Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 16, 1968 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 16, 1968
Page 10
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By GILL FOX CARNIVAL HOPE (ARK) STAR, Printed by Offset By DICK TURNER FLASH GORDON fimrsday, May 16,1068 By DAN BARRY •|O ItM W Mb. I*, m M- UJ. M. <Mt HEX WOvV , MAN - yOU DON'T Dl<5 OUR SOUND. ALL yOU HAD TOO WAS ASK/ COOL It, MAN/ YOU'RE 8LOWIN' yOLlR MIND, THE BORN LOSER By ART SANSOM "Th* opposition it escalating, to I think we'd better escalate. Now about. A GUARANTEED INCOME FOR EVERYONE PLUS AN EXPENSE ACCOUNT!" OUT OUR WAY "If you don't think eating rich pastries is bad for you, just try eating some that your mother has fixed for a church bazaar!" By NEC COCHRAN / STAMP STILL,WAfet/ ITS SAt? / ENOUGH HAVIU6 TO SEW UP [ RiPPEP PANTS WITHOUT you I CdWSTAWTLyeP<3lM<3 AWAV V PR6M ME/ VOU'RE MAKtW Me P WELL, yoURf HAIR ^ 1 HAN&IM 1 DOWN fl OVER you? EYES i Ik. IS MAK1WME J N " S-Jfa «iw * »u. w rtt •* Hi M on. QUICK QUIZ Q — Among the orders of birds represented in North America, which is most like its remote ancestors? A — The order of loons comes first. Their bones and other characteristics are the most nearly like those of ancient fossil birds of any on this continent. Q— \Vhere is the rainiest place in the world? , A—Mt. Waialeale, Hawaii, on Kauai, with an average annual rainfall of 471.68 inches. (Newspaper Enterprise Association) BLONDIE By CHIC YOUNG IP VDU CAN HOLD YOUR. BREATH JUSTA UITTLE LONOER, , YOU'LL BEAT YOUR OLD RECORD GEE, THATS GOOD/ MR. BUM STEAD TIZZY ^^iii* y u INI ii u ii j by Kate Osonn ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAMLIN OUR BOARDING By MAJOR HOOPLE PON'T <3O WALO ON 1^ THAT A WOUCDN'TV LAWN rVSOWER HAVE (50NE VISIT-/I OK PlD INS IP VOU HAON'TJ) ONE PROP A 8RO*EhJ;YOUR /I BOWLING BALL BINOCULARS// /IN A CONCRETE MIXER ,we A FINE FAMILY/ INCIPEM- TALLY, Hfc WIFE'6 CANPY AND THE. KICK ANDDEBB6/ITKUST THIS WILL END RASH OP UNSEEVtt-Y IM THE- MEI6HBOR HOOD* 000000600 ...AND VOU'RE GOING SO JOE \ RIGHT BACK TO THAT KEENO IS I SWAMP AND TRACK ALIVE... / HIM DOWN! ...AND FOR PETE ) THAT FLA.MING SAKE, MAKE /ASTEROID'S DUE IT SNAPPY/ r ^ TO »rr us \^J THIRTY DAYS... OF COURSE rr WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE FOR A MAN BORN IN 1936 TO DIE A MILLION YEARS ASO... ...AND JOE'S THE ONLY MAN WHO HAS A PRAYER OF STOPPING By LESLIE TURNER CAPTAIN EASY MEKV/YKJ PIPN'T/- I HEARD GET HOME I GOTTA/ 5<WBTHlN' TRY TO FINP HIM i / FALL OUT BACK, WASH', v^^l LULU 6ELLE1 WAIT HERE-I'LL WOT IT I'LL TAKE THAT OTHER ROLL OP FILM TOO, GRAB5 THE FILM MERVYN WUP,,, WATCH OUTl <tl IN< kr HU. Ix. T.M. t<|. U.!. Pit. WILDLY AT TREE LIMB5, HE CHECK& HI? FALL A BIT...THEN .... ^ xie IMI kr HU. l«. T.M. 1.9 US. PH. OM "I've had three other requests to baby-sit that night, Mrs. Bradley — and the bidding is now up to $1.10 an hour!" DUGS BUNNY By RALPH HEIMDAHL PWCILLA'S POP By AL VERMER IT CERTAINLY IS A DAY, YlPEl A, NEWSPAPER BLEW IN MY FACE <. — CANJ'T SEE "- A THING! ^V. 5i HERE'S AN INTERESTING ITEM— " MOTOR BIKE REPAIRS/CHEAPi" 5-te /] I CAN'T STAND FRECKLED By HENRY FORMHALS THE WILLETS By WALT WETTERBERG A HOUVWOOP us v&Afs THAT? ' J "DAISY SW'EIMP DROVE AROUND TOVAJN l f I HI k t XU. W TM Uy UV f.l. 0(1 By HOMER SCHNEIDER WINTHROP By DICK CAVALII 4A.M. GQUftUA fe BUT TELL UJHV DO WJ& PO TO EACH OTHER,?

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