Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 7, 1944 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1944
Page 2
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Two NAUOATUOK DAILY NEWS THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 7' As We WERE SAYING Tmiuirrmv we'll bo ll*ln|r <-'loc Iri<i lumps without w.rrs. Tlif.Vl In- lighted li.v ciinci'ulod liitfh fri'iiiirnry ruiliu unit-.. Kilune's in Boston Is now do liveiinR some oC Its good by helicopter. Tin- "car of the fulnrt.-" wll luivr sliding duor.-. Window rriinkN mill dour-levers will In ii>ixi>lrli-. us will thi' clutcl pi-dill und K«ur-!»liifl. Vunr fi-ii ili-rs will !>«• dent-proof, your u'iiiil>hii-ld linil W.IHHIW.S pn'of, und you'll cli'iin tin; il|>- hi>lsli:ry with it dump cloth. A single battleship—the New Jersey--can -produce five times iiiutx- electric. 1 ' power than ihc entire city" of" Albany (135,000) New York. ' TWII J.iindon iirH'simprr.s liavi. In-Kin! IxMilMff ;• ri-Riiliir Purls Ktlilion. now that the city-Is Illii-riiti-d. ,/•" Today's anecdote: On the eve or D-Day. Robert Ciipa. ther news pliotogruphor was in a,,' plttnc with 11 gi-oup of iMirnti'roop who \vi-n- to dusecnd .back of i-m-niy linns. One of..'.thu lads, much Interested In the -photographer and his wol-k, (iskccl in- iiuniertible iiuest'ions. Cnpa told him of his truvels with the Army in Spain, Chirm and Africa. As / the moment a.p- l.roiichfci. to Jump, the young pariitrnupcr arose, shocks hands with ihe photographer, wished him luck, "I don't think I'd lilsf: your job." he said, "It's too daiigi-rous." — Vincent Sheoan, Ki-dbook. If It lake* you a .second to read this line of typf, during Unit SIMM-ml a I - -.'H< l''lg"t«T IMuiie will •.hunt 15 shrll* ut tin- enemy, or >.im> 11 minute. Insulation cnn make your home a lot warmer this winter, keep your family hnppler and heulth- i,.,-. f<iM*»rvi! fuel, and add to the value of your property. And the money Cor it can bo easily obtained nt NntiKiitiicK National Bank tlvoutfh an FHA MOD- KK.NTXA'MON LOAN, that re- ,|uires no'endorsers, costs only •S5 [>fr year per SJOO borrowed, and may bu .rrpd'kl over an extended pet-lot! In, small, convenient, monthly installment.*. But don't stop at Insulation! Uncle Sam urges you to repair your l'urnace"or convert .your. huat- Ing system, add storm sashrs and weathcrsti'lpplnj.'. '-KSnug iij.,' h- says, "for a wfnter of limited coal and .on." But don't stop at fuel conservation either! Your government urges you to protect your home investment, by necessary repairs to* floors, ninf, sldowall.-i, wal'.par,*! 1 , chim- n.-y, plumbing, wlrlnw. walk's, •ici-s, grounds. An'd he tells us 1 loan you 'to the limit on ...>-.if! items, too. So why not be l-airiotic and smart at the same :.imeV Call and see us today! Vliiiiii-iipoiN Stiir-.Iotirnnl A; '1'rl- mite pulled >Ilnm.-sutnjiH mi th«? question: "What's the first tiling you expect to liiiy iifti-r (he wiir'.'" UIP,3I>7 fuinlllei siilil lew corn; 7:i,.">:!X, new liomes"; ;x,,s:',f», ni'w rrfrlKorutors; '1,128 will remodel present hiiine; ..,.,•11'; said new furniture. How- will they lie. paid for'.' 1 per ent -.aid out of War linmN. :(H er eent out- <>f nther Havings, nil HO per cent on Installment!!. ll.DS n^' Cf>r,t of total E Bonds 'mid h.-id been redeemed by ,(uly SI. 19-M. I'eaiiut shells are niiw being n:i(li: intu "cork" to line bottle Douglas Aircraft, Santa Monica, ins 20 miniature trains running hi-oughoiit lt.i.':.cxt,euslvc [jlunt in regular 75-mlTiuU; schodulcs. Ovur 000,000 pounds of piano parts are thus toted dally. O-IMiy Interests the average serviceman morr than V-Da,v, \Vhy? UI.-CHIINI! It nieaMH out-of- service d:iy. .< * Said r.incoin: "War's no laughing business, yet !t is a business we shall all do bettor if once In a while we take time iput to laugh." * THE NAUGATUCK NATIONAL BANK Member of Fcdnrnl Depoilt IiMtirnnco Corjiorutlon FALL TERM Wednesday, Sept. 6 Knmll .Any U">' T" 1 " \Vi - ok , POST JUNIOR COLEGE Smart Full DRESSES §£95 Wools - Crepes ^ up Says Germany Can Mike Peace Offer To Only One Man London, Sept. 7—(UP)—The British Press association says that Germany can make its peace overtures to only one man—the supreme field commander of Allied forces. General Eisenhower. The dispatch adds that only the German high command —and not Adolf Hitler —can open negotiations for an armistice. According to the British Press association. Adolf will r.ot bo allowed t-J take any part in the proceedings. The dispatch denies 'reports that the Nazis have mn.cle_ peace approaches to the Unilecl Nations. And, it adds, there will be r.o preliminary negotiations -for secret talks ponding suspension of the fighting. OFFICE OF VlllCE ADMINISTRATION.. Department of Information Ration News .Fur Week of September H-f» t' l*i nit lltvUlhlr, I'xd'n <iunl- i I y In !• vi* r y ( . o n 1 1 1 1 1 v **O n» n gv ; IlloNMmii" HI n*r jMotil t'xi'liiMlvrly PIERPONT'S A iiM*rI«'ii ti r; <• 111 Sue U- r y •151) IIA.VK STHHKT Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 MEATS Jt FATS . GOOD INDEFINITELY— Red stamps AS through Z8 and A5 to G5 in-.Book Foul' worth 10-points each. Rod tokens, worth one point each, used as change. Householders ai-e reminded- "that -red-stamps now become valid every 4 weeks instead of every - weeks. Thus the number of points is reduced -to 15 for every 2 weeks Instead of 30. No additional red stamps will! be validated for use before :Cct-' obet' .1. . • : IMiOCESSED FOODS i GOOD INDEFINITELY— Blue Stamps AS through ZS and A5 to L5 in Book Four, worth 10 points- each. Blue tokens, worth one point each, used as change. No -addition-, a! blue stamps will be validated for use before October 1. SUGAR GOO D . INDEFINITELY— Sugar Stamps 30. SI, 32 and 33 In Book Four, each good for five pounds. Sugar Stamp '10 in Book Four, good for five pounds for home canning through Feb. 28. ID-IS. Consumers mny be granted up to. 20 pounds per person for home canning by making application on Form K-322 at local .OPA Boards. New England is "now in the second period lor such allotments (August 1 through Oct. 3D: 1 SHOES GOOD INDEFINITELY— Airplane Stamps No. .1 and No, 2 in War Book Throe good for ono pair of shoes each. GASOLINE November S—Las I day Cor A-ll Coupons good for three gallons. B3, B--I, C3 and C-l coupons good.- i'or five gallons each. FL'ISJL OIL September 30—Last clay for period four and period five coupons. All coupons worth '10 gallons a unit. Now 19-l-l-tD fuel oil coupons will become good for 10 gallons upon their -receipt by the consumer from local OPA Boards. Three United rt Hurt In Action London, Sept. 8— (UP)— Three United Press war correspondents have been wounded or injured. In recent action in Franco.. ."•;>,-• Robert C. Miller Is on. the' way to, England : wfth his left arm Beverly wounded, by i shrapnel during an aerial- bombardment of Ver.dun. J. A. Bock-hurst, a newu-eel. photographer, at great peril to his own anfc- ty, crawled to Miller while bombs were falling nnd placed a, tourniquet on. his arm. Edward V. Roberts telephoned th« U P.) bureau, from a base hospital. In .England, tot'glve details, of the battle to reduce Nazi defenses nt Brest. Incidentally, he raveal«d that his dispatches since. Friday had .been Hied from a bad In o field hospital where he-wan-under-treatment for minor shrapnel wounds incurred last Friday in the left hip and left shoulder. ., . >-.' Roberts was-'view.ins' the pound- Ing of Brest from an artillery observation post outs'idc the seaport when Germans found the range with 88's. • • . • •••• • ••• The correspondent was running, 'for shelter inside a stone farmhouse when a shell burst outaido, peppering him with pieces of steel. Samuel D. Hales returned to the London bureau pending complete recovery from injuries received when a jeep in which he was riding on the British front in-Normandy a month ago- today took to: a ditch to escape collision with a big army truck. Funerals Bearers ut Olsim Funeral Bearers at the funeral Wednesday of Mrs. Eda 1 .Mario (Gustafson> Olson, wife of George Olson of Hillside avenue, were Wilgot Larson, Algot Algrun. .Frank Freding and Andrew Lundin. Mrs, Herbert. Bolilin was soloist. Burial was in Grove cemetery. Jail Sentence Imposed In Boro Court In borough court this morning, John Wuent, 43 Spring (street was sentenced to four months in county jail on a breach of peace charge. He was arrested last night by Patrolman George Smith.. Judge Thomas Neary presided. SEKVICEMJiX INJURED Boston. Sept. 7—(UP)—Two discharged servicemen are. suffering from leg wounds sustained when a revolver discharged accidentally. Lcroy Parcella of Charlcstown waa showing the gun to Walter Nicholson of Somerville and a sailor in a doorway in the theatrical district. Parcella dropped the gun unexpectedly, and he and Nicholson were hit by the same bullet. Victim Of War One of the «Idcllkhfai.-'of -World Wur II 1» the manner In which the children huve endured terrible hardhhipH und canio up Hinlllnjr, their spirits unimpaired. A little hoy of Surbiano, Italy, puts on a winning tfrln. UN he holds the crucifix Riven tn him for sufekCBpinif by hl» refuifee parontH. (Interniitloniil) President Of Argentina Has Denied Charges Fluorescent .maps are u«ed for night bombing raids. (By United Presn) In South America, Sept. 7—(UP) —Argentine President Farrell-said n a radio broadcast that the armed .'orccs will continue ruling Argentine until they achieve the goals of the revolutionary program of Jumi>, 1943. He denies charges ha:t Argentina harbors aggressive designs against her neighbors—or :hat his administration is based on Nazi principles. •And in Washington—Brazilian Ambassador Carlos Mai'tir.s Per- einx-De Sou/a has issued a statement repudiating reports that Brazil plans, to recognize the Argentine government. He re- afflrmed Brazil's policy of full solidarity with the United States —and declared his nation would continue its war for the defense of the American • continent are you familiar with our. \. NIFTY NIGHT-WEAR? PAJAMAS' and GOWNS •Street Floor . HOUSECOATS and ROBES Second 1 Floor 1SI!Y IVAK BONDS AND STAMPS Come slumber time . . . come cramming, time . . . come those good ol' "shooting-the-breeze" sessions, you'll want your lolling wear designed for comfort. So remember Musler-Liebeskind is, ready with your back-fo-Schoo! nightwear. ; . ' . '. --. '' " ; -••••• <*^^™«t^^-^^^ Japanese People Givin Warnings By Their Leaders (By Unite)! J'rcwO The Japanese people were warned by three of their top leaders lo- 'day-thal they must take desperate 'measures to save their nation. 'They were called upon both to arm -themselves, attains!-' Allied jn- 'vasion, and to muster «l) then- manpower resources in a desper- ale'drive to Increase their fighting' power. These, dire warnings came from Emperor Hirohito, his premier, General Koiso, and navy minister. Admiral Yonai, at the 85th extraordinary session of the Nipponese diet. Admiral . Yonai painted the blackest picture.. In a speech re•ported by the German S-N-B news agency, Ihe admiral admitted that the Allies now have the upper hand in the Pacific naval He admitted that the Jap fleet was thrown back in the Marianas because the necessary air support was lacking. And he said bluntly: "Furlher setbacks are expected." Yonai added that Japanese losses in the Marianas, Saipan, Guam, Tinian and New Guinea must not bo underestimated. He pointed out that the.Yanks already have cslablishcd | i-ti-jns air bases in the Marianas j and on New Guinea. And increased air activity has been observed in the- northern- Pacific as well as' in the Sumatra a'nd Java area. The admiral called on the Japanese to increase aircr.aft produc- ,^^^-^^™^lion to Ihc ,-Oilmo»t. f ,,iUi^c said, ..... importont prerequisite' to modern naval opcratlonn J* air Hijprem- ucy He concluded: "The deeper : the enemy penet.ra.toH the »).raloglc iljnes around Jnpan, Lho greater do his weaknesses appear. It i« Japan's tradition to overcome superior enemy with weaker forces." The admiral must have been thinking of Pearl Harbor. Koiso. in a rousing call to arms, declared that the government nan already found it necessary to su*- pr-nd all establishments and industrial activities which r.ouJd not bo converted into cfrcctive n«ht- inV power. Hn added: "The existence of a single idle person or a single bystander. rcffardlesn of age or sex, will not be tolerated."The Domel news agency says this lota) mobilization will begin on November 1st. when all men from :2 to 60 and all women from 32 to -fO will be required to register for the labor draft. Kofso also revealed for the first time that the Japanese have already begun evacuation of their larger cities. He admitted that the air attacks are likely to increase- in frequency and scale. And, hi continued, "we might do well to consider the possibility of the Americans landing on our own home soil." To block such an invasion, 'he said, the government has decided to arm the entire nation. In addition. Nipponese home defenses will be greatly strengthened. Emperor Hirohilo called on tho Jap diet to—as he said: "rouse yourself afresh" to "wreck the in- inistic warnings of Admiral Yonai, And apparently deaf to the pessi- ordinate ambitions of the enemy." Hirohito declared: "Our expeditionary- forces overseas fought bravely and energetically and by smashing the formidable enemy everywhere, already forgotten nfccut tige." The emperor a pp» mons. the Gilbert*, th. the Marian** and ' " " long lint. . French Indo-China I., nim of TejuMi- nnd him., tion of about 22 million. CORN MUFFIN -THERE JS A WAY *>1 assure delicious corn muf- fins at every bskinjj tr.d j«jj nornc is Flakonx And the reason for this hippy result is that Flakoni't '• ingredients arc precision. mixed! MEATS-FISH-GROCERIES- FRUITS AND VEGETABLES WELCOME HOME From Your Summer Vacation \susual, you'll find your Neighborhood Fulton Market ready to serve you wilK nualHy meats and fish, nationally advertised grocery and household Hems and garden fresh vegetables and; fruits. Efficient, courteous service and lov.- prices await you. Won't you drop in soon? WEEK END SALE OF FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Fancy Macintosh Apples ...... 3 Fresh Italian Prunes a» Fancy Elberta Peaches Selected N. Y. State Yellow Onions 3 "" 1 U. S. No. 1 Native Potatoes.... 5 «»* Fancy California Canteloupes ... u> VISIT OUR MEAT DEPT. FOR THESE SPECIALS FRESH DRESSED Chickens 4-lb- Av. for Boasting— 2K.-Ib Av. for Broiling- FRESH GRADE "A" Fowl. o.. 46 41/ SMOKED Beef Tongues ib SPICED 12-oz. tin Luncheon Meats 33' Mor - T-rcet - Tang - Prcm - Black Hawk GRADE "A" STRIP Bacon In the Piece Ib 29* FRESH SLICED ft f| Calves Liver ib bu A | a |i AH A Ocans 27 C Now Point Free SAVE ON THESE GROCERY DEPARTMENT ITEMS | 2lc 27c MAXWELL HOUSE ID COFFEE.. bag JELLO PUDDINGS DEL MONTE No. 2'/ 1 FRUIT COCKTAIL J« CORN 1Z_ OE . NIBLETS v. c .u,, SEAfcECT EVAP. MILK Oean« IJOMINO GRANULATED SUGAR Gcrbcr's Strained or Chopped BABY FOODS I MIRACLE OE THE; WASHDAY' Ji-Gal. "STAR WATER . ** OCTAGON LAUNDRY OLD DUTCH CLEANSER Cleans Clogged. Drains Quickly Reg. lOc PLUMITE CLEANS A MILLION THINGS OAKITE 1 Plain or-Iodized Free Running STERLING SALT I JCNKET. . . RENNET POWDER BLUE MOON , ... t. 0 t, CHEESE SPREADS MUSSELLMAVS ' APPLE BUTTER 20-MULE TEAM BORAX CLEANS GRIMY HANDS BORAXO . . GRANDMA'S MOLASSES FRISBIE'S FRESH APPLIE PIE CAMPBELL'S ', TOMATO SOUP . CHEF BOYARDEE MEATLESS SPAGHETTI SAUCE ««• AROMA -.. ' > ' fkg. of TEA BALLS « CAMPBELL'S , ' IG-ot PORK and BEANS OHIO-BLUE TIP /• 50 MATCHES .t*i*s* WALDORF; -;• TOILET TISSUE . *•*»" SUNMAID SEEDED .: ' R-g. 17c RAISINS ....;.. PT RED HEART DOG FOOD ..... pxr HOFFMAN'S FINEST 15-«. HONEY *- BROOKMAID PURE „..-. Ib APPLE JELLY .;...*'

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