Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on May 2, 1973 · Page 32
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 32

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 2, 1973
Page 32
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ister-Mpil. Gdlesburg, \ 1 rocjer aren't shopping at Kroger, you aro pay- Ing too much for your i groceries. HERE'S PROOF Morton Krogtr U.S.D.A, Qrtdt A Fmh • 1 DOZ. WITH COUPON a IS OR MORE PORCH Alt EXCLUDING COUPON PURCHASES M Explrst Tusi. ( May S, UmK 1 n 11111 • m i iTii I • i • i ill ii • • in • !• i • • 11 Brasie Detergent KINS • SAVt •tfl • III LI liatreeTve*., Htf I, limit 1 It i aim it eo*-***** fete S *» a* ***** 'at •* 'aft* f«**t t •«•** *****'•• •* f**#* | Wesson OK VtePak Kroger Coffee S A VI- WITH OOUPON * St OH MOM PURCHASE EXaUWNO COUPON PUWHASES M H I it efeinews «mA to si sttn its e* rot*** tmt sets* iiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiii I40Z. STL 14 i*t «T«e ,itni Downy flatty a. u**i iflunj i-er. FACM May I mm m eaaaoattaTifc i mm awyjj *o. Frown Chicken, Turkty or Mlabury 8t«ak Banquet Dinners WITH COUPON A IS OR MM PURCHASE ^ EXCLUMNQ COUPON PURCHASES L-11 tj*^Tuea. t »»yS,U*ft1 SAVF H 11 ill 11 ¥i mi 11 iTHi mno• •AVI 20c it iteet* T. 1 •••••••••••••••ei*«etBj**aj«e)ai«aie>««i i. 4D0 CASH OFF Ugly Duckling Panty Hose r «|«*ei«e>«e)a»e>ei*e>e> Krogsr Pries „.•# ilc StorsE Prka 12c Hershey's Choc, Syrup Krogtr Pries ... StorsE Pries CAN I Ml. CAN Franco-American Spaghetti Kroger Coffee f fii'! f 1 • v' if Hi C Drinks 11 .)/ c J Kroger Pries IH/IOI. 1 Ttfi •••Ml' CAN 1/6 Store E Pries 1H/IOI. ...... CAN Del Monte Whole Kernel Golden Corn &2< ^•a^^WfaaaF MoflteWn** #303 CAN Kraft Philadelphia Brand 30z Crtim Cheese... m. 15* JtfOoex SUcad American Che est... \g $5$ Kroger Buttermilk Gala Towels JUMBO ROLL It* Pr|M 971 Bathroom Bowl Cleaner X Sne Bawl t8 540 Miracle White X aaj|B«aveji*w wwtawiv Bleach. ~- MlffeifWhit* * Detergent ...... aoi «• 01 7 JO Cornel Cleanser Comet 14-OZ. CAN K-^aW a* Tissue H( )l I Kroger 0*» inium -ii • - t CAN | JAM W* *<39C SAL $2.69 Dt«lnfsotsntClMi>e/ Pinesel,... 530 MkacleWhlleSupsr I/I .........«Al. $1.29 Johnson's Regular or Lemon Praege ^$1.15 Water Softener Rain Barrel .»V$1.W X 8t*pS|vqr Floor Care „..W1.IB Stspfsvsr Floor Ctra, ....^$1.13 X HomePrWe Cltaner STL ** 11C Aiiaeajiia '^210 Glad Trash Iter, AAA «it|M»MiMlt Mi, W "ajf • X Qslo I Towtli 2 ,\° c i 390 Dishwashing Dstajrajsnt Ajax Liquid 32-02 BTL Rstj. Pries «« 7-Day Special Polrestsr ?UlS# Pillows _-eo. $199 7-Day Special Jumbo Coloring Books ca. 59c - r 1 7-Day Special Plastic Dust Pan —ea» 38c 7-Day Special Bowl Deodorant ca. 29c if 'Jn (jmr B EAN* Vsn Camp Brawnia Mix .! 2 ;^440 AllPurpota CrieeoOH i^ 1 960 All Purpeee Mania OH «> $2,95 Gerbsf Junior Baby Food ,..*fiH|e Kroger Free Run Bah .Iff 90 PlSfat Paoo Tons nJapMns........ 3|S Narshoya ChK. Syrup -230 Franco-American e^Mghttti .M ./ 1 ^ 17^ Horns PreasWhHs Piptr Flitti TM CT ' W FtOSOS Psper Towsls CsmpboH Tpmet* 19-t/f-pZ. CAN Krogei BUTTERMILK 1 I OAL -7\ v For Fast Relief laytr Aspirin |9Mr ..... stt Kroger FamHy Pride SanHery Napkins Modtss W IBS 4 J.V$1,29 X DMdorinl Hour After Hour 890 X Toothpaste Ultra Brhe m KlmbtM Oiytim* Toddtar Diapers va-nM Krogsr Cottage Choose NM-MtJ4 Mergorine WE Vsto' +J 1 CAN \ A Krogsr Froion Orange Juice • e 6c\V,$1.29 Kroger Fror.on Cut Golem Corn . .... VV.'220 Orange Juice 29$ Cancantrate . 4 ^21 $1 PttarPik FudgeBers.... .... VV. T $1.0S X VtrietyTrMtiV,V $1.09 Nnouot CMrtffjn # Pumphngs Dinner... fi ; ^Dsya^lslKrojor French Fries J .r 390 a^b^stBulfot |aa|f Chop Susy, Cnickan S -a) isdy Pride Deylkne Diape SO^CT, eox Prka UotVO.L|ae# Butter M 84c Chow M#lfl OLYMPIA N V S THCRM'O-WARC Ksspa bsvsrsss and foods piping hot or frosty co)d I WITH THI NIW STACKING ' DESSERT SERVERS! *tsin and s-pz. PKO. Rao Prise it 47 •vgHeoie tlfRSS' COUPON REQUIRED Kregar Tharm-OWare OalaiBwg. Binais OPEN DAILY WHh 93 I f • M •• " T MI Meoau coueoss Kroger Homssiylo or BuMsmiUc 7-Day Spaclal Krogsr SourCreom 8 Krojos Coia Oil Margarine . 1 Jfe 29« Kio V .ir Fo»*tyto ^ ^ $ j / Plcgs. 2-QT. Pitchar REG. PRICI13 99 COUPON VALUE tt OO WITH COUPON II M lit tiolrtt Tg«i. U» R I, Limit I Copyright 's*?*, The Kroier Co. sod thru Tyex. W |V 9, in Town» Listtrf In Thii Ad, Quenbty^ 7-Diy Sptciil Goi Rights Rt$rrv*d. 5orry, Mo S*'fl Oe|'«l h V J Colby Cheese 65< I •r • Krogsr Pries #ses StorsE Pries •sea CAN Cheerlos Cereel Krogsr Pries » Store E Pries * T Vsn Camp Pork & Beens i- Krogsr Pries Store E Price. W ^ 29c Creamette's Meceroni Krogsr Price. 7-i/a-oz. • i» •»• Ht. StorsE Price Starkist Tune Krogsr Price Stors E Price. ,.UN OJ*C CAN OOC Clorox Bleach Krogsr K0 Stors 9 * c Store E Price Eipreea Ssrvl Rain Checks Courtesy and FrlendMneas Mm Kraft MACARONI A CHBESI DINNER Kroger ™.o*. Price s * » S PKO. Store E 7/ 2 .oz. Price... PKG.

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