The Lima Morning Star and Republican-Gazette from Lima, Ohio on August 12, 1927 · 1
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The Lima Morning Star and Republican-Gazette from Lima, Ohio · 1

Lima, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, August 12, 1927
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An ilnibu FU i ra a WEATHER PARTLY cloudy possibly thundershowers Friday and Saturday not much change In temperature ' TELEPHONE MAIN 4014 NORTHWESTERN OHIO’S GREATEST NEWSPAPER VOLUME XII NUMBER 312 LIMA OHIO FRIDAY AUGUST 12 1927 PRICE THREE CENTS v M "Z3 rn tod 3 Today Still Excited In Paris Plenty of Radicals Raising Children Nicaragua and U S a— n— By Arthoi mHB Communist party in Paris where this is written is not a mere handful of men and a name It is a strong party backed by sympathy for Sacco and Vanzettl outside the extreme radical groups That sym pathy is greatly increased naturally by the admission of the Fuller committee that Judge Thayer acted indiscreetly ‘ There is a feeling that the men should not die by order of a Judge branded "endiscrete'’ by such men as Governor Fuller chose for the committee A man whose indiscretion would have barred him i' from the Jury should not have power of decision beyond appeal The newspaper Humanlte leads others by a short distance only Conservative evening newspapers today treat the Sacco-Vanzetti case ' most seriously realizing the excitement that must follow the execution If it occurs Humanlte founded by Jean Jaures is run by Vaillant Couturier and Marcel Cachin both members of parliament Cachin is serving three months in prison for inciting troops to rebel Workers generally are convinced that “cap! tal” is executing two innocent men Many workers have gone on strike in the most highly paid factories American automobile branches for Instance to express sympathy and disapproval This is cabled for the information — of -American -Legion- members planning to visit Paris next month If the men are not executed all will be peaceful and the magnificent effect of Lindbergh’s flight will resume its sway The Jaws of New York allow savings banks to take $7500 in sav-Tjngs from'one individual ‘ Formerly 1 the limit was $5000 It' is still-too small Metropolitan Life Insurance statistics show that it costs $616$ to raise a girl and $6077 for a boy to bring them up to 18 years of age Seven thousand : - five hundred dollars isn’t too much '“capital” jin these days for a majority of men and women to set aside for their - children ‘ - ' The outrageous thing is that the houses the little homes In which families are raised for the good of the country are taxed to their full value' ‘ V They are sacred Institutions and have as good a right to be free from taxation as - any church orphan asylum or masonic t hall and should be tax free There should be no tax on any home costing less than $20000 And that limit is low ’ ' Organized labor requests the United 1 States to withdraw its forces from Nicaragua and let Nicaraguans “work out their own problems” If the United States plana to build a sea level canal through Nicaragua: which would be better than the Panama route and If It has obtained the right to build from competent Nicaraguan authorities the canal should be ijilt regardless of opposition This country is interested in Fraulein Thea Basche well named The lady flies alone turns somersaults in the air rolls over sideways drops down with terrific speed forward and backward catching herself in time She can do a “vertical tail spin” straightening out and going up again when within two hundred feet of ths ground That’s’ new field for woman who will make a great success in It Better than anybody else she can sing act console failures inspirs the dull and observe the stars ' Her best Job however is and will remain motherhood - WANT TO GET RID OF THAT 1919 CAR? HERE’S A CHANCE An automobile salesman had been making up to Tom Bradford for months — he’d send him pamphlets and call on him and taka him out for a nice long ride and Tom certainly did fall for this salesman’s car! ! He wanted the new car and he needed It— but! Tom couldn't afford the new cat until he’d sold j£s 1919 model He tried everybody he could think of who might be Interested in getting hold of a good used car and he became convinced that a 1919 touring belonged to the white elephant tribe And then he called Main 4014! Well to shorten the Btory he old his car to a man who bad been reading the Automobiles For Sale column of the Lima-Star waiting for Just 'this sort of ah opportunity -r THAYER OPENS NEW SPIRITS OF 2 ARE REVIVED Next Legal Battle Scheduled Tuesday In Supreme Court Is FOUR JUDGES TO HEAR EXCEPTIONS Favorable Decision Will Send Case To Single Justice For Hearing BOSTON Aug 11— (AF— Nicola Sacco and Bartomoleo Vanzetti tonight were lodged at a more comfortable distance from the execution chamber of state prison than they had been for a week while the way was cleared for a hearing in their defense before the full bench of the Massachusetts supreme court - In contrast ed last - nightwhen they waited in the death cells until half an hour befora the time scheduled for their execution for the word which brought them 12 days more of life tonight they were resting in obviously better spirits in the cherry hill section of the prison The- contr asty toor to the flat -denials of federal Judges the last pronouncement of the courts yesterday today gave them assurance of a hearing' in the state supreme court' of exceptions to denial of writ of errop and also of exceptions to superior court rulings -which barred them from seeking a new trial or stay of sentence “What a-- beautiful -day!” Sacco exclaimed this noon while crossing the prison ' yard -- Reviving spirits gave him strength to make the trip unassisted and to climb the stairs to a more cheerful cell than that which adjoins the death chamber Celes-tlno Madeiros who shared in the respite granted by the governor and his council was also moved The next legal battle In behalf of Sacco and Vanzettl was scheduled today for 9:30 Tuesday morning When the four available Justices of the supreme court will meet as a full bench to hear the bill of exceptions allowed by Judge Sanderson to his denial of a writ of error Should their decision be favorable Justice for a hearing on the merits the case would go back -to a single Justice for a hearing on the merits with a possibility that it might again reach the full bench “Meanwhile Judge Thayer superior court Justice who presided at the trial late today opened a second avenue to the supreme court when at his home l4 Worcester he allowed defense exceptions to his rulings of lack of Jurisdiction on motions for a new trial as well as to the denials of a stay of execution and revocation of sentence Vanzetti today drank-1 coffee at two' mealtimes while Sacco whose hunger strike now has entered Its 26th day replied to the urgings of the prison physicians with: “No that Is my stats of mind I will not eat” ’l Ouard precautions were relaxed In part today as ths atmosphere of the ease took on an' easier tone strict watch was maintained at strategic points Municipal courts meted out fines of five dollars to 85 persons who "sauntered and loitering” In front of ths state house yesterfay and placed the case of another demonstrator on file 1000 MRMONS MEET IN KIRTLAND TEMPLE PAINESVILLE O Aug U— (AP) —More than 1000 followers of the Book of Mormon gathered today In the famous temple at Kirtland '10 miles from here which was built nearly1 a century ago by Joseph Smith the “prophet" The annual reunion o? the reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints opened with followers In attendance from every section of the country ’ - Thp tops of tents were reared over every available shelter spot around the temple The pilgrims will re SUMMARY NATIONAL Oklahoma man appointed assistant secretary of state by Coolidge Defense counsel for dry chief Dr E S Shumaker Indiana plan appeal from state supreme court Curwood undergoes blood transfusion ‘‘King Ben’s’ wife testifies half an hour in trial explains notes scribbled to her from Parnell made with code Thayer opens new loophole for Sacco and Vansetti Lindbergh persuade Henry Ford to take first ride in plane Federal investigation of blue sky securities which defrsud American invea tors out of billion dollars yearly is planned Liberal senators urge secret file on Sacco-Vansetti case be reopened G O P leaders at summer White House predict Coolidge will run if ha drafted by party Two more die in gang warfare at St PauL STATE State library doors again swing open to public Cleveland man put up $1000 bond to save Berlin girl from deportation More than 1000 follower of toe Book of Mormon gather for worship at Kirkland O temple Kenton farmer dies of injuries suffered in auto crash Lima guardsmen take honor with pistols and rifiea at Camp Perry Delphoa fair fund now totals $2100 committee reports ' Hardin county schools offer large percentage of elective studies Two Delphos men narrowly escape death in auto crash Rosen defense to deny his presence at naurder scenes zY — Thirty beacon lights to illuminate air mail route from Cincinnati to Cleveland 1 -Coshocton ' judge denies restraining order to keep union men from visiting mine : LOCAL 5 Lima-Defiance railroad wilt provide feight haulage following re-organisation' “Older boy’" Y M C A lb day eemp period1 will open tomorrow- -wofn- ing for 4b members at Pleasant Lake Ind - - ' Lima vBoard -of Commerce starts movement to foster closer relationship between city men and farmers County commissioners have ' $600 available for service of dog warden under new dog law - effective yesterday -7-- ' ' ' ' Five hundred expected to attend an-’ nual county Christian Endeavor convention Sept 11 i- Mayor Earl C Robn appeals to alt Lima citizens to aid in erection of ahelterhouse in Lincoln park ' ' EDITORIAL Sacco and Vanzetti This Interests Everybody’ Liraa-Defi&nce Line Pioneers Conduct Picnic Air News TRUCE BETWEEN LEVINE AND HIS PILOT BROKEN PARIS Aug ll—tUP) — Ths trues which Charles A Levine reached with Maurice Drouhin his pilot in lis proposed homeward flight from Paris was broken Thursday First Levine removed an essen tial part from the Bellanca monoplane’s magnetic — apparently afraid Drouhin who is impatient might start without him Later Drouhin announced that he would not consent to fly to Philadelphia ’ to win the $25000 prize offered for a' transatlantic airman who makes his first stop there ’It is ths duty of the first France-America flyer to land at New York” he said 1 1 Levine 1 had announced that he was going to try to reach Philadelphia Drouhin is worried because his wife is expecting a child shortly-Levine and Drouhin agreed on one thing today— that the weather is too bad to permit their departure even Friday Not only is there a strong wind at Le Bourget so that an airplane would have to start Inside Us hangar but reports from the Atlantic are unfavorable-- : i- Levine hopes to reach New York In 36 hours from the hop-off The following store of food has been selected for th flight: roast chicken biscuits - bananas sugar water a thermos bottle of bouillon and a thermos bottle of coffee Side In them during the 10-day service’ It is a yearly custom of ths church to assemble the faithful for worship at the Kirtland edifice which the Mormons refer to as ('the first temple building In the nanj of God since ancient times” - " - Though Us builder knew little about architecture fashioning every piece of stone and wood by hand the structure is considered sn architectural marvel ' It Is the belief of that church that God ' conveyed to Joseph Smith the plans for the structure - DERBY PILOTS VOTE DELAY OF FLIGHT Contest Committee Vetoes Postponement Of Fight Over Pacific 9 AT AIRPORT AWAITING START Three Escape Death As Another Entrant Plane Crashes In Water BULLETIN AIRPORT OAKLAND Cal Aug 11— (AP)— Aviators entered in the Dole transoceanic flight to Honolulu scheduled - to start tomorrow noon tonight signed a unanimous consent gareement to postpone the take-offs until next Tuesday at noon Lieutenant Ben H Wyatt the navigation test inspector announced t- AIRPORT' OAKLAND Cal Aug 11— (AP) — The first great aerial derby over a course across the Pacific ocean from San Francisco bay to the Island of Oahu 2400 -miles ' away officially will be’ “on” 'at noon tomorrow v Ths Honolulu committee of the event late today vetoed an eleventh-hour postponement of - two weeks recommended by San Francisco officials of the flight who believed the planes and their crews were noj yet properly equipped or qualified Climaxing a day In which another plane in the flight narrowly escaped disaster similar to the crash which killed two flyers yesterday the decision at Honolulu left In doubt only which of the planes- at the starting line would take off at noon tomorrow Nine pilots and their crews were at the airport tonight waiting completion of navigation testa and inspection of their craft which continued under the supervision of federal Inspectors until nightfall At dawn tomorrow inspection will be resumed and the actual approved entrants are expected to be announced at 10 a m Today's crash In whlcn the three members of the crew of the twin-motored triplane “Spirit of Los Angeles” were precipitated into the waters of San Francisco Bay occurred when 1 something - went wrong with the plane as Pilot James L Giffin reached the runway for a landing The plane swerved suddenly and sensing the danger Giffin went upward again and nose-dived Into shallow water Had he landed at the airport the plane would have overturned Crews pulled the men ashore after rescuing them from the tall of the machine where they perched after breaking away from the submerged craft and swimming to safety The plane was so badly-smashed that no attempt will be made to get it ready for the hop-off tomorrow ' Ted Lundgren navigator ! and Lawrence Weill a passenger ’ae- (PAGE 2 NUMBER 2 PLEASE) One Killed 2 Hurt When Train Strikes Auto At Cincinnati CINCINNATI Aug 11— AP)-A woman was killed and her husband and a boy were badly injured here tonight when a west bound Pennsylvania train hit their automobile in an outlying aection The dead: Mrs Gladys Keen 88 Milwaukee Wis- ’ The injured: Her husband George Keen 47 415 Thirty-First street Milwaukee - William Schardt 16 Cincinnati LOOPHOLE FOR “SMILINGEST” GIRL “V'-V'WHla Mae Lee "an orphan taming her way through 'college has been awarded the prize for being the “Smilingest” girl on the campus - of Texas Woman’s college Fort Worth Tex She was elected by the vote of the entife student body' 5 V:v' TESTIFIES HALF ST JOSEPH Mich Aug 11-(UP)— For more than a half hour today- “Queen Mary” wife of “King Ben" Purnell nervously explained from the witness stand a handful of scribbled notes In Purnell’s handwriting branding her as an “immoral woman” The notes were snatched up In Purnell's room by a state trooper at the time of the cultist's arrest last November These she explained were merely written in a form of code used by her husband to keep her informed of affairs at the House of David colony As to why it was necessary to use so pecluliar a code she said two of the girl secretaries of the cony had been “whispering in ‘Ben’s’ ear” untrue things about her It was necessary for Purnell to write in this way to keep them from really knowing what he was writing and to make it appear he believed their stories' “King Ben” may be brought into the courtroom on a stretcher Friday morning to reftte the charges of the state of Michigan in its suit to dissolve the colony' Because of his health he will testify only In the mornings defense attorneys said and his testimony probably will require three days On the witness stand during most of the day “Queen Mary”- scornfully refuted charges of dozens of young women that they were forced to undergo Indignities as part of the faith of the religious cult She will be called again for a half hour’s cross examination Friday morning ' “Lies lies lies” she murmured as state’s attorneys repeated assertions of witnesses that immorality and debauchery prevailed at' the colony ' 1 ' - '' Questions by Chief Prosecutor George E Nichols regarding rumors of a split between the “king” and 'queen” and a struggle for control of the House of David she again replied “lies” Witnesses had stated that during Burnell’s hiding previous to his arrest last November “Queen Mary” conspired with Francis Thorpe an official of ths cult to ‘usurp the power of Purnell and get ths property of the colony for themselves “Queen Mary's” ( explanation of the scribbled notes was the first to be made by a defense witness dur- Jpg ths trial £:w -too- INDIANS REVOLT IN BOLIVIA LA PAZ Bolivia Aug 11— (UP)— Fifty' thousand Indians are looting and burning In the provinces of Chayanta and Linares In the southern department of Posotl a dispatch from Tacahamba declared tonight ' Cavalry sent to meet the Indian horde has captured several chiefs and a hundred of their followers have been executed The government has ordered reinforcements to leave at once from Oruro North or Potosi to quell the uprising now assuming grave proportions Earlier reports had mentioned a force of 7000 Indians and several days ago there were only 2000 or 3000 in the uprising The estimate of 60000 may be exaggerated An appeal for help sent Wednesday from Tacohamba declared: “Indians are burning whoever and Whatever they encounter ”V Intoxicated Woman Driver Sent To Jail CINCINNATI Aug 11— (AP)— Miss Oilie Clark 30 was convicted on the charge of operating an automobile while Intoxicated and was sentenced in traffic court today to serve five days in jail and fined $100 and costs It was the first time a woman was arrested in Cincinnati on this charge CONFESSES PART IN $86000 JEWEL THEFT EAST ST LOUIS 111 Aug 11— (AP)— Held in a charge of passing a worthless check Roy Griffith 42 declared to police tonight that he had participated In the $86000 Jewel robbery of Mrs Edward Hines wife of a wealthy Chicago lumberman on a train between Chicago and Dayton Ohio last February Griffin wns arrested (Simultaneously with J C' Colburn a former companion who was wanted by Kansas City - authorities on charges of stealing an automobile Statements made by Colburn led to Griffith’s admission the police said Colburn after learning of Griffith’s arrest told police the latter was wanted : In Chicago In connection with the Hines robbery SACCO 2 WOMEN MURDERED IN HOME St Paul Police Charge Deaths To Gang Warfare Cost-V ing Other Lives ST PAUL Minn Aug 11— (AP) — Two young women were found shot to death In their home in an exclusive residential section here today and police charged their deaths to the gang warfare that cost the lives of two other women hers five weeks ago V It brought to more than a dozen the number of slayings police have charged to this underworld fighting in the past year and it started them on a search for the husband of one of the victims of today's tragedy Dressed in night attire Mrs James Barrett and her sister Mrs Lillian Kooser were- found dead shortly afternoon on a bed in the house the Baretts’ leased at 398 Mount Curve Boulevard near the fashionable river road district Police had been unsuccessful tonight in their search for Barrett an ofticer In a local finance corporation but they found his new automobile partly destroyed by fire at an isolated spot far removed from his home Immediately Chief of Police ' Ed Murnane declared Barrett was friend of a gangster found slain here May 12 and that one of the women had visited the - University avenue’ apartment where Mrs Sadie (Teddy! Du Bois and Miss Anne Grenville were found murdered last July 6 x More than a score of persons were taken into custody for questioning after the July 6 crime but all 'Of them were released No arrests have been made In direct connection with that crime on which the police still are working F VIENNA Aug II — (AP) — A newspaper dispatch from Theresio-pel Jugo Slavia states that the former king of Greece George II while enroute from Bucharest was attacked at Nagy-Kikinda Jugo Slavia by Journalists who fired several pistol shots at him but without hitting him The assailants are said to have been arrested A dispatch from Nagy-Kikinda says htat the police deny there has been any attack on the former king The police volunteer the explanation that they had a tussle with a communist named DImitrius who was trying to cross the frontier and in the course of this affray a shot was fired It is added that imigina-tive people knowing that the king intended to pass through on his way to Belgrade jumped to the conclusion that an attempt had been made to assassinate him The king was at Sinaia at the time it is stated ' ' Griffith who would not sign a written confession said he and another man and a girl robbed Mrs Hines last February while she was a passenger on a train bound from Chicago to Dayton O He said the loot consisted of an expensive pearl necklace a $12000 ring set with emeralds and other precious stones and another necklace made up of smaller pearls While the Pullman porter was making up Mrs Hines' berth Griffith said he and his confederates took the jewels from her travelling bag which she had neglected to snap ' Griffith was arrested on charges preferred by a grocer who said he had received a worthless check for $8 from the former F£SS PREDICTS HE’LL BE ELECTED Prominent Republican Leaders Say Chief Will Respond To Pressure MANY CAPABLE MEN SAYS PRESIDENT Nation’s Head Smiles AC Effort To Have Him Throw Self Into Campaign RAPID CITY S D Aug II-(AP) — Whatever President Coolidgo intends to do next year regarding the Republican nomination a group' of his friends including a cabinet member a senator a governor and ( several congressmen who were his guests today predicted that hs would run If the convention nominates him - They all were convinced that Mr Coolidge meant exactly what he said In his statement that “I do not choose To run for president In 1928” but the opinion was held by some of them that the ' president would be drafted and they all agrood that if be were he would run The group which visited at the summer White House today included : Secretary Work Senator Fees Ohio Governor Fisher Pennsylvania Rep resentatlves William E Hull Illinois Knutson and Selvig Minnesota and M C Brush president of thd International Mereantlle Marine associa ' tion an old friend of Mr Coolidge William J Donovan assistant to the attorney general also was present but he declined to discuss politics To all this group who expressed their sentiments to Mr Coplidge regarding his choice not to run the president replied substantially it was said that “this is not a one-man country Ten years Is a long time for any man to be president There are several men who would make good presidents” The most outspoken of the group were Senator Fess and Representative Hull Both predicted that the convention would deadlock and that (PAGE 2 NUMBER 1 PLe) German Flier Is Set For Take-off To United Stdes BERLIN Aug 11 — (AP) — Otto Koennecke and his backer Count Solms-Laubach who left Trave-muende early this afternoon arrived at Templehofer airfield several hours later in preparation for their takeoff In the “Germania” soon for the United States The aviators' planned to have the motor overhauled tonight and go to Cologne tomorrow whence they will hopoff for America They expressed themselves as highly pleased when on landing from Travemuende they were advised that Philadelphia invites them to land there and that the $25000 prize offered by the Philadelphia Bulletin Is waiting for them If they get there first - During the afternoon numerous German pilots visited Koennecke to express their fervent wishes for his success Among them was Ernest Udet war ace who with his inseparable companion dog Bobby stepped up and said “Hals und beinbruch” — or “hope you break 1 your neck and legs”— which is a greeting customary among German fliers when Wishing each other goo luck Curwood Undergoes Blood Transfusion OWOSSO Mich Aug 11 — (UP)— James Oliver Curwood the author was resting tonight after a blood transfusion operation this afternoon his physicians reported tonight His daughter Mrs Carlotta Jirus furnished the blood for the transfusion The novelist Is still seriously ill with general sterptococclc Infection although his pulse and respiration tonight had shown some improve- ment The outcome of his Illness depends largely upon his "resistance physicians k -A

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