The Item from Sumter, South Carolina on May 1, 1924 · 1
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The Item from Sumter, South Carolina · 1

Sumter, South Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 1, 1924
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' THE SUMTER DAILY m VOL LX NO 15 SUMTER S C THURSDAY MAY 1 1924 FIVE CENTS A COPY THE COUNTY’S WORST DISASTER AT LEAST 20 PERSONS ARE KILLED Many Others Injured Some of Them Seri-ously— The Property Loss is Variously Es-‘ timated From One Hundred Thousand Dollars Upwards — Some Plantations and Neighborhoods Swept Clean of Buildings Forests of Pine and Century Old Oaks Mowed Down anvass of the death-dealing property-destroying results of W tJF tornado that swept across the northwestern section of Sumter county from the Horatio section on the Weteree river to Mechanics-Ville on the Lee county line between twelve and one o’clock yesterday -while still incomplete as to’ the detals serves but to prove that the first estimates of the extent of the disaster were less than the reality It seems certain that twenty persons lost their lives for that number have been accounted for and identified and more than thirty Injured si4 or more being seriously hurt while a larger number sustained minor injuries The property damage has not been tabulated but an estimate- believed to be conservative places the aggregate loss above a hundred thousand dollars Some persons who have made a partial inspection of the storm swept area between Horatio and Mechanicsvllle estimate the - loss due to the destruction of farm houses tenant houses household goods barns live stock farm machinery and Implements etc at more than double the lower estimate As a matter of fact it is “"Impossible to place a figure on the actual immediate loss that the property owners and their tenants sustained It is sp great and so thorough as to appal and sadden all who have visited the stricken neghborhoods A£ Horhtio the large plantation of Mr C J Jackson was sw-ept almost bare of all buildings including his home Mrs Jackson who 'was in the dwelling when tire storm -struck it escaped without ln- jury although the house was completely demolished On the plantation eight of the tenants were killed and a number of others injured some seriously On the adjoining place owned by the estate of Rev Friday Ker- ftaw cqored three persons were Hied ohe of them being Friday Kershaw Jr A number of houses in this neighborhood were wrecked Between Horatio and Ballard’s Hill a number of houses were wrecked and several persons Injured but there are no deaths reported from this section Between Ballard's Hill and Halliard's Cross Hoads several houses were destroyed and several persons injured At Halliard s Cross Roads thfe home farm building and store of Mr M W Gaylord were absolutely demolished The son of Mr Gaylord was Injured but not fatally Mrs Gaylord escaped without serious injury Mr Gaylord was driving toward his home when the storm struck him and he was blown out of his buggy and the buggy wrecke The large two-story residence of Mrs Burrows Coclough near by was unroofed a part of the second story ilown away A number of farm buildings were destroyed A clean sweep was made of the home and all buildings on the place of Mr T A Edens The same destruction visited the Scarborough place where seven persons were killed and a number injured and on an adjoining place three others were killed and a number Injured One of the victims here was killed by a two-by four piece of timber being driven entirely through her body practically all the buildings on the large plantation of Mr if D Barnett Were swept away on foot The old Rembert Hall place now owned by the Aman estate and occupied by Mr T G DuBoac which has been standing more than a century was seriously damaged though Its sturdy construction withstood the storm A part of the roof and uPPer story were blown away It is stated that a part of the roof of this house was blown away In a storm about fifty or sixty years ago The outbuildings and tenant houses on this plantation were greatly damaged The home of Mr H C DuBose was wrecked and both Mr and Mrs DuBose were injured At the Mechaniesville place owned by Mr T H Clarke and the Estate of Dr F K Holman the large old residence was partially unroofed and a large barn and other buildings wrecked From Mechaniesville the storm passed across the swamp Into Dee county amd on to Florence county It is reported that considerable damage was- done in the vicinity of Wlsacky at Mr R M Cooper's place Dr Alford’s and others but details have not been obtainable Thursday morning On Mr Mark Reynolds' "Little Fork" farm at Mechaniesville two tenant houses and two barns were blown into fragments One four room house occupied by a negro family of nine children the mother and her Infant of two weeks had a miraculous -escape A little girl about two years of age was found in the ruins after one-half hour's search" buried beneath th£ brick and motar -of a fallen chimney — a bedroom door was over the child which saved it from serious injury although there was a deep ragged wound in the leg A little boy about three or four years old was struck in the head by flying timber and a part of the scalp laid back Others received more or less minor bruises and cuts One of the horses in the stable was killed and blown about five hundred feet across the fields Numerous pigs chickens and turkeys were killed — -the old turkey-gobbler had all of his feath&rs blown and pulled off First aid was rendered and a surgeon from Sumter went out that night and crossed the swamp on foot and ministered to all of the injured o£ the place The above is a bare and incomplete outline of the damages Many of the smaller farms owned by both whites and colored were in the storm’s path and met with the same destruction meted out to the larger plantations No attempt has been made to note the number of livestock killed The list of the dead and Injured as compiled uo to 3 o’clock Thursday is as follows: list of dead William Edward Dick 28 white DuBose’ Earthland Cabbagestalk colored DuBose's Kitty Griffin 28 colored Gall-lard’s Cross Roads Sumter Jefferson Jr 4 colored Gaillard’s Cross Roads Julia Jefferson wife of Alex Jefferson 20 colored Gailiaid’s Cross Roads Dutena Williams wife of Devi Williams) 20 colored Gaillard’s Cross Roads Maggie Dee Williams 4 child of Joe and Maggie Williams Me-chanicsville James Howard I year 3 months and some of his tenants were in- old Gaillard’s Cross Roads jured The buildings on the farm of Mr H C Edens were wrecked At Pinevillfs the old Calclough place near DuBose’s the destruction was terrific The old home plhce occupied by Mr 'T S Du- Bfjse Jr left a wreck the roof being blown away and the house seriously damaged All of the barns stables and cotton warehouses were destroyed Nearby the home of Mrs Annie B Dick was completely destroyed Here It was that Mr -William Edward Dick aged twenty-seven was killed He was lying on a bed when the storm came and after it had passed his mangled body was found amid the wreckage some cjlstStice from the ruins of the house Mcs Dick was buried in the ruins and quite seriously Injured and is now tn the hospital A rtegro sen-ant was also Injured when this house was w-recked A hundred yards away was the new bungalow home of Air H B Fraser whose wife -is' the daughter of Airs Dick The roof w-as swept away -"the house lifted from the foundations and thrown a distance of eight feet and left-a wreck v Mr Fraser and family escaped with miner injuries although his Httfe-- daughter was burled beneath- a pile of fallen brick5 In this immediate vicinity fgbe destruction of pine timber and magfliftcedt ojd oak trees w-as appalling AH the roads were blocked wifelj pffejj up’ trees and it was difficult to'APproaeh the grounds f either of the Friday Kershaw 30 farmer Horatio Edward MdQuiller 7 son of Ad-die McQuiller Gaillard’s Cross Roads Andvillc Palmer Horatio Mary Douglas Horatio Three others are known dead at Horatio and eight others are reported dead on the C J Jackson place The list of injured front Wednesday's tornado as secured today-are : Mrs Annie Dick Dubose leg amputated as result of injuries Mrs T Challey DuBose bruisCd Maria DuBose G bruised Alice DuBose 3 fracture of right leg Baby DuBose eight months bruised Mr and Airs W AD Gaylord and son bruises Airs T A Edens ribs broken and bruised Mrs S D Fraser cut on forehead Dittl child of Air and Mrs S D- Fraser bruised Ai rs C J Jtfckson bfttitsed Color! : "s v Cleveland- Bennett J 4 "YaiHar Crost£Rods bruty July Searboropg! nally - — gy! etP fuactur tf's j bnl'oac hurt lrfter nallv -Booker T Jeffferstkn 3 1-t bruisetA ansd suspected5 fgacture uf jkulliSlUllard's JjroAt’ Roads V hoisen 5f2’fractu?t 79 KILLED' BY TORNADO-IN CAROLINA Latest Returns Swell the Death Toll in i South Carolina to Three Scor Several Hundred Injured and Property Loss Runs Into Millions Columbia Alay 1 (By the Associated Press) — The latest returns from the tornado that sw-ept areas of this state show a total death toll of seventy-nine Richland county where twenty-one death certificates have been issued by the cororner and Sumter county where the known dead are reported from tw-enty to twenty-two apparently suffered the most loss of human life Florence county reported seventeen dead Relief work is getting under way at all points where damage w-as done No reliable estimate of property loss has been made and the number of injured is unknown but are believed to be several hundred SPARTANBURG HIT BY THE STORM Twenty Persons Injured and Many Houses Destroyed Spartanburg April 30 — Twenty persons ineluding nine women six men and five children were injured three of them seriously 1G dwellings were totally destroyed four homes and a store were damaged and innumerable barns and outhouses w-ere torn down by the severe tornado whch swept through Walnut Grove community in Spartanburg county 13 miles south of here about 9 o'clock Seventeen families were rendered moie or less destitute An area varying in width from one-half to a mile and approximately six miles in length received the full force of the storm which uprooted trees and leveled every ordinarily secure object in its path The twisting wind w-as accompanied by a cloudburst w-hich continued for some minutes after the wind had ceased The tornado lasted for about ten minutes in its mAre intensive form A visit to the scene this afternoon revealed farm homes leveled to the edrth with bits of fragmentary evidence of household goods here and there In trees hundreds of feet away could be seen metal roofing that had been carried through the air All w-oodlands in the path of the w-ind resembled a forest after an artillery barage had been laid down Darge pine trees w-ere snapped off several feet from the ground and in the yards of farm houses destroyed many large oaks were uprooted and twisted about The three most seriously injured w-ere brought to the county hospital in Spartanburg through efforts of the- Red Cross which was summoned by Representative John D Lancaster whose home is only a mile from the scene Mr Lancaster hurried to Spartanburg imJ mediately after the storm and by 11 o’clock Red Cross workers and doctors had arrived and began rendering aid to the many families who were wdthout shelter and among whom were injured people Airs Homar Parham Mrs Tom Arrow-wood and Airs Alary Bailey were brought to the hospital here Mayor John F Floyd of Spartanburg tonight issued a proclamation calling on citizens to render aid and make contributions for the relief of those who lost all in the disaster Four families will be unable 4o rebuild their homes while eight tenant houses must be replaced if the former occupants remain and attempt -to carry to maturity the crops just being planted Florence April 30 — Twelve persons are known to be dead according to the most authentic reports possible to obtain and i score or more injured some of them fatally as a result of a tornado which sw-ept over portions' of (( oiitlinnvi out Pago Four) right leg and fracture Gaillard’s Cross Roads Duella Fortune 18 bruise cut DuBose AlarLha Gfiffih 18 dislocation of left shpulder j Ola Bennett 23 haul injured Gaillard's Cross Roads Alex Jefferson :‘j Gaillard's Cross Roads bruise Emanuel Oliver 3'i dislocation of right hip Gaillard’3 Cross Roads Janies Diggs 57 fracture of right wristJloratio These af'e ajl at !he Tuomey hba-pitai for treatment There tare a) number of others wiuDwere injured but not serioysl? s&nc of whom reegiped treatment jhe hospital and we qt ibaefc home? who w-ere dreaded )jt that- Qioints TheifijyreI among the '(Colored are very “Numerous but fjhfimeate-ly thpir injuries were etmfij'ka to bruises apd cuts which were rot serious Among those who wore treated were jtvn Fortune- Du- Relief Headquarters Board of Trade Relief Headquarters for the receipt of contributions of food and clothing has been opened by the Board of Trade at the Office of J J Brennon 15 W Liberty St The Board of Trade will have a representative at Relief Headquarters at all hours and the people of Sumter are urg-ed to send all bundles to this place Money contributions can be sent to the Relief Headquarters or the Board of Trade Office checks should be made payable to Geo L Ricker Treasurer I C STRAUSS Chairman Relief Committee T F MOFFETT Secretary RELIEF COMMITTEE ORGANIZED TO AID TORNADO SUFFERERS Sumter Will Make a United Effort to Provide Immediate Assistance For Those Left Destitute By Tornado WISACKY FEELS WRATH OF TORNADO Barn anti Stables of R M Cooper Station a net Other Buildings Damaged— Ao Doss of Dlfe Wisacky Dee county felt the full fury of the tornado The big cow barn belonging to R AI Cooper was blown down and one or tWo of the fine cows were killed in the wreckage The depot was badly damaged and the big gin house right near the station was destroyed In Air R AI Cooper's yard many of the huge trees were blown down or broken off but the house was not seriously damaged The tornado was felt in all this section but fortunately there was no loss of life as there was in so many other places GOV McCRAY IS NOW A CONVICT Atlanta Alay 1 (By the -Associated Press)— —One day after resigning as governor of Indiana Warren T McCray entered the Atlanta penitentiary today to serve ten years sentence for using the mails to defraud He was accompanied by two deputies and personal friends KNUTSON DENIES GUILT Washington May 1 (By the Associated Press) — Representative Harold Knutson of Minnesota who is on trial in Arlington county Virginia on serious charges growing out of his arrest w-lth Leroy M Hull on a country road denied vigorously the charges today under cross examination UPRISING IN CUBA Havana Ilay 1 (By Associated Press) -Suspension of parades and outdoor meetings in the celebration of Alay Day and authorization by President Zayas of the purchase of four hundred thousand dollars worth of arms and ammunition marked the government’s steps today in connection with the outbreak of soldiers and civilians in Santa Clara province where several brushes have occurred since- the' outlaw- forces went out Tuesday Bose and Manm DEMOCRATS ARE UNITED Washington Alay 1 (By the Associated Press) — Democrats today faced the approaching fight over the Income tax rates with an almost united front as the result of the party aonference last night which endorsee! the plan of Scna-toi’j Simmons ranking Democrat on the finance committee TORNADO BRINGS DEATH AND DESTRUCTION TO FIVE COUNTIES Sixty-six Persons Known to Have Been Killed in Sumter Richland Florence Anderson and Lexington Counties — Other Counties Suffer Great Loss Columbia Alay I (By the Asso- tion of J D Walker near this PROCLAMATION People of Aid Sumter Called on to Storm Sufferers The people of Sumter and Sumter County are called upon to contribute as generously as possible of money clothing construction material and food for the people and animals who are rendered destitute by the tornado whicli destroyed ‘property and lives in upper1 Sumter County Wednesday afternoon This has ben one -Of — tile worst disasters ever visited upn Sumter's folk and calls for a considerable amount of construction and relief work to get those who suffered back to positions where they will be able to take their places again as producers Many have lost everything many injured many have numbers of their families killed Aiost of tfhem visited by the disaster need assistance of some kind "'-v 1 A disaster of suc-h- niagnitude is a challenge to every one and Sumter people are asked to send their -o i£t r i b ui nsT A t money to JBoard of rad v and nffike checks payable ((Luei) D RicFer Treasurer £l t e ad ojiSifrt e rs for the 'nSepeipt of -clothing and”! ood has' been opened by the Board ajf Trade L-ij e office uJ J 3- terennoi) 1 5 West Diberty atjjretf E Mr Brennon btts turned over his entire ofjjee to the Re&rd of TcAde and' is all material received ciated Press) — South Carolina today began to count the cost and repair the damage causetj by series of tornadoes which yesterday swept from the Piedmont to the Pee Dee sections A compilation of reports early today showed sixty-six known dead with probably other deaths to be reported hundreds injured and a property loss running into the millions Relief agencies w-ere actively at work in stricken communities Unconfirmed reports reaching here tell also of scores of others killed as a result of a series of twisting winds The storm ’ was accompanied here as in other localities by darkness like that of night terrifia hail fall and heavy rains This county (Richland) suffered great loss of life At Horrell Hill twelve miles from Columbia six- teen dead were counted tonight and the county’s total was brought to seventeen when Airs Carrie Hornsby was killed by lightning this city'' Complete razing of the school at Horrell crushed four primary pupils to death two persoiTs were killed in the wrecking of a home While the ten others apparently had been killed in the fields or streets as no other buildings w-ere demolished Two score dr more of the seventy-five children in the school were injured in greater or less degree A tornado striking Anderson early today wrecked the Riverside Mill part of the city killing eight persons and injuring twenty-three others Wires and poles were torn and blown down cutting off communication with other points for severai hours Crippled press and commercial wire service with that eity tonight prevented later reports on the disaster there Five were killed in Dexington county Reports from Sumter fix the deaths in that county at twenty victims of the storm in various communities in the northern section Aiost of the known dead in Sumter county are negroes Reports received here tonight from Timmonsville told of thirteen deaths in the Peniel -Sardis section and other communities in Florence county from violent storms thero this afternoon Details are lacking A single fatalty was reported from 'Darlington county place The storm extended over an area of approximately seven miles and traved in a northeasterly direction Houses Diftetl From Pillars Dornsville S C a April 30 — The residence of M B Deloach at this place was lifted from its pillars and carried several feet by the storm which passed through this section Tuesday night Air Deloach was slightly injured In making his way from the structure during the wind A laYge barn belonging to M d Dorn was completely demolished timbers ft-om it being blown several hundred feet Scliool House Demolished Johnson S C April 30— -According to information here tonight a cyclone struck at Steadman ‘about twenty-five miles from here and eleven miles from Deesyllle demolishing a three-story school house known as the Steadman school killing a teacher Mrs Burgess two school- children and a negro boy and injuring seventeen pex-sons Three doctors were summoned from Johnston to help attend the injured Sixty children and three teachers were in the school when the cyclone struck Family Shaken Up Abbeville April 30 — -The home of Thomas Hammond on South Alain street was struck by lightnings in a storm here this morning about 9 o’clock tlie bolt striking the gable end of the house and tearing away the roofing and part of the weather boarding on one side The hiand of one of the little Hampiond boys was burned and the other members of the family considerably shaken anck frightened This is the only damage done here by' the terrible storm visiting ojher sections of the stale Ibis morning Working in Unison Anderson April 30 — Willing bands and tender hearts worked in unisoif today to alleviate the disaster which was caused by the tornado which struck the Riverside and- Toxaway Mill villages at 8 o'clock this morning claiming seven lives and sending more than a score of persons to hospitals 1 Trees Uprooted Greenville April 30 — Big ' oak trees were uprooted and the roofs of a few buildings torn off by a severe storm inlGreenville county a few miles from the city this morning but no loss of life or injury to persons is reported Heavy damage will be reported in the vicinity pf Gray Court gUd jnthat sectioriof the Dtfhtiani's bridge roatf to Anderson npdr the Saluda j liver ij ?' Numbers qff GreenVjjlo jteople drove to Anderson to Yill'cr tlrelt-uid in relief jivork there t I'arujl ion ses J) cs t royed i£ M vGormitek S C April 3 0 — ’’Several far piteAises" Were destroyed shortly "uefflr midnight Tues--- --- "day a heaTy windstorm wfiich FiandffeigJi truck the MbUormiek secrton?-ATo lives were repoEted-tost- D D MANNINGS Mayor Buildings Wrecked Laurens April 30 — The Eden section of Dails townsb1r-UPPear to have caught the brunt of the series of storms that passed over Laurens county this morning In that community several dwellings and a number of crut-buildings Were demolished by the fury of the twister and in some instances small houses and the contents of stores were blown away and scattered for several hundred yards tile wreckage being strewn over the area along the pathway of the storm for half a mile or more according to those who visited the scene later in the day The dwelling of M W Gray was blown down and Airs Gray was badly hurt while the vest of the family including four other members escaped injury Air Gray's store and barn were wrecked and the goods an the former scattered helterskeltcr The store of Ernest Reeves located nearby suffered a similar fate as did his garage A large ginnery and a negro house belo’nging to William Brooks were wrecked and the machinery practically ruined The barn and negro house on Uangdon Brooks’ farm were demolished and three negroes Injured ' The Broqrks brothers' los§is placed 'at $5000 Two miles east of Eden thffjndme of Ben Campbell was blu wii d p w n but the occupants esdfipcd -i it juiv G & i J (UatalMies I ncri-ascyl (tv Ui Columbia April 30— -Detb pf Clara Belle Gunter 'etghtyear-old pupil in the Steadman sthiuol Dex-i life ton county reported here to-dfgh brought known fatalities in TjiiR -bounty to five Shewas fatal- Sumter will make a united effort to furnish immediate and adequate relief for t-he many people whw suffered injury and loss in the terrific tornado that swept across the county from the Wateree river in the vicinity of Horatift to the Dee county line near Alechanica-ville yesterday about 12:30 o’clock leaving devastation and death in its trail Our people fully realize the extent -and gravity of this the most terrible disaster that has ever visited Sumter county and they lost no time In perfecting an op ganlzation to raise funds and supplies for the relief of those who are in dire need as the result of this awful visitation of nature and to supervise the distribution of relief A meeting of citizens was held in the Board of Trade rooms at 9:30 Thursday morning and a central committee was organized with-the following members: I C Strauss Chairman: J P Bootfy G A Demfnon H G Osteen P AI Parrott Neil O'Donnell T- H Parker J J Brennan E D AVltherspoon Edwin Boyle C Q Rowland B C Wallace D D Jennings Geo D Ricker treasurer and chairman of finance committee T F Moffett secretary The first act of the committee was to organize committees to visit the storm devastated sections ®and to make a thorough survey of the loss ascertain the number' and Identity of the dead and injured compile a census of the property damage and make a report of the necessities of those who are in need of imme-' diate and futute assistance The following Committees were named and within a half hour were at their work To complete the task assigned so as to report to the cen-ral conynittee during the day: Survey Committee: R D MeDeod Chairman Team No 1— H D Scarborough W J Seale R E Wilder Section to be covered from Horatio west to Wateree swamp Team Np 2 — W A Bryan Willie Bultman Ormsby Blanding Section to be covered from Horatio east to old Charleston and Camdeij road Team No 3— W R Parker J A McKiiight F E Gibson J J Riley Section to be covered from old Charleston-Camden road east to point half way to Rembert road Team No 4 — B D Hodges R D Epps A S Harby Section to be covered from Rembert road west to point half way from Rembert road to old Charleston-Camden road Team No 5 — R B Waters ' D M Dick C D Brunk A H Forester Section to be covered from Rem-bert road east to Gaillard Cross Roads Team No G — S O'Quinn T A Ryttenberg J D Chandler Jos Palmer Section to be covered from Gaillard Cross road east to Gum Branch Team No 7 — W AI Devi W A McElveen J W Brunson Section to be covered from Gum Branch east to county line through DuBose neighborhood The finance committee was organized with Geo D Ricker as Chariman and Treasurer and S D Roddey assistant Ward committees to solicit contributions of cash and supplies were named as follows: Ward 1 — Geo D Ricker J J Riley F AI Aloise C G Rowland RED CROSS SENDS HELP I TO SOUTH Director of Disaster Relief Work Ordered to Cyclone District to Take Charge of Relief Work Washington May 1 ' (By the Associated Press) — Red Cross disaster mobile unit in charge of Henry M Baker national director of disaster relief and Harry AI Richmond"' Meft here today for the south alt - direct relief work In the cyclone area: of several states 1 Andogaon May 1 (By the As-sociate&iilFTess) — With fifteen dollars made available nd city and more titan Jby g o n t r i b nttons Red Crogsr-Teliut-ffTn-k pgterday’s tornado was y- today the death at eight and a re-y damage estimate liters of a million ifunerals of some of held today thousafi by cou a thoui throug' followi well un list rent vised pr was thres dollars the vlcti NONEi Around Cordova Associated been receive ing at this constant com North Pacific the fate of Alartin eonvr the world flig NO NEWS'! Seattle May ed Press) — Hi today state th$ found on the-Major UredericS flag plane Sea Chignix yesterda bor Unalaska MAJ M A RUIN Id Flyer Dost in ta r Alay 1 By it lie —No word had 2:25 this morn-which is in ition with th£ concerning Frederick L ’the around A 1 ''V SEATTLE Hra ? ' Asspciat-' early has' been alar of in the Crowson Jr Geo W Hutcheson Committees were also organized to visit Plnewood Alayesville Wedgefield Oswego and other sections of the county to organize local relief committees and solicit contributions for the storm suffer1 crs Contributions -were called for from those present and the 'following amounts in cash wore given: i Durant Harware Co $100kM City- National Bank 10000 G A Lemmon iOOOO a Mrs Burgess and two other pupils were killed A fifth victim was an unidentified negro A'long distance telephone message received at the office of Gov AIcLeod late tonight from Lee county the governor’s home reported the death in a storm which swept that section today of six persons Two of these were w-hite persons Germans may bl beer smoking ane This would cgt rc nues Sherman didn of it to quit reve-liatf farm houses ivy o rT" ( I j e' i y jrurt in siifidjpl build f collapse - of the hvNLiefi the teachey Three Injured lu Union Union April 30 — Three persons are k n j vvqi to havte be4n Injured several homos completely demolished buildings TJadly wrecked and other gieaj damage done in this coun tyviu at miles north of Union by a terrific tornado ’which swept tljs section abotit 9 o’clock?! the this-1 morning W dfeld’s greatest shoe value is d Maybe the ' Jeer left the Japs' ho&ds AC- earthquake National Bank Cherry Co Peoples’ Bank -L D Jennings Northwestern Railway W B Boyle Co First National Bank National Bank of S-Sumter Dry Goods Co Sumter Trust Co j O'Donnell & Co I H J Harby r" Booth -Boyle D S Co" E D Witherspoon t B C Wallace 3 - - X-- II C BtemrJ 1 H D Scarborough -- -1 Bultman Shoo Co H N Forester JZ J B Britton - Lee & Molse McElveen Drug Co V Osteen Pub Co I Eddie TKidale 1 J J Britton Planter’ Fertilizer Go P M Parrott -- Mr and Mrs S A Hjirvin C D Brunk J W- Brunson Parker Dumber Co t Sumter Machinery Co ‘'I Mr and Mra6eo D Ricker J F Bland J J Bfrnnan S D Kraenoff Geo D Sh'ore j Knights of Columbus K Total $2730 00 The finance committees are at work and the cash contributions will be largely increased- during the day Schwartz Bro3 notified the central committee of the contribution of dress goods shoes piece goods to tlie value of $25425? The Board of Trade rooms will be the headquarters o the central committee and the receiving depot for contributions of clothing and other supplies will lie at the office of J J Brennan West Liberty street The committees that have volunteered for this work Will give all of the time necessary to caYry through this work ipromptly Sud efficiently They ask the co -opyi a -ticyi and generous support ad assistance of- all who are ?ible to 251 25 25 1 6 00:i 5 oor 50 0 AM 5000 2500 10000 5g:pd 2500 1000 -1 5000 t M givedn money gi ellef of tl ads or service for hundreds of our people who at In need pf aid The destitutipn is great fbe need gdiate for food eloihing imi&edtajt when you shoo fljes pff the dbj- sheFf-Cr and everything else that Is necSjaJW- to sustain life in a rural eFcmin unity that has been dejsg vastated tfnd sw-ept bare of hous andt provisions t 0 I A i

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