The Montgomery Vidette from Troy, North Carolina on October 3, 1889 · Page 1
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The Montgomery Vidette from Troy, North Carolina · Page 1

Troy, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 3, 1889
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1 - . - II I. I BBH ! 1 III I I I 1 I ! I !! II m II I I I ". " BJ VOL. IV. TROY, N. C OCTOBER 3. 1880. r SO. 40 was charred with the failure to present fami- and intended to murder the whites! I world be let for North : script aze volnntevred and joined the ancestor of the Cheek's and and their families which, of course, Carolina, if they existed now. j companies in other Regiment; a 'pay cr the county lac r- lies of that name on 1 tinmlHr of them In-longed 10 1 lie , jcciau 1 nr 1 f h 1 . -i-r- Mountain creeks in this county, created great excitedmeiit. The THE WEEKLY VIDETTE- PUBLISHED EVERY' THURSDAY AT . -TROY, N. C. CorNTY OFFICERS. I f t :..... ....... ...n 1- Mttllttilttt liT tlll'llll. m B:w James LcGrand represented the. citizens of the southern part of t . r '-tin ikviiii-in niHiiiminnM .. . - . Jamen I, flames was for...... ...r... 1 : ,.;..t.-i ui- .m... Col county twice in the commons and .Montgomery gathered their fami vea irs comity attornoy, clerk and ' - f . ti . . vnnM - ' an,i (imr;u! arf- wiirll it six times in the senate. master 111 equity. Ho was kiic-i. . . . v ... r. 1 i..t t.. r ne was lies together at certain points for and ed-' protection, and the white men received were in arms great consternation an urbane, accomplished cecded by. Ins st)ii h. J. Games . . . 5 . , . 1 ? .... ,1... i.-t..M..nN J. W. McKENZlE Editor and ucated gentleman, and am I at his death, by George Y.!,. , m...., L.t.i! 1.1 i...n.i-i iv ..l.ntd ttm the sobrfquet of gentleman James prevailing everywhere. The re- Publisher. Montgomery who remained int., ' .1... ....,..,. ...r.i. ..r t.. 1..,. ..1..1 LcGrand. to distinguish him from snorts nroved tit 1m a-rntlv ftva?. office -7 n 1 t - - - - e- untilitwasalHilUhedbytho ?ilfi.; dollar .... partial iMvmrnt on others of that name. He was tho'geratod : vet, it was true that a constitution of 1.SGS. ma m. m, .A 1 - 1 ADVERTISING BATES greaLnncIe of our present senator, few negroes had planned nn in- 11.. U. CWhran msigne4l as conn of her country and many of them consecrated their lives, in patriot county rlamis, which tiptiirr n it li other impnqvr chargvn matin hi dlmqnncy aUmt jWJKKl, a Jas. T. -LeGrand, of Richmond, snrrection, and a jrreat many wore 1 For ! ( m'K- 1 ty court clerk, at October rfission. 1 im.alh. i 3 m 1 uw--lh ic devotion, to the defenso of ISCllfca i . 184J, and 1'restou W (xdev was . , rhu comiuittce's rtMMirt on (lw in - Jo-eph I'arsons represented the arrested,' ami a lew imprisoned, fMmiity tour sessions in the com- j tried ; before Judge Bt range, and moil; was chairman of the conn- wore convicted aud hanged at elorivd t tilt tl.o vamney. Mr. . " '' '""V" , V " ,V " ofti e f register of drvb will mow ISm't. ' 10.OO 37.50 75.00 :ino 4..-i0 Tfal 10 00 10 50 I 4.0O 6.oo : - A AO 12.00 U.50 4-i.OO ( T ... Thr.. V'wiir. . . 1 fall cl'. lullv how. Cochrrni was a voleuteer 111 thet.i 1 . 1 . .1 :. Mnxirau uar.' lie went with tl.o! 1,0 wnr ," '"'IT!1. ,?:.,". . . 3?r. 5.U0 6 30 10.00 I 15.WI ty court for many years, and w as j Rockingham, Richmond county 1 . 3D 00 I his residence near Tmv a few army U t ho city of Mexico and ro-tutucd to his old homo sal civ. C03I3ION SCHOOLS. Iii January, 1831), the General a popular- magistrate. John Lilly was a representative in thecommons for four years. He was the father of Jas. M. Lil years ago, and Capt. Uarringerrv Assembly passed an act. dividing Brief sketches V. OF TJIK : JIhJory of Montgomery County, sessions, 1841, and Win. II. Mrltae! V , , ii .i i-i w,,lII m was elected dcik of the ly, so long known as county regis- each county into distrcts, not more. .i ii i ' court (or several veais. Howaat 1 the Tedee river, a six miles square, lor the pur- ter, and lived oh inc. coin i. , ooicv v;vs re s . . , pose or establishing the common near Allenton Ferry. tacked with rheumatism whicl- I'll I I m ah fkllkft tltlltiktt 1 lilt t k1 ffTlftl elected clerk of the superior court schools. At the uoxt session the . . k . . i m m . h ;v km m m mrm a a m mm ate bbb aaaaa - m m m m John Culpepper was a member, 1JY C. VT..WOOLEY, SR. in I8b. ami rsathauicl lviiirlit . ... of the house of commons in 1824. 1 "t a'nuual income for the literary UKNERAf. rCOORE OF THE COUNTY. It is gratifying to ?e the gmcntl progress of the county, up to th rent time, in skilled agriculture; in the u?e of agricultural implements, aud labor saving machiuerr of mil kinds, and in tbe tncchani cal arta generally. Sixty fiveyearaago we could see the shaft plow with shmre and wooden mould-board, which wms aoou su)crBcdeil by improved plows aud iron traces nd now and then a threshing machine wit'i ml lent and Hails, wli'tch was aoou . . " line i;isi lew years oi ins uie, ati: clerk of the county court. , ,. , . r .. , v- .n .. :i i" i i . , he died in August 1?.VJ. after grca athauicl Knight was elected I . Ho had previously represented the : fuml was appropriated to Ikj dis- NO. II. distriet in Congress for several . tnbuted according to federal pop ..I.-i. .i . . ... ......! outivilll In the year 1708 the citizens of ulation. This fund then consisted ciei K oi i no sujKjnor conn in idiu, and ro-electo 1 in 185:1. was also a -Baptist DKsnuTKns IX TIIK YH. Truth dcuiamU thai it Iki Anson, then including Montgom years. He clergyman. of (1) dividends of bank stock ; (2) Cape Fear Navigation compa Johu McLeudou was elected county court clerk in IS-!!), also in James M. Lillv ery county, feeling themselves op-prcssed and imposed upon by th'j was a mem ber that there weiv a giMd many d- Wlll-litrtl t'liln Miilitirikimifl' alltft-ilta. IJ..I , t . mm r . .1 ! I I 1 r ,11 ll I iz ; I I lllll MIL I K: it lllll I H i I VJ VJi uiiii.iiri -l a. I r of the house of commons fourses-iy; (;) Koanoke Navigation com sions, and of the senate one, in -ipay ; (1) taxes on retailers, tav clerk of the court, the sheriff and iiiiii I . J . i'li.iu . niu.-j . ... ir, who lK'ing instigate. I l . . , - I III) i ceeded John .McLeudou as clerk of magistrates, in exacting - and col 1832: and was also register of the .er? al auctioneers: (5) vacant lecting unlawful fees, and 'com imd men, went atmut robbing and plnuderiug the pinqile, mostly ii the northern part of the ii unity: a county for many years. . "lands, and (G) all sales of swamp ttiteraciled by the Iravtliug thrcali- mitting other unlawful acts, in the county court. James 15. Hallanl was elected clerk of the superior court in 1S,"7, and served three terms ent, fimt the UbuiU, ami then the tlie name of "Regulators,'' peti Dr. John H. Montgomeij was a m,lls member of the senate, represeiit- The county courts then appoint man named Hill Owen seemed to tioned Gov. Tryon setting forth ing Montgomery and Moore conn- e(l the board of superintendents be the leader of them. In making a raid on Pleasant their grievances, and asked him C. C. Wade was elected clerk to recommend "bv the voice of tbe country such person as would ties in-l.S38-'4(). He was a native!10 conduct and manage the com-of Moore, and previous to his re-;mon schools, and the chairman of moval to Montgomery he repre-: rll board was the treasurer and sented Moore in the house in 1832-' oMsburser of the school fund. Ol-733. He-was well known ax a pop-!ver Wylie was the first chairman separator. It has not been long sine the introduction of the mowing aud r aping machines, and the cultivator and ulky plows, planing mills, circular aawa, lc, A great improvement iu oKtou gim, aud cotton prwuca baa been made, all tending to aave labor r.. . . ...... . oinnnoiiK, for provisions, Mr. Mm of the superior court in lSo.taiid- . . ,. t , . . . . t . t ii . I ioo,. "ions ami Jacob baumlers wh. was continotislv elected until 18M . . ., ...i . , . ... ... 1 1 was at Ins hou.e, went out lit tin when the present incumbent, . .... f . , , i . . i . ;, i. ii 1 i.i riM I yard, and were shot down dead n judiciously discharge their sever al offices," and asserting "that no people have a riirht to he taxed IIIIIII.1 II ."! UIVH . 1 IJ I IIIIII- the yard. also mnnlcivd ular physician in Montgomery, i an(l treasurer of the board, and at and was a prominent and useful j1" latli was succeeded by C. W. man who took mcit iirti'st in ' Wooley and he by Dr.-Jos. V. ami lime. And cotton gina are now ty courts were abolished by the convention of 18158. siiKRirrs. J. L. Christian was tho first sheritV after the division of the generally run by steam ower. Ewing. THE CART KB -BOWMAN TRIAL. Martin Overton, a brother o! Kzckiel Dvertoit, in -obl bliMid. They became a terror to the good cople of the county. A lew of them were arrested and carried to Col. A. ILSamlen-for trial, and weie orilc.icd to U- iicrscdiugtl old fashioned horse promoting the eouutys best interests. . - . Sam7l II. Christian re)resented the county in the senate in the vears 18.Hr 7. mill was si slire.wd but bv the consent of themselves or their delegates;" so, at that early day, the great principle was laid down, that "taxation ami representation should, always be associated." This petition shows that to Anson (including Montgomery) belongs the credit of having first advocated the . election of clerks, sheriffs and magistrates by the At August term' of the superior county, ami was succeeded by A. court, in the year 1841, the trial i II. Saunders, and he bv Thomas l emnerioii wno resigned at April ( carricii io jail, ami placed n. sessiouof the county court tr 1S."S,! charge of Watt tfiglcr and a feu when C. Y. Wooley was elected to ot her. , on reaching the Ituck and well-posted iolitician. He of tl,e 1U'V- 1'o.vton G. Howniau of was elecled a member of the Con- jt!,c 8outh ('rtnIma Conference of federate Congress, defeating Hon. I K. cluireli, lor an assault on T. S." Ashe, but died in ldirimrv.;t,ie lrsou of the wile of Ilender- people. It was siimed by. unity- Mouuiaiu 011 their way to Tun two of the sons of Hiram IJuliii and Atkins, sou of T. 11. Atkins. wlmJSi1 liwat. He ('llrt1 the Hon. II M. nilUIll ,WU JIIIUI . - , Pi:LI'KOll. .Illllirp' vw llilll. Illlli. fill the vacancy. He was succeed ed by A. 11. Saunders, ami ho bv 1). C, McAulay, and he by V. C. Uiley, and ho by W. 11. Watkins, jxiwer. ) ears ago there wire very few cotlon gins in the country; one gin would dj the ginning for a whda ncihlxirhooi, and there cra no cotlon pro excepting tl oh gimlet wooden screw v with uul few exceptions. .The lua U-en great improvement in grist and flouring mills: emulation aud opposition havccatlsdl this great improvement, as iu all other vocations, Fifty jrars ago very few buggic were to be aeen in the canity. vix persons, among t l ii j il m w m m nr n iii r aaa k i a a a a mil .1 -m- v . v ai weru shot down and murdered bv and he by ltobert Uush, ami ho . Sigley ami his guard in a most bi n by M. 1$. Lassitcr, and ho by the! tal and cowardly manner. Watl t he names of Thos. Usery, sa,uT Ti m Robert Strip -eAtas then tlie Bo- iirnirii"ii.i i.,-nn in M'lvtniri" mti'"n iroble character. The "ri' oriaiifee was nu n tne o-ilrntou, Ka! pit 3hison,.l?i. .Mason . , M . - . - , . ..-..... ....... licitor for the State, being i s Thos. Mason, Thos. Jordan, SantU f,,a . m,!ie 111 tHW uunt.,- now . , . . . . .J ' . xvi.o,.Mrr.i -tifwi Tlww KwUrinn-- bearing his name, was. owned by JLCOn 1 tomt 0,1 mj uc uit, as tne Sueaiingeu and Ihos.few earing- j Unt ,,f oold wis 'snpt'-nor courts then began in eu, which are names familiar in ,m 1 ncJ' a IIU;?V. r ,R .-i 'Moore count v Tho L'ov Mr thnemintviif MoiiMrhmerv Tin s lound by Messrs. W.T.and Uichard , ;looie "iity. lhe Le. 3 1. tlie ( ount ot Monrgoniuy . liu s. . imiids ne-ir- i lwinaii had been tried by tho I serv represented Montgomery- m fvul,.m. Vmn ?s 1IN ,lulr . 1 present inenintent I. K. Saunders, Sigley was said to have committed tho murder, who soon after let! REGISTER OF DEEDS P. H. Morris, was the first Regis tlie county, for fear of a bill of in ti.u i11J.i.1fm i. 17 in d.eJlv solid gold, and another- piece "' T' the Legislatuie in 168, in tlie , - . ...1 , nuitted. but was ud cted for tin dictmeut found against him for murder in Moutgomciy Mi eiior ter of Deeds under the new county IIoiw of roniinniiK. " nun iwiui.i tit m , ... o . 1 I iv . ii . ftvsfpin tvna rA.lrot ml fir who wltn .1 - . 1 iini'iivt 111 riii uiiniM'inr iiirr i.i J ' " - .w. fiitiif . .. , tne same place, weighing 4 ins., ' . , . ; at.vru several buggy hccii alxut the year 18.Vj, sttrucletl coniiderablo notice. Tho old fashioned gig aud chair, aud two hoiecarii.ige, were -the fash Montgomery. The trial occupied terms, successively, wne.i . Durinir the war. and cneciiiIU besides several other nuirirets: . . - 1 i.ii..rif... . 1 In 1780, the year after the formation of the county, was represented by John Kim- nf ir. tin lays, there being a great l,e WiW snccecoeti oy 1. m. ueiuon, toward the latter part 1 I I ! m m . wieghingone ound and upwards. ilxxo A iriii'l t n(' irolil li- liimi lr.- ; UiaUN including the ni1 ,,e by A Morris, the prcs- people wcic in ci v straitened eii witnesses, ionable vehicles previous to 1 1 tat . I jlVX.l Ml ll 111 Wlll llll.l III .MH ff"- boiough in the Senate, and Jas. iitiiviiil tit i 11LI mi it I f 1. .1 i..f .in.! ttit I non in I wii I ........ .s... " . - a. I 11 s . t m . .a 1 a ...... i ; . that time, i 4 1 "iMin'v tiiu,-i ii.uiuuii. ; i-iiiiiiiincc owiu io i we oiocKmii inue. l lie ljilies iu loose tiara 1. , ,1 1 . j.1 . IRII :il IIIIS I I It KIIW'4 j.oper ana r.uwara -jioore in me . ; nVv " t kv the several ministers of the S. C. Con ImiKH of ('ominous: bur, the stent A,ie In,,m ,; ,low opeiated P tlie " Sam Christian Gold .- " . - 7 of Kinihnromrli v:is vacated bv Mine II v-; ult5,u'c which then included this einv with ilurt ofXorih Carolina. The de- tlie Ki.iiAtM for his haviiisr borne draulie, ; limited, Com draul ... - . c- . nuns against tlie State. So w as ;.lar4 large plant at Swift Island, which -feiidant was ; ably represented by vs the water nearly three , C'V J:uues L- d others, !n...i 1... r 1... W...1 the seat of .Lis. Terrv. of Anson. convey ' aud tlie prosecution by judge .....i . .....f ;.. -i'.A ii.w.wwi in iTsi"5; ! miles to the mine. i lie county treasurers uero n.joi all of our mm ports; no good- WCul to church and visited gencr-A. Hoyd, Alex. llendeiMMi, M. II. could reach us fnnn abroad, c Ujv in ,oriM.hack, and tbey were Lassiter ami the pescnt ineuui-eept tlnxmgh an oeeaiona run Lx n rUUr Notwithstandiug tho beut,L. M Uusel mug of the hlockade, and coi.m- ' t 5in.,rovclllcllW in th. County Hoard of Lducation ' nneut v our ieop e were gicat v h ... 1 i4J, Dr.J.W.Kwing, county supt. of depicted for the want of the amu B,? ll,e. "Zr pub. instruction, l. II. Turner,.!.! prime necessities of life. .ll " wliether L. Stuart and I). I). McKinnou. j had to , the! utmost ecouon,C:ill4tfi;!.,!e arc n"? " dent FIRST HOARD OF CUfSTV COM- all .Mirts of silbst itlltes were lld j " J l' Vl"nZ . UfM MissioNERS. j for codec; ami Ughum wa the;l,,cn- ,r,,.c people iu thoe days The first bond of eonntv ninjt' substitute lor sugar. Con!. lh'r ow" provispma, clotli- II o first iNiaiil oti oiiiif toin- h inineme.ita.iud II I 111 IV) 1 lil All 1 111 1 IIU HVllVj 111 A. I ' Sir Strange was a masterly 'effort. lV melancholy tragedy happen- from the same cause, fror the re ' MM... .!..!... ... 1 1 1 ..a . . . . . wa. a a i a v a i.iih. - -aaaaawaaa v - . i waaa u iii iinii.iy n iiiie of our leiirestout-i- at tlllS lllll e 111 li5oU. KoPeit 4 V. V, , y niaining names ot oui .ltpieseuta-, ,., that Mrs. Carter's . testimony was tives, down to the year 1850, see jf' " egio man nu V'1 eontmdictorv in smm-il noints iu Wheeler's history of North Caro- to J. A. Lilly lillu v were killed bv the caving in of , i,If 10 uinui, .nidge rtti.inge ,,na-J tll nit in .vl;:J.ll rlllv (lirr. read largely from the gospels of inWOnlw.l-a ttM Xi.lll Mfllini I i'in-,1111, in i.iii ! iiiiii ii n m i . . ' . m a a) a a a aa a a a a a a a m . a a a bbbbbb m m . , m..i. r .-1 1 1 1 ... SESSIONS OF TIIK LEGISLATURE. giug, killing them instantly in the S,,1 7 . .,1...... .1... 1. .1 .. ..1 ...1... C. Nichols, J. A. (iiaham, rid as Iirn '.imiI A II;iri-i Tltiv IU Jttt I llilil Ulf fttl.MI XMIICJ Hill The se.-sions of the legislature were held annually up to the year differed iu their statements iu r() !i.,.i,i t i:i.4 jireseuce of a great many speetors. It was an hour or more before the bodies of the dead men could be . , j-iiiriM llli'li iih:i l I ii nit ii"(irri, .- certain facts. He spoke : , w ...i , i,,,!,!. and from that time they about four hours, and after a very ' tcir ,,,1,, Thev were able charge fi-oin his honor, the L.i.......i i .i... ; i have leen held biennially. ! taken from the pit. Mr. Smith's It is sad to look over the list of ctlti,ft1. ..n(i v'r miNout. alone, prolonged the war two always had some of their noma ears. Clothing ami leather h: d productions to sell; such as bacon, to l c mami!actiiivd at home, and iork, beef, mutton honey, flax a gieat many hail to u.-c wimhIcp cloth, sine tin cad &: No mort-bottom shoes. The ladies with gages were heard of. a:id they were great artifice ami economy iimmI prosperous aad happy. C.eir old dtews aud made pew. , OMirl i,,,,,, ttt Tioy ai ones from home made fabrics, in a j,lirill.d down on the 1 It Is day of way that deri ves gu-at praiM- j Ma.jlf isvj, in tU day time, from and commendation, and prmed j W, M. .u.rideiit:d taiiMr not fully theniM-lves, as they always do,' iMll ,iM, u,vitnU of tlm .i a a a . a aa. a a a a ak a M a Bi aud returned a vcr the nuiroxntatives of our count v ' 1 m.. 1 :n- Ml All' ftftaa M XT Vita1 iurv retired thouCanby system,"' were allowed ' uilty. WhereuiHUi, after ,,,, ,ln' Ill:i,,s,.rl. HJIl Jll. Illl, V1I13 IMHItl 111 I IV . and find that down to 18T0 all but lieffWl happened also to be there ll(:t ot 8 three have passed ''over the riv- hf 'i'h LitW nttai-ii. a . seven ro lepriuiaud, by Judge I th-iP UilHyt'.tt . v.r. 7,r. , ll y a, a . . a aaaa w a -aa. a-aw - - a f ft 4.1... - a. 1 err Those three are Dr. J. M. mcnt for his colored boy and slave 1 i P" .!,.M,,"U"UU ten and traveled around oxer the county laving off school districts. . .i . - u ortn, ot uamioipn, Aiex. iveny Was visihlv shown in the tears he l" uc "uprisoueu in ine coumy and A. 11. Kelly, ol .Moore; " Irjr,dy shed at his untimely death. -iail ,or Hdrty days. AftOr.his re-Worth was long a of Mout-i he' following persons" whose Iease lt is said he went to prtach: gomery, and worthily ind hb":names are '-familiar represented tho S. C. Coiilerem-e, represented this and Moore conn- i iout"-omei v in tlie house of com- ar M,ol xvas transfened to so hat their actual charge for i,,l,,.JU i tc exigency oi every .m- romiIy Xl rrt, lwAr all avrd. Thi services amounted to a suiu near 'asiJ, I hen came hcelei s luiUv j j, Mcoml lime the court l,Stl, as advertised at the Court cavalry like tho locusts of Lgypt 1 1llJ?u , ,IC nmiltv na burned Honsodoor. iKcatleiedalloxerthecoiinty.eom.;,,,,,, The pnw'ut new .-ourt ty in the senate in 1842,-' 44 and ' ,imlw. vVm H-u ris Frinei Loeke a western conference. Subsequent piereiy iemor.ui.en;oiiieoiuiioui , u hamUime bnildint?. a pieni icmorit i i.c i, xniie oi w noiii OI.t. jH rt ,;n TIIK WAlt. mriit on our former In 18C1 the war Mu'iueil to In, gciillemau and warn- .Ml. it ,!, mm T'lr!"l ,,,U,",, to at.-l,tl.,-irl,..r-s. LL- f. w.k uiriisi ; MttVA. 0r the;r omrads would . ....:,... .....i , or ttimfott and con- -'48. He afterwads j-emoved to ;Thos. Peinberton Calvin J. Coch- "was reNrtctl, that on tho Kandolph, his native couuty, ' ran A( p. M. Mask catu he of rs Citrter. she con-whore his lirilliant career as a y4m?m jjHy" 1. R. Liliv anil Zelnv le4sed that her testimony against public citizen has been familiar to llilll 1? Il..-w-ll ll'llll ll.M'A till I1 Jis.i the Rev. 1. ti. Howiuau was ma- North ami the. South aa a - " " 111 11111 llilll B m. Mil III llllllll'HL iimii us. j ne county oi .Mont- steal them, and the citizens had to' ..... ...... . i ornery being coiiMrvaf ive, voted i. , - HVV J.IICT.7I, 11 III III. IV 1,11 JOW-TVll 1 ' I tlm wliolo State. Alex. Kelly anil ovor ,eat. dilil stream. I.ciously lalso. K-k up and uard their Iioix-h ,i - i iirr riiutii i. or scvuial ueeks rf... r..ii..u i a lif ..r iu ftt "r 'y wcttuensot Moore T11I: METBOUI(. SIIOwr.n, I at first against a State Convention iUlt ,jav 'called to the purpose of xceding ju t4.c.-, jheui fr ar . : 1 . . . .. . . : I 'I i ur loiniN inn w Olll I 110 clutcllCH .u. ..r ll... Naiiaral a.H.tJi- TIIK U UK AT DKY YKAR. The drought of the year 1845 Sill r- 0BM ww 9W9 J I uu vuc cirou. ii u .is not mil ii of the ilemomlizHil Mildierx. , -.. .t ... ... county -.oiib represeuion jiomgoiii-ery and Moore in the sou ate -the ! s m 1C ll! mi1 ' fl.n lilft.l' III ()u the 13th of November, 1833, occurred the great meteoric show- was the greatest ever known by 4111111(31 III llW lllltl 1 IIIIICI I II . . . I . " - - O - - 1850. Those three men are now:" - f iV . ,,,U0Hl nihabitantsor the conn- livln- or-wore when last heard Irliapsover Iwlield: It appeared t v. Tht,le WJlJl freely any rain im i at all, and the crops were parched President Lincoln raKo I lor tnn.p ir w, Ht romnanioiis tt-i t it- l'""1 fio ..N.rth Carolina to subjugate ft " lUfu rT hei vs'er States tint tho w-ir w iH ' , i 1 , 1 lnmcn- ' bo hv ,i,cm fn,ni tM erection of tlm hei s.s.i rotates nat tlie war was rt.Jolrt.i wlt. tju.v wtre.fieed ftl w-ji-will.nglyeiiteied into; North Can-ri,lliell ..Thi-c were the times wmu) 1 Una tiMik clnuce to act with iier that triol meirs oulO i KATK. XHd'SK rnyiloM suter State- aud finally Mjccded i... .i. ! .i A K K-llr. S. Y. . Dr. J. M. Worth, after returning " " , ' ,,7, M : ' ."Pi a, ver- lime corn or utiier . , , . - i . . . i were falling in. ecr. due 'tion. ......i.. ri. ,..i Handolph,' Aig'ain represented j i.. .1... ;.. HTi Tit "-li m 1a rja . T-a a a lit. a m m a, - liis graud exhibition of natuit5 r... ,vi4r..,i. r.n. U ii w ii .-. ...... 7 ir . i - "U a-ai l k aP, .a ty a. rrom tne union. The first volunteer company' Notwithstanding the disannul ni!S4.d in Mont.romei v. for tho remits of the .war, the MMithcru , , ' V Ti VV causing great consternation to ev- r..r ....... or lttkUst T1... changed to include Randolph with . r- .:.n..i . get water lor man or Pear. n.e ...... I .... 1 .. .....MA ik.tlulA1il ill- frl i - : : . : m m m, a . Montgomery - ' c ' ' ; V v" civeks were i mostly dry ami the O fa.l luud lii u-lm tlimirrrit tliil Mini ... 'n - . , war, elected Calvin .1. Cochran lopie Have Uiruc their lo aud captain, ami Udonged to ithelMrd at deprivath.iM with mom for Regiment of N. C. State triwijis. titude thau could have heeii .. The history of our eai v reprr- ,-v"1 ",7 VV..TV ... ., ins" a" lriiwii, aim con mutative in the . LesWaturi i rthe wr .1 wtwat Imml. A pxsat wntIy ,lw ls4(i to tho I ThoMHtiud voleuteer i-iupauy leered: ami the miiiiu i iiuup,.in now buMittI k-m.wn. Jas. Tur- " an I re.uci ore.. rnjat lmnl mvl1.r a . - v s . vrw . V mm VI. S. II. ('Hn-liai.. J. U. I'rsaafi. is A. IT. Mrl) n'J. I. lM'.iHHr Vo U. fl. Il .tj. K f. U.rnpfrr. iT2 l! W U K i; L lUrrmttr, '4 J M Crumf. A I'm 4'..riNa. Da t.t A flat A. K J (;!. V 1; IliebBr4ain. A Un JMrilsa, : J 1 l.r... 12 A litAHtn. 'd llr J M Wurlh, J IS 31-rc.N, J K T Uwje. Allen J-rd.M. T ft T L t.-. Altcn Jr4a. Ti J TLt;r.J, K1ls lUrUi, ll r iUfy. u T irF.i-(t 1 . H A Cr.H.Ki. W T If ll-ris;. .-l l-r J S.rr. ( A liihn V.'.i; A ralM, A'ct L Ilr.!tra M S KobUi. Jh-i 1 Crowd ner. who wa .mt.r- in 1T01.-02 that "thern.eteorie sliowei-s would scarcil aml llcIliaill for pnivis-i raised, elected W. 1. Ihirringcr Mug taller ami imce Mcadiiy man ; ofold'Capiaiu, ami joined the .Stli the mosr luguine rouni u.uo nn- ami M)3. livd .... CMark's cix-ek. at 0.ccur a stated Times, Pur iiosucu ions JJllt tl.e. was .deuty ii... .1..:... i i... f .... shower has ever occurred to equa-; .... ... tilt, iiotuith-IRe-imeot t Statu triM.tis. IP lpari, ami in a lew y tars i uv aaj I I ill a iiiiii' I a . m t that of 1833. Utundin thett vcm mi mil roads The. comminieA - Mrvtd ilnrinir h will 1-w the lined pitidKdoui per. He was 'a plain, practical imin, a good farmer and a prominent citizen. NKGUO 1XSURUECTIOX. j near us ami it could lie easily ob j the war, and lost many poblo ad thrifty part of the union. In 183:?, reports were circulated tained, thongh at high priceJyonng men by sickness and. liKLi.Nt.fK.xj'Y or r. uilky, that the ncroes of -Anson, Rich--Money was plentiful and easily j woumU umui tho battle fields-; SUKUITT. Wm. Rush represented the conn VT J r t;rw4-r. Allm JorJ., many families losing two or more. During tueotliciai term oi i i . ty in the house of cominons iu mond and Montgomery counties, obtained, as our iopular State A gixjyt nianv young men of- cou- Riley, as sheriff of the county, he 'Ji T Ltiraul, 4 1 Cr4-rA iu eisteni-ej uad, IT-'ya. He is supposed to he weiis ariucd jCor ;iu insun-ectioii, banks were then V

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