Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 15, 1968 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, May 15, 1968
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Wednesday, May 15, 1968 SOCIETY Engagement Announced Phone 7-3431 :;;; Calendar of Events WEDNESDAY, MAY 15 The GA Coronation will be held auditorium Between 8 a.m. and A p.m. followed with reading of minutes and treasurers' report by Mrsi James Ellis, Secretary • Treas* urer, Mrs, Revls Edmonds re« ported on the progress of plans for a hamburger supper to be : in our church auditorium on . ,. ,«..-»-.- ^ - -- -- ,nWednesday, May 15, at 7:15 p.m. held on Thursday, May 16 at The GA's will be recognized at Garland School cafeteria. :: this time for the work they have ...completed in Forward Steps, "The requirements for each •....step include Bible study, mis- !;,-. sionary reading, research, hand::;.,work, and missionary service. ,•;-/, We are pleased to announce that Mrs. S. A, Whitlow will -..present the charges and awards .".to the GA's. !.:.. There will be more than 60 ....who will participate in the ser- :r,.;vice this year, We commend --the GA's and their leaders for the very fine work they are do- ->ing In these organizations. ,.;- Rehearsal for Queens and at- Yvtendants • Mon., May 13, 4p.m. :, ,-; Rehearsal for all GA's - Wed., — May is ( 4 p §m , Individual pictures will be ....made at 6:45 p.m. Wed. .;... Group picture will be made at .....7:00 p.m.- Wed. All girls are purged to be prompt and be in ;.-;.assigned places at 7 o'clock. Another guest, Mrs, Arch Wylie, installed officers for the next year, President: Mrs, Hoi- lls Moses, Vice-President: Mrs. Charles Stone, Secretary: Mrs* James Ellis, Treasurer: Mrs, Oscar Jones, Parliamentarian, Mrs. Gene Pendergraft, After installation of officers, Mrs, Cannon Mollis presented a red rose and a gift to each teacher in appreciation of their faithful service this year, DUPLICATE CLUB MEETS Master Point Night for the Hope Duplicate Bridge Club was held May 13 at the Diamond with 4 tables of players. Mrs, R. L 6 Broach and an out-of-town player, Mrs. Tom Steed of Pine Bluff, were the first place couple. Other winners were: second, Mrs. Harry Hawthorne and Mrs. Comer Boyett; third, Mrs. J. M. Duffle and Mrs. Thomas Hays; fourth, Mrs, A. K. Holloway and HOPE (ARK) Sttft, Printed &v Offset Congressman Discusses Poor March HELEN HELP US! by H*(*n BotUl 0 of I The so*called "Poor People's March" is now in progress in Washington, building toward a climax. anticipated about Mem* orial Day. 1 know of no one in the Con* gfess who is unsympathetic to the cause of people who are truly in need, I know of no one in the Mouse of Representatives who is for conditions where there is a lack of food or shelter or income, The government is spending bil* lions of dollars each year to alle* viate these conditions, Furthermore, I know no Member of Congress who does not support the Constitutional right of free, peaceable assembly ,,, as fundamental to our way of life rout H AsKEB F6K ft I 6v^« assure ysut hosBiifd ihtt this coiumft is for yount peo. thefe ARE sash thlnfs &§ pel* pie, thsif problems and pleas* tergefste, fn 'never met one ufes. their troubles and fun, As personally, (fiut Ft! bet Some ef* with the rest of Helen Help "UsL m t readers have,) it welcomes laughs but At** avoid is a situation conducive to riots and civildistrubancesofthe kind which wracked Washington last month, The Public Works Committee, of which 1 am a Member and in whose hearings I participated, won't dodge a seHOUs question with a brush off, Send youf teenage questions f 0 YOUTH ASKED FOR IT, cafe of Helen Help Us I this newspaper, is THERE A POLTERGEIST IN THE HOUSE? Dear Helens We have lived in this old house a year, arid 1 am convinced a poltergeist lives here, too. At first 1 thought it was just the creaking and settling of tim« bers. Heaven knows, I don't— or didn't—believe in Spirits. But when latched doors open, balls come bouncing down the stairs, and bottles break for no reason, However, here's my vote for sld • A- eouple of friedly 25 publication of the University of Arkansas etotfent newspaper Tuesday in protest over the edl- tof's failure to print a letter praising the late &r« Martin ghosts should give you a fine, tutftef Kfagifr, spirited life, -H» . The demonstrators: blseked • • entaee to the flfifoersift's print* Dear Helen: fa there such a Ing plant fdt &/& tours, They thing as being accidental-one? left after talking with the Board How else do t explain having had of Publications and school dffl* five broken bones in less than two years, plus being Involved in three car wrecks, plus having my house burglarized, then de« stroyed by fire?- UNLUCKY Dear Unlucky s Unless you have for Democracy, About half were a very unfriendly poltergeist, rd white and half Negro. guess you're the type who acts The spokesman said the now, thinks later, The accident* newspaper, The Traveler, published a letter critical of Dr, clals, A spokesman said the protesters were members of the South* ern Student Organiaating Committee and the Black Americans LILAC GARDEN CLUB HOLDS PICNIC ~" THURSDAY, MAY 16 :,"., The Newcomers Club will meet ""• Marie Hendrbc ' . .at 7:30 p,m, Thursday, May 16 in .,,.the home of Mrs. John Treat with -.-, Mrs. J k C. Collins, co-hostess. A __planned, and anyone who has moved to Hope within the last two years is invited. JUDY ANN HARDY right in front of my eyes, 1 must blame a poltergeist or figure I'm going crazy. The other night while we were has approved, and is prepared to entertaining company, we heard submit for quick House action, a measure which would place limitations on the march, It would hold the demonstrations to more manageable proportions. I would hope the marchers will bridge nesday, May 8 to close out the club year. Roses centered the table where a picnic lunch was served. Hostesses were Mrs. Chester The regular monthly ..:. luncheon of the Hope Coun- Hunt, Mrs. Arl Ward, and Mrs. •;.-iry Club will be Thursday, May Connie Ward. -,16 at 12:30 p.m. f : ;. Hostesses are Mrs. Joe Wat- -*kins, Mrs. Lloyd Spencer, and . Mrs. W. M. McWilliams. ^ The Order of the Eastern Star rwill meet Thursday, May 16th, j5 p.m. at the Masonic Hall. •- The Rocky Mound Homemakers Club will meet at 2 p.m. Club President, Mrs. B. W. Edwards, announced during a business meeting that two shrubs bought by the club were being set out at the Hempstead - Nevada Regional Library. Then, a special guest, Mrs. Chris Petre, President of the Hope Council of Garden Clubs, installed the following officers: Vice-President, Mrs. RoyTay- Thursday, May 16 in the home of i or; secretary, Mrs. Leila Jor- •Slrs. Mary Barham. The lesson dan of Blevins; treasurer, Mrs. Will be "Furniture Care". All Loyd Kinard; parliamentarian, members are urged to be present. Mrs. B. W. Edwards. The club Weather permitting the Senior President will be named later. Citizens Club will meet Thursday, May 16th at 1:30 p.m. at the youth center., .•..•.•-..-, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hardy of Benton announces the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Judy Ann, CIRCLE NO. 3 MEETS Circle No. 3, WSCS, met in the home of Mrs. Ralph Smith Monday, May 13 at 2 p.m. Mrs. Frank Walters served as co- hostess. Mrs. Albert Graves, Circle Chairman, presided over the business session. Members voted to change their meeting time to 9:30 a.m. during the months of June, July, August, and September. Mrs. W. W. Oglesby and Mrs. Johnnie Green presented an Inspiring meditation and pledge service. During the social hour, the hostesses served a dessert plate with coffee to ten members. Coming, Going confine their activities to reason able petitioning. There is talk that as many as 100,000 may take planned. Part* As the people come to Washington, I hope that they findacco- which do not endanger Museum In San Marino, Sea ^llas that of the community and World near San Diego, and Hoi- other Washington visitors, lywood. Her grandson, Fred Their main overnight shelter, .. . Hollywood, accom- comprised of flimsy, temporary Kma granddaughter of Mr, and Mrs. Earl Stone of Blevins, to Harrison Rhoades of Benton. A June wedding is Henry Hunangton Her of from the wall. No one had been near it. The strange thing is Fm not afraid of our noisy ghosts —and I have a feeling there are two. They play pranks, but they don't mean us any harm, I've tried to find the history of this house, without much luck. My husband wants us to sell it, prone usually invite trouble by taking chances, though I'll admit hard luck seems to dog some people for no apparent reason. •** n, Dear Helens 1 have a friend who is getting married this summer. The man had an accident some time ago, and we under* stand he has permanent brain damage. My friend doesn't know this. She thinks the occasional spells he has will gradually disappear. Shouldn't someone tell her?~ A FRIEND Dear Friend: Yes—and that someone should be her fiance, with the help of his doctor. -H a King April 10, then refused to print a rebuttal letter written by John Mc#e, a student, Kay Carson of Monticello, Ark,, editor of the Traveler, said the newspaper had presented 39 column inches of letters sympathetic to King after his assassination. The Board of Publications said that the editor had the right to decide which letters would be printed. The board suggested that Miss Carson discuss with the group reasons for non-publication of the Rowe letter. Apparently the group did not plan to block publication of the Tackett on to a phenomena, how could I walk away and leave it? Besides, our poltergeists are of exciting, and provide a panied her back to Arkansas for dwellings, is located In an area conversation piece. r» £ A *tt *lrt..,_ U-..J. u_ t_« ... _ _ . ° * . ' _ _ . \^_r\\\\t\ Vrvil r\Y> e a few days, but he has now gone we ll away (I would have preferred home, a more remote site) from the Mall, Capital Grounds, and the Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Russell famous monuments and memor- and Charles, Dallas, were here iais to our forefathers. The to- Sunday with their mothers, Mrs. cation of housing, somewhat re- Charles Harrell and Mrs. * -' Russell. Lois Could you, or some of your readers, assure my husband that poltergeists mean no harm? — GHOSTS' HOST Dear G.H.: Sorry, I couldn't YOUR HELPING PARTMENT Dear Helen: Would you ask your readers to write to my grandfather, who is 80 years old and just out of the hospital. His great love was fishing, but he year's final issue of the Travel- HAND DE- er, which was due today. The university has about 10,000 students. The No Eye Tests Better Vision Institute ent of 25 per drivers moved from the principal travel areas, should serve to reduce interference with the general public which has every right to see McClanahan have and visit, unhindered, these sym- 3 weeks in Texas bols of our history - the monuments and memorials which should remain open and accessible to everyone. If the marchers show signs of Mr. and Mrs. Vance Crawford and Miss Dell returned from where they visited Baytown, Mercedes, Wesleco, Austin, Copperas Cove, Dallas, and Ft. Worth. getting out-of-hand, Congress is prepared to approve other measures necessary to protect the Capital city, its historic buildings — and its people. I invite your comments. Write Congressman John Paul Hammerschmidt, 1640 Longworth Building, Washington, Die. 20515. can't do that any more. None have never had an officialeve of the family lives nearby, and test and tha? two thirds of the he's lonely. He is Ray Billings, states do not require eyl in care of Art Miller, Rt. 1, examinations for a license Box 594, Long Beach, Wash., renewal. 98631 -GRANDMOTHER Tnis column is dedicated to family living, so if you're having kid trouble, or just plain trouble, let Helen help YOU. She will also welcome your own amusing expediences. Address Helen Bottel in care of Hope Star. Copyright, 1967, Inc. MAY PERMANENT WAVE BMCIALS (Your Choice of Type) Curv-Body-Curty $6.50 and up . ICHM'S ••OMt 114W. 2nd PR7-3118 The Garland School PTA will .sponsor a hamburger supper Thursday, May 16 from 5 to 7 p.m. at Garland School cafeteria. Plates will be 50 cents each and tickets may bo obtained in advance from children at Garland or pay at the school. SATURDAY, MAY 18 Recent visitors with Mrs. Charles Harrell, a patient at Memorial. Hospital, have included Mr. and Mrs. Bluphard Tippitt, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Tippitt, Miss Nadine Tippitt, Mrs. Larry Walquist and Clay, all of Prescott. CIRCLE 5 WSCS MEETS niCircle No. 5/, W.S.C.S;; of .vthe First Methodist Church met Monday May 13 in the home of Mrs. Kinard Young with Mrs. Calvin Smith as co-hostess. Mrs. Wesley Huddleston, Chairman presided over the business. The Circle voted to meet at 8 p.m. the months of June, July and August. Mrs. Huddleston had charge of m . „. . . „ L a short pledge service and passed The Hempstead County Repub- the pledge cards to be filled out lican Women will hold a Bake Sale and turned back in. Saturday, May 18 in front of West M rs. W. C. Bruner, Jr. had the Department Store in the Village p ro gram on the book of Numbers. Shopping Center from 9a.m. until A cherry cream dessert and hot p.m. or until all is sold. tea was served to the 12 members and one guest, Mrs. David Peters. Karen Cobb, a Hendrix College SHOVER SPRINGS CLUB MEETS student, spent Mother's Day with _,. _ _ . „ . Mr. and Mrs. Vic Cobb. The Shover Springs Extension 1 Charles Harrell was called to the bedside of an aunt, Mrs. Anna Thornton, in Helena, Okla., last week. Cookie Jones and Bar bar a Connell, Hendrix College students, spent the weekend with Cookies' parents, the Rev. and Mrs. Joe Jones, and attended the Mother's Day program at Sardis, Sunday. MONDAY, MAY 20 The annual banquet of the Caddo Area Council Boy Scouts will be held Monday, May 20 at 7:30 p.m. at the Texarkana Jr. College Student Center. Tickets may be purchased from Clifford Franks, Olen Overturf, and Weston Greene. Notice The Daffodil Garden Club Luncheon previously scheduled for May 16 has been postponed until May 23 at 12 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Jack Garner. GARLAND P.T.A. MET The Garland School P.T.A. met Wednesday, May 8 for the last meeting of this school year. The meeting was called to order by the President, Mrs. Hollis Moses, Mrs. Cannon Hollis presented the devotion, "The Second Look," Mrs, Oscar Jones Introduced Mrs, Ralph Emerson, who sang a selection from Game- lot and special guest, Miss Dolores McBride, who gave an Informative program about Extension work, A short business meeting Homemakers Club met in the home of Mrs. Darrell Dillon on Thursday, May 9. The president, Mrs. Clifton East, called the meeting to order and gave the Thought of the Month. After the hostess had read Psalm 117 for the devotion, Mrs. Homer Poindexter led in singing "Jacob's Ladder." For the eye- opener Mrs. Gene Dillard demonstrated how to store your clean- Ing products. "Tender, Loving Care of Furniture" was the lesson which Mrs. East taught. Routine business transpired, and Mrs, Poindexter gave a leader's report on Family Life, Education, and Youth. There will be another meeting on the club's cemetery project May 15. To conclude the meeting, all joined in repeating the Woman's Creed. Pie, ice cream and cold drinks were served to 9 members and 4 children. The early Egyptians were probably the first people to wear wigs. LET'S TALK ABOUT MOVIES By VELOA SEAMANS "THE WICKED DREAMS OF PAULA SCHULTZ" shows tonight. It's a comedy with EJke Soiniiier and Bob Crane and the "Hogan's Heroes" from the TV series. THURS.-FRI.-SAT. willbea screen filled with plenty of action. "NOBODY'S PERFECT" with Doug McClure and Nancy Kwan, is a comedy action story aboard a hi-jinks Navy sliip, "ATTACK ON THE IRON COAST" is the story of a dangerous mission during World War Q and Is called 'Operation Mad Dog'. Tliis one promises plenty of action. Late Show Sat.-Sun.-Mon., Secret Agent MATT HELM strikes again—Dean Martin in "THE AMBUSHERS." Super-spy Dean Martin goes after some super- gajs and the result is fun-adventure-spies-sex and suspense. For more adventure entertainment see "FANTASTIC VOYAGE" and "MODESTY BLAISE" this week end at the OKIE. "Fantastic Voyage" is an unusual science fiction thriller and "Modesty Blalse" is a real wild spy story. Mrs. Tom Steed, Pine Bluff, has been visiting her mother, Mrs. Pearl Watson. Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Gambee, Joshua Tree, Calif., have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Hughes. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Howson, Jr., Dallas, Mr. and Mrs. Ruffin Boyett and Mrs. D. B. Thompson, all of Little Rock, were Sunday guests of Mrs, Frank Howson, Mrs. Ed McCorkle has returned from a 2-week visit in California with Mrs, Ridley Smith in Laguna Hills and with Mrs, Robert Politski in Orange. She ADVI5 ES (from page one) naturally. Should your kid punch another neighborhood kid in the nose, the father of the other kid sends you a written apology. When you order a martini at lunch, the headwaiter makes sure himself that the bartender uses the brand of gin you prefer. Before attending the annual opening of the opera, your wife asks whether you think her mother-of-pearl lorgnette will do for another season, "or does it look so positively shabby It will ruin our whole evening?" Whenever your old college football team loses a game, the coach immediately calls you long distance to explain. You know, when the phone on your desk gives a coded ring, that you'd better pick it up yourself-for it is the White House oa (he line again, asking your advice. Yep, these tilings spell prestige. But fur most of us they usually spell something else— daydreaming on the job. f nu'ir < - wwr«»;: l The Only Credit Card You'll Ever Need! ARKANSAS BANK AM ERI CARD AUTHORIZED SIGNATURES 123 456 789 012 0/00 BAC MR. SMART SHOPPER Available At irst National Bsnk OF HOPE

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