Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on August 28, 1892 · Page 5
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 5

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 28, 1892
Page 5
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MACIiAZTD DAILX CV EZTI1IG- -TKIBUirE. HON DAY; ATJOITST. SO,, 1E3S. V BERKELEY. -J 'J."..': f :'...'-"!-;::" . . i; Is ; Efforts for an Extension of the Ifaiii Senlce. ; thsre Is talk ot securing a larger hall lot The Descrsrle rally Batarday night was largely attended and soma very hi lares ting addresses were made. , . Than via Terr interestine rsms of cricket played at tae Del Monte grounds yesterday between tbe ueniornlaa and toe Alameda, and to the surprise) of all the California elub won. Taa Alamedas hare been cooaidered invincible, this banc (hair brat defeat tor tne season. Protest Regarding the; Yater at . the University. IftlB'js ire TalklaS da (tapMilp - Cbalieuga Cup.); Beseixet, August 29 The action ot the Board of Regents of the 8tate University in bringing ust to condemn, certain nortiona of land to taa rear of the Univer sity grounds lorj the; purpose of erecting t hereon a reservoir baa aUrred op a large ssed protest. There baa been a misunderstanding between the regent and ' the ' j.rerty owteis.. The regents maintain - that the property owners are stubborn and the latter claim tnat tba recent want , to maintain a disease-spreading pond naar tbeir residence; . :.; itj' Tbe plan proposed by the regents ia to erect dam across: tbe r vine lust back of the residences of C. T.' H- Palmer and C. T. Blake.' Into be reservoir thus formed theeht, rs of Strawberry creak are to be let). Tbe vegetatiou in ins ravine ia not to re clened oat and tbe genii slopes of tbe mos win give ample loom tor decay ana ' evaporation. '!lhe i geological experts of tue I'n lversity claim that the sandy ail tudr tbe dam ill allow tbe water to pan , ura n into tne property of Messrs. Palmar and liake. A dam oi ruca eoit .will prove n menace to the aafpty ol tbe poople living 1iow. On tnese groumts .tbe protest is ra-sed. r ' . tt Is claimed that the reseats have re tected an offer to have, constructed a fine - reat-rvoir. An offer to place a dam across tbe ravine at rjedoioat avenue mat too came reception. ; Tne suit of condemnation will be bitterly co-itled. Iidprofnui . Atatter. Tbe Isonti west Berkeley Improvement Club baa appointed' George Schmidt, Christopher Englebreuen af J. Brotr oel committee to secure, if possible, an ex tension of tbe local train service to that end of town. ' Tbe North Berkeley Club is vigorously pushing its plans for. incorporation. . Tne Executive Committee of tue North west Berkeley I Olnb consist of (ieorge bcbmidt, Dan Jackson, II, iulscli, C. t GiltnaniH and J. F. Teaeue. ! Copies of toe general Uw re ating to . ciiiee of tbe fifth elr. are bcin distributed ' bv tbe improvement clubs The meettngi of the North wat Berkeley Club have beau cbaoited to the hret and . third Fridays of the month NORTH OA&IiANIX . ALAMEDA. Senator Stewart Helps tbe Hew Electric Line. Nostb Oaxxabu, Aocust 29. Taa "Ye will eivo a social next Friday at lit. Gibba BaD, on Thirty-second and Peralta atreeta. Mr. Murray of Hannah street ia having bis bonaa raiaed. y . V : Mra. F. J. Marshall baa ntnrnad after a moatb'a viatt to Portland, Oregon. i ! STOCKYARDS. - STOCKTAasa, Angtut 29.Tba young eon oftMrs. Burnbeisis bad hi noaa broken In a. baseball fimi 'f hnrsdav. ' Billy Muilan toad hie arm badly cut last Thnrtdav. Johnuy curran naa tne mtarorxnne to break bia collar bone yesterday while horse back rtdina:. Tbe animal became trtgnten ed and reared np, falling backward upon I Mr. Curran witb tbe above result. A POPULAR PASTOR. More Aqitation Reqarding the Chinese Evil Us Salt mter Plant fill Sooa Be Eeaijfor Opcratioi- Iir A QUANDARY. Bennett HasHot Yet Decided Ubat He Wl Do. A. G. Hatford Sayt EccUDy to tbe Worid. He Is Nervous and Goes About ; Well Arrnsd.! It ot sBtlit , : 8caBtllnx Var.ua K?Ife. ' Hans Basmussen was arrested Saturday on a-complaint I awrh out byT, Peter Ma loney, charging him witb an assault witn a deadly weapon. It is claimed tbat Ma lonevoblected to Basmusien stakme a cow on a vacant loq ' tie toilow4 np nis oniec- Ciurcii. Farewell Reception to the Rev. Dr.! : . ' Dille. ' ; ? The rules of government at the Methi 1 rhitTK AnfAMintv. mu. thV do, the itinerancy of its clergy, brings son row to one church of tbat denomination In Oakland. Rev: Elbert R. Dille. D. D. has! lor five vears been the pastor of the First Methodist Episcopal Church, and during theae tears his miniatrattons have endeared Geoiis Gnj, liHo Fired Tluici tt Hla, . . , Ipptus In CoaxL ' ' bina to the heiris ot hie parianxmfrs. who yesterday afternoon, at 5 o'rionkr gathered in the Tabruacle to bid' him farewell, at least 3n00 people wbo. know and love bim beiBar present. . - i . - -1, j A short Christian Endeavor service was held nndr the directio't of O. A. Lane president'of the Alame la Countv Christian Endeavor Union, wno then introdnced. W. S. Mrriaro. State secretary of the aoCietV. a 'haiinan ofxie even'ne. The uvmn 'All Hati the Power of Jesus' ftani"wa-'- foilowei bv -praver bv Br; I Pniiip Gr-iif. pastor of ihe Lutheran Krv. ti. a. Kica of the Second !A(AitxsA, August 29. As the time draws near for the realistic production of Pinafore by the Enema Boat Club, as de scribed at length in Thx Tsibdsi recently, in'arest in the novel performance in creases. It baa been decided that tbe moat desirable aeata shall be auctioned to tbe highest bidder. Tbe sale will be held in tbe clubhouse at the foot of Grand street on tbe evenlnr of September 2d. C L. xisoaie wui act as auctioneer, xoe orat nary admission price will be II. with re served seats 50 cents extra. Rehearsals of the niece have been pro- KTeeslnc satisfactorily and the 8an Fran cisco Operatic Society, wbicb has chares of tbe operand Dart ot the entertainment, nas decided upon the following cast: "Sir Joseph Porter. K. CB., A. F. Stceihcher; "Caotain Corcoran." . Robert Lloyd: RalDa Kackatraw." K., M. uomn "ticic Deadeye," A. M. Thornton: "Bill Bob-i atay." a L. Parent iJr.jr Bob Beeket," Benjamin such; "torn TucKer," tiowara Maadcn: "berceant of Marines," David Wise: "Josephine," Miss Alviha M Henarr "Hebe." Mrs. J. W. Maflden: "Little Buttercup." Miaa Lolita Levet. - For tbe cnorua the operatic society will furnish fifty singers and the boat club a like number, making a grand chorus of 100 voices. - Bis Injnrtaa Barton. N. L. Kirk, one of tbe bridgeboilders. I who waa so badly injursd by the collapse of a bridge oyer tbe San Lorenzo, near Santa Crur, a few days ago, is now at his home in Alameda. He is suffering severely from injuries to bis apine aud head, which are of a very serious nature. Mr. Kirk resides on Versailles avenue with his family. An Influential Advocate. The protestants who. oi ject to the con struction of an electric railroad on San Jose avenue should discuss tbe matter with Senator William Stewart of Naval a. who has larte Drooertv interest in this city. - Senator Siewtrt owns 900ieet front- age on the line ot tbe proposed road and is one of its warmest advocates. He be- lieves the road will incre se the value -of property, and hia arguments in its favor cannot be shaken by the opponents of the project. . - A BULLET III HIS HEART. IE8." EIGOTiED, ' tions, it is Said, with blows; dealt witu a 1 Presbvierian Cturcn spoke of the rerat of Jniversliy and Piece of acantiine. Ra,niu--sen draw an nglv looking knife,: but before he coul use it, bad his wrist broken and hU sc dp laid open. L'ter in the day he secured a gun and threatened to shoot Matoney. - :, lb. Xvoluii'-n lab. The Evolution Club held its first meeting of the new term! last Saturday night An unusually large attendance was present, end over twenty new members were added to tbe roll. The discussion of the evenitx waa upon tbe suoject, "Evolution as a Fact." President Chnes 1 A. Keller delivered the opening address,1 lie wi1 con- - tinue his remarks uext Saiurd y evening, - wben tbe subject will be, "Evolut on as a Factor." Ia a few weeks the regular work of readinga and ducussion will be' ro-' eumed. - I - r UDtvev.itv Jot. The teachers of the San Francisco public schools have petitioned the faculty of tbe University to establish a 'course in Peda-gosics aa one of tbe special courses to be opened in that citv during tbe coming year. ,', Tbe University Young Man's Curlstian Association has issued a "atu tent's Hand- book" containing tnformajtion of use to men students..-A history ijof : the College Young Men's Christian Association move- ment, notes concerning ' tho Berkeley churches, Bible classes and college ath-lttics are among Its content.' The University Cub of San Francisco ia .rainnga subscription forhe purpo.e of purchasing a cbainplonshif cup to be con tested for by i tU State Stanford University at'le iteams .' ; Aboat'T w The Pastor's Aid Boci f of the Pres-bvierian Church has ecuLjtbe services of - Miaa Kate Wbittaaer. a graduate of an Enitlisb school of .cookery and the conductor of tbe Chautauqua class at Pacific Grove, to conduct a aeries of demonstrations of tbe caliniry .arL The first will be .given next Fridav at tbe armory ot tbe Bovs Brigade on Bancroft way.. Tbe local court ,! American Foresters held a verv pleasant gathering at tne Acheaon Hotel Friday evening. Guests were present from Courts Lorin and Shell Mound. t; Tne Town Trustees will meet in regular session this evening. IJie little son of Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Wright died Saturday . morning and was buried yesterday' afternoon. Rev. Dr. Del Witt of Fresno preached , at the Firrt Baptist Church yesterday. Rev, E. B. Payne, pastor of tbe Unitarian Church, returned from bie vacation last week. . Set vices: . were resumed in. Unity Hall yesterday morning. ,, West BtBiuiT. August 29. The effortt 1 of the superiutendentof the street car line to atop tbe small boy a from riding on tbe rear platforms of the oars baa resulted in a svstem of petty aohoyauces instituted by the boys. On the late trips rocks and other obstructions are placed on tne trace Sat urday night a tie placed across the rails canned eonaiaerabia dainaae. The interest I manifested In tbe West " Berkelev .Reonbiican Uniformed Club is increasing. Saturday night Captain Hans-- com drilled foriy-two privataa and the full -complement or omcera. - SOUTH BKHKELEY. the clervvciea of Oakland at the departure of Dr. Djlie. Aftr the in jing bv the audiece of "Tna Banner of the I CrossJ" Rev. Dr. McLean delivered a short ndaress and at its cloe preien'e 1 Dr. D''ie with a small gold badge of iheChriati&u Endeavor 8ocietv. ' j . J . Dr. Dills responded by making his fare well address, in which he briefly recapi tulated the work of his pastorate and spoke feelingly of bis regret at parting from those he ha J learned to iove during his residence in this citv. lie congratulated th Christian Endeavor Society unon its growth and prophesiei a glorious future for Oak land. At tne close of the exercises Dr. Dille held an informal reception. I HIS SUCCESSOR. - j Who Dr. Dille's successor will be is not yet known. The matter will not be deter-mened until the meeting of tbe Methodist Conference, at which tbe pastoral assignment will be mad. It i stated that the Official Bonrd of tbe church baa requested the conference, that Rev. Alfred Kremmer. now of Portland, Or., may be assigned to the First Methodist Episcopal Church of thia Mtv. hut whether the reaueat will be granteu or not is unsnowo.- ViEST OAKLAND. In the Tntere.t or rapraVtmut ; Says the Alameda Statetmant The Chtaesa have concluded ' the task of driving out tha devil from A lame-la. Now. If some means -coold be devised. t drive awa tbe Chinatown from Its present location, Ala meda would ba much better off. Tne sucgeation is one of the greatest of icuuortanca to .the Encinal. lor tbe dis graceful collection of hovels at tne railroad depot has given Alameda a biggsr set-back tban anvtntag else in town. The Slatttman aiwavs bas been popular bv reason of its prozressive utterances, ana no doubt In conjunction witb Tub Tbibcke sufficient agitauon can be stirred up to secure tbe removal of tbe disgraceful hovels to a less conspicuous place. Alameda Jcjts. Mil's Hannah Brock has returned from j Pacific Grove. . Toe experimental aalt water plant will be in operation within a month. Tnomas Stoddard says he will not ran on 'be Democratic ticket for the Assembly, There are about twenty-five children in the free public kindergarten. J. B. Lanktree has returned from Auburn. Mrs. Lanktiee will remain a few davs longer. D. B. Keuey will leave for bis stock ranch near Mitchell, Or. shortly. The meeting of tbe Trustees tonight is liable to be very interesting, for it is expected the electric, railroad franchise trill be a top ic of considerable discussion. ' NATIONAL POLITICS. r A Boy Hurt by One of Robinson v; Tigers. j West Oakland, August 29. Brakeman Davis, on attempting to board tbt locskl train at tha, pier Friday evening, was thrown to the ground, smashing bis band It ia rumored among the trainmen that one of the brasremen on tbe Seventh street local has captured tha heart of, a beautiful Weat Oakland belie,' said to be the daughter of a well-known dealer in fancy goods a the Point, and in consequence, weanng heiis win moop ring. At 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon a large number ot men were engaged in moving Robinson's circus at the Sixteenth! street station and were aurrounded by numerous urchins. A lad commenced to torment ja caced tiger when suddenly, the maddened animal thrust one of its paws out between the bars and caujht the reckless lad in tbe face, badly lacerating it. Tbe frightened youth wa s taken to bis home, and will probably carry marxa as long aa ne uvea. EAST OAKLAND. Fire Results From an Explosion o ' South Beekilky. August 29. Tat elec- trie light at Asbby avenue station causes - mere snalsdictlohe to be brought down on Vkleas Superintendent Osbarne than all I frt rest' of th electrio light system of V . irkeley. This particular light bas a way - . , flashing gayiy until the last wayfarer T achea tbe station and then, positively re-1 nng to sbed. its welcome rays, , leaving . 'V . to grope about in Mygien aarxness. he Fresbytenana are, making prepara- 4S to build a church in south Berkeley. IiOHlM. XTg, August 29. An unknown young 1. while attempting to alight from the trio ear at Benton street, last night, did t' calculate the apeed correctly, and in daaanbad . several graceful tea. and struck terra firma witb such a v Veance that the good people or rtn v k an ..rihmiiti waa at nana, rw td iely be was not aeriously Injured, mm a.,m atth a few, bruises and - about T fid damage to his Sunday trousers. a n c Gasoline: 'East O Ait anp, August 29. An alarm was turned iu at 11 :45 o'clock yesterday morning from box 87, . on the corner of Twantv.third avenne and Kannedv street. A gasoline stove th tbe residence of J oseph Bernnan. at bis Svenneoy aireei, : ex ploded, causing! tbe carpets and curtains to ignite. The flamea were extinguished before the engines of tbe department ar rived. ':- : The friends of Edward Magtnnis will be glad to learn that be has recovered from bis recent spell of sickness. . Botal Arrivals. Qalindoi. T. Robioson. SI H. .Joseph, Jamea Dennet and familv. Frank 8cok. WMliam Ahem and wife. Mr- tsana tana wife. Colonel Miaco. Charlea Wright and wife, J. M. ioster. unns jones, j. ru Hutching, Robinson s sirens; a. o. crown, Oakland: J. D. (iludden. Kw ork; Mr. Hollia and wife. Chicago; j. wuson nril B.nSs: E. 8. Grav. atv. JuMua r. j. uotter. can fTancisco: Ranka. Kan Jose: H. Bcbmidt. ban Jran Aiann Jean iLmDUT. JjO auiiih . vtairw Reeves, Los Angelas; vnanes nicies, oaa Jose. v - a rlle Coart Motes. John Dougherty, a peddler. disturbance at tne vasiano. pier joiuj language.) President Harrison is Baid to have finished his letter of acceptance of the Minneapolis nomination, but its contents will not be made ' known until he leaves Looo Lake, where he and Mrs. Ha risoh have been sojourning since the adjournment ot Congress, for New York, which is : xpected to be about the latter end of the current week. The President's visit this week to New York will 'be very brief. He will then goto Washington and remain there a day or two, afterward returning to Loon Lake. On the ZUth ot fcep'emDer ne will review the parad of the Grand Army of the Republic at Washington, in all of these movements it :s not announced that he will make any public addresses. Cleveland is still suffering from the itch for writing letters. He has now written a letter of thanks to tbe German-Americans of Colorado, through George Meyer, editor of tbe Denver tferald, for the assurances given him of their sup port. A so-called, national convention ot tne "Socialist Labor Party of tbe United States," consisting of eight delegates, three of whom ' were from New York, two from Pennsylvania, two from Massachusetts and one from Connecticut, was held at New York yesterday, and nom inated Simon Wing of 'Boston lor President and Charles Matehett of Brooklyn for Vice President, It also adopted a platform providing for a multitude of so- called reforms, embracing reduction in the hours of labor, -Government owner ship of telegraph and transportation lines, repeal of all tramp, pauper and sumptuary laws, the abolition of the Presidency, Vice Presidency and Senate ; the election of a Board of Gontrol by the House of Representatives, changeable at pleasure, and municipal pelf-government. This is said to be the first social ist national ticket ever put in the field. The party indorsed weaver, the Green back nominee,' in isjso. . A semi-religious, semi-political meet ing was heia yesteraay aiternoon in As bury jfark, a. J., "Auditorium, Kev. James McCoah, D. D., presiding. .The Secretary of the Treasury, Charles Fos ter, and his assistant. General Bussey, spoke on the subject of "Religion in Economy," which dealt principally with the Treasury control over immigration and other features not strictly ol a financial nature. References to Blaine were loudly applauded. The suppression of all organised opposition to law waa strongly advocated by General Bussey. Senator Hill is getting in nis work against the Democratic National Com mittee in a very ingenious way. -riDor Commissioner Peck of New York, one of those officers who owes his appointment directly to Hill, has issued his annual report, which deals directly with the tariff question and lauds the operation of the C. R. BennetL secretary, .for .the Cali fornia Society for tbe Suppression ot Vice. war alive this morning, notwithstanding tbe pullets which George Gray, the aged bent and almost blind contractor, sent fly f na at hia had and after him last Saturday night at the People's meeting m front ol the City HalL 1 ' He made his way to the office of bia at torney. Mr. Johnson in the .City Hall at an early hour, where he was found, by TaiBcax reporter .He was attired ia light gray-striped pair of trousers, cream colored vast and dark'- -bine sack eoat.. His bead waa bare, disclosing the round bald summit and bis dark Svea peered nervouslv through his glasses. In his left band be held a cigar stump and a heavv cane made of leather disks pressed together . 'around an iron' -,: rod. The lower -Thicket oa tne ' right nana side - hung loosely by his hip and n it waa bnried his right hand, which no doubt. gTasoed a revolver, with which he nrooosed to prevent any person from again making a target . of his head or the rest of hia anatomv. Bennett rose hesitatingly as the reporter accosted him, suit keeping his right band on his gun and awkwardly holding bis cane and atub in the other. "Have yon decided to file a complaint for shooting to commit murder against Mr. Gray?" tbe reporter askea. , Bennett hesitated and finally resumed hla chair without chaning the position of bis hands and replieJ ; "That has not beeu determined ou yet." Half an hour later Bennett bad a confidential talk with Assistant District Attorney Cburcn. Still later be bad a talk with bis attorney, Mr. Johnson, afiar which, be left tbe hall, going east on Fourteenth street to Broadway. V GBAT WA8 THERE, Bennett's nemesis, Uray. I had been palroling the corridor and front steps oi the City .. Hall only a few moments previously. , IJjWas not known tbathejwac armed or that be knew that B-nneiv was within such easjr reach ol Him, Wuepr bu- attornev, juavor unapman. arriveu.i u accompanied the tatter into Judge OgleuV chambers', where be remained unknown to the -taroug which crowded the Police Court to are tbe assailant aad the ass-iuea brought face to face. i , In response to a question from The Tbibcke man City Attorney Johnson s.iid tuai he bad nothing to uo wi.h the case, yet, at ieast, and won d nob till later pernaps. He dii not know whether or hot Beuneit would file a- complaint against Uny, but if tie (Johnson) were the assailant, a com plain i certainly woutd be sworn to long before ibis. ; , - , called iw cocar. Halt an hour later, tbe Gray case Va called in the Police Court, the charge being shooting to commit murder. "There is oo complaint filed In this case your honor," aaid Assistant Diatrict At torney Church. 'There are eome mor Charges." "Yes," ssid Judge Ogden, interrupting, "there are tbe charges of shooting irtsiOr the citv and carrving concealed 'weapons.'' Upon these." said Mr. Church, "the defendant is out upon his ewn recognizance. On the charge to commit murder. 1 oesire to move that it be passed till tomor -row for investigation." , ' Tbe judge granted the motion, ana men Mavor Chapman said: . "As regardt the other two charges, your honor, we w:ll ask that they be continued for a week, until a complaint is filed. " The request was granted. OBIOIK Or THB TKOUBLK. The cause which led td the enmity between Bennett and Gray1 is known to tbe people of tbis city. Gray charges thai Banuett, uudsr promise of marriage, be-traved his daughter EUal' They came together tov accident 8aiurday night at the City HalL Gray asked a party atandlng near him it he were Bennett. The latter reached for hia gun, but Gray's was snapped in hia .face, the cartridof falling to ex plode- .Bennett ran and .his little daugh ter, aged 12. -years, who, was with bim ai the time, fled affrighted, shouting that ber father had been shot. Bennett ran 'west on Fourteenth? 'street toward Ciay;f while two sbots from Gray's pistol followed bim. Tnence be ran norm to Seventeenth street and Sao Pablo avenue, where be was found by Officer Banks concealed in a water closet. He was . brought to . the ciiy jail, where be ascertained that hla assailant bad been arrested by Oeputy Sheriff Macy and placed in a, celL Bennett was then released. - - '. At 10:30 o'clock Gray was set at liberty, Frank Moffitt and Captain J. C Wilson going on his bond in the sum of 15000 each. D. Kelson works for tna Judaea Iron Company sad goes to his daily toil along Us fast Berkeley rauroaa tracx every moraine at T eeioek. This aaorntng. when near the racecourse, ha discovered the w. of a man. evidently a suicide, dead. with a ballet vossa in bh mwaeh i Coroner was at ones notified and tae body nnaitd to the MOTCUS. There was found upon las doot a piam wold rine-. with the inscripuon: "Kataaiie. m . Taa aa a. L- mx S C( Sept. V, IOBO, watcu, ayicuaaw uu ft w IS COtn, aiSO St jeuvr, . i m uu luiu. addressed to "V. vv. layman, vrarnega, Kansas." There was also found another letter, so- drMsad: "To Whoau It May Coneern." which proves that us aeeeasea toos thought ot the difficulties surrounding tbe obtain IB got iacis anons sow uaauuwa ueau. Ths letter U aa ronows: Thta statement la to avoid an SBistakea aad the oaseoeaaary mvatenes wuca always sar- round oases o this kino. I am a uennan oj pirui ana yean oia. SABotdeeaaU neoeaaary to give aay swaa why I take say owa life. It la enough to say t mt bran ai me. a am a awaaaer aera. to all or any inquiries concerning ayidentlfl- eattoa will be quits suaneceaaarr. Painter by oenpation. ! It is supposed tbat Halford commuted suicide at 10 o'clock last evening, aa a pistol shot was heard at that hour by those living near by. ' AOTBstTiaaattstBTS CITY of saw -v. 1 - r (U'e ot Puis). " IHall ami Winter Season i 1 : . EXHIBITION OF NEW GOODS An x.verj jjepurtuicut, ttd POEDLAR PRICES ! ' Wka the Habr la Cat-Ja Teeta. i Be sure and use the old aad well-tried remedy Mas, VfiysLoWa Boutsimo Svaor, for children teething. It soot baa the ehtld. soften the gums allays all pain, cures wind eolle and is the beat rented for aiaxrohcea, xwentr-nve cents a bottle. .'. If tacre ever waa a specific for any one complaint, then Carter's Little liver Pills area specific for sick headache, and every woman should know Una, Only one pill a dose. Try them. A 6AFE" INVESTMENT. The Ensor Remedy Company will enre any irase of liquor or morphine habit free of chare e and pay all hotel bills and railroad fare In anv case where a perfect eure is not effected, provided tha naiiant will ob.erve the rules of tha institute. See H. C DUKti, M. D.. Fairmont llouse, ban lablo avenue. i , 1 Carriaeaa. I Closing out an entire line of Sue car. riacee. surrey's: phaetons, top and open Loggiea at co-t. most be sold immediately. Vatfon BOBEBT J. BEKBY, 1068 Broad-war. SILKS-MOST BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS. : t ' I ' FRENCH NOVELTY DRESS GOODS, TASTEFULLY SELECTED : J -- BLACK DRESS GOODS FANCY NOVELTIES. LACES. TRIMMINGS LATEST FROM PARIS. GAUZE ROBES. HAND-PAINTED FANS UNDERWEAR and HOSIERY for Ladies, Gents and Children l XKQOALZ flOUX. jot family nee. Sparry a It G.VERDIER & CO.-VILLEdePARIS i S. E. cor. Geary St. and Grant Are., S. F. Samples Sent ca Ippllcitlos. Goods DellTered freo la 111' SatorUB Tern SEE OUR SHOW WINDOWS i Evry flower in our store 25o. Volt beim's Paradloe Millinery, 905 Waahincton street, between Niutn and Tenth streets. Storage. Th finest brick etoragerooms In Oak-nd. Come and ee them. Office 413 Ninth rtree;. Aif laterest to bb.-A Carriage-for to. is of Interest to bibles as well as to bnranta to know that, owl or to tne near ar- proarh f th-i bolldara. we are clout u out oar Immeuae stuck oi cmiaren a carriages oe o w roit tirand ilule bAzaar, 860 Washington atreet. Bargain Fine phaetons for $125 at B. J. Beeby's, 1053 Broadway; also four pony carta cheap. Siairac. Call and see Whitney & Go's new brick fire broof storsgs house. Office 41s Ninth sirteu' I aa rtra Ku.n'Huat. tr S1050. Payable at tbe rate of $10 per month; lot does rot (to with hone; present owner will occupy bouse for alz months and pay 118 per mouth rent. House ninat be moved sfte. alz months. Adcress 911 Fourth avenue. , I Abovb all others. Brxxai's faimT I Thla la the laat weak ot our immense olosins ont sale. Wentworth Boot & Shoe Company. - -. BUMMER RESORTS. COME AND GET CURED A tiplaaMitil lataaant. For sale, anew two storv bonse In East Oakland: bas never been occuried:con tains siz rooms, bath and store room .and modern improvements; convenient to street care and local grains, well located. Address W., Box l. i bibcss omca, This is tbe last week of our Immense closing out sale. Wentworth Boot A Shoe Compaoy. - -J 1 . Or Bariac eoeds At low prices at H. Bcbellhaas you will never forget tbat now is the time, i w ' iTbls is tbe lest week of our immense closing out sals. Wentworth Boot Shoe Compaoy. a One bottle Ayer's earsaparllla la worth re of any other blood punter. Pi 20 Yean in Uorona Tie East Suc cessful Catarrh. Lyng ASP and Autnlia Throat Cures Constipation, Dyspepsia and Specialist Money iruumos. Torrey.Whitman&G ard.ner 461-463 Eleventh St. OAKLASD A6I5TS. tTMB WEST mmtmm BYKOJT .HOT SPRINGS 68 miles: S hoar's; all rail: S train, dally. Tbe onlv MED or PEAT BATH ON THE COAT. Hot salt water and salpbar baths; infallible cure for rheamaUssa. liver and kidney trouble and kindred complaints- Pamphlet mailed oa application. CL R. MASON. Manager, Byron Hot bpnngs g. V . Contra Costa county, cai. TALLAC HOUSE, Lake Tahoe, XTOW OPES TOR SEASON OF liW WHITE XI lor clreu:ara. 1 Many new improvement M. LA SUtDS at .Uk. LIMIU. Hos- , Fall Vrooa the Traia. John H. Meyer, an old man 63 years of age, who Tesides at 859 Peralta street, fell off a local tram at Seventh street and Broadway yesterday, and sustained serious injuries. He is now at liome. His inju ries were dressed at the Keoelving pital by Drs. Dunn and Johnson. i-r t ' 1 To laaallsa SlaStera. The Council wilt meet as a Board of Equalisation tonight to correct errors made in the assessment, ths books ot which have been referred to mat ooay oj we aaoiior. EXCURSION Eichweae, Muhr&Go j " PEAUaStS Fancy nn Staple Mm FAMILY W1NE8. And Liquors. JT.W. Got. Seventk aad Idalla Etrsits OAJUAMtX Telewkaaa SS. - Tear Bella rjioertelrer. noneu Latelieg ! i GOLDEN GATE.; being drunk and -using abusive Ha vtll K. rinA tomorrow. - E. J. Graham, manager of the Peoplre KxDreea Camnany. will be tried tomorrow on tba eharn of not taklnc ont a licenae. , John Ihckerboif. who was arrested last inraenplrom.caTt - appearance of the and Market streets, will ba tried tomorrow. I report has i aiaed s breeze among the Gold ex Gatk. Aisost 29.Drl Randolph of 8t. Michael and Ail Angels miaaion nreacbed a verv interesUnc discourse vesterday to one of the largest congrega tions that ever assembled in the halL The in m thrivine- condition ana ''2:a atasiaaea CJal.;!:- -' There' witt be a business meeting at the headquarters ot the Young Women's Christian Association, Clay, street, near Eleventh, tomorrow, Tuesday, at 10 o'clock. in regard to tba compteuoo of ths new j borne, entertainments, etc AU snemnvrei New York Democracy. - It is now reported tbat ths National Guard was. called out at Homestead against the sinkers at the request of Graver Cleveland, who persuaded Supreme Judge John IX. Kennedy to urge Governor i'attison to issue the order to the militia. SEPTEMBER 3, 1892. Xeavlna foot of Market street. Ban Iraneiaeo, ater. M.sixteenth atreet, Oakland 35r. a.) I . Katnralnz. arrive ! aa Franeisso 9.15 A. a. Moadav. Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday! morale t at your choice. ROUND TRIP, $15 The object of the ezemrslon is to enable ueonls to secure Gwvewiunt " Taawsls. which can be taken op in thla valley, witkowt wasiaUneav We are "building extensive Irri gation works, and wish to have the land taken up from the Government in oraar to sua ens-lafflcn for water. The chance is aa untuual one and tbe land very tine, and can be taken In iarafe or small tracts, by men or women, mar ried or aincle, and residence or Improvement Is not required. Also lottta. v r . HOliEY LAKE CITY, tie center of 3&MXD. acres of Irrigated farsaa. areazoodiavaatateo 4nU lnformatioa wOl I be sent a avneauoa. xiezesa can os naa from the Secretary only, aad should be or dered early. ; . : r. . :y LzIb YiUsj Lani & Witsr Co. ' .v ' pjjOOD BTJIIiDIKO, Fototh and Market Btreets, S. F. .- : : I UI.il V. A 11 4 1., r ' -. . 6 SCa ST AST. . K. W . LBITCB, t ; SBWTOS AMWmUm SEWELL & LEITCH, t'ndertakST and Enabalmere. SCSnOSOMAT. " Tel. S4S. yroaBpt attratlae. ear er atct 1 FUNKliAIj l'AKLOUS james Ia. McCarthy f . . VHDtKTAUB 1301 SAW PABLO AVE, KeaS l.THtt Telepaaaa Mew 45- Paso de Mes Springs Hotel, Paso ds Boblei en Luis Obisro Couatr. Cal na araataat haalta naort on the Padfle eaast: climate unrivaled; sew hotel and cot tares: mad and sulphur betas; the waters of aneqoaled ane-diclnal value: new ann elegant bataoaae: eom-peieat attendanta Take train at Third and lownsena sireeia, oau xiauH, a ow a. m.t arrive at i'M rt u. same aay: no suzinc, AC W. UliHXA. M agar. T.-D. HALL.aM D.C. M.; rtJtAeirn.T iocatio at tSS Breeewey. Car. airtli tweet. Oaklaad. Cat ONE THOUSAND ftEWASO Voranyeasebefai'stoeure eomln coder his treatment t.y lonowmg nis airercona. tADira. 1 am alwara ntadr tn aaalat ron. Ka diseaeS peculiar to your delicate arranismia oevona m j aorc control. Ateptuauug weoiciaea Warranted TH ROAT. Catarrhal sore throat, acute and chronic pharyngitis, enlarged tonsils and palate, hoarseneas, foes of voice, thick palegia la taa throat, which causes haacms.. - HEART. Valvular diarasea. weak And fatty heart, dropsy and rheumatism of heart, lanartiid circulation. . STOMACH.-Caurrh and ulceration, atorrfe and arid dyspepsia. IndlireEtlon, pain aadroU- neaa ..ift.- meaia. neanourn. waiernraen aaaou Ccnlty of iwalkirtcg. RUPTURE. Piles, fistula, varleole. hydroeela and swellings and ten Jirnees quickly evred, PRIVATE OlSEAtU OF MENaspedal stirty and practice for manyyeara over 400 es.aa rreateo yearly. Kecent eaaea oi riii vaii ajlb fasc.9 careu in ashornme. ulaara. rara, B! jteKa on the fsre or body cured without giv lug mercury or other poiaona GET" AH Diseases ef the Live'. KSdaere, Eye. Ear aad tkia, RlMuir.atn.-s, Uloara, Hair Falliae, Boa Paiaa, Gaaarraata, Oiaet, Striata ra, rypaAisk SVeia Softaaiag, Vaatfaful Errors, etsk. Cat ad. DR.T. D. HALL'S Medical and Surgical Institute, V 105 BEOADWAT, OAX1AKD. Bonzat 10 to 1X3 to AT to a. ConsuitaUaa Free Elamatli Hot Springs, alaktraa wtiaty, Cat. THIS KOTED rLEASUBa AND HEALTH resort Is now onea to the pabUe. It is beauU- rolly located oa the aiiamata river, ju aauea from agar statioa, oa the C. and O. A. K. Daily stage or private eonverauee tow frosa tne nwinn n uauni. duiibi . www,, wu.,..- naaaad. KlavaUoa X7oO feet. Katural hat swias- mine mn. niBB.r .mi nu wm ,..- ereph eoanectioa with Weetera Union sad fa . n SA . .AV A XlOS B&OTUS. Proprietors. HORSES At PRIVATE SALE, roa LAKE TAHOE; CAU B xrr stmuiR rxsort oh trb coabti ana batareoma ana rowooais iree, 13 and tUO per day. 112 Vo $15 per weak. B. COLVUXK, Proprietor, Eunbaaaa Foataf&oa. Carriage or Business; Single Drivers and Team, Ught and Heavy; All Colors Toca HENRY EVERS, ear 3D xi jc aoaons or alaAsba 09, S6S Washlncten St., i e.SS. AKIAjTB. - U BU aEAOMT. a. c at' a vex. McAVOY, STS WABHTWOTOW STBKBrT, BetftkaaH Sta, Oala4. Cat, laaarte S. BEAUDRY and CWVfXSTAst ai wwuj ALBC1ST BKOWa, ' U1IDERTAKEE . 4SSa4 4SSIStw8U. . Betweeai Broadway aad WaabiagSoav . TBtlVKPalOirB IS. q) Ton AfflszH&n J y 0JHT iNSTftVCTlOMi fAKY INIeVY AKoArTRACa TJYE flATVniS TIS IARe Fovy:m FMtTH, SUtZTARr. Fred'kQjx, PRCS. BAKS00 FUBSITUBE FACTORY AH khsde ef Pint Clean Bamboo Art Work seeds itr rr-r KKyeUa aad aalav . slea tor Sale or AUre. e i IC4 tar SC. be. Waablngtoa rad ClaySts, ar- Goods daUverad free in Oak- -. aaad. Alameda. eraey,ei, - .. Caoics rsox a Lasos Tasutt ass Kbasosasu PaiCES. ANDREW WALLIN; : 1368 Broadway,' . " . OAVliAJtD, CAE. HUTCHISON & SAHBQRH HATX AXMOVK) Tlielr Nursery, Flower, Seed Store From lU and Waahlnrtaa Bra . . , to ; . . 517 14tli, bet,"Waehlnston r , . and Clay ts. LaaAa. - KERRY. H. TAYLCrt, Ibier, - lih, .';.; and; posts. WXST BJEBUXXXX. - . CA1X0AA LCT1 A t 1 c.tu increased sa in uutufcera that are requested to be present . f

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