Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 8, 1944 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, September 8, 1944
Page 2
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Two .NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 8 1544 ClOVKKNMKJfT GOKS IIO1MK London. Sept. S-iLTl 3 )—Tlic Ucl- pinn jjoverniueut has none home UL'UT uu.ii-0 tlinn foui 1 yours in c N I I o. KulKliin Premier Hubert and members of his cabinet, loft London this morning, en- routc lo their' hometuncl—presum- ably Krustscls. As We WERE SAYING.. Tlii'.v cull thrni "curiosity mlr ror*." jMtiivlu'd outside the win dim-* df Dunl.xli noun 1 ,-, Miry in-null full vli-w of thr ittrrct ln>tli ii|> uml down. Hiiijl Crosby recently tried a board. Cave It tip. Thanks tn tho . IniKKy o' 'ort> j-iuir-s ago, tin- average man Hvi'i within n radius of (iliout four mill's. Tin- unto jumpod this to Uventy-fiuir milrs. Illlt no one hus j-i'l figured how fur. air travel will widen II"' clrcli 1 . National Broadcast'ng main tains "stand-by studios" where an organist la constantly on th ijul vlve to taki- the uir mo- nu-ntnrily If i>o\vei', rni-chanloal, or production i'uiliiro slioultl in toi'rupt n bro;ulc.«at. Cue does In- fill-in with nny old tune? On the contrary: An he listens to oach prOKi-nm. he prcpnrea hlmsi'lf with appropi-iiite music ylituild it be interrupted, Thut'> why you won't hear "Mairv.y Ooats" durlnf,' an omci-g»ncy broak in a .symphony program. Domit thinkers, it N estimated, will i-:it m.>r,> tlisiii ,Sl-M.(XMl,0«0 wurlh of thrlr favorite simck this year. Today's anecdote: The C & O trlls this story: Four soldiers were playing poker in the smoking compartment of n Pullman car. The. hour was late.. The porter wanted to go to bod. So he used an old and favored strategy. He got out his bucket and mop. and the powerful disinfectant he uses to scrub the floor. Soon the room' was so filled with the strong odor, even the porter could stand it no longer. He left the compartment. When hf; rt-turnod tho four soldiers were sti'.l playing cards— but—they were wearing gas masks. Km m a stnntllni; jump, we can iiuiki- a llttli.- under mir height i.f five fret, seven. Yet ti grusS- hnnper has hern known to jump lnl> time* Its length, or Hi 2-3 feel. Our phone number is 22SG. By dialing it, asking ("V -Vr. Wil- mcit. and simply say, "Will you kindly send me a PERSONAL LOAN application blank?" you ran get a loan without even visiting the bank. When you receive the bl.'ink, you fill it out as directed and return It to us. Within --I hours of Its rnco.ipt we will have thr> check made out and mailed to you. , You need not be a depositor to borrow, or previously known to us. All we »*k of you is good char/',ct<M- and a steady job. Payments on tho loan you get may b<: made In small, convenient monthly installments spread over a' full year. The loan will co.-it you "only $C per your per Sinn borrowed. And the life of the borrower will be insured for the balance, and the term of the loan ;it no additional cost. Remember to din'. 223!.;. •Jl million tons of Cfal Is tliis .vi-ar's (li'flrit prcdlcli'il li.v Ihr I'ovi-rnmi'iit, with ~> milliim tuns of It (inllirarltr. [I'M a f;ict that bri-nd lonsts I'.MNtcr or. hriKht. sunny dnys than on humid, cloudy days. "Snlfl'-rs" is an Army term for stuiill, pnrtiilili' radios used for Inii-klnj; down illicit i-nr-my- iieeiit radio transmitters. The officiency expert will toll you thru if a farmer's boy can pick six riu.Ti'ts nf chen'les in an lii-uir, nnd n KM five quarts, tlie two Wilier will pick rluv-.-n -|ii;irts. "But." says Christian OlMin-ve.i'. "any farmer knows that the two of them together won't p'ck unv." A woman's heiirl, -like Hie moon, Is always changing, and there, s always a man In It.— I'micli.. THE NAUGATUCK NATIONAL BANK Member of Deposit Cor|K>ratioi> Build A Pool Is Advice Of Farm Forester In my garden is a pool. But do not picture a marble bathing- tank or a tropical lily pond in a Hollywood setting. The pool itself occupies but n miniature space in :ny garden plot and the garden plot Is' less than 10 yards square. This pardon with surrounding lawn and few bordering shade trees, ac- cupling an area only 50 by 75 feet, is the usable outdoor portion of my home lot: and it is the rendezvous' for-Ihe spare moments of three families. Still, ln_this garden is a pool that has furnished all the lure of a verdant oasis during tho'cxtcnd- ecl dry spell of the past summer. Cats, dogs, birds and squirrels come to 'It; butterflies and bees flutter about the flowers nea;- it; and the small children of the necr- by houses all gravitate toward Hi charms'al every opportunity. The pool is only a sunken half barrel placed ton years ago near the buck of the garden and under the shade of what is now a towering 30 foot white pine. This pine, by the way, was carried home in my pocket, wrapped in damp leaves and paper, and planted, about 20 years ago. A quick inventory of the garden from where I sil shows, in addition to the pool, three small evergreen trees, a border hedge row. six varieties of perennials (three of them in bloom), seven kinds of-annuals, a dumb of hay- scented fern, a marginal row 'on one side of shells and whitc'stoncs, four central stepping stones as a pathway to the pool, a smalNrock- ery around the rim, 'and above the pool, and .two miniature statues. And yet the garden is not crowded. The edge of the barrel forming the-pool is placed just a few inches atove the level of the near* by ground so 'that during rains there will be no f'.owage of muddy water Into it from the tilled garden soi!. As to the "expansion and contraction devices" and "winter freezing problems" of my friends u-ith pools of larger size, I laugh; and I simply throw a chunk of wood in the water, come fall, to prevent too tight freezing of the surface: my pool has never sprung a leak. Neither has the source of water supply created extensive plumbing problems; a few palls of water carried to the pool, or five minutes with the garden hose, biweekly, keeps it fresh. Have I wandered somewhat In this article? . Well, my object is to draw attention continually to the HAVILAND CHINA ^ STRISIITS i J CKNTEH ST. IMAL 3-3762 J » .vmir i-loiln— »h™ Hii-.v nri { flmiinl rritnlnrl.v !>>• "iir i-xin-rt ivnrk- J % inrn. rrniniM M'VvIri'. " % 1 D. LIEBERMAN i { ^'11 fill K< It STKKKT j NAUGATUCK RANGERS C.S.G.V.R. Niuig-Jituclc tRnnpers will report at the'Tultie School grounds, 10:00 a. m. Sunday morninf,'. There will l)c u maneuver under the direction oC Lt. John Hai-llnR. 11 Is Important to bring your compass. KoKUlar drill next. Tuesday at Tultle School grounds a!, 7:30 p. m. Contrrntuliitlons on promotions to Mess Sf?t. Frank Behlni'an, Siv, and P.F.C. Edward Urban. Remember the date, Sunday, Sept. 17, jl'J-M; Mie place, Schild(,-en's Grove; the time, 10:00 n. m. to 6:00 p. m. This will be Ihe first annual outing of the Third Battalion, C. S. G. and C. S. tJ. V. R. There will be ' plenty to eat' and j drink, and a complete sports program. ' FRED BAKER, Capt, C. S. G. V, R. I)usty All-Stars ^ *!*•'' D ' L : 6'A Trim Rubco, >0, Cellello Hurls Well value of water in scenery; and , also, everywhere, to p lhc -need 'of j Bocui-lng and" maintaining public j access to a fair proportion of it: ' in natural lakes, to riverside and ; seashore for swimming and bout- ing; and -to thousands of purposefully constructed pools of all sizes, large, small, or even miniature" like mine. Build for yourself or for your community a pool. The Naugutuck £>usly league All- Stars defeated the U. S. Rubber Co. Waterbury league entry 3-0'be- hind the superb p.itchlng of Johnny^ Cellello, who net down,thc''alug~' ging Rubco ".team wi'n two hits. • Bill Rado, who-labored' 1 on ;the hill'for Sy'Selbe.rllng'8 men,:'ha'd a bit of poor support which resulted in the All-Sars' victory. He gave up four blnglcs. Manager Sciberllng' said 'this morning that, there may be ,a shaku-up in ,thc Rubber .lin.e-up ,bc 7 fore' the Tool game Ayhl'ch Is ; set for next Tuesday night;MThc-'mib- berm'cn, who have- 'been" great hustlei-s during the season,' which saw them come back after'a rocky period early' in the summer,' have- fallen down in the pepper dcjpart-, rnent...Sc.i.bcrJinKVsuld i '. Licencing Has,,,i. : Raised Standards Methodist Church Groups To Meet Plans for the full will be formulated at a mooting of the official board of the Methodist church Monday evening at S p. m. A report on the activities this summer will also be given. A discussion of plans for the observation of W"rld Communion Sunday October i will be inc'.ud- 1 ed in the meeting, a.- veil as plans fur the annual churc^. loyally campaign. ' j The church board of education will make plans for a rally day and promotion of Sunday school students September 2-1 at a meeting Tuesday night at the home of Marshal! Long, 25 Dayton road, at S p. m. ' And on the same evening at S p. m. at the home of Mrs. Cornelius Van Vlandren, Rubber avenue, the Missionary group of the Women's socicly will discuss the subject, "Tho American Indian." Tractive power of railway locomotives averages 52,000 pounds, an increase of 40 per cent over the figure 20 years ago. A total of 258 hospitals. . >verc licensed in Connecticut during' the first seven months of .1944'-according to the August bulletin "of.; th'e Connecticut State Departn\ent"bf Health'. As' 11 of -these •-hospitals were issued two licenses under two different 'laws/ a total of' 269 licenses were issued '' " '•-" There are three hospital licensing 'laws in Connecticut,' arid tho licensing is supervised' by 'thre^e different bureaus In the 'State 'lie- 1 partment of Health. The burenvfof child hygier.c-'supcrvlses the llcens- iny of private 'institutions for.the care 1 of nervous, and' ; mental patients, and 'the bureau of •'pfc- venlttblo 'diseases supervises "the licensing of other -types : of hospitals including' certal'n general hospitals and all chrohlr'and'convales- cent hospitals, Most' of the -large general hospitals' that 'receive' state aid are exempt from licensing under this law, but they 1 are-not exempt from licensing under the maternity hospital licensing lawv'Th'is accounts for 25 large general'hos- pitals being licensed to c'are' for maternity patients but not licensed' under the other hospital licensing law. Community Freeze Lockers In N. E. Now Exceed 20,000 Boston, .Sept. fi—(U P>— A new Ice age IK coming to New England in the form o£ community freeze lockers. That's the result of a survey, by the New England Council's agriculture and forestry committee.'. ; . ., . 'The .committee thinks 'the community freeze "lockers will tenil to boost the farmers' income. And nc- co'rdirife" "to • their ' figures, .there already are more .than 20,000 of these l6 v ckers'i'n'the six-state region. The committee goes on to predict that increased use, .of the lockers will .bring better quality farm 'products. .'Vermont now has" the "largest number of lockers in use with 30 units servicing 0,000 individual lockers • . One-fifth of'Utah is believed to be.. ,undorlain ,^y,ithfcoal. .- •.- ,.. ; Tlii.rr In n n Invlxllili'. enlrn ,|oul- | ]lii>«»om" ' Klnir': Niild V-cxcllmlvrfr PIERPONT'S 1 ' "" A iiH»r(rn'ii Ci'oni "Suclrly- '" An average motorist requires ihi'oc-tiuai'tcrs of a second to react and apply his brakes when he sees the necessity to stop Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 FINE WALE Long Wearing Washable ZEPHYROY Sizes 1 to 4 Copen Blue Dusty- Rose Beige Aqua Juilliard's master fabric "Zephyroy" is the first .: sanforized shrunk corduroy. It will not shrink more than 1%. Thus this washable garment will .... retain its original size and shape. The .colors UK '.., guaranteed vat dyed which insures color fast- ' ness. Size 1 to 4 in such lovely pastel shades as ; dusty rose, copsn blue, beige, aqua. .• . ZEPHYROY Set Jacket 2.98 Overalls .2.98 Beanie 1,00 «^r>* • ••*••• $595 LERSr.^.^. SILVERSMITHS SINCE 1900 . " ' - • : " - • . .• %^; 68 BANK S T R P C T C For ^ the 2 to 6ers : , Corduroy Sets 5.95 Dai'k. fall shades of navy, brown, green, or maroon. .A "must" for .ev.ery boy^ and girl for autumn ' wear. Buy several, for youngsters love these "rough and -ready" clothes. OVERALLS 2 to 8 2.49 NAVY - BROWN - WINE - GREEN. SELECT THEIR WINTER OUTFITS NOW . . . Use Qur Lay-Away Plan ^ENGELMAN'S ... 90 South Main St.: ROCK WW. CLASSIC AMERICAN COLONIAL DESIGN We have other Solid Maple Bedroom Suites : that can be bought in open stock. Naug-atuck Store Cl;osed All Day Mondays . As .--launch ami sturdy as onr pioneer, forefathers;; •who first landoJ in Amcricn, but Avitli ;i la.tcr ro-." finomcm. and p-aco of design addp'd as co].pni«l-li?c.-. look on a note of clo-aneo in ('.ho homos of the early - planU']¥. Solidly constructed of rock maple, in mellow hand-rubbed finish. Bed. Chest on chest and Dresser. • - ' ' ; On display at.Naugatuck. Store . $198.50 P U R N 11U R E C p.. I tsl ofNAUGAtUGK Wayside Store OPEN Thurs., Friday and Sat. Bves. Until 9 P. M. ; Buy War jBonds For Victory

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