewa.V (131** Dowker 11’9* Kempic ( b’>>»' • IhMker («■» «H*»»Patrick tlSoL... .Mai i’auley Hhreeves iH»'-’* • KasterlliU' ( H2 •. b- It Ig IN nt Itefrr.'c V. »U«'r I'a kernall. Vtucago 1 ,',dKal«\ 87; Su«<tuohHnna. 6. univerl ty »• I'nipire J J. Hchununer. Chicago Georgia. 82; New Derry. 13. ..I w . rslB. ’ * Dallfornlu, 80; Mare Island Ma- I’Udd jmlges H. H. Hedges, Dart-j^j^p^ ^ liioulh university. Hcadlln« small I'led liolH Wesleyan untv «'rsD>■ Timo uf kickuH 2 p m Young. lUl- by “CY” SHERMAN. Proof of the Important part played by the new try fur point after touchdown was the fact that nine game* wire devilled by a singlo point. Princeton's ability to acor« the extra _ _ point* gave the Tigers tholr winning The Fighting Irish «•! Notre Dame margin uguinst Chicago, 21 to 18, In id the «*ornhusk«'r.« of Nebraska, the I «eason’* outstanding Intersec­ an« uiuleleated. although tied by the pattle. Army and the other a champion ut n , vv Dropkicking Record. Hs «-onfcrcnce and victim of but one. Standing out brilliantly in the U«t level se will contvml loi gridiron | ,,f j,„j,vUiviul performance« was that luiiior«’ Thanksgiving uftcrnoun on ,,f t’ovington. crack Center college Ncbrask.i Field. ' uuarterback. who created I'uvH In conflicts prevlou« to | record by b*K>llng six held« scu*«*n, combttts m which the bars against Doulavllle on Idia luus rleveii alw ays has been ^)^.tober 28. forcid 1.1 th«' limit in emerging with Uotiertsoii of PurdUe kicked the west . I>etrolt V«. Vermont at Detroit Cfdoradu Aggie* vs. Denver I . Denver. Idaho vs. M«*nl.ana at Missoula. Colorado Mines vs «'olor.vil«» college at t'«dora«lo Springs. Ltah A kkíc » vs. I'tah U. Lake. Hrlgham Young v* Wyomln» at l.a« ramie < »lilo F. vs. Marietta at Marietta. Kentucky Wesleyan vs. Wllmlng- krisld Hete »" ‘He ill iHi.iip t*iliioiiuw Alllam •' It la&ng 4 >37) lleriiian t >60) « irlldite 113D NuUti I DO) . iMisttl«»» Purdy t I5ki re ...Liigllsh tl42) .ijb liHb r (LM m III iMlb'V B « (1181 rll . tliirv III t H6) fb. .. 4 r«»ss ( H2 I Keainey. I6t«l The g , „ Bl.-iv in the first nntiiil ■line will l»e pb«>«‘d on >^'**411« j p,,Imun.imcnt at th«' the sfi»'«'«llcst of slnglf *• l.lm'.d.) V. M 4 morning rle'd an*! shmibl >••' ,,m «.ason. The WlH-er .......................... will me.-t at I t:» 1* b). in the 4m-I,,.if game Is at •» ; propmni « a tain-ralscc p in. The big IK . rt Weight uf teams pounds. AIII sih «. 1697 pounds Weight «tf line« Kearne%. Iux7 pouinl*. .AlU- \t«-lglit «Í ba«'k- Notre Dame Won Seventh Game of Nebraska Series ■ afiJn Llmnln high ««in««! left early \X cd Nubruska met NoH«' V/’T.ln’,«! II.Hisler stille «nil ’î’’! ,po 1 I:,« I""'""- 1.1.III.-: at Salt • Methodists’ torn hdown* 23 to 13 score. , , , ; of line« : Mel arían.' wh.i has been pDynn- ,o21 p«.«md'' ' halfback In several of the R.tmeA , K«'arn«'>. 6*M p.mmls. Alllam'c. ¡will take the place of Aliihnsler « , 58G pounds auatlerback. ' «Htnted Dr Alaba'ter In the 4 relgh- i f.iii game and reRlstere«^ '/fter l|nesday b" 4'.uubstd«* whci'* lb Hlxty-fhe yanls run through the ! ib-d „ml HI », k will me» t t‘ambrldgc t*r••lKhton defense. The Methodist Ilnsup nt Moine«; Hnrrlngton, left end tackle; tjuante, left gv , jmn» «<•.• »•.- ................ ........... i,{ «(nuK'-i. — un-k i this scrlininiig«' The tw«« Llm-olii Notre Dame to return in« ! lu.bls waiTtori4 are tiicKing liijurn-s whh H idaylng safety, tell _ kept (ticin out of the pr*o tic*' tlU.ii,.|H ,,o Nebraskii's thlrty->ai<l i n ■ but will not in ail prolmblllty keciF y nb ky Notre Dam** etid. ‘■‘'»‘‘‘‘'ig them out of the ThuisiDy g.«me. a„w n the fleUl. dlve.l for the ball. «i‘4t w.. t.iMn u-iii ilu. trill .In the constertuitntn fin u Turkey ,l«y «am« C imo li W H IV'* • Dr«*tvi»«- uf Lincoln high s«'!!! his r«'g «•unt*'Ht. 7 to 4«. Ill II oil I'artbT l-’lebl i„-, ! lu. kless five-yar.l I the C.unhliskers was the p.d.-nt fa tm , U Nubraskn'« defeat. kers hail prevlouslv balked a N‘»r Ihim.. .Irlve t«i the goal Hue taking ulniH through a final «. rlriuiiage with „„Jon of the ball ou t»‘c one• nnltt. left 'the «''«und Mrltigcrs Tuesday evi nlng. yard mark. !,rd' t’Tkin-l 4‘uptaln D* d «biidncr iiml Ta« kh- •' >uint by Le'v eilen piJt t bo ba ^ ’ ffiiHfd'lHasM were on tin- sblelln«« diirtii« ,,f dHiiger. Nebraska « stiff «1 fei 1 , Hethany at Ih« V«inning »suie. ib« baltle «cbcü- „even placement goals In 1900 the uled for Turkey day m idm olii - from j-,e«teat number of field goal* i«*bi lUi- Ihe Slui.dpobu of uttcndunce, anc® ot «'«»nlesl ami l. iisenesi» of •tniggle for siipieiiu««) bids lair to aurpas* all pieslous encounlen» by npicscntaUvc» team* ul the two in- Btitutlon*. „ Famad aa Forward P*»*®es. 'riie IU h kne aggi'egalPm. famed th® ration over wr Ua cxpcrtness wilb the furwurd pass, tor dccpUon ot Hltuck and for savagery of dctciise has l>eeii listed »)• tuvoilte. Agumsl j llockm 's sguad of 'T ighlmg Irish. | Comb Fred Duwsoii will pit a com-| Idimlion of Cotnbuskcr*. which lor, weight, «p®cd and potential power i 1« not outranked m all ih« leuliii ot Amci u an «ollege loutball. I'resumably, the Hockne team will df'pviid chiefly on aerial tootball. trU'k formations and hard-smashing loutball to lake Nut.iuska'» meusur® «'orded In a single gum«- prevlou* drop kicking five, achieved on three but the be«t effort was ivcimJiions. Individual scoring record* In the «•a«t, including la*t Saturday’* games, showed ‘‘Dool*’ Brunner, veteran laifayett® halfbuck. leading with 86 points. ton at Wllinlngtoii. , .ncsa-; 'o”-"* -uHrd; .Mt. Fnbvn vs. Hlrsmst I nIon. . «on. «enter; _/ 4)hlo Northern vs. Wlttenburs at n„u#r. right 5,f.' ^*v- Snrlngfleld. end; MrFi.rlane .piarterhirk . 0 « Can« V*. Western Deserve» at „rs left Imin.aik; t.embler. rlgn tTeveland. j Imlfbnck; Ikmahns. fullback. Friends vs. Falrmounl at Wiohlta. f — tniawa vs. Baker Hi Daldwyn. P|.pt«ont .^eCUSCS Southwestern vs. McPherson *t . T I ^ ^ .Mcl’herson. K.'tnsas Wesleyan vs. nsw Llndsberg. Fmporla Normal vs. Washburn at . ^ v "s unit«' i t Tuoeka. FUKMUNT. Nth, Nov. | ting a neat surprU«- lot the Linctdn Iowa \Y*e*ley«n va. Parson» at Nit. ' ^ „jlr in high school hHilhall «ir- Captain Motis«i. accordlm- PleiHiint Dies h‘S («»Uowed the serious I»- Baiithralge rep«irt-. William Jewell vs. Missouri We»-j yf three player* In the r«me on the hospltnl levun at IJbcrty. ! i.i Friday between .**7'"';"; «*d HuKK «uhouiiccs lU 'Drury vs. «tate Teacher» »t t,jgh and the Omaha Technical hlgn Springfield. -Mo. team*. The Freimmtert. «ho ««re Westminster vs. Central at 1’• outw.'ighed by a long margin, olit­ eti e. .... , ' pUtyed the heavier X will Mt.irt Th.inksglx H»« The fits; luuml will I® by next S «furilnv. Hie lllng f«*r the * tjm|drtl«m i*f H e final round. 1 >e«‘Cliib.'r 29 The nib-s «•ill f«»r the i-.«mes 4,. ; be pl iyeti «*n a single.«« « oiirt .u >1 , governed bv the nile« i*f I contest The «'omniltt*-e In ch tf^c ¡ im hides Ib'iner VX'eiulDng Dr, D. I*. I'edlern aiul '■« 4', 1 : ebb. «-g Pairing«* ate annoiuu «'d , fnllovr i; • H XX McfJlnnD v:. I.. F.uisbtir.r. XX' V. Kirkbii.b- V« (t L, Xanj ‘ hoy' ®. I Dr. L. P RoiuF \ '1 tiiiUlur. XX*. \X' Xbbott vs. .1 L I Osier. II. XX’enilllng v«. K «lllui 1 ;. L banner vs. It. H. I‘«ill.« .v 1 I.e«« Xger vs, .1. X'lrtiie F. Johnson vs H. .1. Smith. Dr, lt*»lfern V«. ,X. 4* Llchberg. X «’. Ste«kley vs. n. Norlhnip. I., H. XXells vs. H. ,X X-nlmlt F. Kin«**ry vs. A. H. Nebelslck. Hd ♦U« «*l«’r V«, It (îreec. Joe l’l:«rk VS 4'. T. M<(' hiii . Max Mever vh. Le». XX llsey. ileorge r,ic«lcr vs. Dr. It. XV Hey- Oniahii Tech Of Rough V ifcUors during i Is the «»Illy Hat. C«*ach (Hut the ('am- bridge f'9 the first lime sim-e tnl«l- sr.ison «ill be able lu start with Its lull air*‘«Kth. Th* Cambndg® Record. Husker goal was thr«afened. came a five-yard offside lU’ualty i.galnst Nebraska which gave Notte Dame the ball on® vnrd from ‘L** Nebraska goal M<du«rdt .«nrrled the ball over. Lineup uml summarv . Nebraska. 0 “'‘’”**7-0 v Svvi«n«oii (c>......................... /. V 1 ....................It.... " ------- Curtis Aggies Ready to Tackle Norton Hi Team Aggbs vs. Texas Cl'KTIS, Neb.. Nov. 29. With (’aidaiii I/ofton Igtck In the lineup at «tuarterbuck Iho Curtis Aggl** will complete th« most succe««ful sea««»!« ill the school's history Thurs- d.«y when they play the str«»ng .Nor- Nebraska s rcHanco assuievlly Kansas, eleven at Norton. Thl* will be lim plungin« a4id an occa.Hloiiui «jj| j,, the fust game alnce Nov. 3 which the Aggies havo been able will be lim plunging lot ward pass. „ , j Will Husker* B® Outplay®d. *rbul the Coinhuskvrs purpos« to permit tlieiiiselvv's to b« ‘uulfouglil by lloi kue's wairbir* Is gull® incon- lelvabl® to N'ebiaska luDowci*. M.*k«ng the most «d their weight and speed. Huek.i supporter« piefer to ill to their full stronifth. .Norton has won eight out of nln® eontests, a record duplioated by the Aggies. The Kansans huve plh'd up an even 204) points to opponent*. 61. while the Aggie* huve the remark- Tcxaa tin. < »eorffia Tech x* tanta. Tillan« vs. lx»ul*lana Baton Hou«e. «*loins«»n l-lorbla at ville. Centre vs X ill® Au»- Atibum at beaten lu the sirlminige that ! lowed. I'hyslelan* attended three At-¡„layer and voi® bYmoiit vouth. F.vans. was In an unconrclou* ran At rtltlon for nearly three hour* aftec I the gtim®. . , . Jark»on-' i j,„ „object of Dntb'it! In th* i high school*. It H ••)''l- South I’aruUna »t i>nn- . „„„„fjon «blv c«*m® »«efoF tn<* »'«anl ! of education id »• n®M meeting. U Btat« »cUeve that Daw.-voiis men will hani- incr their way through and around th« light*'!' N«»tre liumc fuiwarvl w.tll, balt**i'lng ami emashiiig at l o.'is the N««tie D.iiue g*>al. Inclination o* th® “football public’ to h*t th® “Irish” t®«m as tha favorita should m®an nothing to th® Cornhus- k®rs Dawson’s man hava tha sha®r phyatcal power to d®f®«t Notr® Dam® and crown Nabraska'a saason with a glorious achievcmant. HockiiSM pioUgc.«« Ul® exponant« of •'smart" fooH>aU. but mere smarliie»« t atiiud sl««p a wdl diriu ted. puwei - ful plunge bv a heavier, inoie jkiwci - ful opponent Th® Cornhuskcis shuuUI defeat Notrs Dame but will they7 It la 4ip t»» th«* «'ornhuskers* Grasting for Visiting Taam. I'oHch Huckns snd his squad Hi- vsde«i Lincoln VX'cdneHday, arrtxtng xta the Durltngton and taking qusr- Isra at the Hotel Llinoln. Doth the »nd the Coinhusk«'ts were «« bcduled to mak«' use of Nebrask.i b teUl dur* Uig the aflcrnouu fur light pruclUe purpus«*«. .V rally by Nebr.isk.* stu- «b ills at the univ ««rally early XXc«lnea- d«v evening 1« to b® loUowcd by a parade and turchtlght pioccssum to lb® hotel, where «'«»a«.'h Hiskiie .«nd lUa playei-s ai* t«i be offlcuillv wel- lemctl to Hu- v’tiinhuiiker camp Every Ticket Sold. Fsle *»f •■««•ry tbkel reserve,! uinl gener.«l a<lmissiuii was announeed ten «lays ag«» by the Nebraska management. which means that more 13.0UU feverish t(mlt>.«U enthusiast* will t«® grouped atiout the .Xebia.sku rtctangl« when the Buskers and the Irish line up at 2 p- m. for lb® kickoff, Henioval ^f the ‘studlnm drive" sign troin the top of the e.««t fence and uiinoun* eineiit that the umv« « - slty “coal pile* will be free to "stami- Xips" Indicale« the «btilie «»f the Nebraska manageinenl to consider di« appointed tans unable to pro* ure ud liiissloii tb kets. Dusetis of arm®d guards will surround th® f!« Id XVed nesday night and all vlay Thursda) until after (he game. The manage nietit 1 « determined that every 1 tcket purchaser shall hav• the seat which the ticket calls for snd that the fi®Ul shall have ample protection, before and during the gam® able r»«*-ord of soorlnK 4 2« point* to opponents. K. Norton luia been shut out ou «»ne o<'CustU»n, w fill® the Ag­ gies liave m»l been hantle«! th® goose-egg this season. Northw«*sl Kansas is the district tiver which th® N«*rton team holds sm»r«*macy while the Aggies have clean*'«! up in southwest .Nebraska. Kentucky vs. vUlo. Hantlolph-Ma- im at l.yncfxlnir«. Tennessee at vs Kn«»*- ; «„ reralleil In this «'onecnon that fof 1 seven nr eight vcars ‘here wa* i LynchUurgî „n f.»othall In lYemont high Fighi In Milwaukee “ ‘ ' .M n «\V X r KI.K. .Yni' -9 " J I 1 vnch bant am» “IP*)* champion, and ,Joe Hangar «»f Mil»'«nkee. h'tjeM.een matched to »'ox 10 lound* De< eni’rr 7 In .Xlllwaiikee at < ; reen- VVahsh Hands Out Sc«*re “Dope” On Thursday Games BY DAVIS J. WALSH. (lnternali<»UHl New» tfervice ) ! nok® .NI«:xY YtiUK. Nov. 29.- -The booA j XXYlli.rni & Mary xs on the gitdirun haiolicup open* »'•- Itl* hiu«*n«l. day uml «loses tomorrow for the las: Ja»ui»i «n» t in«- during the IV22 season. Ac- Shrevel*»*rt ■*»r«llngly. we herewith post our od<!a ■ I.nuisVill® mil common«« our luok to whatever ¡ iniftuir. « kimlly fate may hax« In store tMt.uiol va. F.rsklne at CfxarIe»ton , . 7 King i-ollege va. Maryvlll« “Vn.intjini ChaiTin tO Bristol. .... * * ------- AluHanrr x» Misslaa>Pl*> A. M. at Birminghuni. Virginia xs North Carolina «•linrlottesvllle. « igletliorpe x's ('hattanooRa ChullMiiongu. \Voff«»rd X*. Trinity at Davidson x*. Furmun nt xill«. T ran »ylxanin v» (.eorR*-ti»wn iKv.) at l.exliigton i Mississippi coHeg® 'S Hprlnie llUi I at Mobile. Mercer xs H«»war<i at Mat«»n. I Vandeif'Ul v®. Sewaiiee at Nash- |viUc. , , I Marion Inatltiits vs. Loy.»l.i New (irleana. Marylan*t xa North State at llalelgh \ . M I. xs. V. P. leresting high sch«H»l gsiiies ure on i Touchdown. Notr® the rurk.yjitiy .-ar.l j ^ i„„chd.*wn; Notre Dnm® Cambridge and Lincoln. | Lincoln will outweigh i-umbridg® Sc«Ire‘pv periods' by u margin close to 01 e liumireii Dam® ^ 7 0 0 7 pounds. The Hmup ful1«>ws; Nebraska ^ ^ 0 Lincoln-- ‘ambrblKe ... --------- «.............. — ~ Mcllityie (IIÎ).. I® .L.Mousel (115) , “ H ush (I'O) .... It ... H« o (« sh (H'B ; Krieg tlf^) •••• •« .McKIIHfi (D»4B| - c ... . .<tah! (150) i rg XX . M««n»«*l ( 163) I t . .Tlbiinpsun (139) • THE A rrow (C ollars Clurtt,Peabody Co. Inc Elgin Waltham Hamilton and Hampdon Watches in U hite líeld case« f T l irii or her at $2 ¡>.< mi , îo.oo, $.mon, . up to $’JOn.(M>. DianiondH, Fine Jt.tlry, SterliiiR ^xilver, • ’ k.i, V\’aterinaii’H Ideal K**'!» tain I*eiis, Everaharp I’ei i «. The iliir (iift Stori* lor (iiftH that Lasi. Tucker -- Sh 2:111 2.T Years at 112.1 * ' Si reel JfM'eltTs, (’oniDierclbl Statiuners, Optici, a®. Expert Watch. Clocks. •»« ey snd Optical Ripairtng ar t »Ian- ufsetunng. Scores Last Year Cook (>**> Junes (D3> Kelly Haidrt«r(c) HI) re . , . I'ole HD) Th«a«»i‘" <>^*> •• Hlicriiiaii (J.i) Uwls (HhL >♦« • Drown (ID) .. '»I Bids 4 155) .. ■ • L» I Weight of team jiound*: 4’anibi.dge. XX««lght of Hn® P ouim I"; 4’ambil.lgc. W’elght of b i«'kf eltl pound*: 4‘ambrldge. 572 ia»umls. ‘ CsnVal Maets nd 4 imaha PRIZES For You '»'«Art Xiken ( H5) ; Fastir (lall) 1 .XI ousel (III) |,uu»»lii, 1 .2«) 1 629 pnim*H. r.tnculn. lOll l,«i5T fioilrul«. l..ncoln, 659 T«K*h ai I 'I t, U vs. be « lose, but clove WILBER DEFEATS AG COLLEGE. XVILHKD. N®b.. Nov. 29 XVllber high scloHil defeated th® Ag college eleven lnst®a«l of J>ewilt high achXul. as was reimrted last vveek. «’o*ch Fierce # XX'llber eleven won by x 7 tu « scur«. aiul sh,»vv ni.»y ..o« s not l'ouiil- Bei«' go«'*, as thè íellow sald a* he sea le.1 hlmself on a keg uf gcn p«»w«ler and M'uched for hl* ptp® and .n-itehe«: 3 tu 2 «*n Cornell tu beat Peiinsyi- vsnia und pkoe ail th* short et.a luoney you K**t «b*w n Givcs Edg® to Note® Dam®, la en money on l*itlab«.rgh a«i«I l'cru e-tute. «; to 5 «m N*»lre Dam» to outscure .N'ebi uska. * t.» I on t’entre college to vlefect Huuth Caïulilia. Lven inuiiey on i.»etroit and X e»- m«»nt. 2 B* l 011 Colgate t. l»«it l'ohimbl.i Lven m,*ne> un Hcrgbi Teli and xiabams l’oly, r, tu I on Xirginla oxer Nortli Caru- Ina. ,i to 5 on Washington and Lee oxer ichns HopKiiis, 7 t.» 5 ,)ii W'est N Irginlii over X‘ . itld J. 5 to 3 on Tennessee over Kentu'*kx 3 t«> 2 on Kansas Missouri. i FAen un Tulane over LouisLii..» t r<tute, i to l on AlaLanx.â to beat Mis- ■ visatppl .Xggle*. ' No odds «luüte.t on game* betwee,. .X ashington rnd ( »regon and W'aah ' ngton university and Oklahom«., i •• 't«K to lack of u do «ma ta informa- ' tlon. i ON THE PACIFIC COAST. «• vs Washington Ht H«'altle j XX aHhlngtoii al l*H»-a,l« Ka .•« 4 ..I.; » » l.«r i HorWoL-y XS’h.tman xs. (!itldxx eli. l'nget Ftiuml SaL'iii St Notre Dntne. T: Nebraskii. 0. Kansas. 15: Missouri. 9. Bklahoina. 2«; XVa»hlngton. H. «•olumbia. H. 4*,»lgule. 21 ' (Jeorgetown. 28. <i«'oi XX aihlng- * *‘Xfollila ' j„u, 0 ..ut« I XX'ashlngton A l«e®. L «lohn Dop­ ai Itoa-, i^j„a, 0 C.irnell. 4L ^ DU lmi<»tol ai Piitsburuh. 0. H* nn Htiite. 0. W’aHh. A Jnff . 13. WeH Virginia. Ctqrten.try al ; a Houth Baki»la Htute, 7. 4*r,«lghton. **'«ihio r., «: Y4«rlelts 0. B|,i„ N..rthern. L Wütenhurg. 0 'fexas. 0; Texas XgKi*** 4* Baker, 28. < «tlawa L l'.tlrinont. *. lYleml». 0. IFthanv. 16; Kansas W’ialeyun, « b*vva W'eHle?’an, 7, l'arsun», 0. William J« xvell. 3 Missouri XV« s., V*. Marshall «t llunl- 4-..„trai and uin meet for the t »malia « Hy tlti® gum* '414 considerable ro» «1 Tb® 4 j,.tlienbiirg la'xlngton „iiimal affair always attrm ts Interest and «Iraws a iroolTosu Brand Islam! and Hustings '»•'•‘t Hi ani>thcr mighboily af-j ^“niiverslty I’l«' ® '‘TÍ^'iiíeé .„np's to Havelock 4 ,» lege r* /w* wH! entertain Dewitt «n.l he Aggie high ..‘Xf »4 ''H* *•’ "'«c’ottshluff vn. Bering h ‘>I lYeinoiif V„. «’olumbus «I® two «rame* sure t<» b*. hotly «<»nt« fe«l ‘peatrice Is at XppFton. W ;s^ sti ,/to rrpeat Is de.-lrive victofy strlv- I of year. .•^taie vs. I’. H. .M.trya at !0 vs. XVillumvtte at College uf Id.«hi» at|' ,«„|,tral, 21. Westminister, lltH.llev Holv. Knreic <• Tulune, 21, Louisann Htate, 0. .Xlabamn. 7. .Mp JW.-eiplti A .v .M . 7 < »plethorpe, 7. 4’)iat!,in«M»gi«. (t Tennessee, ft; K'cnliiu'ky, 0. Transylvania, 14 « icorgeti»»» 6 Mlshlsslppl Co!., 29. Hiuiiig HÎ1I. T Louisiana Tech. 14- Ceiitenarv. 7. I'. H «’, 2« Washington Htate, T. bljilio, 3'-* Mtaitana. 7, ¡»«•river 1’., 21; I’olorado Aggies, 11. Illorado M l'ics. 7, t'olnrado col. 14 SiuRR lomiiTUT to See ('ornhuskers Play Notre Dame -Xl«»n » that he at « .Xse««. lated fre»«« i t'llH’A*i4>. Nov. 29 All»«»« .-taKp t«*l..v «leuiwd reporta xvtll iLsi-utitimie io'tise «'«»achiiiij t h<* I nivei sity of «’hii-ag«» t'oiâch .«-tagg anrii*iiiu‘»-*l i«ul,«y b* blu liloniOF'il t«» attend th»* N ol »r;« ska- Notre Dam® game hi Llnv*. n Thiii-i- oay Kelly fCT. Tires Standard Prie®® WESTON TIRE t (I. B2SX7 241 mo. 11th LET I S I'l l YOl 11 CAKMENTS l.N I'ltOI'EIl SHAl'E FOH THANKS(iIVTN(i DAY Phone F- 2.177 dick WESTOVe«. Mor. I Charles Gregory says Motor Inn Gorane j.'i.lKHi ft. 1125 .M, floor w'ill continue at Î4I spcciaiire i» Storage Painting Washing Light Repairing mill sale of (lanoline, Oil und ÜH for >')** Aul*i ncccsKitu!* oHHt t«*n ycani. You may be the Winner “Find the Chnstmub fticc** Contcbt 156 Prize® for best resemblances to UiUette Chrttt- mat Faces. The next group of faces will be published in this paper on iJcccmber 4th. Ask your Gillette Dealer fur QilUtte Prize Bottk WItll Conti (lions of Conte%t Bringing a smile on Christmas morning that will be reflected ct’ery mcming for many a year — The Nett) Improved (jfi/ktte—for every lucky feilow on your Christinas Iwt. A lifetime of service — and every day a grateful remembrance of you! GILLETTE Safety Razor Co.. Boston V. S. A. The New Improved^ e viro SATETY RA20R rsuiiud ihm IKISTOMAN In Silver * • $9 1.x Gold • • • b Other CjNllrtte bets— $9 to $71 & .... -

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