Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 8, 1944 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, September 8, 1944
Page 5
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FRIDAY, .SEPTEMBER 8, 1944 NAUGATT7CK DAILY NEWS BEACON FALLS Tech. Sgt. Fred Howe Has Completed 50 Missions Governor Dewey Sharply Assails (By Unltol l>roM> Expects To Be Returned T The States Soon; Based . In Italy Tech. Sgt. Fred Howe, 21, son o V.r.i. ICmnui Wnklron, liii Kuilroiu nvcnui 1 , recently comple-lccl hln fiftieth combat mission in the Mudl- trn'.'inrnn thciUOL* ot' operations, iitul i-spi'cts to Uo sent buck to the s[:ii».« .ihorlly, according to received by his mother last The nwKonnt, who was woundct in the flight knee 1 by enemy iintl- nircr.-u't fin; July'20, and honpittt!- i'/ed, recovered quickly to emible him to complete the required number ut' lui.iMioiiM In n. B-2'l bomber. Hi- is flight i-nffineer ;md a gunner .'ihofird tho ship. St,-t. Him'u, his mother stud this morning, writes home frequently, but ju'li.Mtn mentions any details abutit somo of his missions. He has been iiwurded the Purple Heart :md .tha Air Modal, both of which ho received shortly after lii-inx wounded. Knlistin^ in January, IP-IS, Spt. Howe l.'ft. for nctivj duty February 1st of that, yeiu: Ho received tioiniriK in Texas and Colorado, pi-inr t« liis boinf,- shipped ovcr- .«i':is last April to .Italy. II i> attended Xaujfntuck hiRh .ii-hiio!. and later enrolled !n tho l-'riilKcport Trade school whore he j'ullimvd :i coin-so in printinft 1 . Hct. Howe ci-lohratod his twenty- first birthday yesterday, Sept. 7.' Km! n.ii(I Gun CIul» to Mi'ft The Bimeon Rod and Gun club will hold a meeting ui Town hall tunigh' at 8 o'clock. The purpose of the meeting is to elect a new secretary to succeed Frank Sieves, The Loyal Daughters of Iho United church will meet in (he church parlors at 3 o'clock Monday The Beacon Palls Hose Co/ was called out to -the home of Thomas Traaki, -Maple street, where un overflow of oil in n stove caused a small • blaze. No damage was done, it was reported this morning. Bingo will be played in the basement of St. Michael's churcli to- nitfht, starting at S p. m. Sailor Returns To Duty On Carrier Motor Machinist's Mate 2-c Voyle rosby, s-on of Mrs. Mary Crosby, South Main street, returned to his duties aboard a U. S. Navy car- ier after a visit in the borough;' Tho local sailor took part in the fighting -at Guam and Saipan and was also iwtth the famous Task Force DS. Ho has been in the Navy since April, 19.13. :•!•: SUIT FILKD Bridffeport, Sept, S—(UP)—Four Bridgeport resitlenls have filed i J20.000 damage suit against the iridgeiiort Holler Coaster company. The coniplainnnts. Joseph .osaski, Dominic J, Collie,, Julian •Cocaba and Thomas Dovecs, clnim hey were injured when one of the oiler coasters crashed into anoth- r car last June. 2* Morr I ton A » THB. Always Appropriate Next time you nre puzzled to know what to give, why not drop In on us. Shop around leisurely — see our wide variety of really attractive plfts. Mee: nnd tnlk with Joseyhine R. M.inzo, 'gift 'stylise. • n few steps from r\ch,-\nfe PI.' Je.» p lr.. I Governor • Dewey follows the opening of his Republican presidential campaign with another big speech tonight. The Dewey campaign train is for 'Louisville, ' Kentucky, where the GOP nominee will set .forth his views on peace planning to .a convention of Republican women The address, which is scheduled [or 9;30 p. m. . Eastern War Time, will be the second for Dewey in. his nation-wide campaign tour, Dewey formally opened his drive for president 'in Philadelphia's Convention Hall last night. He told n visual audience estimated at some 12.000, plus a nation-wide radio audience, that the Roosevelt: administration is afraid to let men come out of the. Army because it I'cai's anoth'cr"deprosai6n. Dewey quoted Selective Director Lewis Hershcy "' as' "having announced that demobilization of the armed forces will be a gradual process because people could be kept in the -Army 'as cheaply as an agency 'could be created for them when they nre out. Dewey said . he believed that members of 'the ni-med 'forces should be - brought -home and released at tho earliest possible moment after victory. The Republican candidate Added that he believed that the occupation oC Germany and Japan should be carried out by men who volunteer to stay in the Army after' the war. Dewey pictured the Roosevelt flrl- ministrntion as "tired, exhausted, riuarrelling and bickering." Dcwc'y ch'arged that this administration -is utterly incompetent to handle re- conversion He called upon the voters to replace what he called this quarrelsome defeatism with a fresh and vigorous administration which as Dewey puts it, be-' lioves in the' future of the United States. And as Dewey starts on his first major- campaign su-ing, both the Republican and Democratic ptir- tios have conic in for some sharp criticism from Wendell Willkie. In nn urtinlc in Collier's magazine. Willkie charges • that both purtics arc guilty of cowardice in their .19-1 -I platforms ~ particularly regarding foreign policy. Willkie declares that they 'must clarify the issues or sow the seeds for a third World War. '- : .Mcafl wh'jle.'. 1 Author Louis Brom- fli'ld told the- N'n!tidnnl Federation of Women's Republican Clubs — b ... AND WE DO MEAN CLEARANCE! Somo Overstock — some Special Purchases . . .but nil (*Ttl by no means Ls everything shown here) arc at prices you'll enjoy paying. Shower Cabinet Hera is an opportunity to own a _ practical shcm-or unit that will 'give years of .service for this minimum of investment. Finished in white. Complete with supply fixture, shower head find white curtain, Ideal for homes, clubs, cottages, camps, etc. $52.50 $ *> O*5O VALUE &W • CLEARANCE.' Portable Shower Guaranteed, cnslly attached, chronic plated. (Priced less curtain. $5.95 value '. BASEMENT CLEARANCE! WHITE TOILET SEATS White toilet seats, heavy stock, c!ur- nble finish Conn, regulation, open front style. Reg. $4.95 83.88 BASEMENT CLEARANCE! UTILITY SPRAY Quality rubber utility spray, for b n t h or or kitchen. Reg. 98c. 69c BASEMENT CLEARANCE! Garden HOSE Extrti sturdy because of fibre reinforcement. Full % Inch sl/e. Complete with couplings, 50 Ft. KcfT. J-I.4D $2.95 CLEARANCE! GENUINE PERUALL HAMMER Forged steel head. Regular S1.4D value QQf* 'STREET FLOOR CLEARANCE! CORD SE T Fits Irons nnd Toasters, approved asbestos covered cord. Less pull handle. Regular 45c. 38c BASEMENT 1OPPS 65 GRAND ST. TEL. 3-1178 YOU CAN G$f IT AT TOPPS • OPEN TONIGHT TIL 9 P. M. 'the group to whom Dewey Wi ipeak tonight—that tlio disastera •which o'vertook Europe will ovcr- •1iikc us here it' the Democrats stay ,lh power for four mote years. Bromlleld, who is a,life-long Dcmo- 'crut, announced- that lib IB about to cast hia first vote for'"a Republican prcsidonlal candidate.' / '";>. •Turning to Washington—the latest proposal-for keeping..'Germany' peaceful after Che war : has 'come from the Brook ings Institution.'.A. study by tho institulon VonUtlcd "The Control of Germany,, and JupijTn" suggests rigid Allied' control of Germany's electric; powrt' , and civilian aviation industries, The institution says one of:.',the ways to check Gorman preparations for anoth*,. war 1 is to make Germany depend upon .foreign-controlled electric power even for .light bulks. ... ' ,.,;•• Tn congress—another suggestion for the post-war world comes from Rep. J. W, Fulbright who has called for congressional, indorse- ment of a world-wide free ; presrf. i''ulbnght says tho free flow of news between nations would help safeguard a durable peace. DNKXPKCTED CATCH Plan To Meet Coal Emergencies Is Announced Marlon. Mass., Sept, 8^—(UP)— Two fishermen are showing an unexpected catch—the largest black'- dsh brought ashore at Marlon in many years. Reuben Penny .and Steven Watts, both .of Marion; said they were fishing-from a-boat, when they spotted the small whale. Fourteen rifle shots were heeded before the mammal, died. It weighed 2000-pounds. Hartford, Sept. 8—(UP)—Governor. Bald win announces that a new plan for meeting possible emergency coal 'shortages this winter has been devised. The plan, provides that the stale fuel administrator and local committees working with him will take pcriodic'-coal inventories, The luel administrator will make I'equesl, ,1'pr "'emergency coal shipments to areas -where critical shortages may develop And special > care ' will be taken to fill the needs of the so-called '"orphan customers"—that is, customers, who' because they have- moved or for some other reason have no regular coal dealer. Conn. Federation Of Labor Opens 3- Day Convention Bridgeport, Sept. 8—< V P)—The Connecticut Federation ot Labor opens , a three-day convention today and is expected to''dra.w up its program-of 19413 legislative objectives. ' The executive committee of the state A. F. of L. already has drawn up a list of recommendations including provisions for a state labor relations act and minimum wage legislation in the state. The board also has suggested revision of the workmen's compcnsy. tion law and the uncmploymen'. STATE GROUr TO MEET • Mew Haven, Sept. 8—Personnel, selected by Connecticut manufacturers . holding Army Air Forces prime contracts' will meet in Now Haven on' 'September 11 and 12. for ti "working" course in termination and 'properly disposal procedure -to .be given by Air "Forces' officers from New Haven, New York and Wright Field, it was announced today by Major William Finder, Area Representative, AAF Matorel Command, at Area Headquarters, 100 Church St., Now Haven. .' . • ; FII.I.KO lltJ.VS iiml C'dl'-l-'KK C.VKKS I aTY BAKERY j: 171 Maple Street J . TKI.. SliTH 24-1,'cc. Silver I'luted Knlven, Fork*, compenBation acts to benefit th workingman. , , ' ,. . ' Sometime during the session, i resolution will .be proposed for th 1'ourlh-term endorsement of Prcsi dent Roosevelt. JUST RECEIVED' A Jjxrjfe Shipment of NEW ITEMS In Our Gift Department —•— NAUGATUCK HARDWARE NEABY DUILDINO •Tel. 5212 Electrical Supplies Lighting Equipment IIOMU 'EM WITH BOMBS; : Victor — Columbia — Decca : Rccordw SWAN ELECTRIC CO; 15 CIICRCfl ST. TJJX. 2574 Page Fivt III I B Succesg in Peacetime ''f CVHtry • Vonr tUtlrr -O-wrt-k nnirn^fi tt Mondux, Ti rfn.v, nnil. Ttturmkty, n i». tn. ' • THE PERRY SCHOOL! \v.iM-l«r>| (iffiri.i <;r llroun IIIH«. ' for Dependable Fire Incuranc* .On, Vour,.Furniture Sec: Joseph V. Rosko, , A«erit fr. Union Strt-4M, Xcl. rurn»ce- In«|>«ct4g , ,' SERVICE. Phone lfs» •"**»' rnone IJH. O ni»uoii j 'Waterbnry- Heating Co. Spring st, Wtby. GREAT OAK FAI OXIOKD BOAU Tel. MILK — EGGS ' Delivery To 'All P»rta Of. .w,^ I>I;Y,'W\NI> .KAVK AT -THE Highland Grocery] 92 HIGHLAND AVE. TKI,. 4<WO f IIOCCI) KAIW. ITo». SIX ROOM (Four Bed Rooms) OF INDIVIDUALITY AT THE GLENRIDGE ESTJt QUINN AND CHESTNUT STREETS '(JUST WEST OF PARK AVENUE) NAUGATUCK, CONNECTICUT Going Fast — Don't Be Too ••• REVELATION IN MODERN SUBURBAN LIVING ''}**'. '"-x?" . • • • RESTRICTED COMMUNITY, BEAUTIFUL WOODED RESIDENTIAL SECTION • • • PERMANENT CONSTRUCTION OF PRE-WAR DESIGN AND WORKMANSHIP* • • HOUSES MAY BE PURCHASED ON LOW MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN OR MAY BE RENTED LOOK AT THESE FEATURES: Sanitary Si-wrr, City Wator, Gius ami Electricity. ;t.Coats of Piaster Hot Air llr.itirif System Hot Wator Unit ' ' Wcatlierstripped Doors. I-i'flders and Gnl.lrrs. Diirahlc Asphalt Shinplo Kooflnp. ' '• ;• Ornaniontal -Shutters. Cnnnrcti- St^iop.. l>olh Prunt .lix) Sltlr. l.andsr^ipncl. Siilowalks nnd Curbs. , '•-.;. Special liar>Iu-arc and CItra JI<i<loni Flxturp*. J Colonial KlR-ht and KnocUor at Front Kntrnnco. " ""'" Almlorn Bath and Kitchen. IJoniostic Solrnco Kltchon Caliinots. Spacious Clolhi>>. ,-in<] ljiu>n Closets. wltl» doors. • Wullt In VoiK-tian Crystal.Mirror Modicln^Cahinot, Tnlaid N IJnoloiini.-, ' • .-^ ' . •- •-.••, Double Flooring—Special Oak. All Wax Fiiilsliod. • . ' Many Mocti-lcal Itasc I'lngs. Toiirod Concrolf Ffiuntlution, Provltliiip S|i:l.clnii»s'Ci-l|ur for lJ«rit« Kccrration Hooni. Modern I'lnmbinK Fixtures. .' ' '••".- - Kooiiis Uoaudfnlly IVcoratod. • ';,- -. %•"= • Mall Delivery to Your Door. ^ lJ ? •" '. 4 '^ 1-uindry In •Basement. • ~- FIIA Insured Fliianrinir ' ;' - «i ' ' •'•'•• * FHA Financing; EACH DWELLING ON PLOT APPROXIMATELY 60 FEET x 150 FEET; PLENTY OF GARDEN AKD YARD SPACE 5 MODEL HOMES R ^ DY INSPECTION .DAILY AND SUNDAY 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. - - - - BUILDERS FOR 36 YEARS, WE INVITE COMPARISON

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