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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 8
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska • Page 8

Lincoln, Nebraska
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FIGHT EVENING JOURNAL. 5, 1943 Pro grid league debates possibility of suspending play Lowlv Athletics hard hit hy losses to U. S. forres Little hope of (loiiiiie setting on fire BY LEO PETERSEN YORK. I Thrrr l.tcii in thf Athletics, liut ihc.v jucirt likely tn break the team's habit of eiiough liall each -eaaon to finish in the Aincncau Icairue The draft plctcd ('onnu player stock to sneh an extent tir he lias\ one (ottfielder, two irifielders and four pitchers from hi. 1942 club. To make matters worse, the team lost its hitter, Boh Johnson, in a ri. al which did little to replace the battinp power he represented. Dissati.sfied over failure to receive a bonu.s in 194 2, Johnson announced he thru with the and left Mark no alternative except ahippinp him to another team. Mark, who contended John.son did not Ciirn the bonus, sent him to Wa.shmpton for Bob Katalella, outfielder, and Jimmy Pnfahl. who smre has announced his retirement from the to stay in work IS neither the hitter nor fieliier that Johnson TIMES TODAY! 1 p. Tilt ont picturi that had ta coma out of oil thi iR thi world todoyl SHI CEDItC HAIDWtCIf NENIY TtAVEtS UE i. con DOUtS lOWOON MARSAin WYCHEXLY WiUJAM POST, ir Valo Only Vet. He however, hold down a repular berth in the 1043 olitfteld alonp with Klmer Valo, the lone gardener h-ft from last team. Four rookies and an old' timer who left the majors several seasons ago are Hiididates for the third and the reserve berths. They are Gordon Donaldson, dis -bled last year; Felix Markiewicz, from i 1 i gton; James Tyack from Little Roek; John VVelaj from Buffalo, and Joyner White, the former Detroit outfielder who was drafted from Seattle. Seibert at first and Pete Slider, who will play either second nr short, are the only holdover infielders. Kddie Mayo, up from Baltimore, is counted upon for third with four rookies fighting for the other Job Diek Adkins, Irving Hall, and Bruce Konopka, all up from Wilmington, and Fiani CIS Skaff, who has had no pie- vious experience In organized liaseball. Catching Strong. The three catchers who finished the season with the team in 1942 are back with Hal Wagner and Bob Swift likely to share regular duty. George Ynnkowskt will be third stringer. Ftoger Wolff, John Savage, Luman Harris and Buss Christopher are the only veteran iiioundsrnen returning and Mack has eight rcMikies from which to complete his None had ininor league records to indicate exceptional ability. The newcomers are niadge Abernathy, Fred Caligiun and Sam Uiwry, all up from mington: Fverett Fagan from Pu' la ski; Flores from Los Angeles; Donald Black from Petersburg, Drrie Arntzen from Williamsport and Dave Odom, a for- i mer mlimr league pitcher who tired from the game three years ago because of a sore arm. MSr. to tr Thiiigs look rosy for Rosar Sgl. Barney Ross strong for rough, tumble sport boxiim for men abolii Io be imliieted in arniy BY GRANTLAND RICE. YOliK. iXAX.Vì. Il vva.s no le.s.s an entry than Sgt. Barney of Jap-liandling marines wlio told me a story that again terrific imporlanee of rongh-and-tiimble eompetition, of ex perienee under fire, vvhether that might come frolli halllefield or playing field, I ha ve always heeii a slrong advoeale of hard eoinpetitive sjiorts, as hoxing and foothall, nhove types. Hgree Barney said, (ieary lo lo latrale eanip MUNC1K, Ind i.D. President William K. Ben.Hwanger said Sunday that Bugene tleary, rookie shortstop obtained from Minneapolis, had talked to him by telephone and agreed to report to the Pittsburgh Pirates at training camp. Hurry! It'a tht Sfp" Ptiturc for Greer GARSON Ronald COLMAN WN0PFIN4 AgTflfYAS imi EYfl? mumms'MOfmi hi imcuud joh KINHROy JAS. JOHN ouoiRy ol THf OREATiST HUMAN DRAMA OF OUR TIME I yflEL COVHAHPi COWARD A by Noti CoHoxi O'tOtd by oh O'O Itot A Iwo hmi rtltOMt Sry Uttitd Show I P. M. I'll give you an example that shows wdiat yon can learn only under fire. "Certainly no one ha.s had finer or harder training than the marines. We thought we knew most of the answers. But we found we still had a lot to leain when the show began, something no amount of peacetime training could have taught us. About Big Blasts. one example. The first time I heard those iKimbs and big shell.s crashing around, I broke a record running and diving into a pit. It was not too deep and 1 lay stretched out on my stomach. soon a big blaster landed about 50 yards away. I was thrown into the air about two feet. 1 thought my entire stopiach had been torn loose. It was like a part of the earth hitting you the solar plexus. "I learned later, from older who had picked up their lesson, that after diving into a pit or a shallow fox hole, where you touching the ground. The elbows ab.sorb the shock much better than the stomach or the back can. The jolt to your elbow's or feet soon but the other leaves you stunned or dazed for quite a while afterward. "The only way I could learn this was facing those shells and bombs. They rock the whole earth. At least, the way it seems when one 18 dropping fairly close. "In the same way, I could take all the In the world, do all the shadow boxing, run five miles a day, but all I really learned came when some other guy was trying to knock splinters out of my block. Keep Sport Going. why 1 believe this country should keep up all the hard, rough, tough competitive sports that are possible to keep going. Our younger fellows need this more than any others. Being in phy.sical shape is one a good thing. But it is just as important to be trained to think in a split second, one big lesson could stretch mil, you had to rest sport can give to on your elbows ami keep as much -what sort of game.s are best of your boiiy as you could from for this war trHining, I AIN FE VrURES S'l AK I STUART: "Lucky Jordan," 5:39. 7:40, 9:41. LINCOLN: "Random Harvest." 1:39, 4:17, 9:31. NEBRASKA: "The Omaha Trail," 3:30, 6:05, 8:40. "9Yankenatein Meets the Wolf Man." 2:00, 4:85. 7:10, 9:50. VARSITY; "In Which We Serve." 3:05, 5:10, 7:25. 9:40. STATE: "Reveille With Beverly." 3:00, 5:00, 7:00, "Aft Midnight With Bo.ston Blackie," 2:00, 4.00, 6:00, 10 CAPITOL: "Stand Bv For 1:00, 3:59, 6:58, 9:57. "Just Off 2:49, 5:48, 8:47. JOYO: "Juke Girl," 7:35, 9:40. 5:45, 7:50, 9:55. MUSICAL HIT. BI.A< KIK KEEPS A BRIDE AHING Midiiiglil Hostoti STATE TODAY ROW! NEBRASKA with James Jagger JOYO Tuesday At Havelock Ave. "THE LOVERS OF Are Together Again ANN SHERIDAN RONALD REAGAN in GIRL 99 with GrORGE BETTY LOCKH.YKT aito Wail Dlkiiev'e HRf YOU JOHN tomorrow (Irt askeii the sergeant. "Games of physical and mental prea.sure," he "Ganie.s where you have to get hurt and take it, and then learn how to come back and give it. Naturally. in favor of boxing. It gives a fellow' more confidence in himself. It teaches you btith attack and defense. It teaches you to stand on your feet alone. "Football is another great game in this respect. Thi.s is a game about as rough as boxing, and it also has the team-play side that hoxing lacks. One thing about boxing and football is are taught and trained and expected to keep going when you are hurt or dead tired. And you can take it from me we got plenty of that at Guadalcanal. And they will need plenty of that in North Africa. "I care how dead game a fellow is he ill be much better when he has had this sort of experience in sport. I mean, as a starter. The right of athletics at have given him something to work on later, he comes to this war game, which is so much tougher than all sports but together that it even close. But we should keep these rougher, body split-second thinking sports going for the good of war service. These are the boys who have a big jump on the From the Home Front Weekly Netvs Chatter (Clip and mail to one of the boys in the service) April 5, 1943. Dear Gang: Ha.sketliall sang its swan song last week with the University of Wyoming grabbing off the laurels. Urv won the NCAA finale by taking (leorgetown into camp, 4b to 34 ami then knocked olf St. of Brooklyn, 52 to 47 in an overtime battle in the playoff. Komenieh plueked off 20 points; Jim Weir bagged 13 and Ken total was 11. St. John's hud previously ilefeated Toledo, 4H to 27 ill the Madison Square Garden Invitational tourney linal.s. Wyoming lost only two games all season, bowing to Duqnesne early in the season on the Pittsburgh sehool eoiirt and fell before Phillips 66 in the National A.A.U, semifinals at Denver. On the boxing front Beau Jaek, lightweight champion won an unpopular 10 round decision over Henry Armstrong last week. It was a great fight and the two boys probably will he matched again over a longer route, possibly 12 or 15 rounds. Willie Pep Bobby Melntyre in 10 rounds; Sgt. Jackie Wilson knocked out Joey Spangler in the secoml round and Jake LaMotta gave Ossie Harris a lesson over the 10 round route. jaw was broken in the ilsun fracas and he will he out of commission for a few months. You army, navy and marine lioys are plenty tough. Nebraska hoped to have representation in the annual Texas Relays at Austin last week but Vic Sclileich and Howie Debus missed train connections at Kansas City and read about the meet in the papers. The Big Six track and field meet has been transferred to Lincoln ainl probably will be hehl on May 8. It had been slated for Kansas City. Itacc officials at Omaha have cancelled the annual Ak- Sar-Hen horse race meeting because the army has over the layout and field Kearney State Teachers college Hastings college, 80 to 56 in a duel track meet Doe Spears rates Hronko Nagnrski as the greatest all around grid player of all time Some of yon fellows have seen wrestle in Lincoln or play football with Minnesota or the Chicago Bears He has retired to his farm near International Falls, Minn. Sports Editor, State Journal. Clieapper Drug in scooiitl at Omaha Loop heads plan draft of players Lavtlen tlraws up 1913 slate I May Wrongf WRIT D0B8INS Capt. Sam Hawes from Ft. Sill, The chief interest in sports around here has been boxing and one outfit at the post did pretty well at the Chi- Spring football has been trying to stagger thru since the miildle of March but the going has been tough and here at Nebraska Coach Presnell is about to throw out the sponge and call it quits for lack of material. Since the game up the average attendance has been less than ten men a session. Illinois quit, when out of a stpiad of 53 the group (Iwin- dled to eight men within two weeks. Notre Dame experienced the smallest personnel in 20 years when only 48 players reported. Out of this group 21 will be in the service by the end of May. Duqnesne annonnecd that it has quit intercollegiate athletics for the duration. With some 300 pre-flight men assigned to the University of Nebraska, the Nebraska staff of Glenn Presnell, Lew Lewandowski, Fd Weir and Chili Armstrong along with Rollie Horney, Wilbur Knight, John Hoherts, Jerry Adam and Bill EdwaiVls has been tlrafted for duty as physed instructors. So old NU is miltary in more ways than one. The cadets are quartered in the new library building faces 13th street and is located about a half block north of street. CHICAGO, (UP). The National football league opened a four-day meeting Monday amid speculation on the possibility of su.spending play next fall because of the manpower shortage. The e.xecutive committee was a olden Gloves tournament. We will also have some pretty fa ir baseball here a little later for three or four a i a tions really go in for the a tional scheduled to meet Monday, and the full league membership will participate in business sessions Wednesday. Any action taken at meeting must be acted upon by the full membership. Several club were reported skeptical about the bility of operating next season, and debate on suspension seemed inevitable. Tuesday the full membership bid for talent at the annual draft meeting. Plans call for execution of the full draft routine, with each club staking its claims to 20 of last college seniors. Nearly all the players involved however, will be in the armed services by fall. At the Thursday se.ssion the 1943 schedule, as drawn up by Commissioner Elmer Layden, will be presented for approval. Members of the executive committee are Lt. Comdr, George S. Halas, owner of the Bears; Co- Owner Bert Bell of the Pittsburgh Steelers and FFred Mandel of the Detroit Lions, and Harry Thayer, business manager of the Philadelphia Eagles, representing Owner Alexis Thompson, in service with the arniy. game. I noticed the other day where Charley Norman Navy club walloped Oklahoma 13 to 4. Big A1 Benton who used to pitch for Lincoln and who was with Detroit last season, worked three innings for the Gobs and struck out six. Benny Warren, another ex-Link, who was with the Phillies the last couple of years, parked one out of sight for a homer. George Burpo, property of the Cincy Reds also saw action on the mound and Johnny Rizzuto, the ex-Dodger, went hitless in three times at bat. Capt. Don Fitz is still in camp here but may be going places soon. I'm attending another school for a month and then will be transferred to another post for six months or more." Johnny Kansas City Blues will train at Excelsior Springs, Mo Jack Saltzgaver, an old Western leaguer and Johnny Kreevich, an ex-Norfolk State looper, are members of the squad Henry Zuber, ex- Washington chucker, recently acquired by the Yanks, never learned to speak English until he was 21. was a member of a mid- dlewest colony of Kemomber Ardy Kfller who used to catch for the Power Co? He played with Toledo last year and is getting a trial with the St. Louis Browns this is Nelson Potter who helped pitch Lincoln to a Nebraska State league pennant a few years hack. Ex-Link Don Gutteridge is the regular second sacker for the Brownies. The University of Nebraska has announced that it will not sponsor the annual high school baseball tournament this spring blit Lincoln high and Northeast plan to have teams as tlo most of the Omaha schools Two intorsectional foothall games slated for next fall were cancelled during the week, Oregon State and Michigan State postponing tlndr scheduled battle for the duration while Missouri and Fordham did likc- Lt. Joel Hunt, former coach at Georgia and Wyoming U's, has been In charge of athletics at the Topeka, air Steuber scored three touchdowns as Missouri Alumni nicked the Regulars, 20 to 14 last Saturday. Morris, a Tiger sophomore, tallied twice for the losers. One of markers was a 40 yard touchdown gallop. Owner Bill Veeck of the Milwaukee Brewers has figured a cinch bet to draw the customers thru the is considering early morning ba.seball and will serve coffee and donuts or cereal instead of the traditional hot Coach George Hauser of Minnesota has invited 60 boys to come out for spring football including 16 veterans Twenty-eight frosh are expected to be on hand as well as a group of naval men located on the campus. RON ETCHESON. Rough house tactics out in battle Iragiio baseball teams, (raiiniig for the first time in nortlieru climes, are breaking camp this wee'K. Most of the teams will engage in exhibition battles until they reach their home parks loop openers April 21. race this year in both circuits altho the Yaiik.s and Indians are slight favorites in the American while the Uardinals, Dmlgers, Keds and possibly the Cubs rate best in the senior circuit. Well, it, gang, until another week. Hang in there. As ever, Joe Dusek vs. Ron Elehesoii kegliiig tourney of Lazzeri iiaiiied manager WILKES-BARRE. Pa. Tony I-azzeri, former second baseman for the New York Yankees, was named playing manager Sunday of the Wilkes-Barre Barons of the Class A Eastern baseball league. He is expected to report from his San Francisco home in time to start spring training April 12. Lincoln garnered second place the first third of the Farnam tournament at Omaha Sunday night, ning thru with a 2.987 team total. Competition lasts i for two more weekend.H. i BUI Davidson and George Smith the capital city Booster circuit quint with 622 and 619 series. David.son rolled seven straight strikes to wind up his third game. He had a 226, preceded by a 183 and a 213. Smith came up with a 224 in his fi ond and woup with a 217 in his final ten frames. The scores: Huldrr 192 217 149 ISH 205 IH.2 2IS SniHh 224 217 Blues begin training EXCELSIOR SPRINGS. Mo. f.P). Tommy Reis and Johnny Babich, veteran pitchers, and five rookies formed the first contingent of Kansas City Blues to appear for the opening of spring training Monday. Bartola, Pep I mui I headlines boxing pr ograin ibis week YORK. (UP). A ten- TuUU (irmnd 1024 2903 round nontitle bout between 1017 2987 Nebraska softball TONIGHT UNCOLN SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Prascnla IGOR GORIN 8:15 P. M. ST. PAUL CHURCH Adm 2.79 f.Te Ins. TnUt, 22 7 On At prospects good i OMAHA t-P). War has given a boost to Nebraska softball activi- i ties, Commisioner Lyle Remde of the Nebraska Softball association I said Sunday. I He said several leagues are be! ing formed. Jimmy Lewis. Lincoln, i will again be metropolitan commissioner there, and the Lincoln Air Base may take part in the activities, Remde reported. The Nebraska ordnance plant, Mead, will have a circuit, and similar plans are being considered at the Martin aircraft plant, and I at Fort Crook and Fort Omaha, i.Hemde said Featheru'cight Ruler Willie Pep and Sal Bartola at Boston Friday night features this national boxing schedule as the circus takes over Madison Square Garden for 39 days. Bartola is one of the most rugged opponents Pep has yet met and. altho no title is at stake, the bout will command considerable attention. Lightweights Bob Montgomery and Roman Alvarez meet over the ten round distance at Philadelphia Monday night and Heavyweights Jimmy Bivins and Watson Jones clash in a ten-rounder at Los Angeles Tuesday night. Other bouts on the schedule: MONDAY: Holyoke, Dell I Orto. New York lightweight, va. Tommy Jessup. Springfield. i8). I TUESDAY; New Bedford. I Holland, New York light heavyweight, vs, Dowry. New Bedford (10); New York Wright vs. Angelo Callura. i WEDNESDAY: Breese vs Doll Ratlerty. THURSDAV. Dallas. 1 I Hayes. Milwaukee heavqweight. vs. Jack Marshall. Dallas (10). FRIDAY. Portland, Ore Garrison, Kansas City welterweight, vs Jackie Burke, Ogden. Utah SATURDAY I Brown. Detroit heavyweight, vs Buddy Walker. Columbus. (10); and Al Davis. New York welterweight, Carmen Notch, Pitubui'gh (lOl. Ron former Golden Gloves king of St. Jo.seph and I Kansas City, rules a slight favorite over Joe Dusek as the pair of grapplers put on boxing gloves at the fair grounds arena Monday night in a 10 round bout. And Etcheson gets the nod for the reason that Alex Fidler, popular midwestern official, will do the refereeing and rough house tactics will be taboo. In their match here previously, Dusek w'on in the fifth round with a sneak punch while the handsome Etcheson asked the referee to clean his gloves. Subject to Suspension. Should either contestant choose to gouge, kick, knee or utilize any trick the grapplers employ, he will be subject to no purse and a 60 suspension from both boxing and rassling in the state. Etcheson, whose left and right handed stance baffled Dusek the last time out, easily is the better boxer. He had Dusek groggy and swinging wild before Pal Joey relied to his own interpretation of alley fighting. The tribe of Duseks may be on hand for the battle. Brother Emil definitely will as he is slated to tie up with Jerry Adam, local pride, in a Pier 6 rassle. Brothers Rudy and Ernie also may be in corner or the immediate vicinity. The Dusek-Adam matching, as a matter of fact, should be nearly as interesting as the boxing event. Adam, former Husker grid- der and grapple coach, leans strictly to the scientific side, Emil is a Dusek in every sense of the word. And spells rough house. Cow'boy Jack Lutrell, who once fought Jack Dempsey, and Joe Hubka, lean and lanky Dodge citizen, are slated for action in the opener. The first match is set for 8:30 p. m. As has been the recent custom of management, all service men will be admitted free. Jim Harris, new Iowa Hawkeye mentor, may be all alone after Frank Carideo, his backfield coach IS called into the Most Big Ten coaching staffs will include only three Michigan, alone, is excepted for Coach Fritz Crisler still has Earle Martineau, Clarence Munn, Benny Costerbaan and Wallie Weber Jack Baer, former Oklahoma U. baseball coach and assistant grid mentor, has been assigned to Del Monte, Lt. Al Humphries, ex-Bucknell coach, will direct the gridders while Lt. Jesse Hill former major leaguer, will head the baseball staff. Approximately 100,000 trout, ranging from 8 to 14 inches have been planted in scores of streams and pits thruout the state according to an announcement made by the state game commission Monday. The species include Lochlevn and rainbow trout. Another "planting" will be made late this month. Places stocked include Sheep creek. Dry Spottedtail, Dry creek. Spottedtail, Tub Springs, Winter creek, Minitare drain, Strickenhole, Nine Mile, Red Willow, Blue creek. Pumpkin creek, Otter creek, White Tail, Lake Og- gallala, Lodgepode creek, Her.shey drains. Frenchman river, Rock creek lake, lake, Elm Creek, Thompson creek, McCook i sand pit. I Cottonmill lake. Palisade sand pit, Valentine hatchery, Fremont sand pit: Verdigree creeks, Louisville sand pit, Crawford (in northwest streams), Schlegal creek, Cedar creek. Plum creek. Lone Pine creek. Lone Pine lake. North Loup river, Steel creek. Willow creek. Hawe creek, William creek, Taylor creek, Clear creek. SEE THIS RETURN FIGHT 8:30 P. M. Fair- froundt Arena, Lincoln yanuigaiis win MAIN EVENT A Return 10 Round Fight Joe Dusek vs. Ronold Etcheson BRISTOL. Conn. CP). The Boston Braves yaimigans slammed i out a 10-8 decision over the regu- lars Sunday in an exhibition game I which saw the two sides belting out 23 basehits. Tony Cuccinello, veteran third ba.seman, sparked the yannigans 5 with a single, double and triple I and fielded his post in his usually 1 flawless fasiiiocL 4ho 2 Good resiling Bouts including Emil Dusek and Jerry Adam Fidler TICKETS ON SALE at Billiardt, 146 No. St. Phone 2-6I20. GENFKAL AO.MISSION All Men in Armed Forces Admitted FREE Reserved Seau 75c. Children ander included.

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