The Champaign Daily Gazette from Champaign, Illinois on January 30, 1899 · 4
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The Champaign Daily Gazette from Champaign, Illinois · 4

Champaign, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 30, 1899
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J&v T1 HA Ho U cans to tl chen supp et u ing t no si med! Thej Intel cause face whic of di chitij not b stron jury arose throt effeci sages the £ come pepsj was these chitii resul pepsj the fi ine ria sc estif f a! md vhic o-ca radj H stbe t is hrai sins dll Yo S rice F jque i g lie aj ui vj 1 1 si oi ri o 4 ii 1 CiK tSTABLISHED’IN 1852- Entered as matter of the second-class at the Champaign Postofflce Champaign lli RATES OP SUBSCRIPTION Daily 500 a year or 10 cents a week Weekly 1150 a year in advance Address all communications THE GAZETTE Champaign 111 H H HARRIS Proprietor (Jrders for the delivery of The Gazette to either residence or place of business may be made by postal card or throueh telephones oenix or Bell 55 Any i : ? ' de livery should be immediately reported to the office of publication This Date In History — Jan 30 1649— Charles I betheaded by theCromwell-lans born 1600 1661— Charles Rollln compiler of the well known “Ancient History” born in Paris died 1741 1775— Walter Savage Landor English author born died 1864 1785— Charles Lord Metcalfe who reconciled the sects of India reorganized Jamaica and pacified Canada after their rebellions born died 1846 1891— Charles Bradlaugh English Liberal and skeptic died born near London 1833 1895— Steamship Elbe of the North German Lloyd collided with a small vessel in the North sea and sank Immediately over 300 people went down 1897 — Genera Andrew Jackson Smith U S A retired noted Federal commander died in St Louis aged 82 1898— Admiral Daniel Lawrence Bralne U S N retired died in Brooklyn born 1829 The value of farm products exported during last year was nearly $900000-000 Farmers can stand “the Dingley abomination” and never wince under It THE CHAMPAIGN DAILY GAZETTE MONDAY JANUARY 30 1899 WAS FULLY COLD ENOUGH ANYHOW Royal Baking Powder BSOUUTEEV'PUBE Makes the food more delicious and wholesome ROYAL BAKIWO POWDER CO HEW YORK At the time of the Mexican war there were a few anti-expansionists just as there are a few now but at this day nobody has very high respect for the figure they cut in history on that subject The year promises to be a good one for the American farmer Since Jan 1 the exports of wheat have amounted to 19675087 bushels and of corn to 11513365 bushels The wrorld wants food supplies and as long as we have them for sale money will come to us in a steady stream The people of the United States have more money in their pockets or subject to their checks than at any previous period in the nation’s history The amount as estimated by the treasury department at Washington is nearly two billions of dollars and every dollar of it is worth 100c A marked contrast between American and Spanish methods is exhibited in the treatment of the dead soldiers on the fields about Santiago While arrangements are being made for bringing home the Americans buried there it is found that the bones of many of the Spanish dead still lie on the surface of the ground never having had any attention but what they received from the vultures and land crabs Two hundred millions of dollars in government bonds were issued during our war with Spain On those bonds interest at 3 per cent will be paid for many years If the amount of the interest they annually earn had been spent each year during the past two decades upon an American merchant marine Spain would never have ventured to go to war with us for any reason and we would have been saved the losses in lives and treasure that war has made necessary and should now have a good merchant marine over and above all this saving offer in place of the matter he does not want to see printed Moreover whatever the defects of the newspapers these zealous reformers almost uniformly begin their work of reformation in the wrong place The news papers do not create the evil tha1: exists They tell about it that is to say about a very small fraction of it Does silence about the existence of evil deeds and evil things cure them? Does it even tend in that direction? Quite the reverse What we say is that the newspapers upon the whole perform their part in respect to these matters much better and more intelligently than could the people who are always preaching to the press about what it ought to do — unless as is sometimes suspected those who have no knowledge of the business can manage newspapers conduct governments or run hotels better than those who have devoted the best years of their lives to trying to learn how Never before has Europe got so large a Troportion of Its imported wheat from the United States as this year The foreign markets are slow to follow the rise in prices that has occurred in the United States but if increased sup plies do not begin soon to pour forth from other countries the foreigners will be compelled to become urgent buyers in this country regardless of the price Just at present the foreign demand is slack The large current exports are the result of sales made some time ago and they are slowly falling off There is no doubt that the United States still has a large surplus available for export which will accumulate at market centers and check the rise in the market if Europe does not buy freely But with a renewal of a liberal foreign demand the speculative sentiment in favor of higher values may result in forcing Europe to pay fancy prices for wheat before the crop year ends Including the whole range from the smallest torpedo boats to the largest battleships England has 119 war vessels under construction or planned for construction The prospect for a short session of the legislature is not very good The house calendar already carries 220 bills and that of the senate at least 150 GRATUITOUS WORK OF REFORM The Baltimore Yearly Meeting of Friends sends out an appeal to the press asking the newspapers “so to construct their items of news that the insatiate love for things which make for evil will be done away” The circular which is signed by a committee of fourteen women aims to reach a desirable end but it makes the common mistake of supposing that newspapers are printed with a view to conducting works of moral reform They are conducted as business enterprises and they undertake to aid all good causes and to correct existing evils and wrongs as far as they can consistently with the fulfillment of their office as newspapers If they report things that are unlovely it is because men do things that are unlovely They are misjudged on this point by bigoted people who con eive that the newspapers search for vile things to print whereas in fact every well-meaning paper — and these are immensely in the majority — greatly prefers to publish matters which show humanity in its more lovely and loveable aspects and refuses or suppresses ten-fold more of the disagreeable and hateful things of everyday life than it prints and this in spite of the fact that it knows there is always a large and hungry constituency eager to read accounts of evil things often more hungry with shame be it said than the better element is to read of things that make for good Hence it is that as a rule newspaper men look with contempt on most of the self-imposed labors of those very good people who burn with a desire to purify the press What do such people know of the inside workings of the press? TV hat do they know of the infinite variety of unworthy appeals that come to the press to shoulder (always at its own risk and expense) this and that personal interest and to gratify this and that personal spite of people who want to stay out of sight and see somebody squirm? They are wholly ignorant of the fact that the average 'ormer of the press has nothing to Parsnip Complexion It does not require an expert to detect the sufferer from kidney trouble The hollow cheeks the sunken eyes the dark puffy circles under the eyes the sallow parsnip-colored complexion indicates it A physician would ask if you had rheumatism a dull pain or ache in the back or over the hips stomach trouble desire to urinate often or a burning or scalding in passing it if after passing there is an unsatisfied feeling as if it must be at once repeated or if the urine has a brick dust deposit or strong odor When these symptoms are present no time should be lost in removing the cause Delay may lead to gravel catarrh of the bladder inflammation causing stoppage and sometimes requiring the drawing of the urine with instruments or may run into Bright’s disease the most dangerous stage of kidney trouble Dr Kilmer’s Swamp-Root the great discovery of the eminent kidney and bladder specialist is a positive remedy for such diseases ts reputation is world-wide and it is so easy to get at any drug store that no one need suffer any length of time for want of it However if you prefer to first test its wonderful merits mention The Champaign Daily Gazette and write to Dr Kilmer & Co Binghamton N Y for a sample bottle and book telling all about it both sent absolutely free by mail Get Your fcyes Open Yotf may for years have been troubled with your stomach Many articles- of food eaten by you may cause distress for hours after eating a fullness etc This is suggestive of dyspepsia and sooner or later unless you do something to correct the evil you will find yourself a confirmed dyspeptic A small dose of Dr Caldwell’s Sy rup Pepsin taken after each meal will give you greater relief than anything you can get For sale by Watson Faulkner 10 Dr Haley’s Institute in is the only place where Turkish Rus sian Medicated Ocean Brine and Sulphur baths are given under the direction of a physician Bath rooms open Wednesdays and Saturdays also open Wednesday nights until 10 p m and on Saturday nights until 12 p m 25dtf PURE CRAPE CREAM OF TARTAR POWDER DR' CREAM BAKING POWDER Awarded Highest Honors World’s Fair Gold Medal Midwinter Fair BBaiaiiaiaBaiaaBaiaBaaBiaiaisasa i jhe miRKUS- I a a Today’s Quotations Champaign 111 January 30 Market quotations furnished by Van Duyu & Murray commission merchants room 1 postoffice building- Private wire to Chicago New York and New Orleans Correspondent Lamson Bros & Co Chicago Members o' the Chicago Boara of Trade and New York Stock Exchange: Phoenix phone 41: Central Union 250 CAR LOTS Today Tomorrow 96 180 781 1000 274 340 31000 30000 PRIMARY Receipts Shipment Wheat 946000 163000 Com 972000 401 00 NORTHWEST RECEIPTS This year Last er-r Minneapolis 776 487 Duluth CLEARANCES Wheat 1049000 BEATING A RAILROAD THE “SMOOTH” PASSENGER DID THE TRICK WITH EASE Corn Wheat Corn Oats Pork Lard Ribs CASE CLOSE 58700) 764 37 27 11027 - 5 70 5 05 Dr Use Bull's Cough Syrup for that hacking cough It is the best medicine for throat and lung affections One bcttle of this reliable remedy will effect a cure Price 25c EXPOSE OF XEELY’S MOTOR Phenomena Said to Have Boon Prod need by Deception and Trickery Boston Jan 30 — The Herald says: T Burton Kinraide who is supposed to be the sole possessor of the Keely motor secret in an interview about the alleged expose of the Keely motor by Attorney Charles 8 Hill and Ransom S Bridge said that he was indignant at the treatment of himself and the apparent breach of faith with him by Hill He said “I cannot comprehend the action of these two men My letter to the stock- holders of the Keely Motor company had been carefully prepared and was mere ly waiting for the return of a document from them to Mr Hill I did not give my consent to any of the pretended disclosures made by Mr Hill or Mr Bridge nor did they inform me regarding the course which they have pursued despite the fact that I have been in daily communication with Mr Hill” The statement of Hill to which Kinraide refers was an elaborate expose that puts the dead Keely in the light of a rascal It says hie phenomena were all produced with the aid of a concealed water motor secret wires tubes etc Senate and House In Brief Washington Jan 30— A spirited debate was precipitated in the senate Saturday while the diplomatic and consular appropriation bill was under consideration the result of the debate being an increase in the salaries of a number of consuls and legation secretaries The bill was passed A recess was taken to enable senators to attend Garland’s funeral The bill permitting the use of voting machines at congressional elections was passed In executive session the Paris treaty was discussed Frye explaining the treaty and negotiations The house Saturday continued the consideration of the army organization bill until 2 o’clock when the members paid their tributes to the memory of the late Representative Simpkins of Massachusetts Very little progess was made with the army bill He Worked His Little Scheme With Snch Conanmmate Coolness and Nerve That He Even “Rattled” the Conductor Into Apologising If the ticket seller of the Burlington railroad office had noticed the man who bought the ticket to Riverside at all he must have been impressed by his appearance of “smoothness" He was “smooth" and although he had told a person a few minutes before that he was going to Cedar Rapids la it seemed inconceivable that he was buying the Riverside ticket in a fit of absentmindedness It wanted ten minutes to train time and having purchased his ticket the “smooth" man took up an easy position with his back to the wall near the ticket window and began to scan a yard long time table with an air of intense interest Three or four other suburb bound people came along during the next five minutes but the man with the time table never looked up Then oame a man with a oouple of fat grips and the time table student threw a swift sidelong glance toward him as he bought his ticket and then ran his finger along a column of figures as though he had just found a clew to the train he wanted Another man with grips hurried up to the window and this time the “smooth’ looking man began to fold up bis time ta ble in a leisurely way and then sauntered along behind the last oomer to the train Both men got into a chair car and seat ed themselves side by side and the next minute the train pulled out Within five minutes the man who had been described as of a “smooth" aspect thrust his left hand into his trousers pocket and pulled out some loose change and a bunch of keys He counted the money and looked thoughtful — it amounted to $176 — then he replaced it and hunting through his other pookets produoed a penoil His seatmate held his ticket in his hand and after another hurried search through his pookets the searcher turned to him and politely asked him if he might take the pasteboard for a minute “Certainly" assented the owner of the valises and he banded over the ticket “You don’t mind if I write on it do you?" asked the “smooth” man with a smile The other looked rather doubtful but before he could reply his companion was scrawling a rapid memorandum on the back of the ticket Then he pulled out his money again recounted it glanced at the memorandum with knitted brows and handed the ticket back with another smile “I have lost some money ” he explained “and I wanted to figure it out I didn’t have a scrap of paper about me" The man with the valises bowed turned the ticket over and looked at it He read : Railroad $16 75 Dinner 75 Cab 50 Cigars 25 $18 25 Cash left 1 75 Grip’s Ravages Doomed So much misery and so many deaths have been caused by the grip that everyone should know what a wonderful remedy for this malady is found in Dr King’s New Discovery That distressing stubborn cough that inflames your throat robs you of slep weakens your system and paves the way for consumption is cuickly stopped by this matchless cure If you have chills and fever pain in the back of the head soreness in bones and muscles sore throat and that cough that grips your throat like a vice you need Dr King’s New Discovery to cure your grip and prevent pneumonia or consumption Price 50 cents and $1 Money back if not cured A trial bottle free at Cunningham Brothers’ drug s Lore Perfection Fonncl at Last t- Decatur Hl- Jan 24 1S98 Dear Sirs — I received a gun shot wound in ’64 while in the army which caused a partial paralysis of the bowels and from that time to the present I lave had to use a laxative I have JjT1!? a great many kinds of medicine in that time but have never found anv as effective or that has been as near natural as Dr Caldwell’s Syrup Pepsin Yours Truly - JOHN ARMSTRONG For sale by Watson Faulkner 9 $20 00 And when be had read it he looked as if he did not desire any further acquaintance with a person who had only $175 cash left In a few minutes the conductor oame through the crowded car and gathered up his tickets He took the “smooth" man’s Riverside ticket punched it and added it to his bundle and reached over and stuck a white slip in the band of the other man’s bat and passed on to get 400 or 500 more tickets from the other passengers The “smooth” man made no attempt to renew his conversation with his seatmate and at Morton Park rose and strolled forward into the smoking car where he pulled a big black olgar from his pooket and smoked plaoidly until the train passed Downer’s Grove Here the conductor looked at him as he passed walked on a few steps stopped and turned back “Where do you get off?” he asked The “smooth" man looked up a minute with an air of mild surprise then flicked the ash off his oigar and said “I go through to Cedar Rapids" “Where’s your train oheck then?" asked the conductor “I don’t know" said the “smooth” man “Perhaps — no I guess you didn’t give me any I’m sure you didn’t I remember now” “Young man” said the conductor sternly “if you haven’t got that train oheck you will have to get off at the next stop That's all there is about that ” “Conductor”-retorted the young man in calm even tones “I don’t believe you will put me off this train I don’t know anything about your train check and I don’t care a continental but I do know that I’ve paid my fare and that you took my ticket and I propose to ride to my journey’s end or your company will have a nice little damage suit on its hands" Theoonduotor looked at him keenly and he sustained the look with a cool steady stare Then he laughed “Oh I don’t want any trouble about it!" he said “I’m not hunting damage suits I’d sooner pay my fare again in fact if I hadn’t lost some money just before I got on the train By George I” he exclaimed suddenly with the light of inspiration illuminating his faoe “Why surel lean prove that you’ve got that ticket” “Well?" said the conductor “Why It’s this way: I started out with $40 and I last $20 I figured it out on the back of my ticket before I gave it to you See here” — taking an envelope and writing on the back of it — “you take this and look over your tickets If you don’t find that identical memorandum in my handwriting on the back of my ticket you can put me off or rather I’ll get off without trouble" Saying which the “smooth" man smiled confidently and leaned back comfortably in his seat and resumed his oigar The conductor took the envelope in a serious noncommittal sort of way and walked off with it In a few minutes he returned his face wreathed in apologetic smiles ‘Well it’s on me I guess" ho said “I’ve got to ask your pardon You seo there’s so much suburban travel on this line a man is liable to get mixed up but I want to say to you that it’s something I don’t do onco in 100 years I wouldn’t have believed I’d forgotten to give you a check It’s lucky for you that you made that memorandum" “I guess it was" said tho “smooth’ man ihen he added as tho conductor was moving off “Aren’t you going to give me that check now?” “Why of course I" exclaimed the conductor “You’ve got me rattled sure " -Chicago Record No Difference Wliat This Or That Man’s Thermometer Showed Saturday night and Sunday were by far the coldest night and day in this section of Illinois Everybody who knows anything knows this The weather man for once in his life at least knew this cold wave was coming before it got here he was kind enough to tell the people what he knew and the people who put considerable dependence in him made their preparations and bySo doing got through the “cold snap” without being frozen to death History will never know exactly how cold it was This man’s thermometer showed that it was 17 degrees below Sunday morning his neighbor’s showed that it w’as only 15 while the thermometer owned by the man just across the street registered a temperature no lower than 12 degrees below zero and it is taken that this was about correct It cannot be said that there has been a great moderation today and what is worse still the weather man says that there is another cold wave coming right on top of the one which has not moved on to the next state The reports received by wire indicate that the cold snap is general over the west and that extreme cold weather has prevailed for the past 48 hours with a good prospect of its continuance At least there is no present indication of milder weather and from points in Nebraska eastward over Iowa Missouri Southern Illinois and Indiana comes reports that the winter wheat fields are bare and that weather as low as kero or below is almost certain to damage the crop There is no lack of fuel as yet and coal dealers incline to think the presence of cold weather will make it easier to get coal cars so that they do not feel any hesitancy in saying they will be able to supply the demand THE GRAIN MARKET SITUATION RATHER TOUGH LU0K FOR A GROOM After Being Married Only a Short Time He Was Rearrested J Oscar Bradon of Fond du Lac Wis and Miss Rosa Swartz of Areola were married in Moultrie county last Monday by Rev J F Fowler The honeymoon of the couple was of brief duration for the groom who was an inmate of the Pontiac reformatory was arrested and lodged in jail at Sullivan for alleged failure to make the necessary reports required by the parole law on which he had been liberated His alleged offense was horse-stealing and he probably will be taken back to the institution though an effort will be made to save him on account of his wife Seven Young Old M aides Nellie Glenn of West Hill street entertained seven of her girl friends Saturday afternoon at what she denominated in her invitation as an “Old Maids’ Convention” At the time appointed each guest arrived clad in what she considered the correct thing for an old maid’s costume Every one appeared with knitting or patchwork and while the needles were plied the story of how each one just missed being an old maiff was told The girls proved themselves to be capital storytellers as well as skillful in the construction of a love story with a collapse in the end of It Light refreshments were served during the afternoon The invited guests were Nellie Davidson Helen Calhoun Jennie Craig Mamie Mountain Elizabeth Graff Imo Baker and Vera Turell & hacking cough is a dangerous cough And How It Is Influenced by the Cold Wave CHICAGO Jan 30 — The grain trade was reasonably active today but halted somewhat for the government’s final 1898 crop summary giving all the crop totals of the year rr’- report is to be given to the press at 4 o clock this afternoon The severe cold weather which prevails all over the west is regarded as a bull element -t foreign buyers are not very active Still the cold wave together with the large receipts amounting to 946000 bushels of wheat and 972000 bushels of corn caused the traders to absorb all the offerings The clearances kept up to a high mark being 587000 bushel of corn and 1049000 bushels of wheat flour included The fact of so large a portion of the winter wheat area being bare with the thermometer below zero causes anxiety for the safety of the next crop and operates as a bull factor Baby’s Face Solid Sore Entire Heed a Solid Scab Had to Wear a Tar Cap Doctors and All Other Remedies Fail CURED BY CUTiCURA My little nephew John Staunton was afflicted for two yean with the worst sores I ever saw all over his body and face and head His head and face at tines were a solid scab John was a pitiable right and he must have suffered dreadfully His tether used all the remedies that he heard of and doctored with all the doctors Everything was done for him He wore a tar cap also which did no good bat the little boy got no relief until he used the Ctxticura (ointment) and Cuticoba Soap Now he is a clean healthy child F B FOLTZ Pugh’s Ron Va Ijcstaxt Relirf AND Spredt Cuki Treatment — A warm bath with Cvticoea Soap and a single anointing with Cutictra instantly relieve and speedily cure the most torturing and diafignring humors of the sldn scalp end blood with loee of hair when all else tai Sold throughout the world Potter D and C corf Sole Props Boston How to Cure Baby Humors" free SAVE YOUR HAIR Ccticura SSSr Cfcerrg Pectoral has been curing hacking coughs for 60 years 0 K Thomson M D Osteopath Office 1 05i Park Street Champaign Illinois A Drugless System of Healing You can be cured without DRUGS OR KNIFE Chronic Troubles a Specialty CONSULTATION FREE g OFFICE HOURS M2 a m Mpm L TURKISH BATHS Open 9 am to io p m Saturday all Night Turkish Baths Shampoo Baths Plain tub Bath Scientific Massage Experienced Massuer in attenarce to baths 9 Main St Blalsdell’s Barber Shop BEN LONG Proprietor d feb2 Marvelous Effects after Four Weeks Use OUR Herb Tea Imparts Youth and freshness to the complexion A Verritable Fountain of Youth Only at Cunningham 26djuly 80 v Public Sale — OF — 40 iad of Horses and One Span of Mules be offered for sale at Public Auction barn on South Market Street at (Kri t Beatty's OKI Stand) Champaig®i Illinois on iturday Feb 4 ’99 1 lb to begiu at 1 oYlock P M sharp r® e as all arrangements have been niw hoy it under cover These hor-es run “ to Ii years old are wed broken and in fleh and will he sold for the high dollar " be shown In harness any time before ofMiale Matched teams of bjtb drivers I Fraers Perms OF SALE: a credit of 8 ra0“££ :ith 7 per cent Interest per auuuui wm Jiven on notes with approved se urlty tier cent per annum discount for cash THOMAS WILSON D MADDEN Auctioneer OLD PAPERS FOR SALK AT The Gazette Counting Rot 15 CENTS PER lOO MMHMPI JggQjlMIgl jgHf fevaftSatt riSBfej&s:- &

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