Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on September 6, 1944 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 6, 1944
Page 6
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WEDNESDAY, 8EPTBMBKK 6 1M4- NAUOATUOK DAILY NEWS S. (Rubber F.Di Tangles With •1:00 |>. in. WOFv— Rumbling wlUl Gambling WAI3C!—Service Time WATT.-WJJC --Ethel and Albert WEAF-WTIC-- -I'iacUstaj,;e WlL'e •1:10 p. "I- •VVEAF-WTIC—SU'lla Diillast WATK-WJX, -Tlnu! Out fur Music WABC -Matinee; News r.aii |>. in. WABC-- Off thu Itccoril; Neighbors) WATK-WJK—News WOR—Detective Stories WEAF— Lorenzo Jones •I; 15 p. in. WEAK-WTTC— Y-.-ung Wldder Brown WAF.C--Rfiy Scott Orch: WATK--Sus<taininw Music WJZ—Hop Hai-figan 3:(H( |>. ni. 'WABC—Fun with Dunn WJZ-VVATR — Terry and Pirates) WEAF-WT.CC—When a Girl Marries WOR—Uncle Don 5: lf> p. in. \VOR--Chick Cai'ter WAT'R--MiMody Revue WJ55—Dick Tracy WEAF-WTIC—-Love and Learn n;;«l |i. in. WAEC—Three Sisters WOR—Tom Mix Show WATRAVJ2—Jack Armstrong WT1C-WEAF—Just Pluin Bill 3 :•(,"» i>. in. WOR—Superman WATR-WJ2--Sea Hound WABC—Wilderness Roud WEAF—Front Puge Furroll p. ni. WOR—-Headlines: Prayer ALL Stiitions—News li:IS I', ni. WABC—Murray Orch.: Chorus WATR —Music for Dining WEAF--Serenade to America WJZ—Ethel and Albert (j:30 p. in. WEAF—Serenade: Bill Slcrn WABC—Tei-l Sullavnn WAT.R—News; Songs t>:-i;j ;i. m. WOR—Stan Lomax WAEC—World Today WATR—Plc.-i-siirc and Profit WEAF-WTIC • Lowell Thumiis WJZ--NCWS 7:00 p. m. WABC • I .Love n Mystery WEAF-WTrC—Music Shop WJ5C-WATR - Pages of Melody WOR--News 7:!," p. m. WABC—f Love a Mystery WEAF-WT.lC--MLi.Mic Sho'p W.J55-WATn -Page.x of Melody WOR—News HAVILAND CHINA musiirs 7:110 p. I". WOR—Answer Mi:n WABC—Passing Puraclo WEAF-WTIC—World News WATR—For the Cirlu 'WOR—Can You Top This" WA BC— Euay Aces WT1C—Glee Cluli W.TH-"Lone .Ranger WEAF—Roth Orch., Chorus WATR—Phone Your Answer 7:45 p. in. \VTIC—News H:00 p. in. WATR-WJZ—Watch World Go By WOR—News WEAF-WTIC—Mr. and Mrs. North WAEC—Allan Jones Show .X:l"> p. in. WOR—Sunny Slcylar Serenade WABC—Dr. Christian WJ2-WATR—Lum 'n' Abner .M:HO p. in. WA'i'R—My Best Girls WOR—Slop That Villain WT1C-WJ3AF—Beat the Band !l:OU p. in. WABC—Jack Carson Show WEAF-WTIC—Alan Young Show WOR—Gubrlol Heatter WAT.R-WJ52—Dunningcr Show 9:15 p. in. WOR—Screen Test !»:80 p .in, WEAF—Mr. District Attorney SVABC—Mildred Bailey Show WAT.R-WJZ—Spotlight on Prima WOR— First Nightcr 10:1)0 p. nt. ALL Stations—News IIC80 p. m. WJZ-WATK—Scramby Amby VvuK—Sym phone tie WAEC—Tho Colonel .IO;-I3 p, in. WATR—Carl Ravnxza Orch. 11:00 p. m. 11:15 p. -in. \\'J7. -Songs: Portrails WABC—Sammy Kayo Orch. WAT R—News WABC—Inviuition to Music \VKAF-\VTIC—Arthur Hopkins \VJZ--Claridge Orch.; J. Smith \VATR—Jerry Wald Orch.; News 13:00 Mlflniglit WEAF-WTIC—Hopkins; Design WABC—News; Chicago Program W.J£l~-Newy: Olson Orch. WOK —Bundy, Kogers Orch. Brasscos, Contelcos Meet With Taylor, Gumpert Second Game Between Two Is A Natural In Fading 1944 Season The long waited second gnmc between the Merldon Conteleocs and the Watcrbury Brasscos will mn- ...,-ifiIixe this coming Sunday afternoon nt tho stadium In Waterbury when these .two lop-noicu teams battle for the state's semipro title. This contest is -scheduled for 3 p. m. sjhurp, and should attract another largo crowd. Randy Gumpert, forme:' fust ball luirlur " for Connie Muck's Philadelphia A's will be on the mound for Johnnie Jullie's Silver C.ty nine, Gumpert rated by all sports writers in the state to be the best pitcher to hurl in these parts in a decade will be opposed by Johnnie Taylor, Negro lad from Hart- recently pitched the Cubans to a 3-1! win orcl. New who York Luckman May Play With Bears Sunday over the slrong Birmingham Black Barons in Yankee Stadium, will do the chucking for the Davimon. Bill Johnson, former Yankee World series hero, who was accepted into the Navy last week will be back ut third base for the Brasscos. Jphnson, a former Merchant Marine at Ft, Trumbull, Conn., has not been assigned to his base as yet, and therefore assured Mnnngcr Fred Davi, of the Bucky Walters Had 4-1 Lead, TwoOut In 9th, And Lost By .HEIINARD UKENNKR "United I'reftN Sport* Stuff No .bascbaJI game is ever over until the last man is out in the last inning. And some of the most Lhrillintr stories .the frame hits produced atom from the last out. Remember the 19'11 world ser- ic^V Remember that third strike thnt would have ended the ball game, and given victory the Brooklyn over the New York Yankees — that is, it would have, but catcher Mickey Owen of the Dodgers dropped the ball. And the Yanks jumped on thai. break to win the ball game. Eucky Walters is one of the stars who learned about that last out tho hard way. The pitching stn-r of the Cincinnati KcdB knows that anything -can'ihappen in a ball game — he knows because he Brasscos today that he will be on hand Sunday. Aaron Robinsor, and Rod Branch, former Yankee stars, now playing great ball with tho Coast 'Guards at New London will also appear in the lineup with the locals. Mickey De Luccia, Gus Dugas, and Yank Korbin, former International LoJig-uu stars, will appear in the Meridcn lineup. A win for the Mcriden outfit win clinch the title but the Brass- cos are out to even the count, which will send the series into a third meeting- between these two great clubs, The Brasscos now rid- IIIR a four frame winning streak hope to make it five straight this coming Sunday at- Municipal Stadium, Watcrbury. - j FEMSSTRIAN HURT Chicnfro, Sept. G — (UP) — Ensign j Woonsocket, H. I.. Sept. ti — (UP) Sid L.ii7kman- -whose pasiiiny help- j — A 52-year-old Millvillc, Mass., cd the Chicago Bears to tho Na- j rrm:i is hospitalized after being tional Football league title last ymir — may help the Bears Sunday when they meet the Washington Redskins Coach Luke Johnson said he would welcome Luckman's help. burned when a manhole exploded ir- Woonsocket. He is John Zajac. who was walking near the manhole when the blast occurred. Flames shot 25-fcct into the ! CENTKK ST. * * though it is not certain whether I fund more than a store wln- * <£j>7G2 { j hr will be able to get away from clows were smashed. Police blamed ^_^,^_J> i his base at Shcepshead, New York. I a short circuit for the explosion. ' * * * * * * * * WILL YOU ENVY HER NEXT WINTER? saw it happen Back in 1040 Bffcky was on the mound for the Reds against the New York Giants. And he was breezing^ through -the New York team for an easy victory. Walters mowed -Ihe Giants idown without much trouble. He did give up one run — but the Reds collected four. And that was the way they went into the Giants' half of the ninth inning—-Cincinnati Tour, New York one. - If that had been a movie instead of a regular bail game you would have expected to see Bucky. get the first two outs -without any trouble. Well, it wasn't a movie, but Wallers did set the first two men down—and then -he -went after that last out to put the game int/o the books. Boh Seeds — Suitcase Bob, the Iraveling outfielder — faced Walters. The Rhincland pitcher worked carefully on Seeds; twice he nipped tho cornei-s 'for strikes, three times he missed. Then he missed again with the 'last toss — and Seeds walked down to first. Bucky had two strikes—jussl one-away from ending the game—but lie missed, and second baseman "Burgess Whitchcad of tho Giants-<ifi;me in. Whitchead wasn't the .kind ol hitter who piled LI;> impressive batting averages. But he was dangerous—he couldn't, be fooled easily in the clutch. And Walters did r.ot want to take any chances with him, cither. Bucky worked for the corners and tried to tease Whitcy in going ;iftc:' a bad one. Once more I lie count ran out to the •playoff pitch—three balls arid 'two strikes. This time Walters didn't try to cixtch a corner for the last strike th:it would send Iho- customers home and give him the game. Bucky stretched and poured it in —hot and hard. It was right there. Whitehead swung —and the ball came down in tho right field I stands. Seeds Irottcd around to score— Wm'tchcad loped in behind him. And for the second time Walters had lost his man after, coming within one. strike of ending tho game. The Scoreboard, read: Cincinnati four. New York three. Most baseball fans expect even a one run lead to be safe with Iwo out in the ninth and the bases- clear. That's about the time they start moving toward the exits, But they didn't move at that game— Ihc next man up was Mel Ott. They waited for the duel between Wai- SAILOR COACH By Jack Sords Joe Gesseck May Hurl For Rubco; Hose Co. Undecided Cards, Reds Split; Walters, Cooper Both Win 20th Game ' ; .'•" yesterday's Rcsiil ts .St-'-Louia'-^. Cincinnati 0 (1st). '-Cincinnati 4, St. Louis 0 (2d). Only games scheduled. The Standing St. Louis Pittsburgh Cincinnati Chicago New York Boston Brooklyn Philadelphia No -games-today. W. L. Pet: 93 35 76 01 69 56 5« 07 09 71 5-1 77 53 73 00 77 .598 .5W .•16-1 .-15-1 .•H2 .•105 7 .394 AMERICAN LEAGUE This V That By DUKE KAZLAUSKAS (Sport;. Editor) Dctroil. 6, Chicago 0. Only gnrr.c scheduled. The Stjindlnc W. L. Pet. New York ' T-l 5fl .5r>6 St. Louis T3 5fl ..153 Detroit 71 GO .5-12 Bos! on 71 V2 .03-1 Cleveland 64 69 .4S1 Philadelphia 6372 .-167 Chicago 60 71 .-!5S Washington 0079 .-110 Today's G:u<io«, PI tellers Detroit at Chicago—Trout (2310} vs. Humphries (G-S). Leahy Figures N. D. To Lose 3 Games Honolulu, Sept. 6—CUP)—Lieut. Frank Leahy—who's in Honolulu on a military mission of sorts—has divulged that the Irish of Notre tors and tho chunky home run Da . mc w ill suffer three defeats this cloutcr. And for IKG third straight I year time Walters ran the string out to j ' lieutenant agrees that ' U fi\n 1 t-i .-1 t I* > i T 1 ^ n (.11 II-TI u i-*^ «-\ t* rt I • THOUSANDS of Connecticut housewives who realize the- importance cf canning more fruits and vegetables this season than ever before will be prouci owners of well-stocked shelves next winter, like those pictured above. They will be proud not only because of the provision they have made for their families s,nd the savings they have effected, but also in the knowledge that they have made a definite contribution toward the war effort. Every jar cf food you preserve for your family means just that much less you will have to buy—just that much less you will take from the nation's supply, and a saving in your food stamps and your food dollars. Food is an implement of war. Food fights for freedom !Do your part by preserving now. Can all you can! CONSERVE * DON'T WASTE * BUY MORE WAR BONDS r ~^ LIGHT & POWER Ca THE CONNECTICU hree and two. There was more tension than grass in the park as Walters wound up for tho next one—the players and fans watched the pitch boom past Mol—and then every eye shifted to the umpire— ball foul-: Ot:. went slowly down to first. Walters wiped his hand on tho front of his shirt and shook his head—three of them now—.three chances to blow in one strike and win—and ',hree Umes he had lost the chance-. Catcher Harry Darning—Harry the Horse, with his big--bat came in. Walters was furious—he still led anu he meant to,end the game right there—no more of th'ls.'walk- ing and missing the last strike pitch — and Bucky poured two quick strikes past Da'nning. Wallers looked at Ott to keep him fairly close to first. Then he turned and put all he hud into one last .pitch — he threw and Harry swung. Danning's stick met the ball and it took'off like a bomber j heading for Berlin—the pill landed in the left field stands. Mission accomplished for the Giants—they won five to four. And for Bucky Walters, a defeat after four chances to win with u. single strike. Ed McKcever has n frood enough club to beat most of his opponents, but says the Irish will fall before Army." Navy, and Great Lakes. Leahy has discovered in his talks with sports writers and columnists in Hawaii that thousands of miles of ocean only sharpen reader interest in sports. For example, Leahy talked with Bill Kim—who assistant sports editor for the Honolulu Advertiser. And every time Leahy went throuph- a game, play-by-play Kim could supply the exact figures on yardage and plays. . Inevitably Leahy gets around to discussing the defeat (.he Irish suffered, at the hands of Great Lakes last season: Says Leahy: ."It was a tough one to lose, yet as I look back on it, I realize it was for the best. It must have been a great thrill for those 25-000 sailors stationed there at Great Lakes —gave them a lift before they went LATE STA6E 5HOW SAT..C SUN.»t IO PM run •AT.CSUN.J Chrysler and Plymouth G. M. C. Trucks J.C.RAYTKWICH, JR. ACCESSORIES Repairing ion sot:Tii MAIN ST. Telephone 4090 4IMK SPOT* JD'ARTEGAdAUGIRLBAND. Electrical Supplies Lighting Equipment BOMB 'EM WITH BOMBS) .Victor — .Columbia — Decca Records ' ' 'SWAN • ELECTRIC CO. 15 CHURCH ST. TKL. 21574 The recent, downfall of ihc St. Louis Browns has caused n.larm- ist-s 10 seek frnniieally Uic I'easoa lor the downward trend. It is only too true that wo have been highly elated over ihe progress of ihc tirownies, and looked forward to the first pennant the club could claim in modern b.iscbal! bisto'ry. But the recent slip has not caused us nny alarm, iilthough we will admit a. bit of disappointment. We have become, Ihrouph the years, quite accustomed to -ups and downs that the St. Louis 'Americans experience. So this is just another little "down" that we hope ;o live through. Red Hermans, who lalcly cannot put up with us, and has been giving us the ice-cold treatment, taunted us with the statement thai. Die "has-beens" arc returning to l.hc has-been-world, and that Yankee power is ajrain asserting il- sulf, and will RO on to win the eighth flag in the last nine yc.-u-s. 1 "That is something," the red- hcaa said, "with only the Detroit Tigers spoiling a record that \vjuld probably s!ar,d forever. Imagine winning nine pennants in a row." "Yes," we said, "that would be some record. But if, my dear rcd- ncuued Inond, you will recall the closing days of. the '-10 season, it was a doublcheader in St. Louis that the Ya.nlts lost which eventually gave the Tigers the flag." "How well do 1 remember that," Red Hermans said sadly. "We personally arc not fearful at. all concerning Uie outcome of the race this year. We feel that the Browns will come buck again, strong as ever. The Yanks close their season in St. Loo with a four game scries. A clean sweep will put the Browns righl on top of the league, if they aren't there by that time, anyway." "Kow do you account for their slump?" the person with hair the color of a Naugntuclt Fire Dcpart- menl. truck asked. "Wo figure that these so-called has-beens have been playing 'way over their heads for the major part of the season, and they are entitled to ,1 let-down," we offered. 'Look at the games Ihoy blew in the post two weeks. They can't do it all the time. They urc bound to win. This year, if any, the law of averages is completely with them. Thai- is what we pin our hopes on—the law of averages." "Amen, Amen." the redhead said, and left us, for good, in search of better, greener fields. It was swell knowing Red Hermans.... (By United Moj-t Cooper and Bucky Walters both pitched their 20th victories of tho National league season :tx the St. Louis Ca.rdJD.-ils and the Cincinnati Reds split a double bill. Cooper pitched his seventh shutout of the season to defeat Cincinnati in tho opener, -I to 0. Walker Cooper homered for the Cards in the first inning and .Danny Litwhiler added another homer in the ninth, the runs. Walters' win was his sixth in six starts against the Cards this year. Cincinnati S°t two runs against Laniur in the first, one jn the second and another in the eighth, to down the Cards 4 to 0 n the second game. There wore no other games scheduled in the National league. The Detroit Tigers moved up on the idle St. Louis Browns And the New York Yankees by defeating the Chicago White Sox C to 0. Hal Xcwhousor paced 'he Tiger attack with six-hit pitching to shut out the Chisox, while Steve O'Neill's men pounded Joe Hayncs for 13 hits and six runs . Newhouscr's win was his 23rd against eight iosses while Hayncs' defeat was his tenth against seven wins. There were no other games scheduled in the American league. Waterbury Tool Takes Wtby. Mfg. 7-1 For Playoff Honors Watcrbury Tool defeated Waterbury Manufacturing 7-1 last night in the final game of a series to determine the winner of the Dusty league playoffs. Browne!!, who won tho first game of a double-header Sunday allowed only two hits to ihc loser while his mates were gathering 15 off Radke. A two out of three series remains for the Tool with the U .S. Rubber, probably starting next week r .The league championship is at s'takc. as both clubs finished inter- league play with 12 wins and three losses. Titanic Struggle To SUrt Promptly At 6:15 P. M. At Linden Park The Natjgri.tuck Hose Co.'i tcn.m will play th< : U. S. Kuhbr-r Co. firelighters at Linden Park to- HIK"'. suirtinK promptly at 6:15. Coach Garry Grant of the volunteers asks both club* to be r«»i<ly by that time as the "jihitdcwi! of <J:irknc«8 drop to the earth not too gently and with rapidity thtsc clays, he pointed out " • The j.faJMc can be termed'a DH- luj-al, as the clubs are riysj flre companies. Red Peltit, coach Mid manager of tho Rubber 'Jlrtm«:n will probably start VSmokelalP Joe Kesseck, formerly of the Diamond. Flashes, against the "lugging volunteers ' Pole Eronnan. ace hurJor.for'ths post office, will call the balls, and strikes as Peter is n. man of great integrity and honesty. The venerable fire marshal, Mike Shea ,wij] umpire on bases. Michael is" also .1 staunch, and immovable arbiter, who calls 'cm as be sees them. Coach Grant and Mgr. Naordy Xaujjes went into a huddle early ;his morning, and up to press time were still huddling, wondering, the report went, whom they should start on the h'ill to stop the long hitting Rubco smoke caters. Jimmy Sullivan will receive wbom- cver "Tho "Brains" select for Ihc responsibility of mowing down the Vols' opponents. v Last week, a. crowd of over 200 had expected to see the Watcrbury Fire Department in action, but a last minuto postponement resulted in tho arranging of a. game with tho powerful Post Office club who went on to defeat the Hose Co. 12-1 Hefrcshrncnts will be served tie I players after the game. Yale Holds First Football Drills Today Carnegie Tech Suspends Grid Team Pittsburgh, Sept. 6—(U P)—One of tho nation's big names in football—Carnegie Tech—has given up the game for the duration. Athletic Director Clarence Overend says that Tech just can't play football without players or coaches, and a six game schedule will be cancelled. A recent checkup showed that 2S players would be available — and just 11 of them have had any experience on tho gridiron. Tech also has lost two head coaches to the Navy, so the T.irUins will pack their suits away until things look up. Ovcrcnd hopes that Tech can got a team together next year— but the chances arc slim unless the manpower situation cases by then. Last fall Tech played live games —losing four and tying one. That was quite a comedown from the heights Tech reached under Bill Kern in the years through 193S when they beat n strong Pittsburgh team and went on to the Sugar Bowl. New Knvcn, Conn., Sept. G—The 19-s-l Y.ilc football team will hold t th.; first of its pro-game drills Uiis 1 afternoon .is Cosch Howard Odcll undertakes the task of readying tho squad for its eight gan:e schedule. Joining the squad for"the flnt lime today will be a pair of 19»3 veterans—Paul Walker and Tommy Smith—who were regulars -with the Yale baseball toam which wound up its schedule last week. One of the first things which Odell is expected to do is ;o p ; .ck n varsity squad from the 7G candidates who went through A preliminary : 1-day session .1 month ago. Consumption of crude rubber iP- the U. S|. in 19-il arr.ouctee lo about 775,000 tons. .VOW — BUY BONDS HTiTiM 2ND WEEK Plus "3 LITTLE SISTERS LOEWS POLI VICTORY HIT PARAIE 1944'* NEW W SHOW SEASON! to sea. The Sovith Bender also discussed the Irish with Red McQueen -— sports editor and "ilr. Sports" of the Islands. ALCAZAR TODAY - THURSDAY "2 GIRLS AND A SAILOR" wtih June Allyson, Van Johnson • and Gloria DeHaven TRACY •MM-0.M> %SEvm CROSS SIGNE HASSO HUMtCtONYM "STEP LIVELY'' l.. ON OUR STAGE MONDAY NITP 11 AITE SEPT. 11—9:00 P. M. "WATERFRONr Prank Sinatra Singing Contest > WAR BO'NDS* WAR STAMPS *»rri§» Winnor l« ta •« siner *v*t SU«I» Winnor WAT * Contestant* Krister now ThcAlw'Box Office.

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