Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 7, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1944
Page 7
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 1944 NAUGATUOK DAILY NEWS Page Seven War Bond Money Can Be Had Easily By Selling Used Articles Through News Want r.OOK WHAT YOU GET FOR ! 'l.-isxil'u'il Ai.l Tlinl Will Briny You UVsults " If Tln-y Can lit> ll;ul. Call 2228 TODAY! ! ! Announcements NOTICE Employment Wantt'i VOl'Nti llii;lt Srliniil n r n d II u 11> wiititi'il •'"' intei'i'Htinjf work in J»o:il ut'l'u'i'- Dofinltc future. Must hiivt- typing esperlencu. G o o tl sunvtindinx' 11 ar\d cloan tuniotf- plii-ri 1 . AiMn-ss Box "N.-O." care nf tin- Nuuf, r :ituck News. WOMAN fur tft'iirriil h(iiiMi>worl< In Mhhili'lniry. Week (lays only. H:ut or full time. Good Cull U'tby. -1-2171. Mrs. 13, for I'.AKT tllili- dlFIi'i- jil" Hi'X "'V' in care of .NYws. For Sale llonsi-M For Sale KK1HT room, 'J-family lumse. All inipi'nvcinents. in nood condition, "•ear x'm'Ki' and larjre lot. Price J.1.700. Also J2-room 2-famlly hfn:s<-, nnrufiO "rid extra bulkl- inir lot. I'1'ii.-i- ?fi,300. A. Slu-pley. SIX nioin, ini.'-rairnly IHIIISI-, all r.niiruwnn'nL-; Johnston St. Two fniiiily hmise on Si-ott St. John l-lp.'i.'y, Tel. ,')031. .-\ linim- and lnv4>Mtnu*iit. Tlirn- family. 1-l-i'oom house. Hot watoi- )>.-at two floors, 3-cnr K<-raj,'o, eai'ly occupancy or. second 1'loor. CVMtrallj' located. Yi-nrly inconit- SI3W1. I'ricii 513,500. Ti-years mod- i'1'ti UJ-rooni. 2-farnlly hous(.',S12,OUO Al.-ii'i l--r'0om, 2-1'amily house, rrnirall.v located, sn.COO. I'atsy I-ibriula. realtor, '172 Hii,'h St. Vtioni' 3-l.^s or 583-1, SIX-riMim lioii.m* and yiiraifc, just I'.iiishi-d on Nixon avenue. Open !u:- inspection. TL-!. 3021. T11KKI-: family house and Iwn-car Karate on Hill street; annual income from rents, 51.032, Salt; pi-let- $7,hOO. S>;>- Joseph V. ROM- ko, 3 Union St. Tul, <I92« or 20.12. Sealed proposals will be received at tlic office of the Supervisor of Purchases. Room -108, State Capitol, Hartford, for furnishing the following, not later than TiO a, in., q. w. t., 'September 12, 19-1-1, fresh fish for State Institutions for the week of September 10 2 p, m.. e, w. t,, September 10-1-I, molasses and mince meat State .Institutions 2 P. m., e. w. t., September 1-1, 'lO-lil. pie finings, coffee, tea, spices and crackers for State Institutions •2 p. m., e. w. t., September IS, .IB-I-I, evaporated milk, jams atu jellies, canned salmon and pickles for Stute Institutions 2 p. m.. e.'w. t., September 18; -li'H-l, Christmas r<--quirements !'oi State Institutions and incandescent lamps for State Departments and Institutions Specifications and proposals will 10 furnished by Supervisor of Pur- hasus upon request. The Supervisor of Purchases reserves th'-> ri^ht tn reject any and all bids. Bidders may be present lit openinK~of bids. , EDWARD C. C-EISSLER. f-upervisot' of Purcliases. Announcements - Lout AniJ Found lUKNTinCATTOX bracelet lost. Miu'ltocl "Marcia Goodwin," Finder please call Naun'atuck 35-10 or return to 53 Nettleton n'vunue-and receive reward. Merchandise Feed And Fuel Merchandise otf lost. Small, bluck, shabby, answers 1.0 "Butch."-Naur St. Francis' church. Tel. -1910. WHITE )fold firmm wrist. .«-:iloli with chromium Ijuncl,'in Bencon Fulls. Please cull 582U, Beacon Falls. WALLET with Gov't. ulusclc lout, also money untl Social Sec. curd. Please cull at 17 Full-child St. \2 Uii.slness Aiincjiinconu.'utM OHOEH Now—l-'or limited s(i])pl.v of seasoned wood, fur stove, t'ire- plnr.e nnd furnace.' Also field, stones, sand, gravel, ' one coal range, one pas range-, one water heater, also cedar fcmce and clothesline points,, and num/>vous other items. Light trucking and moving. Dial 2302 utter 4 p. m. G, Sallnardi, 538 So. Main street. 20 -. >\V:»nteU ro Buy DIAMONDS Ami Old Cold JSi>u K M, Watch repairing our specialty. •GRAND JEWELRY . 112 Grarid-'Strect . Dial 5-0082 Machinery, Electric NOTICE Tin; RoKislars of Voters of the Town of Beacon Falls will be in session in the Town Hull, Tuesday. September 5. nncl Tuesday September 12, 19-1-1, from nine o'clock A, -M. until fivu o'clock P. M. for the purpose of revising and correcting Uio voiinK list. Dated at Si.-acon Falls, Connecticut, this :weiity-fil'[h day o:' Auffust 10-1-1. RUTr-r \r. CARROLL, HELEN C. DONLON. ReKistrars of Voters. MO-NUMCENTS Special prices on All Memorial! IV. RICHARDS 260 So. Main St Naupruluck Automotive LATHES —Several. • nMuil A'tliw— South Bend and Logan. Also drill Presses. Table and Band saws, wood turning* lathes and other machine tools. Lincoln Stores, Cl W. Main street., Wa- .lerbury. Phone ,7-0177'. Mr. Andrews, . • .. • . TKICYCLE wanted Naug-atuck 3093. to buy. Dial CAS' IT ror irour MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. Mecca Music Co. 203 Bank 1-1-122 Household Articles 1-1 'Autos For Sale "A safe place to buy and sell" 10-10 PACKARD SUPER 8 SEDAN Trie. -1-6109 -182 Watertown A%-enue Dial COMPL1STK h o ni e- ,,/iirnl»lil»itf» bought for cash. Highest' prices paid for electric refrigerators, washers, and stoves,, regardless of condition. Frnircis Furniture Co.'-"' 4-1D NORTH MAIN STRKET Telephone 3000 • ...- GREEN, cr'eum, combination oil, gas range with Florence burner; hot water, coll. Reasonable: Tel. 2157:' 2!)i» Articles For Sale Jil,ECTIUC ItiiCrlffuralnr fur sale. Reasonable. Intiuire 100 Oak St. Merchandise Education Arttcrc* For .Sale KJM, UJ2DBUGS ai)J tlielr cffits with Special Insecticide. 75 cents quart bottle. Adams Pharmacy. .10 BABY auto bcdH, S':f_!(H; l>:il>y auto seals, Mys'tis talking boards, SI.79 . up. Also largo selection of toys. THIS RADIO SHOP 3SO Grand St. Waterbury CHILHREN'S—Tahl,: Ai Cliajr Sel*. Hi^'h Chairs, Rocking Chairs, Basinettes and Plo.y Pens. I^-irge selection of toys. Lowest prices in town. ; jl'L\C'UN T KIDDIE CENTER 73 GRAND ST. Wlby. 31 r.ocul And Prlviite InHtructont DINA SCHOOL OP MUSIC STUDIOS—WATBY. 4-002S CG3 South Main—11 Wilson Street Piano — Voice — Mandolin ' Children, Adults, Advanced, Besin- ners. Rapid Piano Course for Adults Services 301) Still* IC»t Auto I'arts UUJJG'li — PJA'MUUTH AUTHORIZED Snlt;s Sei'vice Partii, Accessories M'alcolm W. Starr Corp. ISS \Vntertown Avc. Dial 5-31-IG Contractors Clothing LADIES' & GISNTLEMEN'S SUITS Tailor made. S28.75. New Fall and Winter Styles. JOHN MACONE 397 N. Main St. Wanted To Buy fainting I'Al'KK W. ]-. Tul. 54J IFANCIXO Cola, 17 and f Cedar Street. G—ni.-vr, -istMf ADOKF .T. KITUZMA NKW HAVEN KO.-VD HANK Kafo <Tei>oslt boxvi Highest (.-aat! prices paid. Wire collect, write or phone whnt you have to offer. J, E. Murphey, Republic U08-I, 825 Ave., Webster Grovoa 19, Mo'. . SI11CK Super douhlo. IKNK! JSIectric Razor, new, $.13.00. • Lifetime pen and pencil set, ^olcl tip; new SJ2.00. 3-t.ubc-R.-C A. small; table model radio, perfect condition. $2r,.oo. See at 103 Locust street, Union City, after 4 p. )n. JOHN'S MUSIC SHOP We hu.y, nt-.H, exchange, and all kinds of instruments. fx>w- prices !n the' city. 3SO-3S2 So. Mum St., Watby. Conn. EXCKI-LEXT ING anrl slip covers. low prices. Allen's Upho!nt.i>ring Studio. M.istcj-crart Artists. 1 Grand St. Waterbury. Dial -J-00-15 KlCn (xip Insnlatinp wool. All type*. Installed if dosiroO. T. J. Mon- .i-mboiiH.. r?n No. Main St. Union City. Tel. 2C83. Services Ttendnred t'AUL'S UMTJKKM.A SHOP ' AfrmKM-A.S .-in(I InKKttKV unit) n.nd repaired 0.1 4 Brook St., Wo- Icrfoury. 33 Wnnted To ItKit Service* E/-ECTKICAJL, .Inpalrfnf Scrvlc* Appliances «. specialty. Ray Decker, 402 N. Main St. Tel. •1000,' Oil. BUn.VKKS clr-.-mr-U and repaired, All work guaranteed. Tel. 3025, Harry Church!!). L'l'IUGIIT T'JA.NO CALL £874. FOR SALE. CUSTOM KRCPHOI.STERIXG — Special 2-piece Suite 509 GKIFFIN UPHOLSTERING CO. Naugatuclt 4000 Pre-war census of the Philippines counted ! 17.401 Chinese; 2a,2G2«se; S.7.39 Americans; and •!.037 Spaniards out of a total population of 10,303.000. ATTE.VTIOX! Orders talff.n tor new Eleclrolux cleaners.. Also parts- and repairs. I. Niasc-n. bonded repairman. 3 Teresa' five. Din.} -1822. 4t> Cleaning- Artd Dyflnf ,.' . KIEVMAN-S ' -- • I^aujnluck's Great Dry Cleaning Firm, offers its fir-a class dry cleaning not only in family garments, l.iii, blankets, rug.s and otli- er specinltics in this field. KIEVMAN'S 7'j Church Street BUZ SAWVKR Vltf£-w:ir enamel combination kitchen sink, wanted to buy. Mrs. Dom. Ti-iamj, 2.10 No.-Main, Union City. .WAR BOVDS A>'D STAMPS ' RClAXf, S.AWVER. 5IT DOWN. THERE ARE SEVfRAt MATTERS m HKO ID CtE*R UP. FIRST OF ALL, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO (THANKS.i WASN'T TSO SURE. 'El CONTRARY ' ,1 AM NCTA TC, Ry ROY CRANB VC VS'HAT ^uU SUSPr.C fCOL OP THE JAPS, V.'HEK YOU SAW ME WITH THZ JAP MAJOR. I V/AS BEING THE WOMAN,Tiit ACTRJSS.I •JSE THC JAWkHESE ID GAIN THE PER50K BEFORE YOU NOW IS THE V.-OSRA, THr KILLER, ' HATgR Or JAPS. BECAUSE f WAS ATRAIO VQO WERE A JAP 3PY,TRY<NO TO TEST MY lOYAtTY. LATER, THERE WAS NO POINT IN REVEALING MY IDENTITY YOU WOULDN'T HAV£ BE- Sinatra Before The "Mike" To IStiy O.VK. T»vo mid throe family him.seH wanted. Also farms and lots. Tel, 5031. WK J1AVK UUVKItS for J-2-S .'iimily houses. Jos. V. Rosko, 3 Union St. Tel. -1028-2902. To Kent AMKKIC'AN Couple, no children. tli-sire -1 room rent. Apply box "B." Care or Thu JN'uw.s. HOl'SK fur rent on Goodyi-ar uve- mic. Call -1212 on or after Tuesday. U'ANTKD— lioiim with kilrlicni-ttf or kitchen privileges or room nnd mcnl.i by single woman. Reply, giving location and rates, to Box O, in care or The News. The 'miki:' technique of ring film ".Sff» IJvi.'Jy" JlavL-n, which upvus :it 1-riuik Mn.itni, lamed "Swo o n KlnR 1 'as hu delimits atnliencc-H In hi.s latest star- in whicli Jin is co.Ntarri.-d w-J tl, GcorKv Murpli.v, A<lo),,] u - .M.-njou ; ,ii,| Olorlii Do tile J.O(.-\v-l'oli thwiu-r, \Vutc-lun-y, Friday, on the Kanit pro K ram is "WiitiTfront" with :J. Carroll Xaisli and John Carradint. JJonniH To Jii-nt ,.Al£f;K UV'.l •1D22. Crlviiti! Room for rent. iiriulpped. Call Grossman, Caucuses Held In Connecticut Towns By Republicans Hartfoi-d, Sept, T—(UP)—Republican tou-n caucuses have named candidates for the state house of repre.sentntivos Many nicmbers ot the 30-13 house have been nominated, and the caucuses were marked by few contests. At New Haven, four state senatorial candidates have been named by thr .Republicans. They are Mrs. Wesley A. Stur^os of the ciKhth district; Howard V. Krick o£ the ninth district; William Hurly of the tenth district, and Louis Giannulli, elevenh district. NEW SHOW IS OPENING FRIDAY AT STATE, HARTFORD PRIVATE BUCK MARSHALL ISLANDS , "How's that for rapid promotion, Fafso? It was there wh»n I cam* up out of the watarl" Two of the world's frroatcst "I Person" aiu-uctions will be pro sentcd together in the k'iant stag bill-playing- Friday. Saturday an Sunday at the Air - ConditionO' State Theater, Hartford. Attrac tion No. I in this mammoth sho are the FOLK- Ink Spots, "Amoi ica's Greatest Quartet," stars o stage, screen, records and radio Attraction No. 2 is D'Artcjja, com poser of "In The Blue of Eve ninp." and his 20-piccc All-Gil band, featuring- Gloria Faye, "Vel vet-toned Thrush"; Lois Marie "Her Golden Voice and Accor dinn"; Florence, "Swinging anc SinKint: at her Drums"; Betty L-ou "Queen of the Keyboard"; The Symphonottcs. and ,'hc Glee Club It's the new "Girl Band" sensation of the nation whose torrid swing and "jump" tunes compare w th etop bands in the landn. Don't —miss the Ink Spols plus D'Ar- tejra and his 20-piese All Git I Band' startinfr Friday at the air-conditioned State Theater, Hartford. "GREENWICH VILLAGE" IS THE STRAND TOP FILM ' There's no rationing on entertainment! "Greenwich Village." the' 20th Century-Fox star-studded musical, son),—filled Technicolor romance' now the top feature on the current Strand bill certainly .proves that beyond a doubt. Caramon Miranda, Don Amochc. Wiliam Bbndix and the new sensation, beautiful Vivian Blr.ine,. "Tln r .' Cherry Blonde," arc featured in the pictures which has been hailed is one of the irreatest musicals over produced. Hit sonf;s. spectacular dance numbers, hundreds of beautiful crirls, laughs galore and a li),'ht and a music romantic story all together add up to make one of the most entertaining pictures of the •ear That's "Greenwich Village," vhich will continue through Thurs- Scouts Needed To Help Pick The Conn. Apple Crop Scouts and oilier beys over, 1-1 and average weight for Lheir are needed to help the Farm Victory Volunteer Corp. by picking: apples :n the orchards around' Bantam Lake. The boys ' will'''be' housed at Camp Columbia, Columbia CollL'jre Engineering Camp at Lake Bantam, l-he. same site used 1'or the Boy Scout Farm Labor Camp this past summer. The camp has a resident director and chef, and boys pay for their board from thu proceeds of picliing apples. The camp is under the dfr- cction of ihe Connecticut Agriculture Extension Service. The boys arc wanted for a period- of one to three weeks. Information concerning this" project may be- secured from the Buy Scout'ot'fice: 20 East Main street. Water- b u r y. Conn. Scoutmasters of Troops are requested to • call 1 to the attention of all Scouts this .jpportuni I y of service. THEN WHVD YOU TRY TO GIV6 THE ALARM WHEN I CAME TO YOUR HOUSE? By PAtFI. KOBIXSO7* (^- TAKTt A\ >6ANDEf?AT W STEP RIGHT IN,OAIS/VOTEM ii 'ICl ROR TOMMY HIS6INS-'- AND GET \ I FOUMD OUT W^YTHESIRLS DIDN'T COME TO OUR BLOCK DANCE AFREE PERMAN- I ENf WAVE.:*, YJ BEAUTY SYBA GOOD IDEA VJHY SKCHKT AORNT X9 OKAY, SIR... BELIEVE \OL! MAVc A PR£TTV GOOD IDEA OP WHAT AND Off? KNOW HOW TO A4AKE THEN, A COURSE OM NA WEU, UtiKTER TEU.5 VOU'U A FIRST- CLASS 1MZI PRISONER! kCT 4PEAKIN6 TO --.1V«£LF TOBW. CHIEF,, UAt K'l.VMT i DREAMED THAT i CMOOK WITH OEB X-9 SEVERAL DAS5 DI&5ECTINS CAPTURED TANKS STOP TICKING, TOO/ BABNBV- GOOGLK AND SNUFFV SMITH Ky BILLY DE BECK SWWW--UE CO(Y\E TO FROtV\ CRASW- IAND1N' VET - PUU. THROUGH WEI.AS r vwvm QUICK DECODING BOOKS. RICK HKADFOKD [ NAU6T" 6TRIKE AND'DE- " STROY YON DEVIL,DK>ATDA, Naugatuck Fuel Go. Sells Gas Station According to n. warranty deed lied at the oltice ot Town' Cleric ?aymond J. St. John; the Nauea- uck Fuel Co. sold a gas station- to ordon W. Ranslow-tind Byron- H. "Joblc The station, lo'cated on'Rub- er avenue, involved a sale" priec''bf- .bout $5,000 according -to tamps affixed to the deed.'. '" . Lorctta Heiibour Quinn sold a ouse ad lot on Carrol .Istr.eet to Edward and Elizabeth Honyotski n another deed, recorded Stamps AND I MU6T DO IT NOW, ERE HE IS CONFIRMED IN OFFICE AND AENCE , BY LAW, —^ By \VTM.I.-\M RITT and Cr^\REXCE GRAf £ NOBLE6, ELDERS - LET ME, MANTU , DRATDA'5 ANCIENT AMD fcEST FRIEND, BE PlRST WAIT/ CMANTU SESIRH TO \ DO ME. EV/L - //ff/VOtV /r.') WAIT.' GOOD MAK-TU -1 AM NOT YET CONFIRMED 'N OFFICE.' By UAJ.LV BISHOP = dicated the sale price iffhtjy more than $2, 000. to ay at the 'Strand ' Companion feature on this prcs- nt Strand bill is "Three Little Sis- ers," featuring Ruth Terry nnd rtary Lee A new John Nesbit Passing- Parde, "The Immortal Blacksmith" 1 ,"' nd latest Movietone News are al- o a part of this Strain}'program UY WAR UONDS AND STAMPS WHO NOW 5EEK5 THE-PRO TECTORSHIP HE PROMISED VOULDBEMINE. BECOMES INVIOLATE.' TQ CONGRATULATE H1M MUGGS .•VVD SKEETER THA,r4«S?.-IF ^Oil EVER <3ET LOST SOME TIME,"' I LIVE J VOU'RE NOW NORTH-,,-VOiJE StP£ (S EAST SO-c-c WEST SIDE') Si»O.R.TK... COME OVER. ON THE LOE'ST !£> o\i VOiJR WEST SIPE •' ' \\ -P ^/•"T' N ^ ^ ^\// -^ 9 I

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