Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on May 13, 1955 · Page 18
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 18

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Friday, May 13, 1955
Page 18
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Tt FrM«», May F.vwlng Jvmrmi ani TMwwli« §t*t# Ifiwittwt I May Be Wron^ Br Dick Bëcker Wbat’g a little fun worth? You can go to a show or a ball gam# tor leu than a dollar. A trip to watch the Kansas Citjr Athletics will run under $60. A couple of weeks in Colorado*« mountains can be financed for $100. A journey to Chicago or New York City wont cost over $300 or $300 if you are careful. But the most expensive fun is a “panty raid’*. Four University of Nebraska football players found this out. They loat full athletic scholarships. Now these scholarships arc worth about $1,02.1 a year to an out- state boy and $$65 to a Nebraskan. Outstaters get $320 ior tuition, $.120 for board and room. $30 for books and they can earn $13.1 on a Job. Nebraska boys get the same excejA that their tuition is $160 leu. Seven Athletei Suspended There were li students suspended because of participation in the raid. Seven of kheu were athletu and four were on full scholarships. Jerry Peterua ef Cambridge weuM prebably have beea a flrtl atriag tackle Ikle faU. Charley Smith ef Fraaklia, N.R., wu the No. t gaarterbaek la spring drills. Frank Del Dnea of SelersvUle, Pa., was coasldered a flat line raadMate after his freshman seasen. John Y bss of Chnrlorol, Pn., was also down In the beoks fer a lei of fatare line play. But theu four forfeited all of their benefits for a bit of herse* . play one spring evening. The other three athletes suspended were not on scholarship. They were Terry Cochran of Omaha, baaeball; Carl Krumcl of North Bend, football; and Don Heffeman of Dakota City, track. Three of the bc^s on acholarahip were just completing their freshman year. They had three years to go which means they have toaaad some $3,000 apiece out of the window. WonU Help Football Picture Lost of the four football players certainly won't help the Corn* hutkera this fall but tht lou probably will not affect the football record too much. Peierua wu a feed tackle. He wai ea the secend eleven In nnd wni alaied 1er n ttariing berth. Smfth rnn the Ne. 2 unit In spring drlUa knt wenid preknbly hnve keen onated from that jek ky Den Erway, wke mlucd Ike driUa fer n knee eperntlen. Yuu nnd Del Duct were used with various units and both were considered good proapects. Tha thrat non-ach(danhip bt^a were not outstanding in their field. Tighten the Scholarahip Screening This latest bit of tomfoolery will mean that AthleUe Department officials will tlghtan tha screws again on requiramenta for athletic frant*ln*aida. Tht standards wtrt raised achtriastically lut year to bring up thé percentage of boys who atuck with the aport over a four-year period. New affidala wfll ke ferced te screen the hlgk tckool nlhletes even deaer. Lulag four sckelanibip boys dae t# the paaty raid menai a leu ef at lead $4,$$# te the Athletic Department, Funda are being guarded too xtaiously to allow this sort of thing to be repeated in the future. You Gotta Be a ‘No-Good’ to Be A. Hero Anymore—It Looks Like! with the Boston Red Sox, St Louis i only two more thst uawxi while I Yankees* Bd> Turley for the ma* Browns and the Philadelphia A's • losing seven. From there beijor league lead with 57, but walkf ... „ -...- the Br.vM in oH to th. mine«. ^ tim. fu-» »rm*' 51. NoW He S With Bsltl- You hSVf tO gO bsck tO lf53 be-i . , . . ^ .. time guys, ca.stoffs and sore arms ___ __ home the first run after By ED WtI.KS By the Aster lated Press It’s getting BO that only some- pitch no-h liters in the major f”we. leagues anymore. The big name pitchers just come clou. Toothpick-chewin’ .Sam .Jones, a»bur||h’. PiralM without • hit 'w St. Louli cluh, hut won Port»rfWd. Other, like Uw Bur- Rollemaa Did It i Trucks and Carl Erskine on the no ■ $nd a wild pitch. A walk. The most recent no-hit success hitter list. Since then, the big guya stolen bau, Ed FltzGerald’i in^ before Wilson's was the $-0 job a in the majors have just missed, tingle and an error acored 6 4 ruibthander"’"whT”clevd »<*0 Holloman hung| Over t h e past two uasoos .„olber in the fourth. Tht third gave up on becauu of a sore arm, ^ Athletics for the Browns in, Trucks has had two one-hitters, ^un came off Art Houtteman, who added to the trend by handcuffing ¡’‘J ^ replaced Score in the uventb. ... .. -,... ,...* 1 . 1 . — ... ^ leading activa major kagut conaecutive-game itreak cam# to an end in the geme u Eddie Yoet, Washington third bau’man with a string of 838 straight gamu, wu sidelined by tonaiUtia. Tht White Sox moved to within two games of tht firri-plact Tribe on a walk, three einglu and Jim Rivera'i two-run double in the ninth inning. Harry Dorkh wu tht winner, checking Baltimore over the last three innings with Mike in • 4-0 victory for the Chicago Cubs yesterday. Among other things, it was the first no-hitter since last June 12 in Milwaukee when Jim Wilson stopped Philadelphia cold 2-0 for the Braves. Wilson had been around tinea 1945, getting trials Doane G>Uege Outruns Field For Victory in Quadrangular CRETE — Doane College outran a balanced field for victory in a quadrangular track meat hart Thursday aftamoon. The Tigera acored 96H points. Hastings scored 78 5/6, Concordia 66 and Peru 861&. ,No Doane athlete won two firsts, bbt tba Tiger squad captured lour •vanta, apltt aootbtr and won tha mik rally. HaaUnga had doubk wlnnera In hurdkr Gaorgo Kkan and dkiaiica runner Davt Pkrei. RaauRa: (P> «AS B*ckl«r (O. Ifelikl—A-tO>4. MmM pmt Won hy Ftr«h«rty UH: 2 — l^impton <I’)i :i Mktort (H»; 4 Maai ü))¡ A — Kmmm« U’>. Ulllancr 4S-m. ntiCM Won hy ria.en fC)! 2 II in« rtUi 3 Mnith.wi (H i ; 4 Vo.Ika (I')! 5- SimpMtn U’». DlManic 12S-4S, P«l# « m H Tlf lor firn tirtwrrn Marchmann fr>i and Aufdrmbcri« (C m 3 Hry- wood (I'M 4 Endorf <C»i S—Eiirnhati«r (ID. fltlshl~-ll-»H. llrriMl fiMU - Won by Nrbrn (C'l: 2— Stulir (D)! 3-»Rlwnbau«r (H); ♦—D«m (D)s S-—Grtw«« CPI. Diafane®—20-10*4. ieteae- Won by Maaa (D)¡ 2- 8(n»>aon (P): .S~Occlil«r CO: 4—OarrcU (Hli S— Mlncbow (P). Dlatanct—162-7. Gal Champ Says Dance Aids Golf MINNEAPOLIS CUP) - Patty Berg, who haa hit the golf tournament trail for 15 years, said she’i found a new way to help stay among the game’s leading mcNiey winners. She does the soft shoe, tap dances and even does some ballet. “I think it’s really helped me a lot in staying in condiiton,” the famed 37-year-old “redhead” said. *‘It’s helped get my legs in shape and it's done a let for my rhythm on the golf course,” she said, "rva felt a lot better this year.** Patty, who ii called *'mother by moat of the young women In the tournament circuit, will mark her IMh annlvtrMry it i pro g(^* er this Juno. She haa played in eight tournaments to far this season and is the nation’s leading distaff money winner with more than $6,000. She also leads for the Vare Cup with an average of about 74 strokes a round. She'll go on to play in the big ones — the Eastern, Western and National Opens, Triangle Round Robin and others •— through the wco-ld meet. She isn’t sure what her schedule will be after August. Between tournaments, Patty is busy putting <m golf clinica. Patty, who still calli Minne- apoUa her home town, was here this week giving demonstrations at various gc^ courses. “I guess my legs and eyes will determine how long I keep on olaying golf.” she said. “But I feel wonderful right now. I’d like to keep on playing golf forever.” The secrets of her success, she said, are 10 hours of sleep a night plus a mixture of “desire, a respectable game and plenty (d luck." dette, Warren Spahn, Mike Oar cia. Bob Lemon, Billy Pierce, Whitey Ford. Curt Simmons, Billy Loes and Erskine, have pitched single one-hit games. Most recently, it’s been Bob Turley, Bob Feller and Don Newcombe, all with one-hitters. Newcombe’s was a near masterpiece as he faced just 27 Cubs only kit Tuesday at Chicago. .Xame Mound It was on the same mound at Fomieles after relieving starter Wriglcy Field yesterday that Sad J*ck Harshman. Saul Rogovln lost Sam made it, although hardly it. matching the brilliance of New- Boston kicked up its first real combe’s job. But you can’t knock «torm in a long while, smacking a no-hitter. oif three A’s pitchers. Vic Jones made it tough on himself, and the scant 2,918 fans, by walk Raachi, attempting a comeback, wai jarred feu* seven runs in the ing the bates full with nona out two Innlngi. Ckne Stephen! in the ninth. Then he dug deep and threw and Jackie Jensen homered for four (d Boat(m’s five runs in the Sam Jeaes Sam Brings Back Memory CHICAGO (ft—Sam (Toothpick) Jorm* no-hit triumph for the Chicago Cuba Thursday brought memories of that historic May 3, 1917 “double no-hit” struggle between the Cubs and Cincinnati. The legendary pitching battle rookie Herb Score de.spile only two matched the Reds’ 2.3.1-pound Fred hits off the lefty in .six innings. Toney against Chicago’s 220-pound Chicago beat Baltimore 6-2 with Jim (Hippo) Vaughn. For nine in- four runs in the ninth and Boston ben Simon's just one more pitch ouulde the »Bcond. Gut Zemial’t ninth and strike «one while fanning Dick 10th homera and Bill Renna’a Groat, Roberto Clemente and Itwrth accounted for the A’l rune Frank Thomas to become the first i •• H'® Delock won it with help Cub to hurl a no-hitter in 40 years' I*"®™ Tom HurJ. and the fii’st Negro ever to do it in the majors. The lone other National League game also was spectacular. Del (Zrandall broke it up in the 12th with a home run off Ed Roebuck —hia first hit in 24 at bats—that gave Milwaukee a 2-1 victory over Brooklyn. The Dodgers now have lost two straight, a real slump after winning tZ of 24. Tribe Stepped In the American, Maury McDermott and Washington broke Cleveland’s winning streak at six games by a 3-0 count, beating LOVE MATCR-Tennia star Vic Seixaa of Philadelphia and hia wile Dolly Ann don’t kt tennis come between them as they prepare to tail for Europe where Vic will play in tennis tourneys in Germany, France and England. T^y will return July 12. (P. Sarazen to Miss 1st Open in 35 Year* NEW YORK (P-The U.S. Open he said. “Next year I hope to ba golf championship la losing its last ^ hack, trying to qualify for another great link with the hickory shaft |*h^.” ___ and knickers era—but for good. Saraien wtxi the Open In 1933 Gene Saraxen, who hasn’t missed *932. an Open in 35 years, said he will ^ ^ Gaviian to Fight HAVANA (UP)—Former wetter* not play in the tournament June 16-18 in San Francisco.' Instead, he will be at the microphone doing commentary fix' the NBC national telecast. “This is no way to 1» construed as retirement from big*time g(df,” weight champion Kid Gaviian revealed Thursday he has accepted terms to fight Frenchman Pierre Langlois in Paris but (hat no date has been set. nings the two hurled hitless ball, but Cincinnati finally won in the 10th, 1-0 when Vaughn yielded two aafetiet. And. it waa the great Jim ThcHTpe who drove in the Redlegs’ winning marker. Larry Kopf, second Cincinnati player up in the 10th, singled between first and second. Greasy whacked Kansas City 12-7. Detroit and New York were idle. At Milwaukee, Gene Conley went all the way for the Braves, hooking up in a duel with Carl Erskine for 11 innings. Erskine was lifted for a pinch-hitter and Roebuck came (m in the 12th Crandall smacked his second pitch. Conley, now 4-1, gave six hits Neale was retired. Prince Hal ^ to Erskine’s nine. Hank Aaron’.s Chase was safe on an error and second-inning homer and Sandy Kopf took third. ! Amoros’ blast in the fourth took Then Thorpe bounced one to care of the only other scoring Vaughn who elected to try to nail j Cleveland couldn’t do much of Kopf at the plate instead of trying anything against McDermott, who to get tha speedy Thorpe at first. But Cub catcher Art Wllami did not expect the play and missed Vaughn’s toea. granted just four hits. He itruck out bine.* Score, Torley Tkd Score fanned seven, tying the I laeowf M* hf kim« niit a—Naetn (C>{ 3—ttoltmbtn (Pi: 4— Au(<MU)trM (C>. a— Ludwls (P). Tiam— list. MU« m -Won Ir» Picrct (ID; 2— PUuthtar (Pit a 1^1« (I'l. 4 EnUniBa <D>. Frawr (D). Time 4 46 2. 4 4n >MS «M* Wnn 6v Cray (Dn 2 aliher (*’>, .i -Dray« D’): 4 Diet» (U»i b ID) Time ;;,i « tnn-yarS S«»h VS'«»n bv Slolteiibrta <l*>. 2 .\eben U. (. ;l <Dn 4 -iiratl (D> ,V -Garrett (ID Time ;IU 2. NSn-fMS rwa Won b> PoUarJ (D>: 2 Maiori (P); .1~Eyerl» (ID; 4 'BuiH.k (C); 5 Volkmer (I’», Time—2:04.1. sao-iwr« inXi Won hy Graft (D); 2 Neben (C>; 'A —44« between Mlm.liow (P) and Gray (Di; &--tie betw«B Graves (P) sad Garrett (HI. Tim»—:23.1. Tme aMlto (•»-Won by ricfos (HI: 1— XrettMttSk (Dll S—Maikaa (Cit 4 —Eetm (P>: S—Holtaea (C>. TIim—lOsSTJ. •ta—e IMV Mtafr-Woa by Klac« (MX S—NaSwi iC)i a—BMV (Oil 4— »Mvcfi (C)i a —BooiMr (H). Tlom—:2S.7. Mia Woe bv D mimi 3—HaaUasi: S- Peru. Time--3;.'»«. saa-yari raliay—Won by Doaat: 2—Ha» ttnai S—Omcerdla. Tima—1;3S.4. ■ia !■■»— Won bv bwaaaoa (Hli S— Ue aaoB« Laaloylca (DI, Vyhnalek (DI end fleahoitv (H)i S—tia batarecn Ludarit Philly Oub Wins Davis Cup'Finals NEW YORK (Jl-The mter-xona Davia Cup tennia finals, matching the European ami American zone champioQs, bavt been awarckd to the Germantown Cricket® Club in Phikdelphia. The dates are Aug. 12-14. Frank S^klda, chairman of the U. S. Davis CXip Management Committee, made the announce ment yeeterday. Kiip voua mwH im gUPCakATIVX CONDITION i.nuin-BOv arnr 1955 1<" mowers wM Ikt 2 NA.-2 Cycle IRON HORSI INGINI It waigkl enty 39 pounds, ytt t m<mt yottf lawn mort Nsuti- fuity ttian tvtr kfort and with utmost tast. Set lot yourstlt- gtt • demonstfs- lion today. SO gJll INITtt SUPPLY IHk S Atm. t-tI 7 S OPM Man. Mvtt Prt. *ISI tiia. % « / taihe to te roac. this SuiïHïier a new car! Machine Washable Siunmer Sheers I that keep you Cool, and Handsome, too! ARROW Cotton Coolers Crinkle crepe cotton that defies the heat • • . requires no ironing •.. just wash, dry and wear. In allover coin print. FIRST NATIONAL LOAN naket it possible Low bank rates make it easy for you to pay for a new or late model used car. Borrow up to two-thirds the cost and spread the payments over 24 months. Low cost installment loans also made for home improvements and other worthwhile purposes. Call 2-8561 or stop in Installment Loan Department Lower Lobby. Whenever you travel use TRAVELERS CHECKS American Express or City National Bank. The FIRST NATIONAL BANK of LINCOLN “FUte Weight- Cool cotton chambray in a handsome large check; gummer’« newest, coolest colors. Short sleevD style. Arrow ‘’Tropics' Tis.sue weight chambray in summer’s newest colors. Of course, with the famous Arrow sport shirt collar that can be worn with or without a tie. Short sleeves. Men's Furnishings, Street Floor The Most Talked About Slacks in Town! Ben Hogan SLACKS Choice of winning colort! It’s no wonder these slacks are making conversation ... they’re of washable linen-type rayon, tailored to look like a million . . . precision cut to give maximum freedom and comfort . . , have their own half-belt with jeweler’s buckle. Men’a Clothing, Second Floor 995 lOthaodO Phone 2-8S61 v Member FDIC Simon’s P.C.A. Credit Plan Gives You 10 Times Use Bu 3 ring Power of Your Monthly Payment.

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