Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 6, 1944 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 6, 1944
Page 8
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Page Eight NAUGAtUCK^DAILY NEWS- WEDNESDAY, SKPTZMBn ft litt V Naugatuck Lieutenant Finds Southern France To Be Almost Paradise Joseph Lieberman, Former Resident, States "Germans \ ? .Stripped The Countryside IJuutenanl. Joseph I. Uobermnn. former Nuugutuck resident, whose wifu, Mi'.t. Wona Lelb«rm:in and family reside on New St. ISxlen- nlon, 'writes 1C Tho News lo tell of Southern France where he Is a ;membor of the American invasion Army. The Army officer expresses his •appreciation to The News for n. leather memorandum book recently sent him *s n gift of tho paper, mutiny not only that it conies in very handy but that it reminds him of hl.i family back here in NnuffOtiick. ' Lieutenant Lieberman wome time ngo sent back a number of win 1 trophies from thi! Italian from Including; a German helmet and a German 'knife, and these mementos of the war were on display for n time in u show window of Tim NewM. The letter received from Liautensn: Lieberman Is as follows: Southern Franco, August '-'5, 104-1. Nnnpatiirlc Daily News Dear Sira: Today f received nlonj; with most welcome packet of mail, yoiu little memo book, for which thank you very much. It will come in handy, I know. Today's bunch of mull was thn first since my arrival in France. It was nice getting the book as it brought rilonj.- with It many memories of home, NiuiKtLtucIc, and my loved ones. No doubt you would like to hear something of France. After Africa, Sicily, Italy, and all that u-enl. with It. this Is a Paradise, The Riviera is all that is written about it. It is beautiful, with its lovely beaches, homos and country. The people have welcomed us royally, manner in somewhat in which wo the same have been •vlll miilto >«Nir home It Is boitcr i% evert «vav— fcaJJv cheaper, too— to ujb food pamt,s like Murphy's. The> nrc mote beaixitu) aod thcv wcai, and tveat, aod wear. Ask us about chcm. received upon entering Rome. I was there then too. Our triumphant, entry Into Rome and our landing on the coast of southern France Is something I shall remember to my dying day. Somehow our other victories weren't quiet the same. There is a definite resemblance here wilh Africa, Sicily and Ualy, in tho fact that there in very little food for the civilians. As in the other countries, the Germans have methodically confiscated all food, grain, and other necessities from the civil populace during the retreat, leaving proud people, in. many cases, to beg for food. My unit Is an anti-aircraft maintenance company, which travels with the anti-aircraft, on the front lines. Our mission is to maintain, repair, salvage and replace, when necessary all ordnance equipment belonging to the various anti-aircraft, artillery battalions, such as their arlil'.ery, small arms, instruments, remote contiol, radar, unj oven their vehicles. Oftentimes we have to make these .repairs under direct fire and mental duress. We havu always managed to accomplish our mission and arc proud of our reputation in this theater of war. Our landing here, In southern France, Wiis decidedly easier than American Legion Holds Election Of Officers Tonight The Imnunl election of officers fo:- tlic ensuing your will .take pluce at the meeting of the Naugatuck Post of the Amarlcag •:!»,-< gion to he held tonight In' Ilic'Le- gion rooms in the Hopaon build-; ing. ... Commander T h o in a rt Gunnoud asks that all members of. the pos be on hand as the, election an other important'' mutlcrti are to be presented to the assembly. George Lewis, 1 now senior vie commander, Is expected to bi mimed commander of the Nauga tuck Post hero tonight. The new senior TJCC commnndei is expected to be Joseph C. Ruylk u-ich, Ji 1 ., and there arc said to be a number of candidates for thi office of junior vice commander the post now held by Mr. Raytk- wich. Temperature Report l Shortly before.'np6ri,.'clouds gathered overhead, jand. as,, usual, we put the blame on-.Red Ho-mans. Biit'herc and tliere"u';.patch of blue showed up, -and for 1 ;that,'Red Is utraid lo make • a prediction on whether it will., rain.or. not. The boys.•••• frpm'v-'Sy.rac'uuel'trFrank and 2orgo,-'- : won'.t'imind tt."bit" 'of j.rairt, •'ihi-.'v'-'BLrti-iiLll 1 ;: wot" i alre'ady'A The Nazis Say Reds Are Trying To Invade (Continued from Page 1) sine and other battlegrounds it was a most welcome stale of affairs to a bunch of war weary men. To our men who had taken part in the action In such places as Cassino and other batlegrounds it was almost !iko n. picnic. At present. CANS, Inc MAPLE STREET TEL, 3507 we are living in a most beautiful villa, set high up on a hill overlooking a. small town and the benches of the Riviera. .The has every modern convenience and is n decided advantage over th4 fuxhoies and dugouts that we have been .accustomed to: We hope Unit oui 1 present, situation lasts for a .vliik' longer 1 . T, along with the many troops, have definitely adopted an o|>ti- nistic attitude concerning Ihe end of this business over here. More mil more we are ajluwing our thoughts to dwell on that lime when we shall arrive again on the shares ot the good old U. S. A, That sure is one invasion I plan to mnke, on D Day and 1-1 Hour, hope. My greatest' anxiety has been for the welfare of my wife ind iu'-o children. I have not, as vet. had the pleasure of meeting ny younger daughter, as she was jo'rn about three months after I li-i't the States. I am sure looking forward to malting her acquaintance, before she is much older. I hnpo. In closing, I would like to send my best wishes to all my friends and relatives in tho town of Naugatuck, who, due to my being r.n awful one, ad far as being a correspondent is concerned, m ti .H t think that I have forgotten Ihem. My best wishes also go to the N:iu- ga'tuck Dully News, for their kindness in certain articles concerning my wife and children. Hoping to see you soon, I will say au revoir, Sincerely, Lieut. Joseph I. Liebcrman. say that tho llrst and second White Russian armies have united on the Bug river sputh of East Prussia. The Russians sny the Soviet break-through above Warsaw climaxes fully live weeks of furious tank battles and hfand-to-hund fighting. .hi Londo, It's denied that Russian troops have crossed the Ro- maniaii-Biilgarian frontier, but the German radio reports Soviet forces entered Bulgaria early this morning, and are being resisted by both Bulgarian and German troops. To add . to the confusion—the Bulgarian radio says that the Bui- garians are lighting the Germans and not the Russians. Tho Solla broadcast, (heard by C-B-B.) says' the NtiKs attacked units of the Bulgarian army and captured members of Bulgaria's army staff. Meanwhile, Moscow has not confirmed Bulgaria's reported appeal for an armistice. Radio Solla reported-, that Bulgaria sued for peace only seven hours after Moscow declared war. The official newspaper—Pravda— speaks of Bulgarian revolt instead of an armistice. Pruvda urges the Bulgarians to revolt against their government and drive the Gi.-i'- m.ins out of the country. Meanwhile, the Russians driving through Romania are -17 miles from Yugoslavia, and are not mooting much resistance. 'George •us/the'y"- . ... -redheadV 1 i*li'oweVe'r,' ; feels' Huro that 'tireVe'' : rnay'be" a drizzle or a;little more by nightfall, .lied has baa rheumatic pains. _ all' ''day' long, a sure sign of in. 0 a. 0 a. m. Noon . 1 ]>. m. GO 78 82 83 Army Plan For Demobilization (Continued from Page 1) cific will I'Kcdive '"first priority" in everything, Including men and ships to move them, .Therefore, It is pointed out, BurphiB troops in other theater* may have to wait months for ships to -bring them Home, And In many -discs—regardless of priority standings—certain types of enlisted men will be' considered essential until the Pacific victory is also won. The War Department told th;e military affairs' committee 'no soldier-will be ke^t'-in the military service Who is'"not needed. .', and no soldier will be released who »." • ' .,' ' ' ' Military officials say; the nature of the war against. Japan will prevent the early discharge of many lirniRn »"d air corps supply pcr- ionnel. But thuy, promised/.that as replacements become.available, a fair hare of'.meri~will-~twiJdem6bi ; .rom air.ahd 1 'secvJce:forces. • Tlie 'announcement also made It plain that the army is planning to continue drafting young men from civil life until Japan is defeated. : After the end ofhostilitics in Europe, the War Department points out many troops will have to be used as "armies of occupation in Board Wrangles Ovir Fern Street V • "(Continued from Page 1) people Indicated their desire to do business' with the Watcrbury man without the borough' being' in the picture. Still later Mr. 'Cnssidy Stated that-h'e would not do business with 'an' 1 Individual on the -Fern' street? lot, but would work, onlyj'wlth the borough on the matter. All this pro and conning took tho. paat several months, 1 '' it was stated 1 last, night. ' ;.' . : ', East night representatlvcs'of the Alexander" family offered the' 25 foot'' 1 "In" return '> for sidewalks and c'u r D'~: aii'd' gutters on Chestnut Htreit*' and North Hoadlcy street, In- olvcd Is Legion Plan (Continued from Page 1) Germany. Other units w ill '.be sent intact Hop Brook C. 0. Dance Sept, 9 The monthly dance of tho Hop Brook Country club will be held Saturday evening, Sept. H, at tho clubhouse, .it was announced this morning. Ail members and their guests are invited to attend. to the 1 Pacific from Europe. ' ; Nonesscntial -men to. be .sent back to the United States to] join "sin-plus pools'.' will be''chosen nc- corcling to their "priority" ratings. A "rating cnrd .will be given all enlisted "personnel. 1 after .Germany's dcfeatd: They will, be awarded an undisclosed'number of tt'pplSitlmttt'ely :275 feet being 'yolvid/'The 'offer also invo clcarlrijf'away a stone wall. Bu(!'Setis pomenic De Carlo indicated his -luck of satisfaction wilh the clearing.up of the matter and thu i tact, that the Street committee of .which he is a member! had not iui Jyet ...visited ithe section under diBCUBsion. ' Warden Brophy stat- § ihttt. !he w;is ready to make the 'trip at any time but that the mutter has been on the fire between Lhe 'two parties for so lonjf that it WUM not necessary previously. The burgess was insistent that something! be done to make it possible to open up Pern the north. ' Warden Brophy asked what Bur- ifess DoCarlo thought of the Alexander offer, the llrst that has .come .beforc'-th'e board on the mutter, but tho .burgess xtatcd that he had not aocn the. property or did not know how high the stone wall .was that must be cleared »way. The burgess also stated that even if Mr. Cas- sldy. was not inclined to do business with the Alexander interests that -the borough should bundle lh« matter. Burgess William Ploski also entered into tho discunslon stating that if the matter was not aken _ciirc_ci'f ut onc.e that .there probably iibon would be a~ house built' across the!end; of, Fctn 'street, sealing off 1 .th'e.'area for'good. ""Burgess Ploski when informed that there was nothing that 1 could. be done about the matter'.if a house- was contemplated . there, heatedly., stated that the situation wasi a.'- "squeeze play" and that the •borough, aliould.-not issue a bulld- •ing % -.j)crm!t 'under • auch corcim- 3tanceij,"!.<fnd'-should be on-its loos In the matter. Me declared that the l ; ern'street land should have gono as part' of the development and the --warden • asked if Mr. Ploski would -'tell the J. M. Whittemore Co. what 1 land it would sell or not- •cH'ih'the matter and to whom. 'THc'-burgess stated that the warden-'should protect Naugatuck residents' 1 with so much building boing done, in that area, and not allow rooro«; two labatories, and "a boiler room Three fire exits from each floor are also Included in the layout of the proposed Legion Home, and It waa Btated rtiat the auditorium could bd cut off from the remainder ; of the building if it was not being used, in cold weather. In. connection with the property, a Softball diamond would' be laid out, 'similar id, what lias been on the land 'for some yoftra, with a picnic area . also included. The building-that la now on the property und which has been used for an air observation post, would also, be utilized although It would bo moved to the rear of'the property. A committee consisting of Commander Thomas Gunnoud, William Noble, Jr., Joseph C. Raytkwich, Jr., and George Lewis conferred with Warden Leo Brophy and the burgesses on the matter previous to last night's meeting. The deed .was drawn up by Borrough Attorney Martin L. Caine and contained various protective clauses Indicating .that If tne Legion post fails to carry out TIB pur-_ pose in regard to the land or would • sell or lease the grounds, that the | current deed would be invalid and the property revert back to Uic borough. The binder of the sum o $1 was included to make the deed valid. The purpose of the home would be for the-use of veterans of the ; urmcd services of past and present wars, who have discharges, othei than dishonorable ones The figure of J20.000 as to cost was merely an estimate YOU CAN'T EXPECT ANY MORE OUT OF YOUR CLOTHES THAN THE MAKERS PUT INTO THEM. •£ ' ' •*-. We make sure nothing is left out }• that should be in—nothing put in that should be left out. We lay ~" a sturdy foundation of qualify fabrics—then build by handwork suits and topcoats that ' measure up to our standard of- good clothes that deliver the. ; goods—service—style and satisfaction—$45 to $75. ; , . - Rccordil Courteoui Scrvi« on the each of the following an -area . to -be blocked oir. War-j points for factors: ' ' ' , ;' 1. Tho total numbeY";of "months of' army 19-10. since'-'September, *"». — Weather Report | o— — —O Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island — Partly cloudy to- nigh I and tomorrow. Slightly cooler 1 in the interior tonight. L.ittle change in temperature tomorrow. nUV W*K IIOVIVS ANIl 'WTAMPS 2. The number oC months served overseas. 3. Individual awards won In combat. ' ' •t. The .number of dependent children. . The men will bo. . discharged through army separation centers, five of which Already are in operation. Plans, for. 13 mqr> 0 are under way, so that soldiers,. ; may receive discharges close .to their homoa... The Women's Army.'/Corps will be demobilized according to the' priority system! except' that WAC wives ot discharged' .veterans will be released upon -appflcation. '' The demobilization plan makes no distinction^, between • men .who enlisted, and'those, drafted. :, den 'Brophy pointed vut that' the •area • was not 'being blocked off, that all arrangements had. been made with Mr. Cassldy In case the deal for the lot.goes through, with a man hole being moved over 30 feet' in 'Chestnut street to take cure of an additional load from thi»-northern end. of Fern street. Warden Biophy declared that the" O.; O.' I-. were doing a lot of talking over nothing and-that that niat,ter.'- -of' Fern street was showing 'excellent progress, and that part of one member of the Legion group last night and may vary up or down froin that amount, it was stated. The use of the auditorium it wan stated could be for conventions, large meetings, dinners .and banquets and various other meetings where large groups need a large area.. It was riot -stated just how J.he cost of the structure would be underwritten, f01-the effort is one of the most'ambiUous ever contemplated by a service group in Naugatuck. and definitely is planned to include the many hundreds of Naugatuck residents who will return from the armed services. No mention has been made to date a« to whe» the building might be started, or if it is part of Naugatuck's . post-war planning construction. Ration's Army On Way To Rhineland (Continued from Page 1) HOUSEHOLD DEPT. (Gladys C. Case In Charge) M Itch ell'» "E-Z" STARTING CAN OPENERS The only one with a 25c TEMPLETON'S TEMIT.KTON-S CORSKB WATKRBUKY DIAL 4080 (No Toll Charge) T.OVJNE lir.F.CTRIC CO. g Cliurch Slrc« Summer Dance Program! For Friday, Saturday and • Sunday Evenlrigt 1 JOE ROCK and HI* . ROCK and RYE BOYS In I'olkaw and Modern DMMC Mllhlc Sunday Dancing 5 to 9 P. M. White* Eagk Restaurant; BRIDGE STREET Member of Connecticut Restaurant AraocUtioi ucs along the French channel ports of Dunkerque, Calais and Boulogne. Boulogne has been bypassed by the Canadians, and a British radio report says other forces have reached the si-rails of Dover on bolh sides of Calais. People hear on the British coast roar of battle on , hcar ^ roar o a there was no danger of |.t being French channel coast, hlrtnlrnH ''off rtAi'mitfinntlvr ' ~~i f* i... .. i ^rj«\. can the . . . Have a Goca-Cola = Let's go places ... or refreshment joins the family picnic -Whether it's a jaunt in the country or a gathering in a garden, guests are " sure' to cluster 'round the spot where ice-cold Coca-Cola is served. Have a "Coke" means the party is beginning on a note of good fellowship. And_how good Coca-Coin tastes with the simplest food! With a supply of Coca-Cola in the home refrigerator, your friends and neighbors are always sure of the pause that refreshes. It's a symbol of welcome at home and overseas. 1OIIIED UNOEK AUTHOKITY OF THE COCA-COIA COMPANY IY COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF WATERBURY It's natural for popular names to acquire friendly abbreviations. That's why you hear Coca-Cola called "Coke", . • .01744 Tb. C-C Co, blocked 'off permanently. 1 Burgees Ploaki stated that the Relnauer property on Fern street .was'flooded by vrater, and the warden pointed out that even with the opening 1 of Fern stree!, it would jtikc a run of 2G-J feet from thai point to a sewer jtor drainage. The warden suggested .that Hurgesa Ploski get around and see tho,. town and what is going on and The "repartee that followed ended with the warden tolling Mr. Ploski to "grow "up.". net' 1 /\e n *ij* Office Of Building Inspector Subject . :: r, - .' i • . (Continued from Pago 1) the .past some 1 years. Warden Brophy. declared that Inspector Bentley even in depression years here, received ,12,. 13 ami 14 hundred dol- lars.a year for permits. ; Warden Brophy indicated today that tlie efforts of Inspector Bent- 'ley a« building inspector do not 'warrant his receiving a large sum for his efforts as the ofllce is operated as a part time job, and there. i« no control over, exactly how much work Mr. Bentlcy does, or does not do in the building inspection field i The warden stated last night the Nuueatuclt building ordinance is 20 Vears old and has never been in'od'e'r'nized." • • 1 Warden Brophy ajso pointed out nju'.'-. last-night's meeting of the borough- board that in order to give borough employes a J200.00 raise' Iti was necessary to inci-c-awe 'the tax I'ate. Yet he pointed but Mr. Bentley, a part time employe of the .-town, is bcneflttiog by many hundreds of dollars each year as the building boom here in-SJauca- iuck continues. . It was'stated by the warden that Naucatuck i« ; gro>vlng. and will continue to grow : wfth -much more Activity In- the building field as tho y.ears i 'po l 6ri.-Hc said that the ollice 'o'fbuilding inspector should be geared to keep pace with the-tlmes, with the- building-inspector on a salary as is the case in practically all other communities . In tho state. , . ; ; Warden: Brophy's Interpretation of'.the :buildlnfr inspector's casa here seemed to fall on deaf ears at the. meeting of the board and there \var,e.:no-comments, or questions on the part of the . board members. The only action taken was the failure to''accept the building -inspector's report .for August and just what'this may lead' to in. the fu- ur'e coul'd'riot be interpreted today. The Swiss and Vichy.,radios say tho American sercnth army troops driving up from southern France have joined Patton'a third army somewhere in central France. There is no confirmation of this. however. Latest official reports say the two armies, with Allied forces, at last reports, driving up the Saone river Vi-Iey almost unopposed. Yank forces already are in Lucca, a city. Hint dominates the approaches to the western end of the Gorman Gothic line. The, British and Canadians have advanced to less than four mile*; from Rimini. The British radio says Italian patriots control the entire Ligur- iiin se; of northwestern Italy, with the exception of Genoa. BUYING A NEW HOME? Your Savings Bank Can Help You NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK All Deposits Guaranteed Couple Files Wedding Intentions Raymond O. Mengacci, 68 High street, and Jessie Wisneski, 100 High street, filed wedding intentions at the offlcc of Raymond J. St. John,'it was reported this morning. Buy More War Rondi The Copper Room Open Daily For LUNCHEON And DINNER DANCING Wednesday — and — . Saturday Even togs Only After 9 P. M. QUALITY RUBBER FOOTWEAR Made In Naugatuck Is Serving All Over The World UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Naugatuck Footwear Plant Naugatuck LAWNS The hot, dry weather has ruined many of Naujratuck'B beautiful lawns. Before the fall rains set in it would help to apply a generous amount of Drlconure. This i« peat moss and cow manure—treated to remove weed seeds. This is an excellent fertilizer and firound conditioner for new and old lawns. \V.> Have Plenty In Stock. — Also — '; Turn in your fuel oil coupons and have your tank filled now—this is iniportant. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Church St Phone 5236

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