The Watchman and Southron from Sumter, South Carolina on April 8, 1903 · 4
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The Watchman and Southron from Sumter, South Carolina · 4

Sumter, South Carolina
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1903
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THE WATCHMAN AND SOUTHRON APRIL 8 1903 Mtaubmau ani §3ullroi WEDNESDAY APRIL 8 1903 tounde- 1866 Tha Sumter Watcntnan was la 1 60 and the True Southron in The Watchman and Southron now bus the combined circulation and influence of both of the old paperr and is maii festly the best tncdiam it 8am ter UNEARTHING OFFICIAL CORRUPTION Extravagance in Postoffices Graft According to the Way is Considered FATAL SHOOTING COUNTY The first set speech made by President since starting on his trip across the continent is given in full today "We do this the exclusion of other matter for the reason that this speceh is taken as an expression of the President’s matured opinions on public question sand a forecast of his policy The Good Roads Convention Columbia April 7 -It is now assured that this State will have a full representation at the International Good Roads Convention to be held in St Louis April 27 to May 2 Mr F H Hvatt Columbia of the State association has appointed the following additional delegates: Messrs W A Dowling Darlington S H Owens Columbia and J M Shnmpert ?f Newberry who are supervisors of their respective counties and the Hon H H Evans of Newberry Delegates and others who expect to attend will do well to confer with Mr Hyatt or Mr E H Aull of Newberry Governor Heyward has appointed five delegates to the National Good Roads Convention to be held in St Louis April 27 to May 2 from theseven Congressional districts of this State The gentlemen requested to represent South Carolina at this gathering are as follows: m First District— W G Hinson Charleston T W Williams Monk’s Corner J'E Moore Walterboro John'W Wimberly St George’s J C Lan- ham Manning 0 Second District— H G Folk Bamberg Brunson Holloway Edgefield : B F Crouch Saluda: W F Cummings Hampton Third District—J W N andiver Anderson W 0 Stribling Oconee W ‘ T Bowen Easley R L Hill Abbevillb R M Hayes Gieenvtood Fourth District — W L Mauldin Greenville: J P Goodwin Green-vlile S T McCravy Spartanburg : H B Humbert Laurens Macbeth Young Union Fifth District— F P Stacy Gaffney P L Hardin Chester T W Boyd Rock Hill John G Mobley Winnsboro T K Cunningham Lan- Casfxth Disrtrict — Capt Frank Manning Clio W H Manning Dillon W A Dowling Darlington: J B McBryde Florence John L Boyd Seventh District— F H Byatt Lewis T Wilds Columbia W H Seal Sumter J- A Banks St Matthews Capt J H Counts Ireeih The good roads question has now gotten to be one of supreme moment and the Convention which is to be held in St Louis promises to be of verv great importance Governor Heyward has appointed such men as he knows are much interested in the matter and who he thinks will make it a point to attend the Convention in the interests of the growing sentiment for good roads in this State THE RISE IN COTTON CONTINUES Washington April 6— Since the news of the investigation in the lost-office Department has been spread abroad letters have been coming in from numerous postmasters Witti assurances that there is tobe an uncovering of lax transactions and wreng-do-ing the postmasters are hastening to make known their individual experiences in dealing with the officials under investigation Q Manv of these letters tell how the postmasters have been overwhelmed with office equipments ordered for them from Washington Cash registers time clocks book typewriters ordinary typewriters and other like -have been foisted upon offices when they had no need of them or when they were already adequately supplied Information that the offices need such things availed nothing I he matter waB placed before the postmasters in such a way that they could not well avoid making the purchases Furthermore it was regarded by postmasters as suspicious particular make urged upon them Three or four years ago officials the department began fitting postoffices out in this fashion and the work has apparently been going on up to the present time It is claimed that excessive prices were paid and hat soca® body must have made handsome profits for there are thousands of offices which could be imposed npon m such i & jv fly The letters from postmasters also indicate methods in establishing and maintaining free delivery These letters are qnite as emphatic in their tone as are the letters regarding equipment of P(Theforce of inspection at the Post-office Department are proceeding vigorously with their work but no details of what is being accomplished can be ascertained at tbe department Postmaster General Payne is not expected home for abont a week After his arrival tbe accused superintendents and the confidential clerks associated with them will make a determined effort to stay the investigation or change its coarse which however will to all appearances be ineffective because Mr Payne’s orders now have tbe sanction of President Roosevelt who has enforced Mr Payne s orders by orders of his own Arthur Dennis Shoots Morris Hughes After Being Cut in he Face c Ionia S C April 7— A serious if not fatal shooting scrape happened here yesterday Mr Morns Hughes was shot by Arthur Dennis They had high words abont some little gossip and Mr Dennis called Mr Hughes a d— d lying s— of started towards knife and Mr stick Mr Privateer Personals b— Mr Hughes him with an open Dennis hit him with a Hughes then cut him in the face with the knife Dennis turned and ran with Hughes following and cutting at him but when he had run only abont twenty-five steps he Dennis then drew his pistol Hughes turned to run Dennis Hughes one time in the back as Ire ran Mr Hughes was still “ " o’clock this morning fell and shot alive at 10 J F M Monument Unveiled HAGOOD NEWS NOTES Began Five Months Ago and Touched Highest Mark Yesterday When May Went to 1040 New York April 7 -The rise in cotton which began almost five months aeo was continued today when May toacbed 1040 and July 999 a bieh 'rPe'aS°l“0ad”f around but the shorts The strong all were almost the“only buyers of May the bull element bolding off and taking only so much as was necessary to strengthen their position Advances ended 1 to 7 points but the bulk of the trading was in May and July Offer traniuK y n no were liber- - May in?s of July cotton at 998 aland sales at that figure were moder ately large By 11 ° May off to 1033 and July to 9-9 May closed 1029 bid 1030 July 990 to 991 asked sold A NEW SYSTEM New York April 7— There has been reed Ob 'tb' cotton agitation for a system of deliveries of cotton in carrying out contracts made on tbe floor of the New York cotton exchange at a number of southern ports instead of New York only has been to'wbichhere is considerable opposition A system of equivalents to make up for railroad rates and time of ship-ment is contemplated Here I am again Mr Editor I do wish I was a naturalist one hates to write or speak of things without calling them by their names There is a creature crawling about in people’s oat patches just now that one to say the least thinks deserves much attention but (can’t you tell us what it is?) knows no name for it Inere s an old book that cautions against de-spising the day of small things In almost every branch of learning men are looking for small things that have been walked over and slept over thousands of years One morning a fellow gets up and says be has found the fever germ “How big is it “Oh'” lie says ‘very small indeed l found it with my glass” The fact is published to the world and the man s name (he was not hunting fame but that knowledge which would benefit the race) goes down in history as its benefactor There was a time when be would have been called a fool etc etc Men grow wiser every day it is our duty to go with eyes and ears open Don’t be tied to any theory that helps sometimes but is nothing beside facts Because a man is alone in asserting a thing is no proof that he is mistaken A neighbor an intelligent man disputed with the writer last year about tbe worm if such it is that was destroying cotton lice and he was so certain that he was right that nothing but oceular proof could convince him Had he been asked his reason it would have been tbe woman’s (?) “Because” Men have read mv article in your paper and go abont saying -He’s wrong he’s wronN” but where is the proof Since writing it we have made some observations and found the creature not cutting into the oat not sacking it not doing anything that we could conceive would injure the plant He was very busy to be sure trying to satisfy a most morbid appetite for he had no sooner eaten one louse than he began search for another It is immensely ugly but that is no argument against it some good people are the same An old proverb says Give the devil bis due” If this worm gets his we believe he will be acknowledged our good friend A small hairy black and red striped worm three-eighths of an inch long Before this you hsve heard of the death of Mr Thos O Sanders mention of whom was made last week Only a short time back we met him and it made us glad to see him apparently in the best of health Like rinened fruit he suddenly drop- Holly wood Camp Woodmen of the World were fortunate in selecting last Sunday as the time for unveiling the monument recently erected to the memory of tbe late Mr C £ I Bultman The day broke clear and cloudless The early morning was a little cold but by noon time the thermometer had risen to a comfortable degree After morning services m the churches the Woodmen assembled at their camp and marched out to the cemetery When approaching tbe entrance the 2nd Regiment Band struck up a funeral march Solemnly and in good order the procession filed in and formed about tbe grave in wedge form Within the wedge were the officers who were to conduct the dedication ceremony the orator of the occasion and the musicians Outside were the relatives of the departed sovereign and a large crowd of ladies and gentlemen from the city who had gathered to witness the ceremonies The following program was rendered in a very impressive manner Music Song — Hide Thon Me Introductory Ceremony by the Consul Commander Clerk Watchman and Sentry A1 f Poem— Why should the Spirit of mortal be proud — Prof S H Ed- Unveiling the Monument— Rev C C Brown Music by the Band— Nearer My God to Thee Memorial address — Map H t Wilson Song — It is Well Benediction by Dr Brown The music was appropriate and good The poem as read by Prof Edmunds and address of Major Wilson were excellent Altogether tbe ocasion passed off with that decorum and solemnity which should characterize such a ceremony and was strictly of a religious naturh At the conclusion the crowd quietly dispersed to their homes The Camp was well represented more than a hundred Woodmen forming the wedge at the grave Many had come in from the country and these were the guests of their city brethren Those who were not taken to private homes assembled at the Jervey House for dinner Where the genial host bad prepared a bountiful repast for all comers Privateer Township April 6 — Change is the universal law bnt we don’t suppose many country communities have changed as much by some of its white families moving off as this one has The Mellett Beckham and Whilden families have no members bearing the name in the community now Mr Matt Ramsey is the only male of his name in the community and the Cain Bradford and Wells families are represented only in part Besides these changes others have occurred ' 1 Bethel Church is again without a pastor The Rev J D Huggins of Paxville preaches at Providence Church twice a month Mr Wash Holiday died last week He was 71 years old and was a survivor of Company II 5 fo G Cavalry Mr Holiday was one or our land marks was a bachelor and a remarkably quiet inoffensive man His aged sister Miss Mary Holiday still lives She was the oldest of ten children and is the last to survive Mr Sep Harvin has repaired his residence so much that it is greatly improved and quite resembles a large town residence He lives at the old Joe Havnsworth place Dr Richard Furman’s new office is a very attractive building and is prettily situated Privateer station grows but siowiv Mr Burgess Jenkins’ residence adds considerably to the appearance of the place It is surprising how far some people go off from home Mr Charley Neall formerly of this township is now living in Honolulu in the far away island of Hawaii He is still a bachelor Miss Sue Williams of Colleton is visiting Mr Dwight Cain’s family JVL c U f i Election of Officers and Delegates C April 6 1903 Sumter ------- acquaintance xuey — A regular meeting of Dick Anderson faouge vjsits giving away sample pack-Camp No 334 U C V was held iaeesof Force more than 1000 packages today with P P Gaillard Commai er and II C Moses Adjutant their posts i the Second Regiment Band and music The following officers were elected ag well as jroree) was dispensed as he for the ensuing year viz: i made his rounds Force is better D R McCallum Capt Commander known in sumter to-day than many Perry Moses — 1st Lieut Commander j 0jer preparations and the people will J Diggs Wilder— 2nd Lieut Com- j pot be permjtted to forget it "jno01’ II Terry— 3rd Lieut Com- ! mander H C Moses— Adjutant R J Brownfield— Historian W F Rhame— Treasurer “Delegates and Alternates to the gen eral convention to be held at evr Orleansr May 19 1903 viz: Perry j JDl’eaO OditBS - C Moses W M Graham “Sunny Jim” and his three brothers the famous representatives of the Force Food Co were in the city i Monday but this is no news fqr ' everybody saw them and made their They made house to Is TAR BAKERY Fd6 WHder P P- Gaillard J D Blanding To State Convention at Columbia b C Thos V Walsh T D DuBose J H Wilson J H Terry J E Atkins W H Epperson B D Mitchell W C D Styles The names of Messrs W M Graham Horce Harby H J McLaurin R D Lee and R I Manning were sent to the commission appointed by the Legislature to raise funds for a monument to Wade Hampton as proper persons to get subscriptions in Sumter county j The Camp then adjourned H C Moses D R McCallum Adjutant Capt Commander Post Office Liberty street Sumter S C and Pies 1 of every description We make as good i bread as there is sold in the State and I we want your patronage We carry a full i Jine of Fruits and choice Candies A first ! class lunch room for ladies and gentlemen j with Oysters any style j Ice Cream Milk Shakes and S Cold Drinks in season ! April 8 eo'-7-m Happenings in Magnolia Mill Changes Owners The Sumter Planing Mills run for some time past by Witherspoon Bros & Co have been bought by the Sumter Lumber Company and will be operated hereafter under that management The Sumter Lumber Company has a Philadelphia man for President Mr Henry McLaurin of this city for V ice President and Mr J R Kerr of North Carolina fot Secretary and Treasurer This is a different concern from the company that bought tbe McFaddin timber and was known as the Dargan Lumber Company which has also changed hands and is now known as Chas M Betts & Co of Philadelphia Magnolia April 3 — The oat crop in this section of Lee county which was so promising a few weeks ago is if we can judge by appearance a failure The destructive little insect is un7lr-ing in its ravages on the oats the destruction of which is a calamity the country Col J A Rhame has sold his new and handsome residence in this place to Dr O A Darby who will return and occupy it in a few days Col Rhame has bought Mr H b Toon’s place in town and has moved Mr6' Toon has accepted promotion bv the A C L Co and is now agent at Red Springs N C We very reluctantly parted with him and his estimable bettor half Our young friend Mr J P thews is conducting a business in Lake City and we wish him much success in his new adventure Mr Henry Hickson has accepted a situation in Lake City and will leave here in a few days Mr House who succedes Mr Toon is now a resident of this little town and he and Mrs House will be pleased with their new home The report is out that our genial young friend Mr H Lee Kilpatrick will form a life-time copartnership in the near future We will have to re pair from giving the name of the other member of the firm for the present A certain young man in this place went into our barber shop to shave all the hair off of the top of his heatd so as to make him bald headed lbe barber declined as the young man had a reason satisfactory to himself bnt would not give it Dr Tarrant’s neat little office is nearly completed i Dr E F Darby having returned from' Columbia has resumed pracatice 1 and we are in the hands of two skillful physicians Dr Parker has moved away TWe was a large gathering of farm- ! ers in the city Thursday the occasion of which was the giving away by the Osborne Machinery Company through their agent Mr W B Boyle of a number of machines which was done by a drawing of tickets and numbeis from two boxes Before the drawing which took place in Mr Boyle’s machinery yafid a representative of the company mounted on a Reaper gave a description of their machines and the method of manufacture and also the quality of material used The Disc Harrow was drawn by J G Stokes the Peg Harrow by R E Newman and the Cultivator by Thom-Strange There were over forty Other men that drew various small prizes some of which made a great deal of sport The men all had a good time and finished the day feeling that even though they had drawn no prizes yet they had lots of sport and some profit quarterly statement OF THE CONDITION AND BUSINESS OF Tie “Ml of Suiter” Sumter S C At the close of the quarter ending March 31 1903 published in conformity with the Acts of the General Assembly ASSETS Loans and Discounts $227158 Bonds Furniture and Fixtures Cash on hand Cash Items and Cash due by other Banks and Bankers 6L2 ‘ “ 92 12000 00 1500 00 51 Total LIABILITIES Capital stock paid in Deposits Due to other Banks and Bank ers Undivided surplus $304937 43 $ 75000 00 210700 17 1596 49 17640 77 $304937 43 I S S Call pourri get a dopy of Pupils Pot-G Osteen & Co FOR SALE A SAW MILL outfit guaranteed in good condition capacity 20000 feet per day Apply to W E BRUNSON April 8— 2t Sumter S C Total The State of South Carolina Sumter County ’ I W F RHAME Cashier of 'The Bank of Snmter” do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief J VV F RHAME Cashier Subscribed and sworn to before me this 1st day of April A D 1903 G L RICKER n s a Notary Public for S C Correct Attest : W F B HAYNSWORTH 1 President I Directors R L COOPER I JNO S HUGHSON Apr 2 1903 FREE ! FREE ! ELECTION IN MAYESVILLE Mayor and Council Chosen— Local and Personal Items of Interest We are giving away absolutely to you tbe without cost WIRELESS TELESRiPRY Masts to be Erected at Various Points on the Atlantic Coast Washington April 6 -Wireless telegraphy teste between Washington and Annapolis with an experimental nnaratuB have resulted so satisfac-S St Rear Admiral Bradford chief of the bureau of equipment has ordered twenty more sets ° instruments with which vessels and shore stations will be equipped It is intended that masts shall be constructed at various points along the coas including Boston Cape Cod Mon Point New York Cape Henry a Norfolk Dry Tortugas Key West Mare Island and Point Bonita Cala At the request of Admiral Bradford the Topeka has been sent to Annapolis for wireless work and the Prairie will to detailed lor like duty at Boston The hammocks being sold ty H G well ripened fruit Strother Dinkins a worthy colored man died last Friday after a short illness He was not a common darkle and will be missed Another young negro just returned from Georgetown died Saturday Messrs J L Jackson and W W Mellett are sick with ‘ grippe bnt their condition is not serious Dr B McLaughlin who went to obn’s Hopkins for treatment has returned not much improved Manly Barfield killed a grey eagle Saturday near the Dinkins Mill pond VFbat with rain and cold the chance fom stand of corn is poor Those who have planted cotton begin to realize that it pays to make haste slowly Hagood Argosy Ainslee Criterion Harper’s Bazar Harper’s Monthly Hlack Cat Osteen’s Book Store Just received a large lot of crepe paper 10c per roll H G Osteen A Co 10c per A Elite Pictorial Bon Ton Osteen & Review L’Art de la Mode at H G Co’s “Flinch” continues the popular A full supply at Osteen’s Book The excavation for the foundation of the new store building to be erected next to O’Donnell & Co’s by Mrs Tuomey is being made The Sumter Dry Goods Co has a lager and handsomer spring and summer stock than they have ever before shown their customers In the new advertisement today they invite tention to certain special lines cannot be found anywhere Sumter The advertisement today of Chandler tbe clothier is devoted to Easter Hats and Easter Ties Tbe advertisement can tell but little compared with the great deal that can be learned by a visit to tbe store bnt it gives a hint or two and points tbe way good dressers should go to procure their Easter outfit Mr H Harby who made a trip of 12 or 15 miles in tbe southeastern portion of the county last Thursday says that in many places especially on light and dry lands be noticed that the oats were badly injured by the pest of which complaint has been so general lately Dr C E Burts of Blackville S C will deliver tbe baccalaureate sermon of the S M A and F S daring the coming commencement This sermon will be in connection with the annual address by Governor Heyward and the literary address by State Superintendent of Education Martin They are all very able speakers for the occasion The base ball team of the Snmter Military Academy has been disbanded and no more games will be played this season The break up of the team grew out of a disturbance at the mess hall on Sunday in which members of the team were the leaders The remainder of the season will bo spent in tbe usual college duties and in preparation for the coming commencement Mr C C Wilson Architect of Columbia came over Friday to consult the City Board of Education in reference to plans for the new schoolbuild-ing Preliminary sketches were submitted and discussed They were considered more elaborate than the means at band will warrant The board is determined to come within the money to be realized from sale of bonus and will be cautious about running into debt Mr Wilson took the sketches tions Mayesville Pril f5--'Th® t°wn held an election today for officers to serve for the ensuing year with the result as follows : Mayor— Dr W W Gardner Ph G Wardens— M C Mayes H H Cooper A J Pringle J Goldman and H L Thomas— votes tied Board of Health— T M McCntclien M D H B Best W W Fort H L Thomas and W H Dean Our town is ‘ ‘ looking up’ ’ again for a number of new buildings are in the course of erection The town has just completed a handsome brick bundling The dispensary is located in it Mr H C Bland’s new Locomobile has just arrived and we are watching him to see if he will have the same luck as some of our Snmter friends in trying to climb the Court House steps only our Court House steps are not quite so formidable as Sumter’s Mr H H Wilson and wife of Pittsburg Pa- are visiting his brother Mr S W Wilson Miss Minnie Wilson of Columbia is staying with Mrs S W Wilson this W6Bki Mr J E McFadden of Sardinia is in town today Mr R D Cooper of Sumter is visiting his brother Mr J W Cooper Mrs Dr W M Bradley is visiting friends in Florence n Capt L B McCutchen of A G L service spent yesterday in town Mr J E Anderson Railroad Agent left for Wallace N C where he will assist in the movement of the strawberry crop Mr W B Smith of Lake Wacoamaw N C will take his place The oat crop in this section is being injured by lice It is estimated that the loss will beat least one half The gardens were not injured by ester day’s cold but some say that if the wind had lulled that we would have had frost and that would have knock ed things out ” Celebrated Butteriek Patterns We want you better acquainted witti our spring and summer stocks During tbe coming week we will give with every dress purchased at our store from 10c a yard up your choice of any Butteriek Pattern positively without cost to you We are offering Special Values in every Department Yours RYTTENBERG & SOWS CRACK GOES THE WHIP IN COME THE ORDERS The 7ir pia-Ear olioa Meal Co SELLS THE VERY BEST GRADES OF FERTILIZERS at the very lowest cost It pays to fertilize your lands w THE VIRC1INIA-CAROLIN CHEMICAL COMPANY PRODUCTS SOLD EVERYWHERE The Virginia-Carolina Chemical Co CHARLESTON S C On Wednesday evening April 15 the dramatic club of the S M A and S F S will give the comedy drama “The Cuban Spy” The story is thrilling one It deals with history of the Spanish-American The characters are well suited parts they play and it is that the drama will be a greater success than any previous effort on the part of the club It is full of exciting military climaxes and through it all runs a charming love-story and it is brim-full of fun It is hoped that the citizens generally will patronize effort and encourage home talent TIE lllfllll-tlllLin HMICU CEMPIIT “The Largest Manufacturer of Fertilizers on Earth" Forty odd Manufacturing plants Wholesale purchasers Largest importers Concentration of Management' 9

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