Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 7, 1944 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1944
Page 4
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Page Four NAUCJATUCK DAILY NEWS THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 7 Bail? JSeto* Publlfhfld Every,Evening (Except Sunday) by THE NAUGATUCK NEWS CORPORATION NAUGATUCK, CONNECTICUT Tdflphonr* «2» iind m»—All Do|»irtmciit« Entered M iccond .clans. mattnr nt the post office i Niiugntuck, Conn. SUBSCRIPTION HATES Payable in Advance 1 month -» "S 6 months II.0 3 month*-.;.'...'.'. .12.26 • ' l year Tho United Press has the exclusive right to us for rcpubllcation In liny form, all news dispntclio credited to thin paper. It is also exclusively entitled to for republicutlon all the local and undated new published heroin, 1'LKDGE TO THE *'LAG—"I pledge »lle- f lancti to the I'liijT ol tho United Stalest u Amcrlcii mill to the- itrpubllc for which it itand*. On« nation Indivisible, with Liberty •ml Justice for nil." T1IUHMDAY, StKI'TBMHBK 7. 1!H-I A COMMENDABLE SERVICE The Service for Veteran*; a local organization, is domg. ; n commendable job in setting up plans:l'or tliu reliabiliUition of tlie rulurning soldiers lumdieapped by injnry or illness HiiLTei'ed in line of duty. NaiiyiiUick,, it is plonking U> nute, is Hinung tlio majiy communities where that kind of help will be given such war victims', 'The Service for Veterans; office in the Southern New Kngland Telephone Company's building at the corn or ol.' Church and Cedar streets is so centrally located tluit those requiring assistance will t'iiiil it very convenient to go there. They will have many questions to ask and problems to submit. When present plans are perfected, the information they seek can readily be obtained. It is a service to which they are entitled and one they will greatly appreciate. ^ JUVENILE DELINQUENCY "'The. commission of more acts of vandalism .here—this time at the .Pond Hill and 'Hop-'Brook schools—shows that Nautfatnck still has miscreants of the destructive type. ]t is-to-be regroUed that this is so. It is not'surprising, however, in view of .the large number pF- similar acts which lire.being reported from all parts of the- country. It seems, what one group of vandals floes other gangs like to copy. Vandalism is regretted for good reasons, it not only causes'damage to and destruction o.f property, hut indicates that the vandal* are shaping their careers in a way that may lead to a wreckage of their lives and perhaps cause them to become a menace to society. It is a bold defiance of laws enacted for tho protection of properjy anil the rights of property owners. __ Sorno of the damage done by vandals is the work of boys of tender years who have been given, altogether too much of their own way and whose home training lias been sadly neglected by parents and guardians. This neglect is apparent from the number of children who are out nights nt a time when they should bo at home and in bod. .It is manifest in the refusal of many youngsters to obey those to 'whom they should be subject. It is also observed in the disrespectful attitude of'children toward their parents —a disobedience mid disrespect which is one nf the marks of that juvenile delinquency we see. hear and read about, so often these days, and which, in the opinion of many persons, calls for more strict .pnwJit.ii!- discipline 'uiau that which is exorcised in''some homes. Juvenile delinquency is not new. !In fact it has been a cause of complaint and regret down through tho ages. .Its present-day incroasu-''t be wholly blamed on the war, for there always was .much of it iii peace-time. But there will be less of-it-if-proper corrective measures to che,ck. it are. taken .by those whose duty carries with it Ihis-great personal mid moral responsibility. SURGERY NEEDED An ebbing tide leaves behind all kinds of refuse, old'.wood, tin cans, dead .fish and garbage. The ebbing Nnx.i tide in Europe will be like tlia't!'BooUice.ker.- of the and Quislings! 'centers of infection from which Hi'tJ.o'ritc;' poison' spreads, will all bo .revealed -in the conquered countries HS they regain their freedom. A good deal o.f 'rough surgery will be needed tb'c'nt'out these plague sprits. The outside world should lit- neither surprised nor shockbf] if for a time after the war Knropo'soc-s'n good deal ,fo bloodletting. r DO YOU REMEMBER? From The Files Of The News 20 Years Ago William Woods, James J, Grant, Jumes T. Gun- uoucl, Edward'.Wilcox, and. Anthony Malonc, Jr., were appointed a committee to make arrangements for the Fire Department clambake, o—O—Q . Substitute teachers for the new year of school were Mrs. H. D. \jlbbud, Murgaret Freeman, Mrs. Robert Beurdsley, Margaret Dowlinp, Mrs. John Cullinnnc. Ruby Freeman, Jane Condon, and Mrs. Geoi'KO Donovan. o—O—o 30 Years Ago John Cuddy. A. F. Nordlund, Robert Fisher, Ed- wiird Myers, William Ward iincl Jere Sullivan spent Labor Day weekend lit Walnut Beach, o—O—o Joseph Nonl, Thomas P. Rellly, Thomas W. Ahern. Michael Scanlon, Patrick O'Connor, and George Malier were nm'ong ihe delegates at the Democratic town convention. , Around the Clock Mr. and Mrs. .To'sopJi Smey are now Jiving in their new .home in the (.i Ion brook apartment buihUng on Bridge stroot.-Thu genial Joe is one of the top flight executives at the Synthetic Eubber plant; here and is very well known in Nuuga- tuck and surrounding places. A baby boy—James Thomas—was born to Mr, and Mrs, Sam Amato of 33 Pond street at St. Mary's hospital Monday, The youngster was a seven pound 15 ounce person. Both mother and son are reported doing fine The Column sat in a new chair yesterday and intends to fight to the very end before giving it up to the powers-that-be. It's a little tight, but we expect to lose a bit of weight before the year gets any older. Don't ask us how we'll do it, but we will. A LITTLE MORE HELP FROM THE SIDELINES WOJJLgjE_APPRECIATED Bits from Bojicun Ffills: Joe Kybinsky ok in ;i luill game in Bostoji over the past, xvooki'iu! 1st. I'.t. .Ant'liony ISx.e'/.esiiil of Hailro.-ul ,-ivefmr i* reported tn be in France. lie's been over there for alunit. two months now. He's with a medical detachment. His brother, Stal'i' Syt. Kddio, of the 1'.' S. Miirine.-, is now somewhere in the South Pacific Charley Matrus/.owski, I'SN, is spending a shore leave ,-it his pMrents-' home on Kail- ruad avenue. a!'ter coming in I'nun a en list' The .Del Yeechici hoys, Albert and Tony, Jr., of 'Railroad avenue, are overseas too. Pvt. Al, 'U. S. M, 0., is isomewhere in the South Pacific, and Pvt. Tony is with the U. S. Army in Suutlicni France 'And their chum, Pvt'. Steve ,'lux.wishen. is also in the South Pacific, fighting with a Marine ou(i:'i_t Yotfre Telling Me! (Central I'rtmm Writer) WOPT,J3 EVENTS avn moving so rapidly, snys. Grandpn.ppy Jenkins, that a. school atlas shouldn t he called a gooK'"iP»y but. a history b'ookl The St. Louis Browns may be superstitious, opines the man at the next doslt. but they'd much rather have a black cat than that Tiger crossing their paths. Politics, says ; <n editor!" 1. is full of twists and turns. Especially, points out Z-'tdok Durnkopf, v.-h.?n < ;:'. * 1 the -politicians tlicir views over th c "••< Population of the- 'is 13J,409,881., Wrote the end—you or njn' If the <lr«,rlfiHx ujirpnon, i~.< horn «o Ktay that rm«n, JT*4 Will we be able 1 0 for a nickel. The Chinese, according'....' losraphs, invented the rj piHBde 3.000 y MrB »&>.-H*?* they knew about Factory value of hajikcU for the fruit Industrie aio SM million annually Shop Early—A&P Supermarkets in Naugatuck Clo* - . Saturday at 6 p. m.—Open Friday Until 9 p. n. Beans Peanut "YOUR MIND AND BODY" Bv LOG AX CLKXDEXING, M. D. A. Vaccination Schedule TO SUMMARIZE what \vc have been .saying- this week aboul pre- pnring the children for thu school year, so far as • their huallh is concerned, the first duty is to bo sure they are protected as fat- as possible against contagious nnd infectious diseases. Because with the beginning of school tho child KOCS out into tho ffs-eat world, of new ideas, of new companions and, unhappily, of a brand now set of jicrms While at home' and playing in iho neighborhood he-has some contact with j,'crms. but he has ROL- tcn used to them. He has developed immunity to home and neighborhood (.'orms At school with a thousand new contacts ;-om other homes and other neighborhoods he is up against rins that he isn't conditioned to WALTER WINCHELL Coast-to-Coast Trade Mark Registered. Copyright, 19-1-1. Daily Mirror I LINT FROM A BLUK SiiRGE SUIT MM'E. CHIANG KAI-SHEK walked out because his first wife is livinjf in the house... Tax ex- perls point out that Frank Sinatra's income of ?1,-100.000 wi',1 net him little more than $25,000. . .The Dep't of Justice is insisting it he consulted on the legality of any peace treaties. . .Princess Julia.nna is enceinte again. The heir is expected- in Feb..,.John .Foster ; Dulles was once consul for Franco.' In the effort to secure control of Spanish Gov't coin on deposit horo. .Willkie attacks both Dcm- my and Kcpub platforms jn the Sept. Olh Collier's on their organi- sations for world peace, which' he- proves arc self-contradictory. And he has the courage to say so.... The producer of "Lower North" lost his life saving's on the flop. lishcr. Belt missed. The publisher refused to fire. They embraced and celebrated on arroz con polio . .'.Agents for J. P. Morgan's mansion at Glen Cove offered it to the Stork Club for .$15,000 outright. The elegant joynt alone on the 5 acres "cost '$1,250,000 ..Chorines call jumping out the window: "Committing sfdewalk." YOUR MONEY BACK if you don't agree thnt — is eaunl *o or better You'll find bargains galore in our _., parlmoKlz ... a wido cssortmcnt s | ^.jj t% tioncd end ration-free ilcsas. We ia»it» ».!' ' to come in and got reel top-quality iocdi* a ' worthwhile savings, : YANKEE EAKED wi!hFC5?.K-lboB, 2BOZ.1t, CAN-' 1 * 5 15* ?K G Oar Own BLACK Tea RI'CB Gems suNwu iona Cocoa Cake Flour %^2 Ideal Jars &73 c &63 9' Virginia and Audrey Fosdick, who are employed at the Risdon Co., celebrated their 22nd birthdays yesterday. The sisters are twins, by the way, Ginny's been at the Risdon for about three years and Audrey about four years Rose Lakatos, 49 Anderson street, Union City, is at Waterbury hospital under observation Abner Morgan of Riverside drive is at the same place, listed as a surgical patient. Bob Nixon of Highlaml avenue, who is one of Uncle Sam's bluejackets, is in the boruii.u'h for a short stay ...... Mrs. .-Josephine -Antonoli, 28 School street, is receiving- her mail at St. Mary's hospital, where she is a surgical patient ...... •Evelyn Domenic, Scott- street, is resting at her home after having her tonsils removed at S-t. Mary's hospital several days ago. The. people at the Risdon, where Evelvn works, sure do miss her. Seaman 1-C Joseph Capardino of the U. S. Coast Guard, former Naugatuck resident, but now of New York city was a recent visitor at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Bozzano of High street. The local residents also recently entertained Sebastian Marino, also of New York city. • A certain Xnugnl.uck business liuuse is getting ready to register official complaints if some person or persons who persist in calling their, telephone number and then hanging up when the receiver is picked up, don't stop the practice immediately. Tho stunt is keeping girls in the business 1'irm's office from concent rating on* their- work—and the idea is no longer being; regarded as a joko*. yet. ..Schedule of Vaccinations Wo c.-innot protect him against all of them We wish, for instance, \\-c could protect him against measles and mumps. We can with certainty, however, protect the child of live 01- six years against smallpox, diphtheria and typhoid fever. Tho .schedule is: Sm'allpox — Vaccinate r^t 0 months ot ape.— Repeat at 6 years. Diphtheria— give toxold at .12 months, with a Schick test to :-ee if immunity has run out at G yciy-s. Typhoid fever—Vaccinate at 5 to JO years of age. Repeat in 30 years. The fear that any of these vaccines will do harm is very remote — non-existent for diphtheria and typhoid. Complications more or less serious occur with smallpox vaccination, but \vfth modern methods of tissues culture of the vaccine thoy have been almost, completely eliminated At worst they occur' in less than one-tenth of one per cent of all children vaccinated. Mostly they are :il- lert'ic skin reactions, of no~serioua consequence. For two other diseases wo have methods of prevention that while not proved to be 100 per cent effective arc suflicicntly so that they car, be recommended. They arc: Whoopinp cou^h — vaccination should be done .it 3 to -1 years of age, Give in five doses, live to ten days apart Personally, and that is tho final test, I can say that if I had children of school ape I would un- hestatinRly give thorn the benefit of those whoopinp- coush and scarlet fever vaccination. They are certainly completely harmless, and both diseases arc always serious, and only too often fatal If any protection can be given against them, it should be tried, even if it is not complete and certain. Report on New Vaccines As to how complete and certain the protection is I find the latest report on whooping cough in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1!MT. by workers from Michael Reese hospital, 'Chicago. It represents a very thorough piece of work Briefly, it reports that 397 children varying in age from 6. months to 5 years were inoculated with five doses of whooping cough vaccines. Fifty- .cight of these children were subsequently known to have boon ox- 1 posed to whooping cough and nine developed the disease. In a control group 4~ unvaccinated children were exposod to whooping cough and 37,developed the disease. Scarlet fever' varies in conta- AFTER A DECADE OF OWNING and operating Miami, Saratoga and Broadway night, clubs, Jack Tell is happily settled or. the X, Y. Times. As a copy boy...A movement has started to decorate Bob Hope, Jack Benny and others who have gone overseas with the boys...Wni. A. Lydgaie, the editor of the Galiupoll. has a bestseller called "What America Thinks" (Crowoi:) due on the 26th ...Fanny Ward's groom has been bcautilled, too...Ben Swig, a Eos- ton realty man. bought the St. Francis Hotel (San Francisco) for -I 1-2 mill. He paid $750,000 in cash. Four days later he sold half interest for that sum. In short, ho owns a -I 1-2 million dollar hotel for the price ot a round trip ticket to the coast...June (model) Cox's spaniel is a Powers model, too. Tt gots S10 an hour at least once a month. NEAREST LOOK-ALIKE to the late Percy Hammond: Movie star S. Green.strceL. . , Van Johnson, one of the movie finds, can have his pick of leading roles in Broadway shows. He once was a chorus boy in them. . ."Mexican Hayride" has an eyeful in it named Ermine Ran-, dolph. Her father is Baron HoI J stein of British Honduras. She- nixes the baroness label....Add tough breaks: Dean Hudson, band leader, lost out or. a sponsored auto program. Because his name was the same as another car.... Dinah Shore is the victim of a wild rumor which has made her miserable, despite the -acclaim of overseas tr.oops she 'entertains. She is happy with her marriage ...Former AP correspondent Mark Ban-on who was stricken in Ethiopia a.nd couldn't recover over here—is fully mended since he was inducted. He is now a commando! LOVE LETTER from The Guild Reporter of The American Newspaper Guild: "You arc a winner of meritorious mention in tho 19-14 Heywood Groun Memorial A\vard competition. For your fight against Martin Dies". . .Varga gets $1.000 each for his covers from King Features. ..The next Scc'y of State for Cuba will be William Belt, whose family is from Bcltsville, Md., near Washington. He recently fought a duel in Havana. His opponent was a newspaper pub- giousness and virulence so much in different epidemics that no statistics having dogmatic value can be found. A suggestion, still on trial • is that simultaneous immunizations to smallpox, diphtheria and typhoid should be given. Such have been given with no more reaction than observed with any one, but the proccedure is still experimental. '•""• COLLIER'S serial, "Earth and High Heaven," deals with the marriage of a Jewish man ajid a 'Christian woman. First time a sympathetic novel'with that theme has appeared in an American mag of popular circulation. The author is Gwethalyn Graham. . .Baseball is the only enterprise that hasn't raised its prices...His friends arc urging- a high diplomatic post for Mayor LaGuardia. . .Knopf will get James Stevens' new manuscript, said to be a masterpiece. He gave Paul Bunyan to American iltera- turc..,The city spent over $100,000 to probe .night clubs and to date has received $1.000 from La Vie Parisicnne, which it closed, throwing nearly 50 people out of work...Cmdr. Krug has been doing the work of the W. P. B, (behind tho scenes) for a long time, anyway. A good man. PATRONS OF THE HAWAIIAN ROOM of the Lexington Hotel might recall the personable :ind lovely Mapuanu, one of the Aloha Maids with Kinncy's Islanders. Later she appeared in "Hcllza- poppin." She's now a. trollic cop in Honolulu. 1 . . .The oiNagreement reached between the United States and Britain is heckled ;is "a beautiful piece of free verse and twice as meaningless" The election will also settle some old Cabinet grudges. . .Argentina will get her punishment after the war. Britain has requested the U. S. to ho!d its temper until then..."Your School Your Children," a book due on the 1-lth (the author has taught for 18 years), will shock parents. She charges the N. Y. school system with appeasement toward anti- American agitation among students. ..Zingost night spot show is at the Zanzibar. THE ARAWA is the name of an Army transport. It neatly names its newspaper: "The Arawa Boom- De-Ay". '. .Louis Bromficld's article predicting a famine in the U. S. (reprinted, by Reader's Digest) was featured by the Nazis on the front page of a prison paper for American captives. . .Dr. Eleanor CALIFORNIA _ SWEET JUICY J^ i^( 252'i-DOZEN ~ 35 CANTALOOFESs^S POTATOES,fiL 4 ,25 APPLES ^or 4,25 CELERY N ,TV , 2S29' HONEYDEW MELONS 10' NATIVE CLEAN YELLOW LONG ISLAND-U. S. NO. i . Onions 4L S s17 c Potatoes*" for . . . FINER, FRESHER riAVOU IN YOUR CUP expert Lansing Dulles, financial fo»- the State Dcpt, is the sister j of Dewey's choice for Scc'y of State.'.,A liquor survey shows the greatest bar business is enjoyed flrsf'"by the Palmer House. Chicago, and next the Hotel Commodore-bar here...Lou Holtz, due soon in "Star Time." invested wisely in Ft. Laude'rdalc (Fla.) years ago. It just brought him $250,000 . , : .Ethel Merman's deal to play "Sadie Thompson" in "Rain" gets her $2,000 per week plus 2 per cent of the gross...The Sinatra? are crossing'their fingers—hoping their new maid "will like us:". , .Lamar Trotti, who did "Wilson" for Zanuck, has completed -Willkic's "One World" for the scrceit. They hope to get Spencer Tracy for it ...Add neat titles: Dick Himber's show of magic will be called ."Showcus- Focus" Iz Elinson suspects that Hitler must be disgusted with all of' his Generals. He hasn't a von who can vin. Between 1930 and 1940, the Pacific coast states sliowcd an 1S.S percent population pain, while west: north central states increased by only 1.7 per cent. \,Sur,nybrook Fresh Native'Grade "A" PALLET EGGS D oz31 e Pull:t CQO S -ire plenli'ul and the price ii low , . , Eg^s are a "whole" food, corn- Die* o with proteins, csscntiol vitamln»» Anri minerals. • -jl i Marvel Bread V/uh iho iieshnejs date on 'He LEAN, FRESHLY GROUND NO POINTS L5 NATIVE BROILING or FRYING L5 HAMBURG CHICKENS SKINLESS FRANKFORTS 37 C SLICED BACON FANCY GRADE A LBUV LARGE FOWL 41< 36' FANCY NATIVE MILK-FED 4 TO 6 POUND SIZES , HALIBUT HADDOCK MACKEREL FRESH SLICED FRESH CAUGHT .FRESH CAPE LB LB LB 10' Crisco p., n ,. LB Ivory Soap Camay Soap 3cAK C s29 t GREAT ATLANTIC & PACIFIC TEA CO.^ ••inject to market change!. We rcserve.the rlflht to limit ou»ntili«-"

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