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Harlan County Journal from Alma, Nebraska • 8

Alma, Nebraska
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.4 faor rrairr HARLAN CX)UNTT JOURNAL. ALMA, NEBRASKA. THURSDAY, AUGUST 11. 193. Princess In Movies Bickels Bus Line from Kearney, Nebraska to Dodge City, Kansas.

Order your parts by bus from Hold-rege. Fast service. Inquire at Petry's Cafe. 52 ltp 4 Arnold. Wallace and Maxine Graves, of Golden, Colorado, visited the past week at the homes of Mr.

Wallaces grandparents, Mr, and Mrs. J. D. Wallace, of Alma, and Mr. and Mrs.

John Frazier, of Republican City. PRIMARY ELECTION RESULTS Continued from Page 1 Walter CL Vasey 150 For County Supervisor, Diet. 7 8, Kerr 93 REPUBLICAN For Governor Charles J. Warner 349 Kenneth H. Oedney 189 Robert O.

Ross 80 For Lieutenant Governor Harry C. Moore 80 C. A. Oreen 74 Leo J. Crosby 85 William Edward Johnson 144 Clarence Reckmeyer 69 A.

B. Walker 77 KNOW YOUR FARM PROGRAM The 1939 Wheat Acreage Allotment for Harlan County has been received and Individual acreage allotments will be established by the Committee as soon as the Wheat History on-each farm can be secured for the years 1938, 1937 and 1938. Farmers who have not returned the Wheat Questionaire forwarded to them from this office are urged to fill In the information requested on this form and mail it to the office without delay. Each farmer should be aware of the fact that the payments he will receive for staying within his acreage allotment are quite attractive in that he will receive between 12 and 15 cents per bushel on his allotment established under the 1939 figure, and In addition to this, will receive a parity payment of 10 cents per bushel on the same allotment if he stays within the acreage established for his farm In 1939. This, with a loan value averaging In the State from 50 to 60 cents, will guarantee the farmer somewhere between 72 and 80 cents a bushel for his wheat In his allotment if he meets all the provisions necessary to receive these payments.

The payments as shown above would range from $2.20 to $2.50 per acre on a farm In Harlan County appraised at average production for the county. la addition to this payment the farmer who seeds his wheat in compliance with the Acreage Allotment for his farm in 1939, will be elegible for Crop Insurance and a Wheat Loan In 1939. We believe we should bear In mind that the responsibility of parrying out the wheat program rests upon the farmers themselves and that it is their own program either to make or break. Farmers should understand that under the present conditions of world supply, unless they wish to have subsidies as a method of getting rid of the surplus supply, it' will be necessary to reduce acreages to a point where we might receive a mar-kt price for wheat that will equal cost of production plus a little profit. Elizabeth and Margaret Walters returned to their home to Emporia, Kansas, this week after spending a month to Alma, guests of Mr.

and Mrs. Ed Wilcox. Mr Mrs. Guy Johnson, of Ventura, California, are spending the week to Alma, visiting at the home of the formers brother, Mr. and Mrs.

L. Tl Johnson, and with Mrs. Johnsons relatives, the Eversons and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Seyler.

ALMA PRODUCE MARKET Wednesday morning prices. By the Courtesy of Ekbergs produce. First Grade Cream 19c Second Grade Cream 18c H. Hens, over 4 Vi lbs 10c H. Hens, under 4'i lbs.

Leghorn Hens 7c Heavy Springs 9C Leghorn Springs 7c Cos 06c No. 2 Poultry 8c Lb. Less ANNOUNCEMENT I THE ALMA IRON and HIDE COMPANY MOVED TO New Location! Across the Street from the Alma Power House On the, South Side Our new location enables us to serve' you better. We Pay Highest Prices Always for Hides, Iron and Metal of All Kipds. We Carry New Used Auto and Tractor Parts.

New and Used Batteries and Used Tires. SEE COHEN FIRST! Used 25c cmd Up! M. COHEN PROPRIETOR Alma, Nebr. Robert A. Nelson 87 For Secretary of State L.

E. Marsh 331 C. W. Hill 125 Geo. C.

Snow 212 For Auditor of Public Accounts O. M. Campbell 214 Ray C. Johnson 1 288 Charles F. Greenburg 108 For State Treasurer T.

W. Bass 275 Theodore Donelson 84 Richard H. Larson 183 Crawford Mortensen 91 For Attorney General Walter R. Johnson 345 John W. Cooper 100 Straight Townsend 181 For Railway Commissioner Duane T.

Swanson 248 Dorsey O. Howell 69 Lee Wells 76 William Lc Randall 126 Van L. Taylor 90 W. W. Maltman 73 For Congressman, Fourth Dist.

Howard W. Churchill 103 E. E. Jackman 191 Carl T. Curtis J97 For County Clerk Ross T.

Lane 586 HT W.AIlard For Clerk of District Court Harry Forbes 710 For County Treasurer Bodien 93 For County Sheriff Carl Freytag 423 Guy Klnnaman 352 For County Attorney John Starr 643 For County Supervisor, Dist. 1 C. Edfaard Peterson 28 E. J. Huston 28 For County Supervisor, Dist 3 T.

Jonest 31 John Artz 89 For County Supervisor, Dist. 5 Otto T. Lubeck 79 C. H. Gourley ill For County Supervisor, Dist.

7 Irvin C. Hecht 70 Delegate to County Convention J. W. Dlngman 4 NON-POLITICAL For Chief Justice of Supreme Court E. B.

Chappell 139 John W. Yeager Ill Archibald J. Weaver 194 Harry O. Palmer 88 Paul Manhart 77 C. A.

Sorensen 448 Robert O. Simmons 460 Henry S. Payne 239 For State Superintendent Charles W. Taylor 1085 Otto L. Krula 161 Sarah T.

Muir 474 For County Superintendent Nelle Booher 1252 Lillie Longsine 858 For Regent State University Bert Mott 184 Stanley D. Long 566 Malcolm B. Wilcox 473 Henry R. Fausch 233 Geo. Cowton 109 For Member Legislature Ernest E.

Spencer 233 E. M. Neubauer 881 Joseph J. Boehler 671 J. E.

W. Richards 229 Mrs. A. C. Bhallenberger received a letter from Dr.

and Mrs. Dorothy Thoeny, saying after returning from their Alaskan trip they motored down the coast and went deep sea fishing off Monterey, California. Dorothy succeeded to hooking the big fish of the day a wolf fish 4 feet and 3 Inches long often mistaken for sea serpents very vicious. The master of the boat helped get him over the side Into the boat and killed him. Talk about your denizens of the deep.

iiiilllllllllllll WANT ADS! FOUND 39 Class pin. Owner can have same by calling at this office and paying for this notic. FOR SALE Used auto parts for the following, 1929 Pontiac, Chrysler 52, Chrysler 6, Dodge Senior, Victory, Standard and fast four, Plymouth, model A Ford, 1938 V8, and Fordson tractor parts. Rose Wrecking Yard, 2 miles north of Franklin. 52 3tp FOR SALE Childs walnut finish steel bed with mattress, 28x52.

Good all MrsTBrCTDaniy. 62 Itc Want passengers to share expenses to Salem, Oregon, August 17th. Luis Cass, Beaver City, Nebr. 52 ltp MATTRESSES REBUILT Guam-teed good as new. $3.85 up.

Special prices on 'inner spring mattresses. Called for and delivered. Call and Cleaners. Phone 64, Alma. 521tp FOH SALE Two bottled gas stoves, complete ith gas equipment.

FOR SALE One 10 20 Crawler tractor. Earl Long, Alma. 52 ltp Perfection oil stove for sale. Home Appliance Store, Alma. FOR SALE Good clean rye seed.

Leo. Wolf, Alma. 52 3tp FOR SALE Cheyenne wheat from certified seed last 90c per bushel. W. A.

Luther farm, Orleans. 51 2tc For front axle and steering correction, see. R. G. Dunlap.

tf FOR SALE 1st and 2nd grade potatoes, C. E. Shambaugh. 8 tfc Small coal range, with warming closet and resqrvoir for sale by the Home Appliance Store, Alma. Improvements on school land and lease for sale.

Rent a farm that you can keep for years. See O. E. Shel-bum or D. A.

Russell. 48 tfc BUY SHEPS Barnyard spray at Johnsons hardware, 46 tfc FOR ICE deliveries. caU O. H. Hopkins.

Phone 283, Alma. DUNLAP will weld that broken pasting right For first class electrical apli-ance repair, refrigerati6n service, plumbing and heating repair see the Home Appliance Store, Alma. Old Fall Clothes Can Be Made To (LOOK LIKE NEW! Get out your old fall clothes and, though they may loox hopeless, send them to the P. B. Well clean them and renew them and return them to you looking like nem clothes.

Just Phone 64 for Pick-Up CLEANERS PHONE 64 Alma i 1 We will have a car of GOOCflS FEED and FLOUR bn the Track the first of next week. I Never having seen a movie until after starring in one, is the unusual claim made for Princess Kouka, daughter of Sheik Ibrahim Mkhdi, Chieftain of El Fashar Anglo Soudan. She saw her first movie while in Egypt, -awaiting-shl. don to complete the picture she was making. 4-H CLUB NEWS The Carter Junior Homemakers 4-H Club met at the home of Iris Wame August 2.

All were present but one. Viola Knepp gave a demonstration on the Selection of lanmp shades. After that we Judged lampshades. Our leader. Miss Clarice Bloom, showed us how to make a table cover.

A delicious lunch was served by our hostess. Miss Iris Wame and Marjorie Olson gave a demonstration on making a pillow case at Alma July 25th. During the past week four of the club members attended the 4-H camp at Lexington. The remaining members camped out for 2 days by the river. They reported a few thrills and all had a good time.

HELEN IBSEN News Reporter The Busy Workers Club met at the home of our leader, Mrs. H. E. Swlatoviak Tuesday, August 5th, We have turned In our comfort protectors and are finishing our hat stands, there were 15 members present. We all enjoyed the program and refreshments.

ETTA ALLMAND -News Reporter The H-4-H club met at the home of our leader. Mrs. Pearl Swlatoviak, August 2nd. We discussed accessories and health shoes. Wa practiced for our style- show for Achievement day.

The meeting was adjourned. A short program of singing piano-duet and a piano solo was enjoyed after 'which re freshments were served. 7 ISLA RICHMAN News Reporter The Merry Makers met with Dorothy Gladman August 2. We now have our dresses finished. There were, four members and one visitors present, the visitor being Mrs E.

Gladman. At the close of the meeting every qne enjoyed a delicious lunch of pie and kool-ade. VIRGINIA MURPHY News Reporter PRAIRIE DOGS Pioneers remember the many prairie dog towns in Nebraska, andound them interesting. According to research workers of 4he Federal Writers Project, WPA, at a 300-acre prairie dog town just west of Loup City an elderly German bachelor spent many hours enticing prairie dogs to his cabin to tame them, by feeding them bread. Fjnally he trained two to call at his cabin dally.

Besides furnishing hours of amusement and study for one interested, they provide an excellent target for sporstman. Appearing at the mouths of their dens, they stood i on their legs and barked to the sun. In and out they darted, so quickly that some people insisted -at the crack of the gun they disappeared to their dens before the bullet could reach them. It is reported that prairie dogs, rattlesnakes, and owls lived together to the same holes. On a hot summer day when the rattlers came out to bask to the sun, the pioneers killed great numbers of them.

One afternoon in the summer of 1875 a few citizens of Sherman county killed 116. Only once was a human being bitten here, although the town cows often came home with lumps on their Jaws. The Missionary Society of tbe Congregational church, met with Miss Marie Seyler last Wednesday. The lesson. The South American Indians, was presented by Miss Seyler.

At the close of the meeting refreshments were served by the hostess. SCHOOL SUPPLIES! School Supplies Have Arrived and We Are Amply Prepared to Supply School Children of All Ages With Their Needs, for Opening Day of SchooL NOTE PAPER TABLETS, PENCILS ERASERS INK PENS NOTE BOOKS, ETC. We Are Headquarters for Quality School Supplies at BOTTOM PRICES! SCHOBELS -DRUG STORE J- YOUR LEADING DRUGGIST Alma, Nebraska iri -iin 1 1 1 1 1 1 in. 1 1. ii.

in PAY DAY! Weve made some very advantageous purchases and the big unusual Bargains we have arranged for this week-end will remind you of a real pay day. A dollar saved Is a dollar earned. Dont fail to come In Stock Up and Save Your Dollar! Puffed Wheat Rice Large Cello Package 7c Package TWO for 13c 4 OMAR, Highest Quality, 48 lb. FLOUR tor $1.29 J. -f- Two Packages of Bran Flakes for17c Pound Polgers or Hills COFFEE 27c 'TWQ Pounds for 53c DOZEN Cans of CORN 89c DOZEN Cans of String Beans for89c DOZEN Cans of Tomatoes 89c Gallon of PRUNES Pot 29c PATS! Pound Sugar Cured Sliced BACON 23c Two Pounds of Fresh Ground Hamburger for 29c Pound 1st Grade Creamery BUTTER 27c Pound of Lean Pork Steak ior 20c Pound Swifts Lily Brand OLEO 15c Two Pounds for 29c FRESH FOODS! Our Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Department contains at all times highest quality merchandise at the lowest possible prices.

Make this department your headquarters for the best in the line. O.P. SKAGGS A Surety Of Purity urn MM tod 55E5SZ233S See us for SPECIAL PRICES on large orders of BRING YOUR CREAMS POULTRY TO 1 EEUHHEEGS PEMMDUCE Alma, Nebraska CQRN KIX, per pkg. 13c; 2 for 25c TEX-SUN GRAPEFRUIT JUICE 1 quart -14 ounce can for 1 pint 2 oupce can CHURCH NOTES CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH Robert M. Hamilton, Pastor Sunday school at 10:00 a.

Morning worship at 11:00 a. m. with Emmett Haas delivering the message. A welcome Is extended to all. METHODIST CHURCH W.

C. Fawell. Minister Sunday school at 10:00 a. Morning worship at' 11:00 a. m.

subject of sermon, "One Thing I Know." Epworth and Intermediate Leagues at 7:00 p. Evening Union Service at the Congregational church, Rev. H. A. Bourne preacher.

The Ladles Aid will have a social meeting at 8:00 p. m. In the church parlors, Friday evening, August 12th. An Interesting program has been planned with a Round Table on India led by the pastor and his wife. Refreshments of Ice cream and cake will be served for 10c.

Come and bring your friends. Enjoy the evening with us. EVANGELICAL CHURCH Woodruff, Kansas. J. N.

MELTON, Pastor Sunday school at 10:00 next Sunday morning. There will be no prea-chiiig service at the usual hour because we shall be at the Assembly at Milford, Nebraska. However, we hope that everyone who Is not at the assembly will be present at Sunday school, because there will be plenty of. time to set the table and fry the potatoes and still have dinner on time. League service In the evening at 7:30.

A very Interesting subject Is the topic for discussion, As Others See Me. The full hour will be used for the lesson. Mrs. Danielson is the leader. S.

A. Whitney was quite sick a couple of days the first of the week, but Is Improved today. Mrs. Bert Shoemaker and son Richard of ONeill, Nebraska, spent the week-end to Alma visiting Lester Shoemaker. Earl Wallace, of Oskaloosa, Iowa, visited In this vicinity last week at the homes of his parents.

Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Wallace and also with Mr.

and Mrs. Orvil Jacobs. Mead's EGA Grocery Free Delivery -Phone 131 or 132 Linn Dunn, from Detroit, Mishi-gan, made a short stop to Alma, at the home of Grandma Johnson, last week. They were enroute to IJetroit, after a vacation spent to Yellowstone Park. Linn Dunn is the son of Lydia Johnson Dunn, daughter of ip Grandma Johnson..

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