The Champaign County News from Champaign, Illinois on August 26, 1899 · 7
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The Champaign County News from Champaign, Illinois · 7

Champaign, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 26, 1899
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sans -l-RH 'A f A tjgm MM THE CHAMPAIGN COUNTY NEWS SATURDAY AUGUST 26 1899 "I RAW AS REEF Not much attention is often paid to th® first symptoms of Kczema lm t it is not lone before the little rednois begins to itch and burro This is but tin bej'inninp and will lead to suffering and torture almost unendurable It is a common mistake to regard a roughness and redness of the skin as merely a local irritation it is but an indication of a humor in the blood— of terrible Eczema — which is more than skin-deep and can not be reached by local applications of ointments salves etc applied to the surface Tire disease itself the real cause of the trouble is in the blood although ull suffering is produced through the skin the only way to reach the disease therefore is through the blood Mr Phil T Jones of Mixersville Ind writes: “1 had Eczema thirty years and after a great deal of treatment my leg was so raw and sore that it gave me constant pain It finally broke into a running sore and began to spread and grow worse For tin past live or eix years I have suffered unUdd agony and had given up all hope of ever being free from the disease as I have been treated by some of the best physicians and have taken many blood medicines all in vain With little faith left I began to take 8 8 8 and it apparently made the Eczema worse but I knew that this was the wuy the remedy got rid of the poison Continuing 8 8 8 the sore healed up entirely the skin became clear and smooth and I was cured perfectly ” Eczema is an obstinate disease and cun not be cured by a remedy which if only a tonic Swift’s Specific— S S S FOR THE BLOOD —is superior to other blood remedies because it cures diseases which they nan not reach It goes to the bottom — to the cause of the disease — and will cure the worst case of Eczema no matter what other treatment has failed It ii the only blood remedy guaranteed to be free from potash mercury or any other mineral and never faiis to cure Eczema Scrofula Contagious Blood Poison Cancer Tetter Rheumatism Open Sores Ulcers Boils etc Insist upon S S S nothing can take its place i Books on these diseases will be mailed free to any address by Swift 8p® fific Company Atlanta Georgia W4NTFP i KXCl’KSIONS AY’’ AN’ I’KD - Plata nev in- to do (Jo out and work by day Ill North Nell hi Mr Maggie Pro ugh -1 ' f VL’AN' !' !: I ) — Worn t)v man a-il Men wants general work about the premises the wife general housework Call atJI Man street 'J art AY’i sTKD An up-t li boiiHG with all m oilcn good street for about ?l Htnall b u se and lot In a good 1 o it ing 1 1 1' oi spot cash to the partv right propert v ( K Miller A Co vtr a 4TK1) -To bur a small farn VV or e-s within tire miles oi the U o' I Address Uhas J Muillkon Cham palm U I LLINOIS CKNTKAL The Illinois Central 1 will sell exourhion ticket at greatly re duced rates a follows: Champaign to Philadelphia and retun via Illinois I r i ral railroad Tickets ou sale September I 2 3 ami 1 Returning tickets may be extendi d until September 3 if desired In HMeotldg oar route bear lri mind the dlf-! fi-ri-nce in Hi rvice and call a t h 1 nuisi’eti-1 tral ticket office for further Information 11 S the Ueimett a cut Champaign to Portland irANTKI I'nsttlon in f ears' experience a Champaign Inquire at 1 1 roc r A NT I" I) Was i mo am' 1 II Handly J"ft Uolurubi (to do Mr HMl'f Tacoma and j Seiutls Wash and return at on- faro fur round trip good gomg October 12 13 11 and Ift K turn limit November H Cud at II I-nol- 'ntral t'cket office for additional Infor-tnatton 11 S Henne i agent Ilorneseikers' excurswins On the first an’ j third Tuesdays of each month until Ociotv) 17 the Illinois Central railroad will sell home s'i Kr’ i xcursion tickets to certain joints In south west and northwest atone regul r first class fare pius f’ for the round trip Sprclllc Information may he ootalned at the Illinois Central ticket office 7ANTKD house Day boarders at the Krunklin Church struct Special fates ysTtf 117 ANTED Kv t ' 1 fresh fish and dressed poultry on ice every day Hens ev t Tiller 38 North Nell stree t Telephone 411 lltf VISITING CARDS -Kngraved or priim-i latest sle thickness and scripts at Tiik News printing office ¥ U6 0K Si IK -iloil AOR SALE Nice cottage containing live r room- and pantry Good Darn and out buildings First c lass well grape arbor and fruit trees 13U1 West Stoughton street Ur-bana One block from campus and directly In rear of Parks chapel Price 81600 A bargain Call on or address C J Mulllkln at Times office lwtf J8lf I70R SALE -For rash or trade for good farm F laud the property No 64 -86 Last L'uivor-slty avenue Mrs K L Vest lst i UOR SALE The Horn r -menee i No sui r W Church hi can be had at bargain For particulars Inquire of S K Hughes :-y Nell st 7tf LOR SALE One fourth s- ction of good land 8 miles from market 14 acres corn land SO acres timber pasture A -room orick house barn broomcorn shed 6" 41" acres highly lm proved at 185 85 acres - miles from Areola f?J Jlrt acres stock farm ft miles from Are da Ift7 fto The above are only a few of the farms 1 have for sale Write for full particulars or call Lands shown freo Juo Milt Cox Ar cola III tlSwfl 'HASH MX JU KS1UW3 — iuo t u veil excursion tickets at greatly reduced rates as follows (i A R encampment Philadelphia— Ool Nodlno post No 11" of Champaign has ma le arra igi uieuts with the Wabas i company for spt dal n ee reciinl ic chair cars to run through from Champaigu uud Urbana to Philadelphia without change joining the Wabash G A It HDOCtal at s il-iev This special will have Chau paign at ll 3 ft a m Saturday Sept j a- d go via Niagara Falls a ul the p cture-que Lehigh valley route Train will roacn Niagara Falls: i on m Sunday morning wh re three houts will be spent making a daylight r da down the Lehigh valley to Philadelphia arriving there at W p tn Those who desire can remain all day at the Falls and rea h Philadelphia Monday morning at 7 a m The special ii a It train will be composed pf baggage car coaches fve chair cars and sleepers to run through The tl’st vhulr car Is almost tilled from Champaign and Urbana The tldWU round trip tick s cau be made good until September so All are welcome For acotn-luodatlons write to Capt W H Coffman Champaign or tick t agents Wabash rairoad Champaign air Urbana For further information apply to or address S a Hecv agent Wabash railroad Depot In Maple street between Randolph and Nell streets Doth ’Phones No IT rpllE RIG FO0R ROUTE-The Dig Four LTQK 8a I K A substantial ‘J story house F three blocks southeast of courthouse ' East Illinois street Two large lots fine shade and lawn plenty of fruit and vegetable garden Inquire on premises 1J"16 LffilRSALE The residence at No West I Unlversi y avenue has 11 rooms bath toilet hot wa er heat and ail modi rn conven-tbrougbout For further particulars In-quire of S K Hughes St Null stroet 7tf FOR SALE — Personul Property UORSALK-A tine stylish city broke safe B carriage horse Call at nui South Null street d'jntfi I70RSALE -lflaoksmith shop lu Tolono do -U ing good business wish to sell out on account of Illness Inquire of A P Gorman Tolono 111 agent W i Abrams trr to tpOR SALE CHEAP lftakeu soou cup I1 board bureau chairs etc ftdii West Church street M L Smith its will sell excursion tickets at greatly re-duivd rati s as follows Excursion to Atlantic City Ocean City ‘sea Nlc City Avalon Anglesea Wldwool Holly Ib aci (’ape Mav New Jersey Ojean City Mary ami and Kebooath Delaware On Thurs da August l excursion round trip tickets will be sold to above named points from Champaign via Cincinnati and C x O Railway with llnal return Uni t August :U lsqi Fare for round trip fid 7ft Stop overs will be in either direction ten days at Washington Hallinoreand Phlla lelph'a For further In formation call on Dig Four a rent W 1 Lynch General Passenger Agent LOST OST A Knights Templar charm Liberal reward Owner's name on the charm d'jntfi I osr A coat containing valuable books and papers Please return to S H Garrison I7fi j osr small goid watch Reward equal value by leaving at Tiik Nkws office Campaign 111 taitfi yoUK advertisements In Thb nhivs brings I prompt returns STOLFN LAORSALF -Alwn s have on baud dry gmu B boxes for kindling wood or packing pm poses Drayman No is it Helms 1 t ll TOR SALE— Saloon furniture Inquire and U Inspect goods at 1308 West Main street Urbana W H Slade lJif AOK SaLE— A ftb foot lV-lnch second-hand r rope Ibqulre at Nkws o tee fttf TjOR SALE At a bargain a single buggy T newly painted and good as new at R Ah ernathy's paint shop lift East University avenue J89tf HELP WANTED WANTED— A good cook male or female $ft per week Employment office Jl Main street djutfi ANTED— Girl for kltcheh work a l J 4 West Good wages IWtff W y 111 street G AYT NTEI) -Flfte x corn cutt‘rs -Fifteen good experienced broom tiers I miles south of Green strdbton Lincoln avenue Urbana John Hobbs IHtrt YkJ ANTED— Printer one who can do job vf work WANTED - Women to bind dresn shields at home Ouljr those bavin sowing machines Deed apply: steady work: distance no disadvantage ask your dealer to show you Kora Shields Send Id cuts for catalogue of work The Kora Shield Co Wft Broome street New York Jfitd WANTED— Active ard trusted person to work for us locally Liberal salary guar anteed Good cbance for advancement No capital required For full Information address Shepp Company 1U31 to 11)33 Chestnut street Philadelphia I'llKtiM 790 Per 7par Alli all expenses guaranteed N5 our general agents who travel and appoint local agents on our popular books We need a few more now Ladles or gentlemen If Interested In traveling mploy m t send stump for full Information Local agents also wanted Tho lloey Publishing Co Chicago III lift FOR SAI F OR TRA lF CTO UN HlCYi’LK Saturday Aug ll a k’ gent s bicycle made by the Union Cycle Manufacturing Co was stolen from ibe under signed It has white rims and the head nr the fr m- fr in top of forks to handh bars Is white: the rest of the frame Is black spok- s are rusty Ha Garford saddle and l Palmer tires single tube Geared to 84 or 88 inches Will give fft to the person giving tef -rtnatlon leading to arrest of gu itv party or for return of wheel Ferguson Craig Champaign 111 yutfi J'ti FDR KKNT fUO RENT A desirable flat alsi i f- - furnished or unfurnished Jus West Church street dtfStf IJOOM FOR RENT Steam heated front It room with alcove and clothes closet Mrt West Washington street d$R1J£l rP0 RENT— Furnisbod or uufurnlshed rooms Y 304 Church street next Burnham Aihe-SOltf UOR RENT My residence property 30ft South Nell street All modern oonven-lences S P AtKinson J80tf MINI KLLANKUIN fUHE Employment office N -I can supply you with sick No J1 Main street JOtfi NOTICE By mutual agreement the draymen from henceforth will deliver trunks and such traffic to any part of the city for 1ft cents By committee 14tlJ EMPLOYMENT OFFICE 1 Main street Madam Wells dl3t‘J4 E ARM W ANTED -tV or JUO acres crop rent I Address H C Morris st Joseph 111 1lf ROOMS WANTUK ’ A N run A modern furnished room with heat and bath by a young man State prloe Tiik Nfws ivtf 17 ANTED -Two or three furnace heated " rooms for light housekeeping A-alress “C” care of Tint News iutf FARMS FOR RFNT trtOR SALE OR TRADE -If" acres of splen I1 did land good sub soil and improved partially tiled two miles from a good town Price ffift UO ter acre Will take residence property lo Cbampaln or Urbana a part payment prefer Urbana residence Call o - - r write E C Hamilton Watseka 111 iJftw4 EOR RENT '""acres In Kerr township all I under cultivation ro buildings fft per acre cash rent must he secured 8" acres In t rlttenden township flO in cultlvatl n hou-r barn well etc fl per acre cash rent vcurel Apply to E it Cbuplu Nkws office Chant palgu t ffttfi s FOR BOYS AND GIRLS SOME COOD ©TORIES FOR OUR JUNIOR READERS A Little Crrloun llovr the Hoy Discover'd a New A inuacuient — A True Stry — An Lin bar ran n-d Student Glad tone HD it Hoy several of tin little men and wnnwn half-way across the dining room ear-pet After this whenever Frank and Bertram set up the toy village the very best part of the play was the time when the cyclone came and trees and house- and men and women turn-ibied down together in a heap of ruins —Mary Hall Leonard A Mystery Flowers from clods of elay nn-1 mm: Flowers fo bright and grisa so gi-Tell me blade and leaf ami bud liow It is you're all so clean If my flnpers touch these pods F-e they're streaked with stleky earth Yet you spring from clayey clods 1‘ure and fesh and lair from birth Do you wash yourself at night In a bath of diamond dew That you look so fresh and bright hen the morning dawns on you? God perhaps pends summer showers When the grass grows gray for rain To wash the fanes of Ills flowers Ami bid Ills Helds be green again Tell me blade and leaf nnd bud Flowers so fair and grass bo green Growing out of clay and mud How It la you're all so clean —Gabriel Setoun A Lillie Cyclone Bertram was born and had spent all bis life on a Kansas prairie He had never watched the waves rolling in from the ocean nor picked up shells along the shore nor dug wello In the windy beach He had never listened to the wind as it sighs gently through the tops of the pine trees Indeed he had never seen any real woods at all nor any high hills and he knew’ nothing about great rocks Chart are so nice to climb upon and that make such lovely caves to hide oneself under But lie knew all about how the men on the plains ride over the range to bring ihe cattle together In a spring “roundup" He had often played at "throwing a rope" to lasso the stalks of tho tall sunflowers that bloom so thickly over tin western plains IT had seen great fires rushing madly through the dry prairie grass He had even seen half a dozen fires at a time far off ii the great round line In which the wide sky shuts itrdf down over the wide earth He also knew how hard the winds could blow across the great open plains When the spring winds came blowing all the way from the Gulf of Mexico or the Polar ocean Bertram used to watch the great round “tumble weeds" as they rolled rapidly along faster than a horse could gallop Sometimes when the wind grew fiercer than usual it brought a thick cloud of dust to choke the breath and blind the sight Then Bertram would run into the house as fast as his lege could carry him and shut his eyes almost fearing thnt the little house would be lifted from its foundations and be shaken to pieces by the fierce wind of the prairie When Bertram was five years old his mother took him to New England to visit his grandmother anil some cousins that he had never 6een Bertram thought the rooms In his grandmother’s house were very large — large enough for houses he said He was never tired of running tip and down the stairs because he had never before lived In a house where there were Uhy stairways to be climbed One day Bertram’s uncle brought home from the city a large box and told Bertram and his little cousin Frank that this contained something which they would like to see When they opened the box they found in it — a toy village There was a church with a steeple a postoffice a school house a store and some smaller houses There were a pood many little trees to shade Ihe village and a number of little men and women to walk about Its streets There was also a depot and ft train of cars to bring people to and from the town Both of tho children were delighted They took the little things out of the lox and looked at them one hv one Then they began to build the town Frank had often been to the city with his father and thought that he knew all about how a town should be built lie did not think that Bertram knew much about towns So It happened that almost all the things that Bertram set up Frank would soon change to Another place Bertram soon began to feel that It was all Frank’s town and that he was being left out of the play He looked very sober for a few minutes He stopped working and watched the little town as it grew up under Frank's busy fingers But lie was all the time thinking how he could have a share In the play himself At last a new thought came to him The town was Just finished with all the trees and houses set up in beautiful order nnd the little men nnd women walking quietly around the streets Then Bertram cried out “Here comes a slyeone!" and filling his little lungs with air he blow out a great wind of breath In two seconds half of the town lay In a heap with the frightened li title men and women burled under the overturned houses Frank looked up feeling half angry But Bertram’s eyes were shining T To was not cross or naughty he only wanted to have a part in tho play Frank’s eyes began to shine too This was a new kind of fun So he said “That was a blizzard sure enough! Now all the men will have to go to work nnd build the town over again” Then with a good laugh both of the boys set to work with a will and soon the town was built up again ns good ns ever When it was finished the second time Frank ran to his grandmother and whispered something in her ear Grnndmaina smiled went up to the arttie and brought down an old pair of bellows that used to blow up the fires in the great kitchen chimney a hundred years ago Bertram now looked on with great curiosity while Frank took the j bellows Hbd made a wind thart Mew A Truo Nturjr j Old Dapple wa so tiled Ing-tinu was over that grandpa "aid 1 be should re-t a wbob week with oats for dinner every day ’You’re the : faithfulest old fellow!" grandpa -aid warmly stroking H ippie s old no back and forth— back and forth lov-I ingly “Now you shall have a holiday and munch hay instead of rake it Wait i'll trundle the big rake under the mow out of your sight so you’ll forget there was ever any such tiling in the world as work" Then grandpa went in to dinner with grandma and The Twins— everybody called them The Twins with capital I s in their voices when they said it It was quite late lu the afternoon when grandpa asked The Twins to lead out old Dapple to water ''lAt him stay and drink as long as he wants to" he called after them “You needn’t wait— he knows the way ba k alone" So old Dapple stood and drank his fill of the clear sweet water and The Twins ran back to their play But it wasn’t long before grandpa saw them coming toward him at a scamper Both their faces were excited and they shouted in a little breaiiilefk chorus— The Twins usually spoke in chorus— “0 grandpa! grandpa! quick! look up in the mow- ing field! Old Dapple’s up there rakin' j hay all alone ’thout any rake or any hay! He’s goln’ back and forth and back and forth like everything!" And j when grandpa got on bis "fur-offs" and j looked sure enough there was faithful j old Dapple up in the mowing-field pa-j tiently trudging up and down making neat turns at the end of every “bout!" His tired old legs wavered unsteadily 1 but kept on The afternoon sunshine lay on his rough back and dazzled his ! old eyes on the return trips but he never thought of stopping Something ! suddenly dimmed grandpa’s “fur-offs" ! and !i" to'k them off “Faithful old fellow!" he muttered “Go lead him back children and give him oats for his supper And how Th' Twins hugged him while they were doing it! Constance Hamilton j ii 171 — 1 1 1 ii t rn t I lilitinna 1 1 — r l W f f j PsPsr No 1724 — Acted ( Lnrade SCENE FIRST The onrtnin i-Im-s on h wild wood scene Thick trees dense underbrush of brightest green And in the midst a struggling form behold— A deer caught in a snare His head so bold All crowned with “antlers ten " he lifta on high And pain and terror flashes from his eya Alas how tad a sightl No more will ho Roam with his fellows ’neath tho greenwood tree nis days of pleasure and of sport are done For look there cornea the hunter with his gun PCKNK SECOND A milder scene the next le-t doth display— A quiet lawn upon a Hummer day And shaded from the sun’s too ardent gleam Does dolce far niente reign supreme A man with elevated slippered feet Sits half reel in ing on a rustic seat A fan and bu k and glass of lemonade C"ose at his elbow are with cure displayed His face is placid calm nil free from cure He wears a restful take it easy uir Glnriatone as a Hoy WLliarn Ewart Gladstone at the aga of 12 was the best looking boy who ever entered Eton and the brightest fellow who ever left it He was always proud to claim membership with one of the old families of commerce and to !he last declined all honors and titles offered him by the queen preferring to remain "one of the people" His mother traced her ancestry to the royalty of the fourteenth century She THE WHOLE Ring up the curtain now upon the wh lo We hear the sound of mu-:r and the roll Of drum and cymbal and the sound ( f many human voices all around A sea of In ads It is ft circus tmt And toward the center all the eyes nre bent A form shoots from a net high in tho air ( J rasps a revolving bar and hanging there llo swings and whirls uud hangs by foot or chin j And seems to deem his life scarce worth n pin was a woman of verygreat accomplieh-fmcdiAnco frnm ber ments and exacted obedience from her six children Gladstone’s earlier life was passed under the direct care of this wise and watchful mother Her boys were required to perform some manuaJ labor and to takq much physical exercise and wore instructed in wood-sawing and carving A man’s treatment of his wife is a reflection of his mother’s memory In Gladstone’s beautiful study called the “Temple of Peace" were three desks— one for political and business correspondenceone for literary work and one for Mrs Gladstone who was a most discreet as well as able woman and had not only the gift of silver-tongued speech but of golden silence when occasion required No 17B— FI ve Tree 1 Behetwl part of u vessel and leave a tree 2 Behead to cut nnd leave a tree 8 Behead to remain in liquid and leave a tree 4 Behead to think and leave a tree 6 Behead a slice of beef and leave a tree I K An Fmbarrmicil Student Mr Spurgeon used to tell a good story about one of his divinity students It was his custom In order to test the powers of the young men for speaking to give them as they wore about to ascend the pulpit a text to discourse about on their own plan and in their own words This of course was not before an audience but simply among themselves for practice On tho occasion referred to he gave to a young man who as yet had not tried the ordeal the simple word “Zac-chaeus” The young man trembling from head to foot said: T will divide my subject into three parts First We read that Zaechaeus was small of stature and I never felt smaller than at the present moment Second We read that Zaechaeus climbed a tree which reminds me of my ascent into thl3 pulpit Third We read that Zaechaeus made haste to come down— which Accordingly I will now do" Whether this man ever became a great preacher or rot we are not told but he certainly showed that he possessed ready wit No 174— Familiar Proverb (With vowels omitted 1 1 d b r d s r n t c g h fc w t h c h f f 2 P r d w 1 1 h v f 1 1 8 N t h n g v n t r n t h n g h v 4 N v r p t f f t 1 1 t in r r w w h t y'c n d t d v 5 n g d t r n d s r v s n t h r fi dLr w n n n m n w 1 1 o t o b t s t r w 7 G t s u g 1 v 6 n v r c t c h in c 8 II n d b m s t h t h n d s m d s 9 t s 1 n g 1 n t h t h s n t r n u g No 175— lints 1 The rat in the soldier’s allowance for food 2 The arithmetical rat 8 Tho rat which disciplines mischievous children 4 Tho rat always seen with a certain serpent 6 The rat which is always in tho midst of “anger rage" ll Tho rat which sets tho “standard or value ” 7 The rat which sanctions a treaty 8 The rat “endowed with reason" ltnn (innif Here is a noisy jolly game A bag of bean la brought in And every one present puts his or her hand in it and takes a few beans which are held in the hand until all are served Then they are to count the beans and all who have odd numbers to form in lino on the right and all with even numbers to form in a line on the left Then the first person on the right line starts over to the left side and gives one in that line a bean as long as they last and then he or she sits down The same time the fir-t one on the left begins to give out what beans he or she has on the right In nnl when they are all gone he or -its down The next couple do the -ime and so on until all the beans are given out The last couple by this time has all the beans and if one is dropped a burnt cork brought and a little mark is put on the face of each one and when the total is counted the one having the odd number is to have the black marks put on for every bean in excess of 'he number the ther ha The one hav- Ing the odd number at the ad of the j game is "old mo id" or "old bachc’ " No 17b— Iliblh'ftl AnagriRiii 1 OI John's guard 2 Candles of baron K 3 A jam in maze dike 4 Him im turn and rum 6 Share the roofs? No fi Ilie! Mrs Jane at mint aloot T A cape gets hot H Mind dress also y K seized K ki Ill'll 10 II Czza crane bend 11 Hark Fay! U bake pork! ('on nn lr ii mi inei rrnl What has three feet and can’t walk? A yardstick Why is a coachman like a cloud? Because he holds th' t ins A thing w ith one leg and four faces that never moves? A lamppost Key to tin l’liEtlrr No 1M) — Charade Mur mur No 160 — Decapitation: Clash cash ash No 161 — Metagram 1 Bane 2 Jane 8 Igimv 4 Cane 5 Bane 6 Vans 7 Fane 8 Mane No 163 — Printers’ l’i: A blessing on the printer’s art Hooks are the meutora of the heart The burning soul the burdened mind lu books alone com Minions find No 163 — Geographical: 1 Suffolk 2 Lowestoft 3 Russia 4 Orkneys 6 Jamaica 6 Biscay 7 Corsica No 16 4 — Patriotic Puzzle R E I K LION I N D K I1 E N p F N C E (II ALL K M A N C I 1’ A T I O N DO r 0 L A S 0 O V K It N M K N T No 105 — Not Generally Desired: To be overtaken by the undertaker No 166 — Diamond 1 U 2 8it 3 Night 4 The 5 1' No 167 —Square: 1 Como 2 Oven 3 Mend 4 Ends No 168 — A Fknvcr For got-mo-not No r 1 — Rivers In England: 1 The Thames between Chelsea and Battersea 2 Tweed 3 Nerves severn 4 Derwent Mn 6 Stour tour routs 7 Trent rent b at ten s Ouse bouse lb are or THE BEST Join the flrd picture to the second plc-J turn by a single letter and the result will be the third picture The four letters used In the additions will spell a word which dose ri lies the lowest picture — St Nicholas Washing Powder MEIZ DARMER J DARNELL Real Estate Agents Champaign 111 We would be pleased to correspond wth or see you at our office if your farm Is for sale or irade If vou desire lo exchange for a larger farm If you desire to exchange for a smaller farm and get difference if you nave a farm to trade away from Cnampaign for one nearer if you wish to get belter improvements or cheaper land If you have town properly lo trade for a farm If you have mill factory or elevator or if you wish to trade for western land if you want to buy sell or exchange we can offer you large opporr unities Send us a description of what you want to buy sell or exchange We have farms In Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Missouri Texas and nearly all other states for sale We have buyers and sellers and parties who wish to exchange properties In our office every day You will be at no expense unless we make exchange or sale for you Large list of properties lo select from Respectfully Metz Darmer & Darnell Rooms No 1 and 3 Odd Fellows’ Building Phoenix Telephone 25 Farmers Attention! We are niw prepared tn handle Champaign county farm lands If you want to sell give ua a call V have buyers a d wwl trans'-r your property on short notice at the very lowest com-mi-v-un po3 : i- for our services V- r also agents for Illinois Central railroad lands located in the world f-rc s Ya o Vai ev M vs of which there is no rich- r sod in the United States ra sit g fr m fto t b is els if o urn per i --e also gri it variety f oi - or pa These coin be bo i for from 17 to D per acre on long time and are equal lu fert iity io adjoining Improved ir 1 t:r reots fur from to fr per acre Can give list of actual purchasers who will confirm our statements CD El IVUL-L-EIF? WO 30 MAIN C I CD 1 1 — L- Doilglas Coil! ty Farms FOR SALE 24" Acres— Well Improved and well located at 17" p‘-r acre All b acs prairie soil ?40 Aptps- Very finely improved well located at fs per acre 160 Acres— Good bouse: g"od barn: all fencec' black prairie soil close to town at f7ft lfO Acres — Also black soil well located at ?75 S Acres— A farm unimproved u? 17" per acre black prairie soil well tled Will rent for Ift ftu per acre 8" Acres-Improved black soil 16ft per acre 240 Acres— In German settlement tSA per acre 160 Acres— Two sets of Improvements fine prairie soli well located Can t be beat at MU per acre 16o Acres— Well located: two seta of Improvements at t77 60 per acre tA Acres — Fine land well tiled Improvements good Will rent for IftftO per acre Sell at 16ft per acre 4 ) Acres— Unimproved fo ft" per acre black prairie soil Jvi miles from town 80 Acres— Improved a miles from town f67 fto per acre 12 Acres-Improved In German settlement 11080 This Is good 160 Acres— In German seitlemDt at I8J50 per acre 160 Acres-Good black soil fair Improvements price I7u per acre 130 Acres— Well located a nice farm price 17ft par acre 8" Acres-172 ft" per aore 163 Acres— S mile from Tuacola fine brick house rooms all fenced and cross fenced tiled orchard good wel barn etc fi per acre Farms to exchange for merchandise merchandise to exchange for farms If you have anting to buy or sell inquire of CITIZENS BANKING CO COPARTNERSHIP No 21 Main Street CHAMPAIGN ILLINOIS I General Banting Bisnen Tmnctei we: MAKE I — OANB AT LOWEST BANK RATES gpecial Attention to Collection We respectfully solicit a share of your patron ag Call cd aee us H T Baker Tuscola Office In Wamsley Building 88 tf John arstrorg Pres j v ork Ctt er MONEY TO LOAN -an on FARMS Atlcwea: rates of interest Funds always on hand and loans closed promptly Privilege to make partial payments before maturing of loans Deal direct with B & W B McKNLEY l htiiuptlgn 111 INVESTMENT BEATS r Cent 120 acre farm In Sidney township Cham-algn county 11 at 17ft pr acre Rents for better than 1" per acre all level black new land well tiled A etock and grain farm of 160 acres In Kerr township tins county 6-room new cottage ood barn and well 3 in les mar ket This is A snap-860 per acre T revett & Mattis INVESTMENT BANKERS CHAMPAIGN ILL 24i acres that Is a good one 1 mile market Condlt township this county good fair buildings Land Is the best to be nad In tho county Kents for 15 per acre cash Price 175 per acre 60 acres 1 mile Sidney good house fair barn all good black prairie land School house just across the road Price ISUOU SEO P BLISS Urbana Illinois Our specialty now is FARM LOANS At 5 per cent on Long Time with option of payment before due H T SPERRY PiSE INSURANCE and Rsal Estate Champaign - - Ml Heavy Hand Made Team Harness for tall work We also carry a complete stock of whips dusters and nets Seasonable goods at reasonable prices Call on us lor anything in horse furnishing goods Gauss k Go Uaiversny Ave Clmipaij n r - tn X

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