The Item from Sumter, South Carolina on April 6, 1917 · 1
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The Item from Sumter, South Carolina · 1

Sumter, South Carolina
Issue Date:
Friday, April 6, 1917
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THE SUMTER DAILY ITEM VOL XLV XO 147 SUMTER S C FRIDAY APRIL 6 1917 FIVE CENTS A COPY Wilson Issures Proclamation Calling On Citizens to Support Government Congressional Resolution Has Been Signed By President And All Warships And Naval Mtions Have Been Notified — Naval Militia And Naval Reserves Called to Colors — German Citizens Will Be Given Good Treatment As Long As They Behave— Wilson Hopes That This Will Be Last War (By Associated Press) Washington D C April 6 — President Wilson has signed the congressional resolution declaring a state of war between the United States and Germany With the signing of the bill all naval militia and naval reserves are called to the colors All warships and naval stations have been notified President Wilson has also issued a proclamation formally declaring a state of war He has called on all American citizens to support all measures of the government He said all German subjects will be left at peace as long as they conduct themselves lawfully In a statement approving the plans for an army of a million men the president said: “The hope of the world is that when the European war is over arrangements will be made composing many questions which heretofore seemed to require the arming of nations WE ARE AT last step taken preliminary TO EIGHT WITH GERMANY President Given Full Power to Use All the Resources of the Nation in Resisting Germany’s Aggression (By Associated Press) Washington April 6 — War between the United States and Germany becomes an actuality today immediately that President Wilson signs the war resolution which the house adopted by a vote of 373 to 50 shortly after 3 o’clock this morning This action will set in motion the government’s newly planned machinery for mustering the military naval and economic forces of the country into an aggressive war against Germany The resolution passed the house in the same form as in the senate It directs the president to employ all the resources of the United States to carry the war to a successful conclusion The final action of the house came after 17 hours’ debate Speaker Clark signed the measure immediately and after it is signed by Vice President Marshall signs it it will go at once to the president Thirty-two Repubicans sixteen Democrats one Socialist and one Prohibitionist voted against the resolution Jeanette Rankin the woman representative from Montana sobbed that she wanted to support the country but could not vote for war Democratic Leader Kitchen and many others who voted negatively promised unqualified support of the government There was fittle acrimonious debate The proponents pleaded that Germany is actually warring against the United States while the opponents of the resolution asserted that Germany's frightfulness is forced by the British blockade The house adjourned until Monday All amendments were voted down including those to prohibit the sending of military forces overseas without congressional authority DOMINICK OPPOSED TO WAR Third District Member Says Ills Conscience Forbids Him to Favor Meas- Washington April 5 — The only South Carolina member of the house voting against the war resolution is Representtaive Fred H Dominick of tlie Third district Before casting his vote he gave out the following statement: "By voting against the resolution to plunge us into war I am giving an expression to my honest conviction and judgment after mature thought and calm and deliberate consideration Mr ICitehin the majority leader in hi speech against the resolution exactly expressed my position This law will be passed on Good Friday the day of the crucifixion and may I ask if tl ere is any significance in this concident ?’’ CUBA MAY DECLARE WAR Believed Island Republic Will Join America Against eGrmauy ALLIES TO WITHDRAW SHIPS nited States Warships to Patrol Atlantic and Gulf Coast (By Associated Press) Washington April 6 — The Allied arships patrolling the Atlantic coast ill be withdrawn and United States arships will take over the Allied itrol in the Gulf of Mexico and uth Atlantic Ilabana April 5-— The belief is expressed here by high government officials that Cuba will follow the lead of the United States government if the American congress passes the resolution declaring that a state of war exists between the United States and Germany In this event Cuba will at once place her army and naval forces at the disposal of the United States The belief is also expressed that if Cuba should declare that a state of war exists between the island republic and Germany President Menocal will recommend to congress the passage of a law making service in the national militia obligatory on all Cuban eitzens of military age who are physically fit From these men the ranks of the regular army and navy would be filled TO LET W OMEN VOTE Lvoff Declares fox Extension of frage London April 5 — Women will be allowed to vote in the elections to the constituent assembly in Russia says Reuter's Petrograd correspondent The correspondent adds that Prince Lvoff premier in the provisional government has so informed a deputation of women who waited upon him GERM SHIPS SIRED Government T akes Possession of Interned German Vessels at All Ports — (By Associated Press) New York April G — The port aut horities this morning began the seizure of all the twenty-seven German v essels interned here Press reports showed that seizures are being made at all ports and the German crews taken into custody No resistance is reported at any point May Confiscate Ships Washington April G — It is otTie ially announced that the Get man merchantmen have been seized for the protection of the ships themselves and adjoining property It was said the government may use the ships and pay for them at the end of the war or confiscate them altogether The first probable step will be to repair them j Vote is 373 to 50 in Favor of Active Steps Against Germany Long and Sharp Debate Preceded Vote on Administration Measure All Attempts to Amend Are Defeated Easily Has Already Passed Senate and President Will Sign Bill as Soon as Vice President Has Affixed His Signature as President of Senate Washington April G— The resolution declaring that a sttae of war exists between the United States and Germany already passed by the senate passed the house shortly after 3 o’clock this morning by a vote of 373 to 50 Without roll calls the house rejected all amendments including proposals to prohibit the sending of any troops over seas without the congressional authority President Wilson will sign the resolution today as soon as Vice President Marshall has attached his signature in the senate It formally accepts the state of belligerency forced by German aggression and authorizes and directs the president to employ tlie military and naval forces and all the resources of the nation to bring war against Germany to a successful termination Passage of the resolution followed 17 hours of debate There was no attempt to filibuster but tlie pacifist group under the leadership of Democratic Leader Kitchin prolonged the discussion with impassioned speeches declaring conscience would not permit them to support the president’s recommendation that a state of war be declared Miss Rankin of Montana the only woman member of congress sat through the first roil call with bowed head failing to answer to her name twice called by the clerk On the second roll call she rose and said in a sobbing voice “I want to stand by my country but I can not vote for war” For a moment then she remained standing supporting herself against a desk and as cries of “Vote “Vote!” came from several parts of the house she sank back into her seat without voting audibly She was recorded in the negative Tlie text of the resolution follows: "Whereas the imperial German government has committed repeated acts of war against the government and the people of the United States of America therefore be it "Resolved by the senate and house of representatives of the United States of America in congress assembled That the state of war between the United States and the imperial Ger- 1 man government which has thus been thrust upon the United States is hereby formally declared and that the president be and he is hereby au thorized and directed to employ the entire naval and military forces o the United States and the resources of the government to carry on war against the imperial German government and to bring the conflict to a successful termination all of the resources of the country are hereby pledged by the congress of the United States” The 50 members who voted against the resolution were: Almond Bacon Britten Browne Burnett Carey Church Conelly o£ Kansas Cooper of Wisconsin Davidson Davis Decker Dill Dillon Dominick Esch Frear Full of Illinois Haughen Hayes Hensley Hilliard Hull of Iowa Igoe Johnson of South Dakota Keating King Kinkaid Kitchin Kitson LaFollette London Lundeen McLemore Mason Nelson Randall Rankin Ravis Roberts Rodenburg Shackleford Sherwood Sloan Stafford Van Dyke Voigt Wheeler Woods of Iowa Washington April 5 — The house debated the war resolution all today and far into the night and although passage was assured before adjournment the leaders predicted that a vote could not be reached until early morning For the most part the session proceeded with an air of unemotional acquiescence scores of members making brief speeches to put themselves on record as reluctantly accepting war as the only course of honor During the day the debate revealed an unexpected strength in the minority opposing the resolution Confident prediction of not more than a dozen votes against it gave place tonight to reports that the opposition might muster upwards of 100 on the final roll call and suppofters of the resolution conceded that the num ber to vote in the negative probably would be more than 50 Tlie surprising accession to the minority ranks was attributed to the efforts of Democratic Leader Kitchin who took the floor and in a dramatic speech announced that he could not with a clear conscience vote for war Supporters of the president’s course were not concerned over the deflection however Sdre of a great majority they permitted the roll call to be delayed only so that every one might be heard Shortly before midnight after the debate had continued for more than 13 hours those in charge of the resolution predicted that a vote would be taken soon after 1 o’clock There was no certainty that it might not be hours later however Late tonight a suggestion by Chairman Flood of the foreign affairs committee that debate be closed before midnight met with loud shouts of disapproval and even the opposition of a considerable number of members opposed to voting on Good Friday was insufficient to get an agreement to vote by 12 o’clock Mr Kitchin’s opposition drew an immediate following from among the group who have opposed preparedness and armed neutrality and tonight many of them who had sat silent and glum in the rear of the chamber throughout the day moved down in front and spoke against the resolution One of the most earnest speeches in behalf of the president’s course came from Republican Leader Mann who declared Germany had deliberately affronted this country and that only war could save the national honor Administration leaders until today had paid little attention to reports that Representative Kitchin would oppose the resolution Democratic leaders hastened to his office today to find that he had prepared in part a speech opposing the resolution Fellow members of the house and senators pleaded vainly with him to abandon his plan Possible loss of the house leadership and his forced exit from public life as well as the demands of patriotism were pointed out to hint Pacifists learning of the activity of administration supporters quickly jumped into the fight Their lines thinned by threatened desertions of some of their strongest members they saw in the winning of Kitchin a possibility of rallying the wavering representatives back into camp Representative Shackleford of Missouri and Representative Sherwood of Ohio strongly urged Mr Kitchin to make his speech Finally shortly before 3 o'clock after almost continuous conference for six hours Representative Kitchin announced publicly that he would speak against the resolution Representative Hensley of Missouri who on Tuesday said he would vote for the resolution hastily announced that he had decided it was his duty to oppose it Others who had deserted the pacifist camp said they were thinking seriously and probably would vote in the negative Obviously wearied by the day's events Mr Kitchin spoke without his usual fire “In view of the many assumptions of loyalty and patriotism” he said “on the part of some of those who favor the resolution and insinuations by them of cowardice and disloyalty on the part of those who oppose it offshoots dou bless of the passionate moment let me at once remind the public that it takes neither moral nor physical courage to declare a war for others to fight It is evidence of neither loyalty nor patriotism for one to urge others to get into war when he knows that he himself is going to keep out” Mr Kitchin was heartily applauded from all sides as he concluded LIGHT ON BERMAN PLOT MILLER SPEAKS IN HOUSE OF ZIMMERMANN INTRIGUE Berlin According to Congressman Has Sought to Use Mexico for Submarine War Washington April 5 — Representative Miller of Minnesota (Republican) member of the foreign affairs committee created a sensation during discussion of the war resolution by declaring that an unpublished paragraph of the Zimmermann note offered to establish a submarine base in a Mexican port and supply Mexico with unlimited quantities of arms and ammunition and send German reservists in the United States into Mexico The unpublished portion of the Zimmermann note Miller quoted as follows: “Agreeable to the Mexican government submarine bases will be established at Mexican ports from which will be supplied arms ammunition and supplies All reservists are ordered into Mexico Arrange to attack all along the border Miller further said he understood three German schooners had landed on the western coast of Mexico and that Villa was surrounded by German officers who had taken charge of the drilling of his men Reliable information also was that the Carranza army was “not much better” Miller said When Representative Miller’s quotation was submitted to Secretary Lansing however the secretary of state declared the Zimmerman instructions “contained nothing of the sort” It has been understood but never officially announced that the full text of the Zimmerman instructions to German Minister von Eckhardt was not published with the main portion which revealed the attempt to ally Mexico and Japan in war against the United States Members of the foreign affairs committee in congress however had been supplied with the full text and with other evidences of German intrigues against the government Representative Miller expressed no surprise when told that Secretary I-ansing denied that there was anything like the quotation in the Zimmerman note Mr Miller said there was a reason for not making it public at first but that there was no reason to suppress it now “I believe the quotation is absolutely correct” he added “I got it from a man who is in a position to know He gave it to me as a matter of conscientious duty Otherwise I would not have been justified in giving that unpublished portion of the note” The Zimmermann instructions to von Eckhardt translated through Count von Bernstorff the German ambassador here were first revealed by the Associated Press on February 28 Dated more than ten days before the submarine campaign of ruthlessness went into effect the instructions ACTION IS AGAINST GERMANY UNITED STATES WILL NOT BREAK WITH OTHER COUNTRIES NOW Amhassadox Penfield to Return From Vienna but This Has Nothing to Do With Relations Between This Country and Austria Washington April 5 — The United States will not sever relations or declare war with Austria Bulgaria or Turkey so long as those countries do not force such a step it was learned authoritatively today That any change will come in the relations of this country with members of the central alliance other than Germany must be precipitated by them Nevertheless it is expected that Germany xyill force her allies to break with the United States Ambassador Penfield’s summoning to Washington by the State department admitted officially today for the first time is declared not to forecast aggressive action towards Austria by this country but to be for entirely different reasons Secretary Lansing said Ambassador Penfield would leave Vienna tomorrow He probably will return via Cuba and arrive in about three weeks The Austrian situation still remains uncertain with a preponderant opinion here that German influence will force the dual monarchy to share Germany’s relationship with the United Sttaes Any hopes that officials here had that Austria Bulgaria and Turkey might become a strong enough influence within the central alliance to force a withdrawal of the submarine warfare or a more conciliatory attitude toward peace ' has been much shaken recently by a fuller realization of Germany’s influence in those countries TO DEPART SATURDAY Penfield Will Leave Vienna Tomorrow Vienna (via London) April 5— United States Ambassador Penfield is understood to have decided to leave for Washington on April 7 instead of April 5 as previously reported J ' ' 'f " " disclosed that Germany while protesting her intention to adhere to her pledges was even then contemplating the United States would no longer remain neutral and proposed to Mexico an alliance with Japan to attack the United States Mexico as part of her reward was to regain “lost provinces” in Texas Arizona and New Mexico Foreign Minister Zimmermann acknowledged the authenticity of the instruction but maintained they never had been delivered to Carranza It seems certain the proposal has not gone to Japan but American officials have not been so sure that it was not in fact made to Carranza Since the disclosure there have been many reports of German reservists going into Mexico Government Has Reports That More Than Twenty Are In Gulf of Mexico (By Associated Press) Washington April 6 — Persistent but hitherto unconfirmed reports that German submarines are waiting in the Gulf of Mexico for the opening of hostilities today received additonal support by advices to government from Europe Full details are withheld but it was reported that more than a score of German submarines are in the Gulf Officials think the estimate too high but feci no doubt that submarines are on this side of the Atlantic — some since February There can be no doubt that if there are submarines in the Gulf they are being supplied from Mexican bases Those holding this view believe that the whole matter was arranged by Mexican Minister Zubaran in Berlin PLOT IS WIDESPREAD Muclx Evidence That Geiman Agents Ti’icd to Incite Negroes (By Associated Press) Birmingham April 6 — Federal agents have announced evidence of a widespread movement of the German government agents to incite negroes in the South to rebellion MAY ENTER WAR ENGLISH COAST BOMBARDED (By Associated Press) London April 6 — German airplane bombarded towns on the Kentish coast last night It is officially announced that there were no casualties RIG EMERGENCY FUND One Hundicd Million Appropriated For Use of President (By Associated Press) Washington April 6 — The appropriation of one hundred million dollars as an emergency war fund for use at the president’s discretion was attached by the senate appropriations committee to the general deficiency bill ' Other American Nations Arc Brink of Wrar With Germany (By Associated Press) New York April 6 — Today’s dispatches point to the probability of other American nations joining the United States in the war with Germany Brazil according to advices from South America is trembling on the brink of war A German submarine j has sunk the Brazilian steamer Parana with the loss of three members of tlie crew Anti-German feeling is reported to be intense in Rio Janeiro Havana dispatches forecast Cuba's entry into the war French have made additional gain3 near Landricourt and have recaptured a number of the positions the German occupied yesterday near Rheims

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