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Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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OATrr.ATSra DAILY ISVENTNG- TRIBTINE, 'TUESDAY, APEDL 20, 188G. New To-day. Eeal Estate- fir" COUNCIL NOTES. SCENES IN COUNCIL. Chief Moffitt, of the Fire Department, The Municipal Fathers at Tf ar ia his coaimanication to the Council, last on I the Powers case, set himself right before the public.

The squabbles of WILLIAM J. DINGEEi Real Estate Auctioneer, 460 b463 Elffntsi Oakland. AS TON A ELDRIDGE. 22 Montgomery street, Saa Fraaciaco. aliland foiniiij PUBLISHED T1ATLT (Sundays Excepted) AT 413.


mm, bt mi rL, roa the daii.t: Over Patronage. firemen it. the Sixth-street engine-house have frequently distracted the attention of the Conhcjilmen, and it ia about time that of We especially desire to call I attention rigid discipline should be enforced upon ial Sale Sdcc Brother Barker Repudiates One His Alleged Chickens-Spats, Etc- tbe statesjnen who run "widder however rJainful it may be to the feelings OXK TEAR 6 00-8IX ..3 00 a to our elegant display of Parasols and of one or two Oouncilmen. THE WEEKM TRIBI'HEj FCBLDIBKD IVIKY BATL'BDIT. If Col.

Htephen I'D. Crooln should ehal- Centrally Located Residence and Business Property lenge Councilman Hackett no one would 01TK 501 BIX MONTHS. 50 The municipal fathers bad a field night at their meeting evening. In tlje language of one of the boys in the Shmmer Wraps and Cloaks; 1 TAFT i i be surprit. fL Mr.

Hackett. after alluding to Stepb n'a ability and faithfulness as fl usher the Main Lake sewer, added that be know anvthine about his AmlwaooU t. BALDWIN -Jfvretf PickU. CALIFORNIA THEATER Jack Sheppard. TIVOLl GARDEN The Mrdivm.

PAS OR A MA The Battle of Waterloo. 1163 and 11G5 Broadway 1 Saturday, AuVil 24, 1886, At 2 o'clock r. M. at Salesrooms. 460 and 462 8th Street, Oakland, by catalogue.

16 ELECiAXTLT SrBBOl.ED and ahove politids, cared to. Such is fame Second Ward fame! lobby, "they seemed badly rattled." -It was apparent that all efforts to get a quartette to think and act in accord; bad miserably fa'iled. Just why, no person knew, but that the several members at cross-purposes on several propositions It is suipected that James Ilill will re- grade lots, 35 to 43 feet front by 113 to 132 feet in depth, on Linden and Chestnut streets, just north fuse to a fept the position of Captain of bal- Terms. one-third cash, Telephbiie IVq. 243.

0 of bignteentn street. THE TRIBUNE lima a. circulation caaa loabU that of an other became xnaiiiiest early in tbe evening, the chain tfang. lie stated last week that grew stronger as business progressed, and be would lot accept the position held by paper pabllahod 1b A l.miKla C'eanty developed into a moral certainty. ftir.

rem ly packer. However. the Council Official I'aprr of Alaitirda Co. the latter, and 1 then elected The chief reason for all this cathauling was the pressure of patronage-seeking Mr. Hill henchmen.

The Councilmen, jealous ot TUESDAY. 20, 1SS6 The inncil were advised lart nieht AmusementSr- their prerogatives, could not agree among IrR. w. MILLER CO. that they could not ieacind a contract by themselves on a division of spoils, nence the City Marshal's office was not shorn of ail its side atiachn ents.

merely Misxiri a resolution. The same The Crop Outlook. grain and fruit crop the pres. thinif hah. been attempted before and ent year will far exceed that of any year caused triable and expense Theie were several scenes of peculiar nature during the evening.

The heat shown when any attempt was made to ince California. atttled by Amer lbe orfjiianee to create the office of License is in Mr. Carothers icans. Tbe Question now ia, "what is to Li. K.

BALDWIN BUTTER. i Fine Extra Mess and S. 1 Mens Mackerel, In Kits, from Isaac Kich Boston, Mass.1 Try Isaac Rich's Mackerel, In 5-lb. Cans. oust from position a favorite henchman, contrasted forcibly with the lackadaisical air, the flippant expressions of speech aud pocket.

Kfter life's fitful fever it s-leei anceatsix percent. Also S3 Bl ILUI.Vt; LOTS, 25 to 32 feet front by 104 feet in depth, situated on Cypress and Nineteenth street, close to Center-street fetation. Terms, one-fourth cash, balance at 6 per cent. Also B.S1.E$ IVKVLH OX ItKOADWAY and Twenty-fifth street, 61 feet on Broadway by 116 feet on Twenty-tif'h street, with good one-story building, stores in front and living rooms in rear. Also DESIRABLE RIIIF LOTS, 38XIOO.

on north side THIRTEEN TH HTKEET, between AXICK AND JACKSON STREETS. Terms to suit. Also i 6 ELE-AXT BEIDE LOTA, 25x85 and 25x100 each, situated on Eleventh, Twelfth: and West streets, close to Market-street station. Must be sold to clos an estate. Terms to suit.

Also II FIXE ttllLI; LOTH. 25 to 34 feet front by 146 feet in depth, situated on Eighth and Seventh street, close to Kirkham street, and only 2 minutes' walk from either Adeline or Center-street stations. Parties desiring to make investment are particularly requested to examine these properties. Catalogues oa application. WILLIAM J.

DINGEE, 4GO and 463 KiKhih Oakland. And EAaTON fe ELDRIDGE. 22 Montgomery st. San Francisco. WILLIAM J.

DINGEE, BE A I. ESTATE AltTIOSEEB, 46) and 462 81 Ii Oakland. ASTON ft ELDRIDGE, 22 Montgomery Stieet, San Francisco. aell. Tlife tfood Barker dhjift eveti wake Lunches, Entertaiiinient AND BAZA It I IS AID OF THE UM VERSA LIST HUUtll Building Fund, MASON IC ALL, April 20th and 21st.

Among the good things: Chicken Pie, Tuesday; Clam Chowder, Wednesday, from 12 to 2. TUESDAY EVfcKIM "A Day la Kev Kng-laud," l.y "Ye Little 'ld Foik." gestuie, when matters of deep interest to it. It la sail! that Councilman Harrison will stoo. Gennlne Diamonds found In Can of Tea and Coffee. THE MERCHANTS TEA COMPANY OF Chicago have opened a Branca Store at No.

834 Market street. 8. F. Their and Coffee arc packed in paper cans. Tbe tea.

can and eon-tents wenching about one and a half pounds. The Coffee, can and contents weighing about three puu di. With 'every earn sold a aouvenir is presented in tbe can, nicbu solid fold, surer and nickel Watches, also genuine Diamonds. Rubies. Sapphires.

Emeralds. Pearls and other jewelry of le-s valae. i This company has adopted this method of advertising their choice brands of Tee and Coffee, but after sixty days they will be sold only on their merits; at the same price, same quality and same quantity, but without the souvenir, the goods being worth the price asked at a fair valuation, without any regard to the souvenirs. This company has established seventy-six branches in various parts of tbe United States none of which are now giving the souvenirs in the cans of tea and coffee, as the time baa expired, yet each agent has a large and rapidly growing trade as the quality of the goods becomes known. We shall publish from day to day a partial list of thoae who are presented with valuable souvenirs in tbe cans of tea and coffee.

Below is a partial list of the fortunate purchasers: J.N. Thayne. clerk S. P. Railway, room No.

6, Fourth and Town send, genuine diamond stud; H. Larnson, 85a Chestnut St Oakland, genuine diamond ring; Mrs. M. Molir, 316 Langton St. solid gold ring; H.

A. Ooodwin, 51 Clara street, genuine diamond ring; I. S. flail, carpenter, 1004 McAllister aorid gold ring; H. A.

Wilson, Occidental Hotel, genuine diamond ring; Miss Syce, 343 Cranium street, solid gold ring; C'has. Uiibert, 6 Turk gold bind ring; Mrs. Walters, 1620 Deviiadero solid gold ring; Mrs. J. A.

Collins, 915 Polk fenuiue diamond collar button; Mrs. tirace Gordon, 4 Mason genuine diamond ear drops; I. Aoulet Taylor, 531 California genuine diamond ring; Mrs. Jeuuvegs, t't Howard ft solid gold ring; Kbernard Leatmaun. 1150 Fulton st s.

watch; Miss M. T. Peters, fA Howard st solid gold ring; Mr. KeUYj, 1233 Folsorn solid gold band ring; Mrs. l.

HL Hubbard, Bacramento, found ladies flohd ild bunting case wa co in can of tea ordered by mail; Mitchel emtio, plasterer, California av. aud Howard s. s. watch; Chas Cray, 1142 Howard genuine liam- nd ring: L. Beale, ciiiuuiiuiciD merchant, 407 Front diamond ring, also gent's solid gold hunting case watch; Robert Anderson, boiler-maker, 430 tieale genuine diamond ring; Mrs.

Elizabeth E. "Cusch, northeast corner Twenjy-fourth street, genuine diamond collar button; John Wade. con. on C. R.

Ky genuine diamond stud; Miss Annie Walse; 21 Anthony solid ring; Mrs. Thoa.rson, Alameda. San Jose genuine diamond ring: Mrs. 1 1 an.s. 9o2 Willow gold band ring; August Schlomann, A lamella aoid gold ling; A.

Bellman, bookkeeper. 1115 Shotwell genuine ilia-moud ring; Mis. John St. Clair, 1013 East. 23d st hast Oakland.

diamond liar button; A. Vale, tmu Luis Obispo, genuine diamond ring: Mits Kroa Oakland, folid gold ring; J. A. Barger. 204 Valencia genuine diamond dug; Joe Bowers, H.

i. Ky gent's p. s. watch; bil-litii Ahearn. 21; O'Farrell solid gold riua; W.

A. Brace, 23 he'au Building, diamond ring; Geo Wiitbtuian, 8 a--ta, ordered can of tea by mail snd found a colid gold watch in can; MrsM. A. ttushy, 310 Minna st gold ring; Mrs. John Uajiglt-e, Jones geuuiue diamond ring; Mrs.

E. Wiliianis, 418 Hayes 'solid gold ring; 8. M. Scott, with Gutta IVrcha Rublier Co. 15 First genuine diamond iii.g; Barnard Cappell, Union Iron Works, genuii.e eli stud; Carrie Me-gaard, 2120 Broadway, gold ring; James Corcoran, horseman.

2 Byington ave genuine diamond rinfi; Vlias Nellie Monroe, Berkeley gold ring; George Barnes, Niles, solid gold watch in can tea ordered by mail; T.homaa Williams, brakema-i C. 1. Railway. 'lady's solid gold huntiug-case watch; J. F.

Montgomery. Antioch, genuine diamond ring; Andrew Wakeiuau. lady's Ketiuine diamond ear-drops; Misn lie Jenkins, 108 Scolt gold ring; George Walleurod, Superintendent Al-oaar TheatiT, genuine diamoud rit-g; Mrs. Paeltz, 7.12 Foisom gold riug; Henry Fairhrother, Grass Valley, solttai diamond ring in can of tea by; John Oyer, miner, Grauiteville, Nevada steiu windiiig wat' Prof. P.

It. Boone, Fast Be rkeley, b-tnd rin; A. C. cashier with A. L.

Kaiicn ft Co genuine diamond. stud; G. V. Union Ho'el, (Thiittenth avejuu and lan Iwelfib stiei- I.ati OaMand, diaiu ling; Miss Daisy Wnit-lK-al, Franklin. ie Seventh street, gold rirg; Mis Mary Miller.

Baker street, gjll ri- J. W. Mortley Oaruter). Biainherg. genuine diamond ring; also tweniy nine solid gold hunting case watcbe-s and genuine di un 1 rings, foun iu cans of tea and coffee orde-red-by ma I.

Orders by mail promptly forwarded to all parts of the United States on receipt of eh or postal note. Tnns Single can, fl. Six for $5. Twelve for 10 Tweuty-hve for Sixty-five for $50. Get up a chili, and send by or express.

Address MERCHANTS' TEA CO, 834 Market Francisco, C'al ii? Open fiom 8 A. M. till 9 r. M. lectern I'eoplc Upn arriving in Oakland or vicinity, can do well by calling at the Old lteliable T3RICK and BpSTEIilSSS CODFISH Our owm Importatioa from thlub.

i GENUINE OEORtJfi'sTDpTsH, from Kostbn. distribute a few balls of twine to the heads of departi in the city government, that suImh diuates may be jcept on a string ready for ue ITT I be piiiposition to have a thorough WEDNESDAY EVENINCJ-Mrs. Poulter. 1 H.4 Fine Stationery Tlie Latest Tiling in re.urreclilii of the causes that have tie iayed tbe k.ropOfed boulevard around Lake Clajf 'yshanj, Carrie Northey. Mi-s Harris' Hale and others will a feist in a uiiaceliaueuus programme followed by A 1.4 IK.

Tickets to Lunch or Entertainments, 25 ct IS TI1E- Merritt tll revtiva the approval of cici- ally. zens geue VAUTEU A KUANCH1SE. NEPTUNE-- GARDENS, AWFULLY RED There w. if a ni-n went up and down franchise in To seek jl 4 Al.t.tlMlt. WONDERLICH Sole Proprietor There wis a nian i ot up and down seek aJ franchise in ths town SOTK rrlceSl per llox.

I am also lit recti pt of l.srfe MAKSHALL. of Amusements Supptr of Crane' Flue Sttloiierr and Ilarcu ard A. Itof al A Ciunt-ilnjan he chanced to meet. Sunday, Aprii 25, 18S6 And smiled! Irll l.lnrii jvote Paper, A tew Choice uioii him very swea-wc-vteet; A Couiii-ihiitiii he cli inee.i to meet And amileii oKn him very tweet. GREAT CREDIT SALE OF BROADWAY Real Estate 48-Elegant Building bls-iS IN OAKLAND, AT- l'EHEMITORY AUCTION EASTERN NOVEETIES That um-ilrcati was very "flv." 1 hispnrse and winked tine lie snow That Cm He thorn likilman was very "fly," ra nut purse ana winked one eye.

ilrdlnar' Cutler Cards, jul received. Much- Superior to the Booming under the New Manager enit. More. New eole. More New People.

First Atpe'ataiice of the World-Renowned HULut-WtlKlIl, Ham aud Hannah, iu their characteristic Descriptive 8ongs and Dances. KirsftAppearance of the (STANLEY (SISTERS, in lieafitifnl English, Spanish and Tyrolean Dueca. First Appearance of the Monarch, CLMIMIXIS and OKMHIUFF, Ethiopiau and Oerman Sh-ciuI-i8ts, iu their original sKech, tiooi i-yn, The California Marvels. WILLIAMS aud AR-THt'R, the Peerless Trapeze Kpecialists. Acrobats and Roman lirothers Experts.

Jv. Wilson. Wm. Long, Z. Pendergast.

John If jbu a franchise lark. Diue down with a irood sized sack- be done with It Will Europe furnish market for oar surplus wheat Ami it to, will tbe price he such as to remunerate the farmer There is no question bot what wheat can he raise! in California cheaper thai lu any other portion of the globe. Even with the cheap labor of India, they cannot compete ith California. The true reai-tn, of the low-price of wheat la, not that Iuiiia can lay down wheat iu Liverpool at a less price than can be done by California, the real difference ia this, that silver ia the currency of India, while it is at a discount in England. The English grain merchant buys wheat in Inlia and puy in silver, and sella in England for; void, the difTertnce in exebargef being twenty percent, and this ia tbe reason why wheat has quoted at ao low a figure; and is also the reason for encouraging the cultivation of wheat in India.

This is hat operates against tbe American wheat raiser-it lsthetwenty per cent, discount, and not the difference in price 'of labor that the American farmer baa to contend with. For one dollar gold the British merchant gets one dollar and twenty cents' in silver; this silver be sends to India, where silver is the currency, to pay for wheat, and the beat he then eel Is for gold in England. The grain merchant of California pays gold, or silver, which is at par with gold, for wheat, and must sell in the English market in competition with the Indian wheat purchased at a discount of twenty percent. The question is asked, then, why not adopt the single gold standard and place ourselves on a footing with the English market? For the reason that we are' sellers aod not buyers. It wonld be better for the former tt adopt the single silver standard; then oor wheat raisers could compete sue-cessfoJly with India.

Th. a.iai.tion of My friend. Von must Walt My friend. vou a franchise lack, 13. 961 You must Aiine down with a good-eized sack Tery well BR A VV A Y.

ind air. you may tap my pile, as as oi-oi -oil: Comic Afterpiece, K.4.A4aClls tori sea Very well. Liad sir, you inv tan mv nile. The Second Regimeixt tiand, 15 Pieces, Ltjiiis Rit- (In order to close an estate), Saturday, May 1, 1880 At 2 o'clock p. on the ground.

For see vi areas smooth as oil. zau, lesder 10c. AU.H1S1SIO.V Adults. ISc: Children SWEEPING REDnCTIOIS now are all the raire Junction Broadway and Webster St "Franch And jou t-ellthcm cheap to the Naxrow Ca-wa- wavei Streets macadamized and sewered. K'anchisf i now are all the rie PlEuM'lKT HORSE-CAKS pass the property, And oti IiNT I'll I iVK' OF sell them ehean to the arrow- TfIE, GuJjl" which is soon to be changed to a CABLE ROAD.

KLEOANT RESIDENCES In the viciniev. fiRFAT OPPORTUNITY FOR PROFITABLE fcVe, yea, lily dear, that was onlj1 Fair. 1HVKSTMKNTS THAT ARE SURE TOI RAP IDLY INCREASE IN VALUE To ke. th 1 2 nir even sou ffMrt idair-ware-ware; TWO BLOCKS FM)M TELEGRAPH Perforni'iuoe tei beyiu at 2 IV S. iioriih Viii'Tist: NEPTUNE HARDENS.

'ALAMEDA. The only First-Class Restaurant in Alameda. Meuls at all hours iu any style. French a Sfec-ialty. The uuet Wines, Lituors and figure.

Eio-ant Furuisheel Private Uooitts for Families. J. U. CROLL, Proprietor. ADA CLAKK'S DANCING ACADEMY 1 AT MASOMi II A IX Every Monday at 3:30 i.

after school hours New To-aay. Ves. yes, mk- dear, that was only Fair, AVKNJE PROPOSED LINE OF EXTENSION i ecp inius even and on-et Ulair. Or" AKKOW-OAUUE RAILROAD. SECURE CATALOGUE AND EXAMINE 'v I Only Until EAST OAKLAND.

We will Sell THOSE CHOICE LOTS. Terms only cash, bilanoe at 6 per for Cash Furniture Dealer, H. SCHELLHAAS- TO REACH THE PROPERTY TAKE 40S Kieventh street, who has been in bus! A Junii I'lare for ut-Uali BROADWAY HOR-E-CARH, COR. SEVENTH ness in Oikla'nil close to twelve years. We urther Notice Ton r'alis A Hat! Hot.

AMI WASHINGTON STREETS. Apply to the public were up. 8C.EX5S. I. Qouncil mm.

Harrison was knocked out iu one round, when J. J. Penuypacker a Fourth Warder, was put under the guillotine aud his head dropped into the basket. Brother Barker "stood in" wit-if- Messrs. liacketi, McGivney and Hayes for the Penuypacker decapitation, and it was sen at once that the Fifih Ward tuiicilman hoped to carry away-several scalps before the evening was over.

Would Brother Barker continue to face the music Would the cohesive power of patronage suffice to cement together the interests of the Third and Filth Ward representatives 1 I. SCENE. The wheel kept Clerk Fisher continued to grind out a grist of resolutions, recommendations, reports and ieti-tions. Mr. Harrii-ou fell again when encountering a long double-barreled recommendation frem Chief Engineer Moffitt, and suffered the' crowding of Powers as extraman Peiton Engine while the Harris protege, Bassett, was cast Brother Barker lingered in political friend-l ship with his erratic (which don't mean anything) friend from the Fifth.

Haclc-ett's spirits rose as the tide of success saemed destined to flood his enemies into obscurity and his friends int power. But he broke badly on the three-quarter stretch, and voting to confirm the ap ointment of Deputy Marshal W. A. McDowell; led the Democratic column counter to Brother Barker's these ters. "WHAT DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT IT." The Third Ward consulted the Mayor, and on tbe question of the License Deputy Collector, ordinance creating the office of License Collector brought up atid passed.

After debate ami defeat of this proposition the Third Ward deter-miued to get Lack at somebody or the other chap, ami proceeded to haul ex-City Attorney Johns over the coals on his 200 contract. Brother Barker waxed indignant and excited at the proseet of the city having to pay out an enormous sum umh the Johns contract. He proposed to rescind the contract-resolution at oner- unless Mr. Johns would come forward aud agree to understand the meaning and scope of the resvlution just as he did. Mr.

Hackett explained to the Council that the resolution in question was one of Brother Barker's chickens. "What's that, whatV that?" inquired Brother I arker. was just saying that you introduced the resolution and are now ashamed to father it," replied the Fifth Ward. I never wrote that resolution," thundered Brother Barker. SEVEHED TIES.

It was apparent at ouee that harmony ii a longer existed between the Tfcird and Fifth Wards. "I would like a little be-ean Mr. Hackett. "I don't understand what the gentleman from the Third means. He voted for the resolution, and now it don't appear to suit him.

I think the time and money will be wasted over these ordinances because they never, will be adopted. But I don't steat.yihiug dangerous in the resolution. 'What do you know came popping from the Third Ward en.i of the chamber like a pistol shot. "Nothing," laconically responded the Fifth Ward. Brother Barker was disirmed by the brief retort, and sat down with meekness, while President Hayes rapDed for order.

NO STREET NECESSARY. Other ccenea 1 were noticeable for the wii loiu of their consideration. A requisition for men to "put the streets in presentable shape, extract sediment from choked gutters and repair obstructed s-wers called forth the iitent eloquence ef the Council. The un veo grade of Thirteenth avenue can heartily recommend him as a square and fair dealer. Vou can find everything suitable for housekeeping, either new or second-hand, at auction prices at private a been an obstacle to the exten- naa aiwaj 4 CO and 462 Elshtb Oakland sion or.

th sewer on that important thor- gale. EASTON ELDRIDGE, 122 Montgomery Street. San Francisoo. oufare and the defective sanitary con- "Our Taste," Choice 2astern Jllarns, per lb "Dupee" ChoicetEastorn Ilams, per Ib "Glough" Choice Eastern Ham, per California Hams (Choice), per di'4on of ths bouses on the northern yor Clean and et. tiin of tbje street is due to this fact.

It is GOLDEN EGG POULTRY YARD, Fruit Vale Villa, Fruit Vale Avenue JOHN H. CHURCH, IMPORTER AND Kreelc.r 8tAnlarl Tlioron. hltreil Poultry. Eggs from 3 to per OozeD, acconbng to Jirt-ed. TLe variety I am at preent breed in cuiaistn of Wyandottit.

Hurt tkchiba ttckft, SilTerfliMittel Haiuoiirgs 4olteo Po'atKia, Silver Polaod ami Blaca Pulatjda. Thf Oyster Home, formerly Nick Wil i li une. Ao. 40o and 4t; seventh street, hoped that during th coming summer a Fill! S.l. 1 sswer wil be laid aloag the creek which the single gold BtDdard the de monetization would em-ens opposite the 1.

1 has been purchased by Owen K. ltooney and entirely l-al. can Einest Star Drips 1-lb. basket best uncolored Japan ilel with Thirteenth avenue, wit rnna para rennileled into a hr-t-clas bakeTy and res till more which cod nectiou may be made from that taurant. 1 rivate entrance for ladies.

price-i evervtning me street. farmer At a Sacrifice, raised money then would be int is mads t.f the insolence of H. C. Petty, the roof painter, repairs and Com pi one of th driver on the Brooklyn and paints rr.ofs cheaper than anj one else in the city Orders ielt at J. H.

Troj's -ofric, 457 Fruitrald street railroad. On Saturday Ninth or at between For- at the Bd. Hklyn station, a party of ladies On Account of Departure of Owner, ty-rlrtit and Fortv-eciid sts promptly attended from Sani raiicisco got oil the cars which 1-jght Cxoldeu ougar, per Small White -Beans, per. German Prunes, per Dried Apples, per Dried Pearsl, per lb 10-lbcan Best Fresh Choice Table per, roll. 1 Mate and County rights tor sale.

arrive at 1. 15, and inquired of the driver Pernif- me to call your attention to the fact that I am hreedinir ou'y from fiirit-clas stork. My yarttB cover fix acres of prountl enth, and I uae 3 acres for rearing my young stock Chickenithav iiiK plenty of exercise ii'ake utroiig and vigorous brteditig birtitt, and their it Ins wJ-i the rrmtvttle ar. He said tlo to The Oakland City Book Store, 9-5 immediately drove off without but Isroadway, for Kaster (. ards, Dooks, bta- ery centrally locale! -room House, situated north side Sixteenth an opuoimuitr to get on.

Un giving th tionery, etc. the eveni PK of the same clay a lady had 13ic 10c He y5c 3c 33c 35c 2lc lie 25c 50c i .25 Rare fliance her foot 4 the step of the car and was Street, just west of San Pablo Ave 3-lb can Table PeachesL per about to A rire assortment of F.DL'lish and American bet on, when he whipped up his horses, iarly throwing her to the ground imckct cutlery, scissors, razors, eye 34b. can Cutting' Toniatoes, ppr can f.r Cable Cars, and only 2 blocks from Postoffice and City llall; lot 25x in the mil glasses, all the latest roveltieskept in stock telling her at the same time and sild at reduced rates. R. liUttNS' News conld walk up to 1 welttu street, jSo.

(jreeir Costa Ricji Coflee, per lb that eh slid ha i Depots. 7th aad Broadway, and 9th and B'dway uld stop the car for her there. 100. egss are sure to hatch well. I don't practice the at haMt of some breeder, namely: To Icmy different, nto run together tuit the breeding seaHoii, and thereby destroy their purity.

My yards are daily open for inHt faction. I ship eggs in bankets, packed. For tdrippii'g fowl, I coftp light, ami furnish food and waUrr for their jourt ey, hud deliver eggs and New English Breakfast Tea, per lb Since tl le ent-rate railroad war has en The rent of this property is paying hand pie to travel across tbe continent ahled pe' To-i'ay frce, and everything would fall accordingly. The bard times of tbe past "year ia tbe result of an attempt to demonetize silver and make gold the only currency. The only hope is, that England will yet1 be forced to return to the double standard; and the way to do this is to maintain oar own silver currency and attack the trade of England with silver countries.

Oar fruit and wine productions stand upon a different basis. For our fruit we have a bome market; as also for all the wine which this State will be able to produce for tbe next half century. But should we look to foreign markets for these products of oar soil, we stand evenhanded with, the wine and fruit producing countries of Europe. We must raise less wheat, and tarn oar attention to the production of other article. There is a field for the culture of jute, ramie, cotton aurl other textiles which can be manufactured at home and always find a bome market.

If we cannot compete with India" in wheat raising, we can compete at comparatively cheap rates, msny per somely on the price asked, and conidering New Green Japan Tea per lb New Winslqw's Corhj her sons have ieen in sacn haste to take ad the very convenient location, it mast rap the situation and visit the vantage scenes of TJACOBS OH New Extra Ijisht Bacon, per lb. their youth that tbey have not illy increase in value. APPLV TO. nsidere the route they were to go by 1-lb can (full weicrht) Itoval Yeast Powder. The local trains that run only to Fruit fowls free to eipress ottice in akJaim, in gord order, the purchamr paying exprerR charges, and taking alt riss after levitt ny hands.

Cooi must be returned me, there being no charges for their return. Terms, Cah. through Postoffice, or Wells, Fargo My name is a sufficient guarantee that all orders from the city or country for eggs will be as Ordered and guaranteed. Very resiectf ully, JOHN II. 4 HI K4 II.

IniKrter and Jtreeder, Successor to A. Provo Kluit, Fniit Vale Villa, KastOakland, Cal. Vale stati on and then return ireouentiv have travelers noon them ostensibly for WILLIAM J. DINGEE the East! They make needless mistakes at the nil.le, and instead of taking the 15 10-oz. Candles G-lb.

box Best Gloss Starch for 5-iral. can Cleveland Star Oil 5 2-b. cans Assorted Jams for Southern! or Central Pacific overland, get 460 and 402 Eighth Street, I OAKLAND. uiMin their run ale local. Thj-y Kenerally i una cay stiBue ny tneir careiessne S- P.

H. lleGrtw, the iron worker of East box Masonl's Best Blacking LATEST Oaklaridj Returned from Lot Angeles to day wiih contract in his pocket 1 box Rising" Sun. Store polish for 1 Lamp Chimney (any Size) Me ill hirpare tbe iron work for a uew Court In- in Los Anceles. FACTORY'' Tl)e uiialloyed cussedness of some of the TMtriacb, i oottie Jet i5iacK iiik aor F.a Ha.M Cures' Ehe-iEitisn, OS pill with theworld in fiuitand wiue; and ninwiivrr ym mall b' is who peddle light articles of mnti GUXST.QjOJMD.1 vuurwiuu wU im uierchauiltHtf at) tut the streets was Ulus- K.ffv IVms 'At FASH .05 .05 .05 .05 .05 1.10 1.10 .40 instead of importing the raw maU nil for onr manufactories, raise it at home ft If ii i 3-lb. sack Salt 1 lb.

Good Raisins for. rated tbls foreno'in. One of two gamin LIT THE I ll AKLKS A. V0I.1LKU 41. i in i.ked a L'Hiitleman standing in th.

door The hundieils of complainiig cinzens know nothing about the season in which it is best to cuddle the voter who labors on To Lease. the home market. Thus we will be way and Calisheatn's yard. 50-lb. sack Sacramento llour the streets.

'1'he early summer soon after imrcha.ela 'box ol shoe-tilacking. ottering- for tenl -cents. "Why, I can get three independent of the world. State Control of Water. election, when dust Is fl ving, sewers

sapk Sperry's Stockton Flour for ioxes ton a quarter at the grocery Bust Larpst Assoriment Washinfftoii Street Stores choked, sidewa.ks undermined bv lbs. Best Eastern Oat Meal rt-p ndeji ti gentleman. You a liar Of 188( now at rams, and gutters are tilled with sa vou can tL snarled the boy. A man stand Tbe riparianists are try nig to recruii collared the forward youth aud ii near their, leau ranks Under the banner not the time when a Councilman believes 1 1 borers are a necessity o.i tne. streets.

The fall and winter just previous to ward i ominations is the proper season to put on -h tiidi up lively. Iet go of me, you LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S of State control of water. The) 48 Beautiful Bay Window Booms 1 1 I i i elled the bov, who added a Id loafe of are sailing under false rretenses. rfatie words. He was disuji-s SONNETS HATS, extra force.

The requisition was promptlv IN THE NEW r-'i with ciitfed er, and went away swear- adic li. Miaiiws. voteil down. irrigation colors theysetk to have li. Together with all kinds of mid have hi father cne and Kg be ick the irrigator within range, therfrta.aiufol(i ORIENTAL BLOCK oal dealer.

Ke to ik the eleven MR. DEAN'S SUIT 'clock tri in and on his way cityward in- WHOLESALE and KLTAII GROCERS, 470 and 472 Elqvcnth Street, Oakland. Adorns Same lorn for Wliicli it the black flag of riarianisni, and fon him to walk the plank into "the gulf English common law. i itia.ed t' "Veve Millinery Goods ott er Isiys into the mysteries -up" with the aid of a greasy (Brick building, between 7th ana -Lane Handsome Stores "4 Wa not Ituill. Mr.

E. H. Dean ordered a tine new suit ick of cards pr. dncd from the cKet. DG5 Broadway.

i Let irrigators beware the decoy. The of his ragtrr'd trousers. to wear at the wedding of Mi-s 1 eun and Vt lower prices than can be ru ctired elsewhere oo Mr. Gillmau tin Wednesday evening last SDNS OF ST. GEORGE.

PAPER HANGINGS! title of one of the acts proposed by tht irrigation committee is "an act provide for tbe organization and control ol tne iracihe Coant, go to ls "FT- HlIG-Gr-fl Tbe suit was completed the day liefore th B. Schon wasser Co. wrdiin. Mr. Dean stopped, at the iilori Objectsi of an Order ow Organ High brick airy basements to each.

The up stairs rooms are fltted-up I 1 07iiBroadwau. Oakland. shop on that day, ttied en the coat and WALL water and irrigation district." Thi ixing In Oakland. found it to fit excellently. The tailor i PAPERS AND DECORATIONS! A meeuir.g of the Oakland Lodge of the with every convenience.

offered to send it home, but Mr. Dean said Order of Kt ns of St. George will be -held CEILING PAPER 134 Post Street, cor. Dupont, SAN FKAMIStd. ne iae 11 nnnseir, so teat there Reasonable rents to responsible this vetoing at Pythian No.

1058 would he no doubt of having: it on time, AT THE LAKVE HTOFli liroadwaf. The Order is composed of WANTED AccoraiiiKiy, ne. totK me Diir ounaie under parties. SEW AND; AND his arm and carried it to the hoat. When Engliehnien, their sons and grandsons and APPLY TO i STOllB CARPET rUliNITUKi: he entered the tram alter leavniL' the boat OPENED THIS WEEK it is desired that all such shall attend Us- he placet) the bundle ntxin the seat in front i morrow qvenn.g.

i he airus and objects ot WILLIAM J. DINGEE of him. When the train st t'peii at his the Oidet are beneficial and social, the station Mr. Dean left the car unmindful id benefits the nw dress eiMt upon the seat He had leing a weekly payment in case CH A3. L.

TAYLOR, 1 0 1 5 BROADWAY. not reached the sidewalk of Seventh of sickne is, with the services of a first- 460 and 462 Eighth OAKLAND. street when he remembered the suit snd A GOOD i- i ttf unilinre Warrroom 1st rear of rpei 4lore a nit jp.aialr. and death benefit on the class phy returned to the car before the train started a brother or his wife. 1 he i decease But, even in the few t-ecoiuls that had LOWELL MANUFACTURING! COMPANY, passed, the suit had disappeared, and Mr.

-ocial advantages are very great. A member becomes acquainted in a ebort time with hum I reds of hn countrymen pledged Uean searched vainly tor it th Money to Loan train. to active bnd brotherly help, -t'lad to Cor. JSan Pablo and Peralta Oakland. Cal.

'1 Press- Boy. Hate and act provides for regulation and controi by tbe State of the use of water for irrigation. Tbe scheme may be imperfect, bat nothing except practical operation will demonstrate its dtficitnoiea. For its further perfection the irrigator have courted criticism and invited suggestion. What more can he asked ot them? None know better than the practical irrigator the necessity of proper governmental regulation of the use.

of water. No one has attempted to dispute the, propriety and usefulness of a well devised system of State control. It yet remdins for the ripar lauists to propose a more meritorious plan. Tbe root of the difficulty lies in the fact that if they can have their way there would be no water used aud nothing to regulate. There is no issue upon the question of State control.

Everybody agrees to it-How such control is to be exercised it is folly to consider, unless the water is to be used. The primary, vital, material issue is Shall the water be used or wasted; used by appropriation, or wasted under riparian law? meet to eiiloy themselves in native ta.hion. OUR FRUIT. AMOUNTS TO SUT. 3 1 a I In asocidtv limited to individuals id a par make r.

cm ftr oiir own work ad on wccoui.t of the low cut rate ut Ireixlit, i. r. iJ i r.l,t.j VPI1V Some Favorable Comnieiit by Low Rate of Interest. ticular nakionslity, brought, together in this country, inore real interest in one another mn 1 1 r. i i i a Mtiixa I iiirr IHUII 1 II Liru.uj.

Al. m. Chicago I'aper. IN THE LA TEST STYLES. Uoodni Delivered Free in Oakland is apt to pe enaenderjd.

bocial leatherings LOW. Call and ae HICaoo, April 20th. Uhe I ntir-( APPLY AT WM. J. are occasiinahy given to which the wives.

rr this morning says: We publish this morn- daughters rand sisters of members are in III TTEKIC K'S PATTERNS. 4GO and 462 Eighth Oakland a ninoL'rapDlc supplement iu teven vited audi welcomed, so that thev may be colors, as a' memento of the citrus fair, come acquainted with each other, thus KEM FOR C'A TALOUI which has proved-so xreat a success. Tbt THIS OFFICE MRS. DR. BEIGHLE pr jectors ol this ma le what ioan making lasting friendships because cemented I'f memories of their nhtive land.

In San Francisco, recently, a lidge of this egarded as an uncertain venture when TAFT PEK.NOTEK 1163 A.D 113 BUOADWAV. Has resumed practice at 319 Turk Kt San Francisco, they decided to bring1 a heavy supply of rder waJbrgaiiized, and such success has repre-entative citrus fruits of Southern I jatest Stales attended It that a second one is about to Too Late for Classification. California to But their enter- Where she will be pleased to nee her friends, AL. VA.MI HEILKR-KATI KAL KlTTI MV. Diacnosis without questioning.

Hours 1 to a Ladies he instituted, there being now in this citv pri.e has been rewarded in more ways than hout ISXH members, including some of its IN and children only. one. 1 ney have succeeded in introaucmg 7Al TO Gate Jucuhator for a cow. or hens tora cow. DK.

LORYEA'S NEW HAMMAM! most proskwrous and highly respected citizens, whiiail testiiy to the long felt want California fruits to a elites of customers FOR SALE CHEAP, Address B.f ttiis office. apl9 lwx who will always be good purchasers. They SMUK WIMIKS 4 SITI ATIOV A ave lit rally oiiened a new market for of such ad organization in California, and express t'jeir delight at now being a member. A li-irict Deputy the order from NICE LOTS on NEW BROADWAY eoacbion and eariitiuer iu a onrata faznilv: TRHVIMED AND UflTRIMMED HATS BeceWetf Weekly from Hew York. lAkTgetst Variety iiiid Lowest '-Alvraynl their fruits, and as the fair has uiore than B.

thU 218 POST STEEET, S. Oakland refareuces; atldiess best or ottice aia its way, it. is evident that thi enter ap20-lwi Buffalo. l. who organized the lodire in Or exchange for same in Los Angeles or Ban IMeg Write to 8.

126 Olire st. Los Aneeles rrv HE BEST AND MOST LUXURIOUS TURK prise has heen approved iy the l.hicagi San FraiitrUco, is now in Oakland Willi's r'0 LIT lllli HOlMl hFiriVU-THUtC ish. Russian, Electric and Medicated Hath people. Ihs next mote should contem view of drganizing one in this city. Al House in tbe city.

Open day and night, Hirigle A large suiioy rooms on hrst noor acd three Large sun. roomt on second no also two pleasant plate an exhibition in Chicago for the de F. C. ROBINSON, tEALER is ready sevi-ral meetings have been held, ickets or twelre for 10. -AT- rn mis for $10; all complete; one single room for gen ciduous as well as the citrus fruits of Cal nd aboujt 40 names enrolled for charter tleman; pleasant ut-lghborhoou.

ap2U-lwx The attempt to introduce the coolie into Mexico is a grand failure. The loO landed at Ouymas have to be kept in seclusion, guarded bv the police, as tbe Mexicans threaten to kill every pigtail on sight if set to work. Should the government attempt to colonize Mexico with Chinese it would be the cause of a revolution, as there are plenty of ifornia. 1 he better that section fs known members! p. it is deired to make the in Chicago, th better will it be for the Dodge second to none in the ABIKEI Hl( E- lK ALE IV EAST Oakland.

Hupe tif eiicbt rooms and lath: lot i inland Union. GROCERIES and PROVISIONS, Overland Ticket Office SAVE VOl'B XI.TIE AT1 MOXEV Pnrchainr Your Ticket rla tbe fruit growers of the State. What Lncle Kemus calls "the misery1" 7 feet front on Thirteenth areuue by 10 feet deep Kst Her -nteuth stree-; house hard-finished. 2 913 BrbatlwajMlict. stones, gas and all modern laiprorements; very ralu- TH POLICE JUDGESHIP.

Wines, Liquors and Cigars. in your head, can at once be removed bv ahle corner ot; can be bought for $3,500 if applied for soon, as the owner wants to leave the State; 3131 Oof purchase money can remain on mortgage; ST. JACOBS OIL, which conquers pain. Judge Hanii'ls lirliies Salt to Cor. Ninth and Franklin, Sts.

POPULAR BURLINGTON ROIITK. Ttl Judge lleimliaw Itif lita apply ro i i hd u-ivi CffRRVS MWPBflctss From an Old Iteaideiit. Office Cor. Ninth and Broadway. 4.F.O B.

SEAMAW, Passeuger Agent. OST 0 TlW.MAl. A LAUt'ii in of unique desicn; finder will be sait- -1 breast. Office Of Payot, Ufium i Francisco, March 3 vet i Lia 7 at Judge rl r. Uanitis has brought suit against ilatice F.

M. Hensbaw, and'akj the Court to declare that Kii boods Delivered Free of Charfre. ahly rewarded by same at PIERCE i t). '8 it Jlns. Grace Cary, Dear Madam: I Hardware htire.

Aiirt.h a' isroadway. apzu-lwx rfaSwJ tary adventurers who would gladly seize tbe opportunity to side with the masses. The coolie finds an entirely different re ception in Mexico than was anticipated, and there are no fears that tkey will ever get a foothold in that republic, and thus float across tbe line into United States territory. 1 -I. nrTT.rtTTW I Consider your "Mother Gary's Gum Tree the defendant is not entitled to 4 tOIMU.IItl.HIMll A KITI ATIwN 1" I 4 V.

T. IIOU Itf Kl. Watchmaker Jeweler Keeps dirge Stock of Watches, Clocks and Jewelry. CoUKh Syrup" the best remedy for coughs in a private family to do cooking, general housework ir second work; good reference; please the ofijee of l'ali Judge of a f7i hit a 1 4aU Mi 1 ana colas that have ever ut-t-d in my Oakland and that he be ousted there call ar 70 Fifth street, near uastro st. pzu-li C.

RODE, 829 Center St Oakland. Uicycles Repaired and For Sale. Lawn mowers sharpened, lock--mlthin hell hanKlne. gen lamily. HENRY fAYOT.

KelseT FlXT, sole aueiiU for A OOK ASSIST I.V from, ami to declare further that S. F. call at 65 Jackson street between Daniels is leu titled to the office and that he, Special attention paid to Bepairing tbe above 8 and 10 A. ap20-lwx be put if possession thereof. The com WORK SOLICITED and WARRAXTKli 4lfl ATIO WANTED BT A RESPECT- Tbe Helta.

II fci il eral tepairing done. Charges reasonable. Dlaint redites the provisions of tbe city tj able ui an. German, ia a private family, hotel or SPERRY CO 6TOCKTO CAU cam rwcico orrtoc jz AUoaiA rr lOIti UtlUAUtV.IY, Tnth uul Klnanth Htm ftsjclmrut Every one in Oakland knows Ternej'e, charier callinjTfvrthe election of a Police' restaurant, to ao coiting; tmaerbtanas pastry cooa-fcg; anply at 911 st eet. ap20-lwx Judge on kiie' second Monday in March, on Broaduay, near Seventh street.

That 1NS0. and Istates -that an election was so gentlemen has aold hia l.usit.est to Messr. Thx newspapers have been trying to marry off the President ever since his election, without avail. Now they are certain that they have him booked, aad are making preparations for the wedding. It would be a terrible setback should he give them tbe slip again." TO BEST AST tl BVITTKE FOR SALE A S-roomed cottateukpplr oor.

eveoth and held and H. F. Daniels received the high Oakland Aerents. CHAS. J.

"WELCH J. Sullivan and U. L. who will gnpply the public with the choicest brands Magnolia streets. ap29-lw OJIV.

A Quick. Permanent Cure for Lost Manhood, Debility. Nerrouaneai, Waakoaaa. Ao quackery, ludisputabl jwoota lioolt sent semlad. Ire.

est numbtr of votes, notwithstanding CiEKMAW LADY WISHES OCCEPA- which the defendant usurped the effice on A ot winea aad cigars and maintain tbe Corner East Eletenth 8tret and Twelfth Atenue. at KallroaS tion aa translator, correspondent or eorrut; I1U I fEcajzsi the 7th indtant. wide reputation of the hooae. "EJUK MD.ICX.. BUFFALO.

ST. Y. addzeas wiauw wa ipw. aauwawa.

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