Kingsport News from Kingsport, Tennessee on February 23, 1954 · Page 1
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Kingsport News from Kingsport, Tennessee · Page 1

Kingsport, Tennessee
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Tuesday, February 23, 1954
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The Weather Tennessee--Cloudy and becoming warmer today with a high of 62. Virginia--Cloudy, windy and warmer with a high of 58-64 today. KINGSPORT NEWS VOL. XII--NO. 200 ·KINGSPORT, TENN., TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1954 Pbone Circle 6-8121 10 PAGES. S CENTS Deathless Day* City County 879 18 Please stop for school busea. It is a state law. ZWICKER TESTIMONY IS MADE PUBLIC G R A N I ) M \ WINS CUSTODY OF ATOM ORPHANS--Robert, 6, left, and Michael Rosenberg, 11, sons of executed atom spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, hug their grandmother, Mrs. Sophie Rosenberg a f t e r a court placed them in her temporary custody in New York, Feb. 20. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children had charged that the children, who had been living w i t h a New York couple, were "exploited for f u n d raising propositions." The state supreme court placed the children in their grandmother's care pending further children's court litigation today. (AP Wirephoton Sick Baby Girl Sought Taken From Hospital Bed By Her Father STEUBENVILLE, Ohio (fP) -A .sick. 7-month-olcl girl, taken from her hospital bed by her f a t h e r and his woman companion, was the object of a wide police search Monday. A criminal negligence w a r r a n t was Issued against the father, Gerald E. Conrad, sought along] w i t h a woman police identified! as Helen Elhose. -The woman was not immediately charged. Little Pamela Conrad was brought to Gill Hospital Saturday for treatment of pneumonia. Yesterday, police said, Conrad and the Elhose woman visited the child and demanded her re- ° When the nurse, Gloria Kotur.i lapse''of the preliminary peace l o f t the room to get a supervisor,: talks in Korea said yesterday the the pair wrapped Pamela in a | Communists now have accepted blanket ran out of the hospital nearly everything for the Geneva with her and drove away in a conference that they turned car .bearing Maryland license down at Panmunjom. nl-ites Patrolman John Me- "The participants, the pur- ^ " poses and the place of the con- brought to the ference on Korea are precisely Good Morning A Little Chuckle To Start The Day NASHVILLE, Tenn. (INS) -Prison escapee Jim McQueen of Kingsport, Tenn.. had "no hard feelin's" against the state prison b l o o d h o u n d s which tracked him down Monday. The dogs overtook McQueen, still on state property, two hours after he had bolted from a rock work gang. Prison guards arrived on the scene to find McQueen waiting for them--petting the dogs. Reds Accept Same Terms States Young SEOUL, Tuesday UP)--The U. diplomat who sat in on col- Rogersville Baby Killed 18-Month-Old Boy Is Struck By Car ROGERSVILLE (Spl.) -- An 18-month-old Hawkins County boy was killed Sunday in front of his parent's home on Highway 66, about four miles west of Pressman's Home. The victim, Marshall Wayne Helton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Helton, died at Lyons Hospital a few hours later. Hawkins County Sheriff Dan Anderson said the youngster either "toddled or crawled" in front of a parked car which belonged to Ross Stewart of Route 1, Rogersville. Stewart, not knowing the baby was in front of the car, started , . to drive away and heard the:Japan's corruption s c a n d a l bumper strike the child, Ander- threatening the government of Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida Donald said. Pamela was . . . ,, hospital by Mi's. Alice Ernest of those we have spent day and (See BABY, Page 8) Virginia Gas c? Tax Increase Bill Delayed RICHMOND IfP) -- Virgil General Assembly received a fin;il f l u r r y of new bills Monday as the Democratic administra- once again delayed a c r u - , test vote on Gov. Stanley's j night pressing the Communists I to accept," said Kenneth Youpg i before departing t o d a y lor ! Washington. i At Peiping. Red China voiced | approval of the Geneva conference and gave Russia all the credit for arranging it at the Big Four meeting in Berlin. Red China will sit in on the Geneva conference opening April 26 along with all other countries _ Virginia's! who fought in Korea ? -· At Pyongyang, lion Man Held For Robbery In Bristol Masquerading As Woman; Caught By Sheriff Hurd A 33-year-old man, masquerading as a woman, was captured by Sheriff A. Ham Hurd Monday night and was immediately charged with the robbery of a Bristol loan agency. Hurd, acting on a tip, arrested the man, Robert Philpott of Inwood, W. Va., at the Tennessee Eastman Corporation while the suspect was aboard the Orebank JUS. According to Hurd he immediately confessed to robbing the Credit Finance Service of Bristol of $296 at 3:30 p.m. Monday. Sheriff Hurd said he received a call from Ralph Gott, a Blountville resident, telling him of 'this suspicious character." Gott said he noticed the 'woman" in Blountville, became iuspicious and called the sheriff. Hurd said Philpott had taken i cab into Blountville, checked at the bus station and asked when the bus left to Kingsport or to Bristol. After that, Hurd said, Philpott ihecked with a drug store as to ;he price of a ticket to Kings- ort. Hurd said he and Gott fol- owed the bus to Kingsport. Vhen it stopped at Eastman o they got on the bus and Gott dentified the man. LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL BREAKFASTS AT DOSSETTS--Ten members of the Legislative Council are pictured with their host, President Burgin Dossett of East Tennessee State College as they breakfast prior to the opening of the Monday morning session. Seated, left to r i g h t , Mrs. C. Frank Scott of Memphis, secretary of the council; Representative Thomas A. Johnson of Coffee County executive director; Senator Ernest Guffey of Athens; Senator Jared Maddux, Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the Senate from Cookeville; Representative T. J. Davis of Edison: Representative James N. Bomar, Speaker of the House; Senator J. B. Jennings of Tullahoma; Representative Damor Headden of Rodgley. Standing, left to right, Representative C a r r o l l Oaks of Morristown, Dossett and Representative Henry Gupton of Nashville. (Picture courtesy of the Johnson City Press-Chronicle). Assemblymen Hold Meeting At E.T.S.C. By WILLIAM FREEHOFF Political Writer CITY Judge Lacy West Raps Use Of Altered Search Warrant Corruption Scandal Hits Japan's Diet TOKYO (Tuesday) -- (INS) -- son said. No charges were filed against Stewart, the sheriff said. waxed hotter today when two cabinet ministers were accused jCWal L , tile ^iicili.1 ocxiu. U a U i u e u JUIIIIIGUCI o w v . i i - «*V.V-M^^« Stewart, a former Hawkins | of accepting bribes from a ship- County trustee, had stopped in | building company seeking finan- front of the Helton home to pick|cial concessions up a friend walking along the 1 vc.cMTi-.irn TJQ highway. Survivors including the par(See KILLED, Page 8) Commie China Is Still 'Out* Assures Dulles WASHINGTON (/?)-- M t r Uv j at , . t h e p rt should serve to ease world proposed gasoline tax increase. j s i o n A whopping 193 new measures; Both s House and the last day U general leg-'ping and Moscow voiced . lion 15 joint that the Geneva conference also were o f f e r e d ; would settle the Indochina War. "while" the lawmakers were At Taipeh. the Chinese Na- : t h e scheduled Asian peace con- Terence will bring "no U. S. rec- , ognMm of the cenin ese Commu- ' nist re 6 ime -" A State Department spokes- er a 90-minute conference between Dulles and the lawmakers at the State Department. time a showdown vote on raisins the gas tax from 6 to 7 cents. The new delay was caused by, the absence of three senators j plan and big defeat. also as one (See ASSEMBLY, Page 8) Cloudy, Warmer Weather Is Seen The weatherman at Tri-Cities Weather Bureau says the warm weather will continue in this area again today as he predicts temperatures in the lower 60s. Increasing cloudiness and somewhat cooler is expected tonight. The low recorded in Kingsport M o n d a y was 33 degrees and climbed to a high of 61 degrees. The mercury at midnight had dropped down to a near freezing 34 degrees. Wednesday's forecast is for partly cloudy and somewhat colder. Temperatures HUh to, _ bypassing the . w ^ comment." Some of \ Them said Dulles had asked them oeneva SKVft'n P iI!ih M L 0 .1?: B s Ir ,i,l.» United Nations but did not rule out participation. Young, after holding a final meeting yesterday with Pyun Yung Tai, South Korea's foreign minister, told newsmen he was unable to determine if South Korea would attend. Pvun bitterly attacked the (See REDS, Page 8) to let him do the talking. The statement released later said Dulles "reported fully" on the Berlin Big Four foreign ministers conference. It added: "There was a general exchange of views. Mr. Dulles emphasized: "1. That as far as Europe was concerned the Berlin · confer- marked t»: ence had required Soviet Russia Army-Navy Yasuhiro Nakasone, a diet (parliament) member representing the Progressive Party--chief opposition to Yoshida's Liberal Party--joined with Rightist Socialists in accusing the two ministers and in demanding resigna.- tion of Yoshida's cabinet. Yoshida' who was scheduled to return to Tokyo Monday from his seaside villa at Oiso for a top-level conference with government and Liberal Party leaders, suddenly decided to remain at Oiso. The two accused acbinet mem- City Court Judge Lacy West* jijmiowii vi* i - , - ^ t ^ . , · " · - i blasted the use of an illegally itate Legislature--or an impor- j altered sea rch warrant by police ant part of it--came to- the and dism j sse d the case concerned in court Monday morning. Judge West said defense at- tant . Monday Members of the Tennessee Legislative Council assembled at East Tennessee State for an all- torney William S. Todd was ab- in addition, the assemblymen ; went on a tour of the College itself with President Burgin E. Dossett as their guide. T h e Tennessee Legislative Council is an interim body created by an act of .the 1953 General Assembly. It is composed of four members of the Senate (including one Republican j , five members of the House (including t w o Republicans), and the speakers of the Senate and House. It meets between sessions of the Legislature, studies state problems, and makes a final report on recommended legislation (See MEETING, Page 8) Over The Coffee Cup toy DOROTHY BRIMER The warrant, issued for a search for whiskey, was used at about 4 a. m. Sunday in the arrest of a Negro man and Negro woman on charges of lewdness. Lawyer Todd said he was told Patrolman W. M. Rucker "went in with it (the warrant) in his hand and kicked the door down." Todd handed the warrant to Judge West and shdVed him where, in an apparent effort to make it valid for purpose of the arrest, the date had been changed in two places after the judge had signed it. 'Disgrace 9 Label Put On General Senator To Hold Public Hearing On Another Case From Press Dispatches Sen. McCarthy R-Wis) Monday made public the transcript of a stormy closed-door hearing in which he told Brig. Gen. Ralph W. Zwlcker that the Army's promotion and honorable discharge of an alleged Communist major was "a tremendous disgrace to the Army." The transcript showed that McCarthy also accused Zwicker of "hemming and hawing" in reply to questions which he said "any five-year-old child could answer." ·Not Fit' At other points In Vie Interrogation the senator told the general he was not fit to wear his uniform and that "you should be removed from any command." Zwicker, a much-decorated hero of World War II who took part in the D-Day Invasion of Normandy, Is now the commanding officer at Camp Kilmer, N. J. Like McCarthy, he Is a native of Wisconsin. Along with the release of the transcript, McCarthy ordered a two-day postponement of the appearance of Secretary of the Army Robert T. Stevens, who had been Invitee! to testify today at a nationally televised hearing before McCarthy's Senate Investigations subcommittee. Hearing Today Returning to Washington after making a Philadelphia speech, McCarthy said last night he will hold a public hearing today to show "how the Army handled , ,. another known Communist" as NEW DELHI (INS. -- Indian, Ule next move ln hls row wlth Nehru Seeks Cease-Fire In Indochina Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru made an "earnest appeal" Monday for a cease-fire in Indo- the Pentagon. McCarthy refused to disclose the names of today's witnesses whose case will be at is(See ZWICKER, Page S) Lower House of Parliament that all parties concerned should "Who changed these dates?" ; -bring aboutsome kind of cease- Judge West demanded. |fj r e i n Indochina) without any * I l / l l C I I A I O C O V A IfV/uajr 13 «rr i 1/1 i"_OvJ«-* china's seven-year-old war be-| or to i d e n t ify the alleged Corn- fore the Geneva conference on Asia opens April 26. Nehru mayitained India does not intend to intervene nor shoulder any responsibility f o r , bringing about a cease-fire in j Indochina. I The Indian leader, who was i n . the vanguard of the drive to get '· a Korean armistice, told the To Stevens, Sen. McCarthy 'I want everybody to know that I didn't have anything to do with it," City Attorney Marvin Parsons said, pointing out One of Kingsport's beauticians, tnat ne had never even see n the in giving me a story for National warrant previously. u o a m u s i n t h isterBanbokuOhno^eniedNa- , ed d ^ , h time_ she -- Sen. -Wis) and judge wesu UCUK-UIUCU. j u r e ( m indocnmai wiuioui any PHILADELPHIA (/P) Patrolman Rucker and others party giving up its own position." Jasepn McCarthy (R- _ said they didn't know, and that He added: ' A r m y Secretary Robert T. Ste- warrants were frequently left "It seems a tremendous pity v e n / _ at odds over lhe suh . lying around where they could that the war should continue! nai of armed servlce ,,,,._ possibly be changed by any num- when a serious attempt to find s onne ) __- were 25 miles apart ber of persons. ' ------ ··- ·-- ·- . . · . suimej -- w e i e 4U iiiuea apai k _ way out is going to be made. Monday acce ptmg gold medals "I make this earnest appeal to f contributions to the Ameri- the powers concerned to strive wav f Mf to have a cease-fire." (See DIET, Page 8) Reds Celebrate 36th Anniversary Of Army, Navy LONDON (!P) -- Russians celebrating the 36th anniversary of the Soviet army and navy heard claims Monday that Soviet fighting power has been increased of late and now can "deliver a crushing blow upon any enemy." happened during'tne time sne j --------"r JjITM H^ 1 first started her shop-about 20 ^ U woman saw her years ago. She said that a woman with j i l jet black hair came to her salon for a permanent wave--you recall that this was in the daysj when a permanent wave was a ' long, tiresome, and somewhat hazardous process. can way of Hfe. ,, _ . y ne vv.isconsin senator accept(in Pans a government in- d , d meda , from tne g£ ns formant mdicateo France will Qf Ul £ American Revolution at ignore Nehru's proposal for a n ' ]uncheon ln dow ntown Phila- immediate -····«-«·-- «« n--»i It seems that when the beautician started washing the woman's hair, she had some difficulty. No matter how hard she scrubbed nor how long she , ,, _,, --.- . washed and rinsed, the water Communist China's chief Mao;still came out black. She just Tze-tung sent congratulations to couldn't seem to get the hair Premier Georgi Malenkov. ; clean. of the i house, went to a policeman about and was with Patrolmen (See JUDGE, Page 8) Australian Storm Leaves 20 Dead., 7 More Missing SYDNEY, Australia (/P) -- Australian officials said Monday night 20 persons were killed and seven missing in two-day storms Moscow radio said speeches mass sporting events and special meetings throughout the country of the biggest Day celebrations jmU J CU Ul* CU. OV V l C l r J.V LJOulGi- fil J A l j r ii e* » j ^***,j v ~~~~. (See DULLES, Page 8) lever held in the Soviet Union. Women Trampled, Fists Fly As 10,000 Shoppers Storm Big Department Store notion 5« C'lllcuKO 50 C i n c i n n a t i ·.· D-ill.i 80 Doiivor 51 Jiu-ksonvlllo 71 t.os Ansc'.es 87 L m r s v l l e 5S Memphis 88 4 9 - N c w O r l e a n s 75 27 New Y o r k 60 33 P h i l a d e l p h i a 58 ·IB P i t t s b u r g h 41 39 R i c h m o n d 03 46 Si. L o u i s 58 55.San F r ' c j U c o 68 37. S e a t t l e 50 42. Washington 57 21! 43! 51 : "i 45 ! 29 42 41 42 NEW YORK (/P) -- A wild mob of 10,000 shoppers rioted on 14th St. Monday, storming Hearn's big department store in a savage quest for holiday bargains. Fists flew, windows were smashed, women were trampled underfoot. . Unheeded were cries for mercy from, people trapped in the rush. Lost children huddled in terror, their thin walls of bewilderment drowned in the angry, selfish din of the bargain-crazed mob. At least a dozen persons fainted or were injured as they risked their Jives for such marked down items as $6.95 television sets and 29 cent umbrellas. Shoppers began lining up Sunday night. The early birds were trapped in the store by latecomers who burst police lines to shout, scream and elbow their way inside. Hats and even shoes were torn from the women in the dangerous scramble. Smaller mobs also stormed Klein's department store a block away and Hearn's uptown store in the Bronx. Win- dows there also were smashed in the wildest shopping since the door-smas.hing 1951 price war between Macy's and Gimbel's. The Idea of Washington's birthday sales originated 30 years ago in Washington, where government employes have the day off from work and are attracted to bargain counters. It was the first time New York's big stores had tried the idea. » Hearn's president said it was the blgeest volume sales day (See SHOPPERS, Page 8) . She also noted that with each washing the woman's hair would get a shade lighter. Not wishing to harm her hair with the permanent process, she asked the woman what she had used on her hair to dye it. (See COFFEE, Page 8) Mongrel Dogs Kill Three Deer ILL Knoxville Zoo 'KNOXVILLE (if)--A pack o f j three big, mongrel dogs dug un-l der a high fence and killed three, of seven deer at Municipal Zooj Monday. i Zoo officials said the fallow deer were all mature bucks about six years old, purchased at Middlesboro, Ky., several years ago. Zoo Manager Mack Franse shot down one of the dogs but the others escaped. | Two does and two other bucks escaped harm. I and floods that lashed . 3,000 miles of New South northeastern coast. square Wales The casualty figures were re- the Indochina situation, a n d : that it would play Into the hands of Communists by permitting them to infiltrate advantageous positions.) and out of this Stevens accepted a gold medal the Freedoms Foundation on behalf of the armed services at historic Valley Forge, 25 miles , "" " , ss ssrs appear Wore Mcoarthyl sen.te Indochina problem while hostilities continued. Polish Ambassador Booed In England BIRMINGHAM, England (/P)-Anti-Communist Polish workers Brig, last week Ralph in New W. Zwicker York. Monday, McCarthy said he thought Stevens was "the finest (See AWARDS, Pare 8) Soluiiar Tables A lie UdoUo.JLj' J.igui ^o TT**A »* »- ...... - - - - . leased as rescue workers con- booed and jeered Polish Ambas-; ..,,.,,.., _»,,,, . tinued their search for victims : sador E. Milnikiel when he a r - | By JOHN ALDEN KNIGHT among thousands left homeless j rived in Birmingham Monday to in flooded lowland areas near j open a Polish arqhltectural ex-' the Queensland border. jhibltion. Herbert Hoover Does Not See Signs Of Depression The schedule of Solunr Period*. M printed bflow. hn been tfcen from John Aldeo Knlght'3 SOLDNAR TABLES Plan your days so that you will be ftahlng m food territory or hunting In (feed cover during these umes. If you wuh to find the best sport that each day ha to offer The Major Periods are shown In boldface type These begin at tbe times shown and la*t lor an hour and a half or two *iour$ thereafter The Minor Periods, shown ,n regular type are of somewhat shorter duration USE EASTERN S T A N D A R D TIME Date Day MlMr Mafer Misi.r Major Feknsar; ' A M P . M . 23 .Tuesday " 24 *Wee WASHINGTON (/P)--Former President Herbert Hoover said Monday night he bad one depression named for him but he doesn't see signs of another "anywhere on the landscape at the present time." The "present trouble," Hoover said, comes from a mixture of surplus production and "dehydrated optimism." ". . . You can have high confidence that this is only a passing dip. a slump, a readjustment, or a recession, not a great depression," he declared. .. jdneday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 10 IS 11:00 11 4! 12 15 1:0$ 2 00 4:M :.%« 10:4. II 36 R i::35 « 1:30 7 1:2* « Lake Stage t Today'* Skies Hoover proposed a remedy ; along lines suggested by Presi- I dent Eisenhower -- reducing | taxes, if necessary, to increase , watauga Lake level saturo.y. M 4 tect the buying power of all the £«.· gS* ,.*?*«»,' VRyT^fTSft people so they can absorb the '«»: Cherokee. 47.7 feet low surplus production and jack up the standard of living another notch. Hoover sized up the economic situation in an address prepared for delivery at a banquet at which he is scheduled to receive a good government award from the American (See HOOVER, Pa«e 8) Sunrise 7:10 a.m. Sunset Q - i t p m Moonrlse Wednesday 12*09 a m Last Qusrfr -p eb 2 « PROMINENT STARS: Resulus. In lhe east 7 : 3 0 pm : Arclurut. in Uia eait 12 27 a . m . VIS · «: PLANETS- Jupiter. high in souin 7 : 1 » p m . : Saturn, between Arcturut i the Moon, Mar. due iouuh .« 40 a m (All Time* Eastern standard)

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