The Lima News from Lima, Ohio on March 30, 1888 · 1
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The Lima News from Lima, Ohio · 1

Lima, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1888
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cCtnw ItoUg Democratic Urates VOL IV NO 137 LIMA OHIO FRIDAY MARCH 30 1888 PRICE 8 CENTS EASTER OPENING ! SPRING STYLES ! A SERIOUS- ENCOUNTER RIOTING BREAKS OUT AMONG THE STRIKING SWITCHMEN SATURDAY MARCH 31st AT- Howard & Elyea's All are cordially to see the New Spring Goods in all departments No cards HOWARD & ELTEA Several Cars Ditched ud the Crew At tacked By the Mob— One of the Rioter Arreted and Locked Up— MUwawk SI Pan 1 Men Strike at Chicago CHICAGO March SO —Yesterday afternoon there was a serious encounter between the sympathizers of the striking Burlington switchmen and the men who liave replaced The crew of a "Q" switch engine were engaged in transferring some freight Cars to the Northwestern tracks and while they worked a crowd of switchmen of other roads gathered in the vicinity and began to jeer them When the "Q" train reached Kinzie street and Western avenue it ran off a switch that had been turned and one or two ears were ditched The crowd of switchmen came run ning to the spot and set upon the "Q" train in a savage manner The engineer and firemen took to their heels fatting many se- i 1 vereblowsas they escaped The new awiteh-IHVIlGQ men followed suit as quickly as possible but way wm pBtaupq iy u angry crowu ami of them were roughly need before they could get away The Pinkerton men of i they were six or eight on the train attempted to protect the train men but the mob set upon them with savage glee and dis armed t hem in a twinkling They were powerless and after making a few efforts to de fend themselves took flight to escape the drubbing they were receiving at the hands of the turn in mob several of the Pinkerton She Tried and Know A leading chemist of New York says: o piasters of such mem as tneAth-lo-pbo-ros Piasters haveever before been produced" They are a novelty because they are not made fci-t simply to sell cheap they are the best that science aUQ and money can produce ana will do what is claimed for them For sprains aches weakness lameness etc they are unaflualed marte It is the I I ever trial and I WE PLAGE ON SALE have used many I don' said "Matstssrau isur onasn aooatuie same -out dow l npnunea mr arm and wiouider in July ana it ass dob nainfnl ilnoc bat it doe not Data me at mm wnxia Mnnj allaow J- Send C cents tor the beautiful colored pic ture " Moonan auuoen THE A THLOPHOROS CO 112 Wall St f ADDITIONAL LOCAL HERB IT IB The Tri-State League Schedule as it is Con it mat on In Great variety at prices to please at N L Michael's Opera House Block cAjrros Mansfield May 3 4: June 23 25 20: An gust 2728 Uolumbus May 7: July 3 4 4 All Of 9ft a un uu anesvuie May w June w zh bsj August 10 11 leeling Mar 10 11: Inly 5 7 ": An gnat IS 14 Lima Mae Is lft-lulu-91 Oar men were hurt and one of them is thought tember 20 21 to have sustained serious injuries Toledo May 21 22 July 25 28 27 Sep" im me same train was uivision Kuperin- tember ZD: October 1 tendent John Healer of the Uurungton When the trouble commenced he hurried to the front and some one la the crowd recog nised mm The disclosure of his identity was the signal for the mob to fall on him and i beat him The attack came from all sides and it was only after having been badly used up that he escaped and ran to a switch house i where be locked himself in and escaped fur ther punishment As soon as possible policemen were sent to the scene and dis- uei-aed the mob One of the rioters named w iiiiam guirk a Chicago Milwaukee & St Faiil switchman was arrested This arrest precipitated a strike of 171 switchmen twenty -eight engineers and twenty-eight firemen on the Chicago Mil waukee & St raul road When it was TO-DAY BassaH "lBal saBaBBsT' ' Dongola Kid Button Shoes -AT- Jaekeon Mav 23 24 July 28 30 31 September 25 26 Kalamazoo May 25 26 August 1 2 3 til 40 Sandusky May 28 29 August 4 6 7 Beptemoer xl zt OOLUKBCK Mansfield April 20 27: June 13 14 15 r AUgUHt 8 V Zanesville Mav 12 14 July 10 11 12! August 20 21 Wheeling May 15 10 July 13 14 16 August St US Canton May 30 30 Jnly 17 18 19 An-mist 24 26 Kalamazoo May 1819 July 21 23 24 September 20 21 Sandusky May 21 22 July 25 28 27 eeptemoer w uctooer i $800 A PAIR It's the Best Value for the Money of any Shoe sold Lima 8m them at GOODING'S 230 North Main Street SHOE STORE uwwn mat vuirs nan neen arresun a crowa i u at t oa sn 1 Con THE LIMA NATIONAL BANK OHF" LIMA "' : sVafrssmsvfe station and endeavored to get him released Numerous offers of bail was made $8000 surety for his appear mce being offered and refused He was locked up When the rrowd realized their comrade bad to remain in the public station the Milwaukee & St Paul men in their rage decided to strike and Immediately deserted their engines The whole yard force of switchman engineers and firemen '£11 in all quit work leaving twenty-eight engines standing on the tracks The strikers say the Milwaukee S 8t 1'aul road has been particularly friendly to the Burlington and they have been ready and willing to quit for some time a meeting ot to i engineers nremen ana switchmen was held at Fourteenth and Jefferson streets There were represents Uvea from all the roads present and it was resolved that a general boycott bo declared against Burlington freight on all roads The sentiment was that the Burlington road had gone too far There was no reason why the engineers demands should not be complied with They were reasonable and the time bad come to enforce them The Wabash men in defiance of the court will go into the matter as strongly as any of the others General Passenger Agent Morton of the Burlington said in reference to the affair that it was not wholly unexpected as the company bad anticipated trouble of this kind He said however that he did not think It would occur again as the company- would take preventive measures WALKED TO JAIL Jackson May 25 26 August 1 2 3 September 27 28 Toledo May 28 29: August 4 6 7 Sep- lemneras a ACKSON Toledo April 26 27 June 13 14 15 Au- tember 27 28 WHBBUSO Canton April 28 30 June 1618 19 An gust 15 X Mansneid May I z June -ju iii Au gust 17 IS Columbus May 34 Jane 23 26 26 August 27 28 Zanesville May 5 7 July 3 4 4 August 2980 Toledo May 18 19 July 21 23 24 Sep- Jaekson May 21 22 July 25 26 27 Sep tember 22 34 Kalamazoo May 23 24 July 2s 30 31 September 25 26 Sandusky May 28 26 August 1 2 3 senteniDer &) 21 Lima Ma 28 29 August 4 6 7 September 29 October 1 ZANEBVIMK Canton April 26 27 June 13 14 15 August 8 9 Mansfield April 28 30 June 16 18 19 August lb It) Columbus May 1 2 June 20 21 22 Au trust 17 18 Wheeling May 30 80 July 17 18 19 August 2428 ' Sandusky May 18 19 July 21 23 24 September 25 20 Kalamazoo May zi ffi July z mi September 22 24 ledo May 23 24 July 28 30 30 Sep tember 20 21 August 27 28 I Lima May 25 26 August 2 3 Sep- Toledo May 30 30 July 17 18 19 Au- tember 27 28 gust 29 30 -1 Jackson May 28 29 August 4 6 7 Sep- aneaviiie may oi juiik i nepieuiuci tember Z UCtoDerl i o t ocwwr x o gust 8 9 uma April as 30 June lu is iw August 10 11 Haiamaxoo May J jiuue zu zi zz August 19 14 Sandusky May 67 July 8 44 An-a-u8t20 21 Mansfield May 31 June 1 September 1 34: October 2" :l Zanosville June 2 4 September 5 6 7 October 4 5 Wheeling June ou septemiier s lu 11: October 6 8 ( oiumnus jnne 7 s eptemoer iz io 14 October 9 10 Canton June 9 11 September 15 17 18 October 11 12 KALAMAZOO Lima April 26 27 Juno 13 14 15 Au gust 8 9 a- Jackson May 12 14 July 10 11 12 Au Bust 24 25 sandnsky May lb ie July la w io Capital $2000CX) Surplus $32CXX) B a PAUrcOT Free S- WMOORB Vlce-Pre P L LANGAN Oashier Dirbpki-B 0 Paurot H Hwper D J Oable Geog Fetter Jcb Moser 8 W Moere 0 A Metheany TRANSACT A CRNKSAL BANKING BUSINESS r — i l ta—a iii Aaimmwl with bozea In the SAFK DB WITDHPARTMKNT which la completely fire and burglar proof in addlttor to being the moat modern and nnest In the West 127 KEVILL & Have opened a shop for y iig ul Gas Fitting BACK OF O'CONNOR BLOCK They are prepared to do any and All 'work that may be left with them IN A WORKMANLIKE MANNER DR WEN-HAN PHYSICIAN AND BURGEON Has Removed his office to the City Build lng OVER THE POST OFFICE nffl hAnir ft tn 0 ffl 2 to 4 Pm And vo 8 p m Might callt timweml from tiic offlc WANTED Sirauge Way ot Condactfug iui Alleged Iiii Jorir in (ha 1 jmLihi -w- w— — aw- I W1U1MUUB WHSW Samivhxk Tenu March 80— Last night 18 October 11 12 two omcers accompanied by a negro in abackles walked into the jail The prisoner woro heavy iron bracelets on his ankles and I i)ia hands were bound together with heavy leather Hands buckled tightly and linked to pe! her with a chain A leather strap was buckled around the prisoners neck To this -trap was a largo rope passing down be tween the prisoner's legs The officers walked In-hind holding to the rope and drove the' prisoner in front of them The omcers announced that tbey were I from Texas and their prisoner "was Henry Humble arrosted at Palestine several weeks ago as the murderer of Davidson colored who was killed at Warner Furnace Hick- man county about eighteen months ago The prisoner denies that be is Humble and said his name was William Fincher He will be held here until his Identity is estab lished A Valuable Hold Mine Ottawa Out March 80— Reports from the Yukon river gold mines state that on Forty Mllo creek a tributary of the Iwis one party took out 1 1100 worth of gold in eleven days and another party took out $200 in a day and a half Some miners at Oassair bar secured $6000 worth of gold last year in thirty days It yielded (30 per pan which for pan and rock washing is consid- i ered a very large return Collision la a Fof IlAlirAX March 30— The steamer Yar mouth collided with the brig Achsah early yesterday morning four miles off Yarmouth A dense fog prevailed at the time and the brig could not see the steamer's light The Achsah was badly damaged and was towed to Yarmouth by the steamer The Yar mouth was not damaged A Heavy Attaetuaut Naw York March 80— An attachment for 110925 has been granted against the Sbclton Brass Hardware company New York and Birmingham In favor of W H DcForest Jr who endorsed the company's paper me company i siaiemeni in juiy last showed assets K0u0 Mabllltise lja000 ansfleld June 2 4 September 5 6 7 October 4 6 Canton June 5 6 September 8 10 11 October 6 8 Wheeling June 7 8 Beptemoer iz i 14 uctooer 8 Columbus jub viaapwmDer u i NOTES The season opens April 26 and closes October 18th with 126 games J M Shearon one of Lima's twirlers has reported for duty Manager Harrington expresses him- triw a I Ok 90 in- self as hiirhlv nleased with the sched- AUgUSt 17 18 ttle jacKson May hi i i juiy o i v ao- LIMA trust 22 23 Sandusky May 12 14 July 10 11 12 August 24 26 Toledo May U 16 July 13 14 i au a-nat 2728 MananeiaMay 3U auiune i b September 12 13 14 Columbus May 31 June 1 September 1 3 4: October 2 3 Canton June 2 4 September 5 6 7 October 4 Zanesville June o o aeptemrjer k hi 11 SWaKmi A ft Wheeling June 9 II September 15 17 is October il is MANSIIKIil Columbus Msy8 9 June 28 2930 Au gust 10 11 Zanesville May 10 llJuly57 Au mat 13 24 wueeung may iz in Juiy io u August 20 21 Canton Msy 16 '16 JJuly 18 14 Auirust 22 28 Jackson May is iy Juiy at z m avp- temper 20 21 lima May 21 22 July 4 4 July z5 as 27 Sandusky May 24 July 28 30? 31 September 2728 Toledo May 25 26 August 12 8 Sep temper 26 Kaiamanoo May z an Anguwv o September 29 October 1 SANPCSKY WftXftAft inJlM an Tnnn lit 1H 10-Au ujniui -il"" ftr w — — — — w — t — — gust 10 11 v Lima May i z June zu zi zz auguav 13 14 Kalamazoo May 3 4 June 23 26 Ana-tut 16 18 Jackson Msv 30 80 July 17 18 H AuiriiHt 29 30 Wheeling May si June i neptemDer 1 84 October z Columbus June 2 4: September 56 Tl October 4 6 Lima has twenty games in succes sion on the home grounds whioh is cer tainly enough Huckenberger was admitted at the Schedule Committee meeting and did his wire pulling effectually Lima has two games with Mansfield on the home grounds on May 30th— Decoration Day OIL AND GAS PIPE LINK REPORT RumMarch 28 882324bb8 6' Shipments " 4liai " The Central Oil Company quotes Lima refined oil at 0 cents to retail defter There Was no market in the East today-Good Friday-being a legal holiday in that part of the country TheNeeloy well that was shot by the Bock Glycerine Co yesterday will make a good producer since the shot WANTKr-Rllsbl nrgetic man In your vicinity Nslarr from start on liberal terms RoclieiU'r Fruit Farm-and Numcrlei Ke Satisfaction guaranteed as to work done and the best of material used KEVILL & HEMPLE JOHN BICE BOOT AND 8H0B MAKER 23S NORTH TANHER ST '-' ll! umdeShwnnlv sl" to f 4 DO In J " l-atchlng and (lnoral Repairing neatly r wasa Wiaaisas ("all ana see new put In Congret Hhoes UDn Mil ten rtmiit Hoekr Brown I'o Hrlsh ui rVmir nr flv on id drivers One ex- JT tra lamliv mare and oneoomWnodsadler ana rasatter J w are 21s south I'nion st lw ITWUNP-Bel ring which th owner msy oh- win hv rslliiiK on J II Hiindrlsnd county Irasaurer and descrlblnn properly WASr'wVKmill! fl'llylCnlre bn Could Not A (tree Nbw York March 80 —The jury In the ?ase of Iwis Urower on trial at Long Is land City for assaulting his wife was unable to agree and was discharged The matter will cm no uu before theoourtof Oyer and Terminer next mouth fixing Mas for a S'aU Convention llAumuui Conn March 30— The Repub lican state convention W Choose doleaatoK to the National convention will he held on the 14th or 1'iUi of May at New Haven the date The Ohio Oil Company report but little business at present They are Mansfield June 5 0 September 8 10 at work on their fllynnwood well 11 October 6 8 Canton judo esepiemDer i i-s 14 riAiAis n in anesvllle June 11 oepteinoer io 17 18 octooer il iz T01K110 now LADIES and WEMSI OF lima m mm The opening of my Store will be at 6 p m SATURDAY MARCH 81st Dague Block 57 Public Square Lima Ohio No goods offered for sale on that day but I extend a most CORDIaL INVITATION in behalf ot myself and able corps of assistants that you visit our store for inspection of the goods to be offered for sale at a future date GI Bhiem Prop CLERKS: E As Elsele Miss Minnie Hues Wi F A Sch wab Eva Martin Maggie Ploughman' tr Remember opening hours be-gln at 6 o'clock p m Saturday Match 81st SBEfifi 1711 Wt Msriollni hall Three henst pnihlng men in Don't ilolay Balnry S— I B 1 KTKI1 w your vicinity: pcl Indiiosmnt now cllll lalltlea irom tart Brown Broth Nurserymen Roch Yo will not grow weary when using ttw Krchbat add to flfa' pleasurss A 1'lenor Insanity -Haw YORK March 30-Ths trial of Pitt-mnii fur 1 ho murder of hl dans-liter Rachel was not coicluded to day ami will n wei Monday its defense is JJw plos ui sanity Lima May3 4 June 23 526 August IS 18 Kalamasoo May 5 7 July 3 4 4 Au- a-ust 20 21 jacKson may n w June an at jw au gust 17 ID Sandusky May 10 11 July 5 7 9 An trust 22 28 cniiion may ill nine i rwpieiniior io 4 October 2 8 Wheeling June 2 4 July 6 8 7 Sap- tember Mr Wyker went over to Hume on oil business this morning The Pittsbnrt Port says: The Bradford oil field is petering oat In a little while It will be a memory— a tradition Just like the faded glories of the once famous Pit- hole It but another mutation of the oil trade This Is what ure have been telllnsr SaSSTT ' ! J ' ' H the Bradford people for the past year but they would not believe It The great Ohio oil field Is certain to be the source In the future from which Ml tember 0 8 Anesvllle Juue 7 8 July 12 18 Hentember tt 10 MnnsnoM Junow 11 Juiy ift u ioj Hoptember U in the oil supply wlU be obtained This s why the Bradford papers have so persistently and maliciously maligned Lima oil and could find no words caustic enough to express their aversion to oar odoriferous product By thein lima oil is always ' denom inated "stufl" and the refineries of this section "distilleries" The per tod of the "sere and yellow leaf' has overtaken Bradford and Io a short time her glory will have departed forever With that once-famous field exhausted at to her oil supply what Is to prevent the price of Uma oil from homing up? Let her boom and the oil producers will osase giving away their oil asthoyare now practically doing Nsw York sHfHHH has received: the folio "DKARRin -When a daasstaa lai si easts so Jay Mould is lllll lul l I tmm as SV0O0 MUswitl he left a yor resides" Th note was pnstmarksd f4tattaa C Tha writ ing wa In s business 1 signature sssTai3s s sfsss waas I to tttsw tey CHATTASOOOA Twin March SS — Jl DenmUe who is enas-ga with Bet Smite at Pas Ha tmm wnaiK was hrmarbt te sais eitv ami kckad up la Jail Wsnveat aim heinat lyacbsd A mob lassMtsd to MrtDyy- Iviwao Uaa Man -Ta HfcatWs comnaarv lw saiU wasasnat last nlat I- tSOOSSO Vvtsssarw rv laart wa ctfii wtnn 4rtc saw Res sajaswd several I "I

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